Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 6, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1887
Page 4
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"aSSeseawsssfttftfe I^Mup gSL in 01 * rL • BMdlelm oomMnM Iron with pore wimUMo i, nd •!» InnlnablB for DIMUM pecoilM to '•men« «nd all who lead pwdenturj HTM. U Kn- thtf knd PurUlel thn Hlood, HllrniilnH'i) • AtmoMH). Strenirthea* th« Mnuclei «nd .rron 'tntttMnti do, mi. 7< Israeli A to., Mllwau- r d»to nf DM. Hth. (831: , n'a Iron Bitter*, and f I hu be<m toora than a doctor to mo, baring oared mo of the wMkneaa ladlM ban, In Hfo. Map curtd DM of Llv-, •t OoropUInt, Mid now ml comi>l«lon 1» cl«*r and C*od. UM alio been benellclal to mt ohlldnm." MM.LOPUU 0. BJUODON, Kwt lockpurt. N, T,. *• I haTe nmered oould 0. BJUODON, Kwt lockpurt nmered umold mliwrr from d oould obUIn reltof from - 'Bltum' 1 ;- , - TWdo Hark and crowed rod lined on wrapper. Tako no other. Mada onljr bj BBOtrit CHEMICAL CO.. BALTUtOltE, MM, THE WOND yed by. citizen* of every town and arroluua Cnron hnvo been wlt> of people, who cnn teitlfy to BItrUIi IIKAHNQ POWEU (IP Hamli.i's Wizard Oil. 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Mr. Annerioy, coining up to hor, holds out lila hand with quite a beaming smllo. "YouI It is not ono of your days, surely," ho soys. Ills tone IB crisp, abrupt; In another mnn it might bo culled (lurried. A long, light overcoat covers him from his nock to his boots. Even though she cannot see the clothes beneath, some sudden fancy strikes Nadine that ho is slightly on fete. This idea, too, however, is put to flight before it has time to harden on hor brain. "No. It Is not one of ray days, but" Sho Is so astonished at seeing him here in Mrs. Brand's house, that sho finds a difficulty in speaking quickly or freely. "You are going," interrupts he, shortly, "so am I. Come." He opens the hall door as he speaks, and motions to her to precede him. It Is all done in a moment. If ho had meant to get her out of the house with a speed that admitted of no delay, ho could not have done it more promptly. Still devoured with surprise at his presence in Park Lane, Nadino forgets to comment upon this, even in hor thoughts, until long afterward. As they leave Mrs. Brand's house behind them Annerloy's manner undergoos a change It loses its briskness, and returns to its usual calm habit. "Bat you—perhaps yon did not want to come away so soon," says Nadine, in a low bewildered tone. What could a city clerk want in Mrs. Brand's houso at that hour? "Yes; I was quite ready. My business was finished,'! returns he, steadily. "Your business? Business with Mrs. Brand?" "And very serious business I So serious that it is conducted as secretly as possible." "It has to do with your—your—firm?" asks she, in an awed tone. "With—my firm? Yes. I was sorry you mot me here. It is of tho utmost consequence that my comings and goings at that house should ba kept dark." He glances at her keenly as he speaks. "You need not ba afraid," says Nadino, quietly. "I shall say nothing of it. I •hall not mention having met you. You may bo at rest about that. But I confess I am amazed—astonished I" "Come in here. It is a fine evening. A walk will do yon good, and—I have something to say to you." Entering the principal entrance to tho park, they stroll together in silence— pass the row, tho drive, tho lust touch o£ humanity in the shape of lifeguardsmen and nursery maids, until they find themselves in a dull, out of the way spot, and virtually speaking alono. "Yes; I am more surprised than I can tell yon,", says Nadlne again, pausing to look into his face. "To meet you there! And this secret business—I hope it means no harm to Milllcent—Miss Grey?" "None at all, I assure you." He laughs easily. "I shall not harm Miss Groy: My business, so far as she is con- corned, will vory soon bo at an end." "Then sho is mixed up with it." "Well, yes." "Paul," says