Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 5, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1887
Page 3
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fc CO ^HOLDEN'S, STATIONERY, I Second stroot.uoar t corner ot Henry —FOU— FINE SuoU as Orane'B Floral. Whiting's Standard 1'uuors, Ilurlbut's FronoH Linens. Eclipse , Hogged Edge, Kllto Ragged Edge, Balmoral c Linen, Griffin's Linen, Turkey Laid Lluon, S P«dOH Blow, Mikado, Charred Edoro, Cream j LulUi Mourning Note, and a largo assortment tot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. £ Uennlson's Wax and Seals, School Tablets end 8tatlonery.___ : docfldwly ALTON DAILT TELEGRAPH. PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! ON TIME PAYMENTS r ^ CHEAP JfOROASU _ !v Mnnoa and Organs tuned an* repaired .Sow- i Ing Machines repaired. Supplies for nU Maf ollinOB. N. D. IiAalUlUliUA., 1 Music Dealer. -Third, street, nearly opposite • Belle, Alton 111. ''""'" THURSDAY EVK., MAY 6. NOTlpK TO t'or Mie yeer 1887 wo shall charge the following raten lot transient notice* In our local columns: ' Ptr,Unt. Blnpila Inaoi-tlon , . , 10 cents. Three to flva Insertions, , . 7 " biz to twelve Insertions, , . 6 " KATES OP ADVERTtSlNfl! TIIANSUENT.—W^Tr.cents per inch tot Insertion, and TWRNTit-XIVE cents par inch for each subsequent insertion. ,. . 13 por Inch first .month, $1.60 per Inch .each month thereafter. JJSBAIj ADVERTISING: 4 per inch tor tho first Insertion, and So cents por inch tor each subsoqaienl insertion. fff Above rates will bo strictly adhered to. THE DAILY TKI.EGHA.riI 18 delivered by carriers to all parts of tho olty of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $6,20 per year. TIIlS TELEGRAPH has the largest circulation ol any paper In Alton, and Is tho best medium for advertisers. OoiwER THIRD AND PUBA. STREETS. TELEPHONIC No. 38. . ,. For Sale—A fresh milch cow, good, stock. Apply at this office. 3 3* BUNKKK HILL boom, is advertising for a You can not now miss it Bonnets, at the Globe. In Hats or tu th f wk THE Godfrey creamery turns out 1,000 pounds of butter daily. : LAKGE [quantities of asparagus are now being shlppnd from this section. WITH favorable weather strawberries will be ripe in about a week. 'WEEKLY TKLKaRAPH for the current week for sale at this office and the book' store; '- FOR RENT—Residence on State street, near water tank, six rooms and cellar. Apply to Mrs. Wm. Hope, on premises. ' •''.'-. , /: : '•'• ' 42 is expecting from her projected coal she will strike it rich. great results mine. Hope THE real estate sales in;,J this county for the week ending April 30th, amounted to $41,283. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. PUCK describes an unknown quantity as "what you get when you buy a quart box of strawberries". FOB RENT—Four .nice unfurnished rooms; also two furnished rooms, cornei of Second and Easton streets. 2 6* JAY Gould intends erecting a nine story building, corner of Seventh and Chestnut; streets, St. Louis, to cost $500,000. THE Alton Roller Milling Co. shipped. 150 barrels of flour, Monday evening, per steamer Hudson. INDICATIONS for Illinois: Generally warmer, fair weather; succeeded by local rains; winds shitting to westerly and becoming variable. For Rent—The 10 room brick dwelling, corner Alby and Twelfth streets. It is in first class condition. Apply to Whipple & Smiley. 33 ANOTHKiivery heavy rain fell last nijjht. This vicinity now has all the moisture it needs for somo lime to come. WATCH .*OB THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S COB. BUILDING, HENBT ST., AT BIUS. I). HEITKAMP'S, All kinds of Fancy, Hand mado,.KnIt audOro- cn >t goods. IIoodB.Tobaggaus andMUs. Men's Scarfs and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. 