Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1887
Page 1
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•( ^ p**f ff*t •• t ' 1 TOLUMBl 26. ILL., SATURDAY EVENING; APRIL 23, 1887. 2*78. To Regulate •'''• • "'' ' FAyonw'B npius IUBMBDV is -i not tb contain a BtAgie'jiartloJo . •r Ijr I nC of Mercury or> arty Injarlbns substance, but is purely vegetable. ' ' ' .1 i IT WILL ODItH ALL DlSEASHS OA.UBFO ur DKIIANOEMKNT off *HB LIVER, .KlIlfnm.ANp.SlOMAOn. If ybur.tJiYur is pub of ordor, Hion your wbolo system Is U&rhngod.' Tho blood is Impure, t ho breath olfonglvo ; you have hotulnoho, fool lungiild, dls- plrltod and nervous. To prevent a more serious condition, tiiko ne onco BlmfflonB :'••>':•'•••::..• :•-•'.. v : V ••'• •:' Li JIKGCLATOB. If you load a sed- ' e, or guffisr 1 with Kidney -- .--!=• - .-•I'n'Vjiia stimniarita and take Slm- jnonBlilyerHflgulatdr. bare to restore. . II you hiive ontou imvUilnE liura 01 digestion.' r 'or feel heavy alter meals or sleepless at night, take a doso und you will fool relieved nnil sloop pleasantly. ! ''''~"-.':'' ....•:[ •'' • • It you arc a miserable sufferer with Constipation, Dyspepsia, and BU- iomno»», sock relltii at once in .Simmons Llyer, Regulator. It does not require continual dosing, and coits but a trlfleV"'It will cure yon; • 1'f you; wake up in tho morning witn a bitter; b^tl taste In j our mouth. Til If f* SJtD,tnons L ver Regulator. It oor I f\|\ t ''0018 the bilious stomach, sweetens the breath.-and cioauaos tbo Fbrrod TonRuo. Cihtldren often need soma safe cathartic and Tonlorto avert approaching sickness. Simmons Liver Regulator will relieve Opllo, Headache, BlpkBtpmaoh, Indlaestlon, Dysun • tery. and Cotnplftluta Incident to Childhood. At" anyitlrae you-'feel; your system ' : • needs'clonnsmif, toning/regulating . , .wlthOuli violent purging, or Btlmulat' • ing without liitoxleittlng, take ator J. H. Phila., ,Pa. " "i-mwf wlfcy ANNUAL ioiial -AT- ALTON. Of the male pupils in all the Rooms giving monthly reports of the Alton Public Schools, one from each room, .that can show a record for the best Deportment, Scholarship, &c., certified to by the Teacher and endorsed by the Superintendent, from the first of the present month to the end of present term, shall receive from W. A. HILDEBUAND a $2 Hat or a $2* pair of Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, 10 per cent off ($1.80), optional with the party. Ono prize to each of the following schools: The Brother's School, the German Catholic and the Lutheran. The Teachers' certificate will suffice. And the one male pupil of the Public Sohopls of Alton that can show the best record, (certified to and endorsed as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c., from September last to the end of the present term in June next shall have as a grand prize a $10 Suit, or its equivalent (10 percent. off,?9) in cash. 8®uAwards of prizes will be made qn presentation of the proper certificate any time before July 2d next, after which date thio promise stands void. [Signed,] W. A. HILDEBRAND l^ucas Pfeiftejiberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTEND!; N T DRAUGHTSMAN Ofllcb onTUlrd et.,ono door went of Pioam tbixd floor. A Busy Author. John Hitbber,tdh,is "one ol tho;bitsi<jst; : in^h.jii thlM biisy to.wn. lite days aro/'sjient IA tho //eraW.olIlco, ho roacli- Ing thovo every morning at nino nnd Idayi'tig riii'olj' bdfoi'o 1 Nix; in the evening. Tho liuthor'lives' with"hiB family.nt Nu^y;Kochollo, and it is on tho train bct\yoon Now Ilochollo ami Now Yoi'K thiit .most of his storiofi &tp cdiieuivoil. ' A Small reporter's pad'is his cpnatant companion, and on its leaves ho jots down the plots anil heads of his stories, .Vyhpther' they occur to him in the horse ; car or on the train.; Formerly Mr. Hab.borton resided in Brooklyn, where lie was a oloso 'neighbor of Henry Ward Buccher, but his love for" tho country led him to take up his home in New Rocholle. He is called upon more frequently than perhaps any of onr other writers for a story from somo periodical 'at almost a •moment's no- tiee. Ho never fails in -meeiing tlieso sudilon calls, or In giving satisfaction to tho editor or publisher for whom he writes. Mr. Habberton is in the prime .of his manhood. Ho is forty years of