Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1887
Page 4
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AUOH DAttl TMJS0BAFH. SATURDAY BVK.» APKIL 28. SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PDEE COD Lim OIL "' " "'•' ' * * * ' * ** * Almost as Palatable as Milk. Th» only prtwnUlon of COD LITER Oft U"l on be Ui«TrtilU*nd tolerated for a long U»u> or follntc rioiMfha. .-'< . ATO 18 A KEMPT TOR- AmiCTiOSS, ASiEJIU scfeortiotS m'KCTtoas. AJUEMU. <;Ejt. EiuL bEBiurr. coraits '/XD THROATJLF. FR-Hasg. aid a» frAfrrlMi iiisoHDEbs W ritif jnVnni tt to miralViK in It* rrolti. rr*U<«t in Frocribcd »nd enrtotwrf! by Uia beM mjricl»ni In ti>« countriei of tho world. FORRair RV at-t ORI>GG!STS. REAI. ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, i —BY—-:, , - | Ruders&ausen & Sonntag. tar Sale. A convenient anil pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-glory frame noura on Eighth »tr«et,ne«r Henry., • ' • For gale. A choice farm ot SS> acres, with ftrst class nrprovementa, titoated 2M miles east of ISnuuwtek. Ohartton co.. Mo. Tor :8al». A ooa-Storv frame dwelling hcrase m good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. Tor Sal* Cheap The residence oj C»pt. W. I?- oble: two stories and mansard rood 13 room t balls, closets, bdlars, etc.: 8 acrea o! groun Moat Uestrablepropcrtv In tbe cttyv r.r Kale. IGu&ereao! land near city limits, 3u».o ., two story brick and iramo dwe! n*. oouse, botnattnatedontheeas- " o -Siate street between eth and 7th racew so the brick btack el rtorfea on Becon street, between Hemv-mdBidgastreet •• aovra aa Banter's row. ror Sale. A imall frame'' .iliurJionBe wltoin n ne olocksottbcd -itforfSTS. 160 acres [ good tamung land, and another tract of 300 acrea, both :uiamproved. Bltnate in Mem co,, Kansa«;at«0 and $16 per acre • -one-third caak,balanoe on time. For Sal*. .'. ,• Aiarmoi 1« acres on Bottom land, all In cuiarattgn, near Madison, In this county. A gwort two-storj-traxoo dwelling houw on it. •' •-• "RKTRIjnJTION. BY "THE DUCHESS." ____^ CHAVTEH VII. It Is mkhilght. Twelve hours have been chimed by some great clock B m * le nw»y, 'he strokes falling solemnly on the still'air of the summer night. Traffic has ceased, and only the sound of an occasional tarriasrc may be heard, the r«l lights from its lamps (laming upward and sometimes casting a lurid shadow upon the bed where Jlillicent lies sleop- B The girl had appeared a little tired, a little cnnuyee for the last day or two, and Mrs. Brand had decided npon her refusing any invitation -for thia one night at least. She should po to bod early, so would Mri Brand—the whole household, indeed, should retire at an abnormally early hour, nnd Granit, who was acquainted with all these circumstances , W noi nnd arrangements, was forbidden to call j fusti after six o'clock. I Boom —boom —boom —goes the bSg clock somewhere. Millicent, as though disturbed by it, turns uneasily in her bed, and, ns growing consciousness gains on her, sighs deeply. Alas! there are many reasons why she, the petted debutante of the year, should sigh profoundly. Her body, indeed, is well (this seems rather a grieVanca than otherwise 1 ), bnt her heart is sick and sore within her. Oh! the horror of baring to marry Granit while her affection Is all concentrated oh another! And yet, to lose her inheritance! To ft girl trained as she has been —as hundreds of others are trained— such R consideration is paramount. To be cast from her throne, to be discarded by her world, to sink from a comparative supremacy to a sure mediocrity!