'Plain and Family Sowing and Stamping Done. Oomo and give us u coll- Oon't for«et the place /IncO'lwlv Lucas Pfeifienberger HON. N. W. Edwards thinks that there ought to be a formal "unveiling" of the Pierre Menard statue, find suggests Judgo "Hal" Baker, of Alton, as orator for the occasion.— Eds, Intelli* qencer, The suggestion is a good one. Judge Baker, We believe, la a uktiro of Kaskaa- kia, Menard's old home. RUNAWAY.—As tho band returned playing from tho funeral .yesterday afternoon, Dr. llaskoll's horse, hitched near bis office on Second street, seemed so unapprdclfUivn of tho dulcet strains that it reared, charged, finally broke the halter and started off on a run. The animal circled around City Hall, ran up Plasa struct through Third and was finally caught on State street. It is needless to say that the buggy, to which tho horse was attached, accompanied the "procession," as did also another horse, with a buggy, that started on Third street. Fortunately no great damage was caused by the runaways. ' SURPRISE PARTY—Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Gray were surprised last evening, at their residence on Fourth street, by the Bouquet, or "C. F. Club," about SO In number. That the unexpected guests were received with due hospitality, and that the occasion was one lone: to be remembered on account of tho social enjoyment, goes without saying. Games, amusements and recreations served to pass the hours most agreeably to all present, and a bountiful impromptu repast, arranged and served as "surprising" ladies only know how, was a feature not to be forgotten. A number of new members were admitted to the mysterious organization. FUNEHAL OF 0, HOKAT.—The funeral of Mr.Clemens Horat took place at 2 o'clock yesterday from tho family residence on Bella street with a large attendance, Rev. Buehner of the German M. B. churob, officiating. Tho procession, headed by Gossrau's band included Germama Lodge, A. F. and A. M. marshaled by Capt. F. Ru- dershausen and the German Benevolent Society under the direciionj of John Mold. A furled banner draped with black was carried in front of the societies. The Masonic burial ritual was pronounced at the grave by Mr. C. Wuerker, Master of Germania Lodge, with slow music by the band at intervals. The casket was decked with beautiful floral offerings, and bore a silver plate inscribed "Our Father." The bearers were; John Sohoefller, Jos. Schollmeier, Eugene Santsohi, of Germania Lodge, and F. flack, 3. Kramer and P. Guertler, of the Benevolent Society. THE ALTON JJRIJJUK. $1800, hundreds of dollars, $1800. More Millinery just received, at ttlobe. . tn th f wk A complete line of Spring and Sum* mer Goods for (rent's Wear, lately re- coivad by 11. C, ,G. Moritz, Third street. mohlT tf Mayor M'Pike went to St. Louis - this morning and sends us the following dispatch this afternoon: To Alton Telegraph: ST. Louis, May 6, There is no shadow of doubt as to the immediate construction of the Central Missouri R. R. Snd the bridge. AH the engineers, including Col. Cortholl, are today at St. Charles. H. G. M'PIKE. Notice. The committee on Streets and Alleys will meet at 9 o'clock a. m., at tho ofBce of the City Clerk on Saturday, May 7, '87. J. E. CorriNQEB, 52 Chairman. ARCHITECT, THE Plow Works will close Saturday fora two week's renovation and taking account of stock, after which operations will be continued through the entire season. PERSONAL. Mr. Gao. Booth, of Chicago, Is in town oo his way to California, Miss Louisa A. Selbold is teaching the school connected with the Evangelical church. Mayor M'Piko left for St. Louis this morning to moot the Directors of tho Central Missouri. Mr. D. Jenkins, of Springfield, sends us a synoposls of tho Ilouso Bills and tho Senate bills in the. house. Mr. F. Schlelle bos boon re-appointed on tbe police force. Ho has always been faithful and efficient. Rov. J. Gruosslo, of the Evangelical church, will proaoh his farewell discourse next Sunday, having accepted the call of a