Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 29, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1887
Page 2
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Aiaoai PJJLT TKLBSRAPH. as w. T. NOHTOR, COT, Third ana ffiiua Street*, Alton, 111 FRIDAY EVE., APKIL 20. Assnuslnntod. PORTSMOUTH, Ohio, April 28—Dr W. T. Northrup, a prominent pliyai cian at Haver-hill, in tBe eastern por tion of Soioto county, was inurdcra yesterday by Thomas McCoy, a sa< loon keeper, and his brother Alfred the Postmaster at Havcrlull, aider; by the two sons of Alfred McCoy. Mr. Northrup had incuYred the enmity of the McCoys by being active in favor of local option. They waylaid him yesterday when coming to his office and began firing on him with pistols and shot guns. He wna unarmed, but drew a pocket knife and badly wounded Alfred McCoy before he was fatally shot. The doctor was about 35 years old and unmarried. The McCoys have been arrested and there is a feeling in favor of lynching. Bondsmen in for It. WHITEHALL, 111,, April 28.—The discovery of a deficit of $7,000 in the account of S. F. Corrington, deceased, of this (Greene) county the past eighteen years, this week, caused quite a furore, inasmuch as the estate will not be able to replace the loss. The bondsmen are: G. W. Davis, John Eldred, J. P. Morrow; John Kascr, Thomas D. Price, Alvin Pegrani and N. J, Sanders, all of C'arrollton. The bond is for $10,000. 'MISSING LINKS. Frances Hodgnou Burnett is a magnificent looking woman, though disproportionately short mill broad-shouldered. Up in Washington Territory it ig said that the cdulweiss, Uic famous flower of the Alps, is found on Mount Rainier. Franz Liszt, it is now definitely ascertained, was a Froumastm. Ho was re- .eeivod into the order at Frankfort-on- the-Mainin 1841. A locomotive iiscil as a switch-engine at Bellows Fulls, Vt., is said to be the oldest in this country, having first been used July 26, 1849. It is estimated that over $500,00& lias been spent in unsuccessful attempts to establish newspapers in Portland, Oregon, during the past twenty years. The Dominion government has declined to compensate the Saskatoon settlers for protecting the government telegraph lino during the rebellion before the arrival of tho troops. In Montana during the •winter cowboys make a Ijf ing by killing mountain lions, for which a bounty of $8 per head Is paid. Tim animals are ferocious, and some are vory largo. Prof. Sanson, a French biologist, concludes that tho use of animals is more economical than that of steam engines in cases where the power required does not exceed that of twenty horses. People living on Johnson's Island, Sandusky Bay, claim to hear the ratUo of skeletons and tho tramp of soldiery those winter nights, and tho matti* has gone so far that one funiily has loft for the main land. Harper's WcrMy (fills of a well-known novelist from Now York who withdrew his account from' a bank because tho teller had a way of throwing down lu's pass book when ho mudo a deposit that was "unspeakably irritating." There is^uonoy in wood pulp, judging from the demand. One mill in Brunswick, Mo., has hard work to keep ahead of its orders, running night and day, and pulp mado there has. gone to Boston and returned in the sltajio of newspapers within forty-eight hours, Mrs. John C. Miller of Koytcsvillo, Mo., has a ship biscuit which it is said was brought from England in 1080. People who havo soon it, however, de- elaro tlmt tho putrifiiollon boars n suspicious resemblance to a railroad restaurant snmhvioh of tho progont day. They toll a story in a Shasta, Cal., ' town about u justlcu of tho pwieo who fined a ciflzou $15 for Homo ollwiso. "I won't pay it," said tho man. "Will