Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 4, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1887
Page 2
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ALTOH PAUT TKLBGRiTH. BIT W. T. NOtlTOW, Got, Third and Plain Street*, Alton, (11 WEDNESDAY EVK., MAY 4. '1'ho Client District. Maducm county retains Its pro eminence this year as the banner whoa growing county of tbo State. Its are for 1887, as reported to the Slat Hoard of Agriculture, It) 133,516 acres St.Clttlr county comes next with 107,70 acres; Washington next with 93,067 Randolph, 80,384; Montgomery, 70,306 The average condition of wheat in th State, April 1st, was 83 per cent,, in Madison county.91. In 1880 the condi tlon m;thls county was 76; in 1885, S3 ml884, 87, In 1883,62. Bo that the prospeot this year Is butter than it ha been for the past five years, and thi acreage sown Is larger than in any coun ty in the State. This is a good outlook for "old Madison." Sho will markei this year over 2,000,000 bushels o wheat which oven at present low prices will bring a groat dear of money into the county. PEBSONAL. Mr. J. B. Waggoner, of Miles Sta tion, made the TELKOHArn a pleasant call yesterday. Dr. W. A. Haskell spent yesterday in Springfield, attending a meeting of the State Board of Health/.of which he Is President. Mr. Henry Oldenbarg, of'Nameoki, is in tho olt,y on business today. Mr. Albert E, bnssott has accepted a position in Deterding'i grocery store. Mr. l«om Wo»d, the TELEGRAPH'S genial roprenontative at Bethalto, was in town yesterday on business. fflOBO. ilono, 111., Mayllrd, 87 Mr. and Mrs. J. Barnsback of Ridge Prairie, spent Sunday and Monday with Mrs. E Montgomery and other relatives. Mrs. I. B. Kaufntan and children left, the first of the week for Lakc- vlllo,Mo, where tlisy go to join Mr. Kaufman, who is now located at that place. Mrs. S, S. Flagg spent Saturday with friends in ycur citj. Mr. and Mrs J.T. King and daughters, Misses Tillio and Carrie, of Upper Alton, Dr. and Mrs. D. C. White of Alton were Sunday visitors at the spacious residence of Mr. S. L. Dorsey. PHQWMD .—Arthur C. Crosby, a little son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Crosby of Bunker Hill, was accidentally drownedjin a cistern at that place on Thursday last. When last seen the little fellow 'was playing about tho cistern and it is supposed some boards gave way and he fell in. When • it was notieed that he was missing seabh was made and he was found dead having been In 'the water probably two hours. Mr. and Mrs. ,,<3rosby have tho warmest sympathy ax&fihni many friends hero in this sad t. Mrs. N.JJ. and Mrs. r attended the funeral which i Saturday. Mrs. Cii|Haaok, widow of the late Rev, J. Haack,.. has removed to St. Louis to take a position in St. Luke's hosppital. Messrs. Lettio and Ella Smitk re-, turned Monday evening from a pleasant visit of several days with friends in Alton. Mrs. A. N. Denny and Misses Belle and Mamie Morrow, of Bunker Hill, have been visiting relatives here for a few days. Mr. Ben. Chow, of Gillospie, came down Saturday on a visit. Mr. M-. W. Powell was hero Saturday for the purpose of setting up one of "The Daisy" road graders for Fort Russell township j a trial, ehow- > ing the excellent work it does, was given below town. RETURNED—Mr. Geo. Griffith returned Sunday from the headquarters of the Illinois settlement near Butto City, Colorado. He reports the company pleasantly located and all well pleased with the climate and appearance of tho country, which is, perhaps, as fine as any in the State. Mr. Griffith located a timber claim there. He has returned to re-open his blacksmith shop in town where ho may hereafter bo found ready for work of all kinds in hia Hue. Rev. Wm. Helmkamp, who has been visiting relatives here for the past week, returned today to his charge iu Texas. SCHOOL MATTIKS—At a meeting of the School Board, yesterday, Mr. C. SiStahlaud Miss Dora Roson- borgor were employed to teach aur school again for the ensuing term. We believe this decision of tho board gives universal satisfaction. M. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, la tho prcaorption of one of tho host female nurses and physicians m tho United States, and has boon used for forty roan with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of toothing its value is Incalculable. It relievos tho child from pam, cures dysentery and ctmrrhooa, griping In tho bowels, and wlnd-oollo. By giving health to tho child It rests the mother Price 26o a bottle. 