Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1887
Page 2
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AMOK PAILT TELBGBAPSL HI W. T. NOBTON, Cor, Third and Pin»i» StrMU, Alton* ill. FRIDAY BYE., APKlL 22; BPBINQ seems reall* here wHeti Ihe Atlantic tar lh<> month of May HOB before us, and an excellent number It is, too, opened by "The Courting of Sister VVwby," a New England' study drawn to the life, by Mm JdWott, ''A Ulimpse of Emerson's Boyhood," which his , preparation for the Jorthcopiititf blo- ; grapby of Emerson has; spooially fitted • him to write, »l)r. ilolnies'sjlntercsting , repiia*! of liis fo«)<tn oxp&nancos, "Our Hundred Days In Europe," and also tho two seriala, '«The Second Son" and "Paul Patoff," are continued as usual; and Mr. Hamerton adds another instal- ment to his "French and English" series. In "China and the United States" some popular fallacies .about onr diplomatic, business, and missionary standing with the Chinese are discussed by A. A. Hayes j and a valuable study of Italian politics is contributed by Kev. Wm. Chauncy Lngndon, , "The Shakespeare Shapleigh Entangle- ftf-'Aient* is an Ingenious Shakespearian bleasantry, and an able article on fc "The Decline . of Duty," by Georgo '' Frederic Parsons;' discusses the indications of tho prevftllinc; want of conscientiousness in the worlds of labor, politics, and theology. "Fluttorbuds eet" by OliTeThorno killer; and .poetry by Wm, C. Law ton, Clinton • • : Bcollard, and Andrew Hedbrooko, reviews of Browning's and Tennyson's new volumes, etc., and the usual • departments conclude a number which Is of unusual value. ; MUSIC IH PUBMC SCHOOLS. Editor Alton,Ttlearavh! , ;Permit -mo to ask the atteni 1 lion of your readers to a question not only interesting in itself, but,of no little practical importance, viz: "Muslo in our Public Schools. V Is this possible, and if so/is it, desirable? There can be but one; opinion off this last inquiry. ....... The old fashioned •'singing sohool" > is no more—regretted, or not, it is gone. How now, shall our children, learn singing P. Echo'answers, how.; True, ixmob money and time are expended annually for musical instruction, but< with what results? The universal voix ? jdiot is .f'far from satisfactory"—save in rare instances of peculiar, musical talent. Germany Is the land of songs. Its people sing from their cradles. The late Dr. Lowell Mason pace said in a weir remembered lecture to a Theolo- Jglqal citt8s:"The Gerraans do what we ' onlydescribe and seek 1 to represent in words or characters* They do ..these things, all'their lives, they sing." How is this. Music is a part of the daily drill from the first to the last. Can we do this? Or is the difference a something innate in the German and Wanting ID the American? f Le't me reply by telling what .1 wit> nessed yesterday in Greenville, 111. Though, long a believer in these things • I saw and heard what was a groat surprise. At tho invitation of the Super* •iniendont of the public schools I went with the !,tou8ip teacher into | the primary grade and heard a fifteen minutes exercise into which'pupils and teacher entered as into a holiday sport, and these children just past, six years old, eang scales in • ..all. the .various changes of elgnainre, in flats and sharps, passing from one to', another, with the utmost ease "and. naturalness,' and to me and to them the time was passed all too.sopn, 1 went wivh. this teacher to tho ne*t erade and there saw only' an,; adyajioe«l' stfige;of.excels lenoe in like things.' La tor m the day'I went into a thli,d grade consisting of 1 boya and girla from ten to thirteen years old and though I have seen normal drill, in years past under. Dr'a Mason, Hustings and •K6ot,\X-bjaye.-never seen,'the performance.