The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1938
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 30G, BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI3SOURI Blythevllle Courier Mississippi VnDey _Blytheviile Herald Blythevllle Dally News BLYT11UV1LLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH M, J<)38 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' VIENNA ROARS WELCOME TO HITLER Whitney In _ Guilty Plea TUJ,At New York Call for Probe Would Forestall Anti-TVA Control Of Inquiry NEW YORK, Mar. 14. (UP) - nichnrd WliUiicv. former) president of the New York stock exchange, pleaded guilty today to an indictment charging him with larceny of a, $105,000 family trust fund. The specific charge—first degree larceny—carries a possible • maximum sentence of 5 to 10 years In prkou. WASHINGTON, Mar. 14. (UP)Senator Gaorge w. Morris dud.. Neb.) announced! today he was Introducing a resolution tor a five- man senate Investigation of the Tennessee valley Authority controversy. The Nebraska senator, author of Iho TVA act. agreed at the same tlm e to <|rop his earlier senate resolution calling for un inquiry by the federal trade commission. His action appeared to make certain u congressional inquiry into the vast New Deal power experiment but was intended to put such an investigation into the hands of a group possibly more friendly to lhe TVA. Blytheville Is experiencing Its Asks Consolidation worst epidemic of measles in 20 Norris proposed to Senator H. years, local physicians agreed to- Styles Bridges (Rep,, N. H.) that day. Although no nccur.ile mun- Brklges and Senator William H. tor or cast's has been turned in King (Dem., Utah) agree to con-! 5'°' to 'he Mississippi mimr.v solidation of pielr resolution for a | health unit office, H Is Afterjlooda Come Breadlines T ".) ~T " J77L_,«S»R»H ' Epidemic Here Worst In 20 Years Local Physicians Believe county than 100 -that there are more cases in this city. Both the "German" and "Red" types are among the boys nnd senatorial inquiry with the new Norris proposal. The proposed investigating committee would be named br Vice '""" ""-" ""«J"B me oo President John N. Garner but itl g , m from the disease, was expected that Norris or some', " e e PJ demtc ° r measles, which other friend ot the TVA would be - .sweeping the entire United the chairman whereas adoption of Ihe Bridjes-King proposal probably would have resulted in appointment of one of the authors as chairman. Norris 1 announcement followed disclosure that Senator George L. Berry (Dem., Tenn.) had made a demand for an investigation of TVA In^a lelter to Norris two months" ago,. in which he accused Jhe' TVA\dlrec(OEs,9l...ffro.Jty. "bust- TTESS 'ethics" In.connection with'-riis marble claims. Draws $35 Fine For Possessing jWild Ducks Dewey Hice, of Big Lake, was fined $35 in municipal court today after Jie pleaded guilty to a charge ot possessing. Wild ducta . out of season. ' , —. -,.. *~,*... o nts.- tufcllc vsllll<:u States, is quite serious, according to physicians, who say that the after effects of the disease are often very harmful am) that parents do not realize the serlous- ijess of the illness. Vote Here and Generally Overwhelming In Favor Of Restrictions Mississippi county farmers cast un overwlielmlgn vole In favor of marketing (iiioto provisions of- the new federal farm Jnw Saturday, j 8,172 ballols being recorded in fa-i vor of (he proposal ami only 951 ngainst it. j The Chickasuwbii district of the county polled 3,885 votes for mar-' keting quota provisions and 59 1 against It in 21 Dreeiiiets while 1 in Mie Osceola district 4,287 voted for und only 30 against the pro-| In 22 precincts. At Washington today, depart- 1 ment of agriculture officials, en- 1 thuslastlc over . the tremendous majority returned In favor of marketing control provisions of the law in