Nadlne, loaning forward and speaking in a low tone, "I think I have guessed it. It—it has something to do with—hor sapphires." An extraordinary gleam flashes across Mr, Annerley's features. It is momentary, but brilliant. Fear, suspicion and something stronger still aro blended in it. It may bo that ho is disconcerted at having Us "business" with Mrs. Brand thus publicly put into words. To be discovered, no matter how Innocent the offense, is disagreeable to most. "You aro not pleased that I have found it out?" suggests Nadino, timidly. "But do not let it distress you. I shall b'ury tho knowledge in my heard. No ono shall be tho wiser for it." "You will do well to do so," says An- nerley, recovering himself with un effort. "You will tako oaro also not to lot it bo known by word or glanco that you mot mo to-night at Mrs. Brand's. Much depends upon your faithfulness in this matter." "Then you havo found a clow to tho thief? You aro on his track?" asks she, breathlessly. "Yes: thoro is a clew." Ho pauses a moment, looking down into her eyes as though ho .would road her vory soul. "Swear to me yon will not mention having mot mo to-night,"hesays at last, iu a low, vehement tone. His Intensity frightens her. "There Is no need for it. I have promised; but If you wish It, yes—I swear not to reveal our having met," slio answers, nervously. "Was It this you wished to say to mo, Paul?" "This—and something «lso. But first" He breaks oft abruptly, and laying his hands upon hor shoulders, turns hor so he can soo her bettor. Ho has been gazing at hor Intently, and tho extreme beauty of hor flower like face, enhanced by tho touch of timidity lila storn voice and manner havo brought Into It, has sot on flro the lovo that already burns brightly in his bosom. Sho Is tho uno solitary thing on earth that ho cares for •tho ono human creature'he adores with a passion, wild, ungovernable, that sometimes from tho vory strougth of it makes ovon him tromblo. If ho should loso hor! Tho vory Idea makes tho blood rush tumultuously to his head. And there is that to bo said to hor to-night that— But sho will not fall him—alia shall not! "NadinoI" uxclalms ho, in a suppressed tono—low,'vehement "Toll mo that you lovemel I have loved you so well that I will not beliovo you have given mo no return. All my heart—wvy, my vory soul, Is yours to save OB rnln, us you will. Is such devotion to go unrewarded? Sool I am wnltiuK—trcmlillng boforo you OH tho veriest leaf that grown, lest your word fall mo. DIMS not this touch you? Aro you Insonslblp, heartless? Wull, then! If you cannot from your hwart miy that you love mo, at leant tell mu that your hoart IB empty—that you aru IncllITuront to all tho world." We waited breathlessly-. Hut an tho Waiting lengthens a dark frown gathers on his brow, and » wage sxpresHlon curves hl» lips. Nadino, faint, terrified, and still with that terrible mimbnexs overpowering her, drawn back a stop or two and pretties hor hand couvulslvoly ogoiust hur foco, Aiuierluy, laying his bands upon her shoulders, gives her a violent shake. A low cry escapes her. This cry releases her from the nervous bondngo in which she baa been hold. "Speak, glrll" cries he roughly. "It is true you never yet told mo that you love jno. Am I now to loaru that you have mnde that, confession to another man?" "OhI nol mil" The M.IIIranee falls from her with n fervor which he plnces to a wrong account. With a passionate thiinkfulue.Bs sbu tolls herself that shu can nt least answer this last question with truth. To no mall bns she said, "I lovo you." "Ah!" says Annerioy, drawing a long breath of eager relief, "that is well for my rival bad be existed." Thoro is such subdued ferocity In his tono that Nndlno shivers. "Bo content," sho says, calmly, "you have no rival. Th«sro Is no ono I can marry" ','Excopt me. Tlmt la as It should bo." Ho sighs heavily, and still regards her with a lowering brow. "Now for my