^' this last- grade oxuellecl in ready,, prompt,: intelligisnt response to tho baton of the master through varU ous and rapid .changes of key,-8tylo and measure. I did not sea the high school grade, which I desired, for lack of lime. 1 will only state that in October last, by; tho desire of ?tbe Supt. and Prof, Burns, this work was introduced, which is the system of normal instruction, now taught m the public schools .in Boston, Mass., and elsewhere,' and tho present stage of excellence has boon secured in these : five months by a daily exorcise in thei tifteon or' twenty minutes now given , to .. singing (each as it is) in our 'schools. This system proposes, in a city like ours, to occupy tho time of a teacher to superintend this work, drilling the teachers, > : and<giving -advance lesions in every •grade, which the regular teacher follows up daily. It is also in this plan to go on into, tho higher .excellence of musical education andV performance, through the entire course, and all with ,on,|y the use of that time which is DOW • devoted to song with no •attqmpt at • Instruction. I am prepared to point out a competent Instructor for Alton, if de- »lrod. '< C. B. ARM8TUON4. AUUMHUA ALIIAMWU, Ilia., April so,'u;. • Kvflrythlnu In the vagotublo lluo booming • also rout ostnto and B?uii)Vom9 ot ooul, oil and I it a nit) all ^ooiuuig, XB (not (he boom la lioro .aud everybody dollKhtod. We want a larij flour mill uad oloyntet, aUo u crouuiory nui. another (arm devoted to the dairy business Our flllagt election pussod olf quietly bin with Interest, W. W, Pouroo, N. Doha nud It P. UtlKer wore elected toifii u-uxtoei, nnd nn ezpeottd to-look alter our IntoreatB In i f atherty nmnner. . Uo?'» Qruonlair, DuBiird and Union! holt •ieotlnga In the 8. M. K, oliuroh lust week aud drew largo congregations. Gol. •Ulott'B i;r«en lioaies and gurdunu'iu' , In a ^ouiiihlnic condition aud will ropuy an Tisltor to go tUrougli tlitiu on a tour ol In spootlon. .'<.'•. ' ' ' Ure. A. J. UUger nni leturnod IromiTlel toliorparenti. , Un, U. UHoldulljorg.ollQla, vis Itlng hor aliiter, Mrs. Pr. UaruBbwgor. ! >, Judge McDonald pasted Hirouuh town Mou .**»•... .,...., A. J. UUger U improving and bouudfyln bU properly on corner of Main and 8tat RomeSt.Jxiuli parties were out last week looking at land In our Tlclnlty with n vltw topurcbMlng. They were delighted with the country, and proepecti for oil and natural ga». We thfnk a large tract of laud -will ,be obtained by a syndicate forming |n the 'dty for the, tmrpoae 61 obtaining <f»« for toanufacturinffpurpoiei.. ' ; 0. W. Mead, Sr.,paiied through our village lastweok. , Oitdward Klllott, K«q., of Stanley, Kan., the uncle of our esteemed townsman, 8. J*. Kl- liott, IB visiting his relotlvon hnrc, and participating In the boom. . ,; , There In some talk of ono of our enterprH- ng citizen purchasing and developing a terrapin farm. He claim* they are dellctoua, and much sougnt after M food and aro easily alaod, living mainly upon water and musk melons. , /''.-. ,. _ i_ i ^' WITAMMUJMOK. Beggar to doc-tor— "Flense, kind sir, dp inc. . J've twelve small children." Doutor "Put out your tongue."— Texas Sif lings. i ,v • j Cincinnati lady ($bhusband returned roni a public dinner)— Was the dinner n elaborate nll'air?. Husband — Elabo- atcP Glasses were set at each cover or sovon difTcrcnt kinds of beer. — Vein York Sun. • Joseph.. Cook says there is no vo- >chtaiii!C after death. Let him, there- ore, abandon the lecture platform ere t is too late. The better city htw no "Vemont Temple, and no use for it. — Wines. Tho ; Queen — "Albert, dear, I fain rpuldheat 1 thee play upon the banjo." 'he • Prince— "What shall I play, lothor/ 'We'll get there by-and-byP" 'he Queen— "No, Albert; play 'God aVe the Queen." W/"*/^. A fashion item says that "n ball dress lould bo plain enough to show off the atonal." The 'object now appears to e to make it brief enough at the top 0 show off a considerable portion of ho wearer. — Norristoion Herald. At the opera — "I can't explain the necess of that singer! '!•"' "Neither can "She sings through her nose most trociously." "Perhaps, that is the eason why every one is waving a andkerchief at her." — French Fun. ... When you soo something in a win- ow that, cannot by any possibility be f 'any use ; on anybody's figure, that ' an' t, keep anything warm or fit any- fhore, you may know it is, a portion of woman's costume. — San Francisco Vtrimiele,' ;.;,,; "Well, 1 " said the bookkeeper,- "Benon's always good'in ,an,.cmergency." 