1a 16 m w swk Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars., a WHU'PUt BETIULTO, BETBALTO, 111., May 3, '87. Tlie readers of the TBLEUBAPJI failed to gat borett last week, and some of tUetn felt fl little (lliappolotcd, ascriticism was ruled out of order. Work on tho foundation of the Oatlioll'c church wan commenced Monday. Mr. Degen- h»nlt, of your city, 1ms the contract to complete the church. liov. Wm. Frooso preached morning and ovonlnf »t the 0.r. church Innt fiubbath. Rev, Uhas. Vlrdon, J'aster of tho M. S. church at Wanda, will preach at th« Baptist church hero next Sunday at three o'clock p.m. 1'rof. Danlol'a school atcomstock will close next Friday, Mr. Wlllard Blvcnslma returned from u trip to Mush county, Kalis. Mr. John Wiodmor made a flying visit to the "future droat" Sunday. Mr. J. 0. Ban«ort has purchased his now stock of spring foot wont. Mr. Louts Moore hat been couflnud to his home by sickness for several days. County Superintendent of Schools Supplner, was In our village last week on official bust- Bass, Miss Llbblo Ewan has bucn absent several days In St. Louis visiting her sister, Mrs. F. I). Dlaok. J'rof. John Uzzoll's school In Foster has closed, and that gentleman Is «n]oying the comforts of home. Grandpa lloiuhuw la writing a brief history of hl« life which will appear In tho Suloto Gazette, a paper panted at Chilllcothe, Ohio After a pUasant visit of iieurly a week with relatives at Fosterburg, Mrs. H. T. McOroa Is at homo again. Mr. BobertOlark, aforinor resident of lie- thalto, nowof I'ana, came down u few days ago to visit hit son James, who Is lyln? dangerously ill at his residence two miles southwest. OUT genial frlend.'J. Williams, has returned from u health visit to Hot Springs. Wo are pleased to say ho Is much Improved. Mr. John Wllkon, the once popular base drummer of tho 11.0. band, is now located RtOUerokoe, u thriving town of southeastern Kansas. John Is a very Industrious and lonost young man,mill we expect ill intervals :o hear good reports from him. That ho may je very successful Is the wish of his many "rlends in this vicinity. Mr. Arthur Boss, of Uattoon, Is visiting at tie residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ewan, iuraovBMBNTs—Mr. 0. 0. llussell has had his cozy little residence pointed in fine style. 0. F. Ilnngort the artist. Mr. Ohos. Anders has the contract to paint Mrs. M. J. JJattUs' commodious residence. IsomWoodls putting an addition to his esidence on Third street. Mr. John Homey s the builder. CnriD-Mr. James Weaver and Miss Susie loyors, both of this place, were united In the ioly bonds of wedlock on Sunday morning, .prll 21th, by the ROT. Father Horlitej of St. Martin's church. The happy young couple ook the train In the evening for Lltchflold heir future home. Wo wish them a prosper- 'us and happy life. IViLLAOBMEBTiHO-^Thonow board of Trus- oos organized on Monday evening. Choos- ng Mr. Wm\ Simpson, President. Mr. 81mp- on has served tie people very acceptably in hat position for the. past two years having made a good providing officer. Marshal Glass uocoeds himself as VUlaee Constable and Ir. Louis Klein was again made Treasurer. "•here were several applications in for Bu- orintondont.of Streets, which wore laid over o another mooting. The bond of the Olerk was approved. The different committees wore duly appointed. 'Scmfro I'iggott was oappolntod Village Attorney for the ensuing ear and considerable, other business was raasaoted before tho board adjourned. OHAM^-The 1'rosidont Mills will start up in few days, "let her go Gallagor." We congratulate the Odd Follows of this lace on their largo attendance each Tuesday venlng. Deputy Sheriff Crowe and Mr. Untorbrink, f your oity, were hero one day last week on uslnoss. "Who frowod dat llrst last rock.whali broke o sash?" Uast ball has struck us once more. Master Scl. Falkoubnrg has gone to Fort- ge, Mo. Mr.f. Hlokereon visited St, Louis this week. Mr. John Falkonburg has moved back to he old homestead, having rented hla little rick to Mr. Louis Ohioy. ' Th« Village Hoard -will grant license to ire* saloons again this year to be kept at he same stands as before. Wheat Is looking flno but it Is too wet for te farmers to plow lor corn. Mr. J. Gill, a Jeweler of St, Louis, visited Is father, Mr. Win. GUI, this week. GIMLET. How to Until Flesh and and Strength Use after each meal Scott's Emulsion ; it Is as palatable as milk and ens,, lly digested. Delicate people improve rapidly with its use. For Consumption, Throat affections and Bronchitis it is unequalled. Dr. Thos. Prim, Ala., says: "I used Scott's .Emulsion on a child eight months old; he gamed four pounds in a month." raws wk 1m took Out. To people in tills locality who are thinking of Bolting their property hore for tho purpose of locating In the west, wo commend tho following advice from a frank San Fronciaco paper. "Farmers who are selling thp finest farms In the w«rld, in Iowa and Illinois, for $85 and $45 (and loss) an aoro, and are investing in $600 an acre lands at Los Angeles and 1'asadena, CaK, will never be sorry but once, and that onco will bo nil tho time, just as soon as they come to their senses.' 