—In that lies the sting. If only the matter conld be altered, and arranged for her on lines according to her own liking! She had thought of appealing to her aunt—had even hinted to her that Boyle was not altogether BO dear to her as he should be. But Mrs. Brand had pooh-poohed all such hints as being mere girlish folly, and had told her that in time she would find her cousin was far above the average of the yonng men: she met, and that they had good reason to believe a defunct title, that had oiice belon'ged to a branch of their family, would be revived in his favor. How quiet the night has grown! Even in the heart of this surging London, it seems as though a time of rest can reign; the stir, the roll of the odd carriage or two only «ahances the, extreme deadness of the calm. Millicent turns wearily npon her pillow, and tries with passionate anxiety to forget her woes in sleep. In vain ahe courts the wished for slumber; in vain she seeks to kill her cruel thoughts. Still they remain -with her, growing ever more persistent as wakefulness grows upon her. Impatient, and angry with herself, and finding the night insufferably warm, she half pushes the bedclothes from her, with the intention of rising and flinging wide her window, when a slight noise in the adjoining room arrests her attention. Is it a footstep? or one of those strange sounds that break the stillness of the night*—ghostly sounds that we all know, coming from nowhere apparently, yet loud enough to make the pulses beat and 'suggest a covering of the head with the friendly bedclothes. Milliceut, wide awake now, but uncertain, listens intently. She has iudeed drawn back her foot Into the shelter, of le bed, but otherwise has shown no ear. Is it a step! It has stopped now. Alter all, it might have been ouiUe iomingfor fcer cologne water, or one" of within her, her connig* grow^»P««. «* lilting her ryes—thongh »UU In a very nccmv of Ooubt and horror—she stares at I the Intruder with some small semblance i of defiance. . ! The Intruder. hnwevor, being no Uoubt i n mnn of Kw mind, to whom lofty sentl- ; mont.x nre nnknown. returns her wonM-be ! hntt?lity glance through his mass with ; an nir calm as » summer ore. "O*t up: 1 ' he says—neither moro nor ! les." but Jnst thW concisely. ! it Is » demand that Miss Grer In her ! ncwlwrn fit of courage sees fit to scorn. ! "Ishnllnot!" she SSVR from her strong- i hold behind the bedclothes. I However ignominiously she nenaves ! nftenvard, it mnst now be sni<l of her that she is filled with a high coiirnge. "Won't you?" soys the man In fust- Ian. His tone Is remarkably high and squeaky; not—ns Miss Grey remarks, even at this awful moment—like the voice ol any human thing she hns ever heard. "I'glve yon just thrco minutes to got into your clothes: no more. Look sharp, and 'ncv*r mind your hair. That is a woman's ftrst thought, Isn't Itt But it mnst go for once." lie Innphs in so suppressed n fashion that she hardly knows what the Inughtcr la like; but that it is wild and reckless, anil decidedly mirthful, is apparent to her. Hdid not declare itself to her then, but afterward it occurred to her that his whole air was hardly In accord with the certainly does not belong to him, and thrnrts "into her m:\vilHng handa a small but exkjulsHe -locket; hsart shaped, gllt- tcrinst with snppnlrw and diamonds. "Think it is n gift from the man you will marry," he says lightly, in that disagreeable voice of his. "And now, follow me—or rather, go before me—to the It'is the door lending to the corridor without to which he • points. MUllcent, still as one in a dream, obeys him and goes toward it. He opens it carefully, and backing outward on to thn corridor, always with his-eyes on her, comes there to a standstill. " I bid good night, madame," he gays mockingly. And then (she can remember little about it afterward, so swift it was) something was tlungover,her face, and presesd there; there was a moment's struggle—a moment that to her was sn eternity—and then a strange dullness; tho sound of n door hastily closed; tho echoing of departing footsteps; a senso ot suffocation. nt»». afterward a ceasing from all knowledge, and a deadly blank. Jtfo»r« . We feel we iuu«t write something o{ the BUCCCM Of UOP ;flWW«. . »M|,\» thrlbblo U,at df nnv ot '" artlcld of in|fl. clue. ' He-ncc "we feel ItBut Jiisflce id^ti nnd vour UlttcM to say tiiM tt tt.a.nvcm* cine of real merit and virtue, and doing much-good m,d *«*** Ypnra, UAVBSVJI,LK, Onto, Feb. 11. 18&L I nm very sliul to eav I Imve tried- Hop imiers, nnd never took: anything that did mo as much good.- 1 °» I y,i?