Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1887
Page 4
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A QUESTION AB.OUT from Bitters ANSWERED. Th» qoMtlon haa probably boon Mlrad thotiMndi of thnMi "VHowoao Brtiwo*B Tfob {litltirH ctirt VTVTJT- tblng J '' Well, It donra't/Ilat it tf6>0 euro aiw dbewui for whlob » rofnUbln phnulafl wonld Mmorlbe 1110)1 Ptwlolani r»ootul7* Tiwa M f.h« I*>«1 rertora" agent known (o tho pmmMon, anil Innalry of .,„, fouling ctwtmoal firm will tnibRthnUatotno aMRrtion thtt ttierB are more nrapftrntlonn of Iron thftn of othgr TOlMlincs OKI! in mtdlclno. This "liow« i clunlraur that Iron In ftckmiwlodgod t" bo tba r Important faobur In mooewrfal rnMllcalpraollcA. Itlfl, rtoMfttOwwilS IJUW JllWfJHH no pBrtocl -ly aatfafAbtorynon oomblflatHmnau^verbMn fount BBOWN'S IRON BITTERSfcaass. htadacba,orprodnce ommtlpatlmi—nil Athcrlron raedlclnni do. BItOWN>f§ IJION lUTTIUtH .tarc»InillgMtlon, HlllounnCM^Vonlini-fla, Tljrinetmln, Malaria, Chill* nnd Keren, Tired Kccllng.tlencrnl DKblllty.I'nln In thi Hide, Jlnrli nrlJmbfcHrndnclic andNeilrnl- ffia—for all tbeM alttnenU Iron Id proioribed dan/. BBOWN'S IRON BinERS.noTSfe mfngtfl, Llka all other thoronph nnxllolnofl, It HC^I filowlr. Whan taken by rnfn too first nympt«m of benefit In renownd enorgy. Thomnfloleiitticnbncqnio firmer, Inir Th« T ff Jar* Hm -& han taken by orgy. Impr the effort i von, tho bowels are ictlvo, Jljmorciniptdftnd raarltnd/ lanjrmbortn »temco to briRbtcn: tho rikin clefir* ; healthy color comas to the uhcokn: nftrvouBnoed • - funoitann! iloranjmmonUt oooomo roipj- nunrinir mother, ibundanfc suBtflnanoe " tbo ohlln, llomnnibor Brmm 1 * Iron ""I/5T .mn rtrtllcluo that (fl not UTK/ JJfitffstiti rtf.iftnmfntt it. /u-k Jinf) rrotwd red Wno» TAKB NO OTHKH. SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PUEE COD LIVER Oil- Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only propnratlon of COD MVER Oil, that r»n bo taken Kvllb%nd to!6ratod for n long time lijr delicate slflniBchi. ' i '• ,1 '• ''- , ' AND A8 A I1K11EPY FOB , coiluiia A\ r D~rnnoA.T «»d WAfiTIXU DISOHBIillS OF ClIILDltKM It 1» nrnn-olloiM In Itn rp»nllB. iWcrttxd nnd ondoraca by tlio. beat I'hyllolons In tho countries of tlio.worid. :•. • ; FOR satR nv',av'« II *«t!QG!STS. REAL ESTATE FOB SALE 6JR feENT, . —BY~ • : Rudersfiausen & Sonntag, •JTop Sale. T. ; A convenient and pleasant home at a roa- lonnble figure, being a two-slory frame house on Eighth street, near Henry.; •/ , ;-•;-; '' ,:• • • JTbr Sole. . •••-.• ' A cholco"farm of 320acroa, with first class improvements, situated 2X miles east of Brunswick. Oharltou CO., Mo. •j";^ ; '• ; i Jfo* Bale.-'.-'' A one-story frame dwelling house in good condition, in Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. .W.; V- Ohio; two stories and mansard roofi 13 room /, 1 halls. closetB, toUtirn, etc. ; 8 acres of groun Moat loslruble property m tho cltjr. , fT»r sale. 1GO ooi-oa oT laud 'near city limits, S:;uu .., two story brick and irnino dwu' in. nouse, both situated on the oust • ''' o 'itato street between otb and 7th meets* BO tho brick block of utorfcu on Sooom ntroot, between llnm v- and Bldgo street xiown as Hunter's row. ' :.-• .•••'.. For Sale. A Muioll frame >' .jjlnj? house within n no olocksofthed- MtforlaVS. 100 acres < f good tanning land, and another tract of ii 00 acres, both unimproved, Situate In Mori co., Kansas, at $10 and $18 per uore iflopoctivoly— one-third cash.balaupe on time. Jfor Sale. ; : Alarm of 140 acres on bottom-land, all In cultivation, near Uadlson, In this county, A goort two-story frame dwelling houae on, it. Price JSiliOO . .,;,!,•. . ' •• •-, , -. ' Jfor Sole. ; • • . • ; A choice farm of '120' ftoros, situate 1 mile touth of Shlpman, Macoupln county, 111., at a, low figure. ;••• . • . . ., A fniin, conBlstlng of 140 acres o( gooci land situate within 2 miles of Upper Alton, uaitu bio lor dairy purposes, Uheap, ' WM.L. KLUNK UMPERTAKEE, plHD DBALBB Ready-Made Coffins, .