Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1887
Page 3
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We have now the B, & G. Howe Shuttles, Also Turkish Bug. Patterns machines E. H. GOULDING ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. FRIDAY EVE., APRIL 22. TUB DAILY. TKLBJOBAPJI la delivered by arrlers to nil piirts of, the olty.ol Alton and pper Alton, (or ten conta par week.. Mailed any address at the rate ot $5.20 per year. THE TBLKGRAPH has the largest olroulo- on of any paper In Alton, and la the boat tedium for. advertisers. OoiiNfin THIRD AND I'IASA STKBBTS. TELK- lONBNO. 88. All kinds-of seasonable 'Dry Goods re marked very low at the Globe. It NATURE is assuming her . emerald obo, spangled with flowers, 'all in the atest Spring style. ; " • ' Grand opening at Loans' tonight, ce cream all flavors. It MR. Joab VVatkins says that (he irming outlook on Missouri Point is 11 that could be required. Chip Beef, at Deterding's. It Use the most fragrant and best coffee n the market, Forbes 1 Blue Mountain amaica. For sale by P. Reyland and 11 lirst. class grocers. : 20 6* THE Young Woman's Christian 'emperance Union will meet tomorrow fternoon, at two o'clock, at the «oms of the W. C. T. U. on Second ;reet. See our new Plaid Cloaking suitable or Spring Sacks.—liaagen & FuessDry oods Co. It NEW Orleans has abolished Sunday nuking places and public gambling ouses. This is good for a beginning, ut morality will not have had its per- eot work in the Crescent City until the amous "Louisiana State Lotterj " shall ave been abolished. —Chicago Journal. Do not fail to examine our elegant ne of Children's Lace Caps .--liaagen fc. Fuess Dry Goods Co. It A gentleman recently deposited four old bricks supposed to be worth $10,00 each at the assay office, New York. Their light weight attracted ttention and by an investigation it was ound that the bricks were brass plated with gold and worth about$4. Clothing in full supply, at Globe. It For Sale—Two mocking birds. In. [Uire at this office. 18 d 2w THERE has been a great deal of talk ately about the "cheerful European Sunday." There can be no question .bout one thing, however, and that! is when the European powers have laws n their statute books about the Sunday r any other question, they are enforced to the letter, without fear or favor. A complete lino of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re coivcd by H. 0, G. Moritz, Third street. mbhlVtf A STORM.—We were visited by a very leavy storm last night with thunder, ightuing, 'bail and floods of rain. There can be no complaint of lack ot moisture'for some time. The streets in places were badly washed by the rush* ng torrents. Now look out for a boom of vegetation. Ice Cream at Loans'. 22 3 Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPhE & 3MILEVT. FUNERAL OF CAT?T. OOTTEB.—The funeral of Capt. John 8. Cotter toojc place at 11 o'clock to day from th> family residence on State street, Rev I. R. Raodlo,[ofllomtiu2, ^assisted b' Rev. Dr. A. T. Wolff. On the elegan satin lined casket was a'silver plate inscribed "At Rest." The remain were interred at the Salem cemetery eight miles east of this city. Shoes in all grades, at Globe. It A universal remark by every smoke of cigars: Nomlnger's Fig and Magno lla uro the best cigars in the market. FUNEKAL OK FjlAIJK MEUKIWKTHEK —The funeral services of Mr. Frank Memwother, of Centralia, who wa killed by a railroad accident at Weston Wy.i the 12th inst., wore hold to^da 1 at his old homo at Shipman, unde Masonic auspices. Mr. A. P. Morrl wether of this city, a nephew of th deceased, wont up this morning, ulsi a Knights Templar delegation as fol Iowa; Dr. T. P. Yerkes.O. W. Milnor Goo. D. Haydon.Rev.F. M. 8. Taylor J. li. Bostwiok, U. R. Phlnnoy, H. Sohweppo, J. M. Ryrlu. A delegation of Cantrallu Knights aooompuqied th Altonlans. Millinery—The latQat, the finest, th cheapest, the best assortment, at th Globe. Four ladles busy all day. .1 TUB POOR SALOOH The saloon keeper* are now "catching it" on all aides for their open and pen- latent attempt to carry the city lection In their own Interest. Their friends are deserting them m platens and oven the Democrat declares hat "it is a lie" that it is their" organ. After gushing over and supporting » ity administration which,for nearly two ears, his been controlled by the whisky ntorest, to the disgust of the best men n its party; after working hand in and with the saloon combination to lerpetuale free whisky rule, It now Urns round and kicks its friends and t "It's a He" that it is their organ. Vhy didn't it repudiate them before leotion Instead of afterP The closing ont sale at Rabe's Jewel y store attracts the ladles who are upplying their tables with silverware it extremely low prices. 