Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 25, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1887
Page 1
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26. ILL., EVENING, APRIL 25, 1887. ILIKG )IFIO FOH Liver i s ea s e SYMPTOMS; < Bltt6 T °* bna taat ° in »"> .&t^ W ?Ai-V Mwa >»' !l *>iujne doatod . brown *; ,*aln in i?»5 es> Ov Jo'rttH-Ofton mlafoken lor KhounmtlBin i sour Btomaoli, lost of uppotlto j sometimes nauBGtt.wntorbrasli.or Indignation ; W ul ; n ,°y and •aald eructations) bowels ai- lax; headache; loss of 217:9* U'imEtY VEOBTABLB) generally used 1'n tlia South to arouse •pld Hvbr, M tt'henltliy action. It acts < truordilmvy effibfloy on tlm torpfdlivb extruordlli it Jots"with L KIDNEYS, and BOWELS. AN BFlPKOTtML SPECIFIC FOB 1 MnlnrU*. Dyspopsln, Constipation, BQlouBiiess, Hick Headfuihe, Jaundice, Nttunea, Collq, Mental JDapreiglan, ' Bowal Complaints, ' Bto., JBto., Jito. Endorsed by tho use of sovoii millions of uot- . ties, as ' ':TJheH$eBt^iuniiy; Medicine • fc>rphjM«m,l;or Adults, and for tlio Aged. •Safe W-tjiko li| uny dominion o£ (lie system I J. ' Co., Phila, Pa Solo proprietors. , . PJ>|QS ?1, * IIII ANNUAL -^AT- Of the male pupils in all the Rooms : giving monthly reports of the Alton Public Schools, one'from each room, that can show a record for the best Deportment, Scholarship, &c., certified to by the Teacher and endorsed by the Superintendent, from the first of the present month to the end of present term, shall receive from W. A. HILPEBRAND a $2 Hat or a $2 .pair of Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, 10 per cent off ($1.80), optional with the party. Onw prize to each of the following schools: The Brother's School, tho German Catholic and the Lutheran. The Teachers' certificate will suffice. And tho ono male pupil of the Public Schools of Alton that can show the best record, (certified to and endorsed -as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c., from September last to the end of tho present term in June next shall have as a grand prize a $10 Suit, or Its equivalent (10 percent, off ,$9) in cash. Bgt,Awards of prizes will be made on presentation of the proper certificate any time before July 2d next, after which date this promise stands void. [Signed,] W.A. IIILDEBRAND Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENEIUL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office ouTIitrd Bt.,ono door west of Plaea, tUlrd floor, Facia Fnrinoi'B Ought to Knot?. Y. .The value of. ittcvchtvntivblo coin is re- ;p6rWd, for tlio whole country, JJ.7 ccnta hilghtr ' tluiii' one your nno. : Tlio/favm prices average about 80 centa per busliol. ' The wclftht of the wheat crop of 1880 Mirjmsscs Very fiH&litly thilt 6M884,"bolng 58.4 pounds per liuslicl ngninst 08.8. The estimated weight of the crop of 1885 Was only J57 pounds. '.•'••.-. The print winter proved olio of Old coldest for inauy years in the northern states, and tho wannest in nearly nil the southern states, i ' ..•'.,. New York state does nb.t produce, probably, half the grain consumed 'within its borders. There arc now about 5,000,000 owners of farms in Oils country. . A factory has been built in Florida for tho production of wlno from oranges. Since Jan. 1 there liavo been exported from this country 20,084 barrels of apples, 0,700 barrels of beans,:l,248,!J«0 barrels of flour, 83,047 bushels of oats and 8,041^08 bushels of wheat. Tho trade In American apples in England Is growing steadily and will continue to do so if care is taken to pack none but first class fruit and brand it with a trade mark. The Beauty of Hebron potato has become ono of the leading varieties for g«n- 'ertil culture in.Great, Britain. It is Biild that not Jess than 2,000,000 pounds oC dried sage Liayes are used an- hnallyin the United States for various purposes. The indications point to Qon. Sitaon Bolivar Buckner as the next Democratic nominee for Governor of Kentucky. Bismarck's harsh I treatment of Alsace-Lorraine is eliciting sympathy for the people from all quarters of Europe. The Toronto .Globe severely criti- cises Lord Salisbury^ new attitude on tho 'fisheries question and the treaty of Washington. Tho ; Duffy-Trowbridgo Stove Manufacturing Co., of Quincy, 111., has decided to move its business to Hannibal, Mo., on