Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 5, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1887
Page 4
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BROWN'S Combining IBOK with PCBK VJMJCTintR TOXICS, (jsleklf «i« completely CLKiNHES Wd DtHICIlBS TUB BLOOD. Ocjckoni Sflaloi of 0* UT«T Wd KWnejf. <J(*n the «<niiplMioB,tt»kc«Ui»«lilnnnooth.' It don not iBjuttbttMthfOunchetduhetorprodiiwcon. itlpaUOB-AUi OTIIEB IBOlf MEDHJtKES DO. PhntcUna »nd Drnjrglit* Mrarnhero recommend It. Pa. N. 8. Ruoouo, of Marlon, MUD., win 1 llirmn'i Iron Bitten M » «Iuabl» t Hn.1 Jj^ra In THw^of pimod thoroughly MtUteolorjV* . 'M.BTOni,URt.Mur8t..,Ni>irOrlMi)ii,l«., 1" Brovn'l boo Bitten nllered me In a cue ilood polxmhw, and 1 heart!!/ commend It to 1 iptlon. on mr Iteo-Mo bottlM of .liter* tfhefod & perfect cart. I a LlgUlr oftbli MlnfUe mWlotae." Oennlno hu abort TnuteMMk wd crajed tod (taw «ii»r«pp<*. ToliBDOOIbcr. .Mudoonl/iv ; BROWN CHiuUCAIi CO., IIAMliiOKK, MB. SCOTT'S OF FM COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable ad Milk. Th« only preparation of COD MVKB OIL th»t can bo taken roulllAnd tolerated for a long time br dellmto stoniRchn. 1ND AS A BEMEimFOB COSBUHPTHHT, it'KECTlOHBj ASAKHIjL UEJi. KKAIi DKI11UTT, COUUI18 1 AlWrilllOAT AF»IL IMSOIIPEHS OF CIllIiDItKM It la munreUoiB In In ronlti. Proscribed and «d<1orae4 fay too boat Hiyilclans to tbo countries of tbo world. P HV AUi. O«llGG!8TS. REAL ESTATE FOB SALE OR RENT, -BT- RuderstiauBen & Sonntag. . , •, ' . : For Bale. fi \ : ' A convenient and pleasant homo at a roa- aonnble figure, being atwo-tlory frame house au Eighth Bttoet, near/ Henry. • •; ; , , , ,, . ;: .• . For Sole. . A choice farm of 820 acroSi with first class rnprovomonta, aitaated 2X miles .oast ol brunswlek. Oharlton oo., Mo. V' •::'• - •• BtorlHale. ' ' ! A'one-story ftauie dwoUtng honso fn good condition. In Topping's addition to Allan. , Far Sola Cheap The residence ot Oapt. W. P. • oble; two storloaand mansard roaf| 12 room., 1 nails. closets, collars, etc. : 8 acres Of groan Most •loslrable property in tho city. F«r Wale. 160 acres of land noor olty limits, Sta^o ...... two story btlok and frame dwoi: nt. nouso, both stCuatad on the east - c o 1 dtate street between flth and 7th meets 1 so the brloli block of stores on 8econ> .street, between Ileuiy and fildge street nown as Hunter's row. For Sale, , AimaUfraniei* .>.Jng house within n no clocks ol the d i ot f or JTOS. 160 acres > f good tanning land, another tract of 300 acres, both unimproved Situate in Mou i oo., Kansas, at $10 and MB per aoro lespootivoly— oiio-tlitrd oiuh.balaiiee on time. For Sftle. •• : : 'i Alarm of 140 aoreg on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In thlo county. A good two-story frame dwoUJug HO&DO on It. ' • ii ; ,-, :'i .. Por Sole. . : . ', , ' A choloo farm of 120! BOfos, situate 1 mile south'cit BUlpman, Moodupln county, IU., at alowngnro. ••*£ A fattb, conalBtinR ol 140 acres of good land sltuatfi within 2 miles of Upper Alton, sulta • ble tor dairy purposes. Cheap. WK. L: KLUNK UNDERTAKER, ftlND DBALEK.m Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes Tor Ladles, QontJemon and Office and Shop on State street Overtr«rti Livery Stttble. Will attend to Job Work and BeDatiln^i.Tnrnlture. (as A.J.HOWELL, FURNITURE! g A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OUDKI? UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly oxocutod.^ Bello at,, l>ot. Third aud Fourth. -ALSO- DNDERTAKEB. UK8IDEKOK COH. STATK a SEVBNTIl SI'S i ALTON DAH.T (Knter«d M (H»ooB<J-ola»» Matter at tbc F U. Ht Alton, 111.) THURSDAY EVE., MA'S 5. RETRIBUTION. BY "THE DtTCHESS." CIIAPTEH XIV. Lady Valworth nlgbs profoundly as she drops iuto i chair, antl receives with a thankful smile tier lato but over welcome cup of ten. "Such ft crush! Suoh an ivbiionnal tomperutiirol Tiilk ol Indlal" 8ho ulsha mildly, as till fat women sigh. Tho concert had Indeed been overcrowded, ft« the divn was to slug. "I hate the ultra fashionable concerts I Bays her sister-in-law, film. Brand, -who IB feeling slightly fractious. "The others arc nearly, if not quite, as good, anil thoro Is the