Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 10, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1887
Page 2
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ALWM DHLI THJJSBAPH. BIT W. T. NOBTON, Cor. TUIrd and Fla«» Street*, Alton, 111. EVE., MAY 10. KUMH, May 8, '81. SIBEWALXS ANU SALOONS IN EUAH-ThOBO who nro In favor ot licensing saloons in Klsuh clnlm that they build sidewalks and pay tlio expenses o( tlio vlllon* and tharnby relieve tho taipayer of this burden. We olRlm that the saloons, to afty nothing of the crime anil misery which they cause, nro ajKrcatcr tax, though Indirect, than n direct tax sufficient to pay tho village expenses would bo; and that the money collected from saloon Mommon If honestly and economically expended, la much rooro than. Is needed. Below wo glvo some flgurei In prool ot tnls: Wo hive botoro UB the Huvtsod Oldtnuncus of the Village of Elnali, and BO back to 'HI, tlio time when tho building ot new sidewalks and tlie Improvements of the village boican, covering n. period of Blx years. Wo shall glvo each Bldo of tho question fairly mid ulve the license side, tho benefit of nil doubts. Tho maximum width of sidewalks by ordinance 111) Is flvo loot. Two miles would do ublo sidewalk all tho open and traveled streets In Klsau. Tlio llrst three yenrs there wero throe saloons; and not knowing tho exact license fooa wo put It at$125 por your. All of tho last Uuoe scars there have boou two salowns and for half a year throe paying |500 license. Village expense lor six years: Two miles of sldownlk. 6 foot wide, undtwo Innhes thick 105,000 foot Two mllos of 4x0 scantling lor slllo.21,120 " Total lumber VK.TlQ " For 120,710 foot of lumber at $15 por m.$l,000 80 Opening oast road • ••• SuO 08 Street Commissioner, 300.duys,at .f 1.25 375 00 V Illago Trustees, 434 days at 606 216 On Village Olerk »• i» Treasurer's commission 1°' '•' Kxtra police during Democratic primaries and on election day 48 days, at $1.60 72 uo Total village oxponso, 6 year*. ..$3,813 65 KBCKIl'TS. From 9 years'llconso at JIM.. 11.12* 00 From8« year's license, at $40« J.'M" pu Fines f»GO w Special tax for building Town llall, wuieu hasn't been built 300 to Total receipts. $5,270 00 $3,313 n-i Ualanco In Treasury ................. $l,wl 45 For the sake ot argument we huvo granted that tho whole village haa boon double side- walked and paid for, and yet If tho monov ban been honestly expended there yet remains In tho treasury $1,961.45. Tako thin sur plus out of tho expenditures for six years and wo have loft only $1,3M.10. Or In other words. in six years nearly twice as much money lias been collected as waa needed. Expense for sfct yean, per year, average ?&W.6». Wbntrftto per cent, would that bo on the taxable property of Klsab? J. M. Glberson seems to be losing his grip on the St. Louis bridge; all his hope is now anchored on Elauh. Our popular P. M. Is In St. Louis worMni? at his trade, paper hanging, Saturday, W. W. Gillham qualiOed aa s choo trustee to (111 vacancy caused by Mr, Joseph Schneider failing to quality. The coming boom ia casting ita shadow before in this village and township. Twero is an unuaual activity among farmers improving their farms. Wo don't waut a Wichita boom, but a steady, hard working, consistent boom that will last. J. K. Francis la painting his house and otboi'wlaa Improving his homo and premises. Just think of It, no olootlona f or a yoar. The calm before tlio groat storm of '88. 11. It. Leak IB 'painting and Improving his residence. Dr. B. F. Farley uow drlvea a team ot match bays. Tho doctor is able to see tho good points in a horse. Frod. Winger has muvcd into his how house. K. M. rcnuy, our boss working for Doinpsy on tho Valley houso In Grafton. While hoeing Saturday, Mr. Moses lllunior found a largo piece of poU-llled hickory W. W. Qlllhaui informs us that his wheat la not . heading. 