Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 10, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1887
Page 3
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B NOTICE TO ADVEBT18KB9. For the your 'ism we shall charge the following rates tor transient notices in our local columns: , Per JAnt, Single Insertion . . . lu cents. Three to live Insertions, • . 7 " Six to twelve Insertions, . B " UATE80F ADVERTISING: TRANSIENT.— yjVTT cents per Inch flrst Insertion, and TWBNTX-FirR cents par inch for each subsequent Insertion. $3 per Inch flrst month, fl.80 per inch.oach, month thereafter. LEGAL ADVERTISING! $1 per Inch for tho .flrst Insertion, and 60 cents per Inch for each subsequent Insertion. W Above rates will l)o utiletly adhered to. GQ GO CD i \T/\T TVWWQ second streot.noor i MtlJ.iUJfi.PI 9, corner 01 Henry —FOR— IFINE : STATIONERY, iBuoh as Crane's Floral. Whiting's Standard AITON DAILY TELEGRAM. TUESDAY EVK., MAY 10. TH& DAILY TELEGRAPH Is delivered by currlora to all parts of the city of Alton nncl Upper Alton, for ton cents par week. Mailed to any address at the rutu ot $5.20 per year. THE TELKURAl'U has tbo largest circulation ot any paper In Alton, and la the best medium for advertisers. COUNBIl TlIIlID AND PIA8A BTIIEBTS.' TELE- I'lIONB NO. 38. WANTED—Fifty boys at the Glass Works. • Illinois 92 . INDICATIONS (or Illinois: Warmer fair weatkor; southeasterly wind?. Strawberries Connor's. and String Deans, at It OWNKRS of live stock should read Mar.ohul Kuhn's notice and corral their live stock. Sarah Silks in (anoy shades, also dress shades.—Pierson &Carr Dry Goods Co. It A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemingor's Fig and Magnolia ure tlio p best cigars in the market. P. M. -Thus. N. Hamilton has been appointed fourth class postmaster at Long Lake, this county, vice Isadora E. Booskey, removed. Clothing and Hats for all at Globe. 9 3 MBETIM. The regular monthly meeting of the Council took plane thla afternoon, Mivor M'PIke, Clerk Wanl [and a full board present, except Alderman Burke. Petitions to grade bluff street from State to Main, aad for grading Seventh between Alby and Market, Ninth street from Piasa to Alby, wore referred to Street and Alley Committee ; for sewer on Walnut street, from fifth to the river, was referred to Committee on Sowers. A bid of Union Fire Alarm Co, amounting to $1,005, was referred to Committee on Fire Department. T ho proposition lo publish an article in the St. Louis papers enumerating Alton's commercial advantage!, the Council paying $60 for tlio publication, was referred lo Printing Committee with power to act. A petition of St. Paul's Guild for free use of City Hall, May 27th and 28th, was referred to Public Building committee, with power to act. Report of ex-Counsellor A. W. Hope of city suits, decided and pending, was referred to Judiciary committee and Counsellor. The contract for cleaning the streets for one year was awarded to Thomas Welch for $750. The committee on Streets and Alloys recommended the grading and Mc- Adammng of Eighth street from Henry to Alby street, at a cost of $2,000. [Our report closes at 4 o'clock. The Council is still in session.] K1VUH NEW8. The Mary Morton, from St. Paul,was at the landing last evening. The steamers leaving this evening are: the Hfldson, for St. Louis; the Spread Eagle, for Graf ton ; the Gem City, forKeokuk, and Mary Morton, for St. Paul. PEUSONAl;. llaskell, President of tlio Slate of Health, is m Springfield •intends a new Dr. Board today. E.v,Clly Marshal Joesling leaving tomorrow to look up homu In Kansas. Mr. E. P. Ureenwood, of Edwards* ville, was in town today on HIP occa« sion of the golden wedding anniversary of his parents, Mr. .and Mrs. 8. P. Greenwood. Hov. Dr. L. A.Abbott, Mr. II. M. Carr and Uev. Mr. Mills left last evening for the State Sunday School Convention at Docalur. Dr. Abbott will deliver an address before tho convention this cvc» ning and will return homo tomorrow morning in order to officiate at Willie llolden's funeral. Mr. Ed. Phillips' continues to favor us with Wichita papers. Judging from the subdued tone of those