advantage ot finding one's self alive after thorn; but this afternoon To look nt tho Dnobcfn of Downahlre was to guess the rust. Poor woman! Bhe grow BO flushed, BO heavy, toward the end, that I wonder tho chair dldu't give way under her." "Where Is MiUlccut?" oaks Lady Vahvorth, rather Inconsequent^. "In her boudoir with Miss Rocho. Mrs. Brand's tone Is slightly sharp. "I asked Brown as I came in, and ho told me BO. '' "How did she spent! her day?" "With Bomo people rather out of my set, though In a specially good one—If a rather dull one—of their own. You remember tho Durans—old Fanny liuran more particularly? She is keeping house for her nephew now." "Mnnrjco Dnran, who lost his wife sornd years ago? A silly little woman with a temper, as I remember her. A daughter of Lord Ashborough's." "Yes. The wife was Insupportable to a degree. Well—he lives with hJs aunt now. Ami what on earth Mllllcent could see la Fanny Durau to make lior miss to-day's concert Is more than I can. conceive; sometimes that girl worries mo beyond belief." "Well, I think it was very nice of her," returns Lady "Valworth, pleasantly. "Few girls nowadays would give even a thought to an old woman like Fanny. Yes, it was kind of her." She taps her spoon softly against the edge of her cup, and tells herself that this niece of hers—so soon to bo her daughter- in-law—is indeed A treasure to be desired. "I dare say .you are right," she says. "And as to Nadlno Roche, that little friend of hers, I have wanted to say a •word to you about her for some time. She is such a sweet girl—so gentle, so thoroughly bred—but poor, you know. Her father, Gen. Roche, died suddenly, and there was no provision for the family —a very 'usual thing with military men —and so tho poor child has to give lessons to eke out the slender Income that she and her mother possess." "A sod story—but hardly an uncommon one. You suggested that I could help her—that you, wished to enlist my sympathies with regard to her, but as yet I hardly see how I can be of, use. If money"—— "Oh I no. Nothing at allot that sort. But of lato it has seemed to me that she is looking pale; and, now that the season is drawing to a close, and Mllli- corit and I are to go to you to tho park, I think it would be very good of you if you would ask the poor child there, too, If only to give her a breath of fresh air. She is looking really ill, it strikes me, and, if you could put her up for a bit, I know it would delight Milllcont." "Why, ot course—of course," says kindly Lady Valworth. "Anything to pleasa dear Mlllicont; and, besides, all yon have said about Miss Rocho quite interests mo." "She is, well worth your interest," be- na Mrs. Brand .warmly, when foot- itops on the landing outside chock her. "Ahl hero she comes, probably. Now you will be able to see for yourself what a remarkably charming creature she is." The door, opening, admits tho two girls. Milllcont smiling, and a little mischievous perhaps, as a sort'of armor against the scolding Impending. . Nadlno calm and gentle as usual. Lady Valworth, as'she takes i,er hand, holds it kindly, Mid gazes long into the girl's lovely face. Her bluo eyes, innocent as a summer jtey, her soft waving hair, the charm of dor mobile mouth, nil make a deep Impression upon the mother of Granit Boyle. "Mrs. Brand tolls mo you are looking pale, my dear," she begins, drawing the girl down upon the seat near her; "that London smoko has' robbed you of all yonr pretty roses. I cannot speak from my jwn experience, of course, os'thls is the first time wo have met, but it seems to me that a pretty ohild liko you should not have such sorrowful eyes." Nadine laughs a little, but tho tears rise as she docs so to tho "sorrowful eyes." i"Are you strong—are you well?" goes on Lady Valworth, still keeping possession of tho girl's hand. "I think so. You are very good. To iroublo yourself at all about mo is very dnd. And Indeed there IB nothing tho matter with mo—except—except that Boinotlmes I feol a little tired." "Tired. Ahl yes, I see. Well, there 8 ft little scheme afloat about you. A tluy conspiracy, let me tell you. Have rou over hoard of Vul worth Park? Yes I ;t Is a very pretty place, I will allow, and one calculated to bring back tho blushes » palu chocks," touching Nodlno's faco as she speaks. "Well I What do you hllik of our scheme? Will you liko to come to mo to the park for a week or two?" 