Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 9, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1887
Page 3
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*;/q$ DAILY MNDAY BVb!., MAY 9, *• ww a 's •a rt II UO i'O -FOB- Second street,noar , corner ol Iloni-y FINE I STATIONERY, Such as Grime's Floral, Whiting's Standard 1'apevs, Ilurlbut's Froncli Linens, Kollpse Hugged Kdiio, Elite Hugged Edso, Balmoral Linen, Crriffln's Linen, Turkey Laid Llnon, J'euoh Blow, Mikado, Ohitrrod Ed«e, Cream Laid, Mourning Note, and a largo assortment oj illuminated and Decorated Stationery. DonnlBOu'a Wax and Seals. School Tablets und Stationery. _ _ decBdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! OUEAP FOR OA8II ON TIME PAYMENTS Llanos and Organs tuned and repaired . Sewing Machines repaired. Supplies lor all^ Machines. N. I). LAMOI1KUX, Music Dealov, Third stroot, nearly opposite . Belle, Alton 111. _ deoCdvyjy WATCH «OB THE BABGAINB IN JOB'S • COB. BUILDING, HKNBY ST., AT MBS. D. JSEITKAMP'S, All hlndu of Fancy, Hand inudo, Knit and Oro- cnotgooas. nbods.TobttgganB and &1U8. Men's Bcart's and Fascinators at very lo\v prices. Also DrOBsmaWnff. Plain and Family Sowing and btumplng Done. Come and give us a call. Oon'MorKfit tho nluco JlHce'lwlv Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND JLECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, OfUce onTliird 8t.,ouo door west of Piasa, third floor. SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles, and Farts of all all Machines. We have now the B. & 6. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Bug Patterns and machines. E. H. MOULDING. nicliMtlw von Ocean Passage Tickets AtLO>V«8T KATBSOf thO OUNAH1), WHITE UTAH, and ALLAN WNKJ ulBO of ull UKKMAN und FJUSNOH LINKS Apply to BUUKK8HAVHKN & 8ONNTAG, uivaawtiw Alton, 111. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS, For /the year 1887 we shall charge the fol« lowing rutes lor transient notices In our local colutuiu: Per tint, Jlnglo Insortlon . . . 10 cunts, 1'hroe to nvo Insertions. . . 7 " Hlx to twelve Insertions, . . B " RATES OF ADVBRTISIHQ! TKANSIKNT.— FMTr cents por Inch first In- sortlou, and TWRSTV-MVE cents p«r Inch or each subsequent Insortlon. IS pot Inch first mouth, $1.50 por tnou.oacli month thereafter. LKQAL ADVEIl'riBING: $1 per Inch for the flrst Insertion, and 00 qnta per Inch lor each subsequent Insertion. <W Above rates will bo strictly adhered to. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH is delivered by carriers to all parts of the city of Alton and Jppor Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed o any address at the rate of f5,20 per year. TUB TBLEOHAPU has the largest olreulo- lojJ-of any paper In Alton, and Is the best medium for advertisers, OOUNBII THIRD AND PIASA STKBETS. TiaB- HOUR Ho. 38. , THE City Council moots tomorrow afternoon. WANTED—Fifty boys at the Illinois rlass Works. 92, INDICATIONS for Illinois: Fair weather; Jyariable winds: stationary tonv perature, followed by falling tempera- uro. Lawn Mowora sharpened and repaired (it Beall Bros.' apll d2ra mon Tun ladies of the M. E. church will will give a Strawberry Festival at A. C. Root's building on Belle street, Tuesday evening, May 10th. . String Beans and Strawberries, at Connor's . It DIED—Sunday morning, May the 8th, .887, at live o'clock, Missouri Walton, ged three years. The funeral took >laco at the family residence on Belle treet at ten o'clock this morning. PAYTON'S Comedy Company, sup- rlmg the charming young actress and vocalist, Miss Mattie Kecno, will pen a week's engagement in Alton next Monday evening. CITIZENS of r,he Third, Fourth and 'ifth wards interested in theV improvement of Eighth street, are requested to meet with the oommitteeon Streets and Alleys during the latter's inspection of hat thoroughfare tomorrow morning. A universal remark by every smoker Df cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magno- ia ure the best cigars in the market. THE Street and Alley committee will. make a tour of all the wards of the city omorrow morning in order to ascor- ain where the funds on hand for street mprovoment can bo expended to the ost advantage. DIED.—In Chicago May 5th, of paralysis, Mrs. Wm. Vale, formerly of this sily. The deceased was a'sister of Mr. BO. Booth, who was here at the time with his daughter on their way to Cali- ornia. They returned home Friday evening to attend the funeral which ook place yesterday. FOR RENT—A seven - room house on Fourth street, between George and t angdOD. For particulars apply on the premises or to J M. Ryrie. dtf THE Council Street and Alloy committee held a meeting Saturday and resolved to favor Mayor M'Pike's idea of dividing the street and alley fund pro rata^among all the wards and hold- ng the committee member from each ward responsible for the proper expen« dituro of the funds so appropriated. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT — Mayor M'Piko investigated the workings of the lire department at hose house No. 2, Saturday, and was.groatly pleased 'by the exhibition of promptness and efficiency. No sooner is tho signal bell tapped than the horses start forward, assume their proper positions on each side of tho tongue of the hose cart under the harness, which is suspended above and in an almost inconceivably short time the intelligent animals are out and away, obedient to the word or touch of tho driver. A complete line of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re eeivod by M. C. G. Mori!/., Third street. mohl7 tf PKELIMINAKV SERVICE.—In aeoor dance with orders from headquarters all posts of tbo Grand Army of HID Hos public will attend divine service in a body on tbo Sunday prior to Decoration day. Alton Post has decided to attend tho Congregational church on that day and listen to a sermon by tho pastor, Rev. II. B. Mills. At that church yesterday the following c^nrnitteo was appointed to decorate tho audience room and makfo suitable arrangements for the occasion, viz Capt. F. T. Lewis, Mrs. M, II. Boals, Mrs. Black, Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Stamps, Mr. mid Mrs. Wm. Flynn, Col. and Mrs. 11. J. Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Goo. W. Long. Money to loan on improved fnrra property. For particulars, apply to 1 r WHIPPI.E & SMILEY. Shoos and Slippers, the bast good* and lowest prices, at tho "Globe. 9 9 TUB Floraon & Cnrr Dry Goods Co. advertise a "Centre Counter Exhfbit," for the benefit of the ladles.' IMPROVEMENTS—Mr. M.<H. Boals ^ having the shingle roof on his residence replaced with slate by Mr, Wyman. Messrs. Hoffmann & Son arc putting new tin gutters around the roof. Mr. Homer Stanford Is having his residence repainted. • Mu. W. A. Hildobr&nd has received a letter from the Vandalla (Mo.,) Goal 'o. stating that they will commence joring next week for coal near Godfrey. It is claimed by geologists that > tho >rospeots for coal are good at tho placo mentioned.. Clothing und Hats for all at Globe. 93 MINISTERIAL CHANGES — The Evan> ;elloal congregation have extended an unanimous call to Uov. Zobol, of Wisconsin, to act as their pastor. Mr. Zobel preached m the church recently and tho impression be made was so favorable that the call was the result. Rev. J. Graesale, who has served this church acceptably for a long time, iroached his farewell sermon yesterday and expects to leave Thursday for his new held at Rockf orri. The best wishes of his many friends will accompany lim. DEATH OF WILLIE T. S. HOLDEN.— Willie T. S. Holden, son of Mr. and Mrs. lharles Holden, Jr., died this morning, fter^ long and painful illness caused jy rheumatism of the heart, at tho age of 20 years. Deceased was a native.of this city, a kind, hearted, genial, estimable young mac, a favorite with all who knew him. He bore his protracted sufferings, which were, at times, so agonizing that death came as a sweet relief, with uncomplaining fortitude. The bereaved parents have the sympa- by of the entire community m their ;reat affliction. The funeral will take jlace at 10 o'clock a. m. Wednesday ! rom the family residence, corner of Fourth and Henry streets. You can get anything you want in Dry Goods and Millinery at Globe. . 93 UNION MEETING—The meeting at the M. E. church last evening, in the "interests of law and order and public morals" was largely attended, showing great interest in tho subject to be considered. Opened with devotional exercises under the direction of Rev. R. H. Manier, after which brief, pointed, interes'ti/ig addresses were delivered by Rev's. 11. S. Mills and A. L. Barr. Mr. Vlmiior also made a few remarks on the topics under consideration. The addresses ; were listened to with the closest attention and appeared to have the best effect. Music by the choir and congregation gave pleasing variety to the services. Closed with the benedic- iion by Rev. Dr. L. A. Abbott. Olrcat Clinnco for Bargains. Tho <J. M. Crandall stock of Chinaware, Queensware, Silver-plated ware, Glassware, Lamps, Table Cutlery, in short household goods of every variety and stylo, ia being sold off at 50 cents on the dollar, until Juno 1st. 9 tf For Kent. On Fourth' street, south side, between George and Langdon, brick house. Inquire of'Mr. Beem,adjacent house.— Alfred Browne. ap25tf IUILKOAD MEETING AT ST. CHAULES. ST. CHARLES, Mo., May 7—A rousing meeting, participated m by a large number -of citizens, was held at the Court House this evening to take the final stops in regard to securing the remainder of the right of way for the Central Missouri railroad. So far$2,800 have been raised and tho remainder, $700, necessary for tho construction of tho road through this county, was largely contributed at tho meeting toi night. Enthusiastic speeches were made. Tho whole county seems fully aroused on tho subject. Dirt will surely be thrown hero the first part of next week. THE ELSAH EXTENSION. Tho TELEGRAPH gave on Saturday tbo plans of the St. Louis & Central Illinois 11. R. in regard to the extension of their road from Elsah to Alton, and added that the managers would have a proposition to make to our citizens after tho return of Mt. Child to Now York. The managers also intimate that unless Alton makos a liberal subscription to tho enterprise they may lind it to their Interest to accept offers made by tho Wabush road to cross the