Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 9, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1887
Page 4
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" v . ;•< -THE BEST TONIC. 3 __—-J—T-, combining Iron With pore _«table fonic«, quickly-and 'completely Onmi Drqpepcla. Indlgertion, Wenk- n»M, Impure Blood, MiU«i1«, Chilli MM Peren, ana Neuralgia* It ti an unfailing remedy for Diseases of tbo Kidney and Liver. It In invaluable for Diseases pccnllnr to women, and all who lead aedonfery liven. Itdoe«Dottnturotbfijcoth,ca\uehcndacbo,ot produce conrtlpatlonP-oltor Iron tnalMnu do. It cnrlehM and pmrUIti the blood, •tlmulalostho appetite, aids the assimilation of food, rollovci Heartburn and BolchUig.ahd strengthens the muscles and nerves, For Intermittent F«rver«, La tdtek of Energy, etc., It boa no equal. v -M A Br- The genuine has above trado mark and v.f ero«s«<I roiTllnofl o>l whipper. Tnko no other. > I VtA 64'»r*BOini WIUICAI, ca. ilii/ruoH*, »D DOIL nave boon enjoyed by cltlr.on» of over? town and city In the U.S. Marvelous Cares Imvo been wit- netted by thonnnnde of people, who fan testify to Tn» woNDinro& HEAUNO TOWKR OF Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, .Toothache, ; Headache, Earache, ' Caiarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, ; Lame Back, Sllfl Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old,Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Cakod Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, •re quickly relieved by tliln inimical remedy. Try It once and you will never bti without tt. For fcftle by druBgHUii PrtcurnOc. Our.Soxn BOOK free tonll. AddressiWIZARD OIL^COMPANY, CHICAGO REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BT; Ruderenausen & Sonntag. •'-','".'•; ?>• •• i"> Formal*. '' • . A convenient and pleasant home at a reu- eonable figure, being a two-alorj' frame house on Eighth street, near Henry. For Sola. A choice farm of 920 acres, with first class mprovomonts, situated : 2« ' mllea .east, of Brunswlok. Oharlton co., Mo. For sale. A one-story frame dwolllng house in good condition, in Topping's addition to Alion. For Sole Cheap . The roBldonce ol Oapt. W. V. oble ; two stories and mansard roofi' 12 room.. 1 nails, closets, cellars, etc. j 8 acres of groan Most desirable property in tho oltj. F»r Sale. ""160 aerosol land near city limits, Suuo .., two story brick and frame dwol m- nouso, both situated on the oast --<i o Jtole street between 6th and 7th Ftrceta- flo the brick block of stojfes on Socon dtroot, between Hnmv and Ridge street nown as Hunter's row. For Sale. Juniall frame' 1 ^Ing house within n ne ulookHOfthad '>t lor $376, 160 acres • 1 good tarming land, another tract of 800 acres, both unimproved Situate In Mori • co., Kansas, at $10 and '10 per acre i aspooti vely— one -third oosh.balanoo on time. For Sain. : ' ' Alarm of 140 acres on bottom land; all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling on It. •'• , . i : - • >< t.' - • Jtbr Sale. ••,-.. f A 'Choice farm' of Uo; acres, situate 1 mile aotttnof Shlpmon, Macoupln county, III,, at alow figure. .••&£. A larin, conalstlntf of 140 acres of good land situate within 2 miles of Upper Alton, sulta • 1)10 lor dairy purposes. Cheap. WM. UNDERTAKER, §un> DBALBB in Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes JTor Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OyerHart i Livery Btffbie. Will attend to Job Workaad KotiattW/Furnlturo. [as A.J.HOWELL, -DEALEUWN- -»'., ALTON DAILY TRLFMAPH, (Entered n* S«ooad>niM« Matter at the 1*. O, «t AUon ( 111.) MONDAY EVK., MAY o. @ A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OUI>K» • f •:. .V. ' • • FOtt . U '''•,.."'• UPHOLSTERING Neatly and. promptly executed, j Bollo Bt., bet. Third and Fourth. UNDERTAKER. UHaJBMNOK OOH. STATKA BKVBNTIf 8T8 tin—^—'-H-- LJ .••• . •.' . - .' .'f IRS In CWcugo, 'will (mo It en .'