Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1887
Page 2
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* AllW DilLT THJ8BAFH. BTTT.*. ItOBTOK, dATUKUAT EVE., APKlL ». COL. Morrison will for St. Loots Sonday evening. Ma. George Gibson, of New York, bat the old silk but which was worn by Lincoln on his way to Washington to be inaapuated. When be reached New York Luuwln wat presented with a new hat br as enterprising halter, to whoa he gave bis old one, litUe thinking tbat it was worth many times as much as the new. EIBG OCT TBK OLD, 5EW- EIRU IS THE PEESIUEXT Cleveland has more trouble with tfap newipaper correspondents thin all hU predecessor* put together. At hu public reception recently be got angry »t some of the guild who were chitting in a corner, and ordered the doorkeeper to exclude them if they did not keep quiet. The f resident must have interpreted their harmless talk as an exhibition of ''ghoulish glee." MB. BMECHEK'S BlOttKAFttY. The Rev. Mr. Halliday, Mr. Beech, er'i assistant in Plymouth church, has been associated with Lrman Abbott, D. D., In the preparation ol the biography of the late Mr. Beecher, to which the great preacher, previous to his death, largely contributed. It was not proposed to have Air. Hallidav's or Mr. Beecber'a connection with the book generally known, but the death of Mr Beecber has removed the objection to the fact being made public, and now the complete book will appear with both i>r. Lyman Abbott's and Rev. S. B. Hailiday's name on the title page, who are better fitted to write such a work than any other living perrons. They have also been assisted by a corps of ovnr thirty eminent writers, Leonard Bacon, D.D., J. G. Whittler and others, who have contributed reminiscences, etc. As Mr. Beecher did not write a line upon any autobiography of himself, but did contribute to this work, the additional fact is apparent that Dr. Abbott's and Rev. Hatliday's book is the nearest approach to an autobiography that Mr. Beecher has left.Jand with the array of talent employed it looks as if we were to have a biography which is worthy of the man,- and will prove a valuable addition to any library. The work is being sold by subscription, by the American Publishing Co., of Hartford, Conn., and Rev. F. H. Smith is now canvassing this section for subscribers. CONGRATULATIONS. Mayor M'Pike faas received the following, among other, congratulatory letters on bis election: FROM GOT. STAKA.KD. ST. Louis, Mo., April 21, '87. Hon. H. G. M'Pike, Alton, 111.: Mr DKAuSiu:—-I want to congratulate yon, and especially the citizens ol Alton, on your election to the position of Mayor yesterday, i remain, as ever, Yours, very respectfully, E. O. STANARD. KBOM OKN'L MANAGER FISI3EH. ST. Louis, Apnl 21, '87. H. G. M'Pike, Alton, 111. OEAB SIB:—I have learned, with much satisfaction, of your election to the principal civic office of your city and with to i-xpross to you my conviction that the citizens of Alton will have good reason to congratulate themselves on seeming the services/IB Mayor, of so thorough and energetic a business man; especially just at tbi* tine when so much capital is seeking investment, and the future prosperity and growth of a town depends so largely, (as is attested in many instances in Kansas and elsewhere,) on the foresight, push, energy and shrewdness of its official representatives In taking advantage of available opportunities. Predicting for yon a highly successful official career, I am, Very truly yours, H. A. FISHER. Uen'l Man. St. Louis and Central Illinois Railroad. Council fleeting. A called meeting of the City Council took place this afternoon, Mayor Cop- plnger, Deputy Clerk Geo. F. UcXaKf and a foil board were present, excepting Alderman boyd. A petition 'or the rise of Citv H al1 bv Parish Guild, May 2d and 3d, was referred to the Public