Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 2, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, MOISTDAt DYSPEPSIA: •tip to & tow weeks ago 1 qonsl Jorpd myself • tho ohninplon Dyspeptic of Alnortoa.' purlng the years that 1 linvo been nfllfctod I Imvo tried almost everything olalmed to bo a ape- olflo for Dyspepsia In. the hope of finding something that would afford permanent relief. I had about made up my mind to aban J ;'don medicines when I noticed an endorse ;; taent of Simmons Liver Regulator by a prominent Georgian, a Jurist whom I know, and concluded to try Its effects In my ease. I have used but two bottles arid am satisfied thnt 1 have struct the right thing at last. I felt Its beneficial effects almost Immediately. Unlike alt otner : preparation of a 'similar TtlnUriosp^olallriBtrudMdns is required as to what ; 6no ;l shaU or shall' not eat. Tills fact alone ought to commend it to all troubled with dyspepsia. J. N. HOLMES. Vineland, H. J. 0 OBSTIPATION. A regular habit of body can bo scoured without ohanglcg the diet or disorganizing the system, by taking SIMMONS LIVEE REGULATOR, bee .that you get thojgennlno. pared by \ .. Pre- CO., Philadelphia, Pa. —2 my28 mwf wkly THE aABteEST AND MOST tlMWEJ ASSORTMENT of Cooking i'Stoyasj ever brought to Alton. < BOOK'B'BIIILLIAXT too BEST GflStiLINE STOVE! in th«:markeVsayes time, labor .and iinoney.: The favorite summer stove ,wlth >ul!;|liou8e- ieepera. rAllBteeB. Call a»d examine. ,1 am also prepared 1 to do . IXobflttgi'GtitfeTliigVSpontiiigand all .kinds • of Tin Work, -at reasonable prices. A. J; DEGENHAllDT, 038 BAST SECOe D STREET • apaoawly JOHN BATJEB,. [DEALER IN AKD'MAHtJFAOTmiER OF Opp. Oiifcy HalJ, AI/TQN, .IU , All kinds of'fln'o 'and'oora'moii'lnrhltiir • constantly on hand. Also xmdert&ker, etc; •'."•'.' •...,. aMdwIw K i" Plttiriv 1 Bna >: »ecorsitlve 'ALi WORK PBbkl?TkY ; A l CTiCNM8D TO AT -. -., .....LOWEST TE11MS. -NEAIl - PJASA .• -.. . CLI/ tfSE -r ,/e dp not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truOKi 1 vye-do not first squeeze tho fat and'611 out of owjretofck, and than convert the refuse Into a worthlons soap. .We are not noar stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or>-do'ad animals or refuse material. BILTEH SOAP Is made of I'cnu I-AI.- tow, by a clean process, and can bo u^ed freely without danger of havlnu the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK'TOFjn GROCER FOU IT. EMPIKB SOAP CO. 8T. LOUia. MO. Preachers' CHNTKAMA, 111., May 1.—At o'clock-tills afternoon Kov. J. M Greon delivered a sermon in^ Sadler' opera house, • ; A;great:deal;^of inter est has boon taken in tho scnfinu b; all classes in tho city during the week because *of the unBatisfactor relationship existing Between Mr Green and,the Presbyterian churcl in thia city. Mr. Green merely allu de<|'to tho fact that he. would some tirrie'pi-each 'on the relationship o cUUrcU-and pastor, and then proceed ed to deliver a very able discoiire from Daniel xii., 4, during which he expressed the remarkable opinion that the same principle of adjust- between capital and labor. should apply to the class that occupy the pulpit. There wore no strike; among .preachers, none whatever There should be a movement along the whole line. Hotel Burned. McLEANSBono, 111., May . 1—The city hotel, a large frame belonging to Mrs. Sarah Jones.opposite the Louis ville and Nashville depot, burned thii morning at 5:20. The inmate being aroused, bayely escaped wit! their lives. The depot caught fir but was saved. Absolutely Pure. This powder neror varies. A marvel ol purity, 1 strength wBplesomoness. More economical? than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In competition with the 'taultltude 01 low test, short weight, alhm jihoemhatol powders. ••Sown ONI.T IN CANS. BOXAL BA1OKG POWDBR CO., 106 Wall St.,K.Y.i • ... . . . ;JanSdwly RE&°ESTOt FOB SAIL V READ LIST OF BARGAINS —AT— C^;S6hlueter's Agency. For Salp. iJhoap; cor. ot 7th and Alton sts., [fame dwelling, 1 rooms and collar, rents foi $10 per month; „ For .Sale or Bxehangoo—100 acres, 85 in oul' tlvatlon. 