« tfS* "THE DUCHESS." CItAPTER XVII. McnttUmo Mitllec'nt'aiul Gerald Mnssa- •reeno are Btanditif? in the warm sunshine in one corner of thu tennis ground. Miss Grey, who Imd been playing, but has now resigned her place and her racket to ftnothcr, Is looking nt her companion With an Bxpresstou half wistful, half mischievous—perhaps wholly mutinous. "Time Is flying," says the young man ardently. "Hnvo you not.conio to 11 decision yet? It In almost tho last hour. After to-morrow there will bo no grace left. Ho returns then." "CJranlt? Yes." "You must choose between, mo awl liitn, You know that, uucl still you hesi tu,te. When he returns It will give him nn'udvantngo, because then ho will ugnln have tho world on his side—his very presence .gives him an extra chauce. It yoti could decide—it yon could let mo speak before ho comes." "I don't seo how his presence or ub sence can influence tho iniuler. There 18 to mo only one thing to be considered— Whether or not wo ciin live Imppily when quitupoor." "It wouldn't be quite," Interposes he eagerly. "There would bo tho eight hundred n year." "There would be—starvation 1" "If you choose to term it so," says ho n little haughtily, his Irish blood aflame. "And ns you so choose, it of course de- clarew to me that you have made up yonr mind not to share It." He looks at her lor a little while with his head well drawn up and his eyes full of an indignant entreaty. Miss Grey, receiving this look point blank,'knows that the moment has come to keep him or lose him for over. "You are so precipitate—so impulsive," she says, with a haste that is sufficiently well bred to'ie devoid of the appearance of hurry that really belongs to It. "I understand the case as well as you do," petulantly. "It is poverty with one man, misery with tho other. One has to decl'.le between them—and—one does not like poverty I" . "Does one prefer misery?" "N—o. I suppose not." Then she pauses and lochs her fingers together, and then unlocks them. "It Is misery either way," she says. "Not if there is love," entreats he softly. "And—you will have to make up your mind now." "You mean that you will not wait to receive my decision later on?" asks she, with a sudden swift glance from her eyes. • "Yes, that Is what I mean," soys Mossareene. It Is to bo now or never, then! She realizes tho situation at once, und admires her true lover a little tho more in that she knows ho will abide by his word, and that if she now trifles -with him, he will be over the border to-morrow ere daylight shows the land, and beyond all recalling, bo the voice of the charmer never so sweet. "Yon,mean, too"— she says, temporizing n little. "Nothing but that. Make your choice now, to-day, between me and him. Tomorrow there will be no choice loft. If you do not love mo, that will matter not it all, and I shall have had an escape from one who merely used mo as a toy wherewith to pass the time. If you do love me, it will matter so far that you will break all bonds and defy all dlseora- 'ort to link your lot with mine." His lace is very pale as he says this, but hts eyes are light with resolution and his voice s firm. Ho is almost? handsome as ho looks nt her, with his glance fond but determined, and his right hand resting on Ills heart Inside his coat as though to still Its tempestuous beating. Miss Grey, with ft tremulous smile, draws nearer to him. "I have decided," she says gently. 'Now and forever." "Is It to bo him, or mo?" Though his accent Is steady, she can see that his very lips are bloodless. "You, you!" she says. And then there a a long, long silence between them. They are standing In a corner of the tennis ground open to all the world, so that any demonstration of joy or gratitude or love Is Impossible. But oven when action Is denied, the eyes can speak. "My beloved!" says Mr. Massareono in tt tone so low that she can barely catch it, but Jt is so full'of infinite delight und ,ovc that she tells herself it Is sufficient In tself to atone to her for tho enormous for- ;uno she to willingly flinging away for his dear sake, 'There Is only one thing more," she says after a little bit. "Do not speak of this until to-morrow has gone by. It will distress (auntie and Lady Valworth, and spoil her party." "But, if I say nothing, when Boyle ro- ;urns ho will still regard you as engaged .o him nnd—and he may expect" • "Ho will expect nothing. Wo have lever been a,loving couple, I assure you. No. Lot tho matter rest until I,ady Valworth hns had all her enjoyment out of ler son's birthday ball." "It shall boas you wish, of course." rhoii, forgetful of everything save of her, 10 takes one of her hands ajul holds it ilosoly. "Millicentl tell me yon have no •egret—that you do not think I have done •ou harm Instead of good." "I think of nothing except that I have 5lvon myself to you for weal or woo, as he case may be, and that I believe It will >o tor weal." "But If not, my darling? Now that I lave really won you, I grow foiut hearted eat you should ever repent. Ohl It you should do that! If there should bo only poverty—that is woe—before you!" "I should prefer that to weal with Granit or any other man," she says softly, with such a light In her eyes UH ho had never seen there before. » W • ay wanes slowly, and night draws !tli reluctant footsteps. Nadino, Ttio da' ** "T Ifcl. _-_ .