Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 7, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1887
Page 4
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Gerald Mossareime, having lost his game, flings Ills racket to the winds, and throws himself pfouo at the feet ot Na- dlne Roche.. "Pretty place, eh?" says he. "Sooth- Ing to the nerves after tho town fever?" Then looking other and marking tho extreme repose of her bearing, that almost borders upon lassitude, ho says gently, "Tired?" "No." .. • ,:, .. : She brightens tip with an effort and smiles at her. kindest fashion. Her thpnghtd are tangled—her mind perturbed. Both, ore lor from the busy scene before her. A sense of despair, of inability to move in] tho path that stretched out BO temptingly to her view, has, saddened her eyes nnd given a mournful curve to her beaiitiful mouth. Her'divys passed hero with Maurice Durnii have been Infinitely sweeter to her than over she had dreamed they might be. Tho very nearness of their companionship had had its charm, and though no word of :love had como from his lips, still, eyes can speak when words are forbidden; and though honor renders one dumb, who can prevent tho sense of gladness that comes with the touch of one- beloved? Sweet days! too sweet to lost—and swift as sweet. A whole fortnight lias gone by—two weeks crowded with such exquisite recollections as will (unhappily cling-to her for all her life. And riow'ft is the 10th—to-morrow will bo the night of the grand ball, given In honor of Capt, Boyle's birthday, who is expected to arrive about an hour before it opens, and then— Another cruelly blissful week, perhaps, and after that a return to town, and—a hurried weddingl Then exile from all that has made life not only endurable but perfect. Sometimes a thought of Paul Annerley has crossed her mind, but, as a rule, she has resolutely put all remembrance of him far from'her. She had told herself that this one holiday at least should bo her own. Afterward let oblivion, let misery come, but just for these few happy days she would let utter joy hold sway. Sho had heard nothing of her future husband since her 'departure, and if at times It had occurred to her as strange that ho had.not^written to her from those foreign cities, whither his search of the robber of the famous sapphires led him, the sense, of i relief In hot having to write to him swallowed up all such wonder. "How should I feel tired?" she says now, smiling at Gerald Massareene, who has become quite a friend of hers. . He has.found in her an'ally—a certain partisan, who derides tho notion of Mllli- cont's ever consenting to fulfill her loveless engagement to Capt. Boyle while •her heart is given to another. That other, now stretched at the pretty partisan's feet; Is quite willing to accept her read- Ing of the situation. Though Milllcent 'herself has been somewhat difficult to understand, a little vague in her answers, a trifle willful, In a degree—a marked .degree—averse to being brought to the point, still Mr. Massareeno is inclined to believe In the creed of his pretty confidante when she declares herself ready to affirm publicly her, belief in the constancy of his fair, If rather trying, love.' ."Well,.I'm are not," says he pleasantly, alluding to her assertion that she knows no fatigue. "To-night there will bo oh influx of guests, ordered, like the supper, for to-morrow night, and it would not do to be In poor form. You look pale, however." "Are many coming?" "Enough to make us put on our best bib and tucker and our choicest manners. You will have to make your very best bow to tho lord lieutenant of the county, and to smirk at a youthful if very famous general. The only thing to be careful about is not to overdo it to-night; to remember that, the morrow will bring the big Nautch, and to reserve some smiles for the hero of the hour." He speaks with some bitterness. "To-morrow night will bring Capt. Boyle." She looks at him softly out of her serene eyes. "Do not let that make you unhappy. His presence .means less than nothing. Indeed, I believe It will do your cause good;" "Sweet prophetess I I would I dared share your creed." "What creed?" asks Duran, who has joined them unseen. "A belief Miss Rocho has in the unconquerable power of love," replies Mas- sareuno gayly, springing to his feet and crossing tho close turf to whero ho can Bee Milllcent standing, for once, alone. "And so you believe in love's oinnlpo- tenoy," says Duran, gazing at Natltno with calm searching eyes. "You?" "There is surprise In your tone—and doubt. Why should I not hold such a orocd?" returns she steadily, though her lips hove grown very pale. "I cannot answer that here. Will you come with mo to the Flrwood? I shall not keep you long, and I must speak to you. Do not refuse mo, Nadlne. This Is probably tho last hour we shall ever have together, I leave tho park the day after to-morrow." Sho hud shrunk a little from him when first ho appealed to her, but us his pleading grow stronger, more impassioned,'she rose. With her eyes downcast, and