Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 2, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1887
Page 2
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Amur PAILT B* W. T. NORTON, Cor. Third and Pliwa Streets, Alton, 111. MONDAY EVE., MAY 2. BALL MUTES. . [For the TelogfRph.} When! Why, yesterday, of course. It was;the "battery that did it. •; Paul McSweeny again demonstrated his fondneaa for catching. Fahey eTidontly approved o( tlic much abused now pitching rules. Smith is a Tory good man to havo around loose. He could be played as a regular to fcood advantage; and then, Weig and Smith as a substitute battery, are not to bo snoozed at. Whistler, Fahey, •'; McSweeny, Smith slugging combination is tho way it should read now 1 . My* my, oh, my! and Kacs is the pitcher the St. Louis Browns let the : Kansas City cowboys have to help them win the pennant for '87. It is not loo early to suggest a change in the infield. Oldfield should be in the outfield, as also should Hemp—both have clearly shown their ability to cover territory and do good playing in tho outer garden. One thing was made apparent yesterday, :vi«: that you cannot gather a lot of p>od individual players together and; without praotica as a nmo, make them play good ball. Sohultz was not up to the .standard of the World's Champions, yet, notwithstanding, ho is a very fine back, stop. Whistler mode the longest hit ever made on the grounds, and it was re turned to the diamond in great shape. .The Home Comfort nine advertised for May 8th in Alton, aro a very- good team, although defeated yesterday by the East St. Louis .Natioualsby 5 to 3. Perkins, of last year's Altons, and L. Lumaghi of the Collinsville tteds, witnessed yesterday's game. Only three clean hits were made off of Fahoy's pitching yesterday. We publish the score without conn- naent. .. v v •. • . i •'. TUB SCORB; wels, rf....5 Mo8we»'y,c4 Fahey, p...0 Hompi a a.,0 Otdllold,8b.O Whlstler,lf.5 Barry,2b,..2 Smith, lb..4 nln r A E 4 4 1 ( 1 6 1 2 2 10 0 0 Ferg'BOn,cU Totals....102324 19 7 T'LTLBU B IB r A B Peterson 3bl £ 8' 0 3 liono,H....O 8 2 Peters, 88.. 1 0 • DOlan, rf...S 1 J Smiley, 2b.O 2 0 Drlssal, lb..O o B Docker, cl..0 * 5 Kaes, i^nuo. j/.... j v bohuitzu, c.O Q Total SB 3412 g .;.;........! 'B! 4 ; 0 f l I* '4 0-19 rrieklyAsh .... ...8 O; 0 « 11 1 0— S •Earned runs-—Alton; 9; P. A.,1. Three base hits—Fahey. Two base hits—Wois, McSweenoy, Whistler (2), Hmith (2). Total buses—Alton, 31; Prickly Ash 8. •••.'•'. :•'- " -,..•.,.•• Bases on balls—Weis, Fahey,, Whist: lor (2j ; Peterson, Behe (8), Smiley. Struck out—By Fahey', 4; Kaes, 1. Passed balls—Sohultze, 2. • Wild pitches—Fahey 1. ; Loft »n bases—Alton 10; P. Ash 5. Time: 1 hour, 69 min. Umpire—Mr. Cdnley. Building ABROOlatlons. To the stock holders of "the Bluff City Worklngmon's Building and Loan Association: B v ! . . Vou are hereby notified that tho sets • ond annual meeting of said association will bo held in the Council chamber in tho city of Alton, Monday eve.. May 2d, at 7 -.30 o'clock, tor' the purpose of electing three Directors ; and, ; for sloh other business as may come beforo them. JL. PFEIFFENBERGEH, Pres J. F. McUiNNia, Soo. To the stock holders of the Alton Build jng and Loan Association: v You arc'hereby notified that tho fourth annual meeting of said association will bo hold in the Coupoll Chamber, in tho city of Alton, Tuesday evening, May 8d, 1887, at, 7:30 o'clock for the purpose of electing three Directors and for such other business as may come before them, L. PFEIFFENBERGER. Pros. ; JOHN F. MofiiNms, Soo. SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING. There will be a special meeting of the City Council, nt tho Council Chamber, Tuesday afternoon, May 3d, at wliloh • tlmo tho . Mayor's inaugural address will be delivered, tjie appointments of officers and committees an- nuuncod, and enoh other business trans* noted as may como before the mooting. H. G. M'PIKEi 27dtd •_Mayor. 