-•': Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes t.'.oFOT L»dl08, Qontlomou and Oliildron, Office and Shop on State street OverUarl B Livery Stable. Will attond to Job Work and Kauultlrue JTnrnltHro. (aft . ' -DHAtHIt^IN- • .' .' FURNITURE! A Full a nd Compl Stock ete WNSTANTI-T ON 1IANP. AkL ORUKP VOU UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. < Bolle St., bet. Third ana Fourth. ALTOK DAILY TELEQHAFH. (Bot«r*d M 8a«0ad-<UM* M»tJ»r at the T, O. (it Alton, 111.) • ... . TKU B8l)AY BVB.» APKIL, 28. MISSING LINKS. . Voltaire stii' nil tlio rensonlugs of Wfln aVo Hot \ orth onn southnent of jvotiiiin. •/ ,; A violoncnllo v SlrndlviirJtis has just. l)i;on l)otij,'lit by Jlllus IJos' 11 ' 1 in I'nris for $-4,000. Alexnmlttr B. Cnxl, Jr., of Now Ytrrk, is said to bo tlio biggest mini nt Yale, his weight being givon its 3-tl pounds. Tho rofusnl of the, liocchors to Uso cra))B or to wear any "heathenish' 1 blauk may have its effect on society mourning. OakeyHull, formerly Mayor of New York, has become n nutiiriilic,«d English subject. Ilo says ho novor expects to sec America again. Stamped leather chafrs for' dining- room or library have ranched a point of elegance that cnxises some people to hesitate to sit down on them. Twenty ostriches are on their : way from the colony of Natal, South Africa, to California. They will bo placed on the ostrich farm near Anaheim. A largo brass turtle, whoso back opens when the hctu'l is pressed with the feet nnd.makes an. article for men who expectorate, is something now. Tho late:Mi's. Bock, wife of tho Kentucky Senator,-was one of the most' brilliant women in oilicial society, and, like Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Morrison, nnd Mrs. Carlisle, knew more of public questions than half tho raon in. Congress. .• '•"•';.;!'• '• ; ; ':'.•• Miss Catharine Wolfe of New York, who is said to bo worth $10,000,000, is an invalid, and pays Dr. Holmuth fc60,QOO a year ; for his professional services. A' good Difuiy physicians would be glad to have a Wolfe like that at their door. Alexander McDonald of Manchester, H., has just discovered a long-lost Brother : in tho person ;of the newly- elected Lieutenant-Gievornor of Mich- gan. They were •natives of Sidney, Breton Island, and were separated about forty years ngo. King Oscar of Sweden has written a drama, ''Lo Chateau de Kronburg," which will shortly be produced at tho theatre at, Budo-Pesth... It is in one act and founded on an episode of the war between Sweden ti'rid benmark in .he seventeenth century. Th'p Marquis of Bute, ;>vith his characteristic generosity, lias given $5,000 'or the establishment of a National Institute in • Wales .at Cardiff for the vdvancomcnt of literature, art, and science, as a jubilee memorial. The scheme will cost in its entirety $85,- ooo. ••:-...' •;.".:• Miss Sett Tostle, a Detroit young ady, recently received news that an uncle in. Australia had loft hor n legacy of $250,000. , Since tlie news was made jublio she has received otters of marriage from thirty ambitious young men who are anxious to help her spend ',ho money. '; An old church in Utica which is soon ;o bo torn down belongs to n society which was organized by the Reformed Dutch in 1628 and chartered as a congregation by William III. in 1696. Tho building was erected in 1889, and luring: its erection a riot arose because ,ho marble was cut by Sing-Sing convicts. Berry Taylor, who died recently in Newport, Kentucky, had a profound admiration for actors and actresses, and spent much money entertaining /hem. He is said to have disposed of ivor $100,000 in this ivny, nnd before lis death it -was necessary to have a juardiau to keep hhn from squander- 'ng his entire fortune. A Now York steam company 'urnishes steam ''power through pipes to 436 engines, from a largo steam station on Greenwich street. The conductors or pipes used for convoying .he steam are of very largo dimensions. Cho stoam.ywhen.' delivered to the