church at Rookford. Alderman. Armstrong was in Grafton yesterday and reports that tho business men there believe that the railroad will be extended from Elsah to Alton this summer. Mr. Daniel Williams, of St. Louis, formerly a resident here, was in town today. He came on account of the sickness of his mother, who was attack-, ed with illness while visiting Alton friends. from UHIGIITON. Tho ram for.the last few days gives the farmers a rest, considerable corn planted but more to go m yet. Mr. Oscar Chase has returned an extended tour via Arizona to California. He was well pleased with the trip. Mr. Will Palmer has fitted up a nice room on* Main street, and will-'do the "watch repairing" for any and all. Mr. George Hi) lard had a fine horse badly cut about the legs by running against a wire fence. Dr. J. T. Dickerson and son are keeping pace with the times. They have painted their large store and hall building, and are cutting an arch from the drug store to the next room south where they intend putting in a stock of notions, groceries and hardware. Mr. John Turbett and family of Ohio have taken up their residence in town, and are domiciled with his brother James. ; ' Mr. N. J. Stratton has moved his barn and made other improvements on his place. There seems to be a mania for painti ing infancy colors on houses tkis Spring ;^as for me, any color so its white. Mrs. I. Albro is quite feeble from sickness which has kept her confined to' her room for some time past. Mr. Geo. W. Hilhard killed two foxes on his farm last week. They had their nest in a hay stack. One measured 3 feet 2 inches from tip to tip. Mr. D. Blodgett, though very feeble is able to be out in pleasant weather. Potatoes are slow in getting their eyes open but they are looking up. Rev. W. A. Colledge, Pastor of the Congregation'al church, ^tendered his resignation to that church and it was •accepted last week. Oh, dear, school closes next week, and then?" VED1. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, OfIIcc onThird st.,oiio door west of Plaaa, third floor. ME SUPPLIES. Oils. Needles, and Parts of all all Machines. We have now the B, & GK Howe Shuttles, Also Turkish Bug Patterns . and Machines. E. H. MOULDING. mcU'JMw VOK Ocean Passage Tickets AtLOWKHT IlATUSOf tllO AHD, WlllTB BTAft, and AiXAN LINK); also of all UKHMAN Mid FUKNOU LINKS Apply to UVDK1WHAUHKN S SONWTAG, Alton, Hi, RBAL ESTATE SALEs.---Mrs. E. S. Billings has sold to David Jones, w d, pt lot 2 blk 1, C. Howard's add. Alton, $1,466. Cbas. Holden, Jr., has sold to J. S. Roper w d, n 1-2 lots 1 and 2 and 56 ft n pt w pt lot 3 blk 19, Alton, $000. Fon RENT—A seven room house on Fourth street, between Goorgo and Langilon. For particulars apply on the promises or to J M. Ryrie. dtf MAKIUKD—At the residence 'of Wm. Baker. Esq., near Fostorburg, May 4th, by Rev. Dr. Bulkloy, Mr. Richard Taylor, and Miss Nellie Baker, both of Fosterburg. Tho wedding was very quiet. The happy couple left in the evening -for tho homo of tho bridegroom. TUB BOOM—Tho steamer Mike Davis, with Richards' «lvous, urrlvod at tho levoo this morning. Two citizens wore viewing tho craft when ono asked tho other, "What does tuatrnoanP" •JThat," responded the gentleman to whom the inquiry was addressed, "that vessel contains tho advance agent of 'boom,' and wo may now expect things to fairly hum In tho Bluff City," Tlio lady that wanted tbat particular shape hat can now got it at the Globe, as it received hundreds of new shapes nuil stylos this day. Coino and soo them sure. tu th f wk DIED. In Kane county, 111., April 28th, of consumption, Mrs. Hulda, widow of the late H. W. Wertmann, aged 72 years. Mrs. Wortmann was a sister of Mr. M. V \V. Robinson, of East Nowberu, Jersey county, well known to many of our readers. Out of ten brothers and sisters seven were present at the funeral which took place on the 29lh ult. Mrs. Wortmaun was au estimable lady, a member of the Baptist church from childhood. Her husband'died ton years ago. She loaves a largo family of chil dren all of adult years. Notice. Tho office of the Alton Water Works company has been moved to Kane's Plumbing shop, on Second stroot,where the undersigned can bo found ;by all having business with the company. T. A. TAVI.OK, 6 3 Superintendent. For Kent. On Fourth street, south side, between George and Langdon, brick house. Inquire oFMr. Beum,ad1acent house.