Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 25, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1887
Page 4
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THE BEST TONIC EVB.,.. ,APH1L ID]078<I by oltlienn at ererr town »>)<l ' ' been wlf ll/r to wo J.B^', «»rri«ou» i;uroB'niiyu uuuj lonundB-ot-pooplo, who can tenll TO* woNiimtrDb BSALIKO POWEII or Hamiin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia. Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises; j'Burns.* Fever : Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, •re quickly rollovcri br thin mmilcnl remedy. Try It unoe and you will novor bo if Itdnnt U. Kor Knlo by tmgzliU. PrlcB. Mic. our Sown HOOK free to all. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO REAL ESTATE FOB SALE OBtRENT] For Sale. A convenient aad pleasant home,, at a reasonable figure, being a two- (lory frame house ou Eighth Btroqt, near Henry. , ; • . , <'•*' Wot Sate.-. .••.-. :•• • .•••'• •• •• ," - ,A choice farm 61 220 acres, with first class mprovoments, situated 2M miles east of Brunswlek. Ohariton co., Mo. For Bale. A one-itory framo.dwolllng house In good condition, to Topping's 1 tBlOltlon to Alton. For Sale Oneap The residence of Oapt. W. V. oble; two ttorlesaad mansard roof | 12 room . 1 halls. closets, cellars, etc, : 8 acres of groan Most F»r Hale. 160 acres of land near city Hmlte, Stuvo .., twoitory brick and trame dwel n» nonse, " ;botb, slttitited on the enai '• o- .iiato street :bo|ween6thand7th ptrtiets- BO the brick i block of storbs on' Becon street, between vHenjr^. and lildge stroot nown a^ Hunter's For gale, ....... . . A small frame <* :aln«r house within n ne Dlooksotthad it for $875, ! :•- > 180 acres f good larming land, and another traotoiaoo.xores.boUiunlniprgvod.; Situate In Mori co., Eaneaa/atjSlO ana S16 per acre. lespeotiyely— onfi-thlidcasb.baliinooon time. ,*iiJ^<w;S«illbt4*. 'ii ' '•'" •''-'' A l&rm of 140 aor«» on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A ' x. House- on Jt. r,; TT- . i ^ •--, # •• *• -AJ tJhdlcq Jarra ol 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of '8h(pman, Maopupln connty, 111., at * InwrAJm*** >>..- ? ,. A farm, consisting ol 140 acres of good land ; 'iltuato within S nslles of Upper Alton, sulto ble tyr dairy, purpoacB. Cheap. -.-•• ^ WM.L. KLUNE Metallo Cases, Caskets . ' Biirlal Robet i focl*dJies, QenUemen and Children. ^ 7$ fJ" ..r'-' sT ''":'' '">;' " "£""":•. • and Shop on State stroei y OyerHBrtiLiTeryBtAjle. Will attend to Job 1 workand BeDaltlnu Fiimituwi. (aft A. J. POWELL, ' . FURNITURE! B A Full and Complete ,, ., „ ..... , . ,...., Stock , •' • • '•* '.",v,; iiv.^-A'.? :'. '.'•.:! CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OltDEV FOil UPHOLSTERING ' ' " 1 . * '! ( ' >fo 5 »tly and promptly executed. < l>oti Third flnd Fourth -AL80- FARM AND GARDEN, A MODEL FLOOD GATE WORTHY OF IMITATION. Timely flngROiitloni for the Month— Do.' Stroylnc CnrtViir Worm*— Treatment of Olf died i'rcifi— Various Modoi of Ornft- For twst results In grafting there mttst exist n close nHlnlty between stock and: gruft. AH a rule all grafts succeed best on trees of 'their own species or thoso closely allied' to them. When perfect development as regards slzo and duration » desired, n stock of a similar nature to ;hc graft should be selected, as on npplo seedling 'for ah npplo' f and n pear Bcedling 'or a pear. If, however, dwarf trees, which come into bearing very young, arc required, ,hen an allied speuies 'of; slower growth may be employed for thc : stock, or if the soil nnd cllrante be uutayornblo a stock lidaptcditothe soil, or one; which ibyllts iardier roots • endure the cold,'can be se- ectcd. In many cases the, peach, and nprlcot nro grafted with beneflelal :resttlts on the plum, and the piinr on tho quince, jut on apple is never grafted ou n peach or. a. cherry on o pear. The