^ t1 K] lo "SS nud I would uol luko 9100 foV tuo good they did mo. I recommend them to my patients, uud get tho best of results from thclrusc ' . .. For Bale! .; : • ' ' 'A.: eboloe fann ol !»' acres, sitnate r mile sonth of Hhlpman, Uacoapln county, 111., at alow^gure.' A taim, conUstinK ol 140 acre! ot good land situtte within 3 relies of Opper Alton, suita • Lie lor dairy purpotos. Cheap. WM.L KLUNK UNDERTAKEU, AMP D«JUJr« Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Gases, Gaskets And Burial Robes .- , ItoclAdle>f GenUomen a ')* .!•-• ,•-'.•• , Of&ce and Shop on State street = OrarHart i LlTery Stuble. Will attend to Jot Work an rt Kenaltlnir Pninltwra. [aft FURNITDRE! g A Full and Complete ; Stock it?i.n.>.i< "I shall not stir," she says vsloronsly. "Then I regret to say that I mnst assist you," returns ne, advancing toward net slowly. This settles it, of course. Her high born courage fades, evaporates. Her spirit dies within her. With both hands she clings to the bedclothei ••Xo, no!" she gasps. "I will get up- only—only" "Go? That, of course," says the man as nrgeeable as he can in his squeaky tones. "1 shall go to the next room, for precisely five minutes by my—no, by the way—your watch. Don't, let mo advise you, let it be longer." He strides toward the door by which he has entered, and then suddenly stops short. So does her heart. Once again she had dwelled upon the hope of what a ringing of the bell might bring forth; bnt, BS If the mysterious being had read her inmost soul, he now turns to her. "By the bye," he says, "to ring .your bell may suggest itself to youi You might ring a thousand bells In this house, I verily believe, without result; but still I decline to take the chance. After all, I think I shall stay nere, In this remote corner, while yon put on yonr dressing gown." "Oh, no!" The words break from Millicent desperately. "No? You would prefer not? Bnt" "I swear to yon I will not ring the bell," declares she wildly. "I don't know why you wish me to rise; bnt yet I give you my word I will not touch the bell if yon will only go into that next room and give me the five minutes yon have promised." "A woman's oath is not worth a halfpenny, to say nothing of her word," says the stranger pleasantly. "Bnt still, I wUl grant yonr request Avith just this last word. If yon play me false, If you seek to summon aid in any way, I shall"— drawing a revolver from his pocket nnd handling it tenderly—"blow yonr brains out!" Tho words fall from him in a whisper —delicately—so mildly, indeed, that no suspicion of violence should rest with them. Yet Millicent, as the door closes behind him, shudders vehemently, and her teeth chatter as though she has been stricken with n sudden chill. VTith trembling haste she springs from ler bed, hurries on her clothes, and having covered herself finally with a soft warm dressing gown, stands shivering with, expectation upon the carpet. She mnst through her task with far greater speed than Eho had imagined—in three minutes, instead of tho allotted five, as a good while elapses from the time she had finished her hurried dress- Excitement In Texas. Great excitement has been caused m the vicinity of Pans, Tex. by tho remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E. Oorley. who was so helpless ho could not turn in bed, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial buttle of Dr. King's New Discov. ery was sent him. Finding relief, he bought a largo bottle and a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Large Bottles 81. Ap 1 d wlm The Verdict Unanimous. kV. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies: "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottler, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years : standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville 1 Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have ever bandied in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bittfcrs." