Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1887
Page 3
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VVfi Ask you to carefully read this [column,—Hi J. Bowman & Co.* BEST quality of BhlrMng Prints in " pretty, now i stylos MO 60, nt H. J. Bowman & Co'a. |j! YARD wide heavy Penongs in 40 new ' patterns, at II. J. Bowman & Go's. /j, WE are showing some very pretty ^'styles, medium and dark dress satins *t 12 d>So per yard.—H. J, Bowman & Co. f SPRING styles of those vary popular Century Cloths are now on sale at II. J, Bowman.& Co's. FORTY pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in choicest, patterns, at H. J. Mownmn & Co's. PALMBB Seersuckers, Toll! Du Nords Dress ana Domestic Ginghams in great Variety, at II. J. Bowman & Go's. W« nro showing a complete stock of .Spring Woolens for dress s;ooiIs,inciucr-« ing double width Cable Twills at I5o;40 inch oaabmore at 25oj also Novelty Fabrics of both foreign ami domestic .— H . J. Bowman & Co. INOUK Silk Department we are showing Surahs, Gros Grains and Uhadames in every new and popular shade. .In Black Silks w« are offering eoine splendid values in Gros Grains, Surahs, Khadames, Faille Francaise and' Bro* cndns. — H. J. Bowman & Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Freize Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Plushes in every shade. Plain and Striped ; Volv(itoeris, and now colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. 1—II. J. Bowman & Co. . special attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been made to this Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric. and many novelties.—H. J. Bowman & Co. , _ IN OUR Flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel in all Wool and Domet,. also many pretty stylos, Striped Sacque- ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.—H. J. Bowman & Co. WK ARE prepared to show a complete ; line-of Spring Hosiery. .We have ro- ' tained a)V. the old favorites and added many, new ilines..; In Fabric and Kid 'Gloves', we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—H. J. Bowman &Co. IN OUR Shirt Department you can find a real good white shirt for 50o and the best made for $1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress* shirts, Night shirts and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.—H. J. Bowman & Co. GO IXnT TVE'WO Second 8treot,noar i'U JQLU Jj.UJllJN Di corner 01 Henry —FOR— FINE : STATIONERY, Such as Crane's Floral, Whiting's Standard AJII1VU| VtltJUll O J-JtllUll, J-ULIKUJ 1 *Jt*tV* Mit»w*M Pudeh Blow, Mikado, Charred Ed«e, Cream LaUt, Mourning Note, and a largo assortment ot Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Donnlson'u Wax and Seals. School Tablets ima Stationery, dee6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOB CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS llanos and Organs tunod and repaired. Suw Ing Machines repaired Supplies lor all Ma- oalnos. N. n'LAUOUKUX, Music Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite :Belle, Alton ill. : deoMwly WATCH rOB THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S NKW COB. BUILDING, HKNJIY ST., AT MBS. D. HKITKAMP'S, AU binds ol Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- on"tgoods. Hoods,Tolmggftus and Mils. Men's Scarfs and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping Dane. Oomo and give us a call. Don't forget the place, doc6 itwly —WALL AT— C-M. Crandall's Crockery Store FOIl THK LOWEST MLUCE8; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per set. Good 8-inch Platos, 30c per set. Meat Dishes, 5o to 50c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 5o to 50c each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, loo par set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Saucers, lOc per set. Fruit Dishes, 5c to 75o each. Beautiful Decorated English Dm- mer Sots, 815. Handsome Decorated Chamber Kets, 10 pieces, only 82.75 per set. Uest qtfality; of Triple-plated Knives, l.fii) nor set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per sot SUPPLIES. Oils, Needles, and Parts of all all Machines, We have now the B. & G. