Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 3, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1887
Page 2
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AMOK PAU.T TKLBBBAM. tn W. T, NOftTON. Cor. Third and Plain Stra*U, Alton, HI. TUESDAY EVK.. MAY 8. •'HUNT the »t»tute books through and'througb. and you will not find u single law enacted by tho Democratic party for the boncfit ol the laboring man," was the claim made at a recent meeting of tho Indianapolis labcr party. WUhlts. What h»« become of Wichita? Last winter our exchange* were filled with accounts of tlio wonderful Wichita boom, but for tho last month or two it seems to have dropped out of sight. Omaha, Kansas City, Ft. Scott and Ft. Smith appear to be tho favorites with land speculators at present. Effect of tne Inter State Commerce taw. .The now railway rates under tho Interstate Commerce law have been _in force nearly a,month,and there has been no dearth of information as to resulting "restriction of general trade" and "paralyzing" or "stopping of indus triei." More recently, however, there is noticed a distinct decline in the number and tone of oritcisms. Bradstreet's, of April 80th, presents telegraphed summaries of interviews with over 1,500 of the larger manufacturers, shippers and merchants at thirty four cities as to the effect of tho new rail rates on business. In regard to .the interviews it says: "These are important, as they show that sentiment is not all one way —that there[are;. many shippers who want the law tested. Some of the loudest complaints have not been caused by the long and short haul clause. It is likely that as much trouble has resulted from inability on the part of railroads to promptly furnish i tariff rates to any and all points as to higher cost of transportation. This is being gradually remedied. One trunk line alone has already prepared over ninety special tariff rates. This means that the new rates are to be slowly but surely readlusted. Less is hoard now from shippers who used to enjoy, heavy rebates. They do. not sell at such and such a price "delivered," but why should they P Tho report shews that a feeling of indifference to the new rates, or, in some oaics, of preference for them with attendant conditions, is wide spread."/ "At St. Louis, Mo., the majority of those Interviewed in tho following lines say that the new railway rates are not unfavorable: Wool, boots and shoes, merchant iron, including heavy hardware. The majenty in the following lines report them unfavorable: Cotwn, dry goods, groceries, clothing, metals and machinery, gram and flour. Many .are hopeful of improvement in the workings of the law. The most gen- oral objection is tho uncertainty of rates and inability to contract ahead."' nlHlSl'ERIAL ASSOCIATION. The Ministers of this vicinity have formed a Ministerial Association with the following constitution: We, tho Ministers of Alton, Upper Alton and vicinity, feeling the need of closer bond of union in our work and of iv concerted action in combatting the evils of tho day, do hereby form ourselves into the Ministerial Association of Alton, on the following basis: 1. We unite on tho. platform of tho Kv&ngulloal Alliance. 2. This Association shall meet on tho iirst Monday of each month at 2 p. m. S. The officers of thin Association shall be; (!) a President, (2) a Vice President, (S) a Secretary and 'Irons* urer,' who shall be elacted semiannually; the first Monday of January and July. 4. The exorclsci shall consist of a lermon or papir by some member of the Association, a free discussion of the same or the discussion of topics of vita) interest to our churches, city, or corns munlty. Programs shall be' arranged at each meeting for tho meeting follow* ing. The ministers who have signed the above constitution are: Itev. R. H. Manlor, M. E, church. Uor. H S. Mills, Congregational church. Bov. A. L. Barr, C. I', church. Rev. W. H. Chambers, A. M. B; church. Rev; A, T. Wolff, Presbyterian church. Rev. 11. D. Turner, Union Baptist church. Rev. L. A. Abbott, Baptist church. Rev. H. C. Burton, A. M. E. church, Upp<\r Alton. Rev. G. W. Waggoner, M. B. church, Upper Alton, Rev. W. P. Everett i Baptist church, Upper Alton. The Association met Monday