23i'miles northeast of Fostorburg at a bargain. For sale—F.iye-room brick house, story and a half, corner Eighth :and Moohnnlo street. Jan ue Had at a bargain. Good (property to one p-room new house, with cellar, cistern inti coal house. Lot CO by 110 on 9th and Market sta. -Kor sale—ono 8-room house and|one B-room holise, 9thfftnd Market sts. Lot BO by no- good cistern and coal house, at a bargain F ?r sale^-16 acres in N0rth Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For sale— 600'acresi Improved farm with rood IIOUBO and stables In Woodson county, nnsasi., ttafcriuwsorowi from FortSeott to nolilta. o miles from county seat, Forsale—7S acres partly bottom land, Improved farm, near Dorsey, with plenty of good buildings on same. _For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In this city, i r ?, r ?> alo ,. or oxplmnge-A nice little cottage m Bethalto, with'plenty of ground, stable uid good water on premises. .Forsale or exchange-Two sections of n,H. limber land in 80. Missouri, 160 miles from St. rxyils on the Iron Mountain B. U., at a bar- For sale or exchange, a acres ot gfiniudi on Main st., adjoining UuyorjOopplugor's on tho For sale or exchange—6 sections of prairie and in Crocket county, Texas, Will sell ohoap. Bultablo'for any farming purposes. Throe acres adjoining Brilto'berts on north. Five lots on Dry St.. adJotnlng/Thomas Big' gins' residence on the east; One and a half lots In Hawloy's addition. Ono and a half lots In Sholly'a addition. Any of tho abovo property can bo bouirht t a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y,, one of the best companies in the TJ> S> And other good ^Companies in addition- C. A, SCffLUETER, Office] in my New Building, on Second street. . wohllclw JOSKl'H JAltitETT'S LIVBKY STABLE FUONT 8TIIKKT, BBTWKRN AJ.BVANDHASTON, AI.TUV . . M - ll.l.IMdl lllVllllV 1>A1 V 'JB8T NEWS. .„.„-„_ torntery has had two sharp'shodkS'of 'earthquake. ; Treasurer Jordan lias returned ami raurted'Ms duties at 'Washington. Experts'in chlrography agree'that- the Times'Pafnell letter was a ; forgery, - : • i- Matthew'Arnold is out in a strong letter against Gladstone and Parnel- lism. ; Three riegrbds wore lynched :nesr • Proctor, W. Va., Saturday for thieving. A' largeinumber of Sunday political •ineeklnga 1 ' wore held'at London yesterday. ' - 1 tCh'e'-aver'a'g6 ' r<?ducm6n in Irish reHts'dfdered'by tub-land court is 25< per cent. _, News 'from the .Afghan frontier is just now; pronounced disquieting to the British government. ;'Mr.^ 1 'Henry ShaW "Saturday los*- $B3,000'in State'atid' city bonds on Ih'e : stfeets i: of St.' Louis'. ' : •A). Bauer has'resigned as umpire of; the; Ameri'can Association 1 and" John G. Valehtine succeeds him. ; At Rosetjurg station, Pa., John GibBs^iria-Abe'McCrea fought, and •both-^are-'thought to be fatally injure^. 1 : There is an enormous increasd of emigrants: from; -.Great Britain for Canada, Australia .and the United Slate's. {• • -\ '•:( ; ; - . •• " , A letter, is'published from' Gen. Boulana;er which 'treats,-;as-a matter of course, > ; the coming Franco-German conflict. Transcontinental telegraph rates are being cut by a combination of the Postal, United Lines and Ohio companies. Senator, Vest is reported, as suggesting that Mrs. Cleveland's wishes maV'influence the 'President to run for another term. The Parnellites continue the 1 'policy of obstruction in the British Parliament, .170 amendmentsbeing'off ered to one clause of the crimes-act. It is a singular fact that 'none of the'merchants in "the smallei- ttnvns of the country have petitioned for the'suspension'of the long and -short- haul clause. ' Wm.;Duff'Haynie, of'IHinbisi has been appointed ,• chief clerk to the first assistant postmaster'general, vice James H. Marr, deceased. Mr. Haynie has performed the'iniportanc duties of the position for a year or more. Montana has quarantined against cattle from Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Texas, Vermont and the District of Columbia. .One hundred and twenty separate and distinct boycotts are how in force in this happy land, averaging about one boycott a day since Jan. 1, 1887. Mathematically speaking, if this sort of thing is continued each Knight of Labor in the' country will soon have a boycott of his own. That Louisville mob was a very tame one. When a body pf men parade about town .with'a string band and a couple • of illuminated iransparenciea it is hardly necessary