Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 7, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL,, SATURDAY EVENING, MAT 7, 1887. Tho importance ol purifying the blood can- JJiot bo overestimated, for without pure blood 'you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, Vitalize, and enrich Ulie blood, and wo ash yon to try Hood's iD<M<MilioV Sarsaparlllii. It strengthens IrcCUllar an d builds up tlio system, jfireatas an appetite, and tones tho digestion, JfWhllo It eradicates disease. The peculiar jfcoinhmatloil, proportion, and preparation if of the'vegetable remedies used give to jfHood's Sarsaparllln poonl- -pn Itcplf JUar curative powers. No • UllOCll II other medicine bassuch arecord of wonderful I cures., It you liavo made up^onr mind to I'biiy Hood's SarBaparllla do riot bo Induced to jf take any other Instead. It is a Peculiar kMedicine, and Is worthy your^confldonco, Hood's Sarsaparillft la sold by rtll druggists. | Prepared by C. I. Uood & Co., Lowell, Mass. iOO Ppses One Dollar . OQliD MEDAL, ?AB18,1878, . 'BAKER'S ,_ TVarrahtcd abnolittelj/ _ Cocoa, from wliicli tho excess of , OH has bcon roroovcd. IthnsMrw time] (he strength of Cocoa mixed .with Starch, Arrowroot orSugnr, i .and la therefore far morn ucouonti- ii ii iinl /col, costing lent than one cent a. II la'llil.W' JV' to dtsUelonB, nourlehlng, J etrungthcnlug, easily digested, aud ftudmlriibly aclnplutl for invaliila ua roll as for penioiiB In health. SolilliyflroccrH evorywhoro. BAER & CO.^DorcMerj lass, ItETT'S KY STABLES JTBONT STBBBT, BETWBBH ' ALBY AND KASTON, Govnrmir OlovolrtiKl'ii MiiJrtHly* : - OTiat wao din-eland's majority when elected governor of New York? : Wii.unP. Tlio Veto stood: Cleveland (Dom.), 1535,818) Kolgcr, (Hep.), !U3,'IOli Hopltdm (Pro.), 2S,7Si, CIoveliuid'H ijlurnrity over .Polder was 103,854. ' :•' '••"• : ______! '.'•.'•• •'' •'. '. . A lliilf iWft-otton Mutton , A subscriber has fiont tw n copy of certain iiUei'iincof)'hltrljiuled torfeul J)ow, of Maine, iifsltliiK If Ttcirt ftotv m-di' wrote tliem. They liiivn been roforrod to tholr alleged author, \vli'» snys thnl; lio did not write them, bub wills .Unit bo ilid'wrilo Kpinothiiig.sonieivbab nimilmv It .\vns;)'oiir9 ngo; llio nmltor has been in ti inoaeuro forgotten.' Mr. Uowseoms quite aiixIpiiBiliiib It shull not IMS rovived. WhUllar Liven. Are Ralph Waldo iSitiornon, John 0. Whlttler uutl William CtillimBrjnnl all living? , N. Emerson mid Bryant -ore (lend. Whlttlerla living. Tlio I'rojiliutlo (ioo.inlKino, Cau you glv« ITO t'jc iiinrlra on tho Roosobone .which Indleati: tho temperature of.suasqus,' J. . Among iniiiiy peoplo thu indications of the goos'ubono 'nro 'Implicitly Iwlievcd.' 1 Tho prophetic hone, it is uald, cnn only lx) obtained from u goose* Unit was batched In tlio spring mid not: killed till tho Indian summer has pussctl awny. A breasttiouo taken from. a goosu whnsu iiliio of birth and death fulfills theso conditions Is ealil to have a roiv of dots iiround tho keel, indicating llurtamnerature. The marks dividing tho bbno arc said to indicate tho three winter months, and tho darker spots in I JIB row mentioned tho colder weather that maybe expected. It is not every one who knows how to consult tbo bono and ex- cruet its secrets, • mvldlv CAKJ3 ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. .._ilosIntending to buy Heal Estate in tno i'olty ot Alton or ylelblty will find U to their |f Interest to call at the office of Rudorshmison |i & SonntttB and examine tholr list of proper/ ties tor sale as only a part thereof Is advor- tlaocl. • ;GRE&TEST BARGAINS i ; • -AT- • $, M,CrandaH's Crockery Store. Che Tinest and Best Porcelain Gups and Saucers, bOcperset, (Regular Prlco, 76ots.) »orcelain Plates 60c per set, and Porcelain Pitchers, 15 cts-to 50cts. each. IPlatters and Vegetable Dishes in proportion. gBest duality Silver Plated Ware and Table Cutlery lAt Reduced Prices For a Few Dam iuy4dwtt POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thin po-wdor never varies. A marvel o!, purity,' strength wliolosoinonosa.. More ooo- noraloal than ttto ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold In competition with the: multitude ol low tost, short weJBht, alnm phosphateijjow- dcrs. SOLD OMLY IH OAKS. - UOYAL BAKIKO 1'OWDBB CO., 100 Wall St., N. Y. .