you pay flOf" ilomwuloil tho Justiuu. "No." "By Gad, thoij, ghnnio |5," pleaded tho Justice, but tho dulinqueut swore ho wouldn't pay a cent, and ho didn't, and that was the end of it. Thoro husbiton mi enormous increase of tho Gorman forces on tho French frontier, tho force having been mixed from 40,000 to 90,000. This has boon mot by a corresponding incrnasu in tho French frontier forces,- and tho two urinlas aro now separated only by u neutral zonu of from twenty to 100 tulles. Thuy arc almost face to face. Tho division of Great Britain Into throu raulms was prophesied as long ago us tliu twelfth century. The prophecy is attributed to "lienedietns Abbas;" and tho fulUiw'mg li'tiuslutiuu is glvoii in tho Knglish papers: "When them BTOHI. In Hunt it hurl sul up. Tliun ahull t ho KtutllHli be divided liiti! tliiro: Ttui ono Hhull K» I'llliri'lv Into Irolmiil; Thti second In Apulia nliull proudly may; Tho third shall sulfur nil niuiiiicr uf uiluvry In their own liuul," Nothing can reach out further than a cough at church. It may come from thu remotest cormir in tlu'i rear, hut its echo tluklus the UirouUs of tliosu in front, and thcu.croops down tho aisle and touches the vergers, and Boats from tho choir to thu minister, and uover releases its hold until it has wrung a sympathetic uxplo.siuii from every victim. Perhaps you've noticed It. (iuouii Christina was recently informed by tho Alcalde of Madrid of tho baptism of tho 1,000th baby called Alfonao Btueo thy death of tho into KliiR. Touched by thla mark of sympathy from tho oltfyeim of Madrid, tho Oiiuuii wuido the buby several ImiidHome pru«- ents, including a book with this inscriptiou: "To Iho 1,000th Alfonso, from a woman whom two Alfonsos have made happy." Among those who attended a mind, reading exhibition in Huston tln> other evening was n man who evidently thought mind-reading was Iho work of the devil. So he had come prepared to frustrate thu arch-fiend, and, until ho was put out of the hall, nourished iv crucifix mid chanted the "Gloria." When he dually went out the light of victory WHS in his eyes, and he shouted "In hoc sir/no virsccn." Ono of the abominable inconsistencies of the dictionaries, says the editor of tho Louisville Courier-Journal, is tho spoiling of nog in egg-nog with ono "g." While tlioy wuro about, it, why didn't they drop one of thu "g's" from egg and imiku tho word eg-no^P Most people would look upon "cg-uog," however, us rather weak. Those, who uso it ut all in liio holidays want four gs in it. Kgg-nogg is tho word. The remains of a cypress-wood collln, studded with brass nulls, found audcr tho first landing of the stairway Ijohind thu southwest, pilaster <>[ tit. Michael's church, Charleston, 8. G., .Thursday, by tho workmen digging nt he foundation. Only ono bone was lound. It was of a reddish color, and was probably a thigh-bone. On what was tho top of tho eofllu were the initials "J. O. U." and the figures "1678" n Ij'rass nans. More Facts, STERLING, ILL., August 22, 18P5. Wo feel wo must write something of the success of Hop Bitters. Thulr aalo is thribblo that of any oilier article of iin-ill- cino. Hence we loci it but justice to 3 011 and your Bitters to say that it is a medicine of real merit and virtue, and doing much good and effecting treat cure*. Yours, J. F. & ll 13. TJTLKY. HAYESVILLK, Omo, Feb. 11, 1831. I am very glad to nay I have triea Hop Bitters, and never took anything that did me as much good. 1 only took two bottles and I would not take 8100 for the good they did me. I recommend them to my patients, and gut the best of results from theiniso. 0. B. MERCER, M.I). NEW HAVEN, CONN., 8cpt. 15,1885. Wo take pleasure in giving you a notice and a nice, strong one, as it (Hop Bitters) deserves it. We use it, and we-know it deserves it.