— Alfred Browne. -. ap26tf Monoy to loan on improved mrrn property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPI.B& SMILEY. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is tho presorptiou of one of tho best fotmvlo nurses and physicians m tho United Status, and has boon used for forty years with never- failing 8UCC03S by millions of mothers for their children. During tho process of toothing iw value is incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and clmvrhum, griping in tho bowels, and wind-oollo. By giving health to tho ohlld it rests the mother Price 26o H bottlo la 16 in w t>wk THE CENTRAL MISSOURI. We FJBEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLORS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Preliminary Work. (St. Charles Cosmos.) Sonic lifteon or twenty men, in charge of engineers, left last Monday morning for a point about.five mites above town to make soundings of the river bed ii regard to tho Central Missouri tailroac bridge. Next week Mr. Scott, a rail road contractor of considerable exper ience, commences the work of constructing a road bod from tho foot o Adams street, going on wostwarc through the county. His teams am outfit arc now on the way, and if no unforseen difficulty arises tho contrac tor will do his work speedily and well. Col, Hayward lias written to parties here, that while ho was umiblc to make any official announcement re garding the Alton route, he could confidently state that the road would go on through to Alton at once, indopeudon of the branch in to St. Louis. Mr. Scott, the contractor, Is hen now, and Col. Hayward is on route tc this point from New York and will b mot by Ed. Hayward and M»j. Clark who are superintending matters in tU upper part of the county, at the Gal house today. A good locomotive and a small tram oi cars, used by a lumbo linn in liannibal, will probably b purchased and used for eonsuuutloi work at this '.point and vicinity. Al doubt as to the construction of this roti is now at an end. It is tho bigges thing that has occurred to St. Clmrlo for years and a big jubilee will soon b In order. To Ulsloilge the Kiiemy. Whou It takes thu form of dUouse of the kid nova or bladder. IK a tank wull nigh linposul bio of ncconipllulimoiit. liimul ami voslci UMUndlea tu'o movu obsllimto than any o thorn Counteract, therefore, the earliest Indication of Inaotlvlty of tlio many orRuns with lloslet tor'dStoinaoli Dlttors, which ]>oenoBBOB, union otlior oxcollant qiiitlltlo«, thoao of un clllelei diuretic. Tha degree of stimulation anpiiiei from HUUBO leiioheH ljut never gooa beyon tho bounds of safety. It Invigorates ftlwuyi never Iri'ltntoa. llrlulit'N dlueauo, dlubotoi cnturrh ol the bhultler, uru dlsoiuios BUOOOWI fully couibiittedlutlioU'lnolpluuuy with til bQiilRif inodloluul stimulant andtonlo. Do aides reinforcing uud rogulutliig the kidney und bladder, tho lllttera Is u speolllo tor low und ague, conatlputlon and dyspepsia, Dress AT 9 How Tl 0 Pn & bail U. IT. uO, WHITE ROSE. JOCKEY CLUB. PANSY BLOSSOM. STEPHANOTES. COLOGNE and VIOLET. VICTORIA. FRANGIPANNI. MIKADO COLOGNE BAY RUM in bulk. —GO TO— SEELY&SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc, A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies* Remember the TlllLCe * THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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