'To go to tho country—to BOO again tho froon llelds—the trees—the llowors," jronthcs Nadlno. faintly. "And more than that," laughs Lady Valworth gayly. "You slmll not bo left .0 tho lambs for company. Milllceut s coming to mo, too, ami a good many ithors. Some frotmls of yours. Mr, Durnn ami his Ittllo Clytlo, for example." Whore are the pule cheeks now, tho unguld lids? Gone. Uplifted ore tho lc]«, aud from beneath them two great, eager, sparkling eyes gleam forth. "It IB true, my dear," chatters on her adj'Hhlp, pleusod with tho oll'out her (in- louncomunt in having on tho pretty ohild bosldo her, though she entirely misunderstands the pretty child's agitation, "I ilways have my house full In August, or tunny ruusonn. For one, tho KTOUBOJ 'or another, because Capt. Boyle's birthday (my BOH, my deivr) occurs in Au- fust, and I always give my big danco >neu." Bho umilos charmingly and puts I Sadlne'H hand as though tho mention of tor Immtuomu tun is nwcel to her, "So you Bt>e you swill not bo compelled to a irony tete-a-tete with an old woman. You Hindi have youth to make you merry • t»V« tired look out of your ' pretty oyes. Though I regret my son will not i>o with us until tho seventeenth, tho evening of his birthday fete—Just barely in time for It, In fact." "He Is going away?" murmurs Nn- dltio, by wny ot making conversation, though, In truth, she hears little, and emu think of nothing hut that Maurice Unran IH to l>o at tho park tit the time for which (the lias been invited. Can she accept tlie Invitation? Drtro she? But, oh I Iiow good u thing it would bo (o be near him. for a whole week—perhaps a fortnight! "Yes," Lnily Valwnrth Is saying apropos her son "ho Is going abroad to Switzerland, ho tells me, with some bachelor friends of bin. Of course ho has many friends. When you meet him," with a proud smils, "you will understand that. Ami so you wilt come, my dear? Mllli- tent, I hear, will bo I neon soluble If yon refuse." "t—I should like It"—begins Nadine stammering and faltering, afraid to refuse nfraiil (far nioro afraid) to accept, that little struggle with her conscience not being yet ended. "Thou that's all right," declares Lady Valworth heart lly mistaking her indecision for shyness, "Mlllicont, darling,' calling to Miss Grey, who 1ms just come olf victorious in an encounter with her auntie, who lins, at tho close of it, found herxelf declaring, very much against her bettor judgment, that Gcnild Mossareeno, for a pauper, ia a wonderfully well regulated young man, and that., oC course, there WHS no harm in Miss Grey's meeting him at Miss Puran's afternoons. "So long as you remember you are engaged to your cousin," she winds up, desperately. Mis» Grey shrugs her shoulders and nods acquiescence. The time is not yet ripe, she tolls herself, for springing the entire (ruth "upon her already too distressed aunt." AB she finishes thin remarkable sentence in her own mind she laughs and assures herself that the lessons Iri German have uut been entirely wiuitcd I •"Mlllicont. darling," calls Lady Val- wortli, and XTillicent, starting slightly, turns to her, "your little friend here has promised to come to me on the ilfth. That is the lay on which you have deckled, is it not?" looking at Mrs. Brand. "Of course, my dear," to Nudino, "It will bo nicer and more comfortable for you to travel with Mrs. Brand." "Of course," says Mrs. Brand, and so the discussion ends. Nadino's conscience, whether. satisfied or not, is forbidden further interference. All management iu tho affair has been taken out of hfcr hands. She is feeling depressed and rather nervous. Rising, as Millicent comes toward her, she bids a solt but hasty adieu to Lady Valworth. "So soon, Nadine?" says Mrs, Brand. "Why, Lady Valworth has not had time to grow accustomed oven to your face yet. Could you not stay and dine? You so seldom come to us on an off day, one that is separate from your Gorman, that I should