22 3 UPPER ALTON. TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION—The tol- owing are the proceedings of the meot- ng held in Upper Alton last Saturday, >t which a formal organization of a /ounty Teachers' Association was made: Madison County Teachers' Assooia- ion met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by County Supt. A. A. SUppiger. The committee on Constitution and ty Laws reported same. After some iscussion the Association adopted the onstitution and By Laws as reported rom committee; Election of officers being in order the allowing were elected as officers for be ensuing year: A. A. Supplgcr, ''resident: A. Oehler, A. C. Williams ,nd Miss Richards, Vice Presidents; W. j. Tarbet, Treas.; Geo. W. Powell, Sec. The question of locating the County formal came up and after a general discussion the President asked for an xpression of the teachers present, which osulted m favor of Upper Alton.almost unanimonsly. Adjourned to meet at Edwardsville he lust Saturday in May. GEO. W. POWELL, Secretary. LITERARY—The annual exhibition of be Sophomore and Junior classes of ShurHeff'College occurs on Friday eve- ng of this week in College Hall. SATISFACTION—Much satisfaction is expressed here over the sentiment voiced in the election of Mr. M'Pike as Hayor of Alton. EXAMINATION—Mr. Suppiger, County Supt. of Schools has deputized Mr. Powell, Supt. of the Upper Alton schools; to hold an examination in the Iigh school room on Saturday next at 9 a. m. to complete unfinished examinations of last Saturday. Hats, all kinds, at Globe. It Extra nice Swiss cheese'at Deterding's. It MONTICELLO. The students of Montioello Seminary are to be entertained on Saturday eve. April 23d, by the Mendelssohn Quin totto club of Boston. Special invitations will be sent to the Mendelssohn club cl Alton ;and other music lovers and friends of the Seminary m Alton. A special train will be run to Godfrey and return leaving here at o'clock. The Quintette club this year .consists of, John Marquardt (from London), solo violin; Fritz Bohade, violin; Thomas Ryan,solo clarinette and viola; William Schade, solo flute and viola; Louis Blumenberg, solo violoncello, and Miss Alice Ryan, prirna donna soprano. Its Not all Gold that Glitters. No gold fence around us like. St Louis, nevertheless there is gold in II for you, if you stick to us in buying what you want, at the Globe. 22 3 THE G. A. K. Remember the meeting at the Coiinci Chamber this evening to make prepara tions to receive the veterans of the G A. R. at their annual re-union, in this city, July 4th and 6th. The veteran desire the co-operation and assistance o( all citizens, for it is Intended that th> reunion shall be a grand affair and every person having the reputation o the city for hospitality at heart shouk aid in the matter. View the nice Spring Shawls, at Pier son & Carr Dry Goods Go's. It RIYKB MEWS. The river is rising. The boats to leave this evening ar the Spread Eagle for Grafton; Hudson for St. Louis; 8t. Paul, for St. Paul Libbie Conger, for Kookuk, Boston Quintette. For the accommodation of thos wishing to attend the entertainment a Monticollo, Saturday evening, the 0. & A. R. R. will run special train, leaving Alton 7 p. m., returning leave Uodfro; at 10:16 p. m. , It PERSONAL. DAMAUED BT TUB FLOOD. Th« tr«tnemloug torrents of water hat fell last night did considerable amage at various points about the city. Part of the wall of the east side of he warehouse at the northwest corner f Front and George streets, fell on ccount ot the accumulated waters tbat ooded the sidewalk at that point. A argo portion of the stone sidewalk five way and the adjoining portions of hat as well as the wall, aro in imml- cnt danger of falling, especially should iero be more rain. The damaged uildlng belongs to the estates of S. Wade and *E.. Marsh. City Marshal coating's residence adjoins the fallen wall on the north but is so supported hat it appears secure. Through some mismanagement the gutter* on George treet are so arranged that the floods ouring down the