her color faded to a pallor that bespoke an anguished heart, she moved beside him to the wood ho hart mentioned. Presently they enter it. Tho eternal greenness of it stirs her blood onco more to en admiration that rouses her and compels her return to the Immediate present. Kvor since she had obeyed his word, and risen and followed him lilthor, she hod been In u kind of waking dream that had been too sweet to permit her doslro for its dissolution, Now, however, that she is fully awake to her danger as well as to her pain, Jt is too late to withdraw from a tote-a-toto, that nho feels must rlvo hor soul. Durau, stopping abruptly beneath tho spreading branches of a lingo Scotch flr, l«ya his hand upon hor arm thus arresting hor footsteps also. "If lovo bo indeed oil-powerful how Is it that I have failed?" ho asks In it low tona. "No lovo was ever stronger than that I bear for you, and yet It him boon of 110 uvall when matched against tho barrier that Btnntlr. between you and toe. Has it been my fault, or is It that, tho ipvoBlioUld be equal .on both side's.'and that—yoiirsi-fftlis below tho tuai-k?"- ' . She had been standing with lowered lids and trembling .hands, but now, as though' forced to it against her will, Bhd looks at him. 'Her large, dark ( mournful eyes are full of a reproach—mnto, but so terrible that his heart grows warm within him. Alas' how clearly in those niolnn- choly eyes in her pure love lying. "It la trui>, then I I have your love," ho says, alwayn In a low voice, but none tho lens ecstatically; "and If so, my dearest, why will you repulse rue? Ah I have pity on me, If you will not on yourself I Think—think before yon sitcriflco no both to a mistaken sense of duty." ''I haVo given my wonV'.says Nndino •—"my promise." : "A word—« promise—better broken. Seo here, my .love, I have lived many years longer tliiin you. Too many," ho says after a pause, that is lilted with re- grot for those past hours when ho had not known her, and when another had borne his nuinc—another unloved and xindcslred. "Icannot bear tothlrilc what years lie between your birthday and mine; but still my very ago gives mo tho right to speak. Is it good that you should surrender nil your happiness to one for whom you have no reuJ regard, just because you onco gave him a hope to, that effect? N/iy, there Is no loyalty in that. Bolter let him go than live to •repent the bnrijnlu he has made." "There Is -my word," persists she, meekly but earnestly. "1 cannot tako that bnck; and he, too, loves me. Ho .loves me so well," declares she with an intuition that has roveuled to her tho real passion of the man whom she has 'promised to marry, "that I think It would kill him did I now prove falso." "You are very tender toward hi ml" exclaims he bitterly. "But of mu? how is it w[th me? No, I shall not die; I am not made of such brittle stuff as this -other lover of yours, I shall probably live, even though you forsake me; but what of my life? is It to bo all barren—all wasted? Have you no pity loft for me?" "Alas! is it kind to torture me?" says she, with such 'a forlorn glance as once more reduces him'to a forgotfulness of self, and to the old passionate regret for her. . . . :'.,-' "It is kind. If my cruelty can rescue you from the Slough of De'jpohd into which you now are drifting it is more than kind.: What! will you live out nil your fresh young life without a joy—all hope? Nadlne, I implore you to pause'" "It is too Into. V She lays her palms upon her bosom and regards him with blanched cheeks "Oh! if I had only met you sooner; but now—now"—— "Your words are an acknowledgment of your love forme" cries he, casting his arms about her. "I will surrender you to no man. Nadinel Beloved! Do not shrink from me—do not seek to unloose my arms." "I must," sobg she vehemently. "Have I not told you that all this comes too late? I—I am to bo married in a fortnight." It is his turn to shrink, to pole. He opens his arms instinctively, and lets her draw back from him with quivering lips, and trembling limbs that almost refuse to support her. "I will not believe it," he says at last hoarsely. "A fortnight To give yourself body and soul to -one for whom you are caring nothing—in a fortnight! Child! Darling I Say it is not true.'' "I cannot!" She has buried her face in her hands. "And that is a woman's honor—a woman's honesty," says he, pacing to and fro upon the 'mossy sward with a disturbed brow, and lips stern and compressed. "Do you think tbis'man will thank you for the empty casket you are offering him? Tho body without the soul would be to me worthless. Who shall say ho does not think as I do? Come"— stopping short before her and gazing at her fixedly—"tell me the name of this city clerk who stands between us! If you will do nothing toward the untying of a knot that may ruin three lives, I will." "Paul Annerley." "But do not pursue this matter," she says eagerly, going a step or two nearer to him and laying her hand upon his .arm. "Do not, I implore you!" "I- shall pursue It until tho iniquitous words are said that