1 Ears and Scalp Covered with 12c- zcmatous Scabs and Soros Cured by Guticura. M l little son, aged olirht years, has boon.Af- lllctcd with Kczcma of ths scalp, itiuf at times a groat portion of the body, over sluoo ho was two ycnrs old. M begun in his oars, and extended to Ills scalp,which became cov- orod .with scabs and sores, and from which a sticky fluid poured out. causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving his hair matted and lifeless. Underneath those scabs the skin was row, like a piece of beefsteak. Gradually tho hair came out and was destroyed, until but a email patch was left at the back ol the bead. My friends in i'eabody know how mv little boy has suffered. At night ho would scratch his head until his pillow was covered with blood. I vised to tie his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching; hut It was no use, bo would scratch. 1 took him tp tho hospital and to tho best physicians In Tea- body without success. About this time, some friends, who bad boon cured by tho Outioura Uemedloa, prevailed upon me to try them. 1 begun to USH them on tho 15th of January last. In seven months every particle of the disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his soulp to toll tho story of his suffering. Ills hair has returned, and is thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any child's In tho world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude for this wonderful cure by tho Outioura Koine- dies, and wish all similarly aflilcted to know that my statement Is true and without exaggeration. CHAIILKS MCKAY, Oct. 6,1885. 1'oabody, Mass. I have seen Mr. MolCay's boy when badly affected with tho Eczema. Ho was a pitiful sight to look at. I know that ho has tried our best physicians, and did all a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. I know that the statements ho has made you OB regards the curing of his boy by your Outlcura Remedies are true In every particular. WILLIAM J MCOA11T11Y, 8!1 Foster street, 1'oabody, Mass. ' I do not know of any instance in which the Cutloura Remedies have failed to produce satisfactory results. I believe I have sold more them than of any other skin remedies I have ever handled during tho 33 years of my experience as a druggist. A. D. TUSON, Batavla, N. Y. Sold everywhere. Price: Outicura, 80 ots.; Outioura Soap. 26 cents; Outiuura Resolvent. $1. Prepared by Potter Drug and Chemical Co.. Boston. Send fol- "How to Cure Skin Diseases." T>T lyyfPLEB, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes JL JLHJL and Baby Humors, use Cutlcuia Soap. KASKINE (THE rfEW QUININE,) *~ No bad effect Wo headache No nausea. ringing ears, C uro \quickly iPleasant,r re A POWBllPUL TONIC, that tho most delicate stomach will boar, A MPJKOiPlC FOR MALARIA, KHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases. KOU COLDS KASKINE UA8 UliBjNlfOUNt) TO HE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Buperlor to Quinine. Uellovuo Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue- cosslul." . • •. Sir. K. A. Mjllnr, 080 East 167th street, K. Y., was cured by (Kn»klno of nxtrome malarial prostration after seven years suffering, lie nail run down from 17n pounds to 97, oogan on Kaskinoln Juno. 1880, went to work In one month, rogainod|his full weight In 0 months. Quinine did him no goad whatever. Mr. ObarlosBaxter, architect, 183 E. 12Cthst. N. Y,, was cured by Kueldue of dumb ague In t months after quinine treatment for 10 yours. Mrs. J. Lawson, 141 Bergen St., Brookly was cured of malaria and nervous dyspepsia of many ycnrsssandlnu by Kaskluo, tho quinine vreatmont^having wholly failed. llev. Jus. L. Ilall.Ohaplaln Albany Penitentiary,writes that Kaskluo has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from inalarln and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. Letters from tho above persons, giving full details, will bo sent on application. feKasWnu can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 por bottle. Sold by Or Bent by mall on receipt of price. KA8KINK CO., M Warren St., Now York mySdwlm Lots of Dry Goods, of For Younty and Old. Stacks of Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All things in above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake Globe,- - -Alton. KAGLK PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer A Word, about Catarrh, "It Is