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Bug. Patterns and machines E, H. GOULDING. ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. SATURDAY EVE., AP1RL 28. NOTICK TO AUVERTI8ER9. For th« year 1887 we shall charge tbe following rate* for transient uotlcM In nut local columns.' „. , , fertitni. single insertion , , , lOoenti Ttu-oo to'flvo Insertions, . . 1 " Six to twelve Insnrtlons, . . B " RATES OF ADVERTISING: TRANSIENT,— FtFTY conte par Inch first In- oortlon, and TWBlfrY-MVK cento p»r Inch for enoh subsequent Insertion. $3 per inch lU'at.month, $1,S« perinoU.each month tuoroftttor. tEOAIi A'DVKRTIBINO:, $1 per Inch lor tlio. first Iniertlon, und 00 cents per Inoli tor oaah subsequent 'Insertion. Xi~ Above rates will bo gtiiotly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEGRAM! Is dollvorod by carriers to ttll parts of thooityof Alton and Upper Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any address nt the rate of $8.20 per year. TUB TKI,KGHA1'II has the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and Is the best modlum for advertisers. IOOKNEU Tlltltn AND 1'IASA STREETS. TBLB rllONBNo.88. Fresh Oysters at'Connor's. It ADDITIONAL local matter on second page. , THE "Matinee" iRlven at the Council chamber.''v this afternoon,, was well attended. : ; . Use the most fragrant and best coffee in tne market, Forbes' Blue Mountain Jamaiqa. For sale by T. Lehne and all lirst class grocers'., ' /SO 6* It you want good coffee yon must use Chase & SanbOrn's coffee. For sale only by E. F, Deterding. 23 8 THERE was a great change in the temperature last night, so much so that the'mercury was nearly , down to tbe :roezmg : 'point this morning., 1 'Fine Batiste, at 10 and 12 1-2 cents. —Huagen & Fuess Dry Goods' Co. It For Sale—Two mocking birds. Inquire at this office. 18 d 2w A complete line of Spring and Sum* mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C. G. Moritz, Third street. * mchl7 tf JAY Uoulil and party are in St. Louis. Mr. Gould says nothing more will be done in regard to endeavoring to secure ,ho passage of u new bridge and tunnel terminal bill'. Ice Cream at Loans'. 22 8 Money to loan on improved fftrm properly. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLE & SMILEY. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the bust cigars-in the market. INDICATIONS for Illinois; Fair weather; polder, followed by slowly rising temperature in the northwest portion; northwesterly winds. Cold wave flag ordered up for a fall of from 15 to 25 degrees by Sunday morning. The closing out sale at Rube's Jewel ry store attrootR the ladies who are supplying their tables with silverware it extremely low prices. 22 8 THE DuQuoiu Tribune m reporting the late meeting of the Southern Illinois Dental Society at that place, says: The society and visitors were ontor-, tained by a highly interesting address by the President, Ur. C. B. Rohla&d, of Alton, all pronouncing it one of the best; of its kind ever listened to. THE STRIKE—Tho most of Ihe workers at the quarries and lime kilns are still on a strike. Some of the Stone Crusher employes returned to work a few days since at the'old rate of wages. Owing to an accident to the crusher it was necessary for Mr.- Watson to take part of the machinery to Chicago for repairs This will delay operations for three or four days. Our Colored Surah Silks for $1 are of splendid value for the price.