at L' p. in; in tho vestry of the M. E. olmrch, all members present except Rov. H. S. Mills. Rov. J. L. Phillips, of tho A. M. E. church, Belleville, was present aud Invited to sit ns a corresponding tocr. Officers, to servo till llrat Monday of 3uly w«9 elected as follows s President, Iloy,,R, .H. Manler: Vice President, RevrW. P, Eyorott; Secretary, llov. A, "IVWolH. . WM decided to hold tho next rog ular meeting in tho vestry of tho Baptist church, Upper Alton, Bev. Dr. Ken- drlok to give an address on some live ssueof the day, and Bev. Dr. Mamer to read a paper. A union mass meeting was arranged for, to bo held next Sabbath ovonlng in the M. E. church, Alton, m favor of law and order and to give expression in favor of closing saloons and places of business OB tho Sabbath. A number of addresses wore arranged for, which will be announced later. The following resolution, to bo forwarded to the State Senator from this district, was unanimously adopted: "ftesolvtd, That wo, representing the ministry arid churches of Alton and Upper Alton, and all friends of good order in this vicinity, earnestly doaire tho passage of the bill now in the Son- ate of Illinois, (and which has already passed tho House of Boprosontatires,) prohibiting tho playing of base ball on the Sabbath day, and we implore the Senator from this district, Hon. W. F. L. Hadloy, to labor and vote for such passage." Sketches of sermons ware given by a number of ministers, and after transacting miscellaneous business the association adjourned with the benediction by Rev. A. L. Barr. THE DIRKOT AND:FAST LINK TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST, A SOLID DAII/V TBINS to. S Cincinnati and lionisviUe In TEN IIOUllS, with Through Bay. 1'alnoe Curs tm<l Palace Sleeping Coaches. No change of cars for any class of passengers. TWO »AUC,Y TRAINS To Washington in 28 hours. To Baltimore in 29 hours. This IB FIVE HOT711S QU10KKB than the last' ost time by any other lino. THE DAY EXPRESS runs entire train consisting of Day Coaches and Pulaco keeping oars from St. Louis to Washington. THE NIGT1I EXi'KEbS has sleepers througl without change. No other line from 8t Louis offers a Dally Through Train servief to the NATIONAL CAPITAL. Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars are run by this line on night express from ST. LOUIS TO NEW YOKE, —DAIM— Without change inS7 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WINTER BESOBTS IN THIS SOUTH. : EAST. Tho Double Daily Linos of Parlor Oars and Palace Sleeping Ooaohos by tMa Road from St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville making direct connections at both polnu with morning and evening Express Trains, having Palace Hotel and Sleeping Cars to Chattanooga, Atlanta, Savannah and Jacksonville wltuont chungo.' No Ferries or Transfers by this Boute. ForTlekots Kates, or any particular in formation, call on Tlcliot Agents of connect ing Hues, West, Northwest and Southwest Or in St. JLouU at 101 Ss 103 Fourth «t. JNO. F. BAKNA11D, W. B. SHATTUu, Pros. Gen. Manager. (ion'l Pass. Apt. Cincinnati, O. L. D. BACON, Gen. West Paoc. Agent St. Louis, Mo. Perfect Goods Only! IN EVEUY VAHIETT OF FINE PAPEH, IN FINISH-ANU WEIGHT, TO SUIT ANY IIEQUIKKMENT. Persons in want of Fine Writing Papers, Envelopes, Ilogret Cards Invitation Cards, Visiting Cards, Writing Tablets, or anything In the Stationery lino, can not only save money but have the largest stook of writing papers in Alton to select from. irino Bristol Board Visiting Oards at lOc, I5c, 20o aud MB per pack. Parties living in tho country can have their orders tilled by mall. Give mo a call when in tho city, CHAS. HOLDEN, Jr., Corner of Second and Henry Streets. Iv22 wly BARNETT BROS, CHICAGO. Wholesale Fruits and Commission. Wo respectfully solicit shipments of fruits and vegetables and promise prompt returns and full market rates. Our dealings and records for tho past "0 years aro a guarantee of what wo can do. Write for information. Stonoll will bo furnished free. ap'Jl 3m WATGHSPRING Wltli slidliigr Detachable Spriiiara. CS'-Better than Wlialebone or Horu,^B3 and Kuaranteed never to break» Price, $x>25» Forulo by leading wholesale and retail "tab- luhmoaU. MAYER, STROUSE &CO. 413 