1'Hbllc Benefactors. When the business men ot a town fail advertise they dimiaish the impor- ance and trade of a place and permit more enterprising localities to take the alter from them. Although done for Ueif individual interests, advertisers should be looked upon by tha citi/nns of the town where; they reside as public benefactors, and they should, be encouraged accordingly.* The merchant who advertises extensively Is worth more to a town and its people than forty who never show themselves in print, and for that reason ho should always be ?ivon the preference in local patronage, providing, of course, that heis^a fair vnd honorable business man.— Kx, Wichita's Hoom. The Kansas City Times says: "They gay that the Wichita boom lo no longer a booming. And they further say that tho Baptist association, which held on to the Wichita Investments, hoping for a speedy rise, is how hustling for a cus» omer in a great spirit of trepidation. Therefore are we moved to remind our Japtist brethren to lay up no treasures on earth". Jacob takes ills Turn. The-flute in the Now York "boodle" lases having for the most part gone to til, Sharp's case is on now. . Mexican Dudes. The Coboordliv DayliqM strikes n About right when it a ay a; "A nowspn- ' per man discovered that it is Impossible for newspapers to boom n town unless tho'pooplo do a little booming on tholr own aooount in tho newspapers. Newspapers can't work (or the oily (or notlu ing and board themselves, no more than a man oan, lift hiuiKolf over the fonoo by hu boot-straps. There is no prlnulple Involvoct In this matter and \vc ftro not off muob vrhcn wo say It ia gouorally tho buslueas man who Is unwilling to invest a niokle in a boom that IB the moat liberal with bis 'lip' in blowing up the newspapers for a Uolc of push and drive m ft town." Tho puociltar purifying and buildup up powers ot Hood's Sarsapnrilla mako It the very best medialno to take nt this At certain hours of tho day and in jertain portions of tho more fashionably frequented streets the way is lined vith a variety of sidewalk statues, who, or smartness of attire and vapidity of ountenanco, will compare not unfavorably with the glorious American ludo. They aro known among the dis- jerning Mexicans—who are masters of he art of torso and graphic classifica- ion with regard to salient points—as agartijos, or. li/.nrds, from the tenacity with which they hug tho walls along he narrow sidewalks; while they ogle ho ladies going to or from church or he promenades. These "lizards" have in amiable habit of making, with the utmost composure, in a perfectly audile voice, highly complimentary ob^, ervations concerning such members of ho fair sejc as may be fortunate enough o meet with their critical approbation. Sweetness!" "What a .dear darling!" How I lovo you, precious blonde!" Come hero, pretty thing, and kiss mol" ; Snob. ;are some of ..the refined and chiv'alrib; modes of address prac- iced by these young—and not always r oung—-dandies. Also, if''they can nustor a few words , of English, they are fond of delivering them for the jonfit of •women of foreign appearance —at a severe penalty, as will be seen. ?hese amenities aro called, in the ox- >rcssive language of tho country, throwing flowers." :.The manikins •cally ; mean no offense Vy the habit, )Ut rather consider it a delicate attcn- ion and a tribute due to the presump- ive charm of the fair, the custom being another disagreeable rolic surviving i'om the objectionable; phases'of the Spanish regime. ; The tisagn is happily cssoning, and no doubt will soon bo obsolete. • ' It is curious and characteristic to observe how dillbrcutly the habit ia regarded by the ladies of different unions. Tho Spanish women resident in. VIexico complain that those gallantries are; not sullieiohtly pronounced, and :loclare that Mexican men are eold- jlooded reptiles—"perfect sticks," in short, with tho very tamest ideas as to making their attentions impressive and acceptable to ladies; the Mexican wo- nen endure the impertinences as an affliction, oflensivo and lowering to ihoir dignity, but one which they aro .tupoteut to avoid, thanks to the submissive attitude of