Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1887
Page 1
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:•;••-/, Ing Compound kHdWh'.i P«tfl A. plffflffi (tprMJoet tettfii'iitrt' with a greater laving of Time ari'J In Waihln and Hmi.o- iaaoOT< Onrtal Jewelry, flilvw. IB faot ' the Bath, and note iti Superiority ant SoAp Beware of ImltnUona. Tlio Oennlnc alwurl bcnri the •tor* Symbol ana name of I EDIDIT PYUI. Now OH. AND MAfrtWAOTUBBB, *, ALTON, ana,,oommo»-larnltnr apMdwlw ANNUAL Of.tfee.jmaJlpiEHpjj3.J4 .»H ,tl;e.]Eooms giylngynonthlyvreportfto* the Alton Public Schools, one from each room, that qan^shb.w a,record for 'the" best' '', &o., certi- the Tpicher and indorsed en^ ol ,;^B;j)res,ent ; month to , the end: ot- i jeceive;from W^ pair in cash, Off ($i;80>,: optional tiy,, One 'prize to each of : ,the following schools: The Brother 1 s' School, the German Catholic and the Lutheran. The Teachers' certificate will suffice, And the one male pupil of the Public Schools of Alton that pan show the best record, (corti- .fied, jjp^and endorsed as above) 1 for Deportment, Scholarship, &o., from/September last to the end of the present term in June next shall have as a grand ; prize -a j'lO Suit, or its equivalent (10 per cent, off ,t}9) in cash. s of prizes will be made on presentation of the proper certificate anytime bef pro July 2d next, iaf ter ^rhlob: ijatb: this promise, stands '[Signed,] W. A. IULDEBRANI? ev Ofllco oS¥bJJdSMor west FARMSSj of PiftSft, third floor. wont, Virginia. >• The young lady teacher of a publl school at. Santa Rosa, Cal., tyasVor Jfl^lj-ous bf glfiag^n "oxhlbitlW" a jMe blosojiof ?tli.g, \&tn\, ojull drilled th scholars in declamations, recitations etc. *< The i>i(pils''word strongly avers to tho'pi'ojeotrfoaWiif the critlcisiiis o , visitors, and when the dreadful day •had invited many. The reason was made apparent by the subsequent; discovery that the pupils -had sun'epti tiously pinned a card. oh."tho door'after the school hour, which road: "Examination duy! No visitors admitted this afternoon." In tho years 1870-2 thore were ..i^. than 6,000 coses of small-pox and ovo 2,000 deaths from tho disease iniNeW York. Three years later, iu 1875, there were 8,480 cases aud 1,280 deaths In May of that year the record roach' ed 476 cases, and iu July there were 438. In 1881 small-pox killed 461 persons, and 1,842 wore made sick. In 1884 there was 110 small-pox, only 2C deaths from it in 1885, and 31 in 1886, most of which arc chargeable to th« present epidemic. POWDER Absolutely Pure. * ^f- Thl» powaor never varies. A marvel oi purity, strength wholosomoneas. More eoo- aomloal than the ordinary kinds, and qannot be sold in competition with the multitude o low.test, short wolcht, alum REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. READ LIST. OF BARGAINS —A.T— C, A. Schlueter's Agency, For Sale, cheap, oor. ot 7th and Alton sts.; [rame dwelling, 4 rooms and cellar; rents lor (10 per month; For Sale or Sxchangoe—100 aorea, 85 In cultivation, 2X miles northeast-of Fostorburg, at a bargain. : For sole—Five-room brick house, story and n half, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. 3an Ue had ac a bargain. Gpod jproperty to One fl-room new house, with oellar, cistern md cool house. Lot SO by 110 on 9th and uaraGCs.t^*' /- '; • . .•' • • •• '•'.