Saturday's voting (which required a two thirds majority) I planned swift action to put into effect the restrictions on 1938 crops as approved by the voters. D. S. Lantrlp, county agricultural agent, announced today that since the marketing quotas arc now in effect that it Is very necessary that every piece of land in the county, which Is to be farmed this year, be under a work sheet. Mr. Lantrip says "This does not mean that a person must cooperate In the voluntary program, but o got his shnre of (lie marketing quota it will be .necessary that Rev. Randall Is To Discuss Dancing Tonight "fs It Any 5 Harm io Dance?" will,; be the sermon-theme used tonight by the Rev. C. L. Randall, who with the Rev. P. A, Stockton, Is conducting an evangelistic meet- Ing at the Second Baptist church. It is expected that Plill Hamer of Atlanta, Ga., a -"converted gambler", will be in -tills: section tills week. He is expected to speak at Manila Wednesday night, Mar- Ion, Thursday night; Second Baptist church, Blytheville; -riiday vhlch'wwe *in u\* d ' sP 1 "™ fnrnls ' Sllflerln = from no0(!s °"'y slackens, does not cease, when (be water are already signed 6 upon and"™I be * lns l ° ieCC<le ' Callr ° vnla vellcf onMnls ure learning as Ihey strive guilty 16 a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and was fined SSO. — The case of Watt Luster of Manila, charged with reckless driving, was continued. Three paid fines of $10 on charges of public drunkenness. Holds Minor Child Cannot Sue Parents For Damages LITTLE ROOK. Mar. 14. (UP) — The Arkansas supreme court ruled today that an "unemancipated" minor child cannot sue his parents or legal guardians for damages. The court reversed and dismissed a Crawford county circuit court decision which had ordered Irva Rambo to pay $10.000 to his six year old son, BiHy. for alleged negligence resulting in an injury to the boy. The supreme court ruled that the child has no right to sue his parent unless such action Is authorized by state statute. There is no such iaw in this state. > Sunday morning,, and Etowah' Sunday night. The evangelistic party conducted chapel at the high school today and they have been invited to various other schools over Uie county for this week. There were 32 additions to the church during the week end. Leaves Key In Auto; Someone Goes For Ride C. C. Langston's car was stolen last night from a parking place near the Ritz theater but was later found by police in' the alley behind the Liberty Cash Grocery. The car had apparently been stolen by some one for n ride as it was not damaged and nothing was jnlsslng ercept gasoline. Mr. Langston left the key in ,he car when he went to the show. When (lie movie was over the machine was gone. \ f'LLT€LL YOU BY ~ BOB H BURNS Din-in' the recent storm out here. when I saw the water bac'iln' up and rlsln 1 In my basement, I got panicky and called every plumbln' shop In town and told 'em to bring u pump, but I was told they couldn't get through. Finally in desperation I called good old Paramount. 1 said "They won't let me down." Four hours later, I was down in the basement, piliu' furniture up high when my wife hollered down that the men were here from Paramount. I rushed up to welcome 'em and there were two cameramen. They said "We heard you were getting flooded and we thought we'd lake some publicity pictures." And there I was without a bit of dry ammunition In the house, Stock Prices NEW YORK. Mar. 14. (OP) — Rush of Europeans lo seek safety for their funds today brought advances in American stocks in London, Amsterdam and New York and sent the American dollar soaring in all markets. A. T. . & T ............... 130 1-2 Anaconda Cop ........... 321-8 Assoc D G ............... e i_ s Beth Steel ............... 56 3.3 Boeing Air ............... 28 1-4 Chrysler ................. 51 3.4 Cities Serv ............ i 5.5 On Elec ................ 38 5 . 8 Gen Mot ................ 34 3 -S Int Harvest .............. 53 j_ Montgomery Ward 34 3-£ N Y Central .......... '.'.'. 15 3.4 Packard ........... 41-4 Phillips Pet .............. 36 Radio ................. ", g Schenly Dlst ............. 21 Simmons ............. '" 171-2 Socony Vac ..... Std Oil N J ......... Texas Corp ........ U S Smelt ...... U S stet —----'-'- 40 52 1- Chicago Wheat open high low close May 86 7-8 87 1-4 85 3-4 85 3- Jllly 83 1-4 83 1-2 82 1-8 82 1-4 Chicago Corn open high low May 58 3-4 58 3-4 67 5-8 57 6-8 July' 60 3-8 60 1-2 59 1-2 59 1-2 Lower House Takes Up Measure While Senate Hears Resolutions UTTLE HOCK, Mar. H. <UP> — Tin- extraordinary session of the !>lsl general nssi'inbly resumed Its deliberations today wllh lli« housu VlllSOll Inking up dm controversial bill while (lie somite marked lime introducing minor im-mMum The tubercular measure was up for further amendment In lli« house with Its opponents are already signed > l ° '*"*' Oallrmnta '' cllcf olllcl » ls »™ learning as Ihey strive )ther information Is required, btilj wlUl nlc "E er resources to feed thousands of refugees of the recent .hose farms s -which . were not in floods. Scenes like those above are common throughout the urcnl W " ere 10 ' 00 ° It will, be UnpossiUe for anyone :o know the per ; -c - workers were without Jobs .......... jn,, -•.yjitv—p^^.^. Muf and on-wWch he •caiFfrw cot,on. unty all lands in the couri- ,y -have been covered by a -work sheet, U has been pointed out This applies^ to lands which were •Jlenrert up last! year for the-first .ime ; and, foi- lands being brought nlo. cultivation this -'year. "A work sheet must be filed on ill .lands which expect to produce cotton in 1938 in order to avoid the -$10 per bale penalty which will be applied under the ma'rkel- ng quota," b the explanation issued by the federal government The voting in the Chlckasawba district wa.s: Precinct yes No New Liberty i... 202 10 "tear Lake, 107 o lumber Nine ..." 201 2 Yarbro '•"'" ] 3 g , Promised Land ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 147 Armorel '"" 350 ffalf Moon . ',[[]'] 10 3 Lone oak •....:•'..'.'.','.'.'.'.'. 5f> Qosnell . ; . IA» 40 and 8 . 2=0 B'lythevllle ..'.'.'.'.'..'.. 4fl° Tomato '.'.'.'.'.'. 34 Buckeye '.'.'.'.'.'. 13 Leachville ." . 333 Because farmlands were inundated. Above, n bread line forms' outside f temporary.Red Cross relief stjjlbn in a schcolhouse. Below- a mother is shown feeding tier, begritn'od, half-starved children In a-makeshift relief kltchei Brown Spur 42 Pawheen B0 Manila 341 Blackwater ci Lost Cane Issues Subpoenas Suits Growing Out of Crilten- clen Terrorism Charges JONB3BORO, Ark., Mar. 14 (UP) . —Federal Prosecutor w. H. Burgess 2, today Issued subpoenas for tfit- 21 nesses who will testify in comiec- 3 tion with three civil suits, filed as 0 result of alleged terrorism and 2 beatings, during n cotton choppers " strike In Critteudeu county. Ark. in June, 1936. Miss-Willie Sue Blagden, Hfem- phis social worker, filed one of the suits, seeking a total of $15,000 *! actual and punitive damages against "1 five men who allegedly beat her Dell near Earlc, Ark. Another suit wns filed by J. M. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. H. (UP)' Cotton closed steady. Mar. Mny Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. open 892 895 901 910 912 913 high 899 900 906 914 915 916 .,, . former Crltlemleii county 414 4! farm laborer, who now lives In Bol— ivar comity, Miss. IZeesc charged .3885 69 he was taken from a picket line of l^outheriv Tenant Termers union members and whipped by five men. Eliza Noldcii, 00-year-old negro woman, Hied the third sull. She charged four men took her to a cotton gin where she was "beaten low •882 887 892 900 902 903 close 884. 