Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1887
Page 2
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Ainu DULT TKUWBAFH. B* W. T. JfOBIOJI, Cor. Third and Pi $** Alton, TUESDAY APHlfc The Beal ElWte Boom la 8t. Bradstreet's for- April 28d hli the foK lowing snbdned report of the alleged real estate boom,in St. Louis: While the real estate market Is actlre at thu city, pronounced speculation d««i not exist. Trade revival and generally lodf; v Values.; n»ve enabled pricea to ad' vance slightly in the bosi«»s» section of the city. Business property near this 'central section has been more active, and pricei show an advance of 20 to SO percent. Residence property in new and favored localities has been sold and resold at 26 to 60 per cent, advance, •nd in some few instances from 60 to 100 per cent, advance. Property in the suburbs is m quite general request, with prices slitter than (or several years past. Some sales are reported at fair advance. There has been no excited boom here, though there is increased activity and, a general tendency to "stronger values, and ;there is much f more unimproved and vacant ground ' noticeably brought into the market than ' for several years past. The outlook is stated to favor discriminating invest-. .. meat. The better. class of dwellings have been scarce. Farm values are not a factor in the St. Louis real estate ' market. Summed np briefly, the situation seems to be that there is a good, steady demand, strong confidence in present values and a moderate tendency .toward ft farther general advance,- j •';,";', BASE BALL. : ,"•'•;•• Altons versus Western Athletics. •/' ';' <: ; ,; [IPor the Telegraph.) The coolness and showery prognostic cations of "old Probs" could not prevent f ? abont six hundred, admirers *f the ^ ! n«ttonal:ip;<>rtjfri)m attending the;game Sunday. It was terribly one sided: nine men crossed the plate in the nrst inning before a man was out. Hbicomb was;- nnmercifnllyf slaughtered; his pitohJrigJ was : veryj wild' aid erratic,; giving Lohback plenty of work to d6 behind the bat, which he did excellently. y - ^eSkhart pccnpied the ^box for the vuitors in the fourth .inning, and the home club could only size up his speedy delivery for one run: in'!fire" innings. Fahey was unfortunate in the sixth ','', inning -he split one tit the fingers «f his -• Bright hand, but stuck to his work like a veteran. Pabst, who played in the outfield for the Peach Pies, was substituted for Malpney. Hemp relieved McSweeny , in the fifth inning and struck out five ''^'batterB. * tho following w the score BT 1HHJNOS. • , 1J84IS789 AltMS 9 • S 0 S t 0 1 0-16 Athletics. IiO 1.0 0 • 0 30—7 ' Three base hits—Whistler. ' • Two basfe hits—Whistler, Weikhart and Gallowav- . Total bases—Altons, 16: Athlebcs,16. Bases on balls—Weis, Pabst, 2; Fahey, Weikbart, 2: Creel y and Tebeau. Struck ,ont—Hemp, 6; Holoemb, ^; Weithart, C. ••'•'.. Left on base—Altons, 6; Athletics.lO. Passed balls—'Lohback,' 2; Creely, 3; Fahey, 8. /• .-.'! • • •• -: •<•.•'.••. • Wild pitches-Holoomb, 4. Time—2 hours and 20 minutes. Umpire—Mr. Swarting, of St. Louis. has a lams SHORT ^TOPS. , Don't be premature, dear boy. We're ' "M lively as ever and will get there just * _ suddenly. Joe Murphy, of the P. A's, is said to be the Joe Pjitohardf of," the Sporlinq Life. , , - ' , , The Budsons are tho strongest local nine, and if they .continue' together will play good ball. * <»*''-•' Holcomb did not sustain the reputation he made last year as a pitcher. , } 'ix)hback Is a 'good back stop, and was m fine form—playing hard to re. deem tho wild throwing.; ' . ; < The day was a little chilly tor much brilliant playing; overcoat weather •••« not conducive to ' dashy, ! 