-_,.,..„ --•«m»MJ/m J.^«VU1|*U) standing before her glass, is conscious of a thrill of untuned vanity as she sees tho Iftintj vision that in gazing back at her. All in white the vision stumls: a simply clad thing In virgin nniBlln, but with a ace above It beautiful as a dream. That t In her own face roloieos the heart of Niullne, Tho many guests accumraulatlng for tomorrow night's ball have all arrived, und t IB with iv flutter at her breast that ^adluo takes a last glance ut her charm- ng;i>uraou, and clasps round her neck tho llumoml cross—Paul Annorloy's llrstglft to her. It hud bcun doomed by her too grand nn oruttmjmj, to b u worn o|| tho car- "I1er~pvcnlng8~"bori)',~wlitin only n fllfiipl blai'fc Krt'tiadlno hail boon her dlniic drcHs, hut tonight, oNsbo 80e» licrsol looking all Hint tlio heart of man conl< desire, in her delicate Indian fabric, shi t*lls liorsolf that tlio glistening dlamouvli ore what will add tho last finishing toucl to nn already perfect picture. , Taking np'her fan, and returning tin maid's congratulations on lior uppeivvanci with a pleased little laugh, she leaves ho room and goes slowly down tlio stalrcaut toward tho drawing room. Font minute or two sho pauses outside the tloov, parti) from natural nurvoiiHiiessat encountering BO many »trm»Krrs—Uielr voices cominj to Inn 1 In a subdued murmur from with!) —and partly to glvo borsclt n lust glanoi over in tho hugo mlmir behind her, to ns suru liCTself IbatBlio is* looking fnlvui-than usual, alidthal In ber triiu love's oyca H!IO inay find favor. She ttigbs a llttlo as she rcmoliibBi'H bow far nho will bo from blii In a few days' tlni(V—lost to lilin forever— bound irrevocably to one wlioni she may rospoet but can never love. Tbo Binllo had died from her lips, am' her face Is colorleMiialior gown when sbo has llnlshcd these sad 'musings, and opening tlio drawing room door, advances Hlowly to where she can see Lady Vul- wortli In the distance. The room is somewhat crowded. Many look up as she goon by them. Some ro gard ber silently—these the men; some lisle, iu n deprecatory way, who sho is- these tlie women.' All show nil undisguised Interest. Lady Val worth, with whom she lias become a reigning favorite, turns to greet her an she approaches her side. "Yon must let mo Introduce you to a very charming little friend of mine." she says to licr companion, Lord Aster, holding out ber hand to Nndiuowitli a icliully smile. "A friend, top, of Mllllcont's!" Sho gets through tho Introduction, and Lord Aster, an old beiiu with a juvenile lisp, and it wig callow and golden as a chicken's down, murmurs something complimentary in a boyish tone that is as labored ns It is ancient. "Thero arc a few arrangements as yet Incomplete. Someeliglbles unnssigiied," whispers Lady Valworth to her favorite. I should like to give you some ono who would nmuso you'through tho tedious time of dinner. Would yon liko"; She cornea suddenly to a dead stop. She had beeii murmuring to the girl in a gay aside, with a .smile upon her 1'aee, but now tho smile has given place to a glance of mingled astonishment and horror. Her eyes are llxed on Nadine 1 * breast, whore tho diamond cross—Paul Annerley's gift —is glittering and sparkling magnificently as tho girl's gentle bosom rises and falls. 'That-Whcre did you get that?" demands Lady Valworth, in a stifled tone. • Lord'Aster, fortunately, Is glancing through his jaunty eyeglass at some ono sitting quite at tho other end of the room. Nadine and Lady Valworth are virtually alone. "That?" asks Nadine nervously, stir- prised at Lady Valworth's, manner. She looks so Innocently at her hostess that the latter, by a supremo effort, recovering herself, lays her hand reassuringly upon her arm. • , "Nothing, my love. It was amere start I received. That pretty cross upon your neck reminded me of one I used to admire long ago. Who gavo It to yon?" 