888 892 902 903 903 Spots closed quiet at 894, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 14 (up>_ Cotton futures closed steady today with six to eight point losses open high low ' Mar... May.. Jul... Oct.., Dec.... 910 906 913 922 925 Jan.... 926 910 912 918 927 928 925 907 899 904 914 916 918 899b-901a 901 905 915 917 913 Spots closed quiet at 911, off 7. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, fl] M nr 14 (UK-Hogs: 8,000. ' r ' ' Top 9.60. ' 170-230 Ibs., 9.35-9.50 140-160 Ibs., 7,85-875 Bulk sows, 7.85-825 Cattle, 3,000. Steers, 6.85-9.00. Slaughter steers, 6 00-9 in vr4 v &^ »._-_(,„' w y-uv. State Commander Will Be Speaker At Legion Party Members of posts in the _ s, and Haragould and Oarutli- n-nnaus, mm raragouui and Oarutli- p « ; „, ersville have been invited lo be OUpretne LOUft Affirms BllPRix f\t l}lfi 1\url />*u-nn nn*.l «•„_ __ _' _ _. _ guests of (lie Dud post for its IDlh anniversary pnrly, which Is lo be held Tuesday nlglit, nt the Iiut. Stale Commander R. w. Slsaoi of Little Hock, Is lo be Ihe prlnol pal speaker ut an informal program arranged wllh c. A. Cunningham, who was the post's first commander, as master of ceremonies. Other past commanders and special giicSU will iuso sjjcuk very briefly. Among these guests will be Sam Rorcx of Little, Rock, past state c|oinin»nder, and CUuide Bfywn. also of Llltle Rock, who heads the Arkansas service bureau. Jim p. Harwell, commander of Ihe local post, will be official host. The Blylhevlllc post now boasts a Jiiembersfilj) of 200 which made the local post go "over Hie top" in the recent membership drive. AJI invitation has been extended all of these members lo nt(end tlie birth- flay party, which is expected to be Czechoslovakia Ready To Fight U Necessary WASHINGTON, Mnr, 14 (UP)The Czeclioxlovnklnn government will flglit If Clcunan forces utlempt j li> liivado Cwclioslavnkluii terrl- I lory, Vladimir llmlian, inlulsu'r, Infovineil Uiitlcmecrulary of Stute Sumner Welles today. additional acllon which Ihey ho|>c will bo ombiu-vasslng ID Clov. Curl E. Bailey. During tin; <Iny is editors of state papers met nt n luncheon lo lay plans tor placing another amendment on a measure which would Insure n low u.vport lux on whiskey shipped out of the state. This acllon cauio alter ucmpa|>t>r publishers letmird that unless un exi»rl Inx was placed on liquor thai n greater part of Arkansas' business In shipping alcoholic bev- erugcs Into dry territories would be lost through neighboring states that do Imvo n low export tax. Loss of this business would exceed a linlf million dollars a year lo the stale In ta.xe.i nloue, Jt was estimated. It was learned that the tubercular bill us first written included an export liquor lax section but tliat It was removed by the authors at the Insistence of Gov. Bailey. Adillllonal Probe Sought LITI'LE ROOK, Mar. 14. (UP)— Resuming their action of last Friday the senate today made resolutions for n further probe into the affairs or the st»t*;adinliibitratlon. *t"8enalor.. Roy Mil^m of .Harrlsort mlodiiced a resolution seeking a record of the highway deportment's personnel and expemllturcn. Shortly before, Mllam's resolution wns adopted some dissent over the I" House On Roosevelt's Expansion Program WASHINGTON, Mar. U, (UI J ) --Chairman Curl Vlnson (Dem., On,I of the navnl ultnlrs committee (old the house, today tlmt the $1,000,000,000 fleet Pre.ilili.