'l'M» is pvctty oaiW near all planted yet. Kov. J. M. Laird continues to draw largo and appreciative congregations. A. 11. 8. Doing His Duty. ol tho Uthing- Evovyono has heard man, whoso biminoss it was to keop order In tho meeting-house, but few ol ow readui'H over saw him. Nowadays no ono is mipposed to need watchingin such a place, partly because tlie ehil- dren tuu generally stay at homo, per- liup.s, ana partly because many things are now looked upon its quite innocent which formerly would have been accounted sacrilegious. Here is an anecdote which illustrates how, in tho oldon timo, ono tithing- mivn at least magnified his office. General II was the great man of tho town. His daughters wore sent to lioslon to lie educated, and ono of them eaine homo with a HoHtmi lover, who is now a merchant in New York. Ho wont to church with her. But Boston manners and New England country manners and ideas were not the same. When the hymn was given out, Mr. U found it, and handed the book to Miss H ; sho bowed, and took it. The old Uthing- man looked and frowned, but did not (luito like to offend General 11 . But ho thought it over and over, and his conscience accused him of lining a "respecter" of peraoiiH, and that ho thought a very fearful sin. Therefore, ho took his seat in the afternoon roHolvod to do his duty fearlessly, whatever might, be the result to him. Tho livmn was given out. Mr. K foumi it, and handed tho book to Miss II ; she bowed anil took it. Rap, rap, rap, wont tho old IUIIII'H stick. Then pointing to Gen. II 's pew, "You, you—I mean Gen. II 'n gal aud her Boston beau! Nune of your carrying* on here, I say."— Youth's Companion. Guarding against future Mistakes. Boston young lady—"I vvtmt to look at a pair of eyeglasses, sir, of exira magnifying power." Doalor —"Yes, ma'am; something very strong P" Boston young lady— "You, sir. While visiting In tho country laat summer made a very painful blunder which uovor want to repeat." Dealer—"May 1 ask what that—or— blunder wasP" Boston young lady—"Oh, yes. I mis took a buuibloW (or a blackberry.' 1 — Ntw York /Sim. Chinese mul Jnpniinfto Dnllcaolei. Walking through the Chinese ketin San Francisco, suys a writer in Youth's Companion,one sues some very queer articles of food offered for sale; small puts of soft cheese varnished amber brown and stumped with Chim/su characters; well-peeled chestnuts, with tiny slices of white rocoaiiiil wrapped in neut little cornucopias ol glossy cabbnge leaf; forty kinds of dried nuts, fruits (whole or .sliced), roots, and barks, Then there arc living turtles and frogs; fowls and fish, alive, freshly dressed, awl smoked or dried; meats half cooked in the carcass; wreaths of dried oysters striingon bamboo splints; almlonus, like black models for dolls hats; shreds of white cuttlefish, and u hostof other edible curiosities. A stranger might suppose that they WoreBtmple, curiosities, like the ancient sticks of barber-polo candy exhibited in Uiu windows v>f 'A country grocery, or like the ham elaborately decorated with geometrical pu'/./.lcs in jelly,—to be aumircd, but on uo account to be carved. Not at nil. They are regarded iiseatnblc, and are oaten. In fact, tho Chinese and Japanese cat everything that comes out of the sea. All the fishes are good to their taste, and arc naught with great skill, seaweeds of several sort are sent far into tho interior, to be used in thickening soups, gravies, and puddings, and are highly pri/ed because they give a relishing flavor of salt, which is a luxury beyond the reach of most