— Tlio Itegister. QnKBNwruH, Feb. .11, 1880. HOP BITTJSHS Co.: Sirs—I was given up Ivy the doctors to die of scrofula-consumption. Two bottles of youuBitters cured me. They are hav ing a large sale here. LEKOY J3REWKR. GREENWICH, N Y., Feb. 13, iesn. HOB Bitters are the most valuable medicine I ever knew. I should not havo any mother now but for them. HENRY KNAPP. LONE JACK, Mo., Sept. U, ISSii. I have been using Hop Bitters, mid havo received great benotlt from them for liver complaint and malarial fovcr. They arc superior to all other medicines. P. M. BAKNE3. KALAMAZOO. Micu., Fob. 2,1880. HOP BITTSKS MFG. Co.: I know Hop" Bitters will bear .'recommendation honestly. Al) who use tiinn, confer upon thorn tho highest encomiums and give thorn credit for making cures—all the proprietors claim for them. 1 have kept thorn since they were first offered to tho public. They took high rank from tho first, and maintained it, and aro more called for than all others combined. >3o long as they keep up their high vepuvntion for purity and usefulness I shall continue to recommend them—something I linvc never done before with any patent, medicine. ' J. J. BABCOC'K, Physician anil Druggist. KAIIOKA, Mo., Feb. 9, iSSO. I purchased five bottles of your Hop Bitters of Bishop & Co. last fall, for my daughter, and am well pleased with the Blttors. They did her more good than all tka modiciue she hns taken for six years. WM. T. McCLURB. Tho above is from a very reliable farmer, •whoso daughter was iu poor health for seven or eight years, and could obtain no relief until she used Hop Bitters. She is now in as good health as any person in this country. We havo large sales, and they are making remarkable cures. W. II. BISHOP & CO. Now when tho bulls begin to fihuw, 'Tts timo for youug nnd old to know Tlmt fleivn, LusMudennA nil Tho Ilia at Indtotstionx call. With ovory trouble, nchc or pain, That follows In the JJllloui - .— . trnln, Will Matter llko thn thieves ot night Beforo a draught of Beltsor bright. 'WANTED ako or dors for choleo tin A T ONOE, A JIB.• LiAULK MAN- w> take or dors for choice nuriory stock. Good pay. Steady work. Outfit frno. No o.tpo- rtonou needed. JAMBS E. WH1TNET, Ituraoryiuuii, Uooho*ter,N.V. MASTER'S SALE. Stnto of Illinois—Ht. oialr eouity. Of tho September ternl, A. U. 1886, ol the St. Olnlr County Circuit Court. Joun N. Wlllton •fa. Thomas Ohlltoa. Goor(?o Onllton, Jiunea Ollrteroy, Hubert \V. Dtokenvnu, Ellzutioth Ami Wiillftim. TJoi-othyilluni, TUonmi Ilurn. •'«">«« "urn. Jliirb.u'u forguson, Sariili Jane Burn, Wllliiiui Hum, Jolm Tliouina Jlurn. Do- rotliy Ann llurii, laiibolln Ilurn, Junien liurn, ""}' llo "7 ¥• O'lnllouor, Mxaoutor of tli«|lu8t w nnd tostmontof Jolm OJilltou, dtooasod. Hill for solo of r«»l ostato. Under and by Tlrtno of the dooroo of said couit, iniidfl In the ubovo ontltlad onusu, at sitUl term, 1, tin underslKDOd, will, ou SATUUDAY, JUKK 4,18S7, nt and on tlui premlues lierolnftor UcscHbod, Mil to the hhjhobt and bost bldaor the lollow^ Ing dn»cr bodlmna, Hltunfcsd In tlio saldcoun trot Wudlson und State of llilnolv, to-wtt: Tim west lourtli ot tlio gouthouai qnnrter ot the nortlivreRt ouartor, containing ton (10) moriMi, mill Ilio <««t Jmlf of tile "oiitliwo«t quurtar nil In section thirty (30) lit towjulill) MX (6) north ruiiua nlno (9) miit w "*° ul '' AppruleoU vnlue, Jl,72«.3«, 8«K l nM°B 0 nB 1 l"A"£ i R i, two °' olol)l '. P- m. TKHM8 01' BALK: Twenty por omit, of tho purnlittso inonoy to bo nuld down In omli mid thebulinno ou u oredlt of nix und twelve ».'». »°<wod by u note und "proved purlty, ind n mortKiigo ou tlio promises sold, on tlio execution