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BncKien'8 Anues Saire. The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores,i..c*rs, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. Ff>r sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mchTdwlm MOST PERFECT MADE no An)tn8nl«,IJmo.Alam or P h * KxtiscU, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, f m REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, HERBE8KNMNG THB TOLLOW1HB First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, °* PWl German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London} ^Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.: Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. KF.W HAVEN. CONN., Sept. 15, 186b ; Wo tnko pleasure in giviug you a notice and H nice, hlrong one, nail (Hop Balers) dlwrvc's it. We «SO it, nhil We know it deserves it. —2V"! Itegdter. Feb. 11,1888. Hor HITTERS Co.: . .. Sirs— I was given up by tho doctors to diu of SL-roruln c-onstimption. Two bottles of your Hitters inii-eil me. They nvo hnv- «, B a large sale RBEN, N Y.. Feb. 19, 1886. ' Hop Bitters are the roost valuable medicine I ever knew. 1 should uot have any mother now but for them ^ LOSE JACK, Mo., Sept. 14, 1885. I have been using Hop Bitters, ana have received great benefit from them for liver complaint and malarial fever. They are superior to all °*er medlcinea. r. Jil. $20,000,000. WE THB Professor Baird says fishes can live to be 150 years old. We don't douot this in the least. They" are always the largest fishes, too. That is the kind tnat always breaks away from the hooks at the very last moment.- -Ex. Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, S. J., and Traveler's iaie and Accident Ins. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat. Cor. Third and State ste. KALAMAZOO. Mien., Feb. 2,1880, HOP BITTERS Mm Co.: ; I know Hop Bitters will bear recommendation honestly. Al) who use them confer upon them the highest encomiums and give them credit formakingcures—all tlio proprietors claim for them. I have kept them since they were first offered to the public. They took high rank from the nrst, and maintained it, and are moro called for than all others combined. So long as they keep up their high reputation for purity and usefulness I shall continue to recommend thorn—something I have never done before with any patent medl- c iuc. J. J. BABCOCK, Physiclau and Druggist. KAIIOKA, Mo., Feb. 9,1888. I purchased five bottles of your Hop Bitters of Bishop & Co. last fall, for my daughter, and am well pleased with the Bitters. They did her mora good than all the medicine she has taken for six years. WM. T. McCLURE. The above is from a very reliable farmer, whose daughter was in poor health'for seven or eight years, and could obtain no relief until she used Hop Bitters; She ia now in as good health aa any person In this country. We hove large sales, ana they are making remarkable cures. * "W. H. BISHOP & CO. Kor Sale. Five building lots on Alby and Market street., between *enthandTwelft h Btree.,. CONSTANTLY ON HAND. FOB ALL OHDEV UPHOJ.STERING i. ' !'''.;'''. ,' Xoatly and prompUy executed. Belle at,, bet. Third ami Fourth. —A1SO- ITATK * SBVKKTH srs he maids for the neuralgia euro that lies in'the mantelpiece In her boudoir. In spite ot these consolatory reflections, lowever, she cannot conceal from herself that sho Is growing frightened, and is regretting wita ever increasing earnestness the fact- that she is sleeping alone, In a corridor cut off from the rest of the house. Pshaw! after all, It was nothing—a silly scare. Silence once more reigns supreme. Kot even the indomitable mouse is to be heard. No scratchings, no squeaks anywhere. Not. even a Good heavens! what was that? That horrible stealing sound in the room, beyond. It is coming nearer and nearer! Ol that some horrible inner sense assures her, though now she can hear nothing. Oh, how the minutes drag! Tho knowledge that even if she screamed ontillife left her she could not be heard by any one member of tho household adds ten thousand terrors to her already miserable situation. Ah, there! There it is again—that stealthy footstep; more distinct now— more real. All in one moment every shuddering recollection of people mur- tdered, every ghastly detail that she has over read or heard, recurs to her, and makes the blood freeze within her veins. Soon, perhaps, that blood will be frozen eternally. And now a maddening regret occurs to her. The bell! why hat! she not thought of that sooner? To cross the room, to