--Haa> gen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. It LYCEUM—The Methodist Episcopal Lyceum met nt the parsonage last evening with a largo attendance. After dototional exercises, led by the pastor, Rev. R. H. Manior, tbe following pro-, gramme was rendered: Reading, Miss Emma Dow; Instrumental duet, John Hancock and Willie Krimnitz; Tableau, five Roman girls at the Cross: Song, "laimauuel," composed by Rev. R. H. Mnniur for the occasion; Readme, Mrs. Warner; Zither music by Miss Form- bals; Charade; Recitation, Miss Mattto llumllo: Reading, Mrs. Robaob; Sohaol, by Mr. Wilbur Sheer. » Notice of Kemoval. All persons indebted to mo are requested to call and settle ad I am about closing my business affairs In Alton. It Respectfully, F. H. RABE. Excursion. The ladies of the Unitarian church will give a daylight excursion on the steamer Hudson, Saturday, April 30th. Boat will laave at 11:80 a. m. Round trip tickets fiO.cts.; children half price. At one o'clock lunch'will bo served by tho ladies. Prieo 26o. There will be an excellent opportunity for all to see tho beautiful scenery and|on]oy ft pleasant ride, aplO 28 28 Mrs. Col. Doty returned from Florida on Wednesday ovening. Mrs. Lillie King, of Jacksonville, \» visiting relatives here. • Mrs. Lodg!eyj of Hartford, Conn., b visiting; Mrs. P. B. Whipple. Miss Hattio J. King leaves this eve ning to visit relatives at Kansas City. Miss Emma Leyhe is visiting In War* saw as the guest of Mrs. frank Meyers Misses Lizzie and Lucy Biggins are visiting tbfc Misses Harly, of Jersey villc. Mrs. Dwight Harwood, of Blooming* ton, is with her daughter, Mrs. W. Waples. '."','.' The ladles of the Round Table will bo entertained by Mrs. F.G. Barlow this afternoon. Mrs. A. J. Morris and daughter are visiting the family of Mr. H. E. Mills in Upper Alton. Missus Jessie and Helen Topping returned last night from Chicago, where they spent I ho winter. , Miss Anna Lake, of St. Louis, formerly of this city, is tho guest of Mrs. Chos. H. Barry, at tho Hotel Madison. Misses Carrie Hart and Mabel Beers, who were in St. Louis as guests of Mrs. Frank Beobe, have returned to Alton. • Mrs. H. S. Mathows returned Tues day evening from Minneapolis, Minn , where she visite'd her daughter, Mrs. T, P. Nisbett. The first of the series of dime socias bles that has been given since the Lenten season, took place at the home of Mrs. Breckmridge on Tuesday eve ning. ' Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Meyers, of St. Louis, spent Sunday last with Dr. and Mrs. Garvin. Mrs. Garvm's nieces, Mary and Lottie Cox,who are attending Monucello Seminary, were with them for the day also. • • . ' . Miss Luoy Breckmridge was in St. Louis during the week as the guest of her friend, Mrs. W. E. Schweppe. While in St. Louis Miss Breckinridge also took part in the Kirmess appearing in the American Booth. The ladies of St. Paul's Parish Guild decided, at a meeting on Monday afternoon, to give an entertainment at the City Hall on the evenings of May 2nd, 3rd. It will be given in connection with tbe three Chinese Students, who, "as three little men from school," will duly set forth some of the most interesting leatures of Oriental life. Those who attend will have an opportunity to study some, Of the manners and. customs of the descendants of Confucius,; their table etiquette that consists of some skillfully executed feats with chopsticks and the mysterious melody of their music with its classical simplicity and unique disregard of conventional routine. A display of curios, a Chinese Wedding, and a supper by the ladies of the Guild, Will also be among the many attractions. Miss Mamie Wade entertained tho Mendelssohn Society on Wednesday afternoon. Owing to the wedding of Mias Blair, to which the guests were nvited at four, there was not the usual attendance, this cause also abridged ihe programme to some extent that folows: Duo for piano, L'Enleverment au Serail, Mozart, Misses.Merchant and Lathy; Solo, piano, Carmen, (Edornd Hoist), Mi8sBuckmaster;Bnllad, B'udee Bells, (Roekel). Mrs. Stelle: Duo, piano. Largo of second symphony, (Beethoven) Misses Jennie Hill and Alice Job; Vocal solo, Slumber