Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME* 26* ILL., THIiTBSjpf-^y EVENING. APRIL 28, 1887. MAKES iShorterf Hours Ing Compound known, trued Aft Plrcjfuit tt prtincin latter radii WltDBstreiteriftvitltf of. TIM kfad " • In Waiting and Home- olMnlng) than'any thing yet Inveatdi. - : w«r«,Window«, Oqrtalnj, Jewelry, Silver, In fact ' It lil the Bath, and. note 111 Snperlority over Bqap • Bwmreof Imltatloni. The i Genuine alwtyi bcari tho above Symbol and namo of Now York. BATJEB, BKALKB IN AND MANOFAOTCBEKJ OF FURNITURE. t SEGPND, STREET, Opp. CltyHaltf ALTON,. U*L All kinds of flhe<and common, {nrnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. (ipMdwlw ANNUAL ,-ATr- if .the male pupi Js in all ;thp Rooms living monthly reports of tho Alton 'ublic Schools, one from each room, .at can show a record for the best eportment, Scholarship, &c., certi- ied to by the Teacher and endorsed the Superintendent, from the first ipfjthe present month to the end of t term, shall receive from W. |fA..Hii.DpBBAND a $2 Hat or a $2 pair |pf Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, |10, per cent off ($1.80), optional with the party. One prize to each of the following schools: The Brother's School, the German Catho |ic and the Lutheran, The Teachers certificate will suffice. And the one male pupil of the Public Schools of Alton that pan show the best record, (certified to and endorsed as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c., from September last to the end of the present term in Juno next shall have as a grane prize a $10 Suit, or its equivalent (10 percent, off,$9) in cash "•* 8SuA,wards of prizes will be made ("on /jrqsentation of the proper cortifl- ' oafa any time before ^July 2cl next ; after which date this promise stands void. » - [Signed,] W. A. HILDEBBAND 8 Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL IWAWWTSMAN, Oflloe oaXblrd st*»oue door west of Plasft, third floor. Ouo Bclontlllo Man not Infallible. I was bprn iulJhiliulclpWa, niul when yofti'S.blil received; Aft* accldontal cUt n tJiBjlcfb pyo fi;oni a sliafp mlssilo VR lie blinds of a play mate'of iny own age*. Cho.Slijuryi.WttM hot 4'Idtiil one, and if doctors had left me alone It Is probable Jiat I should Jiav.e had the usu of two ;ood oyos for the rest of my life. After !he wound healed 4t was covered by ;n slight siiiiiv whiuli- tho pliysioiali said must be Tcmoyed by the use of nitrate of sih'ier. This ho applied in so large a quantity that the eyo ,was seared as with a hot iron, and the sight went out 'orovor. • A .llerce inflammation was set up, mssed to the other eye, and with two dazing furnaces under my forehead J spent two years inn room dark as night, on n diot of gruel, mush and molasses, and rice, with almost daily doses of ncdlcino, cuppings, leechings and bleeding, administered after the heroic method of that time, the eyes kept constantly wet with a solution of sugar of lead. When IVcame out of the prison it was with a small fraction of lie right eye, for the solution, left a deposit which uniting with the lymph rom the inflammation, had formed opacities in the corner which in imo blotted the sun frpm my sky and shut out from me the beauty of the. world.— Rev. W. H. 'Milburn in Lippincolt's Magazine. ' POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thl» powder never varies. A marvel,61 purity,' strength wholosomoness. More economical 1 than the ordinary kinds, and oanhol 1)6 sold in competition with tho multitude o! low test, short weight, alum phosphate I powders. SOLD OKLY IN OAKS. ROYAI, BAKING POWDBE CO., 106 Wall St., N. Y. JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, READ LIST OF BARGAINS -At- "'.' '•''• C, A, Schlueter's Agency, For Sale, cheap, cor. of 7th and Alton sts., frame dwelling, i rooms and collar, rents for $10 per mouth. For Solo or Bxchangae—100 acres, 85 in cultivation, 2K mires northeast of Fosterburg, at a bargain. • • > For sale—Five -room brick house, story and a half, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. Can be had at a bargain. Good ^property to runt, One 6-room now house, with