pear, apple, quihcO, nicdlur, thorn and mountain ash — n naturally allied group^— have been moro or lesH succeusf ally worked upon.; SPLICE alUFTING—WHIP CHAFFING. In grafting, «« in budding, the principal object is to increase the varieties that jftnriot be produced 'with certainty from seed. Grafting is also performed to fruit i new variety. In this latter case a cion inserted in a branch o* a bearing tree will producp,fruit oftentimes the second year troni the graft, while if the name cion hail icon put on a young needling it would not liave fruited perhaps in ten years. Stocks may he of 'any ago from seedlings to old trees.,Cions are,u.sually shoots of the preceding 'year's growth. These ore cut in : autumn ;ufter the fall o£ the leaf or in winter, and are preserved fnu dormant state until -wonted for use. Cions should npt.'bq ont ,iu very cold weather, but "with"this exception they maybe taken from the trees' at any time between the falling of tho leaves in autumn and the swelling of tho buds in spring. They are better if cut a few weeks previous to usingj though the apple and pear have been grafted with success with cions taken of! at the time the work was done. Splice grafting is the simplest form of grafting, Tho roc*or stock is .cut across at ah jingle near tho collar, the cion at a like angle or slope and the two fitted and bound, together. (See first cut.) This method is much used with stocks of small dinmeter. ': : ; i,'"' .• : .•• "Whip grafting (see same illustration) Is a modification of splice grafting, differing from the former in the splitting or tongue- ing of the stock and cton midway on the sloping cut. of each, thus increasing tho extent of surface .brought into contact when the pieces are fitted into each'other and bound together with yarn or bast. ' CLEW GRAFTING. Cleft grafting is practiced on trees or branches too largo for whip grafting, also in the' renewing of the tops of orchard treesj Tho stock is cut square across, then split, and tho cions, which have been shaved down to a wedge shape, are inserted, core being token that the inner bark of the cion shall meet that of the stock. Our second cut Illustrates tbo op- jeratijpn. '"!» largo stocks two cions are inserted. After tlio cions aro set tho cx- v posed or rounded parts of both stock and cion aro covered with good grafting wax. A wax made of equal parts of rosin, bees wax and tallow melted together, and ap .plied warm, will bo found effective. A common mistake is tho one of graft- Ing too early; remember that tho cion will not make any union with tho stock until tho latter starts Into growth. Glrilled Fruit Trues. Do not bo In despair about your young :frnit trees that'hitvo beta girdled by mice awl rabbits; Unions stto Inner bark is completely gone lite' itred may, with proper treatment,.'be* : ,naved.' The object should, bo to keep the wound moist whilt nature heals it. Tho usual mode of accomplishing this is to apply a thick dress- Ing of cow manure and clay, mixed to gather with a little water to form u plus tar. Thin dressing is kept in place by a ' baiidngo of old bagging or ; cloth. It Is also well to reduce tlio head 'of tho tree by cutting back its branches. When the wound Is very iiovcre Tlio American Agrl culturist ndvlftcH that it be bridged over by the use of large clone, 0110 end insortcc: under tho bark below and the other pud above, tbo wouhd., .But unless a tree is largo and cspecjiUly valuable, it will ralrely pay to be at this trouble, Better replace the injured troo by another of the •name slzo and ago. " Cnnndn TltliU«», The Canada thistle, while subdued Bomuwlmt by repeated and frequent mow Ings, is not often destroyed by this means alqno, Tlio Uilijllu root has numerous, lK>int|, oaoh OJH>; of wliich has power to send tip a'shoot, consqqiitwtly wUle tho main- stock and Its Ijiuncdlato root con noQtlons aro killed It docs not follow Urn tlio numerous root points are likewise do Btrpyod. Iu fact, they HulOom are, urn herein llt'H the Hcurut of tho imint'u Irro )res.