•<, ' : < , . For Biile-^ohe 8-ro6ih hbUBe audlohe 8-room house, 9th. and Market ats. Lot 60 by 110; good cistern and cool house, at a bargain. Fpr sale—16 acres in North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water,- : For aal67-600 aorea Improved fwml with rood house and stables in Woodson county, tanBB». , 11.11. runs across from Fort Soott fo Wichita,Smiles from county seat, Forsale—75 acrfis partly bottom land, Improved -ftap, near Dorsey, with plenty of jood buildings on same. For sale—10 pieces of''Valuable property with good houses, in this city. For eale or exchange—A nice little cottage n Bethalto, with 'planty of ground, stable aud good water on promlaes. •• For solo or exchange—Two sections of It.K. tlmber,lm>d In 8,q. Mlsspurl.JbO miles from St. Ix>ul3 on tho Iron Mountain, B. U., at a bar- rain. . ; For nalo or ezobanjte, 8 acres ot ground I on Jain et., adjoining MayorjOopplngor's On the For sole or exchange—fl sections of prairie and in-Orooket. countyi Texas. • Wfll sell cheap. Suitable tor any farming purposes. Three acres adjoining Dr.Roberts on north. Five lots on Dry St., adJolnlng.Thoniafc Big. gins' residence on the east. Quo and a half lota in Hawloy's addition. ; One and a half lota In Sholly'a addition.' Any of the above property can bo bought at a bargain. .•*;>•; ;'- , • I also represent the Bufialp German Tire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the TJ. S- And other good Companies addition. -^ (/• xL< .iri ;my New Buldihgj ou Second street, ..... mohHdw JO8BJPJU LIVERY STABBJS1 FIIONT 8THKKT. ,./, in. lon;, luustriiwd J.V.MAN01IA, ,• » • ; Vat in at Topcka, ., ^lifi:' 1 YtUiittjuid JOhn' fllauSciUer: killed each,6thor ; atl< 1 t,''^'orth, Tex., yesterday- -.• .... : ",'','/..^.'...v."' • . : Mr.vBlnine, ,it is expected; iwlll leate Chicago today for his home;, in :Maine. , ; -j/J;;• : ; 1; ,..; ..... .. < A' nephew of the.Czar has been ar- •rosted on suspicion' of > giving laway- thesCear'a contemplated movements' : lO-'Nilli|i^8. •;';..•'"""• •:•••>.'. '•• ;.-• ' '•'• ' ^jfMrsT HpVe,'the, ;Bbston woman banker,,didn't go to jail this ; tinfoil' She adopted the \more ; fashionable course of going to Gahada. 1 Gen.'OPaliiier's.son did not get the vacant.'jud'g&Hip', but the', old ge D- tleman.was being made, "a yisHp^-to West Eoint." ''"On hl^iSDth birth'day' William gave-«his msdical, attendant, Dr. Von Lauer; a purse c <Sd : ntaiEing!$87,- 000, and on his 96th birth'day '875,.000.1. .•:;. ,-v, ,'.-:/).. :r«.- • \ '>•'•'• ; Col. Dorsheimer,. of the New York Star/ says thjai he persuaQed Presi- deht,Cleyel4Sd out,(3fythe| notion,of making a pubiia'-.declaratipn that he wpuld not runitagain" for ? the Presidency, f'i-;; ; ';.,;? ; "...,. • Mr. David'P-rest.on', a''prominent ^ankpr, of Detroi|f and who was ' the ! head of the late" bankingifhouWof Preston^ Kejiff & Co., Chicagbj died atWs hom£ in;petroitiCSunday, of , heart disease.""; JSe was 160 ydars 'of age.' •'• '^'.;, '•:..