Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 11, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1887
Page 2
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DAILI TBLBJRAPH. BY W. *. NORTON, Cor, Third and PlMB Street*, Alton, 111. WEDNESDAY EVi&., MAY 11. MURO. 1— can't do any better, one cent, ia bolter Jm, nollll "g llt nil- ( '<> "long and nil that order, and bo suro that you eftrt l, »" e n P r o f >t. no matter how small." Mono, ill., May 1C,'87. The township Sunday school convention was held at Ridgeley, Sunday afternoon, with a second session here in the evening, tlio general interest being sustained throughout. The programme, as arranged, was carried out in full; in fact, as the President expressed it, there were more speakers in attendance than places for them to speak; Mrt. JCLS< Stahl road an excellent easay on '*S, : 8. Needs," which was further discussed by Kev. Smith ami Mr. J. JJ. Turner, of Godfrey. "Duties of Superintendents," "The Teacher Teaching," and "The call of Moses, or next Sunday's lesson," were the subjects taken by Rev's Wm. Freeze, Grohcr and J. M. Ross. Flattering reports from the schools in the township were read and Mes- srs. L. S. Dorsey and J. II. Stahl reelected as President and Secretary for the year. At the evening maeting Mr. J. B. Turner made a short address ; he being followed by Rev's Ross and Smith with good talks on the subject of, "The Teacher Preparing," and the "Ideal Sunday school." Good music ', aided materially in making • the convention a success; Miss McKinney presiding at the organ in the afternoon and Rev. Smith and Mrs. G. S. Stalil in the evening. ACCIDENTS—Little Nellie Berry fell from a porch at Capt. Berry's, Sunday, a distance of about nine inches, and sustained the partial fracture of her left arm. Dr. Gere attended the little sufferer. PERSONAL—Miss Josio Bush has gone to Alton for a short stay. ' Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Gay leave today for a southern trip, expecting to be absent about two weeks. Mrs. T. C. Wilson, of Dorsey, visited here last week. Messrs. Will Russell and S. L. D»rsey have both been unfortunate lately in each losing a valuable horse. Mr. U. Kabel thinks his wool clip this season is hard to beat; he having sheared 126 Ibs. clean wool from twelve sheep; an average of' 10 1-2 Ibs..per'sheep. ', Mr. Wm. Hudson's runaway, Sunday, came near resulting seriously. M. The broker said he had been trading on Hiatchinson's account for seventeen successive days, illling several small orders each day, and Hint in all that time he had not made a loss. Sometimes his profits were only sitllielent to pay commissions and a dollar or two over, but the old man was always satisfied. His sealjiing operations aro said to net him clean profits of several hundreds of dollars a year. Hutcli also believes in making profits wherever passible, either in speculation or out of it. Ho dabbles in stocks, in oil, in everything when ho sees an.opportunity to make an honest dollar. He even buys cigars by tlio thousand whenever ho strikes u particularly attractive bargain, ami then sells them out by tho box to members of his Century Club. Mot long ago he purchased two or three barrels of lino old whisky at a big bargain—bankrupt or Government sale, or something or cither—and gave all his friends an opportunity to replenish their homo stocks at prices which, though reasonable, were high enough to add a few bright dollars to tho millionaire's exchequer.— Chicago Herald. HablIB of Sharks. A White "Colorert" Person. Mciliunl cii't'lt'H ami curiosity mongers generally are excited over 'a singular case of mi Ethiopian changing nor AU1AMBIU. ALHAMIIIU, 1118., Mny 9,!J'87. Robert Ricks of St. Louis was the guest of friends Sunday. Brother Hainley is the happy father of a bouncing daughter. Miss Mollie Hoxsey of St Louis is visiting relatives at this place, i Elder J. W. Phillips was the guest of Dr. Harnsberger, Monday and Tuesday. He deliverd some excellent sermons at tho M. E. church ut this place, during his stay. The select ball at Ruedy's Hall, on the eve. of tho 7th inst, was well attended and a success in every way. Last week pur- neighborhood was treated to an; extensive charivari. The cause was the re-marriage of an old' couple who had lived together in domestic