Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 5, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1887
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 5, 1887. NUMBER U The Importance of purifying tlio Wood ctin- ||not bo overestimated', for without pure blood JBtyoti cannot enjoy good health. • *;: At tills season nearly every ono needs a Igood modlctao to purify, vitalize, and enrich blood, and \yo ask you to try Hood's _./Milioi> Sarsaparllla.' It strengthens GlAlllar ani i builds up the system, : creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, hvhllo It' eradicates disease. Tho peculiar | combination, proportion, and preparation |.of the -''.vegetable' remedies used give to I Hood's Sarsivparllla^pecul- •¥•/">' Iteolf | lar curative powers. No *'U lloCIl I otherrncdlcliiehaaBucli arecort of wonderful fV cures. If. you have made up yonr mind to ;-. buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not ho Induced to i; take any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar | Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. ? Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. I; Prepared by 0. 1. Hood Si Co., v l/owcll, Mass. I IOO Doses One Dollar MEDA1, f ABIS, 1878. BAKEifS Wnrlrpnled absolutely pur.' Coeoa, from which tlio excess of Oil hoe been removed. It boa three, times the strength of Cocoa mixed .with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and la therefore far more economical, costing less than one ctnt a II 1« delicious, now-lulling, gthoniu^, easily digested, and ttdmlrhbly adapted for Invalids »» well oa for peraonH In health. Sold by. Grocers everywhere. & COr, Dorchester^ lass, I JOSEPH JAttKfiTT'8 IVEKY STABLE) FBONT STBKET, BETWEEN ALBYANDKASTON. • • • - U.MNOI rnvlrtlv 'AKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. ,„ ios intending to buy Eoal Estate lathe |> elty ol Alton or yiolnity will find it to their |;' Interest to call at the office of Ruderahaugen jp; & Sonntag and examine their list of proper- jg tics for'sale as only a part thereof Is advor- tided. ••'.• opSdwtt GREATEST BARGAINS I I, M.CrandaH's Crockery Store. 'he Finest and Best Porcelain Gups, and Saucers, bOcperset, {Rogumr Prioo;"75ots.) porcelain Plates 60c per set, | andP^ircelain Pitchers, 15 cts- to 50 cts- each. latters and Vegetable Dishes in proportion. Oiest Quality Silver Plated ff Ware and Table Cutlery jAt Reft acecl Prices I for a Few Days. iwtt niyidwt \v. I\'ENSINGEB, jMi, Glazini, Plain and Decorative WORK PROMPTLY ATTKKDKD TO AX Of LOWEST TKKMS. |! OVXTOH AMD 8UO1- ON SECOND ST., NBA.R PIASA ' ALTON. . . . JDLI/ Patents. To ny POTSOUB wiBhlng to obtain lottor nutont on now Invontlons, luiprovoioonts. o dentKna.Iwlll u.xuouto drAwluga and speoin cations mid make appllaatloiui for Fatonfe All oouaultutlon, lu person or by lutto , (no PFBIFFENBEHGliB, TARQID PILES/sflLt RHEUM "-" ~" -'-'- -"BABBBB. A new motliod of torn- "dure aiuuttutoiid, or mouay by (JnnrtiliitB, iiml ut the ollloo of 9 lANDOlPHSt, CHIUQO. I'rltot #1. OODbllEV. GoDpnBT.May 4,1887. Miss Lizzie Widaman went to Jersey villo last Friday to visi,t friends. Miss Jessie Holloway, of DoFu- niak, Fla., is visiting frienda hero at her old home. All are glad to welcome her again. Mr. S. Koeppe, who has been absent for three months in Warren ounty, Mo., frescoing a church, has returned home. Mr. Geo. Martin, of Helena, Mon., visited relatives here last week. Mr. John I). Barry and family, of Litchflcld, made a short visit, to friends here last week and on their return home was accompanied by Miss Vinnic Squire. Mr. Robert Taylor, the obliging clerk of Mr. W. F ( Squire, has gone to Minneapolis, .Minn., to reside. Mr. Ilobt. Stewart will tsjke his place in the store. , Dr. Proctor, of Kane, called on old friends here lately. The crazy tea, at Mrs. L. B. Sidway's, Friday eve., was all that could jave been expected and the universal remark of all was, what a pleasant sime we had, and it could hardly have icon otherwise when the agreeable lostcss and her assistants did all in their power to make it pleasant for all. POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tula powder never varies. A marvel of purity, 1 strength wholosomoneas. More economical' than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold in competition-with the multitude ol low tost, short weight, alnui photfphnto, p Ow . dcrs. SOLD OKLY IN DANS. UOYAL BAIUHO rO\VDERjOO.,10fl Wallst.,N. V. )an3dwly — UALL AT— Crandall's Crockery Store FOll THE LOWEST Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per.set. Good 8-inch Plates, 30c per set. Meat Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 5o to 50c each . Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c per set. -v Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set, JFruit Saucers, lOc per set. ' Fruit Dishes, 5c to 750 each. Handsome Glass Water Sots 90 cts. Beautiful Decorated English Dinner Sets, $15. Handsome Decorated Chamber Sets, 10 pieces, only §2.75 per set. Best quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50 oer set. Triple Plated Forks $1.50 per set THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of Cooking Btovos ever brought to Alton, BUCK'S mULLIANT the BEST GASOLINE STOVE! in tlio market, HUVOB time, labor and monoy. Tlio favorite summer stove with ul! Ihouso- k copers. All sizes, Onll and examine. .1 am iilao prepared to do KooJlijg, Gutter ing, 8 pouting aud all kinds o£ Tin Work, at reasonable prices. A. J. DEGENHARDT, naa WAST sKOOp D STUKET. FIFTH DOOlt WJ5SX 81' BKNBY. «IOHN BAUER, iDKALKU IN AND MANCIFAOTURER FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp, City Hall, ALTON, All kinds ot flue and common lurnltur constantly on liund. Aleo undertaker, ate. LATEST NEWS. The Hawaiian quoen called on the rresidcnl at tho White House, yesterday. Senator Camdeu ha3 withdrawn from the senatorial race in West Virginia. '' Dr. Edward Knox, of Fentries county, Tenn., whipped his son to death. Tho New York Legislature has passed a law requiring all railroads in the State to heat their ears by steam. Jcf£ Davis remarks: "John C. Cfilhoun was my guiding star.'' He seems to be a full moon to President Cleveland. Governor Beaver, of Pennsylvania, devotes his entire pension of $45 a month to chanty. He has a big heart, if he does have only one leg. Fifty thousand of Mrs. Cleveland's photographs have been sold, and the demand for them is still active. Doubtless, the White House photographer is in favor of a second term. The New York mud batteries which begun a vigorous flring at Mr. Blaine will come nearer giving him. a boom than anything that has happened for a whole year. The earthquake in the southwest on Tuesday, was more serious than first reports indicated. It extended from El Paso to California, and also to Guaymas, Mexico. A number of the ladies of Belleville petitioned the School Board to exclude beer stands from the grounds at the public school picnic, but the board said: "No." President Arthur's^jshing outfit is said to have been worfch $5,000, and Bangor, Me., supports an angler whose rig cost §20,000. It is the boy with a bent pin and a piece of cotton twine, however, who gets the most fun out of his fishing tackle. Mrs. Mary L. Barr, who is making a name as a writer of Scotch dialect stories, did ,not begin to write until she was 54. Left without a husband and with four children and only 50' cents, she found, like Fanny Fern, that she could use her pen, and has done so to excellent advantage. Legislature. HOUSE. SPRINGFIELD, 111., May 4—The House Revenue bill was called up this morning per special order, and in consequence of the bill not being printed its Consideration was postponed for one week. The following bills were passed: To prohibit the manufacture and sale of adulterated liquors; requiring Justices of the Peace to flic their bonds with the County Clerk to be recorded; empowering City Councils to license, regulate or suppress transient venders of merchandise; authorizing Recorders of Deeds to make abstracts of title and fixing compensation therefor; providing that masters in chancery shall have power to grant and order the issuing of writs of ,certiorari to remove causes from Justices of the Peace into the proper court, and appropriating 6265,000 for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the Illinois National Guard for the next two years. Mr. Merritt's bill to