like to keep you to-night." "Yes, do stay, Nadine," entreats Millicent. . "You need not mind your gown," says Mrs. Brand. "There will be nobody but Capt. Boyle." "Thank you. Not to-night. Mamma would be uneasy if she did not know what had kept mo," returns Nadine, gently. She would another time have been delighted to stay, but now she longs only for the moment when she shall find herself alone, that she may think without interruption of this strange joy —this happiness half fear—that has been offered to her. The entrance of other visitors cheeks further solicitations from Mrs. Brand and Mlllicont, and, pressing the latter's hand gently, she slips past her. and runs down the staircase into the hall. The sound of some ono whistling as she reaches it attracts her attention. Look- Ing round, she sees a young man, with Us back turned to her, bending over a letter under the center lamp. Her footstep, light always, had been unheard upon the carpet of he stairs, but now, as. it reaches the marble beneath, .a faint click makes Itself known. Tho young man, turning sharply, looks at her. He is standing exactly beneath the lamp, so ihat his face Is distinctly visible. It is Paul Annorleyl Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every person who ms uaed Boscheo's Gorman Syrup to et its wonderful qualities be known to heir friends in curing Consumption, Jovore Coughs, Croup, Asthma, 'neumoma, and in fact all turuat and ung diseases. >)o person can .use it without immediate relief. Throe doses will relieve any case, aud we consider it he duty of all druggists to recommend, t to the poor, dying consumptive, at east to try'ono bottle, as 80,000 dozen Kittles wore sold last year, and no ono mse where it failed was reported. Such i medicine as tho German Syrup cannot bo too widely known. Ask your Irugglst about It. Sample bottles to try, old at 10 cents. Regular size, 75 cents. Sold by all druggists ana dealers, m tho Jnitod States and Canada. }a3 dw oow ly i Tho Jtulc/e; A. coquette is liko a war •oteran—she goes through many on- Como, gentle spring, ethereal mildness, ome. ,'niean the Kieo Coll Spring, with which you hum Over the roughest roads, and laugh to CO low small a thing can give you so much glee. dwlw Life; Nature is already having her icld sports. The first event is a back- vard spring. Colic. Persons, and especially children, arc nbjoot to this agonf/.ing complaint, vhleh often comes on suddenly in the ight and without any previous waning. Simmons Liver Regulator should Iways be at hand. A single dose will onorally allay tho pain. It never falls n giving relief. It is harmless, and an bo given with safety to a child of :io tondurost ago. tu tli s wk The Judge. Somo women never want o marry until men think they are too Id to do so. Ayer's Pills arc tho best cathartic for arrowing irregularities ol tho stomach nd bowels, Goutlo, yet thorough in iclr action, they euro constipation, tlmulate tho appetite and digestive rgaus, and utrengthen tho system. , May ;l, '87 Farmers ore busy planting corn. The mill has shut down. But wo hope to Boo It running axain soon. There was a KOiitloinan trom Alton Juno lion looking at- tlio property which Mr, J. II liitlblo bought a fo\v wooks UKO. Ho spoki very favorably of tho place, and, we hear, In •will open a store or a aaloon, Wo would nmoh rather Imvo tho store. About ton couple surprised Mr. null Mrs Miirtin Thompson last Thursday evening,nm from nil reports, they had an "Imtnensi time." . PERSONAL—Mri. 11. Wortmunn, of Iowa, is visiting nor parents, Mr. ana Mrs. E. Orloble Deputy HhovtlE Dillon was lit homo iv coupli of <lnys last weak, M188 Emmn llmmnort.ot Alton, is the sues of tlio Sllsaos LobWff tills wook. S1I88 Prossy, of Froopoi't, 111., In visiting relatives at tho burg, Mr. Docutnr foster, of Gainesville, Toxa arrived homo lust Friday, Ito has boon in Texas for tho paat olovou yoare, Ito report that some parts of the Stfttn avo very dry, no having liad any rain for over olKhtooi months. • Mr. and Mrs. K. Ashlook and Mrs. II. Hum THUS spout a tew days with friends iu St. Ixjiil, last week. James flumes arrived homo last week. Mr. nudMrs. 