the mucous membrane, that wonderful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the delicate tissues of the air and food passages,that Catarrh makes Its stronghold. Once established, it oats into the very vitals, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling the sense of hearing, trammelling the power of speech, destroying the faculty of smell, tainting the breath, ana killing tho refined pleasures of taste. Insidiously, by creeping on from a simple cold in tho head, it assaults the membranous lining and envelops tho bones, eating through tho delicate coats and causing inflammation, sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure health to the,pationt, and all allovlatives are simply procrastinated sufferings, loading to a fatal termination. Sanford's Radical Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never failed; oven when tho disease has made frightful Inroads on delicate constitutions, hearing, Binoll and taste have boon recovered, and the disease thoroughly driven out. SANFORD'S IUDIOAL CUKE consists of one bottle of the Radical Cure, oneboxOatarrhal Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one package, with lull directions I price $1. POTTEB DKOG & CHEMICAL tfo., BOSTON. CD • j B. ROSS POWKLI, (ED. BLOOK,01er» 8. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Eagle will run as follows, Tizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St; Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Orafton, and waj points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «3,The Whistle will be sounded fifteen minutes before starting tor St. Louis. )FABE| To ST. Locus, ... so KOUHDTBIP - - - - 7ft TWBNTT RlDJJS 1 • . - - S 00 G W. HILL, Agent. 1887 THE IjATEST I 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four stylos. Two and Three Burners. With Tin and Russia Ovens. HOW IT ACHES, Worn out with pain, but still compelled by stern necessity to stand up to tho work before us and bear the pain. Belief in one minute in a Ou- tioura Anti-Pain Plaster lor aching sides and baok,waak & painful muscles,, tho sore chest and hacking cough, and every pain and ache of daily toll. Elegant, nev.', original, speedy, and infallible. At druggists,, 25o,; live for $1; or, postage tree, \>ttor Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. of 'WANTED AT ONOB, A BE- LIABLE MAN" to take orders for choice nunery stock. Good pay. Steady work. Outfit free. No experience needed. JAMES B. WHITKBY, apS»dlrn IN ursoryman, Rochester, N.Y. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST.' LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS It. B. GO'S J. F. ELLISON, Commander. ED. ANSIIDTZ, Ir,,..., TnuB DODOE, j Olerks. On and after Thursday,Feb. nth, willleave Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will leave St. Louis for Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Graf ton and all points on St. L. & 0.1. B. tt., dally, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. in., arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at 0:45 p. m. arriving at St, Louis at 7:80 In ample time for parties to attend thoatrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. Bound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eaglo or Hudson Willie honored by either boat for return passage. oonneotingwtth fast express on St. Louis and Uentral Illinois Railroad for Jersoyville, Waverly, Sptlngflold and all points north and east. FARE. TO ST. LOOM, single trip, . . . BOc. " " round trip, . . . . 750, " twenty rlao ticket,. , $5.00 „ . UENHYO.TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. II. A. yiSUEB, fton'l Manager. folldtf Pressure IB obtained with a .v«.j ».. u DUA.-OU, oiuipic "with no intricate ports, ', instead o* oil in a drip cup. Gasoline aim Air Tanks are all union nniinnmro" ~n,T«^rf ? ? g i. 8 ," 1 " 1 / 1 coll neetlng pipes of heavy annealed brasn.with be imedwSilo turning. fe B ° £ slkss> ^ lowln B quantity of oil In same. Cannot The rei - -- - • o lined. PITTS & HAMILL.»