-nt •voll has requested us un addition to tlio present nnvy will ba used to "(iiiamntlno the United slates from the disease of war," Opening house debate on the 20 lii-r cent expansion program Vln- son sought lo refiilo charges tlmt the president, lu his Chicago "quarantine" K|iecch, embarked oil a new foreign policy calling for aggression. Vliisou tiuoled Ihc "quarantine" paragraph from Mr. Roosevelt's speech—subject of continued criticism during Uie month-long lioar- IIIBS on the expansion program— and added: "Those who seek to distort this example forget the very next sentence. Let mo quote it lo you: "'It Is my determination to pursue n policy of peaco and to adopt every practicable measure to avoid Involvement Iti war.'" * Medicine Kit Stolen From Physician's Car • Dr. C. c. Steveitf Ipsl his medicine an*, instrument kit last'nlghi but the thieves who 1 ' slolo> It did not obtain any narcotics as the physician had them In his pocket The kit and Us contents, valued at 1200, was left, lu Dr. Stevens' wu;> .-.unie uiweiit over me at »;>uo, was left, lu Dr Stevens' BilUed' bills wns voiced by Senator enr when he went to Ihc Rltz Taylor. Taylor said he was opposed theater lost night, at 7:30 o'clock to anything more than the leglsia- As is his custom when he leaves tlon for which Governor Carl E. hi? bag, lie removed the phials of Bailey called the special session. narcotics and dropped them Into This complaint brought a brlel his pocket, flurry with three senators seeking After ' the show, the bflg was American Legion 'be floor to express opposing views, of Ar • Trial Court Judgments The stale supreme court at Llt- im. ciuitj fiu^jieiiit; uuun tit IJIL- ^"»vw int.i^uv IUI>EJ, iviu., ftiar ,, tie Rock today affirmed judgment '3.—A damage suit for $1C,000 hns I. ol the circuit court for the Chick- been filed here by Mrs. Colleen ncnU'hn rllef»!rvt nf «.r4^c.l»-Lni>L AHflmt nT Ct t?rn,1nl^ «n,..^b.. of food ami fun", to the v\jvivn gin nucic ;»ut? ^vns oeaien * *wu nun «uu , n\;LuiuiiLg LU tne with sticks the size of axe handles." invitation. The parly Is to begin The cases will >IP hraivi nt tVm at seven o'clock. The cases will be heard at Ihe May term of the federal district court for the eastern district of Arkansas. William McComb To Be A. A. A, Speaker Tonight William McComb, managing director of (lie Arkansas Automobile club, will speak at the meeting of the Mississippi county members, which is to be held nt the city hall, at seven o'clock tonight. Another speaker will be Miss Pearl Downs, of the educational department, who gave physical tests for automobile drivers at the city high school today. The formation of Ihe county group is expected to be completed at tonight's meeting, which will be held in the municipal court Jernigan Infant Dies Six Hours After Birth The infant daughter of Mr. and >.trs. Rayford Jemlgan, born yesterday morning, died six hours Inter at the family residence. >..» & »<».i o^ccis, o.uu-95f) I»«L *v me lumiiy residence. Mixed yearlings _. heifers 650-i Burlal was inade this morning at '?: ' Sandy Ridge cemeterv -a-illi Oobh 7.75. Slaughter heifers, 575-850 Beef cows, 5.00-600 cutters & low cutters, 4,00-1.75. Sandy Ridge" cemetery -with Cobb Funeral home in charge of funeral arrangements. She was an only child. at seven o'clock. World war veterans' belonging to posts in these towns make up the Fifth district: Blytheville, Lepanto, Marlon, Tyroivza, Earle, Marked Tree, Truinann, Caraway. Jonesboro, Hnrrlsburg. Wclncr ami Monette. district of Mississippi county, Ark., iu two cases. The high court, held there was no: reversible error In failure of a trial Jury to carry out Instruction of the presiding Judge by having one of Its members sign a directed verdict as foreman In the consolidated cases of Dr. P. L. Tlplon, landlord, against tvr B. Cole, W. W. Eubanks and J. R, Brothers, tenants. No objection was made to the failure of a jury foreman to sign the verdict ot tbe time, It was said. The consolidated cases Involved crops valued at approximately $),000. Holland nnd Bnrliam represented Dr. Tiplon and Claude P. Cooper wns attorney for the appellants, The high court nlso upheld ' ' ^"j i'."v», winni i.