0. L. Tltehonal vlsttod tholi parents ot tho burg liiHt Sunday. Last Saturday night several of tho bovs go snowed In, but nil woro out Sunday morning Tho rnUoon belonging to Mr. J. U Gregory will bo sold nt Ooustnblo'o sale the Otli of this mouth. Now la the time for some buslnu9. L man to buy tbat building nnd start a store Wo think the booui lius etruolc this plnue a last. SPAVIN. Their Business Booming;. Probably no one thing has causot! such a general revival of trado at K Marsh's Drug | Store as tho giving away to his customers of so many froe trial bottles of Dr. King's New Uiseov- ory for Consumption. His trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from tho fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and ;al throat and lung disoasss quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a. trial bottle free, large size $1. Every bottle warranted. my 1 d w 1m Bruce Up. You are feeling depressed, your & petite is poor, you arn bothered with headache, iyou are iidgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which! have for their baais very cheap bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you m worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action ol JUver and Kidneys, restore your vitality and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will iind in Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at E; Marsh's Drug Store. my 1 dw 1 rn BncKien'B Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruises, Bores.u.oers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akm eruptions, and. positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by 15. Marsh, Alton. 111. mch7dwlm New Haven News. A burglar generally makes iu's homernn after he reaches the plate. "Can't oat a thing." Hood's Sarsaparilla is a wonderful medicine for creating an appetite, regulating digestion, and giving strength. 7 That feeling of weariness, so often experienced in the spring, results from a sluggish condition of the blood which being impure, does not quicken with the changing season. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, by vitalizing and cleansing the blood, strengthens and invigorated tho system. dwlw We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; wo do not first squeeze tha fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. 6ILVEB SOAP Is made Of FCRK TAL. tow, by a clean process, and can bu used freely without danger of having tho skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOOB GROCER FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO, ST. LOUlS. MO. This paper In kept on Olo at tlio office (ft ADVERTISING 'GENTS TJME8BU1LDIKQ gfffilSj PHILftDElPHIA. fj's mm Maw when tho blidn begin to 5)iotr, 'Tl» tlmo for young ami old to know That I'ewns.&uuMiKlimml ull Tlju Ills at JaiUoftllont cull, Will" every trouble, ni'ho or pain, * train, Will Matter llkp tho tliloTM of night Butoro u dmuglit ol Doltiur brlulii. MOST PERFECT. MADE Prepared with strict roRRrd to Parity, Strength, i»m 1 IcaltlifiilticsB. Dr.O'rlco'e Dnking rowdpr conUIn no Aram >mltt,Limo.Alum or Plion 6 KitraotB, Vanillft, tomon, etc,, flavor deUclouely. WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UKllKKSENTING THK FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Oo.'s? Inn. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlludolyliia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Continental; Girard; i Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, 'Western Assurance Oo; AND OTHEKS: A OA8U CAPITA! IN THE AGGREGATE Off $20,000,000. WK AfcSO KKPEESBNT TUB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident lua. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Jtor Solo. Flvo building lots on Alby and Market streets, botwouii Touch and Twelfth streets. WlllI'l'LE & SSI1USY. Jfor Sale,. Lime kiln, In good running order, with quaviy ,uud 12 neves of laud, more or less, known ad the Shelly tract. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. I'or Rent. A two story brlek dwelling known as tho A. Platt homestead; lately pat In good repair. WIIIPPLE &. SMILEY. fine Residence for Sale. The late U. DoBow homestead, now owned by SI. U. Underwood, situated on lino ol noreo railway, in Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnnco, and good out buildings, two aeroa ot ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion ol sale. WIIIPPLE & SSIILKY. ITor Bent. Two-story house and good stable on Oom mou street. Good fruit. WHIFFLE & SUILEV. ' For Sale or uuut. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 9. J.Dutro. WHIPPLE &SUILKY. For bal* The late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill St., two ot ti.n best pieces ol residence property In Alton. Tne property known as "The Park, east of above; It lots on Mill and Summit streets, (in J a number oi oU in Millar A Mitchell's addition to Alton, Any or all of above at a great bargain. WR1PPLE & SMILEY. For Sale, A 7-room bi-lok dwelling and out buildings oa Thlid street, between Cherry and Vine. & 8M EY, for Rent. Lato residence ot M. J. Noonan on State jtreot. known as tho A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick house, In first class repair. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. for Bale. . The Morriman property on State sti'oo In Miller & Michelt's add., to Alton, 1}< story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlugs; all In pur- toot order. Can bo hud at a bargain. WHIPPU5 4 SMILEY. For Sale or Rout. The 2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms Including: 7 Jots: good barn and flne fiults known as tho Nichols homestead, situated on 12th st,, In a doslraolo neighborhood. WHIPPLB & SMILEY. DciBlrnblo Konldeuoes for Sale, A two story brick dwelling on'State street known as A. Platt homestead, lately put la good repair. A two story frame. dwolHn« oil Main street, nearly now. A two story bnok dwelling on Seventh street, all for solo at a sacrifloo, owner having decided to go ^ WHIPPLE & SMILE/ VP8 1 - Jfor Hale. The Woodroof property. A 2 story frame liouso of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a I room frame house on Fifth stroot. __ . WJIIVFLB & SMILEY. WATCHSPRING With sliding' Dctacliable Springs. e^TUcttcr than Wlmlcboue or Horn,.&3 and sruarantced never to break. Price, $1.35. For tale by leading 1 vrfiolowlo aaif retail eitab- MAYER, 8TROU8E&CO. 12 Broadway, N. Y.. ManufacHirere. , ILL... Augvfet Si8, 1886. Wo feel wo must •write something of the success of Hop Blttbw, Their, Bale 1« llirtbbld that of iinv dtlior article of medl. clue. Hctico wo fool U but justlcojto you nnd your Bitters to my that It is rt medicine of real merit and virtue, mid' doing much good and cffocl.lng groat : iCHrcH. Yours,'.&H. B. UTIiliY. Oino, Fob. ,11, '1884. I am very gliul to say I have tried Hop Bitters, nnd never look anything Hint did Wo its much good. I only took Uvo bottles olid I would not laleo ^lOO for tho good they did inc. I recoiniiiend them, to my patients, and get tbo boat of results from, tuelruso. C. B. MBIlCEKj M.D. Nmr HAVKN, CO^H-., Sept. 1C, 1883. Wo tftlto plciisttrc in giving you u notlco and a nice, strong oilc, as it (Hop Bitters) (loservc'3 it. Wo usa It, ami wo know it dusovvcs It.— The llegister, " ' i " ' - (,.. / ,. Feb. .ti, : 1888. Hoi- Brt'TKUS Co. : ' . : Sirs— I wns given up by tha doctors to dio of scrofula consumption! Two bottles of your Bitters cured uie. They rtro, hav- iiig a large sale hcru. QREHNWICU, N Y., Fel),10MEi8.", Hop Bitters nro i\io niost Vnlnuhlo medicine I ever know. I sliould not havu.'iiny mother now but for tlicni. HENRY KNAPP. LONE JACK, JIo., Sept. 14, '188(5. I have boon using Hop Bitters, rind have received great benefit from thorn for liver complaint and maltiriul fever. They arc superior to all other medicines. P. M. BARNES. KALAMAZOO. Mien., Feb. 2, 1830. . HOP Brrrisus Mm. Co. : ; I know Hop Bitters will bear 'recommendation honestly. 