«blllty. tho best rtsnlts are gained when the thistles nre cut in their early blooW ftKd before the seeds have formed; it is also well to out during or just before n warm rain. , Ex- >etk-nce nppcnrs to have t>toVen ,hot the most 1 pifective mode of treatment for the extermination of :thifl troublesome pest Is to choke or smother, ; tli« ilauta with the i'ahkei* ftrowth of some pld crop that overtops thwii and depTlves 'i heir leaves of light and air,. Uyu sowh JH Infested.'fields reduces thistles by.Itji Hilcker nnd taller growth and prepares he ground for seeding down to clover nnd Imolliy, which in ft year or two so preoc- uples the ground as to drive out tho thls- les. 'Tho mowings they receive when tho grass iu cut also assist in enfeebling the rrowth ol, tlio thistles. Thistles will die jut In a few months if buried nil tho while uidorgronnd by plowing. Ohce turned under deeply, it tho soil bo heavy the (lowing need not be repeated, ,for at least me month. In light Hoilti It must bo done )ftener, extermination of the 'plants do- xmduig on tlio prevention at any growth ibove ground. Never allow the plan IB to 'orm seed. Instances nro on record where thistles invo been entirely eradicated without .osing tho use of the land, but growing a crop every season. One plan is to make :he land rich as possible, at least get it seeded to clover or similar crop mid by lertillzint! get an early growth so as to mow for hay just as the thistles begin, to show-bloom.- After mowing apply ft ittle stimulating fertilizer so ns to quickly start up the grass, and when about one foot high plow the laud with a plow that will turn all the soil; roll down and harrow BO as to cover the thistles root and jranch. A few thistles will show tliem- BoVveH after this, but by hoeing thoroughly with cultivator or hand hoe, so as to cut them-all down, the Held will soon be cleared and by another spring will be ready for almost any crop.^—Xew York World. _____ Destroying Conker Worm*. The female of the canker worm does not possess tho power of flying, and can only •each tlio extremities of the limbs on which she deposits her eggs by crawling up the trunk. They begin this with tho irst warui days o£ spring, weeks before rads nnd leaves are ready to put forth. It is quite common for them to do this while the nights nre cold enough to harden ;ar in vessels around the trees intended to jbstruct their progress. This old method las therefore given way to spraying the ;rees with water in which London purple >r Paris green has been dissolved, thus tilling tho worms after they begin to eat. [t requires'very-little poison to do this. Too., strong a solution might burn the apple leaves, which, when young, are very tender, ___ Enjoy Life. ; What a truly beautiful world we live .n ! Nature gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We can desire jo bettor when in perfect health; but low often do the majority of people feel ike giving ,it up disheartened, discouraged 'and wovn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this feel-: nc, as every sufferer can easily .obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower,, will make them free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and LAver Complaint are the direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Oostweness, Nervous Prostration, Dizziness of the Head, Palpitation of tha Heart, and other distressing symptoms. Three doses of August Flower will prove its .wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. . • '•-' ia8 dweow ly The Queen's Jubilee. The indications are numerous, says thei New.York Herald, that the jubilee year of Qooen Victoria's reign will take a memorable place in the history of the future, and will stand prominent, not only in the Queen's reign, but