femininity in the country. American women in Mexico often do not understand enough Span- sh to knpw the import of these speeches, InitJ when they do understand it, it joes hard with tho offender. He is sure to receive some token of resentment, if only a scowl. Two cases aro on record of irate damsels—one, it goes without .saying, was a strong-minded Bostonian lass—who, in the might of their righteous indignation ut what they decmud deliberate insult, laid across the faces of tho culprits a succession of vigorous whacks with o parasol. .Hut perhaps tho most effective extinguisher is that employed by a California young lady, She knows Spanish liko a native, and when she hears observations from tho dandies directed toward herself she walks up to the nearest policeman, points out tho delinquent, and says: "It is against tho police regulations to permit insult to foreigners. You will have the goodness to take that man in charge." And sho stays near to see that the gendarme complies. She has mudo liorsclf considerable of a terror to tiie liigartijos, and the Mexican ladies commend her cowso, realizing thivt such Lrciitmont goaalnr to correct thenbnso. Pobrcs lagartijos! their type must be extinct ore many years.— Oily of Mexico Letter, ^ , ^ _^ W.i 1 have in Chicago, 8,700 saloons and $10 a day would be a low estimate )f the average amount each receives; Such an estimate gives ns tbo amount expended for liquor in this city per yecr 13,724,000.—Chicago News. Enjoy MKo. Whnt a truly beautiful world we live n! Kuturo gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. Wo uun desire no bolter when in perfect health; but iiow often do tho majority of people fi like giving it up disheartened, d cournged and worn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this fuel insr, as ovory sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory prcof, that Green's August Flower, will make them froo frorx disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Livor Complaint are tho direct causes ol sevonly-livo per cunt, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Head- aoho, Costwonoss, Nervous Prostration UlMsinuss of tho lload, Palpitation of tho Heart, and other distressing symptoms Throo doses of August Flower wll prove its wonderful effect, Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try U. Jn3 dwoow ly The Importance of purifying tho Wood cannot bo overestimated, fbr without pure blood you cannot enjoy good n'cnUli. At this season nearly every one needs a good medlcluo to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and -wo ask you to try Hood's D« «i • IS« v Sarsaimrtlla. It strengthens rcCUIlcU ami builds up tlio syalem, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, while it eradicates disease. The peculiar .combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used glvo to Hood's Snrsap.irilla pccnl- -ry. If coif lar curative powers. No * *•* I town other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If yon have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be induced to take any other instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar KASKI NE (THE cTEW .QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. *f.o ' ringing ears, ™ 8 , quickly iPleaaant,l Jure A POWERFUL TONIC, that the most delicate stomach i will bear. A SPJKC1F1C FOR BIALABIA, RHEUMATISM, NEUVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOR COLDS KASKINE HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. BollovaoHospital, N. Y.: "Universally suo cessful." < "Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Eosklno has been (discharged cured." Rev. Jas. L. Uall.Oliaplaln Albany Penlton- tlary.wrltes that Kaskfne has cured his wife after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor par- tlo.nlftvs. St. Joseph's Hospital, N.Y.; "It's use Is considered indispensable, It acte perfectly.' Prol. W. F. Holoornbe, M.D , 54 East 20th st. N.Y. (late Prof. In N. Y.