•.v.,,/-;^ -^y 1 • The death is ; ann'oiinbed of James H; Marr, Chief Cle^k of the ^ First Assis^n^pdstmasieKGeheral'sioflloe ,ait : ,'W'ashingtpn,'SThp had been in con- tiriiibus 'service' in' 'the 'Post Office Department; since 1831, ,,when Andrew Jackson Was President'; • When Alex., Mitchell camejtb.this- country he, was a poor Scotch immigrant; If the first thing he hadidone after^ getting ..ashore .had been, to strike for :eighf,,:hpurs as.,;«: day's work, 1 he would have died as -poor ; as he was.when he landed. ,. i '<' The ConfederateiVeterans.are' con- sideringa••prpp'psUiort' to chatige the date of their jffdm April?? to May '80, the, :N6Etherni Decoration Day. Gow Fitzjhughl Lee, of Virginia,, recommends thel change, because! May 30 is a National holiday. . ' .,.•:.? The 179 cities of over 10,000!pop^. ulation in the country, which ar'e entitled by law to a free^postal' deh'very after July i, will have to be content with the shadow instead' of the| substance. Owing to the k failure of the Deficiency bill -there are no ttfnids,to, carry the provisions, of, the'faw! Into effect. ' •-.'.;•-:• The amount of money in the|East' ;hat is seeking 'safe" investment; was ndicated recently"^in -Wall street, when subscription? l ^ere ^Opened f or ; ;he stock of a new'' Ijjquitablei Gas Company at Utfca. ;JQessttian $$00,)00 was required,' and-, about three times the whale amount" was ,sub scribed in loss thlan one hour after <he opening of the boqks. , An Aristocrat;Astray, i ; .,. Class fllstinctions ate wh611y ignored or are unknown to-'ihb hverttgts American citizen' of the back\voodfl.! This was illustrated in tho pithily'narrated clrcttmntnnee by Jiidgo TlllnVan of. the Duke of Sutherland's cncottnt^r; with, 'what to-him, nitisb hnvo'been ti vcrita» ble rara avis, the hack driver' from Manatee to'Sarrt'Sbta; " ; ' : • • •' The Duwil party, leaving ^the yacht at Tampa and going to Manatee on the. steamor Margaret, took' hacks at the Town'of Manatee for Sara Sota. ; The, 'Jelm of one v vcliicle was a-'Kcntucklan, •Who was a simon-pure cracker,' iiniur- passedby tho Florida 1 cracker' in bis • native wilds,'--'. ' : ' : '.,.,. As 'they drove slowly along thojsandy road the driver waxod communicative •an'd singlod out his Grace as tile object of his attention and' patronage, al•ways addressing him -as "Mr. Uuke." As the day wore on and Jelui fell, that Duke was a. kindred spirit fronv^^un-en parts" and "fur buck," lie ; grew con- 'fidcntial and familiar, calling thej Duke in a, jocular maiiner "Capt; ! Duko." The : Duko'goodinaturcdly responded to his driver's comments in a' 'dignified, way, shpwing by neither •- glanfce or •word<that he thought him too familiar upon short acquaintance, < even !when ; the large, sun-browned hand wis laid pati-onizingly upon liis shoulder, lor he was tapped familiarly on the' baick or punched in the ribs to have his august attention directed to some • •• trivial circumstance. ' : ' ' At length a-halt was- called arid the party refreshed the inner > matt with'' wine. The Duke's light ttanne} coat became caught over the ivory handle of a dagger worn :in the 1 pistol-pocket ofhls;breeches; '< ; ; •"• < •:' . . " . f, "Hold on;; Capt, Diikej"- called,'the driver;-"your coat is caught in| your britches; let me take it out," arid Jehu drew down the offending -'garmentand fell to work-vigorously dusting''iCapt. 