Broadway, N. Y., Mnmifacturers. For Sale Cheap, -ONK- Wlth nil tlio Appliances lo Kuu it. Kverytlitni; in Good Order. A, H. HASTINGS, lolHwtf Upper Alton, Tho importance of purifying the blood cannot ho overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich tho blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's D >•_., Siirsaparllla. It strengthens rcCUIIeU ;ln( i builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones tlio digestion, while U eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, ami preparation of the vegetable remedies used glvo to Hood's Sarsuparllla pccnl- *r~. If e A If lar curative powers. No • u I IOC 11 other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's S.irsaparilla do not bo Induced to take any other instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. TIood'8 Snrsnnarllla is sold by nil druggists. Prepared tiy C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar KASKI NE (THE tfEW QUININE.) ~"~ No bad effect No headache No nausea, wo ringing ears. C ure \quickly |Pleasant;r A POWERFUL TONIC, that tho most dollcato stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJLABIA, RHEUMATISM', NERVOUS PROSTRATION, null all Germ Biseasea POU GOLDS KASKINE HAS BEENFOUKD TO BE ALMOST A. SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. Bellovue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue oesslul." . i "Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. ] wttli Kaaklne haa been (discharged cured." Rev. Jas. L. IloU.Olmplaln Albany r-enlten- tlary.writes that Kaskino has cured his wife after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. , St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable, It acts perfectly.' Trot. W. P. Holoombe, M.D , 51 East25th st. N.Y. (late Prof. In N. Y.'Med. College)'writes ''Kaskine Is superior to quinine in its spoclfli power, and never produces tho slightest in jury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Has kino hns cured .them niter all otlieer modi olnohad failed.' Write lor book of testimonials. Kaskino can bo taken without any special medical advioo. $1.00 poa bottle. Sold by or sent by in all on receipt ol prico KASKINE CO., M Warren St., New York 10 dwlm Ears and Scnlt!> Covered with EC- zomatoiis Scabs ftnd Sores Cured b.v Cnticura. E \ little son, aged olirht years, has been nl- illoted with Eczema of tha scalp, and at ImnsTgreat portion of the body, over slnco he was ^wo years old. U began iu his oiiis, and extended to his Boftlp.whfiu boonmo oov- erod with uonbs and soros, and from whtoH a sticky fluid poured out, causing '"to"™, tolling and distress, ami leaving His liar matted and lifeless. Underneath these scabs ho skin was ruw, like a piece of beefsteak. Urndually tho hixlv eamo out and was do- Btroved. until but a small patch was loft it ho bank oi tho head. My friends in I'enbody enow how my little boy has snirorcd. At i glit ho would scratch his head until his pil- ow wiis covered with blood. 1 used to tie ftelmncSbehindhim, and in many ways Hod to prevent his scratching; hut t was 10 «su, lie would Bcvutoli. 1 took him to tho loVpltal and to the. best physicians in lea. >ody without uncross. About this tlino, so-no friends, who had boon ouvcd by the Outioura Uomodlos, prevailed upon mo to try hem. 1 began to HBO them on tho 16th of January last. In seven months ovory particle of the disease was removed. Not a spot or scab remains on his scalp to toll the story of his suffering. His hnlr has returned, and s thick and strong, and his scnlp '»J»woot and clean as any child's in tho world. I cannot say enough to express my gratitude lor this wonderful cure by the Outlcum Homo- dies, and wish all Blmlfarly afflicted to know that my statement Is i true aijd without exng- aoratlon. OHAIU.ES MolvAV, Got 0 88fl Poabody, Mass. I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly alfootod with the Eczema. Ho was » pltllul eight to look at. I know that he has tried our beat phyniclans, and did ail a father could do for a suffering child, but availed nothing. 