••-• W. F. ENSXNGER, -UALL AT- D.M. Crand^ll's Cro pkery Store F.OU THE LOWEST PBICES; Good Cups and Saucers, SOc perset. Good 8-incU Plates, 30c per set. Meat Dishes, 5c to 50o each. Vegetable Dishes, 5q to 50o each. Pitchers, 5o to 50c each. HalfTpint Table Tumblers, 15o per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Saucers, lOcperset. Fruit Dishes, 5c to 75o each. Hantlsome Glass Water Sets 90 cts. Beautiful Decorated English Din- •er Sets, $15. Handsome Decorated Chamber Sets, 10 pieces, only $2.75 per set. Best quality' of Triple-plated Knives, l.SOuer sot. Triple Plated Forks. 81.50 per set Stephen A., Porsey thinks Bloine uncl l^airchild would make a winning Kopublicaiv ticket in 1888. Gen. Phil Sheridan is,being spoken of as the dark horse for Mr. Elaine, John Sherman and Mr. Allison to! be afraid of. The Czar IB inclined to show clum- ,eucy toward hit. condemned assailants by changing the death septoncea to life iniprisonineiit. Airs. Sailer, only 27 years old, is Mayor of Kansas, in the State of the same name. Nobody has yet dared to call her the''Mayoress." •Ninety acres of land a little southwest of AVyandote, Kan. ,was recently sold to Kansas City capitalists for $450,000, or $5,000 an acre. It is proposed to levy a special tax on Missouri corporations which organize under the Illinois law .with ;headquarters at East St. Louis. Mr. Lucas, appointed United States senator for West Virginia by the Governor, proposes to contest the legislative election of Mr. Faulkner. If the Czar of Russia undertakes to re-enslave the 80,000,000 of peasants in that country, as some of his advisers arc reported to have urged him to do, his life will not'be worth a week's guaranty. Dr. Hostetter, of Pittsburgh, Pa., is said to carry the largest life insurance of any individual—$1,000,000. Does this indicate that the doctor has more confidence in life insurance companies than in his bitters? Ex-Attorney General Speed, of Louisville, predicts the election of W. O. Bradley, the Republican candidate for Governor of Kentucky, and classes Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina among the uncertain States. The British House of Commons yesterday decided not to treat the London Times' attack on Mr. Dillon as 'a breach of privilege, and Mr. Gladstone proposes the appointment of a committee to inquire into the Times' charges of falsehood against Mr. Dillon. The river Hoods in Maine continue. Great damage has been done at various localities. Operations on some of tho railroads are suspended by washouts and broken bridges. At Bangor the city water works have been disabled. Civil Service Commissioner Oberly has formulated regulations under, which every clerk will have to stand" an examination for promotion to the next highest grade, whether he wants to or not. The regulations will bo tried first only in the War Department. ' Col. W. II. Bolton, who was some time ago tried and convicted in the 'U. S. District Court .of embezzlement, while in charge of the second 'class mail department in the" Chicago Post Office, has been sentenced by Judge Blodgett to two years' imprisonment in the Joliet Penitentiary. atoly after the reading of tho jour nol. ' HOUSE. , Thc:first genuine dead lock of the session occurred In tho House this morning upon a motion to take from the table Bogiirdus' County Option bill, where it had been placed by the report of tlio committee on Licenses a month ago. The dead lock continued about three hours, and was something of a reminder of the historic Haines'J