Song, (Schubert) Mrs. Milnor; Piano solo, Faust, Leybauh, Mrs. Brenkmridge. Several vacancies are made in the membership of the^sooiety from the loss of tbe following members: Miss Nina Hawley and.Mrs. L. J. Haagen who have resigned; Miss Lillie Hollister who has eft Alton and Mrs.A. L, Abbott. Miss Wade is Principal Musical Director for the ensuing six months. Advice to Mouiers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the presorption of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United Slates, and has seen used for forty years with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of toothing its value is incalculable. It relievos the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrbma, griping in the aowels, and wind-eolio. By giving tioalth to tho child it rests the mother Price 26o a bottle. ia 15 m w swk THK KANSAS CITY TRAINS. Mr. Henry Watson has received the following letter from tbe Board of R. and W. Commissionera: , SPKINOFIEI.D, April 21 '87 Henry Watson Esq. Alton, 111,. DEAB Silt: At the mooting ot tho Hoard of Railroad and Warehouse commissioners yesterday your petition to the effect that this Board request tho Chicago & Alton R, R. Co. to run all its passenger trains In and through the city of Alton, etc. was laid before them for consideration, and I was instruot- ed to ask you' on what gronds you irndioatoyour request. Please let mo aotvrfrom you at an early day. Very Truly Yours, W. D. MUNSON Secretary. Mr, Watson will write to the Commissioners and explain the grounds on which the request, involved In tho >etit!on, was predicated. Us Not all Uold that (JlltterH. No gold fence around us like St. rouls, nevertheless there is gold In It or,'you, If you stick to us in buying what you want, at the Globo. 22 a PERSONAL. Mr. H. Watson returned from Chicago this morning, Col. Brenholt spent yesterday in'Car* Iliiville en legal business. Messrs R. L. Smith, of Melvillo, and Ed. Lock, of Randolph, were In town today. Capt. and Mrs. J. K.- Butler wont to Roodhouso, this niornlncr, to attend the funeral of their uncle, S. C. Moore, C. it A. conductor, who was run over and killed by a switcn engine, Wednesday night. Mr. VVm, Graves returned this morn. Ing from a visit to 8anta Cruz, Cal., making the trip from that place in four and a half days. Mr. Graves' watch showed that California was two hours behind Illinois time. Ed. J. Byrnes, of Venice, Deputy U. S. Inspector, is In town. Mr. R. L. King returned home last evening from a nine months' sojourn at Hot Springs. We arc glad to say he is improved in health. The solo parts in the opera were wel. suslainud throughout, The gentlemen from Alton taking part, Mesnvs. Butz Schwuppe and Roomcke, are all gooC Kingors, and being familiar with the opera, added greatly to the finish of the performance. Mr. Schwoppe is a hos in himself and as Ko-Ko has few, i: any,, superiors even in tho profession —Jerseyville Rep. Ex. 1'UJJ G WAS A SUCCK8S. The meeting at City Hall last evening to take measures to a;d tho G. A. R. in making arrangements for the re union in this city, July 4th and 5th, was a great success The attendance of business men, old veterans and others interested, was large and considerable enthusiasm was manifested, as a num her of eloquent addresses gave evidence The meeting was called to order by Hon . C. A.' Herb, whovstatcd the objects of the assemblage. Hon. L. Pfeiffenberger was elected Chairman, Geo. R. Hewitt, Secretary. An exe live committee of seven was appointed by the chair to select sub-committees of three each, to represent the various branches of business, and to raise money to defray the necessary expenses of the re-uuiou. The committee was constituted as follows : H. M. Carr, Geo. R. Hewitt, H. M. Schweppe, H. R. Phin* ney, A. Neernmnn, C. A. Herb, J. H. Raible. • . It was suggested that the people of the county would assist by raising both provisions and