account of freight rates being more favorable. Eji-Mayor Jas. M. Garland, a dry- goods dealer of Springfield, 111., assigned Friday, with assets of 65,650 and liabilities of $4,435. II. F. Lamp, a grocer at Rock Island, has turned over his stock to bis creditors. "Absolutely Pure. •;-^ l hlo:i>ow<ler nerer varies. A marvel ol P,UiSty.;4trength^lxoloaomeneBS. More economical . fyau tie ordinary kinds, and cannot be- sold In competition wltli the multitude ol low test; short welffbt. alnm pboaphate no JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC. A. Schlueter's Agency, For Snlo. cheap,eor. of 7th and Alton 6ts.; frame dwelling, i rooms and cellar, routs for $10 per month" For Sale or ffirohangoe—100 noros, 85 In ciif- tlvatlon, 2K miles northeast of Fostorbiirg, atabarpaln. "^ For sale—Five-room brlok house, story and a half, coruor Eighth and Mechanic street. Can bo had ac a bargain. • Good ^property to runti One 0-room now house, with cellar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by 110 on bth and Market st«. • For sale—one 8-room house andlone 3-room house, 9th and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good cittern and coal house, at a boigaln' For sale—16 acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. : For sale-600 acres Improved farm with good houso and stables In Woodson county, Kansab. U. K. runs aoi'oss from Fort Scott to WlohHn.SmUos from county seat, For sale—75 acres partly bottom land, improved farm, near Dorsoy, with'plenty of good buildings on same. For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In this city, For sale •• --— o*""* ».w : ««\'oi:iii vi.AO uAby. For sale or exchange—A afoa little cottaee alto, with plenty of ground, stable In Bethalto, ...... v ^^ } UL and good water on premises. Forsalo or oxohanaro—Two sections of K.U. timber land In 8e. Missouri, ISO mUes from St. Louis On tho Iron Mountain E. K., at a bargain. For sale or exchange, 8 acres dj ground' on Main «t., adjoining Mayor.Oopplnger'a on the oast* For sale or exchange—6 sections of nralrlo land In Crocket county, Texas Will 1 sell cheap. Suitable for auy farming purposes. Throe acres adjoining Dr.Roberts on north, Five lots on Dry St., adJotning.Thomas Biggins' residence on the oast. One and a half lots In Hawloy's addition, Ono and a half lots In Sholly's addition. Any of tho abovo property can bo bought at a bargain. ° I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y,, one of the'best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition- C. A, SCffLTTETEE, Office] in my New Building, on Second street. ' meliHdw A Popular Conductor's Funeral. ROODHOBSE, 111., April 23.—The funeral services of the late S. C. Moore, the pas.sengei; conductor who was killed by tho'carg here Wednesday night, were held this afternoon. Private services at v the family residence were conducted by Rev. J. A. Scarritt, of Jerseyville. At the Methodist Church the exercises were conducted by Rev. C. W. Jacobs, assisted by the other local pastors. Dr. W. P. Short, of Jacksonville, made' appropriate remarks. The rfernains were taken charge of by the JIasbnic*fraternity and conveyed to the Rdodhoiisc Cemetery, Deceased was a member of the Order of Railway Conductors, the Grand Army and Masonic order. All other orders participated in the exercises The eight pall-bearers were conductors. Masons and Grand Army veterans were present from Jacksonville, Manchester, White Hall, Carrollton, Jerseyville and Brighton. Conductors were here from Bloomington, St. Louis, Kansas City and other points. Several Chicago and Alton officials were also present. The floral tributes were elaborate. Friends at Bloomington sent a unique testimonial in the form of a floral lantern. A Narrow Escape. jEitsEYviLtE, 111., April 23.—Dr. Chas. W. Enos, of this city, had a narrow escape from drowning in Otter Creek yesterday. The creek was swollen by rain, and as the Doctor entered the'ford the current: carried the horses off their feet, dragging the top buggy with them till the top of the buggy was below the water. Dr Enos swam to the shore and caught the overhanging limb, of a tree, when he saw the horses ;fapidly going down stream. He'sawjboth horses sink and then saw one come to .the surface. This horse was. saved. The other was was found a quarter of a mile below, dead. It belonged to Mr. Robert Morehouse. of Fort Worth, Tex. The Presidency. NEW YOUK, April 28.