io call out the militia to'keep order. As a general thing'it is beer' rather than blood ithat • such a mob thirsts 'or, and the Kentucky experience once more vindicates the theory. Iron Works • Bar nod. BUKLIN'GTOHJ Io., May 1 — The Murray iron works burned ''this morning. Loss, $40,000, insured for about one-third^ White, Pine' BalsM'fthat would cost them bat 506; asa-porBftps euro three Or fo<rr coltfgi Sojd by'EiiMarsh. ' '• BUKK3' WHJ,TK HKElBALSAM. It will,be found oiiuKily^eflloacioUs'in colds ond ^bobgljg of, iqng standing relibTiDg this distr^.ari^ restoring tho throat to.its .nprmal Btato.;i for sale by E. Marsli,,Alton, 111. mylawltn •• Ayer'aTills ore the best cathartic for corrooting'lrrbgularUtdg 'of tho 'stomach and bbwo/B.' ' Gientle, yet thorough in their "action, '•' they' euro : constipation, stitoblate the' 1 appetite ahd digostivo 'ht-o-Ahtf and •••'• rtrc'n'gthen tlie; system. . ., dwlw SCHOOL JMOUO , OF DW. No: 1, TOWNSHIP. Walking Ma^oli. , Pa., May 1 — Thirty-eight pedestrians started im a six days' go-as-you-please hero! t«- ni^lit. Among them are Vint, Nore- nao, Hughes and Hart, Tho pi'izes aggregate ahout '$6,000. Soou Ildve Died. Burks Modleirio Co;j Quiricy, 111; GKNTS—-I want to toll yon what four White'.PlBQ Bivtsam .fia'8'db.iji}, I md a cough for tlireo long months, contracted while in toadville,* about Aug. 19. I had ; dbotorod. •.constantly. was'so ( bad I could not He'down at jight, I would just as soon have diod \n to livo in thnt condition. 1 took one lottlu of vour Biilsaui and am entirely ured. Have not even ooughotl (or lour days. Yours truly, MU8. S. J. BAKHACK. LITTLE AWIICOTS. There is nothing so positive in its otion m trorttment ot deranged livor, illiousnoss, honrtburn, nervous and sick iciulftclio, as Little Apricot Pills, easy o take KB sugar,- so small, so pleasant. Vy thorn. ft is no wonder thnt people com pi ft! n f hard times wlion they pay a doctor ill every low months, umountliig to everal dollars, instead of"l(e$j)ln(j on land Home relmblo uicdlolne like BiirUH 1 ,.. . idonoluded. I That was Imrd on us fortttielo Troao Prouttt had apples and TVCJ wort llko ull otlior child>on, Jlkod apples, although they ware of "the' BCtubbloatklnd of fruit. TUe.bova sat ort one sldo of the house and the girls on tho other. When we racltad wo had to march uji' In order and to'ftjismnrk.orrfttliern orackln the floor. Ho' haft Several kinds of puulsninentB suob aa a goofl Bound threshing with a good stout hlokOrrarWnd the'ahonldorB or lower limbs. For nilsBing throo words In spoiling we could take pur choice of the following punienmouts: i'o stand on the floor cm o hour with uglrrs.boSjiotand' boots'on, or stay -'in'at nqpu or ia'cess, o'r'ilt with tho girl voU hated, or three iloki aroiiud the shsuldors oii loy?6r limbs -well laid on. For tho girls jusli the tame except the wlilp'-' pirig. I prolerred'the wliippfng. II ho had not always made mo'slt with the girt i hated, I would not of cored so much for tliora Is always more^orj'ie'ss love-niaklrig InXschool, He would sorfefimes tnako the'boys haul off their coats aSd give It to thein'lu their shirt sleeves. "Al'te'r. giving a boy a sound threshing he aid noi|a8k'hlih If he'had hurt his' feennga and If he'had to bug his pai-don." 'lie' •was as strict with the' girls, but they worn iot as uaruly as the boys, and aid not have td'be punished so much. Forjall lie was so strict' In school out of school ho. wonld unite with us In our guinea and bo as one ot the boys. In'tho'spellinB oiasu he always gave .a ticket which was good for five mills, when we (had ten titkets he would 1 give 'ua' flya cents. All had a fair chance fOr when one got head he or she had to go t* the foot and' work their way up by spelling others down. We had one tell-tal* In school, a girl by the name of Jones and, ol course; the reat of the scholars did' hot love her' very much. : She 1 would tell on tli« smaller scholar's in school. She gare the 'teacher inuoh trouble In ! other wayB. In reading or spoiling she wbnld n6t read orspeU above n whisper. [The teacher tried, in valhV'to make her recite louder. At noon or reftess she'fetf'u'Wshbut as loud as any one. I have seen hiin got in ono corner of the house and hold his hand Over his "eats; he saidtokeep' ffom'being