felicity (1) for nearly thirty years, then were divorced, and after a fow days single-blessedness were reunited hi the bonds of matrimony by his Honor Somebody in Edwardavllle; then camo the time that tried men's souls in the merciless serenade, tin horns, brass horns, cows horns and in'fact pans, bells bones and any thing calculated to make a noise. No response the firs attempt, save a bucket of water, am the community are resting on thoii ours awaiting further developments We're a "booming" place, we arc. W. C. Koownwas in the "hub" Monday, tho 9th inst, on business. J. B. Pearce, our merchant in hardware, is doing a rushing business in tho corn planter lino. Esquire King will move into tho Keown property on Main street. Mr. Giia Whaling and family were visiting friends in our place on Sunday. Augustus Isoubcrg was in town Monday. : X. ""How a nicli Man Grown Ulohor. The most Inveterate scalper that over operated in tho Chicago grain markot Is Millionaire Hutolilnson. A Bcalpor, thu uninitiated should bo told, is u tradqr who jumps In and out with rapid doal8,'satisfled with small profits, and making as few losses as possible. Moit operators want to double their money,- and many stand for long profits. Not so with Hutch. His orders to his brokers aro to close out as soon as they can show a profit to his credit.;, ; ; ; "What do you moan by a profit, Mr. HutohlusonP" inquired a young broker tho other day, on receiving his first order from tho groat scalpor. "Gvoat Uotwonst" wns tho vejoim\or. "Haven't you boon hero long enough to kuow .what a profit Is P" "Yes,'I know what a profit Is; but I don't kuow what you consider u satisfactory profit." "A profit," Hutoh then explained,-'is a profit., Any profit should bo satisfactory to a man who isn't a hog. Young wan, fifty dollars Is u prottt— yen, ton dollars, or fivo dollars, or one dollar, or even ten cents, And if you Of the largo sharks one of the commonest is tho fox shark, or thrasher. It is found on tho British and on the Mediterranean ami Atlantic coasts, ns also on tho coasts of California and New Zealand. The thrasher reaches a length of fifteen feet, of which the tail takes more than one-half, and is quite harmless to man. It follows tho shoals of herrings, pilchards, and sprats In their migrations, destroying incredible numbers. Its method of attack {rives it its name, as in feeding it uses the long tail for splashing tho surface of tlio water, while it swims in gradually decreasing circles around a shoal of tislies whit-ii aro thus kept so crowded together as to fall an easy prey to their enemy. Gunther does not credit the state- ment'Unit It has boon seen to attack whales and other large cetaceans, and thinks they rest upon erroneous observation. The basking shark is the largest of the north Atlantic sharks, growing to a length of moro than thirty feet. On the west coast of Ireland it is chased for the oil, which is extracted from tho liver, one lish yic.lding from a ton to iv ton and a hiilf. It derives its name from the fact that many specimens may be seen in calm weather lying together motionless, with tho upper part of tho back raised above the surface of tho water. College girls at Mi-Minnvillo, Oregon, are said to have the habit of smoking cigarettes on tlio streets. Ears and Scalp Covered with Ec- zcmatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cutlcura. 1W1 Httlo son, aged olifht yoara, has been af- "*• fllotod with Eczema of the acalp, and at times a groat portion of tho body, over slnco he was two years old. It began In. his ours, and extended to his scalp ,whloh became covered iwlth scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid pourqd out, causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving hia hair matted and lifeless. Underneath those scabs thoBklnwasruw, like n piooo ol beefsteak. Gradually the hair camo out and was destroyed, until but a small patch, was loft at tho back ol tho head. My friends In Peubodv know how iny little boy has su/forod. At night he would scratch his head until his pillow was covered with blood. 