Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 29, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1887
Page 4
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Thli medicine, combining Iron with puro vegetable tonic*, quickly ana completely . ,Opw« Djupepila. Indlgotlon, Vl'i-nk- ' fctti, Impure Illoo<1, Malaria, Chill* •nd Forern, and Neuralgia. It . l» »n unfnlllnif remedy for Discuses of iho Kidney and Liver. H is Invaluable for Diseases 'peculiar to Women, and all Who lend sedentary lives. Itiloesnot Injure th'^cetli, cruise hcnilnclic, or prodnco conntlpatloilP^lto' Iron maltcines do. U enriches and, pnrlflra tlic lilooil, Btlmulntes tho appetite, aids tho assimilation of food, relieves iloartburn arid Ilclclilng, and strengthens tho muscles and nerves. For Intermittent Fevera, Irft of Knergy , etc., It bae no equal. AUOW DAILY (Ent«red M Becond-^lnai Slftlter nt tlie P. O. nt Alton, 111.) FRIDAY EVE., AP1RL 29. WORKING CURLS. IV Ttiojsenutne tiia above trnde mark nnd crossed rod linos on wrapper. Tnke no other. ••!• o»l; fcj DIIOHS OUUUCili CO. B4LT1HOUK, BO Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns. Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Soros, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, »ro qnlokly relieved by this IIIII«ICFI| remedy. Try It once and you will novcr be vltnnul It. For mile by driiKgliiu. I'rlco, BOc. Our KoNO HOOK froo to all. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO BBAI, ESTATE FOR SALE OK RENT, -B-S- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. IPcr Sale. A convenient aud pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-slory frame house oa Eighth street, near Henry. for Bale. A choice farm of 820 acres, with first class mprovoments, situated 2X mllos .east ol Brunswick. Oharlton co., Ho. »or Halo. .. »A om>r»tory frame dwelling house In good condition, In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap , The residence ol Oapt. W. V. oble; two stories and mansard rooli 12 room .. 4 halls, closets, collars, etc.: 8 acres of groan Most desirable property lu the city. lf»r Hale. -160 aerosol land noar olty limits, Sum •... two story hrtck and Irame dwe! nn nouse both situated on the east " o' dtato street between 8th and 7th meets- BO the brlok block of atorfcs on Soeom street, between Henry and lUdgo street oowu as Hunter's row. tto. wnhln nno UOaoroa- f good lamina land, and another tract of 800 acres, both unimproved. Situate In Mori • co.,JIanstte, at $10 and $16 per acre laspeotivoly— one-third cash.bolanoo on time. For Sain. A larm of 140 acras on bottom laud, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A 8QO<1 too-story frame dwelling hotue on It. J. r{GQ,$uj(KX) ' • . ' ' For Sale. ' ' .„ .. Oh 9 lo0< i . fmTO ° r 120 ' noros ' situate 1 mile south of Shlpuian, Macounln county, 111., at a low figure. '^_ .A (utra, oonkUUnK of HO acres of good land ! ' l , ! ' le8 of ble for dairy purpoaos. Ohoap. WM.L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, DBALEH n» Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Gases, Caskets And Burial Robes tastot Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street About tliclr I.lfu Hud tlielr AiiiiiHOiuontii—Humll Si>vln(i» of Olrls Who Work In Htorcs. "I don't mind telling at all. how we live, or anything clue you like," said a shop-girl to a writer in the Philadelphia Press. "You scu there arc HO many different kinds of girls, nnd each storo seems to have its own kind. The most of us here were public school girls who had to do something to keep along and who live at home. My father is a carpenter and nhvnys did woJl, but wo nil, live of us, and every one girls, are in stores. Wo live in a flat and mother keeps house, and wo each pay $!) a week for board, and that makes everything very comfortable. We, and those tlmt live like-us, nuinngo about so. I get $6 a week and live near by, so there are no car faros, nnd I am used to things, so there are never any fines hardly. But I don't save a cent out of the other $3, for