1 know thut tho statements no has made you n» rcunrds the curing of his boy by your (Jntlcura Homfcdlos are true in every particular. WILLIAM J MaOAHTin, 38 Foster street,-1'oabody, Mass. 1 do not know of any Instance In which the Cutfcura Itemedios have failed to produce satisfactory results. I believe I have sold more them than of any other skin remedies I have over bundled during tho 33 years of «^«»o° rkWUtavla, N. Y. Sold ovorywlioro. Price: Outioura, 50 ots.; Outicura Soap. 26 cents; Ontiuuru Resolvent, 1. Prepared by Potter Drug and Chemical < Scnd >9 for 1 "Uow to Cure Slcln Diseases." TIT 1V/T PU5S, lUaolihoads. Skin Blemishes JL J.JJ1L and Baby Humors, use Outioxua Soap. KAGLE PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT The Steamer H. USYHE, Master. I E, ROSS POWBU . JED. BLOOK.OIOCKB. On and alter Monday, Tob. 11, the Spread Eagle will run OB follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 8 p. in., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Lauding, Grafton, and way points every evening at 6 :30 o'clock. »3_The •Whistle will be Bounded fifteen minutes before starting (or St. Louis. To ST. Louis, Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUB ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS 11. H. GO'S PAI.ACM 8TKAMKK J. F. ELLISON, Commander. Ki>. ANSHUTZ, | nmrkH TKOM DOI.OK; j olorkB ' On and after Thursday,Fob. nth.wllHsave Alton daily Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will leave St. Louis for Alton, Portage, Jersey, Grafton and all points ou 6t. L. *'0.1. U. U.,daily, except Sunday, at 8:31) a. m., arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Returning will leave Alton (or St. Louis at 5:43 p. in. arriving at 8t, Louis nt 7:80 In nrnplo time for parties to attend thuatrss, oca. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. Round trip tickets of Bteamor Spread Eagle or Hudson wllllbo honored by oithor bout for return passage. eonneotlnicwlth fastozpreas on St. Louis aud Uontral Illinois Hallroad lor Jereoyvillo, Wu- vorly, Spilugfloldaud all points north and east. FARE. To ST. Louis, single trip, . . . BOc, " " round trip, .... 76», '• " twenty rlno ticket,. , 56,00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. II. A. 1TI8HEH, fiun'l Manager. folldtf Stacks of Ladies Hats and Bonnets Latest of Novelties. All things in above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake Globe, - -- Alton. Now vhon tlio to fihow, 'Tin tlmu for young and old to uunw That fi'wr«, Zawttwltand nil Tbo Illi nt Iniltutitlom coll, With worjr trouble, acho or pain, That follow! in Uu>BUIoui — r^ train. Will ncnttor llku tho thieves ot nliiht lioforo u draught of BulUur brluht. <'"Vir A TVT^TP'Pi AT ONOK. A UK- YY xV^ LJtLJLJ UAHU<! MAN- to take orders for choice nunory atook. (iood pay. Steady work, Outlit free. No experience neudod. JAMK8 K. WlllTNlflY. upstldlm A Word about Catarrh, "Ills tho mucous membrane, that wonder ful semi-fluid Kiivelopo surrounding Hie dell cate tissues of the uir and food passages,that Catarrh makes its stronghold. Onco established, It cats into tho very vitals, and renders life but a long-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling tho sense of hearing, trammelling the power of speech, destroying the faculty of smell, tainting the breath, ana killing tho refined pleasures of taste. ln- gldiouBly, by creeping on from a simple cold in the head, it assaults the membranous lining and envelops tho bones, eating through tho delicate coats and causing Inflammation sloughing and death. Nothing short of eradication will secure health to the patient, anc all alloviatlves are simply procrastinated sufferings, loading to a fatal termination Sanford's lladloal Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never failed: even when tho disease has made frightfu Inroads on delicate constitutions, hearing amoU andiaste have been recovered, and the disease thoroughly driven out. SANKOKD'S RADICAL, CURB consists of one bottle of the Kadioal Cure, one boxCtttairha Solvent, and one improved Inhaler, noatlj wrapped in one package, with full directions price $1, POTTBR DRUG & OHEJIIOAI. Oo.,jiioBTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still com polled by stern necessity to stand up to the work betore us and bear thr ipnln. llelinf in one minute In a Ou 'tlcura Anti-Pain Piaster lor aching sides and back,weak & painful nius