'nerVy ball playing. ,*)•;.;.»' (:'• (••>'" It is too early to condemn players on the Altons: a,fair tnal is asked. A few , r - t : ,-^inwrj?-'tganjes will develop the, full ^•^•^'llTengbh' of each player—and then — ;„:,.;. .Sow for,the tug of war, the Prickly Ash, with Murphy and, Flynn in the points. ' ; ' : • i , , Both the American and League clubs "i| ty i^te protesting against the, ''strike'? rule A- f; i»aj\d have petitioned for,a reyooatidn-^ tbree etrikes, five btilla, • The local'enthusiasm is as great as over; it only needs warmer weather to bring out the crowd. They'll be sure to come. ,< SDid you heartho"boys" shoutP Well, that's only a starter. Hear them 'yell' when we down the P, A's. •, • J"Q.V, Bnrbndge is a Southern Ivtnguo ' umpire and shows up well. Ills many Alton acquaintances will be glad to know this, The Browns'won the game Sunday . with Poker Bob in the box; and the Leayenwprths witb,' Dooms. LeVI Tagor is ofllolal scorer • for tho Altpus; as bo take* pride in his work it wiH bip w'eH done, ,, '' ']tf Warner writes s "I am making many friends here (Scranton) and I ; -• think I will do bettor m the box than I «eyer did. 1 * . >V|u»Uer saoraed to find the ball with- put; touch trouble. , Carry's playing on second ba»e was very much admired. He has snap and judgment. Are yon ready, CotUnsville? Joe Murphy's playing name, with the St. Louto Brown* is Aikep. ; , Chadwick-.sayss "An; elefaenl of weakness In a majority of nines, pr'e* fails in the form of "ohm 1 ' music and ill-natured chafflng, in which ball players generally take part. Hook it! ftadbonrn Inil877 got $40 per month for playing ball, he now gets $400 per month. Referring to base hits the word plunker* is the proper caper ?~. Sporting Ltft, Hudson, the pitcher shoulder. The Decatnr club closed f 1,000 in debt last season. _ It Is Just possible, said a local crank, "that the Altons will wish, before the season is over, they had Bouchard playing short, and Perkins for a general all round player.. 1 • always bad an idea that Perkins'Worth was not fairly appreciated." This many be so: but have we not a good general player in Lew Yager? -He should be tenth man, anyr how.' Ramsey, Louisville's great pitcher, is causing the team trouble. Too much lemon 1 ; ' 1)AN. Harper's lor May.' Harper's Magazine for May outstrips even it* own high standard as an extras ordinary number. '' The initial article Is upon"The Recent Movement in'SOnthern Literature," by oneol the rising poets of Virginii.Chas. W. Coleman, Jr. It is a remarkable exhibit of the development of literary genius in the south. ? <'The Three Tetons" is a bright nar • ratlve, by Alice W. Boiling,, of a trip to Yellowstone Park. .The second and final part of Ralph Meeker's article, "Through the Caucasus," .reveals the strange features oi Southeastern Russia as.witnessed at the •Bmeof the fe^entTBrob-Russian war. TheVv^aaitii'p^'b&U'iBirt,. "Kitty of Col- WineiV s iji'Sexquisirely illustrated by •EMwin' I A;,- : Abbey>---'', '.'P v ^' • ;••'•'• • Apropos to the season:of fdog-shows is the article On "The American Mas> tiff," by Charles C. Marshall. The fifth-part of Kathleen O'Meara's Russian novel, "Narka," exceeds in interest the previous instalments; and the fourth portion of Mr. Howell's Boston novel, "April Hbpesi" .gives ,five chapters inore of eharaoter study. ,,,Charh:a\DudlBy Warner's "Mexican Notesi" in the second part, describe Cuantla, the fashionable resort for tourists and invalids. The second; series of Prof. Richard T. Ely's "feoclal" Studies" is begun with a consideration.of "The Nature and Significance 6f Cotpotations." The departments hold their usual abundance of .entertaining matter. The tribute of the Easy Chair to Mr. Beecher is specially interesting. The Study discusses some snggestive_ recent books. .The Drawer contains eight pages of spicy humor; \.' ' . • ' ; ' ALBAMBRA. '. Al.nA.MBRA, Ilia., April 25, '8J. Mies Jennie King colotiratei hSr birthday la»t w,?