mgino is wet, and the pressure is about eighty or possibly ninety pounds. Millionaire Mackay recently filled for wook tho position of superintendent of the bonauza mines, during tho tem- >orary absence of tho regular boss. He was up bright and early every morning, donned a miner's suit, went into the nine at tho usual hour, and was not seen again on the surface till he emerged from tho subterranean depths at 4:30 in tho evening, Ho took hold ust as ho used to in tho old times vhon he had to do it for $4 per day. A largo business in the manufacture of liquid carbonic noid is being built up by an enterprising ,• German firm. Clio liquid is.usedfor Various industrial jurposos. It is used for charging beor ; n the cask, In tlio manufacture of seltzer waters, and for lire extinguish- irs. By its expansion tho Krnpps of Jssen subject their groat castings t» ;ho pressure of 1,200 atmospheres. U gas is also expected so raise sunken, ships, heavy weights having booii very quickly raised from, tlio sea bottom by ts aid. Queen Victoria's coachmakors havo' ust renovated one,of hor Majesty's six state coaches' in preparation for the court functions of the jubiloo year. The door-handles iwid armorial bear- ngs are of gold, as also aro tho crest ind Order of St. George upon tho roof, .ho body of tho carriage is of vermilion, >iukod out with gold, ami the springs ind all tho ironwork i\re Kilt. Kupvo- sontallouH of tho crown and garter aro imong the adornments of tho equipage, which is lined with blue silk. No fewer ihun 4,000 loavoH.of goJd wore used in .ho decoration. Washington diplomats are said to keep from using any of their minimi BivlurlvB by otHwsUmsilly Bulling out tlu'lr furniture und «^nen, which thuy are allowed to import fYcn of duty. One minister says ho has hold two suctions sinco ie has teen in Washington, and his profits were enptigh' to pay his house rent for a year each time. Whenever th6 ministers, or somo 1 of them, nt least, import their wines' they bring over enough to supply them until they go again, and furnish a small store besides. They dispose of the residue nt auction'at the end of tho season and make enough to pay for the whole outfit. A wiro rope used in a coal mine near Sharpsburg, -Fa., is 7,000.foot long. In another mino in tho same vicinity, where the coal dips about 2 feet to the 100 yards, tho coal is halilcd out and uji on tho'tipple with a wire rope 8,600 feet in length, the empty tips being drawn back to the gathering point with a tail- rope, Hopes of this length .are not common in coal mines, although a rope may be mndo to auy desired length by splicing. \ Very few ropes exceed 200 feet in length. Among those in use'in the mines> near Pittsburg 150 foot is considered a good length. Long ropes llnd their legitimate use in the cable roads. Tho .rope used in St. Iiouisis2J miles in length, or about 10,000 feet. General I'leasahton says that during his career he has been in 105 different engagements and has never been wounded. At Brandy Station a certain Confederate sharpshooter was ordered to pick him off. Ho got within 400 yards of tlio General, took careful aim and shot a member of the ,staff on the left. Ho fired again and killed a man on the right. Then he crawled up nearer and waited till Pleasanton was perfectly stationary. He fired nnd u.gnin missed his target. The sharpshooter then gave up in despair, declaring that ho had never before failed to hit after three, shots. A few days ago ho sent his compliments to General Pleasanton. It Was an Old Story. A boy about 9 years old sat on a door-stop on Clinton street yesterday, and a patrblmau •-who ; heard a great noise up-stairs'in the house inquired of him: "Isn't that a row going on upstairs'?" . "Yes," "" , "Dad and ma'am." "Why didn't you toll: me that they fighting?" "Well, they began earlj' yesterday morning, and the thing has got so old that I thought you would yell 'chestnuts!' at me if I said anything."