-Med. College) writes "Kaskino Is superior to quinine in its specific power, and never produces the slightest Injury to tho hearing or constitution. Tuousunds upon thousand -write that Kas kino hns cured them after all otheer modi cine had failed.' Write for book of testimonials. Kasklne can bo taken without any spocla medical advice. ?l.oopoa bottle. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price KASKINE CO., 54 Warren St., New York 10 dwlm. JXAGI.JS PACKET COMPANY.. SPRING ARRANGEMENT Tho Steamer .,i ED, ULOOK, Olora a On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Eagle will run as follows, viz: LEAVING ALTON . EOB ST. LOTTIS at 7 o'clock a. in., and St. Louis on return trip «.t 8 p. in,, dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersoy Landing, Gralton, and wa> points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «S,Tbe Whittle will be sounded flftoon minutes before starting for 8t. Louis. To ST. Louis, KOuKDTWr TWENTY EIDES' op -™ • - - 6 00 6 W. BILL, Agont. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THK BT. LOUTS AND CENTIUT, • ILLINOIS R. H. GO'S J'AtAOK STEASI KB J. V. ELLISON, Commander.. KP. ANBIIDTX., (ninrks TllUBDODOE, j u '°I KB ' On and after Thursday,Fob. 17th, wlllleave Alton dally Commencing Holiday, April, 4th, steamer Hudson will leave Si. Louis lor Alton, I'ort- niro, Jersey, Grafton and all points on St. L. & 0. \. H, It.,dally, except Sunday, at 8:30 a. ra., arriving at Alton nt 11 a. m. Uoturnlng will leave Alton for St. Louis atB:4fi p. m. arriving at St, Louis at 7:30 In ample tlmo for parties TO attend theaWBS, etc. Parties pur- olinsliiK round trip tlckots will bo funilsliod state rooms without extra cost. Hound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eaglo or Hudson wllllbe honored by cither bout for return passage. connecting with fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois Uallroad for Jorsoyvillo, Wa- vnrly, Sprlngtlcld and all points north and Oll8t< FABIb TO ST. LouiS,sliiKle trip, . . . Sue. " " rodiKl trip, 75o. '• " twenty rlao ticket,. , $6.00 HKNUY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. 11. A. milUlt, (ion'l Mauagur. tolldtC Now when Iho buclikogln to show, •TU tlmo tor young and olil to know That fevtn, Zrciufltufennd (ill Tbo lll» nt Indtfjettltma With o'vcry troublo, acho ot* naln, TbBt follows In the JltUoui Will »c»tt«rllko f tli"'thle7Mof nlitlit Ihiforo a draught ot Bolu '"W A IVnTrTs AT ONOK,' A UK,W Ai* JL.JL.UU/U1LK llAN" to Uo orders for choices n unary stock. l>ood y. Steuily work. 'Outllt froo. ' No oxjio- For Toilet Use. A vcr'g Hnlr Vigor keepi the hair soft ami pliant, Imparts to it the lustre ami 'freshness of youth, t»U»ea.;H 'to grow luxuriantly, eradicates ;JDandrutt, cures nil ((enlp diseases, and to the ttost clenu- iy of ull linir preparatloua. ' AVCR'C M1C.II O LotsofDrf Vigor has given me . perfect satisfaction. 1 vva.s ncarU- bald for six years, during which c , tiin« I used irmny hair preparations. nut without. quucQss,, , Indeed,, what litilo, liiurj I nml :was growing .thluunr, until I tvicil Aycr's Hair Viior; I used two hutnes-of'tho Vigor, and iny head is now we!! coverrd with a new growth of hulr. — Jiulson B. Uhapol, 1'eabody, Mass. ijNin that baa become weak, gray, rmin un ,i faded, may have now life nnil color restored to ft lay tho uao of Avnr's Hair Vigor. ,»*Myhair was thin, (ailr.!, anil dry, and feU out in largo <iimn;itli>.i, Ayer's Hnir Vigor stopped iho lal'iiug, and restored my, hair to ila ,.::L;III:I| color. As a dressing .for tho Iiair. this ^reparation lias no enual.— • Mury N. Hammond, StiUwater, Minii. U!f*nR youth, and beauty, in tho V luUn, appoaranoa of the hair, may ho im'.w.vved'foriui indefinite period by tlie uso of Ayni's Hair Vigor. ••* A ilis- i';ise'of llio sculp caused my hair to hc- rmnu harsh and dry, and to fair out iM.'lily. ifothinj; I tried seemed to do ins any good until I commenced usin^ Ayer's Hair Vigor. Three bottles ol iliis preparation restored my hair to a lu'iiltliv condition, and It Is now soft tiind pliant, My scalp Is cured, and it is also; free from dandruff . — Mis. JS. K. l>'oss, Milwaukee, \Vis. Ayer's Hair Vigor, Sold by DrugglsU and Port um«r«. PBBPKCT SWBTT, prompt action, and •wonderful curative properties, easily place Ayer's Pills at the head of tho list of popular remedies for Sick and Nervous Headaches, Constipation, and all nil- ments originating in a disordered Liver., I have boon a great sufferer from Headache, and Ayor's Cathartic Pills are the only medicine that has ever given mo relief. One doso of these Pills will quickly movo my bowels, and freo my head from pain.