«k b y atlvln? her trienda a party. Ulsii'Bcwa BerJtmeyor la vUUlnB her sinter, j Urs-jAdler, of Marine. •' J. B. 1'oaroe, our genial hardware merchant, was 111 the city laat week, be, with his family wtil epenfl the week with relatives and friends in'Oarlyle. 111. , ,, Mr.'A. KlrcheU, Marine's celebrated pointer, passed through our thrifty village last week. , ' Onr eirtaoiuod minister, Mr. Goobel, enter- ialned relatives from Chicago laat week. " Onr village election resulted in the following officers belne elected: Trustees, Messrs. N. poh«; W. •W.Pearce, Br., and R. D. Uttger; Olerk, J. Y.' Pearco. Our schools will soon clone and, wo trust, wiU.give a final exhibition. Nothing 'seems to he moto encouraging to i^ipilB tnon «w>h Ittorary entertalninoutfl and they should be Indulged more In auch exercises. •i Oar self binder men axe entering the field to sell ihetr machines-before' the "wheat is ripe unto tho harvest."! . Mrs. B. L. Heiuolbsrg has returned to lola, •Kan.' : . ."•.'' ./.*••.';• •, • • . Mr.. A. J. Utlger visited the neighboring town of Worden, on the S4th inst. X ¥•«!! in «*J>rnsf Store. Scene: Night in a drug store and no one there. Suddenly a voice sang out from • shelf. "Hey, Rube!" •(Who a ° J° u cal>1 Rube?" | tekod s surly voice ttear by. '1 sr "HhubftrW of course. That's ^pur name, tetftfit?" . .J:,'; fe? '•Well, "What do you wantP" 'gwwled Rhubarb, "and who are vouP" '-'';> "I'mCal." . "Gal?" '••Yes; Calomel. Aln!t it»little dull around here?" ' "Keep quiet," said a Truss hanging on ftuail. vBeea on a bust lately?" asked Calomel, which was as serious, a breach of good manners as was ever herui-n drug store. Congress Water aaid they acted as if they had been across the street and Cinnamon, Vichy oughtn't to have done. "Who is giving us all of that Shellac?" said n Varnish Brush, bristling up. "Dry up, or I'll let Tooth Paste you on the nose." . • "Boys, what'll you drink?" asked a Sponge hanging over? the mineral- water counter in a loud voice Soda all could hear. "You Aloes something at this oar and you gets no more until you settle," said the Bitters Bottle. . "I'm an all Nitre, I am," cried 8 sweetish voice. • "You don't nny of you get, a drink unless Pepsin!" shouted one who had heretofore been trying to digest what Was going on. "Sherry his nib," cried Cognac, "this thing is worse tlian an emetic:" "Itvosall right," exclaimed .a box of German pills; : "a leedle fun rill Nix Vomica mac." . "Bis-muth be attended-to some time," lisped Pearl Powder. "Come, now, let's shake for the cigars," said a Fever'n Ague cure.' "Make it for'the drinks and Jn(cl)igo, too," said « fellow on the shelf who seemed very blue. Then Cigar Stand .remarked that il was his treat, and they could Havana cigars they wanted and not give up ; a cent. . Bergatnot remarked that if he didn't have to give up a cent it .was the first time such a thing had happened, which was a pretty good inot for Bergy. ; . A bottle, with a: picture , of a polar bear on the label said it was hard to stand by and Hair Oil those bad puns without getting in a word. r , "Come and Brush up your wits, then," said Pomatum, "and see how it a-grease with you." At this time, lunch was ^announced. Among the delicacies were Strawberries and Cream of Tartar, Stomach Cake with Sirup of.Squills, fried .liver with or without a pad, etc. Sulph ate .of, Z'mc until he WHS nlmot-1 finished and Iodide of Potash.