it takes it all for clothes and a little fun now and then. There are girls that do. That pale one over there gets the same. She and her mother Hvo in two rooms way over near the river, ono a dark ono. The mother has a machine and saves a little, but is 'an invalid, and she has to manage somehow. I know they pinch and contrive, but she always looks nice, 'i'hat one with the big black eyes is an orphan, and she and two others live in one room aud share tho expense. They pay $1 apiece a wcok for the room and $3 for board, and they manage somehow for washing, and car-fares, and clothes on the other two dollars, but don't nsk me how they do it. Ask them. Here's Maggie. She'll toll you in a minute." "How wo liveP I've lived eveiy way. At homo till mother died and we all scattered, aud then I boarded awhile for $8 a week and had a room just big enough for a bod and chair, and never any lire. Then I clubbed, and there was a littlo stove and we had fire Sundays, a scuttle of coal for 12 cents, and wo nursed it along and made it last all day. We boarded in tho house, but they started a cheap restaurant down the street, and its good, too. So now we havo breakfast in the house, and buy a pie for lunch, a three-cent pie, and go to tho restaurant for a hot supper. Tho washing is 60 cents a week. It costs us about $4 apiece, and we go without most everything BO'S to have something left for clothes. I tried n 'homo' for awhile, but you're so bound down with rules there's no comfort. I'd rather club. That's the way .with most of us. We got more for our money and have more fun." "You'd need a little fun," said number ono, "if you'd ever been in our place aud worked from 8 in the morning to O.:30, and at the holidays often up to 10 and 11. That's only once a. year, though, but ton hours on your feet is no joke, and yon must have a change. There's always sewing to do. Jersey's are a great thing, but, after all, they aro not stylish enough. They like to have us stylish, and things are so cheap that if they wouldn't wear out so wo could do very well. Shoes are the worst, for it don't pay to buy any for less than $2 a pair. Shoes and un- derthingsj they eat up tho money if you let them, but I don't Mother patches ond darns and keeps us along." "How is it with thoso who must do it all for themselvesP" "O, lots of • thorn get the cheapest kinds of things, 10-cent stockings, you know, and throw them away when they are worn out. But they shake and shiver when it comes, cold. That girl with a curly head gets $4.50 a week and pays $3 for her board, clubbing. She's lined a good deal, too, for she's unlucky. She never has more'n $1 loft for all the other things. Hor clothes cost her $80 last year. I know, because we talked it over. I wouldn't believe she could do it, but she did. For six weeks she got $5 a week, so that for tho year she earned $237. Now, I can tell you just how it went. She paid $156 for her board, $16 for washing, $20 for car fares, $15 for fines, and $30 for clothes. Of course, she had some few things, but I put down what she had to buy, just because I was ashamed of myself for spending $90 and not looking much better." Two pair of shoes nt SL50 s s.OO Six pair of stockings at 10 cents...; 60 Felt hat and bird 3.00 Jacket... «'KI) Jersey o'oo giannei circs* ;/..::::;.•;;;;;;;;;;; 5:50 week for my share of the roo"m we live in and bought something for breakfast, most always a pie. Yon can get a splendid pie for five cents, and iv pretty good one for three. And it's plenty, too. That's the way the girls la the bag factory do. You know when you don't get but $3 a week, and it needs 76 cents for your share of the room, there isn't much left for board. I get a stew at night. They make splendid beef stew in a place down near Allen street, and ton cents buys a big plate. I can manage, if I have to, on 16 cents a day—no, 1C, two pics at three cents apiece, and the stew. I got my last dress that way. "There's one thing that's hard on us. Quantities of girls live at home and don't have to spend a cent of