cellar, cistern and coal house. Lot 61) by 110 on 9th and Market sts. For sale—oho 8-rogm house and|ono 3-room house, 9th and Market ate. Lot CO by 110 good cistern and coal house, at a bargain. For gale—16 acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For sale—660 .acres Improved farm with good house and stables In Woodson county, KtvuBiu. R. K. runs across (rom Fort Scott to Wichita,Smiles from county seat, For sale—76 acres partly bottom land, improved farm, near Uorsey, with plenty of good buildings on same. For sale—10 pieces of -valuable property with good lioiians, In this city. For gale or exchange—A nice little cottage in Bethalto, with'plenty of .ground, gtublq and good water on premises. For sale or exchange—Two sections of R.R. timber land in Se. Missouri, 160 miles from St Louts on the Iron Mountain R. K., at a bargain. ' • For sale or exchange, 8 acres ot ground; on Main »t., adjoining Uayor t Ooppinger > B on tho east. For sale or exchange— 6 sections of prairie land In Orookot county, Texas. Will sol ohoap. Suitable for any farming purposes. Throe aoros adjoining Dr.Roberts on north. Five lota on Dry at., adjoining/Thomas Big gins' residence on tho oast. . One and a half lots In Hawloy's addition. One and a half lota In Sliolly'a addition. Any of tho abovo property can bo bought at a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co- Buffalo; N. 7., one of the best companies in the U- S> And other good Companies in addition- ___ C- A. SCHLUETER, Office] in iny New Building; on Second street, mohUrtw JO8KFJ1 JA«KBTT'8 LIVERY STABLE rttONT STltKET, ALIJYANDHABTQN AL.TOF ILLINO1 IIITllllV pn Jiimo* lUvor, Vft, In Oloro- mnni Colony. JllustrutoU olrou ^ ' J.V. MANOJIA, Olaro moot, The Emperor; Dom Pedro, of Brazil', is se'riously 111 . Everett Battle, in jail at Tex ark an a !or murder, escaped. . Jonathan. ';\V. Gordpn, ft (eading awyer c»f Indianapolis, is dead. Ano,ther ( )ar(j;e batch of Bald Knob- aers were indicted'at Oxttrki Mo. J yes- erday. • • , Charles ^larding shot and killed iMoCrac'ken at. Wdlnut Lake, ' ..... ' " ' CptfgreBBman Heard was w.orso V^ and is regavded as seriously The Inter-State Commerce Commission began its seiision at .Atlanta yesterday. .Charles Atkinson, founder- of the town of Moline,!!!., died yesterday at that place. ^, . Two tranips, tnrew front of a train at Hageretown',' 111., and, were killed. .;.••. The Huron stamp mills at Hani cook, * Mich., valued- at $75,000, were burned yesterday afternoon. The Auiericus ^Republican club of Pittsburg:, Pa., ; v:celebrated. J Gen. ! Grant's birthday by^agrand banquet. Three, children of s Jv T. Hall were left alone in the houseVnear Bonham, Tex. The house;;;;burned and 7 all perished. .:•'••' • Yermont: Supyeme,,CQ.urt -has decided that a conspiracy; among workr men tp.kpep othersirom, working is a 1 crime ati cominon, law. Two, unsuccessful, ; efforts, were; made yesterdayJto.get the bullet out; of Judge Henry's breast. .It will be tried again to-day. Collector,' Seeberger, of Chicago, has been v.irtualjy .exonerated , by the 1 recent inyestigatipn of the charge of violating the civil service law. President Clereland has written a; strong letter to the Secretary of the interior in the matter , of G-a'ilford Miller, a settler on Nprthern Pacific lands. ; The race for tha $10,000 stakes— 3-year olds — at Newmarket, Eng., yesterday, was won by Douglas chestnut colt Enterprise. There were eight competitors. The question of prohibition is like- ,ly th3. main issue in Texas in the political campaign now opening. "The State election will occur in August, and already the excitement in some portions of the State is intense. The Balton Dyeing, Printing,; and Bleaching Company's mills, at Brox- dale, near New York City, were the scene of a series of explosions of drying cans yestevday The mills were damaged by > the explosions and by flre to the extent of $150,000. ... ";•"•• The Illinois (Jrand Lodge < of the Ancient Order pf Uni^efl •" Workmen, in session at Galesburg, has adopted a resolution excluding, f rom/member- ship persons engaged in Jljie . liquor