pull violently at it—even if her effort failed to bring one of tho servants (» most likely thing, as all .the servants sleep at the very top of tne house)—nt least she might have < alarmed this midnight assassin, and sent him flying from the scene of his unlawful labors. But now! Is It too late yet? Almost paralyzed by fear as she is, she rises cautiously upon her elbow, and is just about to make a rush for the bell, j when CHAPTER VIII. The door beyond .opens slowly, and ft figure thst looms large and terrible in the light of the dim lamp it carries appears upon the threshold. Millicent, benumbed, fascinated, staring with wide even, &eos a man dressed in the common coarse fnsttau suit of an artisan. The face is hidden; over it a mask of black satin is drawn carefully. This gives a hut touch of terror to a presence already big with fearful mystery In the eyes of tlio poor girl gazing at it, in a spellbound anguish, from over th* frilled uud dainty linen sheeting. ' It is fin Impoiuitile thing, In sptto ot all wise writers to the contrary, to account for human feoliug—to arrange for what It will cause the owner of it to do or soy on certain occasions and under certain 'circunutancM. MlUlrcnt, a moment ago mow dead than alive, when her fc-nr was hidden from her, now that it appears before her in flesh aod blood and an abominably biul suit of clothes, feels her soul {ise Everything which belongs to pure, healthy blood is imparted by Hood's Sarsaparilla. A trial will convince you of its merit. 10 First saleswoman—"Of all the arrogant, disagreeable people I ever waited on that woman is the worst. I wonder who she is.' 1 Second saleswoman— "NYhy, that's Mrs. Chipp. She used to tend at the same counter with me before she was married."— Ex. Ing to the dreaded moment when again her foe appears before her. "You are a paragon," he says. "Permit mo to congratulate yon. I said five minutes—I gave yon seven; it appears three wonld have been sufficient. But now to business. Where are those sapphire and diamond ornaments that have made you the envy of all beholders this season, and added a faint luster to the brilliancy o£ your charms?", Yes—certainly his manners are not in keeping with his clothes! "My sapphires!" gasps she feebly. "And diamonds'. Do not detract from their value. Come!"—sharply—"let us have no nonsense. I keep them in this room or the one beyond; but where? I assure yon—I beg you to believe that I would not for worlds have roused yon from yonr happy dreams had not my failure to discover the jewels compelled mo to apply to you for assistance." "My uncle always keeps them,"begins tho girl, telling her lie without a regret In the fond but vain hope that it may save her sapphires. All at once the suave manner of the man disappears, and an angry oath escapes him. "Look here, girl," he says roughly, though his voice is fino and squeaky as ever, "no trifling! I know these stones to be in your keeping, and I shall have them to-night or" He pauses, draws the revolver again from his pocket, and .significantly clicks it "Where are the sapphires!" "Overhere,'' says Millicent, now fairly cowed. She moves mechanically toward the wall opposite, and raising her hand, touches a spring that is evidently connected with some secret press in the wall—a press concealed by the papering. A small door llles open, and not having the courage to actually give him her treasures (jewels are always dear to a woman, bo she good or bad), sho points faintly to the disclosed cupboard. The man in fustian lifts his lantern, peers curiously into the recess, and with a low cry of triumph seizes upon the different cases that lie side by side upon the wooden shelf. Cool, even in the moment of victory, ho opens tho cases deliberately one by one, to make sure of the contents. Yes, they all lie there—the beautiful glittering things, for which a girl U crying, and for which a man is bartering his soul! Ufting hU head, after a sharp but hurried examination of the stones that apparently iwUfilk's him, he sees that Milli- ccat too, Is gazing earnestly at the pretty baubles oncu hers, so soon to be hers no longer; and that as sho gazes, her soft ays