ago, with a high and fiuoly- roundecl forohctid and an 'abundance of dark wavy hair. His manner is frank and cordial; lie is deliberate in speech, and a'rapid convcrsiftionalist, who never has to hesitate for a word N. Y. Mail and Express, ; Absolutely PMTG. Thlo powder never varies. A marvel ol purity; strength wbolpsomoness. More' economical) than the ordinary kinds, and ctinnot bo sold.jncduipotltlpu with tho, multitude of low test, short weight, altini plibs]i)mte now! derg. SOWJ ONLY IN OAUS; RQYAI/ JB AKIHQ POWDER CO., 108 Wall St., N.Y. .' ' JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, READ L.IST OF -AT- ' ; C. A. Schlueter's Agency. "'•I. . .••?". >.*3 QO«v,'fc I :'':'>, :. ':• *1 r r. •**;,** >ir <** * For Sale, cheap, eor. of 7th and Alton sts.; frame dwelling, 1 rooms and collar, rents lor $10 per month. : For Sale or Bxahangao—100 acres, 85 In cultivation, 2X miles northeast of FOBtorbtirg, at a bargain. ' For solo—Five-room brick house, story and a half, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. Can bo had at a bargain. Good .property to runt. * Ono 6-room now house, with,collar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by 110 on Oth and Market sts. ' For sale—one 8-room house and,'ono 3-room house, Oth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good cistern and coal house, at abaigalu. For sale—15 acres in Korth Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For sale— 6(10 acres Improved farm with good house and studios in Woodson county, Kansati. H. H. runs across from Fort Soott to Wichita, 6 miles from county scat, Forsale—76 acrns partly bottom land, Improved farni, near Oorsey, with plenty of good buildings on same. For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, in this city. For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage in Bethalto, with plenty Of ground, stable und good water on promises. For sala or exchange—Two sections of lt.ll, timber land in So, Missouri, 160 mllos from St. Louis on tho Iron Mountain R. It,, at u bar* gain. For solo or exchange, 3 acres ot ground' on Main St., adjoining- Muyor.Gopplngor's on tho east. For salo or exchange—6 sections of • pralrlo land In Crocket county, Texas . Will sell ohaap. Suitable for any tanning purposes. ' Throe aoros adjoining Dr.ltoberts on north, Five lots on Dry St., adjoining/Thomas Big. gins' residence on tbo oust, Ono and a half lots In llawloy's addition. Ono and a half lots In Sholly's addition. Any of tho uboyv property oan bo bought at a bargain. > I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. 3. And other good Companies in addition. C. A. SCHLUETER, i in ray New Building, on Second street. '' inculidw JOSJSfH JAKKBTT'8 LIVERY STABLE! STRKKT, BKTWEKN ALBYANDKABTON, LLXINOI A p^clonc in Vcrnon county, Mo., TInii'8day,|ovening, killed (Iftbon persons and destroyed thirty houses. There was a heavy snow storm along tho Union Pacific Railroad, in Wybtoing and ' Utali • Territories, Thursda'y. '' ' . ! ' "'"•'"' The Standard Oil Company has already begiin' to gobble 'up'tlie Indiana gas'wells. In a shqro time the Hoosiers will not bo able to got enough gas to run an ordinary cook stove without paying tribute to the Standard monopoly. ""''"• A hail storm of unprecedented violence in that region ruined the gardens, stripped trees of^their foliage and broke holea in the roofs of liQuses at .Rolling Fork, Miss., Tuesday afternoon. The hail stones were as large as hens' eggs. If report be tr.ue, Secretary Bayard is going to ''keep on protesting all the Summer against the unlawful conduct of the Canadian fishermen." The country is tired of Mr. Bayard's protesting, and wants to see the loaded retaliation-act fired off. Every cent of the increased cost of the "long haul"'isiader the Interstate Commerce act, is saddled on tho farmers, who ^tiip cattle, •' grain and other products to market, and who buy the manufactured goods of the country that are shipped back to their homes. ' Mr. Eugene Semple's appointment as Governor of Washington Territory has set the "rock-ribbed Democracy" up there wild with joy. "He is," says /the AValla \Yalla' Statesman, "pile 6f the few but and true- blue Democrats appointed' to 'oflice under tlie present Administration." Reports as to Ex-Secretary Manning's-condition are full of contradictions.