will bind you to him -for life," replies ho doggedly. "Nay," grasping hor hand as she turns hopelessly away from him, "do not think me unkind, my lovo; it is for your happiness as for my own I strive." "If indeed, you desire my happiness," cries she, risking all things in her longing to save him from ; a vengeance that some Instinctive knowledge teaches her, will bo deadly, "abstain from intervention of any sort. Do pot seek Paul An- uer'ley. Let mo fulflll^my destiny. Let mo marry him. Believe me, there is no hope!" He might perhaps have misjudg'ed her, and hayo believed her already wedded in heart to Aunorloy,;but for her concluding words. But these, nnd tho melancholy light In hor large eyes, reassure him of the truth that in reality she is altogether his. There is, however, so keen a sense of weariness in hor attitude and expression that he resolves on refraining from further argument. "Well," ho says, with an attempt at lightness that does not deceive her, "wo have said enough for to-day, and you look tired. Come, lot me tako you home, Bemomber there will bo a largo addition to our party to-night, and of course you will like to look your best." "I will go bock to the house when you have promised mo one. thing," returns, she BteiulUy; "that you will not seek: Paul Aunerloy for four days from this.* Give mo these four days." Sho is trembling with excitement, and hor eyes arc full of tears that will not be repressed. Four day i. To-day—to-morrow; these two cannot bo avoided. Were she to leave now, before to-night's dinner—that Is but a herald of to-morrow night's ball, when Capt. Boyle Is expected, to grace his own birthday outer-, tainmont—it would bo regarded us nothing less tljan an net of discourtesy by her kindly hostess. But the day after sho might loavo; Paul by that time will snroly bo returned to town—nnd )ior (bitter thought!)—and she can easily so manage as to prevent u meeting between him uml Mr. Durnn. "The four days you eravo arc yours," replies Durnn gravely, noting tho favor in her eyes. "Now, in turn, concede mo a gratification, Lot me accompany you back to tho park." Collet ~ • Persons, nnU especially children, lire subject to this agonizing complain I, which often cornea on suddenly in tho night and without any previous warning. Simmons Liver Regulator should always bo nt hand. A single doso will generally allay the pain. It never fails in giving relief. It is harmless, mid can bo given with safety to a child of the tendorost ago. ' tu Ih a wk ALllAMflftA. AUUMUHA, Ills., liny a, '87. Ouf(Sundny schools arc tall flourishing arid well pntroulzoil by young and; old. A hotter iplflt pervades a coriimuiilty whero tlio omirohes and Sunday schools aro »oil'ttHoiii)«! ed by the peoplu. : . • • , A bold burglary was committed In our town Sunday iitglit. TUo thiof, or thiovOB, entered the hardware store of Klonti! .'* Co., ot oast town, and possessed tliomaolvos o( n lot of pooUet cutlorv, a breach ioiultria utm with shells nnd some flsh hooks J the goliovtil store of Utiger A Bro. was.ulso entered and a lot of onnnod fruit, baso bnll buts, balls mid sonio tobttoco nnd olRttr* wore tnkon. A reward Is offered for the capture ol tho Kiilltv party, and as several aro on the lookout, wo hope they will bo over taken and placed whore Hiov will ubinnit't ho movo'dd- prodatioiis. Tho robbers hud poor tnsto In tlio selection of tlio balls tukon from Utlgor& Co., us they took a ball valued at llvo cents, and one at 25o, and loft one of greater value than either. Bob says it thoy will roturn tliofiobull, ho will give thorn ouo wortu$1.2B. 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'It is f ftmoua by reason of Us In- iieront virtues. It does all that is claimed for It. Itts.tuemost powerful, flbccdy andcfleo- ' tlvo agent known for the building up ol dcblll- < tatod Byfltcins. The following ivltaosaos aro offered to prove tnls: ,What il Did for an Old Lsdy. , Morton Station, ff, r., Dee. 28,1884. •' ' GUNTB :—A number of people had boon using your Bitters hero, and with marked effect In faot, one case, a lady of over seventy years, ' had been sick for years, nnd for tho past ton ,, years 1 bavo known hot she has not been able , to bo around half tho time. About six months •' ago sho got BO feeble sUe was helpless. Her ' old remedies, or physicians, being or no avail. I sent to Deposit, forty-flvo miles, and got a bottle of Hop Bitters. It had such & very ,.- bonoflctal effect on her that one bottle Improved her so sho was able to dress herself , and walk about the house. When she had , taken tho second bottlo she was able to take caro of her own room and walk out to her , neighbor's and lias improved all the tlmo since. My wife and children also have derived grout poncfltfrom^use^^ Agt. U. S. Ex. Co. An Enthusiastic Endorsement/ GorJiam; -N. JEf., July'16,11889.' GEHTB:—Whoever you are, I don't know, but I thank tho Lord and fool grateful to you to know that in this world of adulterated medicines there is one compound that proves and does all it advertises to do, and more. Four years ago, I had a sllght.'Bhoek of "palsy. .which unnerved mo to'such an extent that tho least excitement would make me shake like tho aguoJ Last. May I was Induced to try Hop -Enters. 