'Duke,'! • remarking: that '' he! was 'inoiighty,dusty." ' . * Upon Jcliu's return to Manatee, when the joke was told on himj to a group of gentlemen who .became! convulsed-with laughter, he was-, not one whit crestfallen, but exclaimed: • "Well, I swear! I heard you all call himi'Duke, Duke,' and I thought that was his name, so to be polite I called, hirn-Mr. and Csppon Duke." '•]',;'•' After a moment's brown study ^e exclaimed, with true American spirit, Ell'be 1 -^—- if I ain't asigobi as hB 1; is, Tnionn . , and ; ; .v . •:: Stair:. Oil Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of Wail Papers iiml i'lirliiiiis, I am offering, thesie goods at the vepy4owes~t prices tpnCash Buyers. All are invited to call and see the beattlijCtil new goods&learn the low prices. . -ALTpy,itL : :-;::^.-! i... A:,,.,]Slii||L E0R::'THE !i; ""'•' ... } ".:;' "•..':...«•, T.i7.~ J-'-v.J Hi',* >'• - 'A New Petroleum-Furiiftoe. • SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 25-1' louse met this morning at 9 o'clock vith twpnty ? nine ; members present and proceeded to the ; consideration of bills in order'of second reading. Among .the bills advanced, were' jthe 'ollowitigY Requiring' landlords to lie affidavit and.prove claim ,;bpfore ncrea,sing distress.warrairit"; increas- rig^tha fees' of'Probate" Clerks in Dpok county; Iprbvjding that when wills are • contested ithe burden of. >ropf shall be upon the' contestanis after ; probate; to prevent i the iirculation, of immoral litera- ure; extending the •:.:••> time; of imitations,, pa, • grpmjsBpry notes, >onds • and'; other y written con- raots ten years from -the-date after be expiration of, the first litigat(q£} upon which tho creditors may votunr arily.. make renewala and Increasing he fees of Masters in 1 Chancery. 1! Mr. Vickers introduced a bill which fas 'read .a first time and ordereiij to a second reading without reference, ppropr}atiug: : HDiQQO }n ftddttion to lie amounts'already defray tho expenses of 'the State printing, ,• The bill contajns, |D| enier. "onby clause, as the State printing ias been stopped.,fpr want pf; funds. The Senate resolution/, extending n invitation to tho American Fores- ry Congroas to hold;its next session, September, 1887, In Springfield, and endoring the Assembly chamber for bo use of the congress, was concur- ed in. Tho exhausted and drowsy feelings, ommop. to spring t(nie. Indipato an topuro and sluggish condition' of tho which nifty bo rouie.diod by tbo ,, ,„ Afyr'l Sarsapanllft. i It ; /i is the moft^powortul, rtnd, at the gains' time, -—-•--• blood 'punfler known. dwlw '• 'A leading ma'tiufacturer ' of heating apparatus'gave -art, exhibition' to-day of an invention, of hisi Wliich; promisies to Tvoi;k : a revolutidij in- solving 'the jprob- lein 1 ,of .heat and at [the same, , time furnish/a market'for the vast product of the'.Ohio oilfields. Many .experiijaents have'been:made, several devices haye been in,the market, fpr,, using steam to' atomize oil and ^produce a, profitable combiiiat/ipn, but the" solution: of the problem in 'its-- entirety' has : hitherto, been impossible and'impracticable., By the. principle .discovered by ./the invpntoi'he can .convert a 8Q-cen| barrel of .crude oil Into as much heatiaa is derived ordinarily''from .six tops of bituminous coal.' • It consists of i con- sti^ctitag\ a'plan to take ''the place of grateTbars in any ordinary furnacie under the r boilers and Cheating apparatus. 'Iii.this ip'sji a smalli quantity .