in the century. The celebrations have already commenced in India. Protestants and Komanists, Payees and Brahmins, Hin- doos and Mohammedans have vied with each other in their zealous devotion, and religious services have been held by them all and prayers offered for the Queen. Sings the high priest of Baidyrnath: "May- that august Empress, Victoria, live long! The luster of her reign, which illumines tho hollow vales of tho wilderness and the cop! cealed places, and which brightens the sight itself, has, like a second sun, made India blossom like the lotus by dispelling *,ho gloom of injustice originating from the eov0re tyranny of Mohammedanism; ' ' ' - A tiabd Fliiod Clcte. The Ohio farmer attests the, merits of he fiool represented. • The gate rom which the picture.waa taken was tho mly one In the neighborhood that wlth- tood a trying flood which swept all others «foro it. The Sprinjr, Months . Are undoubtedly the best in which to purify tho blood and strengthen the sys torn, becauee at this time the body is most susceptible to tbe beneficial effect: of a reliable medicine like Hood's Sar sapanlla. The feeling of debility languor and lassitude, caused by the changing season, is entirely overcome and scrofula and all humors arc expellee from the blood by the powerful reviving and purifying influence of Hood's Sarsaparilla. . Do not delay-r-'£$ko Hood's Sarsapa- rllla now: It is made by' C. T. Hood & Co., Apothecaries, Lowell, l^ass. Sold by all druggists. 100 doses one dollar ONE of the principal attorneys for tb defense'of Arensdorf in the Haddock 'murder trial is quoted as saying, alter the jury went out; that ho bad urgec :wben the ; case first camo up: that the ploa of BoU-dofBuac be made, .but aasopitttes overruled him. This .is signiiicant admission. ' Spinal Weakness and Lnng Troubles. 66 Prince street, Now -York; March J6,1884.—Having been troubled will pains In back and chest during the las I wns compelled to remain a homo unable to attend to business, unti 1 was advised ,by a, friend to* try one o Allcock's forbus Plasters, After, apply lug one to ray chest and one to''my buck, in throe hours I found relie which I had not got in over thre monthR. I ohoerfully recommend them to porspns havingspiual. weakness,,anc lung troubloa.—lloary J Gallager. The exhausted and drowsy feelings oommou to spring time. Indicate an impure and sluggish conditiop pf tho blood, which may bu remedied by the use of Ayer's Snrsapanila, It is tbi most powerful, and, u'. the same time eoonomioal blood punfier known dwlw A FLOOD OATK. Tho sketch explains itself: Get two mud Bills, oak, 8 or 10 feet long and 15 or. ^0 Inches in diameter. How one side and cnt a mortice iu center of each. Lay ,0110 on each dido of stream, hewn side up, with top about level with low water mark. S'ext set two posts in tho mortices. These, should be high enough to allow tho gate to 1)0 hoisted above high'water^ mark. Then framo a stiff pple on top of tbcso posts, first squaring two sides.: .Spiko iirnces on tho down stream side of the posts, to mud sill, niuT board «p tho spncb to post and sill tight, to keep hogs from creeping between gate nnd post. The gate in miido by nailing strips on u 2x4 [)iece of wantlt'ng, or using light iron rods braced by stilt wire, as shown in cut. Hang the gatt by chains with hook at one end. Hook on about two feet from c.ich end of gate; ntul one in-the middle. Horp lioles through the top log to pass chains through, ;«iid. put an iron bolt or pin through' a link. The giite must swing clear of posts and bunk. • Yoli can raise or lower this guto at will, to allow drift, ice, etc., to puss through. Suggestlona for the ?Ionth. Help horses and cattle to shed their eonts by frequent applications of the currycomb and brush. As the time approaches for c6ws to "come in" reduce their food, giving plenty of gond, sound hay. Tench calves to I'ced from tho