Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 3, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1887
Page 4
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W, P. oblo: two btorles and mansard roof) 12 room 4 nails, olooeta, collars, etc.; 8 acres of groun Most desirable property In tho city. JB**r Male. 160 acres of land near city limits, Sui.a .., tiwoatory brick and triune dwp! nt, Douse, both situated on tue east •' o >iiate street between 8th and 7th moots • so the brick block of stores on Bocon street, between Homv and lUdge street iiown as Hunter's row. for sole. A small frame i' ..Jng house'wltnln n ne olooka of the d -it for $375. 160acres /good Jnrmniff land, another tract of 300 acres, both unimproved Situate In Mori : co., Kansas, at lioand 'W per aero laspeotivolv—one-third cash,balance on time. For Sale. A lorui of 140 acres on bottom land, all in cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling house on It. Price JS.BOO tor Sale, A choice farm of 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpmau, Macoupln county, 111., at ulowflgurc. .^. 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Tlio young man hurries forward—forgetful of Mrs. Urnml, etiquette, common politeness, everything—to where Mllli- cont IH sfnmHiiK. Ills fnco Is pale, Ills eyes lirllllant, lie Is evidently suffering from InteiiHC excltc'inent. "Alisw Grcyl wlint terrible thing is this I Imve heard? Hut you ore well—safe?" lie Is holding her hand tightly clasped In both hlH, ami IH gazing Into her rather pink fnco with an eager love ami Holicl- tndo not to he misunderstood. Ho Is us oblivious to dipt. Boylo's sneering laugh an to Mrs. Brnnd'H glance of surprised displeasure, /iml is, indeed, denf nml blind to everything but Mllllcent herself. She hns been In such sore danger; Imt now Shu In here, before him, well, beau- iful us ever. "Quito safe, ns you see," says Milll- cent, In a low, soft tone—the softest she hns ever used to him. She cannot but contrast the tender vehemence of his address) with the cool, unlinpiissloned greeting accorded to her by Granit an hour before. "You must not think of me any longer as deserving of yonr pity. And— have you forgotten auntie?" Is there the faintest pressure of her cool little hand us she' brings him thus back to a sense of his duty! 1 "Ilow d'ye do, Mr. MnssaroeneP" saya Mrs. Urnri'd, a slight touch of asperity In her tone. There Is something about this big, ugly young Irishman, with his musical brogue, and his wonderful eyes, and his Impetuosity, that labels him dangerous. "I beg your pardon I" he exclaims now, stlding across the room and clasping Mrs. Brand's jeweled hand In a grasp warm as though ho considered himself her prime favorite, rather than a bete noir. The grasp, however, aa she does not fall to remark, .though warm, is gentle in the extreme, and does not force the rings against the delicate skin. After all—yes —there are some commendable points iftout this young, ineligible man. "I have been \uipardonably rude," goes on Hie ugly detrimental. "But you will forgive me, Mrs. Brand, -when I assure you that I didn't know whether I was standing on my head or my heels when [ entered tho room. I never got such a shock in my life as Brandon gave me in ,he Junior iv quarter of an hotir ago." "You were on'yonr heels. That I can prove to you," says Mrs. Brand, smiling; she is too good natured not to be half amused, )jalf touched by tlie young man's evident concern. "I am witness," puts in Granit, showing all his teeth again. "You wore quite in proper trim, my dear fellow! Not a suspicion of intoxication about you." This laugh is replete with insolence, [n fact, the remark just made has reference to a subject that hns grown sore irom rough handling. It hits reference ;o a little scene in tho early town life of 3erald Maasareeno, who one evening, going" n little off his head after the ter- minationipf a triumphant Derby day, took perhaps a little more champagne than was good for htm. Some—his friends— said it was only his usual excellent spirits raised to an excited pitch because of his having made a good thing off the winner. Others—his acquaintances (he tiad no