what they earn, except for clothes, and then the storo manager wonders why we can't look just as well. I'd like to have him try it, that's all. It's better than sowing, I will say that, and lots just do it till they're married, but sometimes I wonder if there couldn't bo some bettor Way of earning. I'm sick of it all, but I don't know how to do anything else, and you are your own mistress. That's always some- satisfaction. If you get sick there's always the hospital, and you can get medicine from the dispensary. O, yes, there's lots of things to bo had for nothing, and there's always something going on. I'd die in the country, I'd like a store three times as big and a crowd in it all the time." Several years ago there lived in Boston a once prominent artist who was a broken-down drunkard. Ho was an 'inveterate beggar, and to facilitate his work had the printed request, "Lend me a quarter," pasted in his hat. Then when making a call lie would take off his hat, and there was themutu appeal before the,eyes of his intended victim. The scheme worked well for years. Hood's Sarsapanlla is peculiar to itself and superior to all other prepa- rattons in strength, economy, and medicinal merit. ' o THE Philadelphia Press thus advises on tho celebration of Arbor Day : "Plant anything but a telegraph pole. For it is written on the bulletin board of destiny that the overhead wire nuisance must go." ' O, for a thousand tongues to sing The praises of the Eice Coil Spring. Those praises I would fain rehearse In ]oyful and melodious verse. As a hair dressing and renovator, Ayer's Hair Vigor is [universally commended. It eradicates dandruff, cures eruptions of the scalp, invigorates and beautifies the hair, and prevents its fading or turning, gray. dwlw "Mr young friond,"he said solemnly, "do you ever attend a placo Fof worship P» "Yes, sir, regularly, every Sunday night," replied the youth. ' 'I'm on my way Sun. youth, to see 'her now."— N. A. J. HOWELL, FURNITURE! IA Pull and Completed Stock CONSTANTLY ON l^tAND. ALL OllDKS UPHOLSTERING ..... . .. ,...,............ . OJovos ................... .............. i {Jo Skirt for Jersey. ...;. .i !.'!!! .'I .'.'""' 1! 2 20 Hummer Irnt.... ............ ........... 1 00 Waterproof ..................... .;.... 1.50 Umbrella ...... ............. IOK Undor-clothes ...... ........ '.-"""!'.! 0/75 and promptly executed. Hollo St., bot. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- HK8II)«NOB OOH. HTATHA 8BVKNTII STS $30.80 "Now did you evoi-P ,1 gave Ivor two pairs of Jersey gloves for Christmas, and somebody else gavo her some handkerchiefs and four collars and cuffs to mutch. She made a petticoat of a last year's dross skirt, but of course she wasn't warm, and couldn't be. This ysar she's just rooming and buying what she oats, most anywhere, so's to have better clothes, and it's my opinion shell kill herself. There are lots doing tho same, but I don't believe they'd toll you how." A pretty girl with soft, eby eyes had come up and was listening interestedly, ** "I'll toll," she said. "Why not? I Uon t suppose folks know how h-ard it is to get along. I wasn't but 12 when i went into the bag factory with $8 a week for wages. Now I'm in a store and got $5. This is tho way I do .now: Breakfast it ml tea in tho house; coffee ftud moat for tho breakfast, so you get a very good start, imd broad ivud batter nnd tea, and sometimes sauce, for supper. I'or dinner I got u cromn oako or BoniQ drop caljuH, that always sown to UU up. I've been saving for a while tor ft dress, wud so I've just paid $1 a Enjoy life. What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We can desire no better when m perfect health; but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when tharo is no occasion for this feeling, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Costivenoss, Nervous Prostration, Dizziness of the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other distressing symptoms. Three, doaes of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. 