aro full of tours. "Sceins cruel, eh?" ho says. "Well, that you may &iy In tho future I was not ungenerous, 1 will leave you this out of your treasures for which you are so ready to shed your (cars. I wonder if thoy are dearer to you than" He pauses abruptly, as ouo might who has been about to say Borne-thing better left unsaid. "Than your lover,-*' He winds up with that low, Buppresesd laugh again, that Por Sale. Lime kiln, in good running order, with quarry and 12 acres of land, more or less known ni the shelly tract. W IlITPLE Jt SM1LE1. For Rene. A two storv brick dwelling known as the Platt homestead; lately put iu irood repair. WilLPPLE i SMlfJSY Chronic Looseness of the Bowels. Results from imperfect digestion. The cause lies m the torpidity of the liver. A regular habit of body can be secured by taking Simmons Liver Regulator to aid digsuon, to stimulate the dull nnd sluggish liver, and rid the system of excessive and poisonous bile. The Regulator corrects acidity of the stomach, cures dyspepsia and insures regularity of the bowels alike free from laxity or costiveness, tu th s wk How near akin laughter ia to tears was shown when Bubena, with a single stroke of bis brush, turned a laughing child in a painting to one crying; and mothers, without being great painters, have often brought us in like man* ner, from joy to grief by a single stroke. — Ex. • . . Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every person who has used Boschee's German Syrup to let Us wonderful qualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all throat and lung diseases. No person can use it without immediate relief. Three doses will relieve any case, and we consider it the duty of all druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumptive; at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 dozen bottles were sold last year, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a medicine as tho German Syrup cannot be too widely known. Ask your druggist about it. Sample bottles lo try, sold at 10 cents. Regular size, 76 cents. Sold by all druggists ana dealers, in the United States and Canada. ja3 dw eow ly The exhausted and drowsy feelings, common to spring time, indicate an impure and sluggish condition of the blood, which may be remedied by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It is the moat powerful, and, a', the same time, economical blood purifier known. dwlw Fine Residence for Sale. The late R. DeBow homestead, now owned by M. B. Underwood, situated on line ol horse railway, In Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and (rood out buildings, two acres of around.- will be sold at a bargain. Possession Klyen_ on r completion of "*""""* " B! sale. WIllPI'LE & BMlLEt. For Bent. Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good fruit. WHIFFLE * SMILEY. For dale or i&enc* A desirable tenement on Biufl street, owned by Mrs S. J.Ducro. WHU-PLK ASMILET. For baJ». The late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill et., two or tin best pieces ol residence property in Alton. The property known as •'The Par*, east of above; If low ouMill and Summit street*, an 3 a number of ota In Miller A. Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above "^Hg For Sale. A T-room brlskdwelllng and out buildings OB Thtid strtct, between Cherry and Vine, WH1PPLK4SM EV. irorKent. Good«• room brick house with about < acres ol t?rocnd,including orcnard, In Upper Alton. Former resldencalof Dr. Humbert. WHll-FLK * S4I1LET. For Beat. Late residence ot M. J. Xoonan on State Jtreet, knorn aa the A. Platt place. Goods room brick house, in first clasa repair. A 854ILKV. ror BOIB. The Marriman propertr on State stree in Miller A HJchelf'a add., to Alton, IK story house, S rooms and out-buUdioaa; all In perfect ord or. Can be had at a bargain. WinPPLH * PEKSSVLYANIA has employed the firs', woman as a railroad official, and in the important capacity of Treasurer. Women are "getting there." O, for a tbouaau 1 tongues to sing The praises of the Klco Coil Spring. Those praises I would tain rehearse In joyful and uulodious verse. dwlw Desirable Residences far Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State street known as A. PUut humestead, lately pat In good repair. A two story trame dwelling on Main struct, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Seventh Btreet, all (or sale at a aacrince. owner having doclded to gr vp«t WUII'J'LB * SiULETT KAIL WAI TOIK TAB1.K. CHICAGO AND ALTON. On and after Sunday, Nov. 14th, 1EM. oraUu on the Chlcpffo nad Alton railroad, will Ieav» the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, a* follows: »or Chicago and the £ut: ChicaKoMail*... 