— William. L. Pftgo, lUchniond, Va. * Ayer's Pills, Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayor & Co., Lowell, Mus, Bold by all Dealers In Medicine. Stacks of Ladies Hats and Bonnet* Latest of Novelties. All things in above lines of Goods. Carloads of Bargains, For Young, Old, Rich and Poor, Proud and Humble, at the Wide-awake ; ;,: 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. -...".:<->. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four styles. Two and Three Burners, With Tin and Hussla Qyons..^ Ears and Scalp Covered with EC zcmatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. Tl/ri little son, aged olirlit years, lias been nf •"A fllotca with Eczema or the scalp, and u times a groat portion ol the body, over slue he was two years old. W began In his ours and extended to hla eoalp , which became cov ored with aeaba and sores, and from which sticky fluid poured, out, causing Intons , Itching and distress, and leaving his hal matted and lifeless. Underneath these scab . the skin was raw, like a piece of beefsteak Gradually the hair came out ' and was do stroved, until but A small patch was left a tho back ol the head. My Irlends in I^eabod know • how my little boy has suffered. A night he would scratch ms head until his pll low was covered with Wood. I used to tl Ms hands behind him, and In many way tried to. prevent his seratonlng: but It was no use, he would scratch. I took him to th hospital and to the best physician? In Tea body without success. About this time some friends, who had been cured by th Outloura Remedies, prevailed upon mo to tr them. 1 Began to USB them on the 16th o January last. In seven months every parti olo ot the disease was removed. Not a spo or scab remains an his soalp to tell the stor of Ills suffering. Ills hair has returned, un Is thick and strong, and his scalp as ewoe and clean as any child's In the world. I can not say enough. to express my gratitude fo this wonderful euro by the Outlouru Home dies, and wish ull similarly afflicted to knov that my statement is true and without cxug aeration. OIIAHLKS MOSAY, Oct. 0, 1885. Poabody, Mass. I have seen Mr, McKay's boy when badl affected with the Eczema. Ho was a pltliu si«!jt to look nt. 1 kuow that he lias trlet our best physicians, and did all a fathe coula do for a suffering child, but availei nothing. I know th it tho statements ho ha made you as regards tho curing of his boj by your fjntlcura Remedies are true in over; particular. Wll^IAM J MCCARTHY, 33 Foster street, Jfeabody, Mass, I do not know of any instance in which thi Outloura Remedies have fulled to produo satisfactory results. I believe 1 have BoU more them than of any other skin remuole I have ever handled during tho 33 years o my experience ui a druggist. A, u.THTOS, Batavla, X, Y. Sold everywhere. Price: Cuticura, 50 cts. Cuticura Soap 26 cents; Outluura Bosolvunt Jl. Prepared by Potter Drug and Ohenilca Co.. Boston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." T>T iy* I'LEii, Blackheads. Skin Blcntlahe Soap. ana Baby Humors, use Outlcur . pay. Steuily work. 