— Detroit Free Press. Cape Breton has a native 6 feet 9} inches in height with his boots on, and Antigonish has a citizen 6 feet 4 in his socks. • Small Pox. "A member of my family, was taken down with the small pox. 1 immediate-, ly commenced to use Darby's Prophy» lactic Fluid, It kept tho atmosphere of the room pure and fresh. The patient was greatly relieved* and never for a moment delirious: was. not pitted, and was about the house again in three weeks and no others had it."—James W. Parkinson, Ed. The Caterer, Phils, Pa. tu th a wk GIKLS should not allow themselves to become too much excited on their wedding clay. At Petersburg, Ya., yesterc day, a bride was taken ill and died half an hour after the ceremony was per-, formed. Two groat • enemies^Hood's Sarsaparilla and impure blood. • The latter is utterly defeated by the peculiar medicine. ...-'•. 1 . ONLY two of the original Hutohinson Family of singers are now living. They are John and Abby. The former lives at Lynn, Mass., and the latter in New York City. O, for a thousand tongues to sing The praises of the Rice Coil Spring. Those praises I would fain reheane; In joyful and.melodious verse. »., '•• ' . dwlw As.a hair dressing and renovator, Ayer's Hair Vigor is universally commended. It eradicates dandruff, euros' eruptions of the scalp, invigorates and beautifies tlio hair, 'and prevents aits fading or turning gray. dwlw MONSIEUII to his doctor: "You ntten-; ded my uncle; he died and I inherited; his fortune. I owo you a great deal indeed." Doctor (thinking ho saw a chance tojincroase his bill)—"And your 1 wife?" "Oh! I had forgotten. You cured her—so we're quits." Enjoy lire. . What a truly beautiful world we livo in I Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. Wo can desire no bolter when in perfect health; but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it ..up disheartened, discouraged and worn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this feel 1 - ing, as every sufforer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flowor, will make them free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are tho direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Siok Head- .aoho, Costivoness, Nervous Prostration, 'Dizziness of the Head, Palpitation of tho Heart, and other distressing symptoms. Throe doses of August Flower will prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. 1a8 dwoow ly Jndlaense*. A n»w uiotliod of «oui- T r \K, A Cure tniunintoed, or nionov r^ffim^:si^&&$ > Her Wind Not on tho Game, Out in the West find there is ft whist cliib composed of'middle-aged ''ladies and gbutlomen who meet once n vHettki An incident occurred lost week which broke off amicable rotations between two famitlcis. A gontlenlan: Svtlo ' shall be called Mr. Mrodks liita'fof a pnrthor n neighbor lady whoplayod,wbist fairly. Games wore own and score was six and six on the seventh' gnmc. ' It was during the last hand that the unpleds- nntncss occured. Mr. Brooks and his partner had five tricks nmVthoir' oppb? cuts six. Eleven trumps liad ! bcbri played and two cards remained* It was Mr. Brooks' partner's lead. , She fumbled nervously several seconds, uii- decided which card to piny; 'Evidently she held the commanding' tramp and was considering • whether if she lod the trump slio would lind tho thirteenth in her partner's hand, and whether it wore not better to load, t.h,o odd suit card,' allowing her partner's trump,,,if he hold it, to fall, thus securing the game. ' ' Under those civoi'imstancos, if they existed, a good player might bo forgiven for slight delay, but after .fumbling several seconds longer tho liuly laid both cards'face down on the table and inquired of tho liitly on her right: "Maggie where did you get those eggs that you put under the speckled hen?" Mr. Brooks left tho table, rushed to the hall, and quitted the house 1 without the formality of saj'ing good nighfo— Port- laml Oregonian, A. new congressional Ivall now being- built in Buenos Ayres will cost $10,000,000. Excitement In Texris. SJGrent excitement has bee'h'aausod in the vicinity of Pans, Tox. by the remarkable recovery of Mr. J. 15. Cprley. Who was so helpless 1 lib'could not 1 turn in bod, or raise his head; • everybody said ho was dying of Consumption. , A. trial bottle of Dr. King's Now Discovery was sent him. Finding''relief, he bought a large bottle'and 'a box 'of Dr f King's New Life Pills; by< the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two, bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained In flesh thirty-six pouhds. ; • , . • Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Large Bottles $1. Ap 1 d wlm " : The YerdlctUnanimous: • ' ' •••• W. D. Suit, Druggist, iBippus, Ind., testifies! ."lean .recommend Electric bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has ; given relief in every case. One man took six ; bottles*-and was cured of -Rheumatism, of 10-,years : standing." Abraham Hare druggist,: Belleville' Ohio, affirms: "The best selling, medicine I have ever handled m my 20 years 1 ' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony,-so that the verdiot. is unanimous that.Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only-a half'dollar 'a bottle atE. Marsh's, Drug Store. : , .v .-.'., • • ; apldwlm .» BncKien'8 Arnica Salro. The Best Salve in the world for cuts, hruisps, sores.u.ders, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to e^ve perfect satisfaction, or money 'refunded. • Price ,25 cests per box. F«r sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. meh7dwlm WATCHSPRING With sliding Detachable Springs. : (ar Better than Wlialeboue or Hom«^£]) and guaranteed never to break. Price, Forsnle by leadiog wholesale and retail establishments. 'I' .'.!''..'... MAYER, STROUSE&CO. d!2 Broadway, N. Y-'> MinUfactnrers. , (Hail Plain and •Decorative AU. WOIIK PBOMPTLY ATTKNDBD TO AT LOWEST TKKM8. OFF10B AND SHOP OW SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AJLTON. ... ELI, ! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM, Parties intending to buy ..Real .Estate in tho city oi Alton or vicinity will find it to their intercut to call at the olllco oi Hudorshuuson ft Sonntaif and examine their list of properties for gala as only a part thereof Is advor- . : apSdwtf Piat<ents. Jo ny persons wishlnff to obtain letter patent on new Inventions, . Improvements o ae»l({n«,Ivrtllexoouta druwlngB anfl spaOlfl »ation» and snake applioattona for 1'atenta Ml oouaultatlon, In perion "or by i«tt« , h'eo LVCA8 PFEIFFENBRHQKU, III. MOST PEI«FEOT MADE il'roparea with Btrlet togard toPnrlty, Strength, and ' HiiiiHlifuluoBs. J)r. Price's Ilakiun Ppwdorcantains inQAinmBnla,Llm6.AlumorPbiiapbal«fl.l)r.Prlcb'ls Extracts, Vtolltoi Lomon, etc., flavor dellolo\lWy. WHIPPLB& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE,! KBKnESKNTlNQ TffB First-Class Ins; CQ.'S: Iriw. Co. of North"America;' Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhlladelyJiia; German American; Sorm British and Mercantile, London; , Com. Union, London; Lancashire, (Manchester, Eng.i. Continental; Girard; Glens .polls, , AmeroanCentral; Flremeu'a Fond, Western Assurance Co. AUD OTHKBS: A .CASH OAF1TAI Of THE itiQEBGATB OF $20,000,000. WK AtSO BKPEBSKNT THB, Mutual Benefit Lile, of Newartt, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Uartford. Office: Over AJtoh Nat. Baink, Cor. Third and State sts. .: '• ' ' Jtfor Sale,., •. ,'/ ,, . . Pivo building < lots on Alby and Market streets, between Tenth arid Twelfth stroeta. WHIFFLE & SMILEY. ifor Solo. . . JJmo Win, Jn good running order, -with quarry and 12 acres o£ land, more or less, known ad the Shelly tract. • WfUTPLK & SMItEY. For Bentt . , . A'two story brick dwelling known as the A. Flatt nomeatead; lately put In good repair. SMILBY. " ; Fine Begldence for Sale. ! . The late 11. DoBow homestead, now owned by M. ii. Underwood, situated on line ol horae railway, In Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, iiu'uaco, and Rood out buildings, two acres ol ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion' ol sale. WHIPFLE & SMIUEY. ForBentt Two-story bouse and sopd.stable on Com' mougtroot. Good fruit, : ; WHIPPLB & SMILEY. . For gale.or went. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. . WHIFFLE 4SMILBY. For bal» The late residences of J. i. and W. 3- Mitchell, on Mill St., two ot »;\<i best pieces ol residence property In Alton. The property known as''The Park, east of above; H lots 011 Mill aiid Summit Btroots, &nH a number ol ots laMlLlor* MltoliolJ's addition to Alton, Any or all oi; above at a grout bargain. wftiPPLE & SMILEY. For Sale, . A T-rbom brick dwelling and out buildings on Thlid street, between Cherry and Vine. wniPPLK & BM BY. ji or Kent. Good 9-room bripk house with about 1 ucrea ol gro\md,lncludlni; oretuml, in Upper Alcouj Former residence of Dr. Humbert. . • WHIl'PLE & BMILBY. For IVfeut.. i Late residence ot M. J. Nooimn on State, itreot. known as tho A. Flatt place. Qoodli room brick house, lu llrst class repair. WHIPPLK 4 SMILEY. jror Bale. The'Morriman property oa State atrea li< Mlllor & Hlclielt's add., to Alton, IX story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlnga i all In per' feotordor. Can be had at a bargain. C''.'- WHIFFLE * SMILEY. For Hole. ' A convenient farm ol ISO acres, moat all In cultivation; situated on the Uothaltoroad, 1 iom Alton, For Sale. A ix story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and Fifth streets. For Sale or Kent. Tho 2-story frame dwelling with 0 rooms, including 7 lots; good barn and fine fiulti known as tho Nltibolo homestead, situated on 12th st,, In u doalraole neighborhood: ' ! • WHIPPLE A BMlLHir.;' Desirable Residences fer Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State, street known as A. Platt bumostead, lately put in good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for eato at a socnuoo, owner having decided to Kf y"»i: WHIPPLE A BWILEY; JTor Hale, , . Tho Woodroot property. A a story Irwuo bouse of 8 rooms; on flftn and Altou streets,. a i room frame house on Fifth street, WHU'PLB & BMJLKY.- ' For Sale, • ; Seven lots with good brlok dwelling ana' outbuildings, in good repair, in Upper AltSn, Kosldeuce of 0, K. Oolliua, and known as tUe Men-Ill property. WHU'PLK & 8M1LKY, AJ- tow,or 1». W.Oollat, Cfpnar Alton, • '• . Now when tlio liudii bculn to KUGW, 'Tlo tlmu (or young and old to know , i • TbBt Aiw Tho Ills at call, ' ' i With every tronblo.ache op pain. That follow! In tho BiltoVi WlllBoattflrllkn tbd'thlovMof night lleforu u ilrauuht uf BulUor lirlvli*. More Facto, ' i StJunimo, IiAi. AugusiBl, 1888. Wo feel we must -mio soinejWng of the success, of Hop Brtttrs. fT& stilo IB thrlbj)le v that of imyiBtlier article M medl- clno. Hfenco wo lew-tti but'JaHtlfee to you and yotir Bitters t6 Say IS ft moill- HATEBVIIAK, Ortio, ^ebi'll. lfe84, I tun'.ydry glad to.say I hlive {riud Hop Blttortraud never took nqyililii^tluitdld mo ivs ttucli good. I only took two bottles nnd I.woiild not takd $100 fpr tlio good they did me. I recommend <them to my patients, and get the beat of'rusulu from tholruso. o.'B..MEJBOMB, M,D. NEW HAVBN, CONN., •Sept. IB, 1885, deserves it.— The Kiigi r, Fob. .li, 1880. HOPBITTEKS PO,: '• :-,• ;,'...-.. . • Sirs-f-I wiisi given tip by tho doctors to dlo of scfofnlii cbnsUnipUon. T\VO bolting of your Bitters me. s They ai:p: having o large sale hero, i • ; • • ; , LEROY-BREWKR GHEKNWJOII, N. Y., Feb. 13,1885. Hop Bitterg aro' tho most valuable medl- cino I over -know. I shoulil not have miy mother now but for, them. : ! 'HENRY ICJAPP. •• LONE-JAOK^MO., Sept. 14,1885.' i I hftfe 'booh. using Htfp v Bitters, und ;have' ; recelvbdgr?at beliellt from them for liver complaint and malarial foyer. (They are superior to nil other medicines. ,.'