news," he says, "To-morrow. Will not to-morrow do?" asks she, faintly, feeling tired and overdone. "To-morrow I shall probably bo out of town. Yes," answering hor glanoo of surprise. "I shall bo abroad for a week or two—on business." "Tho same business?" demands sho, eagerly. "You ro n wonderful guessor," returns he. There Is a vague suggestion of a sueor in his smile. "Before going, however, I want to tell you that n stroke of luck has at last fallen at my foot. Today the—my—my chief sent for me and offered me a—a higher stool in tho office, In fact" Ho hesitated a good deal, ami seems Indeed singularly ignorant of tho proper terms to bo used with regard to his rise in bis position. "I am very glad," says Nndiuo, In her clear, cold, girlish voice, BO devoid of real interest. "This rise will enable mo to marry," continues he, watching her closely. Sho IB nvMently aware of his' scrutiny, bo cause her fnco remains impnssivo, even whilo her fingers interlace each other and grow into a clasp that leaves her knuckles white. Sho nods her head softly in answer to his remark, not trusting herself to speak. "But it will take mo out of town." He Is watching her still narrowly. But this time sho manages to meet bis gaze. If, indeed, her fnto is to marry this man, and go with him wheresoever ho goes, then it will bo only kind of fortune to drive them Into the country, far from this groat IjOndon, where one meets every one, and where those known to her in hor present life might sometimes (cruel thought) bo seen by her. "Well?" she says. * "It will take me out of the country. Tho fact is," continues he, rushing at the rest ot his communication, "I have been offered a post o£—of trust that, will take mo to America." "You go there in search of this man who has stolen the sapphires?" says she, quickly. "You aro bunting him down. Is this your post of trust? Are you a—a detective?" Something like a vague smile flits across his face as ho notices how she shrinks from him. "Not exactly." His tone is full of mystery. "It detectives aro abhorrent to you, be happy in the thought that I have nothing in common with them; that, in fact, I detest them quite as much as you do. No; I nm going there In advance of the detectives, as I hope. You'll bo ready to come with me?" "Is it to be soon?" "It may sound soon to you, perhaps. In about n month from to-day." It is now growing toward tho end ol July. "But I may have to start earlier than that. You will be ready?" He is very palo as ho presses tlio question. If sho refuses—if she oven bargains for more time, it will cause confusion. But sho does not refuse. A profound sigh escapes her, but sho says: "Yes, I shall be reiuly," in a voico subdued but void of trembling. If she is to marry him, and thus to resign all good tho world can give her, it will make lit- tlo difference whether sho lives with him hero or in that far country bo has named; then a sudden thought occurring, sho looks at him eagerly: "My mother?" sho says. "Will of course accompany us." "Will your stay there be long?" "I hardly know—for some years certainly; after that it Is undecided." "Everything is undecided that lies in tho years beyond;" she sighs again, "You are going abroad to-morrow, you say?" •"Yes, for a week or two—perhnps three. But I shall be back in time for our wedding." He attempts to speak lightly, but tho Bad look on tho.glrl's face checks him. Ho is, however, too elated by the victory already achieved to know any fear for tho future. No doubt she Is pining at tho thought of leaving her homo, but onco married to him, tho power and persist- unco of his love will conquer all regrets. Bo ho thinks; so bo vainly believes. "Don't look so grieved, my darling," ho whispers fondly, pressing her hand between both his own, "Think of the long and happy ' future that lios before you, with mo forever ns your slave. The time will come, Nadino, when you will not regard any ties but tho ono