d^aienlBd. Scnool was always 1 called when a few scholars,arrived, for I dq'not think he bad a watch, he was.too poor to own one. i know he sent one of the boys out ono evening to see what;tlmo or howhlRB the sun-was'anfl" when he came baok'ho sold the'snn was about ten feet high. I remember once when he was going to whip the same boy ho begged for him not to whip him aronqd the logs. I remember of a large class In spelling having to 8tanu.on the floor all one noon because we could not pronounce Interpret, correctly; we would havo tho accent on tho last syllable. Fertlluandor Luken was the first to get It correct. I could giro many more incidents of early scBool days but think'' I have given enough to show how wo 'had to do in my eirlTlile. With a brief lilstory of the first teacher I will close. Oalvln Dreuuon, the first teacher, is It-ring In Woodburu, 111,, loved and respected by all. Henry Hart lon« since died. Jlllot w«s a Ohrlatlan Jinlnlster. what became of him I have no hlHtorr. Liscum, after teaching his first school, moved to Wisconsin, whore ho followed the occupation asiteacher all of hlgllfe. I visited bis school at ono time In Wisconsin and must •ay he was ono of tho very best of teachers. He hold the office oi State Superintendent in Wisconsin ono term, I believe. Ho diad a few years ago. Wi Si Pttlmor taught for many years In thin township and other places. When tho railroad was building through hero ho wont to Utohfiold and went Into the mercantile business. 1 understand he la living on a farm near Utohneld. haying plenty of this M orld's goods to do him in Ills old ago. As long as life lasts wlU I hold tho kindest memories of htm' who taught mo my first lesson. I of ten think he puuhikett' too when not ueeossari', bnt oil -uoaount if Bothers 1 would be punished also. ' I will giro the imtnosof some bf tho patrons ot the school at that' tliiie., There were 'five Prouitt families, Mlllur, with 14 children; the Williams family lived here thou—I am told there we're 17 boy* Un'd nirls -who Hvbd id the aue; of maturity—Kiliott, 'MoPlko, '.Tfndall, Hall,Lukon,Dorsey, Biultli, Fludloy. All had Ittruu lanillloB ami out o! all the school mates that went to that old log school liouuo I.HLU tho only one loft to tell the tale; most ol them moved uwuy; many are dead. 1C. K. P. MAY 1, '1887V Ingrain 1 Carpets' Irdm 25c to^Bc^er^arcli Tape sfry BHMfe 1 from 5;0c fSi^er OHCItiM frCth 20b to;9()t per yatd. India Mattings frotor Be to 55c perard. '" : HaVtfNtfOltTStbck I No job Lots !J< Newaftd'Cleait! i and Agent lor Awnings. ________ gladly^ dujjillfcate St. Louis prices* 'will :;fdR- ; i?HE ; 'BESETS Belleville TliresTbi'erB alia' Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows iitid' Cultivators i and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDER'S, iDEb'p^P.^JRS,-^^.MO^rEBS.! (Hea 4 uu» tcrs for EUPION and CARMINE OILS; ENGINE; iCYMNDER and SIGNAL OILS;.STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS;'fine . . 830. We keep the BEST GASOLINE'and! BURNING OILS on 'tap ami delivered t6 any part ;of the city/ El Cor. 2d and Statists., [,'ii/L. THE BEST "ON EARTHT! BOSS From $18 to $50. Wai-raiited MAKES Shorter flows For Women, wltli a greater tavlng of Tlma 'nnd ^abor In Waihlng and Honao- oUaplng, tlian anything WMhyotarDl»heii Oku• waroiWIfldowi, Onttalu«, Jewelry, Btlvir, In faot ercry thing, with It. Try 1 ti Superiority om Soup . tl(nulni) iclp-nji kcari tlm nbuve and nume of Prom $16 to $30. I W RnOTH THE JLEAibiiNfcr j. n* ov^win, JEWELER, raylfidwlv SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ; ioc ir • By mail or delivpred, Only Bbpublican ^__ . ,._ M|4^gn_county J, SUTTER'& SON; JBAWCKfl IH FI5TB AND COMMON 1'VJ.K. Mtiw A Fall tipd Comploto Stock Al 011 Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUR FUKNJTUhK IIOOMS AttK ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILi,. «p8dwiy UJSMTISTUS. DK. O. JU. KOHtAJND, Deutlflt, IBTHIUDaiTttHlKT, ALTON, ILL. QfllcoHotti',:,l to4p. m tebdwly G, A. DcutiMt, OVKIt HHUIjaaiSUANN'B OIQAU STOUE 8KOONU8T. ..„. PHY8IOIANS AW» SUMUHOM01 W. A. HAJSKHElj, JJf.D., Pliysiolim and Surgeon, OFFIOIB-SKOONb ST., AL'WN'.'rri,. linuru-yu, tu.j 12 to I.RiidOB.m.

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