9:00 a.m Chlcalo Accommodation* UKhtningKxpress' .9:10 p.m Peoria and Bock Island Fast Llnet,9:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Keokuk, Qniooy, KBn< tens Citi.and nil point* we«t. Kansas City Mofl* .. :,- 9:00a.m. Kansas City Bxpresa*. -. 9:10 p..IB Denver ESuesst •J, : £ s ' m " Jacksouville Siocommodation;... (:06 p. m. For St. Loul» 3 ' ' lightning Express* 6:« a,m ofiiuagoAccommodation* 9:30 a. m Alton Special) lS:»p. m KangasOltj'Mail*.... 6;40p.m ChlcaitoMalll ..;.. .. B:30p,"m RAtSS LEAVE ST. ijODIS DMION DEPOT FOKAI/TON. nWa-m. 16 00p.m. •4'Mp.m. *, (8 « a. m. Sundaysonly). •Dally rKxcept Sunday j ; > ,. Supt. St. Louis Division O. Q. NOBBU, Ticket Airant. ' CHICAGO, BURliSTGTOl* AJTD Q0INOY. Trains 'leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: ..... ' "' ' "' '' ' Going Northi (except Sunday) . . 8.-S5 a. m SCROFULA For Bale. A croavunltnt iarm ot 120 acres, most all in eulUTattou; alt.iated en the Bethalto road, mllei 'rom Alton, For Sale. A IK story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and FUth streets. WH1PPLK & SMUJiV ror Sale or Rent. The 2-etory (tame dwelling with 9 rooms, Including ; loU; good barn and flue tiuita known as the Nichols homestead, situated on 12th St., in a deslraole neUjhliorhood. Kor Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuilding!), In go-xl repair, in Upper Atton. Residence of C. E. Collins, and known as the Merrill property. W1HPPLE t SMILE)', Alton, or I), w. Collet, Uppar Alton. TAKE ADVANTAGE OP THE BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Real Estate Iu tlio city ot Alton or vicinity will dud it to their Interest to cull at theoOlceoi Rudershauaim ft Sonut%g end examine iuelr list ot properties (or tale u only a part thereof Is adver- tiwd. apgdwlf Jfor bale. The Woodroof property. A 9 story frame house ol 8 rooms, onTiltn and Alton streets , a t room frame house on Fifth struct, WHJPf'LBAWHIliKY. Humors, Erysipelas, Canker, and Catarrh, Can be cured by purifying the blood with 'Tls when tbo budji l>*%ln lit khuw, iliac for roung and M lo know : Tbftt /Vtv/v, Tho 1IU at Jndiftttlont call. \Vltli «r«nr trouble, acb« or Tiatn, ' ' That followi latbtVUkna • * . Will Kilter llkBlhftthlertsot nlibt Ik'furo « draugbt ot Soltw Vrtfla. I do not believe that Ayer'B BarsapartUa ias an equal as a 'cure lor Sciolulous Humors. It Is pleasant to take, gives strength o the body, arid produces a more permanent result than any medicine I ever used. —E. Haines. SorOi Lindale, Ohio. I have used Ayer's Sarsaparilla, In my lamilj-, lor Scrofula, and know, U It Is taken faithfully it will thoroughly eradicate this terrible disease. —W.F. Fowler, M.D., Greenville, Tenn. For • forty years I have suffered with Erysipelas." I have tried various remedies for my complaint, but found no relief until coiumuuced using Avert Sarsaparilla. After taking ten bottles of tlii.1 medicine I fun completely cured. — M. 0. Amejsbury, llockport, "Me. I have suffered, for years, from Catarrh, which was so severe that it-destroyed my appetite and weakened ray system. After trying other remedies, without relief, I bo'-Bii to tako Ayer'H Sarsaparilla, and, in a few months, was cured. — Susau It- Cook, iiOi') Albany »L, Ilostou, Jias)i. ' Ayer's Sarnnparilla is sHiwrlur 'to any blood purlner that I ever tried. I have taken'It for Scrofula, Oanker, and BnU- Kbeum, and reeeiTW miutli bepeut frorn It- It \A Rood, BlK), (01 a weak Btamicn.— Millie Jaua I'eirce, 8. Bradford, Mass. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, i'rvi>»ml by Dr- J-C. Ayer k Co., LpweU, MM*. ' "

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