'Paul Annerloy—Paul, to whom I am engaged," says tho girl, with a little sigh. In truth, the pretty bauble—the value of which Is •nngnessed by her—is devoid of all tender Interest, coming as it did from him. "Ahl a pretty gift," returns Lady Valworth absently. In splto of herself her manner is constrained. Sho moves away from Nadino and crosses the room to •where Millicenfc is standing, conversing with Goraldino Massareene. Her face is vory pale, and there is oxcltoment in her eye ns she approaches her niece. "Millieent," says she abruptly, tapping Miss Grey's arm with her trembling fingers. "Something more than strange has happened. I must speak to you because you are her friend, and" "What Is It? Yoix look as If yon had seen a ghostl" exclaims. Miss Grey, compelling her to sink upon a lounge near her. "I have seen what I never hoped to see again I Part of my stolen diamonds I I have seen my diamond cross I" Enjoy Life. What a truly beautiful world we live n! Nature gives ns grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. 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Platt homestead, lately put In good A two story Irume dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sale at a Baorifloo, owner having decided to gc W. WIIII-PLE & SMILEY* m , Jfor Hale. Tho Woodroof property. A 2 story framo House o£ 8 rooms, on fifth anil Alton streets, n 4 room f ramo house on Fl f th struct. . WHIPPUS A 8MTLEY. WATGHSPRING Vtltlt sliding- Detachable prings. £2r Better than Wlmlcbone or Hprn,j£jg and guaranteed ucver to break. Price, #1.35, MAYER, 8TROU8E & CO. 413 Broadway. N. Y., Manufacturers. Wonderful Popularity of , Renowned Medicine, The Greatest Ouratlfe Success of A Voice from the People. No medicine introduced to tlio public h a » over mot With the BUCCAM accorded t6 Uon Bitters. It elands to-day tlio bust known cnntUvQ article in thu world, Its mdrvislout renown is not duo to the advertising it iin« "i received. It is famous by reason oH its in. heicnt virtues, It docs all that is claimed for it. Itlsthoinost powerful, speedy nndoftcc- UYO ngont known for tho building vlp ot dublll* tntiul ••'flytftaiuHi Tho following witucsBou nro ' offured to proVo IHist 1 What it Did for an Old Lady. , •• Casiioeton titatiori, If. I"., Dec. S8,1834. ''- rlBSTBi—A number of pooplobudbuanniiinir ' vati" Dlttoi's here, and with marked (.-(toot. •• iiytftct, mm, ft Udy ot ovuv auvonty i'onrs hail been nick for* yours, and for the jinst ton Yearn llmvo' known hi;r slip has not been aUUt to 1)0 aroiiiid liult tho timo. : About six months nuo'iilio ji'ot uo feyblo sho wss yW/rfoss, Uof ' old rcihcilicR, or pHVflielciilc, beinff of uiavull I ncnf, U> JJupasIf, jforty-llvo miles, ttnd got'ii liotMo .ol Hop 'Bitturti. J.t had such r. vciy' lic'.iu ' OBiM •':"< IK..: oV'':iC". r im n.iiel ^,*i!l,• o«f to hop iieh;iio : Gi'V. .fiii'l li.".J Jni.'inncil all tho llmo 'I'im.'i'.. .Myv/HV.'.i.'«l ciii'.'!'.'!'.:.! i Itotavo Ocrlvcil crcii ])t::t;lt J r:i::i t!i>!r lies. V/'. !•!. }t.VTt'A.YVAY, . ., .J\j;i. U. fj. Ca. t'o. • •Gorluim, If. Jf/~, t Ji:lyl5,1S30. fiF.HT3>-Whoever you avo, I ao/i't kuovr, lint i tliiinlr. tlio Lord nntl ftiol {jwluful to 5 ou' to Iniov/ that'll! th!u-<world «jf uCultci'atcd inctllclncp tlicro Is ono cornpouad tlijit piovcu and doca all it ndvortleee to do, anil IKOVC. l>'our yoars IMJO, I liinl :\ Blight nlioolc o£ palsy ' wlitf!) uunorvod tnu to uuoh an oxlunt that tho least cxettomctit would ranl;o mo tlutko Ilka tho nafiio. 'J.ast May-I induccj to try Ho;) 'Bitters, i UBcO. 6;io bottle, but (ltd not toe any chi'.iifro; anoiUcr dirt (jo elinugo my ncrvcii tlmt they,are now aj cloudy na they ever \vere. lt,u?od to f.ikn both to vrrlte, but now my. gooil ri t ?ht liat'O thw. Now, if .yo\l continue to snimx'Iactma aa honest iitid gooil an iirttdc us you do. jou will acuuinulAlb mi houont tovCunc, I'.iwl confer tho .greatest lilessluj; on your lcl!ov-iueii that wns ever conferred ou mankind; . TIM.BTOCII. ft Husband's Testimony. My wlf o was troubled,f or years with WotcliDB, moth patches anil pimples on her face, which nearly annoyed tho life out ot lier. She spout