regime. All that was wanting to transform tho session into a representative one of two years ago was the wild disorder and declaration of the Speaker that "no rights should bejlost". Upon the motion to take the bill from the table a division was taken, upon which the yeas were 62 and nays 4d.The speaker announced that the motion prevailed whereupon the wrangle began by a point of order, raised by Merritt, and supported by the Democratic side, that a two-thivda vote was ijecessary to take a bill from the table. A quorum was then broken upon motion to reconsider the vote by which the motion to take the bill from the table was declared carried. A system of dilatory tactics was practised by both sides, and much time consumed by calls of the House and roll-calls on motion to adjourn. A compromise was finally reached, by the adoption of.a resolution expunging all, of the proceedings from the journal re.I ative to the consideration of the County Option bill, after which the House took a recess until 2:30 o'clock. MAY Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard. Tapestry Brussels frorji iBOc toil; per ( yar#, Bqdy Brussels from ?0q;to §l,?|5 mUHflt Oil Cloths from 20c to ^per yafd, India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard, We have No Old Stock! No j ob Lots \l All New < r» f' ',1, Upholstery Goods and Upholstering .done, for ^wnin^s, Cash prices I will Soou Have Died. Burks Medicine Co., Qulncy, 111: GENTS—1 want to tell you what your White Pine Balsam has done for mo, I had ft cough for tl^ree long months, contracted while i'u! Loadville, about Aug. 19. I had doctorud : constantly. L was so Jibad 1 could not lie down at night. I would just as soon, have died as to live in that condition. I took one bottle of your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not even coughed for four days. Yours truly, MRS. S. J. BARRACK. LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action m treatment of deranejod liver; biliousness, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, aa Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so small, so pleasant. Try them. It is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several dollars, Instead of keeping on handsome reliable medicine like Burks' White Pino Balaam (that would cost them but 50c, and perhaps cure three or four colds. Sold by E. Marsh. BUKKS' WHITE PI3NE.BALSAM. It will be found equally efficacious in colds and coughs of long standing, relieving tho distress and restoring the throat to its normal state. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, III. myldwlm Plain and Decorative Pajier Haiinfi JL WOKK PROMPTLY ATTMNUKP TO AT LOWKST THUMB. OJflflCM AND SHOP ON ^SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AJ.TON. . . . ELL, Patents. To ny porsone wishing to obtain lottoi nutont on new Inventions, Improvoiooiuo.'o doBliroi. I wlU execute drawings and specin cations and make (ipplleatlous for PutontB All oonsnltatton, In pel-sou or by lutta , frco WCA8 PFEIFFENBBUGEB, THE LA11GEST AND MOST COMPL1STK ASSOBTMENT of Cooking Stoves ever brought to Alton. .BOOK'S BUILLIAKT ttio BEST GASOIINE STOVE! In tho miirkot, suvca time, liiUor and money. Tlio fuvorlte uummor stove with al.< (honsa- keepers. All Hlzos. Oull and examine, I um nluo prepared to do Itooiing, Outtorlng.SpoutintrnHd all kinds ot Tin Work, lit i ouscnnblo prleea. A. J. DEGENHARDT, flUU BAST SKCOr, D 8TUKKT, PILES', SALt RHEUH tlioil of lor- and all A now motlicKl of torn- jtifflj 'andftt'tlM) iillloo of ,rKtt. CHIOAOO. 