'AD who use 'thorn. confer upon them the highest .encomiums and give them credit for mukingcures— nil tho proprietors claim for them, I: have kept them since they were first offered to tho public. They '.took high rank 'from thenrst, aud maiu turned it, and are-more called for tliau all others combined.: So long as they keep up their High reputation for,purity and Usefulness I shall continue to recommend them — something I, bavo never done before with any patent medicine. , J. J. BABOOOK, Physician and Druggist. KAHOKA, Mo., Feb. 0, 188(5.' I. purchased :flvo bottles of your Hop Bitters of Bishop & Co. last fall, for my daughter, and am well pleased with tho Bitters. They did her more good than all the medicine she has taken for six years. WM. T. McCLURE. The above is from a very reliable farmer, whoso daughter was in poor health for seven or eight years, and could obtain no relief until she used Hop Bitters. She ia now in as good health ns any person In, this country. We have large sales, and they are making remarkable cures. W. H. BISHOP & CO. RAILWAY T1S1K TABLE. CHICAGO ANl> ALTON. On and after Sunday, May list, 1887, train* on the Chicago nnd Alton ratlro»d, will luav« the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ai follows: B"or Clilongo and the Hastj Chicago Mail* 0:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation* 6:00 p. ID Lightning Express* 0:10 p. m rcoria and Book Island Fast Unet,9:00 a. m For JaoksonvlUe, Keokufe, Qatncy r Kan* \Btm City,and all points west. KansasOity Mall* B:00a.m. Kansas Olty Express*, ,..„..... .... 9:10 p. ns Denver Expi essf 7:10 p. m. Jaoiaou-rtlloAecommodiitlonf..-. 7:10p. m. For St. Louis i Lightning Express*....,.. ,0:46 a.m Ohluago Aocommodtttloa*. 8:80 a. ra Alton Snaclolt i..... .....12:06p. m Kansas Olty Mall*...,. ,i.,..;B:dOp. w OhlcouoMaUt.... 0:20p. in TKAIKS LEAVE ST. LODI8 UNION DEP01 50E ALTON. C M a.m. \R 00p.m. ,50p.m. *, (8 ts a. m. Sundays only). •Daily jExcept Sunday. S. D. REEVE, Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. Nonius, Ticket Aaont. > Sheriff's Sale. Jcnnlo E. Depry j vs. f Execution No. 890. Franklin Depry. ) fee bill No. Uy virtue of antexooutlon.lntills case Issued out of the clerk's onloo of the Olrouit Court of' Madison oounty.Illinols, directed to the Slier Iff of said county,1 have levied upon all the right, title anas interest |of tlio defendant In and to tho following property, situate in tho county of Madison and State oi Illinois, and described as follows, to-wlt: Two 1121 rods off of the north side of lot So. live (6), iu block No. six (0), In E, Lontr's addition to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of the south sldo of lot No. six (W, In said block No. six (6) in said addition. Said two t8) pieces of land fronting four (4| rods on Main street In said town aud running back oustwardly tho entire depth of said lots, aud situated In the town ol Upper Alton, In tho county of Madison, in tho State ol Illinois, which I v»Ul ox- pose at 1'iiblio sale, to tho highest bidder, for cash, on FIUDAY, T1IE TWENTIETH DAY OF MAY A. l)., 1887, . between tho hours of » o'clock In the forenoon and sundown; to-wlt: at 10 o'clock, a. m., of sold day, in tront ot tho north front door of tho City Hall building, In tho olty of Alton, iu tho county and Stuto aforesaid, to satisfy said execution together with costs. B. A. JHJIUOa, Sheriff of Madison comity, 111, BY G. F. OROWE, Deputy. • 17 dtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Kstatoof Henrietta M, Born, doooasod, Tho undersigned, having boon appointed Executor of tho lost will and tea- fttinont qt Uenrletto M. Born, late of _ the county of Mndlson and Mate of IJHrtOfs.doccaaod, hereby ({lyoanotice thutjlie will appear before tho County Court if Madison county, at the court house, in Hdwardsvillo, at the Juno term, on tho third Monday in Juno next, at whioli time Ml! persons having olftlma autvinst said'-,estate wo, notified and requested to attend for the pur- poseof haying tlio same adjusted. All persons indebted to Bald estate are roquobted totauko immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated thin litn day of April, A.D. 1887. WILLIAM sdNNTAG, ildlw Kxooutor. 1ALL Now and Beautiful DuBigiiS just arrived aud arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A. Specialty, from Small to Largest Wines. At tho old rsllablo IIOUSE-I'AINTINO und UKOOUATING OitttbllHUinont o{ NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. lublliiam

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