— Siftiiuis. •• meansed, Purified and Beautified by the Cuticura Remedies. For cleansing the Skin and Scalp of Disfiguring Humors, for allaying itching, burning and Inflammation, for curing the flrst symptoms of .Eczema, Fsoriasis, Milk Crust. Scaly Bead, Scroiula, and oth«>r inherited Skin and Blood Diseases, Gutioura, the great Skin Cure, and Ontlcura Soap, an exquisite Skin Beautlner, externally, and Cuticura Besolv- ent, the new Blood FurUier, internally, ore infallible. ^ OOMPI|BTB CT jBE. -;.' I have sufferedallniylifewithBkln diseases of different kinds,, and have never found permanent relief, until, by the advice of a lady friend, I used your valuable Outicura Remedies. I gave thorn a thorough trial, using sbr bottles of the Outicura Resolvent, two boxes Cuticura oncUseven cakes of Ontl- cura Soap, and the result was Just what I had been told It would be—a complete cure. • BELLE WADE. Blchmond, Va. Keferouce. G. W. Lattimer, Druggist, filch- m ° n ' SALT BHBOai ICUBED. DYSPEPSIA^ Its Nature, Causes, Pre- •vention and Cure, being II. Mcilvln, Ixjwell, Mass. U years Tax Ooll. Sent irse to any address. . 7wu rosont established business In own locality, Permanent position and aood salary. Eefer- ouoos fjtcbauged, yay Mfg Co 10 Barclay st, New X " r •riU>fr**«^^to^»^S^Sfr>JS^sSJsa*tt*»Mfcl* l '* l 'fr |>< ' < * B *'*^^ i t-1 i-T^i^itttTi^v-i7r^£ JlosISg^ Out. ip CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. to be sold fey 1st pf IVgiy. ^Bar- atclies and agen6rallitte of 1st The importance of pnrtfytog the blood can- Dot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. ' ' At this season nearly every one needs ft mod medicine to purity, vitalize, and enrich Uie blood, and we ask you to try Hoods n AA .,l!of airsapariUa,.It strengthens PeCUIlar and builds up the system, creates an appetite, and toncsthn digestion, •while it eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation o( the vegetable remedies used givo to Hood's SarsapartUa pecul- -r n Ifcplf lar curative powers. No 10115611 othermedlclnehassnch nrecordot-wondcrful cures. If yon have made up yottr mind to l>uy Hood's Sareaparlllado not be Induced to take any other Instead, It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar Corner Third and Piasa -1887^ 1887 THE LATEST.1—pUMW 1 ,', , JEWEL PNEUMATIC or.ftlR PRESSUtttRMJ5ES. Made In lour styles. Two and Three Burners, With Tlu'dpil R«8SIabvons- i.'., 1 .. !„" (THE KAS KIN E .QUININE.) No bad effect No headache Nonaiisea. vMO pores . ringing ears, ' .quickly (Pleasant,!" 1 ' 6 A PpWEftFUL. TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will bear. A 8PJSCIF1C FOB BIAIiABrA, BHETJM^TPISM, MEKVOtrS PROSTRATiON, and all Oerm Diseases FOB COLDS KASKIKB HAS BEEKFOUND TO BB ALMOST A SPEOIFIO. Superior to Belevne Hospital, K. T.: 'fDniversally suo- cesafu., ("BverypaHenttreated h Bjukin St. Francis Hos.K. T. } < discharged cured Alba e bos been cured " any Peniten- Rer.'Jas- L.;HaU,Chaplain tiary .writes that Kaskfeehaa cured, his wife, after twenty years' suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. AVrfte him lor par- Hospital, N.Y.: "It's uso is consiJered indispensable. It acts perfectly." Prot: V. F.'Hoicombe. M.D , M East 24th St., N.T. (late Prof, to N. T. Mod. .College) writes; "Kaaldne is superior to quinine in its specific power, and never produces the alignwst In fury to the hearing or constitution. • Thousands upon thousand -write that Kaa klne bus cured them alter all otheer meat einebad failei}.' Write for book of testi- ™Kaskine can be taken .wltboutany , special medical advice. tl.OO pea bottle. Sold by or sent by moil on receipt of price. KASK1SB CO., M Warrpn St., Sew York ... . -. . . .. 