enemies, good lad that ho was)— said it was tho excellent spirits of the club cellar,, However it was, Massareono went considerably beyond bounds, aud was in the morning thoroughly ashamed of himsttlf. Then came his introduction, io Milliceut Grey—almost a little girl at that time, but old enough to inthrull and hold him with her budding beauty. And. with his growing love for her grew his fear that this one episode (vulgar episode, lie called it) should be made known to her. It was an absurd fear, of course, aud arose more from an apprehension ihat she would regard him with disgust than from any very moral regret for his misconduct; but, be that as It mny, Graulfc Boyle knew of his nervous horror of its being known—and, for the matter of that, so did Milllcent, who had heard of the little affair a long time ago, and had laughed a good deal at several of the smaller details concerning it. Indeed, it liad been a very innocent offense from first to lust. At Grunit's words Massareene's face llamas, and a sudden fire brightens his eyes. . At tho moment it is easy to see ihat there is little love lost between the two men. "You mean?" says Massareeno, a little sharply, taking a step forward. "Just what I said, dear boy—that you ivero eminently sober. Could I have jorno higher testimony to your eharac- ;er? Miss Grey—as you seem to have name ilonbts about tho accuracy of my statement—will, I am sure, corroborate what [ have just said." "I refuse to give my countenance to anything you may chance to say," re- urns Milllcent, iu n low tone, but with flashing eyes. She has understood tho drift of her :ousln's remarks, and bitterly resents hem. She may not bo overkliid always Mflssnroono, but slio will penult 110 one else to be uncivil to him. "WhatI" cries Boyle, gayly, arching ifs brows and lifting his shoulders In a oreigii fashion that either belongs to him or has boon cultivated to a nicety, "you llsagrco with mo? You really think hat our friend's oxtremoly—er—em- >rc8so manner, his hurried entrance, etc., —meant — tho — or —the other thing?. leally, dear Miwsareeno, I would not stand that If I were yon. You look as if you would like to murder somebody"— vlth «, light laugh—"that is thu standing condition of your countrymen, elif Why uit call Miss Grey out?" "Dueling Is out of fashion, and one >nly Itontowhlntt men," replies Mnssii- reeno, meaningly, with his eyes fixed steadily upon his opponent. "Oh, but a duel under such conditions —that cannot bo out of fashion, as it IBS never yet come in. Why not set itf Io a leader of It? And a tote a to to with WssGrey, oven under such equ I vocal circumstances, might not bo altogether without its charm." Ho throws out this last taunt quite airily—nuiking oven a slight, movement of iho hand that somehow adds to tho aggressive Impiirtliiunco of it. Massureoiio throws up his head, aa .hough scouting battle, . and his face pulou. Mllllouiit, miirking theso signs of joining storm, enters thu breach hastily. "1 do.thlnk, Granit," she says, glancing nsolently lit hor cousin from beneath :mlf uluNutl lltlM, "that when you try to ho amusing you are tho most unpardou ably stupid person I ever met. Your jokes always make me feel Inclined t< weep.'' "In this instance?" demands lie quickly, his face darkening and an ovi light coming into his eyes. "And In every other. One yawns enough in all conscience as one goes through life without being compelled to do it by those who would fain believe they stir our laughter. Give it up, my dear Granit; comedy Is beyond you—tho heavy business suits you better." A glance nt her cousin convinces her that she has amply revenged herself. His brow is as black as midnight, and his mouth haa taken tho old expression thai means mischief. Mossarectio, too, lias added to his rtlscointluiro by breaking Into a gny laugh, that rouses Mrs. lirmul from her perusal of a review, as scurrilous as it is just, of a book written by a friend of hurs, that she fluds ot engrossing Interest—the review, that ,is, not the book. "What is it?" asks she, looking lip in high good humor. Keally, the review has quite exceeded her expectations. "If it is anything amusing pray let mo hear it. I have been