further define conspiracy and to punish the same and crimes committed in pursuance thereof, and relating to the rate of evidence therein, was passed—yeas 91, nays 36. SENATE. :The House Alien bill was taken up after the reading of the journal per special order, and consideration was postponed for two weeks. Senate appropriation bills on third reading were taken up, per specia d order, nnd tho following were passed: To tho Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, at Chicago, $50,000; for the payment of officers and members of the next General Assembly and expenses of the State Government, $800,000; to aid tho Illinois Dairyman's Association in publishing and distributing its report, 8500 per annum; in aid of the Illinois Horticultural Society, $2,000 per anuuui; to the State Reform School at Pontlac, $50,000 per annum; for the support of the Illinois Institution for tho Education of the Deaf and Dumb, $100,000 per annum; to the Illinois Institution for the Education of the Blind, $30,000; for the State Board of Agriculture, $5,000 per annum; for the payment of promiunia at tho annual State Fair Fat Stock Show, and $5,900 for the payment of salaries of tho Secretary and Clerks, and $1,000 per annum for the use of ouch county or other Agricultural Society j for tho ordinary and other expenses of the Illinois Stato Normal Uuiyoniity at Normal, $21,000; for tho ordinary and other expenses of tho Illinois Eastern Hos- pital for the Insane at Kankakee, $240,000 per annum and $125,000 for needed improvements; for repairing Lincoln monument, $10,000; for the ordinary and other expenses of the Southern Illinois Penitentiary, $75,000 per annum and for necessary improvements, $9,000. , Ills., May 2, '87. Wheat Is In flue condition, Farmers ore late putting in corn, on account of wet woathnr. Our road overseers are bCBlnninjj work on tho highways. Wo trust wo will havo better traveling during the summer and winter. R. D. Utlgor had tho misfortune to lose a valuable mare and two colts. Verily had luck seems to lall to him for ho has lost several valuable animals in tho last few yours. Jli.13 V'alllo Stoplionson gave n social party to her friends last Friday evening, celebrating her birthday. There wo s a larRO number present, a good time and a ilno supper enjoyed by all. All wish her many Iiuppy returns of tho day. Tho Rev. T. Sharp, of Oarlylo, brother of our genial 'Squire, preached in the At. B. church at this place, lie was heard by ti largo attentive audience and highly appreciated. Rev. Buford preached to a crowded house in lower town, at his church, the II. 15. S. Rev. Reynolds, of Alton, has regular ap- ; I'Ointmonts at the Duptlst church. He preached at that place .last Saturday and Sunday. Bro. R. is well liked by his congregation and may do much for tho cause at this place. Brother J. W. I'hillips, Elder of the Alton.Dlst,, will deliver two of his able sermons at tho M. K. church on tho evenings of the 9th and loth. Our village lias four large and handsome churches, all ably filled by their respective ministers and largely attended by tho people Soon Have Died. Burks Medicine Co., Quincy, 111: GENTS—I want to tell you what your White Pine Balaam has done for me, I had a cough for three long months, contracted while iu Leadville, about Aug. 19. I had doctored ;constantly. i was so !,bad I could not He down at night. I would just as soon have died as to live in that condition. I took ono bottle of your Balsam and am entirely cured. Have not even coughed for four days. Yours truly, MKS. S. J. BARRACK. LITTLE APRICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its action in treatment of deranged liver, biliousness, heartburn, nervous and sick headache, as Little Apricot Pills, easy to take as sugar, so small, so pleasant. Try them. It is no wonder that people complain of hard times when they pay a doctor bill every few months, amounting to several dollars, instead of keeping on hand some reliable medicine like Burks' White Pine Balaam (that would cost them but 50c, and perhaps cure three or four colds. Sold by E. Marsh. BUKKS' WHITE PJlvJG.BALSAM. It will be found equally efficacious m colds and coughs of long standing, relieving the distress and restoring the throat to Us normal state. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. myldwlm REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, READ LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC. A, Schlueter's Agency. For Sale, cheap, eor. ol 7th and Alton sts.; frame dwelling, 4 rooms and collar, rents for ?10 per mouth. For Sale or Exouangoo—100 acres, 86 in cultivation, 2X miles northeast of Fosterburg, at a bargain. For sale—Flvo^roombrlolc house, story and a lialf, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. Can be had at a bargain. Good (property to rent. Ono 8-room new house, with collar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by 110 on Utu and Market sts. For sale—ono 8-room house nml'ono S-room house, Hth and Market sts. Lot 50 by 110; good cistern and eon) house, at a bnigaln. For sale—15 acres in North Alton with good orchard, burn and plenty of water. For sale—600 acres improved farm with good house and stables in Woodson county, Kansiib. U. It. rung across from Fort Scott to Wichita, 6 miles from county seat, For side—76 acres partly bottom land, improved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of good buildings on same. For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In tills city. For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage in Botlmlto, with plenty of ground, stable and good water on m-omlsos. 1 iForsalo or exchange—Two sections otjlt.ft, timber land In So. Missouri, 1W) miles from St. Louis on the Iron Mountain It, It., ut u bargain. , For sale or exchange, 8 acres ot ground' on Main at., adjoining Unyor t Ooppinger's on the oust, For sale or oxob,an<?o-S sections of prairlo land in Crocket county, Texas. Will sell cheap. Suitable for tiny farming purpose*. Thruoaoros adjoining Dr.Koberts on north. Five lots on Dry St., adjoining/Thomas Biggins' residence on the oust. Ono and a half lota lu Uuwloy's addition. Ono and a halt lots In Sliolly'u addition. Any of the above property oan bo bought ut a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N- Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition- C. A. SCHLUETEB, Office in iny New Building iny on Second street. inohUdw Jfor Hnio. Seven lots with good brlok dwelling and antbulUllngti,In gond repair, in Upper Alton. Kenldeuoeof o. K. Colling, and known a» the Morrlll property. WllIl'l'UIl & 8MH-KV, Alton, or V. W. Collet, Uppor Alton, MAY 1, 1887. Ingrain Carpets from 25c to 85c per yard. Tapestry Brussels from 50c to SI per yard. Body Brussels from 90c to $1,25 per yard, Oil Cloths from 20c to 90c per yard. India Mattings from I5c to 55c per yard, We have No Old Stock! No job Lots!; All New and Clean! Upholstery Qoods and Upholstering- done. Agent for Awnings. Gash prices I gladly duplicate St. Louis prices. Call at A. FOB THE BEST BlJGGfl IN THE • AGENTS FOR THE to tin WARRANTED I 1 OR FIVE YEARS- TI1EUELEBUATED Studebaker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BENDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. 'Headquar ters for EUPION and CARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and ' SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS;, fine lino of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part'.of the city. HI.J01 Cor. 2d and State sts., ALTO^IIL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHED From. $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, BREECH-LOADITO From $16 to $30. T w J. O. THE SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ;-lotto. By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in' Madison county J. SUTTER & SON, DEABOCEfl IN FINE AND COOrMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. UUlt FUHNITUHK ItOOMS AUK ON State Street, f opp, Third, ALTON, ILL, •pSdwlv UKNTZSTBl, DR. C. JB. UOMLAND, Dentist,. 18 THIRD STRKKT, ALTON, ILL. Gffloe Hours—8 a, m. to IS in.; 1 to 4 p. m fsbdwly O. A. McMILLKN, Dentist, OVKlt URUIIGUBMANN'8 OIQAK STORK SECOND.ST. ANI> DM. E, 1'uyslolun Burgeon, A NO UBBIDBNOE, OOB. AND lilDXUy 9T6* ;j - w. A. HAMKKIX, ,iMt,p,, Physician and Siurtfeon, < OmOKWSKOOND BT., ALTON, H4* Ottloe uo'j«r 8a ' m '! .

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