^The latest is that while his'minol is clear his body is quite paralyzed, and that it is doubtful if he gets home alive. Meantime the new bank in Wall street will open on May 1, with Ex-Treasurer Jordan at its head. Legislature. HOUSE. SPKINQKIEI.D, 111., April 22.—The joint Senate resolution providing for the appointment of a Commission on Claims, two from the Senate and three from the House, was concurred in, and Representatives Cooley, Wright, of Cook, and Miller, of Woodford, named as the members from the House. The Revenue Committee, through Judge Green, reported the code as revised by the committee. The code retains the county assessor feature,' but does away with the plan of divorcement of State .from local taxation. The feature of taxing'rail- roads has also been changed, Mr.' Murphy submitted a minority report in which the code as prepared by the Commission was. recommended.' The following bills wefe passed: providing for proper ventilation of mines, escapement shafts and code of signals; authorizing the police of any city or incorporated town to go into the territory embraced within the limits of adjoining cities and towns for the purpose of suppressing riot and protecting life' and property; requiring that objections other than those against the presiding judge to be made in order to grant changes of venue; authorizing Circuit Court Judges to appoint short-hand reporters in their respective courts for the purpose of taking evidence when so required, and appropriating $1,500 each to Peter McGhee and E. J. Howellsfor injuries sustained by the discharge of a defective cannon. The bill in relation to the title of real estate where rdcords ' have been lost or destroyed was passed. It provides that a person claiming ownership to such property derived from or through the person who was the owner or trustee thereof at tho time of such loss or destruction may file a declaration with the Recorder of Deeds setting forth his claims, and if such claims are allowed to stand for a term of three years they shall be considered a vested title. The bill is intended to cover loss of records destroyed by the groat Chicago lire. The bill prohibiting' insane persons, idiots and inmates "of prisons from marrying, was passed. SENATE. The committee on Revenue reported favorably Senator Crabtree's revenue bill. Senator Jlogan moved to have a conference committee of live appointed to confer witk a like committee of the House far the purpose of harmonizing the differences between tho Senate and House bills. Tho molioii caused considerable discussion, the friends of 'the bill blaimiug H should take its' regular order In tho Senate tho saine as other , — _—_._. . __—1_ Jills, and the object of appointing Aie committee was simply to delay its passage. The-motion was lost by a vole of 8 yeas to 2lJ nays.' The President of the Senate announced as tho appointees for the Committee on Claims, Senators Tor- rauce and Bell. Senator Bacon,of Edgar, introduced a b 11 making it a felony for parents, guardians'or, any person to abandon a child under 1 year of age. The bill introduced.' by Senator Evans making 'an appropriation, of 8215,000 for the'ordinary : and other expenses of the Insane Hospital lit Elgin, on second reading Was advanced to third. . Senator Gore's bill, on second, reading, appropriating .$24.600 to the State Board • of Agriculture for; the p'aytnent of premiums' at the, annual State Fair and Fat; Stock Show, and for the payment of the salaries of the Secretary, Chief Clerk and other employes necessary, was advanced to third .reading. The House, bill providing for the ownership and alienation of -real estate by aliens, and the age 6f Coil- sent bill were advanced ta : third reading. At 11:30 theSenate adjourped to Monday at 5 p. m, GUJEAT t,O 88 OF UFB. Details of tbe Cyclone's Work In • Missouri and Kansas. • Fifteen Persons Killed in Prescott and Many Others in tlie Vicinity. PJIESCOTT, Kas., April 22TT-The cycilone that swept through jthisj region last night, and left death and desoration to mark its path, su;ept away the telegraph^ wire, cutting off communication ? with the outside world, so that your correspondent was unable to get a wire until it was too late to send