1 know it," said Old Hyson, "but he s drunk all the rest of the time, and fo can't haye an emergency on hand very day to keep him sober." Bunson oes. — Burdeite. . ;. ./ What was the rush last night, old nan? You left ahead of Mie party." Did IP I thought I took all the heads f the -.whole party with me from the ze of the bno I have-on me tliis.niorn- ng. Only a headP Bless you. I got n-a full bust."— Burdeite. The Elysee at Paris and the royul alaco at Brussels vvpro conunctcd by elephouc a day or two ago. If Presi- ent Grevy and King Leopold attempt 0 make each other h.ear wliat they say vefcar Ihu groat EUvopoan war will be ireeipitated — New Haven'Ncws. The Lowell Courier says that statis- ics'sliow that no actor was over killed while traveling upon a 'railroad. This vould seem to suggest to actors the visdom of spe 1 ruling all their time raveling upon a railroad. It would be ^/splendid relief to tho public, — Boston ''osl. "J had- no idea Shakor had so many rionds in the club as he seems to have. Vhy, 1 bvery one 'looks quite down in he mouth since ho went abroad." "No vender. Ho forgot trf niiiko any a'n- louncomont of his depnrture', you tub w, -and 1 Up carried his cheek book tvitli him.V-r 'Fojjim ; Topics. 'We ddn'th'iivo such sermons as they used to when tho apostles preached," said Mr. Noyorgo. "No," replied the wrson, "and wo don't have such con- rogations as tho apostles had, cither. .'aul^might preach to my congregation 'or six 'weeks aij'd" .then they'd bo two mouths behind with his salary." — Btir- detlc, . Mothoi'^-Johnnio, brush tho dust off your boots. Johnnie — Is that tho kind of dust papa was talking to governess about? 'Mother— What did ho say? Johnnie — He said: "Dost tlinu love ino,' Agues?" Mother — No, it was not, Johuuio; but Agues will dust out oj lore to-morrow morning.— Boston Globe, • . ' There is n woman in Philadelphia whp no sooner enters tho Zoological Jardons than every animal begins to lowl and roar .aud become furious, and 1 tiger which she looked squarely In the eyes for sixty seconds had a lit of some sort and lost his appotito fov two days. . Shais probably .a book agent.— Detroit Ffee J'ress. At the theatre: ' Young lady in box, 'aolng tho stage, with her dross cut rumcasurably low in tho back*; lady in the, audience ; observes her, nnd gives n violent start. '' Escort — Good hoavuus! What's tho matter? Lady (recovering) — O, nothing now. 1 was only afraid that girl would fall backwards out ol her dress,— tt'wMiiglw Qritic. "And do you doubt my love!" ho asked, passionately. "^°> Goorg," she answered with admirable / poiso, 'but when you say that tho day y'oi call mo yours will- usher in an era o; lifelong devotion and tender solicitude, you— pardon mo, dear — you 'put it on a trillo too thick. You seem to forgot, (Jooi'gc, that I am a widow." — New York Hun. Senator (indignantly)— The ropon going around that 1 urn one of the best poker players ju tho country Is djolhg mo a great deal of luirm. Somvtor'i wifo (soothingly) — I don't see why 1 should, ihy duar.. People pay very lit- tlo attention to such Idle talcs. How doos it hurra youP — £>unator — I can got anybody to play with mo __ New York Sun, Self-respecting—"I am in Favor of an Indignation meeting to denounce the ballet," Ordinary citizen— •My dear sir, why this antipathy?" •Because it is vicious, Indecent, >lnV moral, disgusting, brazen." "Gootj fraciousl I neverdctected any of tliosl ihings when I ahw it," "Posslbly^iotl ' have neVfit' Seen .U: therefore I speak' with confidence."— miaildfiJiia Call. No wonder tho government la going ,o spend, $50,000,000.,for coast dofense. two •' American base ball clubs are lireatoniiig to play .in England .and Germany this summer. Say, cau't we compromise this thing withoiit'auy use- ess effusion of bloodP Tho boys will jo over there and puvsuade Lord llan- iolph Churchill or Prince Bismarck to act as umpire, and then 1" 1 — llur- dette. "Riches take unto themselves wings and fly away," said tho teacher; "what "dnd of riches is moantP" And the imart bad boy at tho foot of tho class laid he "reckoned they must be ostriches." And tho only sound that >roko the, ensuing silence was tho ound that a real smart bad boy makes vhon, without saying so in just so many vords, ho seeks to convey—aud usually Iocs convoy—the impression that he is u great pain.