pail from the first. Give ewes with' l;mil>« ,nn abundance of food. Give Bwfiip'n i-oain in the orchards. Provide poultry 'with dnst baths and a variety of food*. Wherever tent caterpillars arc seen cut nit the .twigs and burn them. ''Keniembev that few crops pay better than hay. Devote to timber an y space on the farm that.cannot be profitably cultivated in crops.' . Kvnporntocl Frulr. Much has been said against the practice of exposing fruit to tho fumes of sulphur during the process of drying. If .sul- phured fruit endangers the health of those .who use it, or is unpleasant to the taste or .--smell,- then , the practice ought .to be discouraged. But according to Professor Green, of the Ohio experiment station, there is no evidence that such is the. fact when sulphur is properly used. Excitement in Texas. Great excitement has been caused in the vicinity of Paris,. Tex. by markable recovery, of Mr. J. E. Corley. who was so belplesd he could not turn in bed, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's 'New .• JDisoovi. ery was sent him. Finding relief, he bought a large bottle and a box of Dr King's New Life Pills; by tbe -time he had taken two boxes of • Pills and two bottles qf the Discovery, he was wel and had gamed in flesh thirty-six pounds. TrialBottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's Large Bottles $1. Ap 1 d wlm The 'Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind.. testifies! "I can recommend Electric Bitters as tbe very, best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in even case. One man took six bottles, am was cured of Rheumatism -'of 10 years standing." Abraham Hare druggist Belleville';Ohio, affirms: "The. best selling medicine I have ever handled m my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have ad ded their testimony, so that the verdio is unanimous that Electric Bitters do pure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E..Marsh's, Drug Store. ' apldwlm BnoKien's Arnica salve. The Best Salve in the world for cute bruisfs, sores.ti.oers, salt rhouin, fovo sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains corns and air skin eruptions, arid pos'i lively cures piles, or no ' pay re'quired It is guaranteed to give perfect satis faction, or money refunded. Price 2 cents per box. F^r sale by, E. Marsh Alton. Ill ' ' moh7dwlin; JOHN BAUER, DEALEH IN AND MANOFAOTUKEBJ ', 0V :-• • : FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AI/TON, I All kinds of fine and, common farnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. < npWdwlw •With Blldinff Detachable Spring. ^-Better than Wlialebone or Moru,^3 and sruarautced never to break. Price, $-1.25. For ub by lewllng wlioleiala anil retail eitob. Ilibmoiiu. MAYER, 8TROUQE &QO. 418 Broadway, N. Y., Manufacturer*. MOSf PERFECT MADE ~Am»wl^OTAlume»Pta.g^D»**e. WHIPPLI & SMILEY, (HSU RANGE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, ;UEBRESEOTINQ THE First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ina. Co. oi North Amerioaj Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; Gorman American; North British and Mercantile, London; . Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.-, Continental; Girard; Qlenfi Falls, Amercan Central; •'• Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co, AND OTHERS: A OA8H OAP1TAJ IN THE AaQKBGATE OF $20,000,000. WE AJiSO aEPBEBENT THE Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark H. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor. Third and State sits. Jfor Sale. Flvo building lots on Alby and Mmrko streets, between Tenth nnd Twelfth streets.' WHIPrLK & SMILHV.' For Sale. I/lrao Win, In good running order, with quarry anil IS acres of land, more or less known tit the Shelly tract. WHIFFLE &SMILEY.: For Bent. A two story brick dwelling known aa tha Flntt homestead; lately put In good repair. WHIFFLE & SMILEY Fine KoBlrtonoc for Sale. Tho lato R. DeBow homestead, now:ownefl by SI. 11. Underwood, situated on lint) qf borae railway, In Upper Alton; U rooms bath room, furnace, and Rood out buildings two acres oC ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession ulvan on completion o' Bale. WHIFFLE & SMILEY. Fur Bout. Two-story House and Rood stable on Com mou street. Wood fruit. WHIFFLE * SMILEY. For Sale or none. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. ' ' WHIFFLE &SMILE7. For BRJ» , Tho late residences of J. 1. and W. H Mitchell, on Mill St., two oitiid best pieces o residence property In Alton. The property known as'true Faric, east oi above;at lot on Mill and Summit streets, ati a a number o ots In Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton Any or all of above at ajjreat bargain. , WTUFFLK & SMILEY. ' - ' For Sale. A 7-room brisk dwelling and out building oa Thlid street, between Cherry and Vine. WHIFFLE & 8M BY. for Kent. Good 8-room brick house with about* acre of ground,lncludlngoraaard, in Upper Alton. Former residence of Dr. Humbert. WHIFFLE A-SSULEY; for Kent. Lato residence ot M, J. Noonan on State atroot. known as the A. Flatt place. Good room brick housn. In first class repair.' WHIFFLE * SMILEY. i for , Tha Merrlman property on State stree In Miller A MiohelFsftdd..*) Alton, IK story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlngg; all In per fectorder. Can bo had at a bargain. WHIFFLE * BMILEY. Desirable Residences for Sole. , A two story brick dwelling on State stroo known as'A. Flatt homoatoad, lately nu In good repair. A two story trame dwelling onTdaln street, nearly now. A two etor, brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for Bill ut a saoritioo, owner having daoldod to g( vest' ' WHIFFLE & SMILBTT • For Bale. A convenient farm of 100 acres, most all I: cultivation; situated en the Bothalto road, mUeo.'rpm Alton, For Sale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pear and Fifth streets. • WHIFI'LE & SMILKV . For Sole or Bent. The 2-story frame dwolllug with 9 rooms including 7 lots: (food barn and flue fiulM known as the Klchola homestead, situated on 12th st,, In a doslraolo neighborhood. ' .' ' ' • • • ' WHIFFLE & 8MXLB Y. For sale. Seven iota with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, In gold repair, in Upper Alton KoaldeHoeof U. E. Oolllns, and known aa tho Merrill property. WHIPFLK & SMlLHYV Al ton, or O. W. Oollot, Uppar Alton. JTor Hale. The Woodroof property. A 4 story iranii houae of e[rooms, on tflfth and Alton strreeta a 4 room (tame house on Fifth sMfiot. wmwi/ . Will wattor Ilko Ui"' Buforo a draughfof Now wlion tbo Lud» bCKlii tonliuw, 'Tin tlino for young and oldtokmiw That Tbo Hit «t Inaigcillotu „ call, Wllli every trouble, aoko f night Facts. ' . lit. i" August 88, 1888. We feel WB must write something of tUo tfMi- Of Hop Bitten; °u9ftttsiTfate !• tbribble that of, any other Mtlcle^jnedl. clne. Hence we feel U but jusUc«lq;you and your Bitters to say Itoatlt Is'ft raedl- cine of real merit ana Virtue, ana doing JlAYKsviM-R, Om;o,'Fob. 11, ,1884. I am very glad to eay I havo tried Hop Bitters, linfl never tooft a«ytl>ln# that did me na much good, i only tooktwp bottles and I would not toko $100 for tho, good they did mo. I recommend them to my patients, mid get tho bcst;of,resulta from their use. ' ' ', r « m ««i. i «« NEW IlAVitN, CONN., Sept. IB, 1885. We toko pleasure In giving ydtfaiiotlco and u nice, strong one* us U (Hop Bitters) deserves it. Wo nso it, and wo know it deserves it.