—Several weeks ago Hon. Smith M. Weed, the Democratic sage of Plattsburg, Jtold a reporter that President Cleveland would not accept a renomiuation f or the Presidency. To-day Mr. AVeed reiterated his statement and indorsed fully the dispatch from Washington publishedsin tthe St. Louis Republican to-day, in which tho President says he will not again be a candidate for that high oflice. Mr. Weed has unusual sources of information. He is on intimate terras with the President. He has never sought office, and in tup .inner circles of politics it is known that Mr. Weed was offered but declined to accept the secretary- ship of the treasury. The body is more susceptible to benefit from Hood's Sarsapanlla now than at any other season. Therefore, take it uow. \\ A Mexican Boudoir. The room in thi« cnsa which la my especial sanctum is daintily orienta enough for any caliph or piwlm to oc ojiipy, writes Fannie Ward. Its tnas slvo door, elaborately carved by hautli that have boon dust these many yoars wus never spoiled by "paint or varnish It is' garnished with '(mormons ivoi hinges and staples, like the fastenings of a barn, and opens of course into tin udper corridor facing tho court, Thi one window looking.upon tho street ii indeed "a thing of beauty avid a jo; forever," the soft gray of its woodoi bars (in lieu of tho customary iron) enlivened by tho scarlet blossoms o tho vino clambering up outside, whili its deep ledge-serves me for a book case, writing desk and curiosity shol in general.- There are neither shade nor glnss in this window, and its dakoi shutters are seldom closed. Doubtless its tiny balcony has been used many times a la Juliel by generations of pro vious occupants,' who have been wooei and won by serenading liomeos, ac cording to the Mexican coslttmbrc. My room is floored with square tiles of I'ompeian red, with a rug ot braidec straw, and a goatskin before the bet —which my soul appreciates, I assure you—between my slippers and these pld bricks, which feel like tombstones in the early mornings. Hero are chairs enough to seat the whole Mexican army, almost, ranged in funeral rows straight around the four walls. The usual triangular tables are fitted into each corner, and there are severa qiiaint articles of 'furniture of solic mahogany, claw-footed and brass bound, brought from France or Spain by the grandparents of riiy hostess, every one of which would delight the eyes of an antiquarian. But the chief treasures that would shine in any col lection of ceramics in the land are the great water jar and bowl of native pottery—dark red, with strange figures painted upon them—which it would be no sin to worship, since they are not "in the likeness of anything in the heavens above, or the earth beneath, or the waters under the earth." My little brass bedstead, whose slender frame-work is kept so polished that it glitters like gold, is draped, curtained and berufiled like a French woman's, but has no manner of springs, and its adamantine mattress I frould gladly exchange for a good, soft board! Wo have no "quilts'. 1 and seldom any use for blankets in this portion of Mexico; and the single counterpane : of damask, gorgeously flowered in crim- ,aon and green, fringed all around and tassoled at the corners, is carefully disposed so as not to conceal the fine linen sheets which trail far below it. The latter are edged on all sides with lace and garnished with much "d.rawn work" of exceeding fineness and elaborate pattern. Mexican pillows are not fat and squava, like ours, but arc narrow, flat, and each exactly as long as the bed is wide, like our bolsters. Their pink or crimson "ticks" are stuffed with cotton or Spanish moss (never with'feathers) and their cases are tho special pride of the housewife. They are of finest liiien, with broad stripes of crocheted or lace insertion set in at the sides. ; Over the various species of animals which occupy that couch conjointly with myself, disputing its possession, and often gaining the day—or rather the night—it is well to discreetly draw the-veil, mei'cly remarking that in this tropical climate other creatures aliound than the wicked flea—especially when "no'man pursucth." Very sensibly, in this vermin-infested country, trunks are never set flat upon the floor and their contents left to the tender mercies of mice, cockroaches el al., but are elevated upon rocks made for the purpose. Closets and ' : wardrobes nro'uiikt'ioWn in Mexican houses, but chests, bureaus and wooden pegs answer all purposes.