— Bttniettet •These strikers are all alike," said Jlundorbore; "my daughter was vead- ng "last night about one of them, lark O'Boznaris was his name) evi- Icutly of Irish extraction. Well, this ellow mado a speech to his district as- embly, and called upon his knightly 3ompanions to strike to tho death, and vouud up by telling them to strike for heir native laud. They merely wanted ho earth, you know; they didn't care copper whether it was fenced in or not."— Boston Transcript. Merchant (to applicant for a job)—• )o you know anything about figures, Jnclo liastus? Uncle llnstus—Yes, ah. Merchant—Well, if 1 were to end you $5, and you promised to pay mo $1 each month, how much would 'ou owe.1110 at the expiration of throe nonthsP Uncle Kastns—Fi" dollahs, iah. Merchant—I'm afridd you don't enow much about figures. Uncle lias- us—No, suh; but I specs I knows all bout Uncle Kastus.— New York Sun. ' Railroads Not Necessarily Ugly. Why people fancy that a railroad must necessarily be an ugly object I mvo never discovered. There are railroads and railroads; a long, straight raised embankment in a fiat country s ugly; but a railroad in a mountainous country adds an additional charm :o the view. Few things are more jeautiful than a brick viaduct across a valley, unless it be the line of steam which issues from a locomotive and mugs in graceful curves along a hillside. Why they are deemed objectionable by esthetes, poets, and such- ike persons is bueauso they aro associated with that utilitarianism' which is hateful to their mooning, unprao-. tieal minds.— Londun Truth. Patents. Xo ny persona wishing to obtain lctt«i patent on new inventions, Improvements o tleslgns, I will execute drawings and sponlfi :ationa and make applications for Putonte M; ooniraUatlon, lu person or hy Istte , tree LUCAS' FmFFENBEHGJGB, EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Henrietto M, Horn, deceased. The undersigned! Jmvlng been appointed Executor of tho last will and tos- .iimcnt ot Henrietto M •'.' Born, ate of the county of Madison ttnd State of niliioi8,deceatjCd, hereby vlveu notice tbat]ho will appear before tho County'Court of Madison county, at the court house, in Hdwuruflvillo, uttfio June term, on the third Monday in June next, at which time all per- eons liavinp claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to anld estate aro requested tolumue Immediate payment to tho uudersigned. Dated this 14th day of April. AID. 1887. WILLIAM SONNTAG, 21d4w Executor, JOHN BATJEK, » DEALEU IN AND MANtWAOTUBEHj OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AI/TON, ILL All kinds of flue and common furnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. • • - - - apMdwlw" We do not m^nufaoturo Lard Candles, Butterlne, or any klndroc truck; wo do 'not'first squeeze tho fat and oil out of ourstook, and thci convert the refuse Into a worthleao eoap, We aro not near stock yard or slaughter houses, buy no dlseasoc or doad animals or refuse material tilLYKlt SOAP Is mndo Of PURE TAl. Low, by a clean process, and can ba usad freely without danger of havlnjj the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK YOUll QllOOER FOB )T, SMPIBE SOAP CO, ST. UOUlS. MO. Closing 1 Out. ••• • k it • * i *t M CLOCKS and SILVEKW ABE. At and Below Cost. tterytliiiig to be sold l>y^t of May. ^Bargains in Watches and a general line x>f 1st class Jewelry Mow is yonr time for Bargains at The importance ot purifying the blood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At Uils season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich tho blood, and wo ask you to try Hood s — _.. 1 s _ „ SaisapaVIUa. It strengthens r eCU liar an d builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, while it eradicates disease. The peculiar' combination, proportion, and preparation 'of the vegetable remedies used give to, Hood's Sarsuparllla pecul- hr^ ItS&lf lar curative powers. No ' V • "» w ' other mediclnchas such a record of wonderful cures. If you have mado up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It is ft Peculiar Medicine, nnd Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar 's Jeie W VI U H Vii J J.IU.UU W VI U H Vii J »**»«. •"•" . , , I'MC Corner Third and Piasa streets. 