10 dwlm LOOKOUT ' THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! 1)11, SCOTT, 841 Broadway. N. Y. A. . I was troubled with Salt Bheum for a number of years, so that the akin entirely came off one of mv hand* from the finger tips to the wrist. I tried remedies and doctore's prescriptions to no purpose until I commenced taking Ontlcura Bemedies, and now I am entirely cured. K. T. FARKEB. 379 Northampton St., Boston. DRUGGISTS IWDOB8K THEM, Have sold a quantity of yourOutloura Remedies. One of my customers, Mrs. Henry Kmtz, who had tetter on her bands to snob, an extent as to cause the skin to peel off, and for eight years she suffered greatly, was completely cured by the use of your medicines. O. H.NYE, Druggist, Canton, Ohio.; ITCHING, bOACT, PJMPI.T. For the last year I have had a species of itching, scaly a,nd pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a groat many methods of treatment without success, and which was sneedlly and entirely cured by Outicura, MBS. ISAAC PHELPS, Ravenna, O. Wo have sold your Outicura Remedies for the last six years, and no medicines on our shelves give better satisfaction. C. y. ATUEBTOS,Druggist. Albany.N.7. CUTIODIIA REMEDIES ore sold everywhere Krtce: Ontlcura, 60 cents; Resolvent Jl; Soap. 25 ots. Propared by tlie Potter Drug and Ohomlca) Co., Boston, Mass, aend for "How to Oura Skin Diseases." Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and iBaby Humors, cured by Onti- cura Soap. : MI-B f*iir**A Itacauses, and a new and nrllFNFSS'"" > 0<»»tnl 1 CUKB at MbHI Jlkvyyour'own Jiomo, by one who was deaf twenty-eight yours. Treated by most of the noted specialists without bauatlt. Cured himself In throe months, and since then hundreds of others. Fuji purtlo ulars sent on application. T. 8. PAQE. So. 41 West 31st St.. K. Y. city HSSSU. MOT BEER, Package i*cents, mauoi Q gaUons of • ,dell- olous, sparkling, -tamperanoo beverage. Strengthens and purifies tho blood. Its purity and delicacy ootnrooNd it to all, Bold by all druggists and storekeepers. T4 " •' FOB SALE AT • , . J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in . STOVES ANR HARD\VAiiE Also Outside Work a specialty. Roofing and 'Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND; COB. SKCOND AKO ALBY 8TS. CURE r $ E DEAF Drums, no matter wliotbor Ueafnusa is eau«od by colds, fevers, or Injuries to the natural drama Always in position, but Invisible to others, comfortable to wear, Music, conversation, even whispers heard distinctly. Wo rufer to those lining them. Send for illustrated book Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh in its. destructive force itands next to and undoubtedly leads on to consumption. It la therefore singular that those afflicted with this fearful disease should not make it the object of their.lives to rid themselves o it. Deceptive remedies concocted by ignorant pretenders to medical knowledge'have weakened the confluence of the great ma- Joritjlnoll advertised remedies. They bo- come resigned to a life of misery rather than torture themselves with doubtful palliatives. lint this will never do. Catarrh must bo met at every .stage and combattod with all our m'Rht. In many cases tho disease