of which, and u "on oondnnnuon of Bald sulo, I will exeoute M und doilvor a deud to tlie nuroliamr or puroliHiwi of »nld Utad. a»uv eiild deoroo I c»iu directed conveying all tlio rl B nt. till* u»d olalm of tho «iUU partioa In aald nuu> to laid proinlaoi. ALONZO 8. WIMJKUMAN. w i JL (l "'S r '»0'>«nceryof .aid comity. .W.Wmit.Bol. »|ij«dltwid 001IFUET Uournxr, April 77,18H7. Mis, \ViUlnc«, of South Ueiuljinn., was ini wook the Riioatof herconsln, Mrs. J, y. San vof, Si 1 . T. Kughnolt mid Thos. Inghm aiiont last BHDbatli In Katie. pAir. UJias. Waggoner, of Ix>s Angelas, Onl U homo on a visit, tie thinks OiUHoriiUi th garden of the world. Miss Kinuia ,,Uradlsh, of Alton, spent th SabUivtU hove with Mlsa Ar\nt« Davla, Mr. Qco. Davla lias bonn qulto Blok wit pnuiiraonla, but IB souio bottur. About twenty ot tho little folks.mombers tho infant class surprised their teachnr, Mrp Mai-y K, lllco, by coming on masse, heavll loaded \»lth baskets otiRooU thliiKB to out an unite a number of handsome presents, J being hur birthday. They spout tho after noon lu a way In which children well knew how and If they enjoyed themselves halt a well as did their tcaohor they surely had good tlmo. I understand tho special uiuHlcalo at th Seminary, Saturday eve, was very lino, butu 1 did not leeolvo my Invitation in time t attend I can write no particulars. • 8,?a The American Bible Society will hold It mooting Sunday afternoon nt tho llornnn church. Kov, liluir will bo present, TUoro will bo.a "Crazy Toa"at the resident- of Mrs. L. B. Sldwny Friday aftoi noon from five to ten o'clock, for th banullt of tlio M. E. church; admittance lo Lot mo urge you all to attend, as it trul promises to be tho most amusing thing eve gotten up lu Oodfrey, The service ot u tru Goo. Buchanan has been secured and he wit a score of assistants will furnish fnn for th occasion. ' Tho marriage of Mr. James Wilson, o Brighton, and Miss Sarah I'ilohor, of Godfrey took pluco at tho Bethmiy church Woduoadu evening at eight o'clock; Uov. J. W. liuinc performing tho ceremony. Tho brldo wa dressed. In pure white, including a long brld veil with wrench or white flowers and as sh stood within tho altar surrounded with flow ors she did Indeed look lovely. Quito n min bor of relatives, o£ both parties, from Urluh ton and St. Louis were present at tho wodditi supper at tho brUo'a mother's. Mio was th recipient ot miiuy handsome prosuuts o which I recall the following: Clock, bod qujlt, looking glass, bed-spread, cups, sau cors and plates, limit dish, rolling pin, potat masher, chopping Jtnlfe, water bucket, pll low shams, bed spread, lamp, album, 1 do? small and one large fruit dlsli, K doz. Ulve plated teaspoons, )l doz. of table spoons an W doz. knives and loi-ks, silver plated butto dish, doll, ono large lamp, hasuock, largo {nil dish, ono dozen salt cellars, table mat, tabl cloth, handsome pin cushion, one large Irul disli, etc., etc. The best wishes of ail go wit tho happy couplo to their now home In Brigu ton. We extend'oiir heartfelt sympathy to Mis Huskell in tho losi of her beloved father. MOaii ANON. SCROFULA Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with I do not believe that Ayer'a Saraaparilla has an equal as a cure for Scrofulous Humors. It is pleasant to take, gives strength to tho body, and produces a more permanent result than any medicine I ever used. —E. Haincs, North Liudale, Ohio. I have used Ayor's Sarsaparilla, in my family, lor Scrofula, and know, if it is taken faithfully it will thoroughly eradicate this turriblo disease. —W.F.FowlCT.M.D., Greenville, Tumi. For forty years I have suffered with Erysipelas. I have tried various remedies for my complaint, but found 110 relief until I