1 used to tlo his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use, hoAvould scratch, l took him to the hospital and to tho best physicians In 1'oiv- body without success. About this time, some friends, who hivd boon cured by tlio Outloura Koinodlos, prevailed upon mo to try them. 1 began to nan them on the 15th of January last. In seven months every 'particle of tho disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his scalp to tell tho story of his suffering. Ills hair has returned, and la thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any child's In the world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the Outluum Heine- dlos, and wish all similarly alllictod to know that my statement is true and without exaggeration. CHARLES 110KAY, Oct. 0,1885. 1'oauody, Mass, I have soon Mr. McKay's boy when badly aifooted with tho Eczema. Ho was a pitiful eight to look at. I know that he liaa tried our best physicians,' and Old all a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. I know that the statements ho has made you as records tho curing of his boy by yonr Ontlcurtt Remedies aro true In every particular. WILLIAM J MCCARTHY, 83 Foster stroot, 1'oaboUy, Mass. I I do not know of any Instance In which tho Outloura nemodies have lulled to produce satisfactory results. I beliovo I have sold nioro them than ol any other skin remedies I have ever handled during tho 88 years ol my experience as a druggist. A. D. TllYON, natuvla, N, Y. Bold every whore. Price: Outloura, 60 ots.; Outleura Soap, 8Scents; Outloura Resolvent II. Prepared by Totter Drug and Chemical Co.. Boston. Bond for "IIow to Cure SMn Diseases." T>TA/r ItilEa i Blackheads. Skin Ulomishos JL J.J.U. and llaby llumora, use Uutlouiti Soap. A Word about Catarrh, "Itin tho mucous mombrano, that wonderful semi-fluid envelope surrounding tho delicate tieauesol tho air and food passutros.tuut 3-tarrh mukea Us stronKhold. Onoo ostab- .ishod, It eats Into tho vwy vitals, and renders Hie but a Ionic-drawn breath of misery ind dlapaao, dulling the senao of hearing, ;rammollli>gtho power of spoooh, destroying .ho faculty of Binell, tuiuttuK tho breath, and killing the reaued ploasuros of taste, In- aldlpualy, by oroopliiK on from a simple cold n tho head, it assaults tho membranous lln- ng and onvelons n>o bonos, eating through hodolloato ooata and causing lnllammatl()n, louKhtuu tvntl donth. MothUtR short ol orad^ outlon will soouru health to tho|putlont, and ill allovIatlvoB are elmply procrastinated sufferings, loading to u filial termination. ianford r s Itadloal Ouro.Uy Inhalation and by ntornal admlnlatratlon, has never failed: nvou whou tho disease lion msdo frightful nroailM on dollonte eonstltutloiiB, heiu-lng, luoll and tosto have been recovered, and thu disease thoroughly driven out. SANFOIIU'S .ItADJOAl. OUIIK CODUlstS Of OHO >ottlo of tho Radical Cure, one boxUatarrhal Solvent, and one Improved Inli&let, neuUy Trapped lu one puokuvo, with full directions; )1'106 f 1* DUUQ A OlIKMIQAL OO.i HUSTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with palu, but still compelled by storn necessity to stand up to tho work bolorous and boar tho ipalu. Jtollnf Inonomlnuto in a Ou- l oui-u Antl-1'aln Planter lor aching .... lido* and baok,woakApainful mus- le»,| tho soro ohort and hacking cough, imrt Tory pain and uoho of dully toll. Khignnt. ew, original, speedy, and Infallible. At »t»,Mo.i Hvo/or »l; or. Tpostuge Iron. Uur Drug and Uhomlcul Uo,, Boston. skin which has recently come to light here. Her name is Nora Brown, nnd she Is 40 years of nge. She weighs 2-10 pounds, and has never been sick. Some seven years ngo her wrists begun to turn white. Tho change spread ii]) her units, und attacked her body with Hie exception of her noek and lln- ger-tips. She IH now entirely white. She says it never troubled her Ijcyond n little soreness nnd itching. She was born of jet-black parents, and has had eleven children, all of them blacks. There is some Indian blood in her. Her complexion is very clour and sho has red cheeks. Her head bears tho negro wool, short and kinky. Her face is of the negro typo,, but not pronouncedly so. Seen upon the slreetfl sho would be taken for a middle-aged German woman. No physician has oven been able to find in Ifernny sign of disease. Sho is not an Albino. The fact« are vouohod for by Col. John S, Ford, better known ns "Hip," iu whoso family Nora has been a servant. It is further vouched for by several people of respectability who havo known her for yours. Taken all in all tho case is a singular and most complete one. Doctors who have examined her say that tho change boars no relation to the milk skin ov Albinoism. —Him Antonio CJ'cx.) Letter. _ KASKINE (THE <*EW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, ringing ears, C ur? ' quickly pleasant,*" 1 ™ A POWJ5KFUL TONIC, that the most dolloato stomach will bonr. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJLABIA, IIHEUMAT1SM, NEHVOUS PROSTRATION, nnd nil Germ Discuses . FOR COLDS KASKINB HAS IIKENFOUND TO KB ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. Uolloviio Hospital, N. Y.; "Universally successful." Mr. F. A. Millar, «10 East 157th stroot, N. Y., was cured by !Ka.iklno of extreme malarial prostration after aovon years suffering. lie had run down from 176 pounds to H7, began on Kaaklnoln Juno, 188(1, wont to work in one month, revalued .his full weight in U months. Quinine did him no good whatever. Mr. Charles Baxter', architect, 133 K. 120th st. N. Y., wus cured by Kiiaklno of dumb ague in 3 months after quinine treatment for loyours. Mrs. J. Lawson, ill Uorgcn st., Urookly was I jiff For Young "gj and Old. cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of - askino " failed. many ycarsslandlug by Kasklno, the nulnlne • wholl : wholly failed. ll.Olmplaln Albany Feniton- Kaskino has cured his wlfo, treatment havln,, Uev. Jas. L. Ha tiary.writos that after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. Letters from tho above persons, Riving full details, will bo aunt on application. luiflkine can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warren Ut., New York .. , niyfidwlm BAG MI PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer The importance of purifying the blood cannot he overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. ' At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich tho blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's Den-Millar Snrsaparlll.i. Itstrengthens rebuild! and bullds up the S y stcmi creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, wllllo it eradicates disease, Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Srirsiiparilla pccul- T/N I-roalf lar curative powers. No ' " llScIT otliernicdlcluehassucharecord of wonderful cures. If you have nindo up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsapartlla do not be Induced to tnko any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsapartlla is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar Stacks of Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All things tin above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains* For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, Proud and Humbly at the Wide-awake i v^> Globe,- --Alton. 1887 THE LATEST J 1887. x JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Made In four stylos. Two anaTlirooBurners.. VWh TmandHHSslaOvenB. \ MsSPIlSki, CE> SUsHPli^ -v Sore Eyes Tho eyes are always in sympathy with, the body, and afford an excellent index of its condition. When tho eyes become, weak, and tho lids inflamed and sore, it is an evidence that the system has become disordered by Scrolula, lor •which Ayer's SarsapariUa is tho best known remedy. Scrofula, -which produced n painful Inflammation in my eyes, caused me much Bimoring for a number of years. By tho. advice or a physician I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. After using thffi. medicine a short time I was completely Cured ; My eyes aro now in a splendid condU tion, and I am as well and strong as over ' -Mrs. William Gage, ConcordrN. H. • For a number of years I wa« troubled •with a humor in my eyes, and was unable, to obtain any relief until I commenced using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This modi, cine has effected a complete cure, and I believe it to ho tho host of blood purifiers. — C. E. Upton, Nashua, N. H. .: From childhood, and until -with a fow months, I havo boon afflicted with "Weak and Soro Eyas. I have used for theaa complaints, with beneficial results? Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a groat Wood purifier. — Mrs. 0. Phillips,. Glover, Vt. * I suffered for a year with inflamma- tlon in my left oyo. Three ulcers formed on the ball, depriving me ol sight, and. causing great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I woa finally induced to uso Ayer's Sarsaparilla. By Taking Shioo bottles of this medicine I havo boon entirely cured. My sight has boon restored, and there is no sign of Inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my eye. —Kondal T. Bowon, Sugar Troe Bidgo, Ohio. My daughter, ton years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Soro Eyes. During the lost two years sho novor saw light of any kind. Physicians of tho highest standing exerted their skill, but with no permanent success. On tho recommendation of a friend I purchased n bottle ol Ayor's Sorsoporilla, which my daughter commenced taking, lioforo she had used the third bottle her sight was restored. Her cure is complete. — W. E. Suther. laud, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer & Co., Lowell,Maw. Sold by all Druggliti. Price »1; all bottlu, (>. OQ H. LKT1IE, Master. j E. Ross PoWELI , j ED. BLOOK, OlorK s. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11; tho Spread Eagle win run as follows, viz: LISAVTNR ALTON FOE ST. LOTJIS ftt 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 8 p.m., daily. And leaving Alton lor Portage, Jersey Landing. Gralton, and waj points overy evening at 6:80 o'clock. *3_Tho -Whistle will be Bounded nftoei minutes before starting for St. Louis. To ST. Loois, HOUND TKIP TWBHTT RIDES' G - 7fi - - 6 Ofl W-. HILL. Aeont. Fast Freight & Passene er Line THE ST. LOUIS AND C1SNTHAL ILLINOIS R. It. GO'S 1'AI.ACK STKAMKK TOTE DODOE, On andoftor. Thursday.Peb. 17th, will leave Alton daily Commencing Monday, April 4tb, steamer Hudson willleavoSt. Louis tor Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Grafton and. all points »u St. L & 0.1. H. 1C., daily, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. m., arriving at Alton at 11 a. m. Iteturnini; wlllloave Alton for St. Louis atB:4« p. m. arriving at St, Louis at 7:30 in ample time for parties to attend theatrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will bo furnished state rooms without extra cost. Bound trip tickets of steamer Spread Englo or Hudson wllllbe honored by either boat for return passage, connecting with fastozprcss on St. Louis and Central Illinois KuUroad for Jergoyville, Waverly, Spiiutsfleldand all points north and east. FA11E. To ST. Lotus, single trip, . . . sec. " " round trip, . ... . 750. '• " twenty riuo ticket,. , 55,00 IIENHY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. II. A. FISllEli, Oon'l Managnr. . folldtf Air Presture, without the elevated tank. Pressure la obtalnediwlth a weight, T rn?i™' tt !l£ l ra ™»- Abaolntelythe salest; simple with no IntrloatoparteT;-,. ; • : -; 3 "" f, LIGIIT'1 with carburetted air, instead of oil in, a arip cup. Gaeollne and Air Tonka are all of 3.', inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy, anne&loa braea.wlth 1S«H c , ou ?,\ lnfc ; 8 - 9"° end Ol tflnk ia of Si* 8 "- "hewing quantity ol oil to same. Cannot no niieu while burning. * • - ••.;- ••• ., . v-'j •'— V :<;•> ;.."s;;.The ">*» lar "ne of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES are Improved mecnanlo'ftlly and'artls- tieaHy. one Inch, lined. Large double oven lor throe burner Ranges; Stand pipes Increased In. size to , with large supply valve and trap at base. All ovens are inado double or. i flue PITTS &BAMILL.-- - - Sole Agents ap6d4m> . WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tbeie Washboard i aro made with a JJenl .Wood rim. The Strong- o»t boatu< and bent wuliem in thu world. Vor »ftlo by all dculera. Take no other. M'F'O CO., Thli paper U built on ale at the office tt DVERTISING Trustee's Sale. Whereas, Uaroua Il.ToppinK, of the city ol Alton, county of Miullson, and State of fill, nois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed, acknowledged and delivered,- bearing date tho 24th day of Juno, A. D. 1875, anil recorded in tlio Register's olllco of the said city of Alton, la book 7, at pn.ges 4, B, nnd 0, did convoy uutu Albert Wudo, as truatos, all tho following described promises, situated In the city ol Alton, In the county of Madison and State ol Illinois, to-wit: Tho south half of lot number eight (8) In bl&eknuuibortwolvo (12) in the city ot Alton, aforesaid, upon which Is erected a two and a half atory brick dwelling with atone basement, to secure tho payment