Chinese peasants. This use of seaweed is almost identical with the very common wo oi Irish moss by Americans in making toothsome dishes. But, indeed, fishes and seaweed arc eaten tho world over, but surely no other people cut the tide- flat animals swallowed by the native? of Yesso. For example, the most simply organized of tho class of animals to which shells belong are called ascidians. They grow noiuct\m«s sin- glv, sometimes in clusters, and are rooted immovably to the sandy bottom, subsisting on what Hie currents may bi'ing to them. . In Japan there is an ascKlian (Cynthia) which is as largo as one's list. It has no shell whatever, and is a gray, flabby, tulip-shaped sac, supported on a short stalk. But in spite of its forbidding appearance, the Japs pickle it in vinegar and use it as a food. Another animal growing between the high and low watermarks on the Japanese coast is ft in ml worm called Sabclla. It occupies a hard, limy tube of its own making, and gets its food, when high tide comes up over its hiding place, by thrusting out a head bushy with tentacles, and sucking in currents of water loaded with minute particles of nutriment. Out of this wriggling creature the shore people make a soup which is* trim vermicelli, not a paste imitation of little worms, and it is said to taste us badly as it smells. A better dish is nv.ulc from the soft interior parts of the sea-urchin, or echimus, large numbers of which lurk along tlio rocky .shores of the Japanese archipelago and the coast of China. I have seen the Haidas and other coast Indians of the Pacific shores of British America devouring raw sea- urchins with great gusto, crushing them in their lists, sucking out the orange-colored cluster of eggs, which constitute the .only edible part, amounting to one or two tablespoonfuls, and then throwing tho horny case aside. The minute eggs taste much like oysters, ami have been a favorite food of tho natives of the bleak coast of Alaska for ages. On many of the islands of tho Aleutian archipelago yon may see spots close by tho beach where the grass is always" uoticahly gre.enw and more luxuriant than elsewhere. When the suvfttCQ soil is removed at these spots there is found underneath a layer of what scorns to be greenish sand overlying the stony or clayey .soil of the rest of the island. It is not s;uul, however, but the powdered rcnumuls ol .-tea eggs thai have been thrown underfoot (luring unnumbered feasts. These heaps are often two or three feet in thickness, and cover several acres. They were probably forniing for more than one lousan'd years, and throughout the ,yer may '«•' found some interesting tone anil bone relics of tho race which lade them. , P KnslcrJTIittn resident Lincoln's Commissioner of Aoriciilture, Newton of Philadelphia, islhe peg on which all bad spelling storii'* arc hunt? In Washington, lie wrote KiiglHli s\* she's spoke, without regard to the arbitrary rules of orthography, and tin- result was often amtis- iii"-. One day Gen. Sickles, then lying in" a hospital here badly wounded, craved fruit, grupi's particularly. A friend, not being able to Hud them elsewhere, went down I" the Department ol Agriculture mul svsked Commissioner Newton for some. "I haven't anv grapes," replied Newton; "I'd give, tliem U> you in a minure for Gen. Sickles if I had; but I'll give you anything else we've got." "Well," said tho friend, "what other fruit, have you?" "Why," snid Newton, "1 think we have some nectarines, and you're, welcome to some of them." "They'll do very well," said the friend. "Just write me an order to the gardener for some, will youP" Newton said he would, drew a sheet of paper toward him, and began to write. The date line was all right, for that was printed; but after that his trouble began. "Give bearer, lie wrote, "as many- -- " and then he stopped, for he couldn't, spell nectarines, and lie knew it. Ho thought over it for a full minute. Then ho threw down his pen, picked up his hat, and said: "Come, I'll go over with you myself." KASKINE (THE ffEW QUININE.) No bad effect Wo headache No nausea. Lotel Dry NO ringing ears, C v»«* quickly Pleasant,!' 