Building committee of the new Council. A petition for Jas. Greenwald to sprinkle City Hall square at a cost of f6 per month, was also »o referred. A number of bonds were presented and approved and bills read ana al» lowed. The committee on Fire Department approved the proposition ol the Uni«n Alarm Co. and the matter was referred to the cew ConncU. jJTbe committee reported favorably on the proposition, ol Samuel Hager to publish in the Globe* Democrat an »d» rertisment of the resource of Alton. Aldermen Curdie, Pates and filble, were appointed a committee to canvass the results of the city election. Tbe committee reported the returns as already published. Mayor H. U. M'Pike was then sworn into office by the Deputy Clerk, and his bond approved. The old Council then adjourned fine die. Tbe Aldermen-elect were then qualified. Mayor M'Pike called tne council to order and made a few remarks staling that the object of the meeting was merely for organization of the body. At the next^meeting, to be called by the Mayor, the inaugural will be delivered and the appointments announced. The objects to be attained by the efforts of the city's representative* were eloquently depicted and the sentiments received with applause, by the large crowd present. On tnction of Alderman Thornton a committee of three Aldermen, Herb, Burke, iCoppinger was appointed to report rules for the guidance of the Council. An invitation to attend, in a body, the laying of the corner stone of St. Jos-, eph's Hospital at 3 o'clock p. m. t» morrow, was accepted. The bonds of Patrick Ward, City Clerk, and L. D. Yager, City Attorney, were approved. The case »f Cbas. Holdcn, Jr. and Peter Keyland, who had a tie vote for Alderman of the Fifth ward, was then taken up, and Aldermen Coppinger, Bissinger and Roper were appointed w decide the matter by lot. Mr. Reyland drew the lucky numbers and gained the teat. On motion of Alderman Burke the Council adjourned subject to the call of t le Mayor. ALT05 PUBLIC SCHOOLS. j SWUrticiJ Beport ol Uie Alton Pabllc I School! for tb» month ending April 1.1SS7. ! MAKES Shorter Hoes beitand iifcatWmh lag Componad kocnrn. TT»td Ai It Pnxiccal bgtt«r malts with » gmtsr aiing of Time sad Lalxir IB Wuhlng sci Home;, thin anything y«t isTrattj Wub rotuOlihes, GUu- win,Windon, CurUlni, Jewelry, 8IVw, In fat •rarthlng, vith it. Try U hi tbsBttb,snd cots Its Superiority orsr 8o»p Btware of Imitations. The Gtnulne mlwsyi btart the abovcSrmbolMiiii nune ol JAMES V1XK. New York. 2OO BA.O8 H1OGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT- FOP Dairy and Table Use, lnJ14 Ib. linen sacks and 50 Ib. sacks, for sale by J. A. RYREE. C STUAHT'S CARBOLIC ACID TKOCIIES certain cure (or sore throat, coughs, Gold* and hoarseness. Wan one boui after eating before taking one of the troches for dyspepsia. STUAUT'S AONICA SALVE, surest cure for cuts and burns. BUUKS' LINIMKNT curea all pains. Pearly teeth and a sweet breath can be had only by using Cressler'a Wild Rose Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Co., Qulncy, 111. -.— When in your store I was so hoarse I could not apeak aloud. The first dose of your White Pino helped mo, and by 9 o'clock I WM entirely relieved. Twice since I bare lost my voice, but taking the Pino Balaam a few times has given relief. Nothing: over beneflttod me like this has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. U.Willianis, 444 N. 6th., Quiuoy, 111. CURB FOtt SICK HKADACHE. Or the many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot Pills, none ha* yielded quicker than nervous and Biok headache. Nino CMOS out of every ten of headache are caused by sluggish and Inactive liver. Hhot through the throat by Burks 1 White Pine Balsam and killed a severe cold in throe days. If you don't believe it |uat try it. Price 60o at druggists. For sale in Alton by E, Marsh. apl ttwlw ll Pu:i:n1 Tcb. E, ViTltii fiiliiljsg' DeiiicJiaV'iie Sprlujji'. (^"Better titan* \Vlmletmue or 9£orn t jS:3 and Rttaraiitecd never to torcuk. Price, $1.45, For Kin by ]c.ulinj; wboleulu r.n-1 totiil c$ti>l>. liihmcttu. MAYER, 8TROUGE&CO. 413 I'.ruadw.iy, M, Y., N':i!n.