1 used. one bottle, but did not see any change; another did so change my nerves that they are now as steady as they ever were. It used to take both hands to write, but now my good right hand writes this. Now, if you continue to manufacture , as houcst and good an article as you do, yon will accumulate an honest fortune, and* confer the greatest'blessing on your fellow-men that was ever conferred on mankind. UMBUECH. ft HosbamJ's Testimony/ ' My wife was troubled for years with blotehon, moth patches nnd pimples on her face, •which : nearly annoyed the life out of her. She spent many dollars on -the- thousand infallible (I) cures, with nothing but injurious effects. A lady friend, of Syracuse, N. T., who had had similar experience and had been cured with Hop Bitters, induced hor to try it. One bottle has made her face as smooth,'fair and soft as a child's and given her such health that it seems almost a miracle. > • A MEMDBB OJT CJUUBJAN PABUAMBNT. A fllcb lady's Experience.. I traveled all over Europe and other f oralen countries at a cost of thousands'of dollars, m search of health and'found it not. I returned discouraged and disheartened, and was restored to real youthful health !and spirits with leas than two bottles of Hop Bitters. I hope others may profit by my experience anOstay at home. A LADY, AUGUSTA, ME. : BAH/WAX T1MB TABUC. OHIOAGO AH1> AUTON. On and after Sunday, May Flat, 1887, wain on the Olilctigo ainl Alton raUroad, .will leav the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, as follows: For Chicago and the KHHU Chicago Hall'.., 0:00 a.m . Ohlna^o AconmmOdatiou* .8:00 p. in LlKhtnlng Bzproas*. 9:10 p,u> Feorla and Bock Island .Fust Llnef,9:00 a. tn For Jacksonville, KeokuK, Qnllicy, Kan- ISM Olty,and all points west. Kansas City Mail* ,.,.'.,.. ...... 9:00 a. m. Kansas Olty Express*, 8:10 p.m DenverExnvesst..;........... .....7:10p.m. Jacksonville Accommodation^... '1 :10 p. m. For Bt. LonlH i • UghtnlngExpress*...........,..,.,8 M a.m Onioagp Acoonunodatlon*. 9:80 a. m Alton Bpeolalt 12:B8 p, m Kansas Olty Mail*..'................ ,.5i40 p.m OhidagoMailr ...0:20p. m IBAINS liBAVB ST. LOUIS UKION DBP01 • FOB 1 ALTON. , n B0a.m. f6 00p.m. *4 ROp. m. «7 US p.m. (8 45 a. m. Sundays only). ' •Dally (Except Sunday. 8. JP. flKBVB, • Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. NOHBIB, Ticket Aaont. Sheriff's Sale. Jonnlo 15. Uopry ) " vs. } Execution No. 380. Franklin Dopry. ) JCoe bill No. By virtue of iinioicoutlon.ln tills oaso issued out of tho olerk's olllcc of the Olronlt Court ol Madison county .Illinois, dlroetod to the Bhor lit of said county,! have levied upon all the right, titlo iinuj interest [ol tlio defendant In and to tho following property, situate In tho county of Madison and Stato of Illinois, and described as follows, to-'Wit: Two I|2I rods off of the north sldo of lot No. (Ivo (51, la block No. six (0), in 15. Lonu'a addition to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (8) rods off of tho south slilo of lot Mo. all (I1J, In said block No. six (0) in said addition. Said two (2) piooos of land fronting four Cl| rods on ilaln street In said town and running baok oastwardly tho entire depth of said lots, nnd situated in the town ol upper Alton, in tho county of Madison, In tho State of Illinois, which I will expose at 1'ubllo Sale, to tlio highest bidder, for cash, on FRIDAY, TIIE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAY A; !>., 18B7, botwoon tho hours of I) o'clock' in the forenoon mid sundown ;to-wlt: at 10 o'clock, a. in., of said day, In mint ot tho north front door of tho Olty Hall building, in tho city ot Alton, In tho county and 'Stuto aforesaid, to satisfy suld execution together with costs. E. A. I1URKK. Sheriff of Madison county, 111. By G. F. Qito-WB, Depnty. 17 dtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. - Kstatoof HonriottoM. Horn, deceased, Tho undersigned, having booii appointed Executor of the last will'. and to»- tamonc ot Jlonrlotto M. Born, lato of tho county of Madison and Stato of Illliiols,deoaasadi hereby givounoOoo thatlho will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at tho court 'house, In lidwavdavlllo, attfio Jvmo term, on the third Monday In Juno next, at which time all portions having claims against snla ostato ai'O notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having tlio saino adjusted, All persona Indobtod to said ostato aro voquustod toinmtto immediate puyuient to tho undersigned. Dated this Ufh day of Anrll, A.D. 1887. , /WILLIAM SbNNTAQ, 2UUw Bxooutor. No wand Beautiful Designs. Just arrived and arriving for tlie Spring Trade. WINDOW 6JLMS I A .Specialty, from Small to At tho old rollatilo HOUSE-l'AINTINQ and UEOOUATJNU ostabitghmont ol i . •/ NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of B .••••'••

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