that binds nia to you. Ties of home and kindred will bu as naught beside It, Though now, perhaps, you give mo your heart unwillingly, then you will lovo even as you aro beloved. Oh, that that glud hour were blended with this!" Ho presses his lips ecstatically to tho hand ho still holds. His whole face grows bright with tho affection that glinvs within him. Thou one word that lie bus used returns to him with unpleasant force;—"Unwilling," he goes on musingly, frowning slightly. "Yes, you nro unwilling to give mo your heart." "Ah, nol" says ulie gently, and with a troubled air of uncertainty; "I am not unwilling. You mistake me. I would, with nil my soul, that I could lovo you na yon (IcBlro, and perhaps, Indeed, In time"— she hesitates, as though lost tn a labyrinth of painful thought. "No, I am not unwilling," she repeats again, feelliig how good a thing It would bo for *hor could sho Indeed obliterate from hor How to Ualn Flesh and and Strength USD after cmoh meal Soott's Erau)> Bion; U Is as palatable fts milk and oas» ily digested. Dplioato pooplo improve rapidly with Its use. For Consumption, Throat affections and Bronchitis it, IB uuoquallod. Dr. Thos. Prim, Ala., says: "lusod Soott'g Kmulslonon a child olght months old; ho gained /our pounds in n month." mws wk 1m mind nil the too dear post and give hor *elf entirely to thin man. "You speak nfl though I nm obstinately withholding something—as If you believed yon wcrci robbing me of the heart on which you set such storo. But it Is not BO. Whatever else you may hftvl' stolen, It was nol my love. You cannot stool that; bill some day, perhaps, I «hnllgivolt to you.' Preoccupied as she'Is with ond tttu hurtful memory,- she Is roused to present life by the curious glance and start tlm' follows on her (speech. Both are subdued us suddenly n« they cnme, and Anuorloy onco more regards her with only the ardent look of affection .that before was bla but Nndtno ciuuuit forget that they wero there. Has he hennl of Mr. Duran? Has Nadlno'a acquaintance'with him come to bis oars? Does ho simpect Duran of being tho thief who bus stolen from biff his love's heart? She feels n little colt and sick with anxiety as sbo waits for his noxt words. Tlioy reussuvo hor, "You give mo fresh life," ho says "Some day, Indeed, the lovo I oravo shnT be inlno. And now," glancing at his watch, "I fear our last moment has come. Now I must bid you farewell, until tua happy time that will seo nlo homo witb you, with our near marriago only a low hours distant. Good-by, my darling, mj best beloved!" Not a living soul la in sight. Folding her closely in his arms, ho holds her to him ns though ho could never agnlu suffer hor to go. Sho feels the reality, the wild earnestness of his love lit tbis instant us she never before realized it. Softened, subdued by it, she gently returns his embrace, and then stands back from him. "Yon will think of mo—kindly, lov ingly?" breathes ho with passionate entreaty. "Sweetheart I if you could oulj know how hard It is to part from you for oven thosefowdays! Nadino, have pity on me, and try to love mo In my absence. They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder;' prove the saying lino. Alan! how fatally honest your sweot eyes can be. There Is nothing In them for me—nothing but pity I Well, even that is bolter than a few other things I could name— it is at least akin to love. But have you no sorrow in that we must part? An you cold always? Suppose wo should never meet again after this hour—never in all our years on earth? would not this move yon? Why, nol You look bewll dered, but not snd. It Is tho last mo- montl I cannot see yoti again to-nigh! —because-—because of— Never mind that. Good-by, my pretty glrll" Once again ho folds her in his arms. Once again ho passionately presses'his lips to hers. Ho releases her. "This fear of mine is folly," he whispers heavily. "It is but for a week or two. We shall meat again, to