river at Elsah and run their rond to St. Charles. Tills plan, however, would not keep their front door open in winter any wider than it was last season, without a bridge, and tho business would not justify that expense. Tho project, hownvor, is of vast importance to Alton and should receive all the aid possible. PKKSONAL. Mr. Wni. Fischer is'down from Gules- burg visiting Alton relatives. Miss H. N. Haskell, Principal of Monticello Seminary, has returned from Maine. Mr. W. tt. Williams Secretary of the Vandaha (Mo.) Coal Co. passod through town this morning. Col. Jas. T. Cooper arrived in town Saturday evening on a visit to his mother, who has returned from Chicago to make her home In Uppor Alton. In the recent examination of candis, dates for the Naval Cadotship from this district, the successful contestant, Mr. L. Smith, of ,Greenville, graded Gfi; Harry Lemon, of Uppor Alton, stood next, 04 1-3. Madison County Wenther Review. The Illinois Department of Agriculs ture has been furnished tho following interesting information by Dr. J. L. R. Wadsworth Metreorological Observer at Collinsville, concerning the weathor during the past month: Highest temperature, 84°.5, on the 18th; lowest, 28°, on the 6thj range, C6 ° .5; mean maximum, 07 ° A \ moan minimum, 44°.6; greatest daily range, 80 ° .5, on the 4th; least daily 8 ° .6, on 17th: moan daily, 19°.8. The mean temperature of the month, 65 ° .9, was 4 ° .7 above the normal for the past eight Aprils. The precipitation, 3.99 inches, was 0.75 of an inch above the normal for the past five Aprils, falling on seven days, viz: 17tb, 18th, 21st, 22d, 25th, 26th and 80th. Prevailing direction of the wind, S. There wore 24 clear, 2 fair and 4 cloudy days. No snow fell during the month, aolar halo on 10th. Thunderstorms on the 17th, 21st, 22d and 30th. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. The new Board of Supervisors are holding their first mooting today at Edwardsville. The Alton delegation, Supervisor McGmnis and .Assistants Butler, Beta and Bannon, went over this morning to attend the session. The vote for chairman was as fol lows: Jones Tontz, of Saline, 20 votes; N. S. Gay, 0; John Keller, 1; J. S. Culp.l. After recess the chairman .announced the standing; committees. Following are the chairmen: Judiciary—Weaver, of HameL Finance—Latzer, of Highland. Town Accounts— — . Equalization—Gulp, of Foster. Paupers—Hastings, of Wood River. Roads and Bridges—Hadley, of Collinsville. City Relations—Kolb, of Marine. Public Buildings—Keller,of Edwards-' ville. Poor Farm—Gay, of Moro. Fees and Salaries—McGmnis, of AK ton. , Delinquent Taxes—McCam bridge, of Venice. Printing—Butler, of Alton. Transportation and Physicians' bills. —McKittrick, of Highland. Hon. Jones Tontz, the chairman, is a Republican and .tin excellent man for the place. His appointment of Mr. McGinnis, as chairman of the important committees on Fees and Salaries will meet general approbation. G. A. R. REUSIOX. The Executive committee hold 'a mooting this morning and decided to make a final call for the subscription papers in the hands of tho subcommittees. About half the amount considered necessary has been subscribed and about half the lists have been turned in. It is now urgently requested that all lists, whether anything has been sub' scribed on them or not, be handed to Mr. H. M. Schweppe, or sent to him by mail, by Tuesday evening, that the Executive committee may proceed immediately to finish the canvass. A meeting of tlio Executive committee is hereby called at McKinney & Hewitt's ofllco at 11 a. m,, Wednesday. GEO.' R. HEWITT, Sec. MARRIAGE LICENSES. has Deputy Clerk Rudorahanson issued a marriage license to: Mr. Wm. Stanor and Miss Barbara Ditmore; Mr. Robert Smith and Miss Mary Soroggms, all of Alton. Mr. Robert Woods and Mrs. Margaret Mud- clock, both of Chester. Advice to Motncrs. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is tho presorption of one of tho best female nurses and physicians in tho United Slates, and has boon used for forty yean with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of toothing its value is incalculable. It relievos the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhoia, griping in tho bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to tho child it rusts the mother jnoo 26o a bottle la 16 m w swk DIEU. IlULDKN-ln this oily, on the 0th lust,, of rhoumitlltim of thu liuai't, WlUtutn T, a,, Don of Oliiif. imU Matilda w. Uolden, uuod II yearn, linonthu and 11 daya. Tho funeral will take pliioo \Vednaeday morning, at 10 o'clock, Iroiu the family roul, donuo OQ Henry titroot. Frlund^ of the family nni fnvltad to attend. CENTER COUNTER EXHIBIT; i We have a Beautiful Display of these Goods, witfi IF YOU WANT rO DO A LITTLE Painting*, Inside or Outside, there is nothing nicer or handier than READY-MIXED, Quick-drying PAINTS, white or colors, sold at MARSH'S DRUG STORE. Remember This, —GO TO— SEELY&SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Paper, fnihnr Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and SLLVEj SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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