11 "' A POWI5KFUI* TONIC, the moat doUcnto ;t«mnoli will boar. A SPJKiCJFlC FOB MAJjABIA, lUIEUMA'l'lSM, PKOSTUATION, A New York lady who wears a beaver hat tells a correspondent how .she keeps the nap so smooth and .shiny. She says: "First brush the hat thoroughly, so us to gut all the. libers straightened out in one direction. Then take, a silk handkerchief and pour into the middle of it about n half leaspoonful of salad oil. Hub the handkerchief in your hands until the oil is thoroughly' iMstril>\Utn\ through it. Then go" over your hat timo after time with the silk thus prepared. Lay the handkerchief aside, and use it every day upon the hat, without, however, replenishing the oil more than once a week. Tlie hat in this way will be kept in perfect order, and even ail ordinary wetting will not disturb it. Thomas Keenc, the first white child born in Montana, died recently, aged twenty years ami three months. •roliirAUIOST A Sl'KClKJO. Superior to U Jlolloviio Hospital, N. V.: "Universally sue° C Mr. U r\ A. Mlllnr, 0!!0 Bast 157th street, X. Y., wasoufiid byiKosklmi ol extreme malarial prostration alter sovon yuavs BUlterlnK. Uo had run down from 17ft pounds to !>7, begun on Kaskliioln Juno,.issd, wont to work In one month, remiliioajblB lull weight In I) months, (.luinino did him no good whatever. Sir. Charles Maxtor, architect, 193 E. 120th St. N. Y.. was cured by Knskino of dumb agno in 3 months after quinine treatment tor lOyoars. Mrs. J. Lnwson.'Ml Ilorgon 8t.,Brook\y was cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of many yoarss:atidhm by Kasktnc, the uulnluo treatment having wholly failed. Hev. Jas. L. llall.Ulmplaln Albany 1-onltRii- tlnry.writes that Kasklno has cured his wife, after twontv years sultorlnu from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. . , . ,, Letters from tho above persons, Riving full details, will be Hunt on application. Kasklnu can Uo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 por bottle. Sold by or scut by mull on receipt of price. KASK1NU <JO.,f>l Warren at., New York mvlidwlrn Stacks of Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All things-in-above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake ^ ; Globe, - - - Alton. 1887- TIJE LATEST 5—-1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four stylos. Two and Throo Duruors. AVItli Tin <ma KugslaOvons.',. KAGI/JS FACKKT ooan J ANV. SPRING "ARRANGEMENT Tho Stoauior tfSE -i- G. A. HERRMANN, M.D., PliyiKician nud Surgeon, 1IIIII) STHKKT, OVBlt WKIKKKH'S S11OK STOUK, Illco hours; 8 to 10 a. m.; 'J to 4 afternoon, and (J::iu to 7:l!0 ovunlrg. mvTdOwlc We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we clo not first squeeze the fat and oil out of our stock, and then obnvert the refuse into a worthies;: soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. GllvVEK SOAP Is made of PURE TAI-- I.ow, by a clean process, and can be used freely without danger of having tho skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOOB GKOCEtt FOR IT. BMFIBB SOAP CO, ST. Dlt. IS. OU12JOHJH, Physician and OFFIOK AND UBSIBENOK, OOK-FOUliTU AKD JJKNliY 8T8. tsS-dwlv W. A. HASKEIX, M.IX, Pliysiolan and Surgeon, ST., ALTON, U.L. Offloo hours—» a. m. i 12 to 1, and a p.m. UJSNT1HTKY, Dlt. O. U. KOHljAND, 18Tinun8TKKKT, ALTON, ILL. Offloa Hours- 8 a. in. to IS m.; 1 to i p. ffllKlwlV Patents. To ny persons wlBUUin to obtMn \»ttui patent on now Inventions, <inproveiuouta o aeslirna, I will oxaouto drawlnns and ujioolfl outloiia uud make nppUc&tloua lor I'uUmta All couauUatlon, In punou or by lutto , Uco Ll'CAS FFEIFFENUBHQUtt, III. H.USYHB,Master. jE.UOSSPOWKLI ; f _ On and inter Monday, Fob. 11, tho Bpvuiu! will run aa follows, viz: T. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., daily. AmiloavliiR Alton lor Portage, Jersey Landing. Grafton, and waj poluta every evening nt 5 -.SO o'clock. «9,Tlie 'Whistle will bo Bounded flftoin minutes beloro starting lor St. Louis. [FAKE! To ST. Lcois, - - • BODND TBIP • TWENTY KIOBS- „„ 50 15 5 00 Fast Freight &Passe;;ger Line TUE ST. LOUIS AND OENTIIAL ILLINOIS 11. K. GO'S Sl'ISABlEB J. V. KL1.1&ON, Commander. ED. ANSHOTK, j oinrkq TllUK DODGE, ("'"'»=• On aiulallor Thursday,Fub. 17th, wlllleavo Alton dally Oommenrlne Monday, April 4th. steauioi Hudson will leave Si. Louis lor Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Graf ton and all points on St. L. & 0.1. H. K., daily, except Sunday, at S:3t> si in., arriving at Alton at 11 a. m. KeturnlnB will leave Alton for St. Louis at B:IS p. in arrlvinK at St, Louis at 7:3Din ample time foi parties to attend theatres, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will bo furnlshoc staterooms without extra cost. Bound trip tickets of steamer Spread Busle or Hudson \vlli;bo honored by either boat tor return passage. connecting with fastoxpress on St. T.ouls am (Jentral Illinois llallruad lor Jerseyville, Wa vcriy, SpiliiBlloiaand all points north am cast. FA11K. To ST. Louis,single trip, . . . fiOc <• " round trip 75t> '• " twenty Hue ticket,. , ?5.0 I11SNHY C. TATUM, Gun. Atft. Alton. H. A. FISHEK, doii'l Manager. lelldtf Sore Eyes Tho eyes arc always in sympathy with, the body, anil afford an excellent Index of its condition. "When tho eyes become weak, and tho lids inflamed and sore, it is an evidence that tho system has become disordered by Scrofula, for which Ayer's Sarsaparllla is tlio best known remedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful inflammation in my oves, caused mo much suffering for a number of years. I!y tho nilvicu of u physician I commenced taking Ayor'u Sursapnrlllu. After using this, uiudiciuo a short time I was completely Cured My eyes nro now in a splendid oondK tlon, and 1 am as well and strong as evor N — Mrs. "William Gage, Concord, N. H. For n number of years I wo* troubled, with a humor in my eyes, and was unable, to obtain any relief until I commence^ using Ayor's Barsaparilla. This inedi- clno has effected a complete cure, and I believe it to bo tho best of blood puri- flors. — C, E, Upton, Nashua, N. II. Prom childhood, and until with a few months, I have boon afflicted with "Weals nud Sore Eyos. I have used for these, complaints, with beneficial results, Ayer's Barsaparilla, aud consider It a Croat blood purifier. —Sirs. C. Phillips, Glover, Yt. I suffered for a year with inflammation in my loft eye. Throe ulcers formed on the ball, depriving mo of sight, and causing great pain. After trying Jnnny other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally induced to use Ayer's Sarsaparllla. By Taking throe bottles of this inodieino I have been entirely cured. My sight has been restored, and there is no slgn-of inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my eye. — Kaudtil T. Uowoii, Bugar Tree Kidgo, Ohio. ^fy daughter, ton years old, was (vflllct- ed with Scrofulous Soro Eyes. During tho last two years she never saw light ot any kind, Physicians of the highest standing exerted their skill, but with no permanent success. On tho recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayur's Barsnparllla, which my daughter commenced taking. Hoforo sho had used tho third liottlB hot Bight was restored. Her cure Is complete. — W. IS. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. ». Ayer's Sarsaparllla, Prepured by llr. J.O. A)-erStCo.,Lowoll,Maii. HoW I j »U Dtuj»UU. Vtlee $1 i >U liuUlm, (i. Trustee's Sale. Wliereaa, Marcus II. Topping, of tho city o Alton, county of Madison, and State of 1111 nois, by his certain trust deed, duly executed acknowledged and dclivuroil. bearing diu tlio 2'ltli day of Juno, A. V. 1876. and recordec In tlioHc-jrlstoi'Molllceof tho mild city of A) ton, In boolt 7. at p».g«B 4,5, (iml (S, did oonvej imto Albert wade, animates, all tho lollow ing described premises, situated in tho city o( Alton, In the county of Madison and Stat ol Illinois, to-wit: The eoulli half of lo mimbor eight W>) lu block number twulvo <li in tlio city ill Alton, aforesaid, iiiion which i erected a two and a half story brick divel liiiH with stouo bnaemunt, to necure the pay mont of one prluolpal promissory note lo tlio sum of three thousand dollars execute! by said Miircus 11. Topping and dated th 2-ftli day ol Juno, A. 1)., IS"!>, and payable two yours ufloc dutu to tlio acdui' oC Sweotser a i'riest with interest from maturity at tin rate of ton per cent per annum, the inter i>8t, If not paid seinl-aniuially, to become a principal and bear tho same rate of Intelest and four interest notes described in salt deed of trust of oven dalu therewith and pay able in sl.v, twelve and cinlitoeii months anc two yuui'suttor date respectively wliluh inter uat notes liavo been fully paid. And, wliero IIH, gnld Marcus II. Topping, !>>' his curtail truHtdeiitl Only exocnted, acknowledged and delivered biMirlntfduto, theioth ol March, A !>., 18.71), and recorded in tlio Jtecordor'solllct ol Aladlsoii county, Illinois, in book 111, o deed records on paxes M7, 118 and HI) dk convey unto tlio said Albert Wade, as trua tee, all tlio following dcscrlUed premlsci tltuutcil in tliu city of Alton aforesaid, to wit: The undivided one-hall of forty-two and one-half loot fronting on Third street off of the west side ol lot number six (I)) li blk number twelve (12) to further secure tlu payment of anld principal promissory note for the sum wf tln'ee tliouatiud dollars. And, whoreim, default bus been mado in tin payment of the said principal promlsnory note and there is now due mid unpaid there on the sum of two thousand, nine huudret and forty dollars ol pilncipal anil tho snui o i'.KH.IS Intercut, mnklng a total c,l |:l,8l I.Ill uo\ due and unpaid on said note, besides th( Intercut wlitcli may accrue on said ininclpii from now to tins clay of snlo borelnaitui'm lloned, at the rate of eli/ht per cent, pe annum; and there Is now diie the legal lioldu of said note iho further nuinofonu hundrei and III ty six dollars ami eighty-live cents fo tildes paid on said premlies and interest o the tuxes so paid; making in all the sumo $1,1.1(10.IKS now duo thu lUKal holder of aultl not uudiif HiilU noto nud deudH of trust, and th logiil holder of said note Henry U. Pi lust, am vlvlntc part ol said Hrin ol Swootuer .t Pries lias made application to tlie undersigned. 