know no other parting—save <lonthl" Ho guides bcr quickly on her backward way to where again the gates loom largo and dark. Into a cab outside bo puts her, lays his face for un instant againsl her palm, and then is, lost among the growing mists of the night. Now, and only now, Nadlue remembers how she had forgotten to tell him ol the projected visit to Valworth Park! Their Business Booming. Probably no one thing has caused such a general revival ol trade at K. Marsh's Drug | Store as tho giving awsy to his customers of so many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discov ery for Consumption. 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The Woodroof propoi-ty, A 2 stoi-y frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on FHth street. ___ ___ _ WHIPPLB ft SMILEY. WATGHSPRING With sliding Detachable Springs. e$>- Better than Whalebone or Horn,J£3 ana guaranteed never to break. Price, MAYER, STROUSE&CO. 413 Broadway, N. V., Mnnufacturera. Wonderful Popularity of tho Renowned Medicine* "^ .— -n ____ ' ' ' * V , , • The Greatest Curative Success oftlia Ige— A Voice from Ids People. No medicine Introduced to the pnblla Ims evor met jvltli tlio BUCCOBS accorded to lion Bittern. It ntntids to-rtiiyHbc i best knmA curative article In tho world, Its : uinitelmw' < runown Is not duo to tlio advcrtldng it Ims received. H Is famous by roagofa ol Itg in- Imrent Tlrtuos. It docs nil tlmt 18 claimed for It. It IB tlio most noworf ul; speedy and effect tlvo ngont known for tho building Up ot dcbtu. tntcd systems, The. following witnesses aro ' ollored to prove tills : What It Did for an Old Lady. Cothocton (Kiolion, JV. r., Dec. 28, 1884, GENTS :— A number of pooplo had boon u'alnfc , your Blttora hero, nnd with marked effect. In fact, otio case, a lady of over seventy years, hodbcou sick for years, nnd for the past tea years I hnve known her sho has not been able to bo urouiid half the time. About six montbs ngo sho got BO f coble she •waB'ArfpkM, Her old remedies, or physicians, being of ho avail, I sent, to Deposit, forty-five miles, and got ft bottlo of Hop Bitters. It bad such a very beneficial effect on her that'ond bottle 1m. proved her so she was able to drees herself and walk about the bouse. When she liad taken tho second bottlo she was able to tako caro of her own room and' walk out to Uor neighbor's and 1ms Improved all tbo time sluce. 5Iy wife and chlldrca also hava derived crcut bciicllt from their use. • fe Vf. B. HATHAWAY, ' Agt. U. 8. St. d'o. An Enthusiastic Endorsement. Qortiam, Jf. IT., July 10. 1880. OEHTS:— Whoever you arc, I don't know, but I thank tho Lord and feel grntofuHoyou to know that in this world of. adulterated medicines there is one compound that proves and docs all it advertises to do, and more. Four years ago, I had a slight shock of palsy, which unnerved mo to such an extent that the least excitement would moke mo shako like tho amio. Last May I was induced to try Hop Bitters. 1 Used one bottle, but did not seo any change; another did so change inj nerves that tlioy ore now as steady as they ever were. It used to tako both hands to wrlto, but now my good right hand writes this. Now, If you continue to manufacture us honest and good an article as you do, you will accumulate an honest fortune, and confer the greatest blessing on your fcllow-mcu that was ever conferred ou mankind. A Husband's Testimony; > My wife was troubled for years wltb blotches, rnoth patches and pimples on her face, which nearly annoyed the life out of her. She spent many dollars on the thousand infallible (?) cures, with nothing but injurious effects. A lady friend, of Syracuse, N. T., who .bad had similar experience and had been cured with Hop Bitters, Induced her to try it. One bottle baa made her face as EmooUi, fair and soft as a child's and given bcr such-health that It seems almost a miracle. A MEMIIBB op CANADIAN PAKLIAMBNT. A Rich Lady's Experience., I traveled ail over Europe »nd other foreign countries at a cost of thousands of dollars, In search of health and found it not, I returned discouraged and disheartened, and was restored to real youthful health and spirits with leoa than two bottles of Hop Bitters. I hope others may profit by my experience ond>toy at home. ALADY,AU(?D8TA,ME. TJLMK TAJUJK. CHICAGO On and nftcr Sunday, Muy [1st, 1887, trains on tho Ohlcpgo and Alton raUrond, will leavt the. Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ar follows: Vor Chicago and tlie Enati Chicago Mall* ...................... 0:00 a.m Ohloauo Accommodation* ........ UehtnlugKxiiroas' .......... . ..... ...9:10 p. ra I'oorla and Hook Island FuntLlnot.O.'OO a. m For «f nokftonvlUe, Kfloknk, Qulucy, Kan* Inos Citj.nud all points west. Kansas City Mall' ....... _____ ...... 9:00 a. m, Kansas City Express* .......... .... «:10p. m Denver Express | ............... . . . . 7 :10 p. in. Juekdouvlllo Accommodation!... V;10 p. m. For tit. Louis > Ufthtnlag Express* ............ .,...«:« a. in Ohicago Acoommodatlon* ...... . . .9 :30 a. m Alton Speolal) ................ ..... KanaaaOltyMaU* ................ .-...1:40 p. a ahlcago Miillt ......... . ............ 6:20p.m TRAINS LK A VK ST. LOOTS UNION HKPQI FOU ALT6N. (7 BO a.m. (800 p.m. •4 60 p. m. *7 68 p. m. (8 45 a. in. Sundays only). . *Dally TBzoopt Sunday. s. 6. RBBVK, Sup't. 81. X/juls Division O. Q. No»m8, Tickot Sheriff's Sale. Jennie B. llepry j . f f vs. J Kxectttton No. 390. Franklin Dopry. ) Kco' bill No. By virtue of antexcention.ln this caso Issued 4 out of tpe 'cleric's olllco of tlio Circuit Court of . <*• ' atiulisott'aounty,Illinois, directed to the Shar < ' Iff of said county,l have levied upon all tlio right, tltla anus Interest |of tile defendant i in and to tho following property, situate in tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, and described as follows, to-wlt: Two |121 rods off of tlio north BlUa of lot No. llvo<r>), In block No. six (0), in 15. Ixmn's addition to tlio town of Upper Alton, ana, also, two (2) rods off of tuo soutu side of lot No. six ((),), In said block No. six (G) In said addition. Sold two (2) places of laud fronting four (•< I rods on Main street In said town and running back oastwardly tho ontiro depth of said lota, and situated in tbo town ot Upper Alton, In tlio county of Madison, In tlio 8tnto of Illinois, which I will expose at 1'nbllo Sale, to tho highest bidder, for cash, on FHIDAY, TUB TWENTIETH BAY OF MAY A. !>., 1887, botwoon tlio hours of U o'clock in the forenoon uaidsundown; to-wlt: at 10 o'clock, a. in., of siila day, In irpnt ot tho north front door of tho City Hall building, In thol city ot Alton, in tho comity and Stuto aforesaid, to satisfy said execution together with costs, E. A. ItUEKK, Sheriff of Madison county, 111. BY U. P. OBOWK, Deputy. 17 (ltd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Henrietta M. Horn, deceased. Tlio undorslunod, having boon appointed Executor of tho lust will and tca- taincnt ol II cm-lotto M, Horn, late of the county of Madlaon and Stlitoof Illinois,dcjeoiisc'd,hereby qrivosnotlco thiujho will appear boforo tho County Oourt of Madison county, ut the court honsa, Iu Kdwardsvlllu, at the Juno tcnn, on tho third Monday lii Juno noxt, at which time all por- uonu having claims uunlnst said ostuto aro uotltlcd and rcciuoutod to attond for the purpose of having tlio muflo adjusted, All persona Indebted to said estato aro requested tolinako luunudlato payment to tUo, nadavelftiuHU Dated thin Uth day of April, A.U. 1887. WILLIAM SONNTAO, Executor. WALL Now and Beautiful DeuignH Just arrived and arriving for the " ' Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest »l/,es. At tho old rollnblo HOUSK-l-AlNTINU and U1IUOUAT1NU autiibllshuiout o( NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, f«blldllm

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