commenced using Ayor's Snrsaparilla. After taking teu bottles of tlii.s medicine I am completely cured. — .M. (J. Amosbury, Koulcport, Mo. I hiive suffered, for years, from Catarrh, which was so severe that it destroyed my ippetito and wealc- enud my system. After tryinft other •mncdios, without re- icf, I buifiiu to tako Ayor's Siirsuparilla, mil, in a fow montlis, \viis onrod. — iSiisun L. Jook, !X):i Albany St., Uoston, Jlass. Ayor's Sarsaparilla superior to any jlood purilier that I live? tried. I havo ;akon it for Scrofula, J a nicer, and Salt- tlieuin, and rcEoived nuoh bonollt from it. ;t is good, also, for a weak stomach.— Millie Jane Puirce, 3. Bradford, Mass. » Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayor & Co., Lowell, Han. Price 81 i six bottles, 85. cleansed, PurlAed .and Beautified by tho Cuticura JRemedles. For oloanslng the Skin and Hculo uf Dlsnu- n-ing Humors, for allaying itching, burntiiK and Inflammation, forciirliifr tlionrslsymn- oms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Milk Orust, Mealy Ileud, SorotHlai and oth«r Inherited Skin ind Blood Uisonses, Outloura, tlio groat Skin 3uro, and Outloura Bonp. an cxqulslto Skin ioautlllor.ejitornally, ana Cuticura Uosolv- >nt, tbo new lllooU J'uriller, Interiiftlly, are ' A COMPLETE OUHK. I have suifprod all my life witii skin Uisousos ol tUKeront kinds, and have never found lernianont relief, until, by tho advice of a ady friend, I used your valuable Oiitioiira lomodios. I pave thorn n tlioroiiRh trial. using six bottles o! tho Uutloura Uosolvont two UOXOH Outloura aniijsovon oukos of Oiitl- oura Soap, and tho result was Just what 1 had boon told it woulil bo— a complete cure 11KLLB WAUhii KlohmouU, Vn. :non°d °Va J-'ttt'iuer, Jn-uBgist, llloh ' SALT IlHEllm 'CUKKD. I -was troubled with Salt Hlinum lor a num. bar of yours, so that tho skin (intlroly oamo olf onuof mv hund» from the <ln«or tips to ho wrist. I tried remedies urn! doctors's irosori-ntlona to up pmvoao mull I com- neucod takluB Out oura Itomedlds. and now iitu entirely euraJ *. T. I'AilKUK. 87» Northampton st., Uoston, KNDOIIHI-: TIIKM. Have sold a quantity of yotirCutloura Item- dins. One ot my customers, Mrs. Jlonrv umz.wuoliadtott.iron her hands to such in extent ae to cmfto tho nkiu to puel olf an 1 or olifht years she BuBeroiluroHtly, WIIHIIOIII- >Iot«Iy«ur«a bytlio iiso of your luoaiclnai. CJ. N. M KDnijjKist, Canton, Ohio. The Importance of purifying tho blood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blooil you cannot oujoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich Iho blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's DarMiliop Snrsapurlllu. Itslrongtlicng rcUUIIal nm i builds up iho system, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, whilo It eradicates disease. Tlio peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vcgetiiblo remedies used give to Hood's Snrsuparllla pccul- T rt Ifcplf iar curative powers. No " v lloOII other mcdlclnolma such a record of wonderful cures. If you have made tip your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not bo induced to take nny other instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, nnd is worthy your confidence. Hood'9 Sitrgnparllla Is sold by nil druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar ITOHINO, MCALV, 1'ISII'f.y. »Ai i 1 .', . ° lll i Hl y<lu . r ? hl i vu lllul » "lieolos ol tchliiK. scaly und pimply humor* on my face o wJiloli I imvo Biiultod ufrrant many motli. oils of treatment without success, and which man, Kavonnii, o, KAS KINE (THE QUINJLNE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears C u ? 