— N, Y. QrapMc Vtelvets,, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Twa and Three Pijrs, Stair Caipte aftd Oil C to Has arrived. Also a very 'CM Wail Paprs and .lirfifig, o I am prices to cash buyers, Allure .iHj to call and gee the beautiful new goods &learn the low prices; ' ' ' ' AGENTS FOR THE I Cote WARRANTED TOE FIVE YEAES- ... THE'OKLEBUATED ; Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and En- ' r gines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. I ^B—*,,^^*.—^— EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DBQPPERS AND/MOWERS?' 'Hea^qut tora for EUPION and (JARMME'OILS; EKfGINE, OYLlNDER'and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK,.WELL arid CISTERN' PUMPS; 'fine line of COOKING STOyES; the DANGLER arid PE&r?EC-' ' TION GASOLINE STOVESi 1 See our 810'BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST'GASOLINE and ; BURNING O.ILS on tap and delivered to aiiy part .of the city. '; Cor. 2fl } M State qts.* • THE BEST s ON EARTH! $50 ^arrantea From $16 to $30. JO8EFU LIVERY STlB FliONT STUEBT, BKTWKBN ALBYANDKA8TON, . . S . ILLIMOI DAVID Matthews, the engineer who ran the first passenger tram in America on the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad in 1831, is still living, in California. Ho says that m 1832 ho ran "Brother Jonathan" over that road H nnles in is minutes, and a part of that distance at tho rate of n mile in 45 seconds. 0, for a thousand tonguus to sing Tho praises of tli« Rice Coll Spring. Those praises I would lain rehearse In joyful and melodious verso. _ dwlw As a hair dressing and renovator, Ayor'8 Han- Vigor IB universally oom- mendccl. It eradicates dandruff, euros eruptions of tub scalp, Invigorates and bomitilie8 the hfttr, and pruvunta its fading or turning gray. dwlw tnont, Virginia. STDAUT'S CARBOLIC ACID TROCHES certain cure for sore throat, coughs, colds and hoarseness. . Wait one hour after eating before' taking one of the troches for dyspepsia. STUART'S ABNIOA SALVE, surest cure for cuts and burns. Blinks' LINIMENT cures all pains. Pearly tooth and a aweot breath can be had only by using Cre'ssler's Wild Rose Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Co., Ciulncy, 111. :— When in your store I was so hoarse I could hot epoak aloud. Tho first dose of your White Pine helped me, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely relieved. Twice since I have lost my voice, but taking tho Pino Balsam a few times has given relief. Nothing over bonoflttod mo like this has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. H.Williams, 444 N.6th., Ciuinoy, III. CURB FOR SICK HEADACHE. Of the many complaints promptly relieved by Lltlle Apricot Pil|s, none has yielded quicker than nervous and slok headache, Nino oases out of ovory ton of headache are caused by sluggish and inactive liver. Shot through tho throat by Burks' While Pine BulHiun ami killed a severe cold in three daya. If you don't believe it |ii«t try it. Price 60o at druggists. For sale m Alton by 15. Marsh. apl awlw ADVERTISERS 50 ndvOf filing vptco wh»n In lo 49 Randolph St. cr"lho»»,wio v/itli to thli l-opor, of obtain a will (r.r *f cp . f R ROOT W THE LEADING J. n. EHJUl tt, JEWjELER, mylMwlV SUBSCKIBE FOB THE MEGBAPH, 10c By mail or delivered. Only Republican Daily in _• Madikon county J, SUTTER & SON, DEADCRS m FINE AND COBIBION A Fair and Complete stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUH PUUNITUUU UOOMS ABB ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILju. •pSdwlv UKMXUTHSi DR. O. a. KOHLAND, Dentist, 18 THIRD 8TBKET, ALTON, ILL. OffloeIlonn—8a. m. to 12 m.: 1 to < p. m •' fabdwly O. A. McMELLEN, Dentist, OVKH DUUBGGKMANK'8 OIQAB BTOKH 8KOOND ST. 1(H3 dtt PUVHIOIANB AND UVttQKOK* Dlt. E. GUKL1UH, Physician and Burgeon, OJWOB ^N^KBI^NOB^OOB.FOUB ' l«S-dwly W. A. HAMHJ2JLL, M.D., Pliysiolau and' Sur geon, Offlce h ours-» u. m, i n to i,«ud«p.m :.,,-(. "i.

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