of one principal promissory note for the sum of three thousand dollars executed by said llarcua 11. Topping and dated the 2-ith dayot June, A. D., 1876, and payable two years after date to the order of Sweotaor and 1'rloat with interest from maturity at the rate of ton per cent per annum, the interest, if not paid aomi-annually, to become aa principal and bear the aamo rate of interest: and lour interest notes described In said deed of trust of even date therewith and payable in six, twelve and eighteen months and two years after datoreapoctlvoly which inter- oat notes havo boon fully paid. And, whore- as, said Marcus II, Topping, by his certain trust deed duly executed, acknowledged and dnlivorod bearingdato, theioth ol March, A. l)., 1871), and recorded In the Recorder's ofllco of Madison county, Illinois, In book 144, of deed records on put-on 147, 148 and 14!) did convoy unto the said Albert Wado, as trustee, all the following described promises situated In tho city of Alton aforesaid, towit: Tho undivided one-half of forty.two and one-half loot fronting on Third street, olfof tho west aide of lot number six (0) in blk number twelve (12) to further secure the payment of said principal promissory note for tho aumef three thousand dollars. And, whereas, default haa boon made In the payment of tho said principal promlBbory note and there la now duo and unpaid thereon tho mnn of two thousand, nine hundred nnd forty dollars of principal and tho sum of $\HU,18 interest, making a total ot ?a,8U.IS now duo and unpaid on said note, boaldes tho Intel-eat which may uooruo on said principal from now to tho day of Halo hereinafter mentioned, at tho rate ot eight pur cent, per annum; and there la now due the legal holder of Bald note I ha further sumofouo hundred and flftv-slx dollars and eighty-live cents for taxes paid ou said promises ana Interest on tho taxes so paid; making in all the sum of j-I.OOO.Ob now due tlio legal holilor of said note under said note nnd deeds of trust, and tho Segal bolder ol aixiu note Homy 0.1'iicst, sur- vlvliiK part of said flrrn of Bwootnor & Priest haa made application to the undersigned, tho trustee in Bald trust deeds named, and ro- quoatiwl htm us such trustee to soil and dispose of aald promlaou undor the power In »ald trust deeds and for tho purposes therein stated, and It appears from tho records of Mudlnon county, Illinois, that aald Marcus 11. Topping has convoyed said pi-omlsouto Mary Kitnulo Topping: Now, therefore, public notice Uhurohy given, that in pursuance of BftM w«»t aoufla, ami by vttVnu ol tho power and authority to nio granted In and by tho AVER & SON'S MANUAL front door of thoOlty Hall bidding, In tho olty of Alton, uforo»ald, sell und Uinpoao of the prumlaoa abovo and In said trust deeds ro- spoctlvoly described, and all tho right, title, benefit urn! equity of redemption o? the said Marcus 11. Topping, hlBhoIrd or assigns chore- In. at public nuottun, lor tbu highest and bout price tlio same will bring In cash. UatoU May nth, 1W7. AUIKUT WA1>K, Trustee, WlBi! & IMVIK, Attorimys for Trustee. <ltd ALCOHOUaANTIDOTE ^•/-PERIODIC No N-ALCOHOLIC FORi DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES '; • AND ALL NERVOUS DERANBEMENTS. '" An Imnjelatd relief for prostration catued by AIX3OHOLIO EXOESSBS. ;A stimulant which, when taken with Boda, Vichy. Apollinaria, Bsltzer, or any BparkllnB "Water, -will supply the Oravtaff for Strong- Drink, without Its dlsootrona results, lea vlua tho system refreBhed and Invigorated. Prepared aa oHI-VVY moat ngreoablo to take.. , ONfcY BY »HIS BOTTLB. Being non-alcoholic, It commends itself es- , pecially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Cleriry- • men, Merchants, and others following aodontary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. PHYSICIANS AMI) HUUOISONS G. A. HERBMATSTN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, THIRD STREET, OVER 8TOKE, QUICK MEAL W. A. HAfcJKJBlLI., Pliysloian and Surgeon, houre-»a.n>.; 13 to i, M q t a.m. Id Tinno STUMKT, ALTON, oinoo iioura-a R. m, to is m.| on Jamoa lUve uiont Colon nout.vimJSr'™' FOR SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers m STOVES AND HARD WAKE Undertaker's Supplies AUVAYS ON HANb COM. NBOUMU AND AL1IV 8TS,

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