-.f-i«"jjcrs. « '£•?! -51!5 I z\m^ i! Unc-ola Schvol. HonbtMl " . Irving " . Garflsld Ki{ «J- *8! »*-• fit' *2; " m » ! S93: t : »' 1 « 31; TOM!. lilt'111* Hi 47! 6» S .V»JCM »f pupil. » and abort in scholarskip: HIGH SCUWOL. 9XKIOB Ct-A!!. Enrollment 9S. Mary Aitnstrong. VK. Ixmtsa Bass*. 99. lalltcWade.W JeSerecn Blair, *S. lab'l ChaUscombe,«S »ua licAdanu. M. S*dl« Blair, 91 . Edwin Spark*. »T. leu. Harris, M. Pell HatheTray. as. Willie r«mn, ax MITH'H enrollment 28. Loin Lebne, 1«O. Hattie Fhlnuer. 100. Bella WU»on. 1W. Marte Bnckmaeter, 99. Buy ArmJttong.98, Emma Watson. 93. LjUeteCary, *7. Edith Blair. 96. Sarah WUtanson, «. Jrrle Hill, 99. Josie NiTiDS, 98. Ada WUe,9S. Blanche SleUnr*. r,. lulla Adams, ». JC5IOK CLAM. G»r5£ iTard j. V»a A. Pleiffentwrger, ss. Katie Segrave», W. I,ucy Smith, 97. WlJUe Mnier. 97. llattie B asje. ST. Mlv tachtl.ben W. Mangle Caldwell. *6. Jella Randall. *8. Grace Topping, SG. tliAMMAK DEPAETJ1EST. U5COLK ICIIOOL-^OOM 3. EnrolImenHt. Annl« Flacb, ». B«rtlo Howard. ». Kitty Pates, as. Lon llalhewav, »S. BniU tlerbel, 93. HandRidifWar, 97. Olile McKUsock, 17. Gflttrode ScKlnner^T Horten»ePlckard,97. Ada Ualcom, 97. Lizzie Lyons, VI. 'rani Herbel. 96. frank Bierbauro, S6. Cora Starr, »3. Addle Hamilton, »C. Annie Bronson, SS. Stella Wise, 96. sabollK Drew, 96. Byron Johnston, ». Drew Situs. l». HarryKeitb.W. K»on So. t. Enrollment «. Mageie O1>eary. EdnaSmito, w. Cbarles Yager, 97. Georgia Fox. 9V. Ella Flynn, 56. Iharle* Beall. ». rHTixo iCHOOL— Room Enrolimeit, K Bertha Bishop. W. MrneU* Itodem.yer »S- tieoree Parker, 97. >llnnie ticitel, K. Seo. Pfeiflenberg«r,»6. Xor. Challacorabe. »». MUf Jackson, Si. Ease Baker, ». HCUBOLDT ICBOOt-JlOCIH f»- 1- . Knr»llm*n(, 13. C«nt« Bisslne*r. ». Emma B*ll, »». Charlie Herb, S». Bltsinger, 9S. Amelia Knbn,»7. Geo. Yaekel, *7. Otto Gossraa, r7. EraeK BUhop, »7. llanle Poiadexttr, S«. UDarlie Koch, !*o. John Huttxgt.K The enrollment of tbe Uijh School 11 10S. Tha enrolliaent o( the (jrammar SchooU I* E. A. HA1GHT, Sapt. Ex«£ Miller, *S. IdaGrea»»le,9S. Emilv Baker, »7. Jlamie Kar»i, K. Dora Stein, »*. SUnale Behrenn, SS. . 1 . The Importance of puriJvlng the Wood cannot l«? overestimated, for without pure blocnl you cannot enjoy good health. Ai li»» feuon nearly every one needs a ccwd medicine to purify, vitalize, and curicb the blood, and we asS you to try Hoods --,,15,.,. SampirllU. lUtrengtheiu TeCUliar ani j bullOs up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, wMe it eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation ol the vegetable remedies "**<1 0 TC to Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- -T-- Ifeplf iar curative powers. No ' ° HoCII oJlierinediciiiehassQch a record of wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to bay Hood's SarsarirUla do not be induced to take any other instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsapsmh ^ Mld b 5" " !1 <l™esi 5ts Prepared by C. L llood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar KASKINE (THE c/'leansed, Purified and B'eauti- lied by the Cutlcura Remedies. For cleansing the Sktn and Scalp of DUdg urio " " --••---•--'--•-•-- •- •-and toms ol . . . Head, Strop'la, and otbT inberited Skin and Blood Irii?as«s, Cuticura, toe great Skin Jure, and Cnticnra ix>ap, ian ei'iilslte Skin Beantifier, eiternaJIy, anrt Cuticura Rcsolv- jut, t!ie cew Blood Purifler, in'.ernally, are Infallible. ^ OOM |, IjETE CUKE. 1 have suffered all my life with skin diseases ol dlflerent kinds, and have never found permanent relief, until, by the advice of a lady iriend, 1 used your valuable Cuticura Kennedies. 