> L-AJJC^ICU io DC me mgn court niso upnejd juug- 'an Informal reunion with plenty ment of the circuit court In favor of Rosle Gross, ticgress, a. n d against the National Life and Accident Insurance company for $55 on an Insurance )x>llcy. Holland and Barlmm were counsel for the negress and Roy Penlx of Jonesboro represenled liie insurance company. Margaret Ann Nunley Dies Sunday Afternoon Margaret Ann Nunley died at 5:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon after having been bon( Wednesday at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nunley. 300 South Division street. < Funeral services were held this morning at Sandy Ridge cemetery with Holt Funeral home In charge of funeral arrangements, Besides her parents, the baby Is survived by one young brother. Ash Street Cafe Is Burglarized Sunday Night The Jack Shlblcy cafe, In the 400 block ot West Ash street, was •burglarized last night by someone who broke a rear window to gain access to the building. Police Chief E. A. Rice said that cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and candy, valued at about $20, were stolen. Rev. Gray Candidate For Rotary Governorship CARUTHEnSVfLLE, Mo., Mar. 13—The Caruthcrsvlllc Rotary Club has announced the candidacy of Ihe Rev. Wayne W. Gray, local Presbyterian minister (or the post of district Rotary governor this yenr of the local !35th district A number of other clubs of the dlitrH have f been conu ted In Rsv. Gray's behalf, several o( I'.iuu promising Jci'.'.tanco nnd cn'.uscment. Kviv. Gray l< n pail president nicl \lr. -prnsla'H'.l of the local orgn: i'Btlon, lias not in'Jic' n district conference since his associa- commee, an as e a mim- ber of important appointive |iosts funeral service. in civic and community undertakings. The distr.'ct conference meets In May at Hannibal, Mo, and the Sues Caruthersville Motorist For Damages CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Mar Francis county . against Dr. If. M. Hoffman, ol ibis city, for nllegetl pcrmnnetil injuries sustained In an automobile wreck uenr Rtrmlngton Mo July 4, 1035. The trial Is scheduled for hearing during the March term of circuit court which begins Monday, March 21. Mrs. Mattie Haynes, 79, Dies Here Early Today Mrs. Mtittle Ifayncs died this morning at Ihe home of liei daughter, Mrs. C. J. Cox, 107 West Davis avenue. Mrs. Haynes, who was 78 years of age. had been In 111 health for several years nnd had been confined lo her bed for the past nine weeks. A few days ago she developed pneumonia, which wns the direct cnuse of her death. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon, two o'clock, at the Lake street Methodist church. Her four sous, Lexle and Dewey, of here. Carl, of Dyersburg, Tenn., and Edgar, of Dumas, Ark,, will be active pallbearers, as was requested by JVfrs. Haynes. Honorary pallbearers will be: Z. A. McCuls- tlon, J. M. Fowler, 1. E. Parkhurst, Dr. H. A. Taylor, John Foster, Harry Taylor, Iverson Morris, Dr. C. E. Wilson, Billy Oreeii, Ben Wiggins, Jess Buchanan, P. B. Jarrett, W. J. Logan, George Smith, Alford Ulm, Gordon Harris, Oscar O. J. Rodgers, C. G. Smith and Harvey Morris. Mrs. Haynes was the wife of the late S. A, Haynes. who died seven years ago this month. She, was one of 11 sons and daughters of a pioneer west Tennessee family, all of whom have died except one sis EOF m. un Emphasizes Solidarity Of Expanded Empire In Address Today VfENNA, Mar7'l4 (UP)—Puehreu Adolf Hitler rode In triumph irjljo Vienna today and proclaimed , to Ihc. 1 notion that the German em- pirn, which ho has expanded from Uio Baltic to tha Kalian bof"der, will never ngaln be disrupted by Its enemies. ^ "Whatever happens," Hitler proclaimed ow the- radio, "This O«nan Reich will jiever again-'fall isumtcr. Nobody can force it Item, (s road. ^ "No threat, no misery, no vlofe !iicc can ever cause this oath be broken. i "My dorriiau co-nationalists,^ Hitler began his speech, "what •on feel at this moment I' also mvc felt lu these days. "An oath has been sworn-today )y Germans from Cologne to itoenlgsburg (the Rhine to East Prussia) and from Hamburg <the Baltic north sea region) to Vienna, "It Is « lilg historical tum vhleh has come lo our German n»t iioti," HHiei- said, 'AVhat you are living through tlie entire German nation Is experiencing, Not only Uie two million-in this city, nay, 74,000,000 In one United Reich' are deeply .moved by this historic event and we all swear that whatever mny come nobody shall destroy the German Reich as It is today. 