business. Mayor Roche has begun a crusade against the low dives that infest Chicago. The police have been ordered to suppress them, all. Already over 150 licenses have .been withheld to disreputable saloons that "the police have black-listed. A singular link in the chain of circumstances which led !to the;. arrest of Fred,, Stoll, the young baker, for the murder of Maggie McCarthy, at Cleveland, 0 .., is that his clothing was found to bo covered with cat hairs, which correspond in color to those shed by two cats which fought in tho yard where the crime was committed. The ground where Maggie's body, was found is almost covered with these hairs, and .it is thought that the baker got them' on his clothes during the struggle with tho unfortunate girl. Stall returned home late Saturday night bare headed, but can give no satisfactory explanation as to where his Jiat was lost. Tho police feel confident that fie is the guilty party. Foreign. Sir Gco.O. Trovelyan writes: "The passage of the Aimes bill as it stands would lay Ireland bound hand, and foot at tho mercy of the party in the ascendency in Ireland, which had never governed justly, and never will, besides postponing quite indefinitely conciliation and a settlement of the Irish troubles.,. It is apparently' tho policy of the English foreign office to push Austria into war with Russia with tho object of destroying Russian authority in the Balkan states. LONDON, April 27.— In spltpof the rquowed assurances telegraphed from Berllu and Paris that tho] Sohnuc- boles dilllculty lias been Hfttlsfaotor. ily terminated, to-night's specials report growing ujieasiriess arid ox'cito- mcnt in both countries. -In Paris public opinion is inflamed by numerous anti-German articles in the daily press, speeches Of public men and popular demonstrations. The Cork Herald publishes a secret circular from Chief Inspector Moriarty-to district police inspectors .in Kerry, complaining of their failure, in spite, of powerful inducements, to discover the organizers of raids for arms and other offences, and urging them to recloiible their efforts in that direction. Piggott writes from Paris that he knows nothing whatever about the Parncll letter. The Standard says: Sir Henry Drummond Wolf, British Commissioner to Egypt, has fixed the time for the evacuation of Egypt by the British at five years hence. A Soldier In Three Grand Warn. A reporter., has. discovered that Charles Ileyser, who was a carrier of private dispatches for Abraham Lincoln, and held the president's hand when he lay wounded in Ford's theater, Washington, is in this city in distressed circumstances, writes a Pittsburg correspondent to the New. York 1 . 'Tribune. His occupation is mending. umbrellas, and he is nearly dead from consumption. Seyser has had a,.remarkable history. To the reporter he said: "I enlisted at Albany in company. I), 2d United States cavalry. Ours was the first cavalry company at Washington after the opening of the war. Wheri the war was over I was,honorably discharged. At the first battle of Bull Hun I received in the left side of my jaw a ball which made its way around to the right side of my head, near the topi The bullet is still there. I got that carrying a dispatch to Gen. McDowell; who was in command ot Arlington heights. I had served ten years in the Prussian army prior to tn'e rebellion,' and after Lee's surrender I revisited. Germany, and ^bfen the , war 'between Austria and Prussia broke out I was again^in the ranks. The Franco-Prussian war then loomed up, and: for the fourth'time ;I became a .'soldier.-. At Graiyelptte two h4rses;were shot, under me, but I was not wounded. ••I-wos in , the regiment of Black hussars.