1 gave tnom a thorough trial, using fetx bottles of the Cuticura Resolvent, two boies Cnticura an<*!i»even cikes of Cuti- eura Soap, and the result was Just what 1 had been told it woull be—a complete cure. BELI.B WADfc.IUchmond, Va. Reference, G. W. Ijittluier, Druggist, Richmond, g ^- LT KHEtrM .CUBED. I was troubled with Sail Kheum for a number of ycnrs, »o that the skin entirely came off one of rav hand* from the finger tips to the wrist. I tried remedies and doctors's prescriptions to no purpose antU I commenced taking Cutlenra Utmedles, and now I am entirely cured K. T. PARKKB, 379 Northampton St., Boston. UliroOISTS KNDOKSK THEM. Have sold a quantityot yourCuticnra Remedies One ol roy customers, Mis. Henry Kmu. who had tetter on her hands to such an extent as to cause the skin to peel off, and (or eight years she suffered greatly, was completely curea by the use of your medicines. C. N NVE, Druguist, Canton, Ohio. ITCHIXO, BCALY, PIMPtT. For the last year I have had a species ol itching, scaly and pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a great many methods of treatment without success, and which was Bpe«dily und entirely cured by Cutifjura. Mus. ISiAC PHELPS, Ravenna, O. We have sold your Cutlcuru Remedies for the last tii vears, and no medicines on our shelves give better satisfaction. C. r. ATUEKTOX. Druggist, Albany, S.T. CCTICUKA REMEDIES are sold everywhere Prtee: Cuticura,50cents;Resolvent Jl; Soap. i5 eta. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass, send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." /noTT^O Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and UrAiU JjDfBaby Humors, cured by Coti- cura Soap. Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh in its destructive force ttands neit to and undoubtedly leads on to consumption, It is therefore singular that those afflicted with this fearful disease should not make I' the object of their lives to rid themselves < it. Deceptive remedies concocted by igno rant pretenders to medical knowledge have weakened the confidence of the great ma- Joritj in all advertised remedies. They become resigned to a life of misery rather than torture themselves with doubtful palliatives lint tills will never do. Catarrh must bo met at every stage and combatted with ai our mix lit. In many cases tho disease ban assumed dangerous symptoms. The bone* and cartilage of tbeuose, the organs of bear Inu. of bceinK and of tasting so affected as to be useless, the uvula so elonvpteditbethroa so inflamed and irritated as to produce i constant ane distressing; cou^h. Sanford's KadlcM Cure meets every phase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold totbi most loathsome and destructive stages. It i local and constitutional. Instant in relicv ing, permanent in 'curing, sale, economica anil never failing. Kacb package contains oue bottle ot the Radical Cure, one box nf the Caturrlml Solv ent, and an Improved Inhaler with treatise 1'rieo |1. Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. ftDVERTISERS;;;: on adrtttiiing tpM> \vl»n in C!.c. 4 .: ,5 1049 R.iuJoH>h St. s fHjlX LUn If \ KIDNEY PAINS And tbat weary, Hfolcaa all gon sensation ever present with those o Inflamed kidneys, weak back am loins, aehlnsc hips and Bides over worked or wornout by dLsease, debility o dissipation, are relieved in one minute an spei'dlly cured by the uutlcura Antl Pul 1'lastcr, a now, orlBlunl.elegant andInfalltbl utilldote to pain und Inflammutlon, At u druKglsti.iftc; Qveforil: or of i'ottur Dm to , 1109IOII. QUIM2TE.) No bad effect No headache Ho nausea. >'O ringing ears. C nreJ> quickly Pleasant,! 