'Outllt froo. ' No rUiiico ne«U«d, JAMBS K. WHITNEY, uplidliu Mivnurymtui, Kouli»^tur,N.Y. A Word about Catarrh, "Ills tho mucous membrane, that wonder fill semi-fluid envelope surrounding the dell cato tissues of tho air and food passagos,tha Catarrh makes Its stronghold. Unco ostab llslied, It oats Into tho very vitals, and ran dors llfo but a long-drawn breath of misoi-y and disease, dulling tho sense of hearing trammelling the power of speech, destroylni the faculty of smoll, tuintiiiu tho breath, fine killing the rcnncd pleasures nf taste. In sldlously, by creeping on from a simple cold In the head, It assaults tho membranous lln lug and envelops tho hones, eating througl the dolicato coats and causing Inflammation sloughing and death. Nothing short, of erad Icatlon will secure health to tho.patient, am all allovlatlvos uro simply procrastinate sufferings, loading to a fatal termination btmfoi'd'a Radical Inhalation and bj Internal administration, has never fallou «vun when the disease has made friglittu Inroads on delicate constitutions, hearing smull and taste have boon recovered, and the disease thoroughly driven out. SANFOHU'S HADIOAI. OUHK consists of one bottle of tho Jludlcal Ouro, one box Oatarrha Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped In one package,wltufulldlreottons price $1. I'OTTKR DltUO A OlIEMIOAL CO., liOSTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still compelled by stern necessity to stand up to the work boloro us and boar the Ipaln, Itellnf In one mlnuto in a Ou- tloura Anti-Pain Master lor aching rm sides and back,wnakA painful mu»- ulos, tho sore cheat and hacking cough, and ovory pain and ache of dally toll. Klogant new, original, speedy, and Infallible. At (fruvgistb, Me,; five for $1; or, postage free, of Potter Drug and Ohomlcul Qo., Boston. PRICE LIST: I'Klt ItHL, g For Younir ^ and Old. Globe,- LaBelle, • • • $4,75 Fairy, • • • - 4.50 Diamond Light,® • 4.00 Fancy, • - - 3,50 A PERFECT AlrWbssure, wlthoufthe elevated tanh. treasure la obtalfied with a • . not with n pamp. Absolutely the safest; simple with .no l»trioate pnrtBi t •_ LIGHTS with oarburetted air, InBtoad ot oil In a tlrip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks aro all of 8}< inch seamlessUraBa tublug small coiuiooMnu pipes of heavy annealed br»8»,wlth nnlon coupUnga. One end o£ tanfc le of glhts, showing quantity of oil in £<«ne., >Oannot be filled -while Training. : ' '",. " ' . The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES are' Improved 'mechanically and artlB- tlcotty. Large double ovun for three burner llanges; Stand pipes luoroaaea lu size to one Inch,-with large supply valve and trap at base. All ovons aro made double or -flue lined • •• .'.••••>'• . ,apqd4m PITTS & B AMILL, - - - - Sole Agents- Now • ALCOHO LI c ALCOHOLICANIDQTE FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANB£MENTS. An Immediate relief for prostration caused by AIX3OHOLIO EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, whon taken with Soda. Vichy, ApolUnarle, Beltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will supply the Craving for Btrong Drink, without Its disastrous results, leaving the system refreshed and InviBoratod. Prepared as a HEAVY BYEUP, most agreeable to take. ' ; OK&Y BY TUB Being non-alcohollo, it oommonds Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. LOOKOUT THE OELEBttATEl) QUICK" ME AI Gasoline Stove ! KOU 8ALK AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S ' Donlors in STOVK8 Also Outsldo Work n siioclalty. ttaolliiK and Ualvanlzed Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies KS ALWAYS ON HAND. CJOH. HU(IUNI) AND AMIV HTH. W8E.SON These T\'n«hbootds oro'mndo with ttliBiit Wooilrlra. ThoBtroug- ott bu»>v.'s and boot wmacrs iu tb* worla. For sale by all dealers. Take no other,:: ATE PAINT 'iMh"l>roH('fVat|onof ijhliijclo and metal |>00 ^ ><n | i | )r J. WILKES FORD & CO. Ul A ou \v. Wu»blwirt»n at., t>hle>BO, HI. FELT AND GRflVEL ROOFERS And Uoalurs InUootlugMnlerluln. Ourlfa- cllIUdH fordoing work In Alton are such that woican dothti vory host cjualltr of Kelt and Uravel Hooting, the same as m uso ouall thollrst-class bullUlnga iu Chicago nt a low- or pj-Ico than Tin or Iron, and warrant our roots far livo yoars, Wo also sell' uiatoriuli with full ijistruotiou how to do.the work or furnish an experienced man. • "npifldly 200 BAGS FUREKA FINE SAIL Vor Dairy aud Trtl)lo \J»o, Injl* Ib. linen HacItH nod 00 lt>, Backs, for sale by »). A.RYBIE,

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