1a3 dweow ly What They Are Made to Carry. One of the brightest ornaments of i wall street remarked recently: "Kail- roads are not made to carry freight and passengers; their chief purpose is to carry bonds." According to Henry V. Poor, the railroads of this country carry fS.OOO.OOO.OOO of watered capital — Pniloielphvt Record. Things Worth Knowing. That dyspepsia comes from torpid liver and costivenesa. That you cannot digest your food well unless your bowels and liver act orop- erly. r v That your bowels require thorough cleansing when they do not do their duty by your digestion. That your torpid liver noeda stimulating m order that it may act as nature Intended it shouUK That Bramlroth's Pills taken In doses of one or two at mght;for, say, ton days, will regulate tho bowels, stimulate the liver, improve },ho digestion and anvo away dyspepsia. r —-—— The ISnllot ContrlfuRnlly Considered. A not too entertaining caller nt tho sanctum was relating, the other morning, his opinion of tho opera as given on tho evening . previous. He alluded to the vast amount of talk concerning the morality of the bullet with which tho papers have recently baen tilled. "I haven't any opinion on the subject of the relation between tho ballet and ethics," lie wna pleased to observe, while tho editor concealed a ynwn behind his hand, "but I have discovered what is the moat awkward predicament in which a mortal can bo placed." "And what is that?" '•Why, if tho premiere dansouse, in dancing a pas soul, should turn a plrou- etto so fast that ono of her logs should Uy off from centrifugal force." "Nonsense; she'd only have to stand on ono too until somebody brought' it back. The situation is not nearly as awkward as was that of T. tho other evening when ho found lie had just introduced Mrs. X. to her divorced husband; or as that of P. when he found himself at a dinner party assigned to Miss Y., by whom ho had boon rejected .two days earlier." "Why, those things," the visitor objected, "are in tho common experience of social life, and all education is a training to meet them. Civilization is made up of a series of experiences that train a man to accepting this sort of unpleasantness, but tho dancer can have had no experience that would on- able her to preserve her countenance and her coolness in so novel a situation as that of being suddenly and unexpectedly made into a uuipod, and " "If yon will excuse mo," the editor Said, with brisk rudeness, "you are talking precious noncsense and 1 am, or, ought to be, very busy. Do you mind giving somebody else the benefit of your original and startling ideas, so that I can finish my copy before tho foreman comes after my heart's blood?" — Boston, Courier. Excitement in Texas, JH^Great excitement has been caused in the vicinity of Pans, Tox. by the remarkable recovery of Mr. J. B. Corley. who was so helpless ho could not turn in bed, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery was sent him. Finding relief, he bought a large bottle and a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Large Bottles §1. Ap 1 d wlm CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE The.Cre«am of Tartar used in DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER is the purest in the world. Tho crystals are from the finest Grapes, imported direct ;from the vineyards of Franco. Washington, D. O., April 2.3, 1885. I haw analyzed flic Oream of Tartar wed in Dr. Price's BaTdng Powder, and find it of the TviffJiest degree of pu/riiy. PETER COLLIER, Chief Chemist for iho United States Department of Agriculture. The following, Heada of the Great Universities and Pubjic Food Analysts, find Dr. Price's the purest and strongest. Free from Ammonia, free from Lime, free from Alum, and recommend its use in every family. Person? doubling tho truthfulness of tills can write any of tho Chemists named: , Prof. R. OGDEN" DOREMUS, M. D., L. L. D., Bollevuo Medical College, New York. Prof. II. C. WHITE. State Chemist, University Georgia, Athens, Go. ~ !, Late President State Board of llealth, Lou 1' KEDZIE,Lr , Lousing, Mlclu jProf. II. M. SOHEFFER, Analytical Chemist, St. Louis. Ho. 1'rof. CHARLES- E. DWIGH't Analytical Chemist, Wheeling, W. Va. . Prof. JAMES F. BABCOOCStato Assayer, Boston, Mass. Dr. ELIAS H. BAKTLEY.B. S., Chemist to the Dep't of Health, Brooklyn. N. Y. 3Prof. CUHTIS C. HOWARD, M. So.,'Starling Modlcal College, Columbus, Ohio. rrof. 