11 A POWBKFUL TOXIC, that the most delicate stomach will bear. L SPECIFIC FOB MAIxARJA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOR COLDS KASKLVE HAS BEEXFOUJfD •O BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to BellevueHospital, N. Y.: "Universally snc- ess U ' ("Every patient treated t. Francis Hos.N. Y. t with Kasklno has been (dii-charged cured " Rev. Jas. L. Hnll.Chaplain Albany feniten- Urv.writes that Kaskvne has cured his wife, fter twenty years suffering from malaria ad nervous dyspepsia. Write blm lor par- 3°.Joseph's Hospital,S. Y.: *H's use is ordered indispensable. It acts perlectly." Prot. W. F. Holcombe, M.D , M East25th St., .Y. (late Prof, in N. Y. Med. College) writes: Kaskine is superior to quinine in its specific jower, and never produces the slightest in ury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write t!:at Has ine h's cured them after all othecr mcdt inenad failed. Write for book of tc-sti- onfals. Kaskine can be taken without any special medical advice. SI.00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price KASKISE CO., 51 Warren St., Xew i'ork 10 dwlrn LOOKOUT THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! Closing Out. CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. Everything to be sold toy 1st of May.v.Bw- jrains in Watches and a general line of 1st class Jewelry. Now is your time for Bargains at Fi. Bate's'. Corner Third and Piasa streets. 1887. 1887 TUB LATEST ! JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR Made in four styles. TWO and Three Burner.. With Tin ana K«: FOE SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES ASD HARDWAHB Also Outside Work a specialty. Rooting and •galvanized Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAJf 0. COB. HKOOND AMD ALBY 8TS. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE, Estate of Ifcnrlette M. Born, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Executor of the last trill and testament ot Henrictte M. Born, late of the county of Mndlson and State of Illl<)oi«,dccea!>ed, hereby <dve9 notice that 'he will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court house. In h dwardavllle, at the June term, on the third Monday In June nuxt, at which time all parsons havlnic claims atrnlnst said estate are notlfleil and re<iuestcd to attend for the purpose of huvlug the same adjusted. All person; Indebted to said entate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated thta Uth day of April. A.U. 16*7. WILLIAM SOSNTAU, Sldlw Kxecutor. ILL A PER1XCT Air Pressure, without the elevated tank. Pressure fa obtained with a weight, not with a pump. Absolutely tie safest; simple with no Intricate parts, L1G UTS with carbnrettcd air, instead of oil in a drip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all ol 3>f inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pi pet of heavy annealed braa»,witll union couplings. One ecd ol tsnk Is of gl&»f, stowing quantity of oil in same. Cannot The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES are improved 'taecbanlcalljr and artistically. Large double oven tor three burner Ranges; Stand pipes tncreas«a in size to one Inch, with large supply vnlvo and trap at base. A11 ovens are made dcJVblu or 'flue lined : ap<kHui PITTS & BAMILL- - - - Sole Agents. Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking the CHEAT GOLDEK SEAIi. Testimonials are being received daily regarding its wonderful properties. Eminent i>hysicians endorse It as the greatest medical discovery of the day. The GREAT GOLDEN SEAL is a Nerve Food, Building up the nervous fiysten and the tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Prerontatire of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidofe Overcoming the evil effects of excessive alcoholic Indulgences. A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning? up the entire system. If you are Just recovering: from sickness, no known remedy will give strength and health §o fast. Price, $1.00 per bottle at aU Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO., 54 LaSalle Av.. CHICAGO, ILL. HAV-FEVER It not a liquid, sm'jF or jtuvdcr. Applied into noxtriliin q'tiek'y alc'jrtxd. It cleantu the head. Allnyi inflammation. ffeaUtke sare». Rtdorea ?