1'rloi'i*!. JOHN BAUER, IN AND MANUFAOTUttKH FURNITURE. ' SECOND STREET, Opp. City JUiill, ALTON, ILL All kliula ol tlno and vomuion farnlcur constantly on liund. Also uudertAhor, etc. IJeglslature. III., May 6—In tho House yesterday Mr. Browne, of La Salle, temporarily killed the Hurcl Drainage bill, by introducing an amendment providing that any city taking advantage of tho act shall expend 10 per cent, of the amount to be expended on said drainage system in purchasing a sewage farm and erecting thereon sewage works and fertilizer manufactories. The amendment was vigorously opposed by Messrs • Crafts and Mac Millan, but it was adopted by a rote of 09 to 54. Tho Hurd bill, as amended, was advanced to a third reading and the lloche bill was treated in a similar manner. , Both those bills on third reading will be tho special order for next AVednesday. Senator Leman introduced two bills—one for the erection of a building in Lincoln Park forthoNewbci'ry- library, the other for a sea-wall to protect Lincoln Park. SUNATK. House bill No. 247, providing for tho organization of savings societies, was taken up on third reading and passed. , The bill providing for a Board of Election Commissioners to consist of throe iniitnborB, to bo appointed by the Governor, was passed. The bill appropriating $0,000 to tho Feeble Miiidud Asylum at Lincoln for tho construction of a sower was advanced to a third reading, aa was also the bill appropriating $128,000 for ordinary expenses and certain needed improvements, Senator Soutlnvorth'a bill regulating thu practice of medicine in the State was taken up on third reading, and, on motion, wan made a special order for Tuesday morning, Iminodi- In the spring, hundreds of persons suffer Ironi boils, carbuncles, and otliu'r eruptive diseases. These are evidences thai; th& system is trying to purge itself of impurities, and that it needs Ihp powerful aul winch is afforded by the uso of Ayer's Sarsapnrilla. dwlw JTor Sale. Severn lots with good brlok dwelling anil outbuildings, In good repair, in Upper Alton. ROBldOBceot G. E. OolUue, aud known as tlio Merrill property. WHU'i'LB & 81I1LKY, Alton, or D. W. Collet, Uppar Alton. We do not manufaoturo Lard, Candles, ButlerlnSi or any klnclrocl truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out yf our stock, and thon convert tho rofuuo Into a worthloaa oonp. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or doad animals or refuse material. BILVKII SOAP is made or PBKK TAJ- K.OW, by a clean process, and can ba used freely wlthput danger of bavins tho skin dlsaasod or poisoned. ASK TODR OKOCEK ITOK IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO, ST. UOUI8. MO. yimv ivlion tho budslx^ln to Hliuvv, "Il> lima for youug nnd util lei know That H'tvn, Zxunffudeund Thu I1U lit Indlutlliunt "all, ti uvory tr»ul>)u, uuhu or ijaln, , TUnt f qllo wi 111 tlio Jltltoui trtw TfflSWQBfclJ. Buggy Co-s TfQlBi FIVE YEA.ES- THEOEUSBKATED Belleville Threshers andvEnr gines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and, Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DftOPPEKS AND MOWERS. 'Headquar tors for EUPION and CARailNI? OILS ; ENGINE, CYLINDER and 1 SIGNAL OILS: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN; PUMPS; fiuo line of COOKING STOVES j the DANGLER and' PERPEG-i TION GASOLINE' STOVES. Sec our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HplME SEWING MACHINES," , $30. Wo keep the pEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS ?n tap and delivered to ttiiy part t of tho city. ii,iv, uuuiiuiujH umiJUffmm uu,, CJor. 2d and State sip., - - ALTON, ILL. trtwi. Will BOOttor like tint thlnvon of nlulit Bc'Ioru u druiinlituf HsHtorVirlglil, THEBESl? ON E BOSS to J5Q. Warranted 20 Year& ,Fropi $16 to $30. T U J. fl. THE LEADING JEWELER, •'•' ' ..• mfofldwly* SUBSQIIEBE EOB , lOc Per By raail or delivered, .Only EepublicanJDaily ia Madispn county ;__.. J. SUITER & SON, V* FINE AND A Full and Gomploto Stock Always on Maud. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. >,UH FUKNITUKK 1100M8 AUK ON State Street, ropp, Third, E. J. PEN1FOLD, Propi Between Second and i Third, Alton, 111. MOST OONVBNyONT UINJNQ TUB CITY. UOOO TAI1I/B A^I) l{i{A- 60NAUU5 BATKB, OAr.L AKl) ' "''''

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