has assumed dangerous symptoms, The bones and cartilage of the nose, the organs of hearing, of seeing and of tasting so affected as to be useless, the uvula so elouioted, the throat so Inflamed and Irritated a* to produce a constant aue distressing COUBU. Sanford'a liadlcul (Jure meets every phase of Catarrh, from a simple hoad gold to the most loathsome and destructive stages. It is local and constitutional, Instant in relieving, permanent in -curing, safe, economical and never failing. Eaob package contains one bottle ot the Radical Oure, ono box of the Oatarrbal Solvent, and an Improved Inlialor with treatise; PrtooJI. - • , I'otter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston.' EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Henrietta M. Born, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Executor of the lost will and testament ot Henrietta U. . Uoni, late of the county of' Madison nod State of IllUol8,doccaaed, hereby tfve« notice that Jhe. will appear before the County Court 'of Madison county, at the court house,'in Kdwardsville, at the Juno term, on the third Monday In June next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are no tided and requested to attend for the purpose of having the sixmo adjusted. All persons Indebted to sold estate are requested totuiofce immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this Hth"day of April. A.D. 1887. • ,-,,.•, W.IU4AM80NNTAQ,' •'• Kioeutor. fitt New and Beautiful DcslpiiH Ju»t arrived and arriving for the- jiiB Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS! Specialty, from Largest Small to I flUK DTI C CB C *•*' **' ">«,*• MlfffKnllOEIlr? •.-.inw. M\»({«iWng«i)i«oyA«ntnChic«c<'. l '' : 45 1048 Pindclph St., | AnUvM LUIW vi '•''(, ' At the old reliable HOUSE-l'AJNTLVG and DKCOUATING OBtablUhmont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at feblUUtn A PEBrECT Air Pressure, without tho elevated tank. Pressure IB obtained with a weight, not with a'pumti, Absolutely the safest; simple with no intricate ports, LIGHTS •wlth.caruurettcd air, instead of oil in a flrip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all of S)t inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy annealed brasa.wlth union couplings. Due end of tank is of glnss, showing quantity ot,oil In same. Cannot be filled while burning. ; r ,* < »• i ld . „ The regular-line of JKWEL STOVES AND RANGES are Jtaprojedlmeohanloally ai tlcaUy. Large double oven for three burner 1 one inch,'with, large supply valve and trap at base, lined i ftyediineonanlcally and artis- , Stand plt>es Inoreasea in size to All ovens are niade double or 'flue apedim PITTS & HAMILL, Sole Agents. CATARRH HAY-Fi ••;• ••/; ELTSVJIBAM'llALM Knot aIfqdid, tnvff'or jwitder. Applied into nostrils it quickly absorbed. It cleanses the 7iead. Allays inflammation. Heal* the tores. Restores tlietennes of taste and sm«U. 60 centi at Dniyjisl*; by matt, registered, tM cent4. '• Hundreds Have Been CUBED By taking iho GREAT GOEDEN SEAL. Testimonials arc being received daily regarding its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse it as tho greatest medical discovery of the day. Tho GBJSAT GOLDEN BEAL is a Fji^l fym ^jmr-^^j*tlf ,A Building-up tbo nervous syston'and the tired brain. An Anti^Periodic Or Prey^ntat!vo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming the crtl offootporoicessivo tl alcoholic lnduljjohcea| A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho enUro system. If you arc JustTecpverlng from Blokuess, no known remedy will givo strength and health so fast. Price, $1.00 per bottle at all Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRU8 CO., 54 LaSalle Av., CHICAGO, ILL. • ' EAGLJB PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. •"' : . ; "•-.. IJhe Steamer ! •'» re* c£ CD a«i P4 vsmm^'wffimsm* i • i OQ H. LKYHB. Master. IE. Ross POWBU , )EB. JJLOOK, UlerM i. On and alter Monday, Feb. li, the Spread Eaalo will tan as follows, vizi • LEAVINGALTOH . ..,>.,'."