- - - Sole Agents. upOdlru PRICE LIST: FEit UBelle, - - - $4,75 Fairy, - - - - 459 Diamond Light, : - 4-00 Fancy, • • - 3,50 Tho importance ol purifying the Wood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medlclno to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ash; you to try Hood'* Oat n 111 a f Barsaparllla. It strengthens rCUUIICtt ana bunu-j tt j, Ula 8 y 8tcm , creates an appetite, und tones the digestion, while It ermllratus disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation ol tho vegetable remedies usod give to Hood's Sarsaparillii pecul- -p_ l4-<«*tlC curative powers. No • O IIS6IT oilier uioillcluotiasaucharccord of wonderful ouroa. If you have uiado up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not bo Induced to take any other Instead. It la a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your coufidoiwo, Hooa'8 Barsaparllla Is sola by ull driigg|jt». Prepared by 0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell, MMI. IOO Doses One 4 Dollar STOCK FOR SALE. A Fine Blooded Mare, a Ffno flhort Horn Cow and Half Jersey Yearling Heifer. Inquire at the Godfrey Congregational Paraon- age. fehlTwtf For Toilet Use. Ayer's Hair Vigor keeps the hair soft and pliant, imparts to It the lustre and freshness of youth, causes it to grow luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, cures all scalp diseases, and Is the most cleanly of all hair preparations. Desirable Ranche 3 Sale Twenty-four mllos from Proscott, Arizona, conslstiiiK of 100 acres. Good house, outbuildings, well and blacksmith sliop; two corrals, never falling stream of soft water. Good range, Stock for sale with ranclio If uoslrea. Terms moderate, ' Title perfect. For further particulars address, j, M, MOIIE mcli31-w!lin ,'1'resoott, Arizona. Vbto paper la kept on Die ol tho ofOeo at YER^SOH OVERUSING Hair Vl E° r haa 8 lven rao i i , , P erfoct satisfaction. J was nearly bald for six years, during whiuh time I used many hair preparations, but without success. Indeed, what littlo hair I had was growing thinner, iiutil I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor. I used two bottles of tbo Vigor, and my head is now well covered with a new growth of huir. — Judson B. Chapel, I'eabody, Mass. HAIR tll » t , ha » become weak, gray, nnm and faded, may have now life and color restored to ft by the use o£ Aye.r s Hair Vigor. "My hair was thin, faded, and dry, and fell out in laruo niiamitifls. Ayer's Hair Vigor stopped tho falling, and restored my hair to its original color. As a dressing for the {'?'*' 'I" 1 " Preparation has no equal.— Mary N. Hammond, StiUvrater, Minn. VIGOR youth ' and beauty, in tho' v luun, appearance of the hair, rnny ho preserved for an indefinite period bv llm use of Ayer's Hair Vigor. •• A disease of tho scalp caused my hair to ue- isomo harsh and dry, and to fall out ireuly. ^thing I tried seemed to do mo any good until I commenced using Aynrs Hair Vigor. Three bottles of his preparation restored my hair to a healthy condition, and it is now soft and pliant. My scalp is cured, and U ALCOHOLIANTIDOTE -ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANBEMENTS, . .,..-'. WnS JSS5 e< Hi lte .T 8Uo1 ' for Prostration caused by ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when takon with sSda Vlohy, , , ^^^ * Being non-alcoholic, it commends itself - pocially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuit^ requiring nervo energy. raf^^n^e n LOOKOUT HM THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! GENTS ESBULPINQ g'a 8 ^ PHILADELPHIA. BCTIU1TCQ ?or«W8riPEE 1DVKRT18U6 rnrr CO IIMKI C* at Uowont Cosh Rates rntt SON'S Dow when tho bucln bt-uln. to show, ^ "Tia tlmo tor yomig and old to know Tlmt n>tvra, i««»((tiij«and Tho Ills at Itullgeittoni call, Wllta overy troulilo, echo or Ayer's Hair Vigor, Bold by DruggliU and r«rfum«n. PKHFUCT SAITJCTT, prompt action, and wonderful curative properties, easily place Ayor's Pills at tho head of tbo list of popular remedies for Sick and Nervous Headaches, Constipation, ond all ailments originating In a disordered Liver. TrLi 1 ,',"!' 0 befln i » f?r ? ftt ""Twer from r,™ n he 'i and A , y ? rB Cathartic. l'llln uro tho only medicine that has over «' v « n '»» ,7'lof. One dose of thcto Pills will quickly move my bowels, and free r llko tbn'lhloves or night nuula vt BoHiur btli lit. Ayer's Pills, «r«la itcdlclne. FOll SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AKI> HAttDWAKB averonAso Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COU, NKOOMU AND AW1Y 8TS. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tljeso Wnabboardi are made with a Vent .Wood rim. The Strongest hoar,ii) and bent wailion in tb< world. I?or sals by all aeulcru. Toko no other. SAGINAVr M'F'O CO,, Saglauw, RIIehlg«n. CLIFFORD'S EXCELSIOR LATE PAINT J. WILKES FORD & CO. 01 A ou^v. AVu.l,. n gt,m mt^lS^m. FELT AND QRAVEL ROOFERS of riwn i n fi i M.MX 0 . t ? olln ^' tho same as fn u»6 on all tUoflrBt-olam buildings in Ohloaao at "a low- "SrraSt our also wii ti ;i Sl , o aso 80 » n>»t»ri»u with fnU Instruotlon how to Uo tho wnrk or fumlsli nn experienced mini. apwdly 200 BA.QB BIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT- For Dairy aud Table tree. in*14 Ib. linen sacks and 50 Ib. «aobH, for sale by J. A.BYRIE.

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