1 ; Before he apoke Hitler was driven through streets jammed with hundreds of thousands of cheering Austrlans and through a city burled unity the Nazi swastika ana swarming with German regulars. ..The.gre«.ti : ring boulevard, circling the,-city.,, and the • streets Jesdinf Into It were Jammed, almost beyonc belief. ,... . Approximately 600,000 crowded the streets while-Hitler stood in his big six wheeled military i automobile with upraised right hand while his newly created German citizens broke . into tremendous- roars of acclaim which roared over Uie city like the beating of the surf. . . : • " , The roor of Jubilation reached Its height as H.ltler passed the opera house in the heart of the city. Hitler, smilingly responded, his tight arnl straight,out In salute. He made no halt but went directly to the Imperial hotel where his suite had been prepared Between 80,000 and 100,080 persons were packed around the iiff- Nearly all carried swastika flags and It was a striking sight as they waved and fluttered over the heads of the masses. The. announcer, who was describing the scene in a nation wlda broadcast, broke down and wept he faltered: "Comrades the Fuehrer is with us." v He was unable to continue bei cause of emotion. When he recovered- himself the broadcaster proclaimed; "TJiere Is no need to'await the plebiscite Hie nation spoke today.' let comerence since nis associa- ,„ .. T » -..—,.....» «•->n with the local club, nnd this "f- Mis Lmia Lambert, of Port ut year attended the Interns- . Glbs °n, Okla. She is also survived '.,' another daughter. Mrs. E. s ' , past year attended the Interns tional convention at Nic?, France. . . . He Is chairman of Uie program ^ lsk ' of this city. Relatives' who committee, and has hew a mim- live out of the city will attend the funera r Hanna Funeral home Is In charge of funeral arrangements. Ellquet requires announcement iway ai Hanmoai, MO, ana me ">»<iu<.-i> ic<tuut» announcement local organization plans to send of an engagement on the day that sro the bride-elect ch a strong delegation to urge ' a srog eegaon o urge ev.i - coses o wear Gray's candidacy for tha . gover- per engagement ring publicly for nrtrchln . Iho fl*c+ flntu norslilp. .Uie first time. Spies Flickering Candle, Turns In Fire Alarm A nickering candle caused the fire department to make a run Saturday night.. Someone spied a light through a tree at the corner of Ninth and Walnut and the fire department was colled. Firemen found only some boys In a tree, where they had built a "house," and who were usln? a candle for light. School Districts Will Elect Directors Saturday Directors of school districts in Mississippi county will be elected In the annual school election, 'to be held Saturday. ~ In most of the smaller districts, there are no petitioned candidates and names of candidates are expected to be "written in" on the ballot. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy to unsettled tonight and Tuesday, slightly, cooler In northeast portion tonight. Memphis and vtcinityi-Cloudy and probably showers tonight and Tuesday; cooler tonight, low«t temperature 54 .to 58. The/maximum temperature h*r» yesterday- was 75, minimum 61, partly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Norris, official wtttner obMrrcr,

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