-! They! 01-9 the pick of the . whole army, and are only thrown, into action to turn the tide of battle. . The skull and crossbones on their caps means death before retreat. Subsequently I -returned ,to .America: My wife and two daughters djied in Germany, and '. my. only"sp"n is in one of the German regiments of sharpshooters, I have no friends or 'relatives here.' My brother is inspector of jj'qilce" in Hamburg;! My father is gamekeeper for the king, and lives with his .forester in one of the king's castle,s at Hartzberg. If I live till spring and can get enough money, I shall go home. I hav,e never, applied for a pension. I have ahvays p0en able, to take care of myself, but now I will send my discharge papers tp Gen. Black, the pension commissioner who will remember me," The Sphinx's claws have been brought to light by some curious delvers in ...the Egyptian desert.' It was regarded .as a foregone conclusion that they would be found to be of stona, but, straiige to tell, tho claws are of brick. In .the vicinity of Savannah, Ga., there are .' thousands of acres of land; owned by negroes who were once slaves. - C'AKBpua APID TI^OCHKS certain cure for sore throat, coughs, polds Qnp; hoarseness, W^(C one hour after eating before taking ' one of tho troches for dyspepsia. STUAHT'S AiiNioA SALVB, surest cure for cuts and burns. ' . . Bullies' LINIMENT cures all pains. Pearly teeth and a sweot breath can be had only Iby using Oresslor's Wild Rose .Tooth .Powder. '.'•.*, COULD, NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Modjpine Co., , (iulncy, 111. :— When' ip, your store, I was so hparsa I could not spook aloud. The first dose of your White.Pino helped me, and ,. by 9 o'clock; I wag entirely relieved. Twice since I have, lost my voice, but taking the Pino Bivlsam a few timet has given relief. Nothing ever bonelltted mo like this has,— Mrs, (Judge) J. H.Wilfiains, 444 N . 6th., Quinoy, 111. CUUE FOB SICK HEADACUK. Of tho many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot Pills, none has yielded quicker than nervous ,and sick headache. Nino oases out of ovary ten of headache are caused by sluggish and; inactive liver. Shot through tho throat by Burks' White Pine Balsam and killed a severe cold in throe days,. If you don't believe It lust try it. Price 60o at druggists. For sale in Alto.n by 1C. Miunh. Now Iliivon A/ewv. A man always thinks ho Is on the wrong taok when bo sits down on one. __ Tho exhausted and drowsy foolings, common to spring timo, indicate an impure and sluggish condition of tha blood, which may bo roinodicd by the USD of Ayur's Sarsapanlla. It is the moat powerful, and, a«VUo samo time, ooonomioal blood purifier known. dwlw STJ;CH AS Velyete, Bo4y and Tapestry /: Stair: Carets and Oil €lotlis ? Ilugs and Mats, -•... ' . • •," : ' '^ : ' ~ '*' "<"« vyr,i'iVr arrived; AlsoaveryChoice Stock of Uf .*WJLU, T *f .•**.<££«, *^^^%^i^V ( l«W. tf .,|5 WV^JLWf **W IJIC V CI/J^ JtOrW ©St pmceKt6)Ca«Ta;ibiiy ; eiJS' v; '^t^0Jfo^^$j, to call andpfeelfie beautiful new;"*' • ' ! __i _ tl >'3t'Ll '"-t> •**!*. ^1£!I*_1LT J_-»1 - — . 1 (_ _L-LLj • ^ _ r. 1 ". t . FOR THE IN THE WORLD, AGENTS FOB THE FOE FIV1S YEARS: THE (JELEBBATED Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Co*a Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. V EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DRQJPPERS AND MOWERS: Heodquar ters for EDPIQN and OARMINE!pIL55; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, \VEliL' and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES;; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE .STCj'^ES. See our.$10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST' GASOLINE and BURNING OILS .on 'tap arid delivered to any partj v of the city. III Cor. 3d ami State ALTON, THE BEST sON EARTH! BOSS! From f 18 to $50. foarranfofl 20 Yearn BEEECH-LOAJfflC* GUNS, From $16 to $30. f H ROOTH THE LEADED J, fl. DW ITI, . JE SUBSCRIBE FOR THE rlftftf By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madison pgunfo 1__ J. SUTTER & SDNi DEAMCES IN PINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUIt FUKNITQRH UOOMS AHE ON State Street, opp. Third, A.LTON, •pfldwl? UKNT1BTKI, DB. O. tS. KOldODAND, Dentist* 18 THIRD 8THEKT, ALTON, ILL. Offloe Uoar»-8 u. m. to UJm.j 1'toip. ra febdwly Q. A. Dentist', OVKK BUHKQaBMANN'8 OIQAB STOUK 8KOOND ST. > ' '•''•' • le'J dtf PHTSJOIANS AND DH. K. Gtnil)Ll<JJl, Physician and W. A. HAMEKLlj, M.D., Physician and ' Pfltoe liourf-r»»,iu,j

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