so put out by a very harsh criticism on dear Fanny EHwood's novel that I requiro something to cheer me. Some little jest of yours, Grnnit? Come, toll it to mo, though I must say, my dear, you look more like an Othello this moment than one 'born In a merry hour.' All, hero comes lea at Instl Just move my chair a little, will you? Thanks, dear Granit. I am fast becoming an old woman, eh?" Granit is in just such n pleasant mood as urges him to tell her she Is already amongst tho frosts and snows of life; but prudence—a feeling more powerful with him Mian most others—restrains him. He is obliged, however, to move her chair into the exact position pointed out, and to perform divers other small services for her with a smiling face and apparently willing air, while grinding under the thought that he is leaving the other two free to carry on a low conversation uninterrupted. "How angry you wore about Grauft's innuendo just now," whispers she, drawing her skirts aside that he may drop upon the low lounge beside her. "You need not have been. Did you think I never heard of that one little fiasco of yours, oh?" She leans toward him and smiles, a little. Tho young man starts and colors hotly. Yet her smile is so sweet, so kind —never has her manner been so replete with gentleness as now. "You knew—you heard?"—stammers fee. "Why, yes. Waa tt such a mighty secret, such an awful crime! Did you think I could not condone—forgive?" She is still smiling on him, her beautiful eyes riveted upon his. Massareene's heart IB beating passionately. Ho feels as if he can scarcely breathe—and yet he is breathing move freely than ho has done for a long time, now that ho knows she knows, and that after all she can tolerate him. Nay, it is surely more than toleration I "You are an angel," murmurs he in turn. Oh I tho rapture of this whispered conversation! The knowledge that they are—if not in body, at least in spirit— alone! "But it wrts my one offense. I pray you to believe thatl Afterward I met you. And then—then it would have been impossible!" Her color poles slightly as she looks into the loving eyes bent on hers. He has put out his hand in his earnestness and laid it upon hers—a strong hand, slightly browned, as a man's should be, and very handsome. Somehow the strength of it appeals to her. Is its owner like it—firm, resolute? He has, at all events, been almost obstinately persistent in his courtship, clinging to hope when there was none to bo seen anywhere, and steadfastly adhering to the belief that "all things come to him who knows how to wait." He is waiting still, though small chance of n reward seems to be his. "There," she says, rallying with an effort, and compelling herself to meet hiu gaze, "you are pardoned, if pardon is what you want." "I want more than that," says Mr. Massareene, who, having gained what ho had not dared to hope for half an hour ago, now desires more. "I wimt" : "Of that another day," interrupts she playfully. "When will you learn to be wise, Gerald?" "When I marry you, my sweet Minerva." "That will be never, then, I greatly doubt me." "Still, there is a doubt, you see." "To talk like; this to ma is waste of time." "To talk to you could never be waste of time." "Not if you talk sensibly." "And sure what can bo more sensible than to tell yon that I love you?" says the Irishman; "unless it would be your saying that you will take me for yonr husband?" • "That would mean throwing up friends and .fortune." "Just sol Then do It," says he. What is to be done with a man like this? Milllcent sighs. Ho is nearer victory at this moment than ho knows himself to be. Miss Grey, glancing involuntarily at Granit, and then back again at him, mentally comes to tho conclusion that any hope of happiness for her lies in an immediate surrender of all ties that bind her to tho former. But auntie, and Uncle Timothy, and the world in general? "Dear Gerald! I wish you would not speak to me like this," she says softly. "You must know how useless it is." "I never know I had a nice name until I heard you say it," says tho irrepressible Gerald, taking no notice of tho substance of hor speech. "It sounds like music. I'm awfully glad my mother christened