/;-: s/ivtts of taste and imett. W ctntt at lirwjit!*; In/ nail, rrnistrrtd, 60 cento. ELY BROTHERS.I)rugg:!sts,OrTcgo,ST. Patents. Co ny persona •wishing to obtain PHtont on new Inventions, improvements o designs, I will exeouta drawings and speolfl Cations and make applioations for 1'aMnti MI conr.iltHtion, in person or by l*tt« , Ire« WCA8 FFEIPFENBEBGKR, HI. New and Beautiful Designs JuHt arrived und arriving for the 8vv Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS . A Specialty, from Small to Largest Hlzes. At the old reliable llOUHE-rAI.NTl.S'G and IJEC'OKATJ.NG e&tuhllshmont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at feblliUin EAGLE PACKET COSIPAST. SPEING AUEANGEMENT. .The Steamer W. Jfc'. ENSBVGEll, Plain and Decorative I E. BOSS POWBLl, i ED. BLOCK, Oler» B U. LEYHB, Master. On and a: tor Monday, Feb. 11,'tha Spread Eagle will ran as follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Graiton, and waj points every evening at 5:30 o'clock. *3,Tne WhUtle will be Rounded filter: minutes before starting for 8t. Louis. To ST. Lctns, BODTfDTBIP - Twssrr RIBKB' so - 76 - - 6 W w. HIM.. /."Jem. Fast Freight & Passenger Liue THE ST. LOUIS AND CKNTUAL ILLINOIS B. It. CO'S J. F. ELLibOK, Commander. ED. AKBIIDT/.,' (oinrka TltUE DODOK, j"' 8rk 8- On and after Thursday .Feb. litli, will leave A 1 ton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will leavest. LouU lor Alton, 1'ort- RRC, Jersey, Grufton and nil points ou bt. L. A C. 1. U. K., dally, except Sunday, at 8:3(1 a. in. , striving at Alton at 11 a. in. Kcturninx will leave Alton for St. Louis ut 5:t5 p. m. arriving ut St. Ixmii at 7 :SU in umplu time for parties to uttoud thuutras, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tlvkew will be furnished state rooms without extra coat. Hound trip tickets o| Dtttuuier Sprund En«lo or Hudson wlli;i>« honored by either bout for return connertliiiorlth IttstoiprcBs on St. Ixiuls ami Central Illinois llatlrotid for Jeraeyvillo, Wa- voriy, SpiinKlii'lUuud all poiuu north and eaat. KAHB. To ST. Loum.glttKlotrfp, , . , Me. " " round trip, .... 75a. " " twenty rlu« ticket, . , $1,00 HESItY C. TATUM, dim. A«t. Alton. II. A. KIHIIKH, (<eu'l Miinaxur. 1'illillf U-i WORK PKOMPTLY ATTKNDKD TO AT LOWEST TEUWS. USFIOE AKD BHOP OK SECOND ST., ALTON. NEAR PIASA WSLSON WASHBOARDS. ThM« Washboard* are made with a Bout .'Wood rim. The Strong- e«t boarja and be«t wmlwn in ti« world. For solo by all dealers. Take no other. SAGItVAW M'F'G CO., ffofrlnavr, Mlchl|; nn< HOOFING _ PAINT . l.artct or i-«r loftil. Fur iirkvs, Jtildlvw^i 1 . **!«" 'IK, ,1- CO., Uturrul AarnKs 4>13 « c. i Kt.i Cbtogn, or Mil Ul»»u Lumber C' Sale. notice Is hereby ftlvou thiit by'vlrruo ol an order of the eouuty court of Madison county, Stute of Illinois, the undorslxiifJ, asslKMcu of the v. K. Hparks Mllllnit Oomp»- ny, will, on FllinAY.thoSOTIt HAY Of Al'lUh A. !>., IS87, snll at uubllo auction to the hliin; i.'st bidder for cash, at the hour of ton o'cloO« In the forenoon ol Huld day at the north Iront door of the city hall butwlng IntheolWOt Aliiiu, Madison county,Illinoli,thefollowWH di-sorlbud tenl eututo, to-wlt: Lotthlrtef 11 (111) lu Alton Maunf iicturiiiK Company's audition lo iho city ot Altou, county ot Madison andfitutuof lllinoi«: a deed will bo made to the purchaser upon approval o! the report ol unle by the county court of Madison eo. The ajovi) property being tlie prosotit residence of Unpt. I). It. bparkB. WUNKK.MILNOU. AHslgnoeof tliu 0. K. Bpaiks Milling Co. '

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