journals of the breezy tmd beautiful west the boom in his city Is preparing to move elsewhere, but wo have this consolation • it will have to move pretty fast if Ed. does not keep up with it. UPPER ALTON. CENTER COUNTER EXHIBIT. We have a Beautiful Display of these Goods, with Linens, Eclipse Balmoral ^Papers. UiirUiut's French ''•Hugged EdKO. Elite Hoggou—„-. .,„„_ Linen, Grlffln's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen. Peach Blow, Mlkftdo, Charred Ed«e, Cream ,. Lalil Mourning Note, and a large assortment S§ ol J uuminatea and' Decorate! Stationery. i'DennlBon'B Wiu( and Seals. School TubVow .end Stationery.; dj)C6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and \ SEWING MACHINES! FOR CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS y»rmm>s and Organs tuned and repatrod.Sbw- |ta^ Machines repaU-od^ B »f 1pj ^ o ^J : S 1 i lMa Foil RENT—A seven room house on Fourth street, between George and Langdon. For particulars apply on the premises or to J M. llyrie. tltf THE rainy weather of the last ten days, with not enough sunshine interr persecl to dry the ground, has delayed fanning; operations very materially in this vicinity. Just received, choice new selections of Lace Caps, Parasols, Kid Uloves, Silk Mitts and Gloves.—Haageu & Fuess D. G: Co. d wit ASSIGNMENT—Mr. L. F. Cotter, druggist, has made an assignment of bis stock to Dr. tlaske!!, E. Levis and A. W.Hope. The liabilities are reported at about $1,000 and the assets at $500. Shoes.and Slippers, the, best goods and lowest prices, at tho Globe. 9 3 CARNIVAL. — The Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union contemplate giving a Milkmaids' Carnival the last of this month or the iirst week in Juno. A complete lino of Spring and Sum* mer Goods for (iont's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Moritz, Third street. mcblV tf Great Chance for Bargains. The (J. M. Crandull stock of Chiua- ware, Q,ueensware, Silver-platod ware, Glassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in short household goods of every variety and style, IB being sold off at 50 cents on the dollar, until June 1st. 9 tf WATCH MBS. . i • All Mud* ol Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- aicn-tgooaa. noodB.ToUaggwiBandMlts. Men's FBoarfu and Fascinators at very low prices. §' Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing . and Stamping Done. Ooino and give us u ^culi. Don'ttoi'xettheolaee 'l«c«'lwlv Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, UKNIU Watterson, editor of the Louisville Courier Journal, one of the leading Democratic papers ol the country, in a speech delivered at the late Kentucky Democratic Stato.convention, characterized the dependent pension bill as an "act to pension tramps." This sentiment was, undoubtedly, in consonance with the feelings of the assembly referred to, as the delegates nominated the ex-Confederate, Gen. S. B. Buckner for Governor. They had no use for dependent Union veterans. New whito welt Piques, also narrow and wide embroidered Pique, also all over to match.—Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. ^ • It You can get anything you want in Dry Goods and Millinery at Globo. 9 8 ,„ DBAUGHTSMAN, fOffice onThlrd 8t.,one door west ot Piasa, third floor. Money to loan, on, improved fitrm property. For particulars, WHIPPLB& SUPPLIES. Oils, Needles, and Parts of all all Machines. We have now the B. & G. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Rue Patterns and Machines. E. H. GOULBING. ' von Ocean Passage Tickets AtLOWBBT 1UTUS Ot tUO OUNA11D, WJHTB STAR, duel AH UNBi also ot all . GBUMAN and FHKN01I WNB8 to IF saloon keepers do not want to pay a $1,000 license the best thing they can do la to comply with the law, close their saloons promptly on time at night, and keep them closed (front and back) on Sunday. If they disregard the law and defy public opinion they will arouse a sentiment against '.hern that they Will be powerless to resist. The late election proved that tho saloon element and its supporters are in a minority in Alton and the soqner it,rcoo(>;- ul/.os the fact, and ceases to.' attempt to not itself up as superior to law, the better will It be for all ooncerned. Got off your heavy underwear and bo comfortable. 