me Gerald," "Why? Do you think I could not pronounce any other name musically?" asks she, laughing iu spite of herself. "That's right. I like to hear you laugh," says he. "Thoy say in my country that when n woman smiles the battlo la won. And sometimes I think"—"I will not listen to you," declares Miss Gi?oy, boating her foot impatiently upon tho carpet. "It is not kind—It is not right, You forgot I am engaged to Copt. Boyle." "Buhl Uo doesn't count at all," says Mossareone. "You can't marry such u follow as that." "What have yon to say against him?" asks she eagerly. Oh! If only some insurmountable obstacle could bo shown. "Why, nothing!" says Mnssareone. "Only ho Is such «"—hu checks hlinsolf Just in tlmo~"such an uncomfortable sort of a fellow," ho concludes rather lamely. "Toll me " says Miss Groy, iu a very low tone, "you are a member of his club? And I—have hoard—that Is, they Bay- he—gambles a good deal. I« thin truo?" Mr. Miuisnreoho grown crimson. "OhI by .love, you know! You can't expect, mo to answer questions about another man, and that man my rival," he says. "1—I didn't expect you would do that, you know." "You won't tell me, then?" Bfl.ys she. "I know nothing of his gambling. I know nothing at nit to his discredit, "says Massareeno, sloWly, Ills eyes on the ground. . "Then you would lot nu>' marry him— to bo matin miserable—rather than sacrifice a certain sense of honor?" asks she sorrowfully. "You shouldn't tempt mo like thlsl" exclaims he, with n sudden touch of pivs- slon. "Tho very knowledge that ho is your accepted lover—at least, your tuture husband"—ho makes his correction because of a little deprecatory gesture on her part—"and tlmt I—oven apart from that fact—hate him, compels me to silence. And—and even suppose ho does gamble a bit heavily now and then, why —he may give that tip when—when ho Is married," says Massarcono, stumbling over tho hateful sentence, and trying to be as just to his rival as nature will permit him. "I see," says Milllcent. She is silent for quite two minutes—a long time when one is waiting anxiously for tho next word. "I have heard," she says, now very seriously, "that ho plays for such high stakes that he is often id his wits' end to know how to meet his debts of honor—so-called. Hearing this has led me to the belief that he is marrying me more as a means of gaining money to carry on his play than from any higher motive." "There you wrong him," says Massa- roene eagerly. "lie is no defaulter, whatever else he may be. He lost a tremendous sum to Black, of tho Blues, about two months ago; but ho paid tip far sooner than Bluck ever expected. And. he has given an I O U to Burnaby to pay him next month, and"— He stops short. "Lots of follows play pretty high before they settle down," he says, a great generosity compelling him to say an exculpatory word for the man who Is, perhaps, tho only living thing ho detests. "I quite understand," returns Millicent slowly. "It is very good of you; but only what I expected. There is, however, one thing that puzzles me—where my cousin got the money to pay that tremendous sum to Col. Black." "You probably know more of his private concerns than I do,'' says Massareene carelessly. "He always appears to me to have plenty of money. Enough of him, however. There is something that concerns me that I would tell you. You know my uncle Lord Ballymoro?, Well, lost night ho said he would allow me £300 a year in addition to my present ncome, which la five, you know, if— h you would have me. Ho admires you very much." 'And hates Granit a good deal more! [ know all atout that old story, and do not blame Lord Ballymore for his dislike of my excellent cousin." 'You don't think you could do it on the eight hundred?" asks the young man wistfully. Miss Grey's ears are well trained, and now she hears a step approaching—oh I so softly! 'One never thinks nowadays—there is notirno,"sho says, in a clear, distinct tone. "Tea, Granit? Thanks. No; nothing else, thank you; unless, indeed, it be one of those little wafers that auntie seems so meanly determined to keep all ;o herself." Granit hastens to obey her command. "Alust word," says Massareeno quickly. "Do you know Miss Dnrun?" 