'M. DELFONTAINE. Analytical Chemist, Chicago. 111. JProf. R. S. G. PATON, Late Chemist Health Department, Chicago, 111. Prof. JOlUQr. ORDWAY, Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston. Prof. R. A. WIITHAUS, A. M.. M. D., University of Buffalo, NY Prof. A, II. SABIN State Chemist, Burlington, Vt Prof. JOHN BOHLANDER, Jr., A. Mi, ft. D.. Prof. Chemistry and Toxicology, College Medicine and Surgery, Cincinnati, O. Profs. AUSTEN &WILBER, Profs. Chemlstry.EuteersColleKe, New Brunswlck,N.J. Prof, GEORGE E. BAliKEU, Prof. Chemistry University of Pennsylvania, Phlla- delphia. Pa. ' Prof. PETER COLLIER, Chief Chemist for tho United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Profs. KEYS & RICE, Profs. Chemistry, Ontario School Pharmacy, Toronto.Canada. Dr. JAMES ALBREOHT, Chemist at tile United States Mint. New Orleans La, Prof. ED« A.K. EVERHART. Prof. Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Prof. E. W. UILGARD, Prof. Chemistry, University California, Berkeley. Cat The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies'. "lean recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles., and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville' Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled m my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the vordiot is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BncKien-s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for cuts,'' bruises, sores.'u.cers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to givo perfect satis" faction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. F«r sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mch7dwlm INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, For Sale or Bent. The 2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms Including 7 lots: good barn and fine bulta known as the Nfchola homestead, situated on 12th at,, lu a desirable neighborhood. WHIPPLB JOHN BAUER, V »EALEU IN AND MANUFAOTUUEKj FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, °1>P. City Hall, ALTON, ail kinds of line nnd common furnltur constantly on hand. Also uudprt"kor, oto, Patents, WATCHSPRING With sliding Detachable Springs. Q^-Better than Whalebone or Horn,J£!} and guaranteed never to break. Price, #1.25. For sale Uy leading wholesale and retail estsb- [Isbmeats. MAYER, STROUSE & CO. 413 Broadway, N. Y,, Manufacturers. HKUKEBKNMNQ THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. ol North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelyhia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.v Continental; Girard; Glens Falls. Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHBBS: A OABH CAPITA] IN THE AOQKEGATB OF $20,000,000. WE AiSO RBPKE8KNT THE Mutual Benefit Life, of Hewarte N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor. Third and State sts. Detilrable Residences for Sale. A two story hrtck dwelling on State street known as A. Platt homestead, lately put In good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story bilok dwelling on Seventh street, nil for sole tit a sacriflon, owner having decided to «r v"n* ___ WIIIPPLE A8MILEY For Hale. The Woodroof property. A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on fifth and Alton streets, a 1 room frame house on Fifth street. WHIPPIjE A 8MT1.EY. for Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, In good repair, In Upper Alton. RosldoBCB of O. Is. ttolllna, and known as tha Merrill property. WHIPPLE * SMILEY, Alton, or D. w. Collet, rjpnar Alton. KA1LWAV TABLK. tfor Sale. Five building lots on Alby aud Market streets, between Tenth and Twelfth streets. WIIIPPLE & SMILEY. For Sale. Lime Win, lu good