-• [-'•-' FOE ST, LOUIS i at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. ID., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Lauding, Oral ton, and way points every ovonlug at fptSOo'Qlook. j «3-The -Whittle will be sounded flftoen minutes before starting tor St. Louift. . < •.•:•; Assignee's ,---,-—,,..., 'Public notice is hereby given' thirt by virtue of an order of. the county court of Madison 'county. State'of Illinois', the undersigned, assignee of the D. K. Sparks Jlllllogj Company, •will, on yKIDAY.the 29nr DAY OF APIUI/, i A. D., 1887, sell At pub||o auction to the highest bidder for oash.'at'the honr'bf 'teFb'elook in the forenoon of said Osy.attboflorth front 'door til the 'city Uall'minaiririA the city of .Alton. Modtnon. county, Illinois, tee following described 'real estate,' to-wltj -lol thirteen (13) In Alton JUauuf aoturinj? Company's addition to the el& of T Alton, ! r county •of'Madlson .and State of Illinois: a deed will bo made to the purchaser upon approval of the report of sale by the county.court of, Madisou oo. Tho aoovo property being .the' breseht real- donee of Oapt, I). H. Sparks. ,• '•••' ' ' ' ^PRANK It MttNOR. •, Assignee oftlioD. B. Sparks tlUlLnu Oo. To BT. Louifl, , Kip . Rrops 1 .'-".." : - W '•'.'',.: 75 - :•-' 5 00 W. HTLI,. Agent. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THK BT. 1X)UI8 AKD CENTRAL 1LL1HOIS.B.B. GO'S J. Y. ELL1&OK, Commander. TBDB DODOB On and after Thursday,Peb AltonUally ' •' 17th, will leave •<• '•:!'• r ' 4th, steamer . Commending Monday, April Hudson will leavq 81. Louis for Alton, Port- 1 ago, Jersey, Grafton nud all puints »n !8t. L It 0. 1. It. ll.,duilr> except Sunday, at 8:80 a. m.. arriving at Alton at II a. in, Returning will leave Alton for St. Louis at S ;43 p. in, arriving nt 6t,Ix>uls at 7:80 In ample time for parties to attend ttieatrss, oto. Parties purchasing round trip ticket* will bo furnished staff rooms without extra cost. Jtound trip tickets of steamer Spread Rnglo or Hurt no n wlll^e honored by either boat for return passage. t , connecting with fast express on St. Lauls'tond Uenti'al Illlnoli Itailroad for Jorsoyvillo, \Va- verly, Spilnnttoldaud all potolu nortU and oast. • •'•(,• KAUE. To sr. l.oms.slimlo trip, . . , BOO, ," " round trip, . , , , . . 7lto. 't " twenty rluo liokot. i ' , JS.OO II BNHY 0. TATUif, don/Agt. Xlton. n. A. riSllKK, C<on'l Mouagor. toildtf VrSLSON . n BenX Wood rim. The Strongest bo»*Js and'bert,wub?n in tl>« world. Far sale bjr »U dealcrt- CLIFPORD'S LXOELSIOR trosfrvatlonof iihlngle and raotnl rooft. fP r .... :mrrel ur car loiul. Vor prtco*, (utilix-,** C-1*!*'* l.l.^i'll:, A CO.. tiracral Aiwj*' *0*'Went '"• llun'il Ht., Olilcuco, orMlflilniinlumlier Cu. J. WILKES FORD & CO. 01 At Oil W. IVii.hlnitton St., Chl«n»«. IH« FEU AND GRAVEL ROOFERS Ami Oooleri in Booting Material*. Our (a- ' Gravel Roonug, tho sumo as tho nrst-olass buildings in Chicago at tt low; «r nrlcq than (jtiupr., won, and warrant pur roBig Ipr flv^ HSrilt '. %o ftlw ^wTSiaterlM »lttFiinr7ri?truotlon howWdolho wnrx .or furnish an experienced man, • ' apMdiy^ , 200 BAGS HIOGINS' FUREti' 'FINE SALT-

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