-/.of;' •jva.tor is 'allowed to,. stand, supplied from a pipe'as'required, and in the center .of the;pan a.smalL jet of oil ; ia f urnjsUed frOni'a 'rGBerv'bir ;;near : by. "ThO:,oil spreads .over ,tho : surface of the, water ajid is consumed'as fast as desired. , Air is'supplied'?ram , numerous orifices in the pan- above the water and .oil'liue.-i WJion,9Jl and air are supplied in proper quantities the heat beqohios intense, and far' surpasses' the hottest furnace lirod'with coal or gas.— -iPi'lta- tow, Dispatch.'' • i \'.' ; tt. ftu:\\ '• '•" '- 1 iti:<<> n £>'/;>'..Ki <;oif;': ;',. _..__ nr.v< /' WtlaHit >-.i Jl'V-r* 'i-, Vi.v :; >;->«,),ii' N t ;::•:;-..;• l: ••. 'teX': -••-.:!, ••-•', .; >; ;J gCNT^i ..,;'.• /),•., '. -\ f '• « l '•"' • .O!«lLI2i-»lVf "VM.VM4MJ. • '• '•:>•••• Til.'.-" i '-ii''.-'' <,i'-'-': :.'»-a ; ITS FOE THE» : "'•> v* w-;-;^i. /*£<!. '•••%',- f'rt-.i?-MI,'XH\:V nv> Y-'li{•'•!• M '. Jll^l Belleville 'ThreBherfiiaiid 1 Eiji gines; B|bjine |HpW | Plows and' Cultivators j and EMPIEE i, ters for EUPION and <;AE SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, line of COOKING STOyES' .TIQN GASOLINE HAENESS. NEW .... ,$30.,, We keep BUENING.. ..OIS ES'i the BANGLEE and' PERFEO-; QyES-MiSee our..$10 BUSGYi' HdME SEWING MACHINES, vi ;he BEST GASOLINE and : on tap* and delivered ;• i " ; ' " "''"' .Cpr f ^d^andvSf^e , Among the, remarkable woods-1 o| South Africa is sheozpwood (PteroicyloB utilo), which i in durability is snid't« surpass oven liguumvitw,, producing .maohinp. bearings: ''.jvhlch havo i been known to outlast those' of both 'brass . aud irou. " . / ,,, r STUAHT'S CAHBOLIO Aorp TROCHES certain cure for sore, throatV jpougbs, jpojda and .'hoarseness.?' >VRit one' hour after dating'before' > taking'"dde oi{ the troohas for dyspBpsta. •' BTUAUT'S ABNroA SALvB, sures^ euro for cuts and burns: •' BURKS' LmiMifnT oUfps all pains'.' Pearly tooth and a sweet'breath.can bo h»d only by using Cressler's; Wild Iloso Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK,, ALOUD. . Burks Medicine Co., Qulncy, Jll.:— .When In ypur s^tpre ; I.w^s, so I could not spoak aloud. . .The first doso Of your WhitoPine helped mp, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely; relieved, Twice since I have lost my voice, but > taking tho Pino Balsam a fpw time* has given relief. Npthine over bcueflttod mo like .this has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. U.Williams, 444 N-eth-QuiBc'v.!!!. CURE FOU SICK HBADACHJi!. Of tho many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot,Fills, none has yielded quicker than nervous and sick headache. Nino oksoa.dut of qvury ten'of headache are caused by sluggish and inactive liver. Shot through the throat by Burks' White Pino Balsam and killed a sovorp cold In throe days, If you dyn't believe it |ust try U. 1'dco 60o at druggists, For sale m Alton by K, Marsh. to $30, THE LEADING SUBjSOJRIBE FOR TBLEJ ,..'e4i. Only Republican Daily ii Madison county . J, SUITER «SON, OBABK&8 IB EAJTD COMMON FUBEITEKE. A Fall and Complete Stook Al> DO NOT FAW TO OIVB US A CALL BEFOIUffi PURCHASING. OUB KUENITUKB UOOMJ3 AUB ON State Street, opp; Third, UBMTISTItl. DB. O. JB. Dentlati is THIED 8THBKT,' ALTON, : ILL; OfflOBHottrt—6a.m.toUw.j 1 win. m '' (abd»Jy G. A. MoMILLBN, Dentist, OVKll HItUEQQKMANN'8 OIOAB BTOUK 8EOONP ST. ".•••'• ta^il dt( DB,'H. W. A. BANKJBXiljV AfiO.f ' Piiyslolttn and Stiirg^ou, Office 'h ours-4 8.W.; 19 toT.Md 8 ji.m. W,

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