— The Jicgister. i, Feb. li, 1886. HopBiTTEiisCo.: •" .; '. '' • .':• Sirs— I -WHB given up by tho doctors to die of scrofula consumption. Two .bottles of your Bitters cured me. They aro Lav- nEENWicn, N Y., Feb. 12, 1888. Hop Bitters are the most valuable medicine I ever knew. I should not havo any mother now but f or th LONE JACK, Mo., Sept, 14* 1885. I have been using Hop Bitters, and havo received great benelit from them for liver complaint and malarial fever. They are superior to uU othennedldr KALAMAZOO, MICH., Feb. 3, 1880. HOP "BrrrERS MFO. Co. : I know Hop Bitters will boar "recommendation honestly. AlKwho;uso them, confer upon them the highest encomiums nnd give them credit for making cures— all the proprietors claim for them. ' I havo kept them since they were first offered to tho public. They took high rank from the first, and maintained it, and are moro called for than all others combined. So long as they keep up their high reputation for purity and usefulness I snail continue to recommend them — something ' I bavo never done before with any .patent medicine. J. J. BABCOCK. Physician, and Druggist. KAIIOKA, Mo., Feb. 9, i860. I purchased five bottles of your Hop Bitters of Bishop & Co. last fall,- for >my daughter, and am weir pleased, with tho Bitters. They did her more good than all the medicine she has taken 1 for sixyears. WM. T. McCLURE. The above is from a yeryjeliable farmer. whoso daughter was in poor health 'for seven or eight years, and could obtain no relief until she used Hop Bittera, She ia now in as good health as airy person In this country. -We have large sales, and KATLWAT! I1MK TABUK. -OHIOA6O AJ»D:ALTOH; ' On and after Sunday. Nov. Uth, 18S6, tralnt on the Ohlop^o ana Alton railroad, will leftw the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ai follows: .., . , For Chicago and the Kaatt ' OlilcagoMall*... .9:00a.m Uhlcago Acoommodattou* 6:00 p. in Lightning Express* ..9:10p.m , feorla and Book Island Past Lln«t,9:00 a. m For JaoksonvUIe, Keoknk, Qnlnoy, K«n< Ua» Olty.and all points west. : KansasOity Mail*.....-. .. ..".... 9:00 a.m. Kansas Olty Express*,.......-i .... 9:10 p, ra Denver Expressf.. .>.....7:06p. m. JacksouvlUe Acoommodat^ont... 7:05 p. m. For St. I,bnls i , : , LlghtnlngEipress*.................8:48 a. m Ohloago Aocommodatlon* 9:30 a. m Alton Speclalt. .,..,14:88 p. m Kansas Clt>-Uall».. .....8:40 p.« • OhlougoMuUt. ...0:80p. ra IEAIN8LEAVE ST. LOUIS UNION DBSF01 FOE ALTON. t7 60a.m. ' J6 00p.m. »4Mp.m. . ' *T56pjm. (8 46 a. m. Sundays only). t •Dally [Except Sunday. t Sup't. Sl.'LoulsDlvlfllo'n O. g. NOBKIg. Tlcknt Aeant. . : • OHIOAC10, BUBLUfGTOK Trains- leave .the .Union Depot, Alton follows: Going Nortai , , Exproaa (exeept Sunday)... . 8:25 a. m , NlghtExpress 7:05p.m W. W, ABNOLD, Ajjent. S C R O F U LA Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by the blood with I do not believe that' Ayer's SarsaparlUa hasftn equal M a euro for Boj-ofulouB Humors. It-Is pleasant to take, gives strength to the body, and pro duces a more .permanent result than any medicine I ever used. —B.; Hftines,' North Lindalo, Ohio. . •• •! have used Ayer'n SarsaparlUa, in my family, for Scrofula, and Know, If it Is taken faithfully it will thoroughly eradicate this , terrlblo disease. —W.F.PowleriM.D., QreeuvUle, fttym, Eor. forty , years I have suffered with Erysipelas. I have trlud various remedies. for my comjilainti but ] found no relief until > I i cbiunjeiicod using Ayor'a Sarsaparilla. After talcing ten botr ties qt this,medicine I am eornj>let61y cured. -r-Mj ,0.'• Aittosbury,' Ilockport, Mo., I havo suffered, for years, .from, Catarrh,, which i was so sovoro that it doHtroyod my apputlte and' weak- oueil lay system. Aftor trying '' other remedies, wittiout relief, I began to take Ayur'n 8(irna])arlllu, and, In a few ihonttm, wan cured. — Susan L- Coolf, IXXI'jftVanyDt., Boston, !Mja*i,- ;T , Ay or'«; QurHapari lift is oupoHdr l to any blood purifier that I qver;;;.t?l«d. -I havo takon it for Scrofula, Oanker, and Salt- Ithoiiui, and roeplved niuoh beuoflt from it. It is «opd, ,ftl»o, tor a wealc" atoraooli,— Millie Jimo 1'oiroo, S- Brodfprd, HODB. * Ayer's Sarsaparilla, I'repjjrpcl bypr.J, 0.,

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