running order, with quarry and 12 acres of land, more or loss known at tho Shelly tract. ' W UIPPLE & SMILEY. Ifor Bent. T>IA * WOi »tory brick dwelling known as tho A. Platt homestead; lately put In good repair , . AVlilPPLE & SMILEY. Fine lloslilonoe for Snlo. The late R. Do Dow homestead, now owned hL£i- JS - 11Ulld °r"Ood,. situated on Una of horse railway, in Upper Alton; U rooms, bath room, furnace, and good out bulldlni/s two acres of ground, will bo sold at a ba?.' gain. Possession given on completion of 8al °- WIIIPPLE & SMILEY. For Bent. ' , aou Com - WUU'PLE & SMILEY. ENSENGEB, • .For sale or went. " lfl 8troot ' ownud WIIIPFUC &SMILRY. ..ri"i* "•*" •.""•wuuwuo of J* 1}* nnd Wt U Mitchell, on Mill at., two oili.u best pieces of residence property'in Alton The proporty £?Mm ns ,o llel ' a '*' Ba " tot above; If lots «?. i U1 «?,? 8 H mu " t streets, an a a mnnbor of °'« 'n Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton Any or all of above at a grout bargain. Ul WgU'PLK 4 8MILK Y. Plain and Decorative PROMPTLY, ATTENDED TO AT OFFIOB AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., ALTON. For Sale. ,°,?? f brI1 ?H aw<)lll "B a"" between Ohorry and Vino WlIU'l'LE a BM buildings o SY. OHIOAGO AND ALTON. On and nftor Sunday, Nov. Uth, 1880, tralus on tho Ohlengo nnd AJKm railroud,- will loav* the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, at follows: Ifor Chicago and tha Kant; Chicago Mall* ......... ..,;,; ........ 9;oo a.m Chicago Accommodation'....... ,8:00p.m Lightning Exprogs*. .... ..;.,'; ...... ..0:10 p. tn Pcorla and nook Island FastLtnof.OiOO a. m For Jacksonville, Kooknk, Qnlnoy, Kan|«as Olty.and all points went, Kansas Oky Mall* ......... ........ B:00a.m. Kansas City Express* .............. 9:10 p. ra Denver Expi ossf ............... . . . . 7 :OS p. m. Jacksonville Accommodation}... V:05 n; m. For Bt. Loul» i , Lightning Express* ................. 6:46 B»m Chicago Accommodation* ......... 9;30o.m Alton special t .................... ;i2:t»p, m Kansas City JU all* ....... , ............ S:40p.m OhlcagoHallt ..................... 0:SOp. in TRAINS LEAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DEPOT FOlt ALTON. n 60 a.m. S 60 p. m. *? OS p. m. (8 45 a. m, SunQays only). •Dally « ^ »r ^ Sup't. . O. G. NOBBIB, Ticket j\ggnt. . rExcept Sunday. S. D, .REEVE, ^ Sup't. St. Louis Divisio OHIOAGO, BURLufQTON A*TD QUINOY. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton Going North! Express (except Sunday) ... . 8-.S8 a. m Night Express 7:06P. m W. W. ARNOLD. Agent. Jfor Kent. f G lSS,nmf?nM b , r '° kll °"''0 With abOUtl WlUl'l'LE * SMILEY. For Itout. NEAR PIASA ny persons wishing to oliulu lottw patent on now Invautloiw, lujprovoworitH o do8lgng,j w uiuxeoute drawings and spoulll wtlong and uioke applications for I'SSmtn All oouBultatton, In porjipn or by latte , froo Ll'CAS •*"«•«. m. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Keul Estate in the city ol Alton or vicinity will nnd It to their Ijiturost to call at thoolUoeof Rudorshauson A Sonntag and examine tbolr list of properties for sale w only a part thereof Is advor- j^v}^.nS.ffi fl «ASSsss5af. Good8 . JVUa'l'LK & SMILEY. For nuie. In Mui*i,.. n h,l « ? Mleholl's add., to Alton, 1« story house, 8 rooms and out- bulldlu«s ; alUu per. feet order. Ouu bo had at a bargain. W111PPLK jfc BMILEY. Jfor Bale, tlsud. npHdwtf all in For'Snle, oori " ir WJUPI'LK * SMU.KV We do not manufacture Lard, Dandles, Butterlne. or any, kindred ruck; we do not first squeeze tho at and oil out of ouf stock, and thon onvort the refuse Into a worthless oap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. BILVKB SOAP is made of PpnH TAL- i-ow, by a clean process, arid can bo used freely without 'danger of havlriu tho skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOUB OIIOOEK FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP _ ST. LOUirt. MO. CO, TAROID •*.. mm^WZffVHJLFOR . "••^ A new method ol «otu< - urautootl,, o*. inon '

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