the full details of the great calamity, or to give . anyr thing like a description of the situation of affairs. The loss of life and destruction of property seems to have been greater here than at other points touched by the tornado, 01 cyclone. As for the destruction ol property it can best be covered iu the statement that three-fourths oi buildings in the place were demolished or badly damaged. In the confusion that has prevailed all day it has been very difficult to obtain a correct list of the victims. A careful revision late to-night shows that fifteen persons wei'3 killed in town and many others in the vicinity. STRUCK BV LIGHTNING. ST. CHAKLES, Mo., -April 22.:— During a violent storm, which occurred last night, a large stab'le, the property of Henry Diekamp, situated six miles west of this city, was struck by lightning, and together with six head of of horses, all of his farming •machinery and several head of cattle, was entirely consumed. His loss is estimated at $1,000, with no insurance. AT NEVADA. NEVADA, Mo., April 22—A heavy storm, which originated in Kansas, swept over the northeast part of this county last night between 8 and 9 o'clock. It is positively known here that four persons were killed outright and several are so dangerously wounllecV thaVthey will probably die. The wind was preceded by a hail storm, which did considerable damage. Many of the hail stones weighed from' throe to five ounces; and some of them measured nine inches in circumference. They crushed through the roofs of dwellings and barns, leaving holes through which a man's arm would pass with ease. Consid erable injury to stock is reported from tho hail but so far as learned no persons \yero injured by it. Tho storm entered this county a short distance from Fort Scott, Kas., and traversed a distance of nearly thirty-five miles, leaving the county at a point two miles south Schell City. . TEUItllH.D HAIL STORM. CALIFOHNIA, Mo., April 22.—Hail fell hero last night to the depth of four inches on a level and of the size of hen's eggs. It was the: worst storm <:f the kind ever known in the vicinity. It was accompanied by incessant lightning and u smoke iu tho air and succeeded by a copious rainfall. As a hair dressing and renovator, Ayur'a llair Yigor is junlvortwlly oom- mondi'd. It eradicates dandruff, euros oruptlons of tlie scalp, invigorates nnd beautifies the hulr, and pruvonls Its fading or turning; gray. dwlw ,on Jamon Ulver, V», In Cluro- inont Uolony. liluRtruted olrou. -larlroo. J.V. MAN011A, OUre inout, Virginia, ' SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and f[J l^i$e ; Plyis, Stair ^arpefe and Oil GiotJi Has arrived. Also avery Wall Faprs ail I '-am. offering 1 these gooj at tU<^ very . prices to cash buyers. All are i^yl to call 'and see the beautiful new goods ^learn|the low prices. ALTON, ILL. FOB THE AGENTS FOR THE WARRANTED FOE FIVE YEARS- THE OBLE.IWATED : Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Flow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BENDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquar ters for EUPION and "OARJiUp OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our $10 .BUGGY ! HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, 630. We keep.the BEST GASOLINE'and BURNING OILS on tap arid delivered' - ;to any part of the city. • WATCHES, From $18 to S50. Warranted 20 Years. ..... ....... -T. -• .... ...IT.. - ; ^ - . . ,-.; ..-,i-l . -;i :••.:: .1.1 ».;..••• From $i6 to $30. F W RnnTH THE LEADING J. n« pw i ri» JEWELER, myWdwlv SUBSCRIBE FOR THE By mail or delivered, Only Republican Bail 7 in Madison county '' J. SUITER & SON, IK FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. • A Full and Complete Stock Always 011 Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUll FUKN1TUUB ItOOMS AUK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILXi, •pfldwlv DB. C. W. KOl^LAND, ...... 13 Tlin>.D STliBKT, AI/TON, ILL. Offlo«ilou'r»— 8a.m. toUm.i 1 toip. m _ • febdwly G. A. JtfoSIELLEN, Dentist, OVEH 11UUBOU1JMA.NN'S OIQAU BTOliB 8KOOND 8T. . • v , T r - • lo»J dtf PHY8IOIAM8 Dlt. E. G PliyHlclau ooi OFFIOB W. A. T^JfjfFJLi af,p., Physician and Surgeon, Qflloe Jipjirft— Da. m.| 18 to I, and a p.m.

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