money for the re-union. The committee of seven will meet Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at McKmuoy, & Hewitt's office to appoint the sub committees. The meeting adjuurned subject to the call of the Executive committee. SIVKR NEWS. The boats to leave this evening ar& the Spread Eagle fyv Grafton; the Hudson, for St. Louis; the Bald Eagle, for Clarksville; the Gem City, for Keokuk; the Calhoun for Peoria. The splendid steamer St. Paul, also leaves for St. Paul this evening, the first departure of the season for that port. Excursion to St. Ionia. Tho steamer Hudson will leave Alton, Sunday morning, April 24th, at? a. m. for St. Louis. Returning will leave St. Louis at 3 p. in. for Alton and Grafton. About 200 excursionists are com* ing down from Springfield and along the road, this evening, and will take the boat at Grafton, it CIIUUUH NOXIOUS. To ic cure insertion, notices under thii head mutt tie handed in In/ore 11 a. m.) UBTHODIST Episooi'AL OHUllcii.—The pastor will iH'Cuoli ut!0:(5u.m. Subject, "Now wo see through a glass darkly.", In tho evontajt at 7:80 will be the annual union meeting of the Bible Society. Services commence promptly at tbe minute. All Invited, Seats free. PRESBYTERIAN Cinmon.—Tho Bov. A. T. Wolff, D. D., pastor, will preach to-morrow morning and evening. Subject In tho morn- Ing, "How OW Arf. Thou?" Evening service will be omitted to unite In Ulblo Society lit the M. E. church. lUl-TiBT Onunoil.—Itov. L. A. Abbott, D.D., pastor. Preaching to-morrow morning by the pastor. The congregation will attend tho annual meeting of the lliblo Society In the M. B. church la tlio evening. 8.8. at 9:30 a.m.; Huntorstownchapel8. 8. at2p.m. Young people's meeting nt 6:45 p. m. All Intorestod are cordially Invited to all services. ONOiiBUATiONAL Oiiuuoii.—The morning service will be, as usual. Sermoti by the pastor, Uev. H. S. Mills, at 10:46. Text, "All Jilnus are yours." 8. 8. ttt 0:80 a. m. Young People's Society ot Christian Endeavor at 6:46 p. m. Tho evening service win be omitted tuattuGooiiKreaattott maynnlto in the anniversary of Alton Ulblo Society at the M. B. church ut7m ST. PAUL'S Onojioii.-HolyOommunlonSa. n.; Morning Service mid Sorinon 10:80 a. m.; 8. 8.8:30 a. m. Kvan. song and readings 7:80 p. in. All cordially Invited to attend. Ushers at the door. Snrpllcod and quartette choirs. Mnn Wunts u Toiilo fflien there is a lack el elastic energy In tlio lystein, shown by u sonuution ol languor.unil uni'ust in the morning, f roqueiitvuwulngdur' ng thu duy nud disturbed bloup at night' Uostottor's Stomach Hitters Intuson unwonted energy into the enfeebled and noivous, on- dowiiiK them with muHoulnr onurgy, an ability to repose hOHlthf ully, und digest without nconvelilcnco. Jtervousnoas, houdaolie, bll- oiisiioss, Impaired ivppotltu and a footilo, roublosonie stomach,uro all iiudnpoodllyHot right bv this matchless regulator tuid invlg- onuit. Tho mineral, among 'them strychnia and nux vonilco, arc uavor safe tonics, even n Inflnltealiuul doses. Tho Ulttors unsworn ho purpose more ulfooUmUy, tmd eau bo ruled upon as perfectly xafo by tlio most<prud- out. Fever iaiid ague, kidnoy troubles and Uouuintlaw >told to It. ""•" V • ^"Sli " #v» •* ' 's '*, Dress Goods! AT We FEEL and KNOW we tore offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds, NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at PierMlCarrDlCo, At Marsh's Drugstore YOU MAY FIND , , .., ; , • • ' • •,'. • " :'.."'': J' l" :•'.''. Fountain Rubber Syringes. Rubber Bulb Syringes, with meta,O>r hard rubber pipes. Syringes, all styles and prices. Hard Rubber and Glass Syringes. i. -. f MARSH'S DRUG STORE. -GO TO- SEELY &; SON HEADQUARTERS FOE n J Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: i •?-• THIRD STREET: - - OPP. BELLE. GOLD and IliV SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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