9 quickly |Pleasant;f nre A POWBJBFUL TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, .RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and nil Germ Diseases VOn COLDS KA8KINK HAS BEEN FOUND TO UK ALMOST A Sl'EOIFIO. Superior to Quinine. BollovnoHospital,N. Y.: "Universally successful." ("Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kaskino has boon (discharged cured." Rov. Jas. L. Hall.Chaplalu Albany 1-euiton- ttary,writes that Kaskino has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malariu and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use la considered indispensable, It acts perfectly." Proi. \V. P. Holcorabe, Ht.D , 54 East 29th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "ICasklne is superior to quinine in Us specific power, and never produces tho slightest Injury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kino li-'a cured them after all otheer incdi cine had failed. Write for book of testimonials. ICaskine can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 poabottle. Sold by or sent by nmil on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 64 Warren St., New York 10 dwltn LOOKOUT THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove I __i_^ T i _i_i.-ii iniii.ii full iiiitniLi.' J ^^il T r r~" " *"—^^—-^^-^—^———**—^—^^^p" Closing 7 Out I AV****»>*I Jb*W»» WJk MbWVJUrt/1 CLOCKS «i At and Below Cost Everything- to be sold by 1st of May. Bar gaiiisiu Watches and a general line of 1st class Jewelry. JNow is your time for , Bargains at Corner Third and Piasa streets. 1887 THE LATEST I 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four stylos. Two and Three Humors, With Tin tmdllvisslaOvens. A rEKl'ECT Air Pressure, without tho elevated tank. Treasure Is obtained with a weicht T T^PJL™ 11 ! 1 a m»»p. Absolutely the safest; simple with jio intricate parts, >"-'b«tf UbllTS with ournuratted air, inctend of oil in a iirlp cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all of 3K Inch SBumless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy nnnetUed brasn with bol?ned 0 wh'llS B b 8 urn C in" ! 6Ud ° f tU " h '" ° l K ^ S "' sl)OlvJj) « | J ual '« it V of oil lu same. Cannot The regular line of iTvyifi STOVES AND HANCJES aro Improved mechanically and artts- tlcally. Largo double oven for throe burner Kiiujjes; Stand pipes inoronsoa In slzo to one Inch, with largo supply valve and trap at base. All ovens wo made double or flue " ou apodlm PITTS & BAMILL - - • • Sole Agents. ALC °H5MSANJ'DOTE «f&)V Now •ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DfRANQEMENTS, An immediate relief for prostration caused by A10OHOUO EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when taken with Soda, Vichy, ApoUlnarls, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will supply the craving for Strong Drink, without lt» disastrous ronalto, leaving- S£?t?£?! em r e»eBhod and Invigorated. Prepared ao o HEAVY SYEUP, most agreeable to take. ONtV BTT TKB BOTTtE.-V^- Being non-alcoholic, It commends itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring norvo energy. SECY. CHICAGO* lu. I ' U'S'A,' EAOI.K PACKET COMPANY. FOIt SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDWAKE Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND ALBY STS. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Uenrlotto M. Horn,deceased. Tho nnUorslgiiod, having boon an. ointod Executor of tlio lost will and tas- amoiit ol Uenrlette M. Horn, ^ °, T,,. tho . COHIlt y o' Madison and tuto ol IlJi,ioIs,docoascd, hereby (fives notice iMiho will appear before tho County Oourt f.Madlson county, at the court house, in UwarUsvIJlo, nttho Juno term, on the third \onday in Juno next, nt which time all per- na buying ululi% against siUd estate arc otillod and reqmjSlotl to attend for tlio piir- oso of having tlio same adjusted. All parson* ndobtod to said estate aro requested to'malce. muediatonayinent to the undoraiifnod. Dated this Hth day of April, A:D. 1887. WILLIAM 80NNTAG, Kxooutor. S T ow and Boautli'ul Designs Just arrived and arriving for tlio Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS j A Specialty, from Small to At tho old rollubln IIOUSK-I'AIXTINH nmi UKOOIIATINU OBtablishmont of " NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer U. LEYHE, Master. E. ROSS 1'OWEM, ED. ULOOK, Oluriis, On and after Monday, Fob. ll, the Spread Eairio will run an follows, viz: . LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Gralton, and was points ovory evening at fi:.')0 o'clock. «a,The Whistle win be nonniled tlftenn minutes beSore atartlns lor St. Louis. FAUBl To ST. Ivcuis, ... BO HODNDTlUr - . -711 TWBNTY KIDB8' . - 5 flfl G W. HILL. Auont. Past Freight & Passenger Line TIIK ST. LOUIS AND OHNT11AL ILLINOIS 11. H. GO'S J. V. KLLIfiO.N, Oonimnndor. Kt'.ANSllUT/,, I „,„,,,„, TnuB UOUUB, J 1 -" 01 " 9 - i On nnd nfter Tliursday.Fob. 17th, will leave OommiinnliiK Monday, April 4th, stoamor Hudson will lonveHi, L<mt» tor Altou, 1'ort- imo, Jersey, Qrnfton nnd all pulntson St. L. « C, 1. H. It., dally, except Sunday, nt 8:30 a. m.,arrlvliiL'nt Alton at ll n. m. HoturnliiK wlllloavo Alton lor Ht. Louis at 5:45 p. in. arrlvliiK at Ht, Louis at 7:110 In ample tlniu for [Uirtlos to attend thoiitrss, oto. I'artlos purchasing round trip tickets will bo furnished stnto rooms without extra cost. Uouutl trip tlckots ol sttiiinor Hpmad Knglo or Hudson wlli;bo honored by either bout for roturn lionnootinii with fastoxprosfi on Ht, Louis ami Central Illinois Hailroad lor Jersey villo, Wn- voriy, SpiliiKflolduud all points north and fo fir. Loots, sliiRlotrlpV' . . . r,oe " " round trip 7,13 '• " twenty rluo ticket,. , js.wi HKNlty 0, TATUM, Oon. A|{t. Alton. II, A. F1SIIKU, (Viui'l MAlinunr. fulldtf Sale. Public notico is her by given that by virtue of an order of tho county court of Madison county, Sttito of Illinois, the under/sinned, assignee of the D. K. Hpnrks Milling Oompa- i>y, will, on FHIDAV.tho 20TH DAY OF AI'IUL, , A. 1)., 1887, sell at miblio auction to tho lilcb- est bWUcr for cash, nt tho hour of ton o'clock In tho forenoon of said day at tho north front door oi tho city hall building in the city of Alton. Madison county, Illinois, the following described real estate, to-wit: • Lot thirteen 08) in Alton ManutucturlnK Company's addition to tho etty of Alton, county of Madison and Stnto of Illinois: a ueod will bo mado to tho purohasur upon approval of tho report 01 sale by tho county court of Madison eo. 1 ho iijovo property boiiiK the present ro«l- doncu of Oapt. J). U. Sparks. . . FHANK n. MILNOB, Assignee of thql). K. Spai-kgMllllnBOo. . 7w8t Tlieao \V'risliboar(l» nro ffiado with a licit) iV'ood rim, Tlio Strong- eat boaroB and host waBUora in tha world. For Bale by all dealers. Tultcnootlior. &A.<)1NA.W Itt'F'G CO., Sni-liuiw, MtcUljjuu. EXCELSIOR LATE PAINT For J. WILKES FORD &, CO. 01 A OU W. WlllliluvCoil 81,, OIllBHBU, III. FELT AND GRAVEL ROOFERS And ueulura In llnoilug MiitnrlnU, Ourlfa- ollltles for doing work In Alton aro auoli that wo can do tho vory best finality of Folt and Gravel ItoollnK, tho sumo as in use on all tho Ilrst-elass biiUUIiiBs In Ohloago at a lower prlcu than Tin or Iron, nnU wurrunt our roofs for llvo yours, Wo also soil materials with full Institution how to do tho wnric or lurnlHh unoxporloiicocl man. npiSilly aoo IJA.GS FUREKA FINE SAIL for Dairy and Table Utfe, lujl* Ib. linou sacks and 50 lb, Hacks, for siilo by J. A.RYBIE, *

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