hill on that thorough- are are greater than the nutter on the west side, between Second and Front treots, can contain. Eonee,.tho over low, with the consequent damage. The ttention of the authorities had been ailed to the matter but, so far, noth« Qg had been done to remedy existing efeots. Engineer Dixon this morning closed lie entrances to tbe bridge over Shield's ranch, near Bozzatown, the structure aving been so weakened by the flood hat it was considered dangerous to rossit. There is a washout on Blutf street, ear Mr. T. Peplor's residence about ix feet deep and of considerable width. The floods caused the sidewalk to ottle near Mr. J.E. Haynor's residence, >n State street, making it dangerous to ass the place; especially at night. Have you tried those new potatoes at Jonnor's. It Mr. Win. II. Bippy, of Venice, was In town today. Witness our display of Table Linen and Napkins,—Plorson & Carr Dry Goods Go. It We FEEL and KNOW we ate offering ''..-.. ' ', * > ' • an assortment of ' * ,,.'.•• \ i , DRESS J3OODS t ''••'.-• . T never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kiuds, HYMENEAL. BDESON—OASAVANT. Capt. N. Bueson of this city and Mrs. Minnie Casavant,- an amiable and ac lomplished k lady, of Jerseyville, 'were married yesterday.'The.many friends of he happy pair in this city join in congratulation and good wishes to them. Cast your eagle eye on our beautifu )ress Goods and Trimmings.—Pierson Carr Dry Goods Co. It BALL HOTES. [Tor the Telegraph.] Here we are again! Full of life, snap and hope 1 . The Prickly Ash and Murphy, after he Western Athletics. Seems quite natural to see "Horse shoe" battery with the home club. We want to see less "kicking" thii season, and more mutual confidence among the players. Charter Oaks will, in all probability follow the Prickly Ash on the Alton diamond. . How many.Alton umpire cranks havi rot the new rules "down fineP" The spectators will certainly miss Bouchard's lively antics. "Give him another in the same place." The "official score sheet" will bo isautid for tbe next game. , Tbe suits are ordered and will donned for the Prickly Ash game. "Buck" is on to la new racket—spo the sign. The XXX B. B. C. will be here m few weeks. They're xtra. Edwardsville is a leedle slow in com ing out—too slew! Help the players in their 'work^b holding up their hands. Do not b fulsoinely lavish m your praise of cor tain men in the nine to the discourage ment of others. Be good, now, an take the hint kindly. Query: When Fahey calls for a lug ball will he get itP Hush! not a wor about Hemp! Will the streetcars double up and sav the Crowd shoe leather P • Sheriff Burke will issue anothe sweeping challenge soon. Pies will b in order. A Lean versus Fat nine would bo big drawing week day card for som charitable object. Give the umpire a good, square deal he has a trying position. Very fe umpires are deliberately unfair an unjust. Your preferences in the gam should not let your desires run awa with your judgment and demeanor. Faboy will have charge of the Alton on the field during' the games. Yager and Weiss— our Teutonic ba 1 tory—will show up well .during th season. Guess the percentage of games th Altons will win. during 1887. Pin U U lobo>of your ear, and let us all see ho' near you come to it. Tbe Sporting Life snys the captain of the League and American Assooiutlo club teams for 1887 urn as follows: Leagues—Chicago, Anson; Detroi! Manlon; Now York, Ward; Phlladol pluu, Irwlu; Boston, Kelly; Washing ton, Farrell; Pittsburg, Smith; Indian apolis, GlasHoook. American Association— St. Louis Comlskoy {Brooklyn, Swurtwood; Louis ville, Keruis; Cincinnati, Fonuelly Athletic, Stovoy; Metropolitan, Orr Baltimore,|Burn8 ^Cleveland, Suydor. Bress Goods!] NEWEST STYLES and COLORS ii RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than evet. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at ; PISBH & Carr D. G. Co. < At Marsh's Drug Store YOU MAY FIND Fountain Rubber Syringes., Rubber Bulb Syringes, with metal hard rubber pipes. u Syringes, all styles and prices. Hard Rubber and Glass Syringes." MARSH'S DRUG STORE. —GO TO- SEBLY & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames* Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A fall line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: r« THIRD STREET; - GOLD and SILVER The best for the Money.

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