111 trustee In said tiust deeds named, and re Huested him as oucli trustee to sell und dls pose of uald premises under tho powerlu vul trust duodu and lor tho purponoa therel it Html, and it appears from the records c Madison county, Illinois, that said Marcus 1 Topping bus conveyed said premises to Mat Fannie Topping: Now, therelore, ptibll notice la hereby given, that In pui'diiaticec said trust dtio(ln, and by vlituo of Iho powe and authority lo me granted In and by 11 muim.uml by virtue ot tho atatutoof tlio Btut I, the uiulor«li,'nitd, will, on THIJK.SDAV, TIIK NINTH I)AV OK JIJN1 A. I)., 18.S7, lit Km o'clock n. m. at tlio nun front door of thuOlly Hallbnldlng, In the clt of Alton, aforesaid, sell and dispose o( tl pri'inlses above ami In said trust dends respectively do»oribud, and all the right, llllu, bouelit and eijully of roUuuiptli»i of tbu anld MarciiHll, TojiiiliiK, Ills heirs or assigns therein, at publlu auction, for the highest and best price thu samti will bring In cash. Hated May litli, 18H7. ALUICUT WADK, Trimtco. WIHK & DAVIH, Attorneys for Triistoii. did All'EKi'ECT Air Pressure, without tho elevated tunk. Pressure is obtained with, a weight, not with a pump. Absolutels tlio aulefet ; Blm tile -with nolntrtcate parts. •• •.LIGHTS with carburetled mr, instead of oil in a orip cup. G at ollne and Air Tanks are all of swinoh seimilcBsbinsstubinu Binall conncctinn pipes of henvy imiteoled braaii.wltli unlo'n cou piings. One end of tnnlt la of glass, showing quantity of oil in Bttnie. Cannot The^eguhir linoof b Jf?\VlfL STOVES AND RANGES nro Improved mechanically and. artlj. tlcally. Largo double oven for tbroo burner Bunges; Stand pipes Inoroaaea in size to one inch, w 1th lavge supply valve and trap at base. AH ovoni are made .double or ' lined. 'flue PITTS & HAMILL, Sole Agents. ELY'S CHE AM HALM Is not tl liquid, snujf or pointer. Applied into nostrils in quickly almorlifd. Jt cleanses tlio Jieatl. Allays inflammation, lleals tlie sores. Jif stores Vic SCUMS of taxtc and smell. 50 ccntx ut Di'ttij'jUta; by iu<ui, rc,'jitftcrcd t GO cents, ELY BROTHERS. l)niggists,Owpgo,NY,, Hundreds Have Been CURED lly. taking tho GREAT GOWDEN SEAL. Testi- monlala nro being received dolly regarding Ita wonderful properties.' ' Eminent • physloiuns endorse It as tho greatest moulcal dlscovory ot tho day. Tho GREAT GOLDEN. SEAL Is a Nerve Food, Buildliig up tho nervous syston and tho tirock brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Proventfttlvo of Chills, Foyer ; ; and Malaria/' An .-' Alcoholic Andidote Ovorcomlns tho ovil effects of eiooBslvo alcohollo indulgences. A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho entire system. If you lu'o Just recovering from sickness, no known remedy will glvo strength and ueoUh BO fast. Prloo, 81.00 per bottle at oil Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEH SEAL DRUQ CO., ^54 LaSallo Av., OHIOAOO, ILL." LUOKOUT TUB OKLEUIIATKD QUICK MEAL Stovo t'OK SALK AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in 8TOVI38 AND HAlUWAltlS Also Uutxldu Work u specialty. KooUng and Qalvunlxeil Iron Work. Also inidertakor's Supplies ALWAYS ON 11 AN P. COH. HBVUNU AND ALHV BTH. . WILSON WASHBOARDS. Theso 'VV'athboBrdi oro made witu ft B«n< -Wood rim. The BtrojB- oat boar.ii and best tia»b«» in «w world. I'or «ulo by nil dealer*. Take no other. . SAG1IVAW M'F'O CO., pliiuw, jUlthlaan. J. Wl LKES FORD & CO. OtSc Ult \V. Wu'HIiiictiiu Hi., ClilciiBV, IH. FELT AND ORAVEt ROOFERS And Dealers In Booting Material!; Onrlfn- etltttoB lor doing >»orkin Alton are suoh that wo can do the very best quality of Folt and Gravol itoollno;, .tlio sumo as In use on all t'«o llrut-olaHb (nillciingfl In Ohloago at ft low or p.rloo than TUxov Iron, and warrant pur roofs for live yours. Wo also soil materu i with full Instruction how to do the work or furnish an experienced mati. apUuiy 2OO BAGS HIGGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table Use, lugtt Ib. liuon sacks and 50 Ib. Hacks J. ks, for sale by A.RYBIB. Vfal* impcr l> Iiwl on flle at tba offloe «* DVERTISING GENTS %&$£-AYER* SON'S

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