1'iorsou & Carr Dry Goods Co. 1mto a largo lino of new gnuzo shirts and vents for all sizes. it For Rent, On Fourth street, south side, between 'George and Langdon, brick house. Inquire of Mr. Beem.adjaoent house.— Alfred Browne. np26tf THIS meteorological conditions of Ilh« nois for April, 1887, are given by the State Weather Service .at Springfield, as follows: A severe storm was located in western Texas on evening of. ICth that passed through Southern Illinois on evening of 17th, moving in an easterly direction, was lost on the Atlantic ocean on p. m, of 18th. This storm caused general precipitation south of 45° latitude and east of the Rocky mountains. Its aver-, age velocity was 36 miles per hour. On a. m. of 21st an atmospheric depression, extending from southeastern Montana to southeastern Colorado, converged, was central in western Arkansas on a. m. of 22d, moved northeastward (west of Illinois) over Lake Michigan on night of 22-23. Heavy precipitation and high winds aceompav niod this, one of the most severe storms of the season. Tim nir was pure during the passage; was an inch below the normal. A cyclone was reported from VVabash county on tho evening of 22d that destroyed everything in its path. Its. length wai fourteen miles, and width, one-fourth to oneMialf mile. Twp persons were killed and a number severely injured. Damage to crops, etc., $50,s 000. The temperature for the month of April was above the normal m tho northern and central divisions and below the normal in the south'ern division. A drouth prevailed during the first 1C days of the mouth. Tho precipitation w:is general and well distributed from ICth to iiOth, although the amount deposited was considerably below the April normal in the northern half of the State. It was above the normal in tbo southern half excepting in Alexander county where it was two inches below the normal. 'The snowfa)! during the month nuig j ed from inappreciable to three inches, on tbo 18th. Tho most severe cold wave of the month wsis observed in Montana on the 2d, reaching Illinois on a. m. of tho 4th. It was attended by a fall of temperature of from 25 to 40 degrees. 1'oucB COURT—A puddler, arrested by Ofllcer Hack, for selling chotwo without a license, wits lined $1 and costs today by Justice Uandlo. Agony la Courted Ifypersons who, attacked by ujnilld formof rheumatism, neglect to seek prompt relief. Bubdo'iuont torture Is prevented by an Immediate resort to Hosteller's Stomach Ultters. Slliflit exposure, an occasional draught, will bonot this painful malady, whore there Is a predisposition to it lu the blood. It Is not difficult to urroBt tho trouble at tho[onset, but well ntiih Impossible to eradicate It when mabirod. No evidence In i elation to this superb blood depurent Is more positive than that which establishes Its ollloaey as u proven tlvo and remedy for rheumatism. Not only Is It thorough, but sale, which tho vegetable and minerals poisons, often talion as curative of tho disease, ure iiot. llosldos expelling the rhumullo virus from the overcomes fever and HKIIC, biliousness, constipation und Dyspepsia. BASK BAI,L—As noticed.In Saturday's TEUiORAi-u tho Shurtleff nine, E. 13. Hoach, Captain, played tho Blackburn btys upon the University grounds near Carlinvillo Saturday. The players and their positions were as follows: Roach, c; W. Marsh, p; Dutuher, s.s.; Smith, Ib; Kendrick, 2b; Yager, 8b; J.JUarsb, If; Donnison, of; Ciimp- bell.rf. Saturday^ game resulted in a score of 15 to 7 in favor of the Shurtlefftf. John T. Miller umpired to tho satisfaction of both clubs, which speaks well for the justice of his decisions. Thu return game will be played here on Saturday, May 21. Shurtleff has some good players, for amateurs, and under tho able management of Prof. Roach they aro capable of good work and from appearances they are doing it. PERSONAL—Mr. J. E. Oglo for nearly four years past agent for tho C. B. & Q. fi. R., at this point, left last evening for Larchland, where he will occupy