clos,. tho soro chest and hacking cough, and every pain and ache of daily toil. Elegant now, original, speedy, and Infallible. A druggist*, 26o,; Jive for ?1; or,. postaue free of Potter Drug and Ohcmii'iil Uo., Boston. We do not manufacture Lard. Candles, Butterlne, or any klndrcc truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material EILVEU SOAP is made of PORE TAI. tow, by a clean process! and can be used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TODK GHOCER FOB IT. SMPIBB SOAP CO, ST. LOUlS. MO. PRICE LIST: 1'Kit nrit, LaBelle, - - - $4,75 Fairy, - - - - 4,50 Diamond Light, e • 4.00 Fancy, • • • 3,50 STOCK FOE SALE. A Fine Klooded Marc, a Fine Qhort Horn Cow and Half Jorsoy Yoarllng Heifer. Inquire at tho Godfrey OonjtrcKatlonul I'avBon- auo. fol)17wtf Desirable Ranche I Sale Twenty-four miles from 1'rosoott, Arizona, consisting of 1GO norm, Good house, outbuildings, well and blacksmith uhop; two corrals, never fulling stream of soft water, Uood rango. Stouk for <mlo with ntnt'li'i if duaired. Turuis moderate, Tltlo porfoet. For funhur purtlculuru uddveuo, J. M. HOlilO, niclilll-wllin ; 1'reHCott, Arlxonri, 1887 THE LATEST!—-1887. . JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Made In four stylos. Two tmd Throe Burners, \VithTlnandRH88laOvons. KcSuret without tfie elevated tank. Pressure fa obtained with" a wcighF, not-with n pump. Absolutely the safest; simple with no intricate parts. LIGHT.1 with oarburotted nlr, instead of oil In a ilrip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all of a:i inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy annooled brasa.with union couplings. One end ol tank is ol glfcss, showing quantity of oil in aame. Cannot be filled while burning. . The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES aro Improved mechanically and artistically. Largo double oven for three burner Ranges; Stand pipes Increased In size to one inch, with large supply valve and trap at base. All OVOUB aro made double or .flue lined. . apudim , PITTS & H AMIU, Sole Agents. HAY-FEVER ELY'S CUE AM HALM Is not a liquid, snuff or povdcr. Applied into nostrils in quickly absorbed. It cleanses tJia Jiaad. Allays inflammation, Heals the sores. Restores the senses of taste and smell. CO cents at Driig<iht.i; by wail, ngisteral, 00 ccntf. ELYBROTHERS.Urufe'gisls.Owcgo.NY,, Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials aro botmr received dally regarding- Its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse it us tho greatest medical discovery oil tho any. Tho GHEAT GOLDEN BEAIi Is a Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous Bystou and tho tired braiu. An • Anti-Periodic Or Provontativo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho ovll effects of excessive ulcohollo Indulgences. A NO"Alcoholic Stimulant Toning up thoontiro system. If you nro Just recovering from sickness, no known remedy will gl vo strength and health so fast, Pi'lco, $1.00 per bottto at all DvugglflUt. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO,, 54 taSalle Av., CHICAGO, ILL. 4 LOOKOUT' THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL KOH SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HAHIWAltB Also Outside Work a specialty. IloolliiB and Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies AlWATtS ON UANU. COU, Hl'XKINI) AND AI4IY BT8. WBLSON Those "Wnnlibonrda nro made with a Itcul AVood vim. Tho Strong- list hourJs and boat wasbura in tlio wuria, For talo by all dealcra. Toko no other. NAGIIVAW M'F'O CO., Snuinaw, Michigan. LATE PAINT J. WILKES FORD & CO. Ol <b Oil W. Wu.lilnittoii St., tlhlcniio, III. FELT AND GRAVEL ROOFERS Ami Dealer! in HonlluB MatorlnU. Our facilities for doing work In Alton aro suoli that wo can do the vory best miallty ol Ifolt and Uravul Kooiing, the muno an in uio on nil tho Ih'Ht-oliiss buildings in Chicago at a lower price than Tin or Iron, and warrant our roofu for live years. Wo aluo null mutoria's with full liiHtruatlou how to do tho worn or lurnlsh auuxporlonood wan. up26dly SCO B AG8 HIGGJCN8' FUREKA FINE SALT, Vor Dairy aud Table UHB, ln«14 Ib. lluflo snolcs and 00 III. sucks, for sale by J. A, BYRIE.

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