„•• , P. 3|I. BARNES. KALAMAZOO, .Mien., Feb. 3/1880. : HOP BiTTHiis N.VQ. c Go.: I know Hop'Bitto.ra will bear 'recommendation honestly. , Air who ..use'them j confer upon them the highest .encomiums .and give thqiri credit for making cures—all .tho proprietorsj claim' for,>thcm. ,I;l>ave kept them since they .were first o'iliircd' to tho public. They took high rank from jthe nrat, and maintained it,-"and aro more ': called for than all others fCombinQ&J So long as tliey ke.ep up their^high-reputatioii ; for purity and usefulness li shall;:con.timie to recommend them—something I;liavu • never done befor^ With 1 any patent'niedl- ,cine. ' : J. Ji BABCOGK, i Physician and. Druggist. KAHOKA; Mo., Feb. 9,1880. I purchased five ^bottles of your; Hop , Bitters of Bishop & -Co. last fall, for my : daughter, and am' well pleased with tho Bitters. They did her more good than all tho medicine she hfts;taken for six years. WM. T. McOLURB. The above is from a, very reliable farmer, whose daughter-.was- In poor health for seven or eight years, nnd could obtain no relief until BUO.uaed;Hop Bitters. She ia now in as good health as nny : person in this country. We ^havo large f ,sales, and they are making remarkable cures. W. H. BISHOE & CO. BAH/WAX TIMB OHIOACIO AN1) AUTON. On and After Snnaay, Nov. Utb, 1886, trains on the Ohlo&go ana Ailon rallro«d, will leav* the Union Depot,: Alton, standard time, M fellows: • For Chicago and the Eiuti . Chicago Hail* ...... ................ 9:00 a.m Chicago Accommodation* ........ 6:00 p. in Lightning Express*..... ..... ...... ...9:10 p. tn Peorla and Book Island Fast Un«t,9 :00 a. m For JaokBonvlUe, Keokufc, Qalooy, Kan|«as Clty.and all points we«t. Kansas Olty Mail* ,...-.,.,;' ...... 9:00a.m, KUIISHB Olty Express*, ..... ..•',,., 9:10 p.m Denver Bxpressf . . . • . . ..... ' ..... . . . 7 :08 p. m. JacksouvUlo Accommodation;... 7:06 p. ru, For St. Lonls l •- ....... ...... Lightning Express* ..... ............6:45 m m Ohlongo Accommodation*. ........ 9:20 aim Alton Spoclalt...., ........... ..... 12:06 p. m Kansas Olty Mall* ............... . ,,.Bj40 p, m Chicago Jilttllt.....,....._,. ...... ...6;80p. m rUAINSLEAVE ST. LOOTS UNION DEPOl FOB ALTON/' •,,.,. t7Ma.m. : - • •• : '-.a 00 p.m. :-•• •150 p.m, , • ,*70Spim. (8 46 a. m. Sundays only). •Dally rEicept Sunday. 8. D. ilHSBYB, • Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. NORRIS, Ticket Avant. ' • OHIOAQO, BUULLNGTOlt AJfD QUINOY-. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: •••... f .*-•.,• Going: Northi .. ;. Express (except Sunday) . . . . 8 :JB a, m . Night Express ........... ...,....•.., 7:05 p.m ' W. W. AKNOLD. Agent. SGROFULA Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood wjth V." I do not believe that Ay er 's , SorsoparlUa boa aii equal as a cure tor.' SorcfttJouii^Hn. niors., ! It Is'.pleasant to take, gives atrongth. to tiie- boav; and produces a more permanent- result than any medicine I over .used. — E. Halnes,. Nortn Llndolo, Ohio,. I have used Ayer's gfttBrtparlHa, in my family, for Scrofula, and liiiow, if It ia taken faitWully It wUl thoroughly eradicate thlo terrible disease. GieohvilleVTenn'/ ,For': ; forty, .ypiws I have fmfferea with Kr*y»tp()laSi ; i; I- luivo trie(l ; vario(j8jiameilios for my coioplomt, Wit found" no rollel .until > I commenced 'using Avar's ' • SarBaparilla. After taking ton bot- tlos'of this medicine I am oomnlotoly.ourod. '— JI. 0, ' Amosbiiry, Bqohport, MQ, • •' . I liavfl; sufforoil, tot ydtm, from' Cfttarrh, wliidi 'was: »Q, .sevoro tlmt it desti-oypii .my appotlto' 'arttl w.eak- eneil mysyste'm. rommlius, wjtnput ro- llof,'I iJ h()L'ah td tako Ayor'u Sftfuujiftrllla, and, in u fow inontlia, was eurod, — Susan Iv, Cook, 1)01) Albany St., HOHtun, Ml\«8,' I :. • Ayor'a Stti'diparlllft IH Huporioc -to . any blood piirilloi> that I ever triad, I have talten It for Scrofula, Onnker, and Salt- Hhoum, and roeolved rauoli boneflt from it. It ia Rood, alto, tor a wo(ik atomooli,— Mllllo .Tanu Polroe, 8. Bradford, Haoa, * Ayer's Sarsaparilla, ' J'rtooiUi bottle*, »St

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