a similar position at an increased salaiy. Mr. Ogle leaves many friends here who regret his departure but rejoice at his promotion. .His successor is Mr. Crumpt.on, late of Buder's station. .P. R. Wilhelm, route agent for the American Express Co. was in town yesterday to close their office at Upper Alton; station on the C. B. & Q. The demands of tho town having grown beyond tho service from that office, arrangements are lo be made for a regular messenger service via. Wann and Alton, giving Upper Alton the benefit of the fast trains on the Bee Line. Mr. Porter, traveling Auditor fur the C. B. & Q. R. II. was in town yesterday. ACCIDENT—Mr. W. C. Thompson had the misfortune to upset his express wagon while turning off tho pike opposite the Presbyterian church, yesterday, but happily escaped personal injury. BKHEAVKU — Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ehrlerhavo much sympathy lu tho loss of their baby, aged about two years, from diphtheria. Another child is very sick with the same terrible disease. VOLUNTEERS—Thu judges and clerks for t'he election on village incorporat lion, May 24,have volunteered to donate their service, so that tho town will be at no expense for this election. NOTICE- To nil whom it may concern: That an ordinance In relation to permlttliiB animals and «eese to run at largo, passed In the City Council, Nov. 16, 1883. will hereafter bo strictly enforced. Owners of stock will please road sections one and nlno;of said ordinance herewith published: SKO. 1. That horses, cattle, awlno, Bhonp, goats and uoese, running nt large In this city of Alton, ho, and they are hereby declared a public nuisance. SKO. I). That hereafter every owner of any KOO»U or Kcose, or anv animals aforesaid, wlio shall permit orsuirorlhe same to run at largo within the city of Alton, shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding ton dollars, nor less than one dollar for each such offence with costs of prosecution. ,,„„„ JACOB KUHN. 10!) Olty Marshal. A Word about Catarrh, "It la tho mucous membrane, that wonderful scml-Hiild unvolopn mirroundliiK the dell- ciuto tissues ol tho air urn! food jwssages.that Catarrh imikos Its stronghold. Onco estab- llaliod, It eats Into tlio very vltnls, mid ren- tiers life but a lonicdrawu brouth of misery and disease, dulling the HOHHO of hearing, trammelling the power of np3cch, destroying the faculty of smell. tatnthiK tho breath, and killing the retlned pleasures of tastu. Insidiously, by creeping on from u simple cold In tho head, It assaults the inembranoiia lining uiid envelonu the bonus, outing through tho delicate coats and causing inflammation, sloughing and duutli. Nothing short of eradication will Boeuro health to tho patient, and all ullovlatlves are simply procrastinated BultorliiKB, loading to a fatal termlnallon, Banford's Uadloiil Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never failed; nvon when the disease lias made frightful Inroudu on dullciite constitutions, hearing, HinoU and Caste have bocn recovered, and the disease thoroughly driven out. SANl'OHD'H RADICAL UU1IK COHSlstS O[ O110 bottle of the Kiiilloiil Cure, one boxOatarrhnl Solvent, and ono Improved Inlialov, neatly wrapped In one package, with lull dlreotlons; DHUO A DllliillUAI/ 00.i llOOTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still compelled by utui'ii necessity to stand up to tho work beloru us and bear the ipaln. Rollnf In one minute In a On- tlcura Antl-1'aln Clamor lor nchliiK aides and buok,w«ul< it palnlul muscles,, the sore chest and hacking couuh, an'l uvevy pain and aohe of dully toll. ICle^uut, new, original, speedy, and Infallible. At ilruuglHtb, Wo,; Ilviifor $1; or, • postuue tree, ol i'ottoi DniKandUlmmltml Oo.,Ilouton. FOR CO IF YOU WANT TO DO A LITTLE Painting", Inside or Outside, there is nothing nicer or handier than BEADY-MIXED, Quick-dry- lug PAINTS, white or colors, sold at MARSH'S DRUG STORE. Remember This. —GO TO— SEELY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; • • OPP. BELLE. GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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