many dollars on the thousand Infallible (I) cures, with nothing but injurious effects. A lady friend, of Syracuse, N. T., who had had similar experience and had been cured with Hop Bitters, induced her to try It. One .bottle hns made her face as smooth, fair and soft as a child's and given her such health that it seems almost a miracle. A MEMBEII 01? CANADIAN PAIIIIAMKST. A Rich Lady's Experience. I traveled all ovor Europe and other foreign countries at a cost of thousands of dollars, in search of health and found It not. I returned diBcouragedand disheartened, and was restored to real youthful health and .spirits with less than two bottles of Hop Bitters. I hope othen may profit by my experience and^stay at home. A £ADY, AUGUSTA, ME. RAILWAY TIME TABLE. ' ' OHIOAGO AHJ> Al/TON. On and after Sunday, Muy (1st, 1887, train' on tho Ohleogo nnd Alton railroad, will loav the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ni follows: for Chicago and the Eoati Olilcngo Mall*... , ...9:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation* 6:00p. 111 Lightning Express*..... 9:10 p, m Poorla and Itock Island Fu9tLlnet,9:00 a. m For Jacksonvllje, Kookuk, Qulnoy, Kan• |sn« City,nnd all points woat. Kunsas Olty Moll* „ 9:00 a. in, KansasOlty Express* .-,.. 9:10 p. ui DenverExpKJsst..........,..i .....7:10p.m, Jacksonville Accommodation;... V:10 n, m. For St. Louis I Lightning Express* ...........0:45 a. m Cniuago Aecoramodatlon*: .........:30 a. m Alton Spoelttlt... 12:89 p. Jn Kansas Olty Moll* 6:40 p. fa ChicagoMallr.... ,.6:20r>. rn TRAINS LKAVK ST. 1X)XJIS UNION DSPOl TOlt ALTON. n 60a.m. .••...••• m oflp. m. •i 60 p. m, *7 66 p. m. (8 16 a. in. Sundays only). 5 •Dally rBJteept Sunday. 8. D. JRBKVK, Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. NORRIS, Ticket Airont. Sheriffs, Sale. Jennie E. Dopry ) vs. J Execution No. 890. Franklin Dopry. ) Fee bill No. By virtue o£ ftniexeputlon.ln tills cage Issued out of the clerk's olllco of tub Circuit Court ol Madison county .Illinois, directed to tho Sher Iff of said county,! have levied'upon all the right, title andji Interest [of tho defendant In and to the. following property, situate in tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, and described as follows, to-wlt: Two I12J rods off of the north side of lot No. five (6), In block No. six W, in K. Lonjr's addition to tho town of TJnper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of the south side of lot No. six ((!}, In sold block No. six (6) In said addition.' Said two (2) pieces of land fronting four (1| rods on Main street In said town and running baok outwardly tho entire depth of said lots, and situated In the town ol Upper Alton, In the county of Madison, In the State of Illinois, which I will ox- po*o ut Public Sale, to tho highest bidder, for cash, on JMUDAY, THE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAY A.I)., 1887, between tho hours of 0 o'clock In tho fore* noauimd8U!«lovm;to-vflt; at 10 o'clock, ft. in., of said day, In tront ot tho north front door of tho City Hall building, In tno city of Alton. In tho county and Stkto aforesaid, to satisfy sold execution together with, costs. E. A. BUUKE. Sheriff of Madison county, Ul. BY Q. P. Oitowu, Deputy, •' . 17 dtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Gxtato of Honrletto M. Horn, deceased. Tho undersigned, having boon up- pointed Executor of tho lust will uud 'testament ot Henrietta M. Bom. lute of the county of Mndlson and State of Illinois,docousod, hereby given notice that )lie will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court house, In Itdwiirdsvlllo, at the Juno term, on tho third Monday In Juno next, at whlou time nil persons having claims against.said estate lire uotlllod and roquoBtod to attend for tbo purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to'umKO Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 14th day ot April, A.D. 1887. WILUAM BONNTAQ, 21d4w , Executor. Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and Arriving for tlio Spring Trade. . WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest sizes. At tho old reliable HOUHK-I'AINTINU and UKOOUATINti OBjiMUUlmiout of NEFF & OBERIY1UELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st.

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