'Mr. Duran's mint? Yes." 'Well, and so do I. She receives every Wednesday. If—if I could bo only sure that she would receive you next Wednesday!" He has risen, and is gaz- 'ng down at her, his heart in his t-yrs. "Why—if you are there you will see," returns she, with a light laugh, as Granit again approaches. Colic. Persons, and especially children, are subject to this agonizing complaint, which often comes on suddenly in the night and. without any previous warn- ng. Simmons Liver Regulator should always be at band. A single dose will generally allay the pain. It never fails n giving relief. It is harmless, and Jan be given with safety to a child of he tenderest age. tu th s wk No results have been reached in the various, plans for giving St. Louis bet- er terminal facilities. The amount, of jross purpose and jealousy that the agitation of this matter has developed s, to gay the least, not encouraging. — Railway Register. 3ome, gentle spring, ethereal mildness, lome. mean tho' Rico Coil Spring, with vhioh you bum Over the roughest roads, and laugh to ee . low small a thing can ' give you so much glee. aw i w THE letter of President Cleveland, so entirely unexpected and uncalled for, indorsing: the life, character and teachings of Calhoun, miy be fairly regarded as the Brst bid made by the President for bis renomination. Tho contents of this letter wore obviously for Southern consumption.— Cleveland Leader. 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They took high rank from tho nrst, and maintained it, and nro more called for than all others combined. So long as they keep up their high reputation for purity and usefulness I shall continue to recommend them — something I have •never done before with any patent 'medicine. J. J. BABCOCK, Physician and Druggist. KAIIOKA, Mo., Feb. 0, 1880. I purchased five bottles of your Hop Bitters of Bishop <fc Co. lost fall, for my daughter, and am well pleased with the Bitters. They did hor more good than all tho medicine she has taken for six years. WM. T. McOLURE. The above is from a very reliable fanner, whose daughter was in. poor health for seven or eight years, and could obtain no relief vintil she used Hop Bitters., She ia now in. as good health as any person in this country. We have large .sales, and they are making 1 remarkable cures. W. II. BISHOP & CO. RAILWAY TIMK TABLK. OUIOAGO AND On and alter Sunday, May list, 188", trains oil the Glilci'go iind Alton ratlrond. will Ieav« tho Union Depot, Alton, standard time, at follows: For Chicago aod tho En«t; Chicago Hull* ........... . .......... 0:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation* ........ 6:00 p. in LishtniUBEipross* ................... 9:10 p.m Peoriii and Hook Island Fast Llnof,9:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Kcokuk, ijalnoy, Kan- \ita Clty,aiid all polntH went. Kansas Olty Mnil» ...... ...... 9:00a.m, Kansas Olty Express* .............. 9:10 p. m Denver Express f. ... ............... 7 :10 p. m. Jacksonville Accommodation! . , . V :10 p. m. For St. Lonls t Lightning Express* ............... . .6:46 a. in Omeago Aocoinmodation* ..... , . . .9 :80 a. in Altou Special I ............. ... ..... 13:85 p.m Kansas Olty Mall*.... ...... ..... ,...6:40 p.m OhloagoMallr ..................... 0:20n. in 1BAINSLBAVE 81'. LOUIS UNION DEPOI FOE AI/TON. • • • - t7BOa. m. • f6 00p.m. •i M)p. m, *7 SB p.m. ' (8 43 a. m, Sundays only), 'Dally rKxcept Sunday. 8. D. IlEBVB. Sup't. 81. Louts Division O. G. KOUBIS , Ticket Ammt. ' For Bout. A two story briok dwelling known as tho A. Plate homestead; lately put In good repair. WIIIPI'LB A SMILEY. Flnu Residence for Hale. The late R. DoDow homestead, now owned by M. 11. Underwood, situated on lino of borso railway, In Upper Alton; u rooms, bath room, furnace, and sood out buildings,' " " 3ros of ground, will be sold at a bar- Possession given on completion of two acres of gain. sale. For Bout. Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good Iruit. For Sale or Monc. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. ' WHIITLE ASMILBY. Sheriff's Sale. Vor bai* . The lata resldenooB of J. J>. and W. U. MltoUoll, on Mill at., two of tiui best pieces ol reaWeuee property In Alton. The property Known as "The Purfc, oast of above; If lots ,' on HIU and Summit streets, a ,,a a nu mberoi ots In MUlor A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Auv or all of above at a grout barcaln. Wfilgl'LB&SMII.Er. For Sole. A 7-roombiiok dwelling and out buildings on :riilul 8trtat, between Cherry and Vine WI1IPPLB & BU EY. For Bout. Lata residence oj SI. J. Noonan on State itroot. known us tho A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick IIOUKO. in flrst olan» repair. A SMILEV. for BIIIO. « T i, heM .? I T!P, an ,fi ronortvon State stroo In Miller & MIoholl'sAdd.,to Alton, IK story house, 8 rooms and out-buildings; all In per • foot order. Oan bo had at a bargalnT . WIIIPI'LE & HMtLBY, Jonr.lo E. i,«j« v , 4 vs. I Execution No. 380. Franklin Dopry. ) Fee bill No. By virtue of an k oxeoution,in this oaso issued out of the clerk's oflloo ol tho Circuit Oouit of Madison county .Illinois, directed to tlie Saer iff of said county,1 have levied upon all tho right, title andjj Interest |oj the flefendant In and to the following property, situate m tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, • and described as {allows, to- wit: Two 112) rods off of the north BtdB of lot No. flve (5), in bloafc No, six (0), In E. Long's addition to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of the south side of lot No. six (m, in said block No. six (0) in said addition. Said two (2) pieces of land fronting four Ml rods on.Mala street In sold town »nd running back eostwardly tho entire depth of said lots, and situated In tlie town ol Upper AUon, In tho county of Madison, In tho state of Illinois, which I will expose at Public Sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, on FIUDAY, TUB TWENTIETH DAY OF MAY A. u., 1887, between tho hours of 0 o'clock Iu the fore- uoon and sundown ;to~wit: at 10 .o'clock, a. ni., of said day, in front ot the north front door of the Olty Hall building, in the city ot Alton. In tho county and SUte aforesaid, to satisfy said execution together with costs. ' E. A. BURKE. _ „ _• Sheriff of Madlron county. 111. BY G. P. OKOWB, Deputy. Hdtd EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Honrlptto U. Horn, deceased. f!°., "idorslghod, having been appointed Bxcoutor of tho last will aud testament ol nenriotto M. Born, Ji'W of the county of Mndlaon And State of Illiiio!8,doeeanert, hereby given notice thatlho will appear before tho County Court of Madison county, at tho court house, In idwardBvlllo, attfio June tann, on tho third Monday in June next, at which time all persons huvlntr claims against said estate aro notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having tho same adjusted, All persons indebted to said estate are requested totaaake immcilatp payment to tho undersigned. Dated tW» Mth day of .April, A.D.188T. „, ,. WILLIAM SONNTAG, 2H14w ::•..,. Executor. For Sale or Uent. The 2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms Including 7 lotsj jrooa barn and flno amts L^X? ?" . tho N'OHOln homestead, situated on 12th st,, In u deslraolo neighborhood. • , ; WIUPPLK 4 8M1LKY. Uomritble KotMdimeon for Halo. A two story lu'lok dwelling OH State street known us A. Platt humostoudi lately put Iu good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Main street, nearly now, A two story brlok dwelling on Seventh street, all for tale at u Biiwlttoo, owner having, decided to go r For Hale. Tlie Woodroof property. A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on ruth and Alton streets, a 1 room frame house on Fifth street. . WIIU'PLE ASMILE Y._ Jfor Hale. Seven lots with good brlok dwelling und outbuilding*, iu ijond repair, in Upper Alton. Koslduuceof 0. E. Collius. and known as the Merrill property. WllU'ptu * SMILEY? Alton, or U. W. Oollot, Uppar Alton. IAU New and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. • WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to • Isurgoat sizes, At tho old rollablo IIOUSB-PAINTINQ and DKOOUATINS OBtabllSbtnonti Of NEFF & QBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. i; •, fpUJltUm

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