1887— JEWEL PNEUMATIC "or UR PRESSURE RANGES. Made in four stylos. 1'wo and Tbroo Burners. With Tin M Huasia Ovens. KASKINE (THIS QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, . NO ringing ears, "•^quickly |Pleasant,r re A POWEBFtJIj TONIC, that the most delloate stomach will bear. A SPJBO11T1C FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM* NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Gorm Diseases : . FOllOOLDS KASK.INE HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Bellevue Hospltai, K. Y.: "Universally BUO- 088 u ' ' ("Every imtiquttrfifttod St. Francis Hos.N. Y. \ with Kaskiflo has been . .. ( dlsoharced cured " Rev.' Jixs. t. HnU.Oliattlttin Albftny tcnlten- tiary .writes that'Kasltine has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from mnlarin ipd nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor par- S™. Joseph's Hospital. N. Y..- "It's 1 use is considered indispensable, It acts porteetly ." Prol. W. F. Holeoinbe, M.D , 61 East 26th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y,-Med. Oolleffe) .writes 'Knsklne la superior to quinine in ]ta spec flo power, and never produces tho slightest in • iury to tho hearing or iconstltntion. Thousands upon thousand' write that lias Wno lins oured'them alter all othcer modi eino had failed.", Write for book of testimonials. ' , , KuBkine can be taken withoutany special medlculadvloe. $1.00 poa bottle. Bold by or sent by in nil on receipt of \ pnco KASKINE CO., 54 Wai'ren St., Now York 10 dwlm it Pressure Is obtained -with a welglit, with a puinp. Absolutely the enfost; simple with no intriente pnrts, . with curhurettoa air. instead of oil in u drip cup. Gnsollne and Air Tanks aro all H? inch seamless brass tubing Binall connectlnK pipes of heavy annealed braan.wlth A'.PBIiFEOT Air Pj'essriro, without tho elevated tank. , not with a puinp. ' LIGHTS withcurbure , of 3k inch seamless brass tubing ~ „.•-!• ,--,,,, „• union coupitaKS; Olio ond pt tank is ol glhss, showing quantity of oil in same. Gannoc ' belllled while burning. I. , , .' , . ,, .. The regulur lino of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES aro improved mechanically and artistically. Large double oven for three burner Kunifea; Stand pipes increased in size to ono inch, with large supply valvo and trap at base. All ovens aro made 'double or .nuo lined. , : : : • •: - apOdlm ?ITTS & BAMILL, - - - -Sole LOOKOUT ,. THE CELBB11ATED QUICK MElL Gasoline Stove ! ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE <(&)> NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND, ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS'.' " ..... An tmmedlata relief for prostration caused by AIjCOHOIiIO EXCESSES A Stimulant which, when takea with Boda, Vichy, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will supply the Graving for Strong Crink,' without its disastrous results, leaving tho syeUm refreshed and Invigorated. Prepared OB. a HEAVY SYSUP, most agreeable to take. . ' • ' • " ON&V BV TKB Being non-alcoholic, it commends itaclf cs- peololly to Physicians, La-nrers; Teochjora, Olergy- ' men, Mercnonta, flnd others following; sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring norvo energy. CHiqAC-lLL. EAGLE PACKET COMPANY. FOIt SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Uoolers in STOVES AND HARD\VAKB Also Outside Work a specialty. Roofing and Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND ADBY 8TS. ADMNISTBATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deocaeqd. Tlio undersigned, huving boon appointed Administrator ol tho estate of Eleanor P. Uulld, late o( (the county n( Sludlson and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that ho will appear before tho county court of Madison county, at tho court house, In Edwardsvlllo, at the May term, on the third Monday in May next, at whloli time all persons having claims against said Estate aro notified and requested to attend lor the purpose of having tha same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said Estate aro requested to make immediate payment to tho undersigned, Dated this llth day of Hftrob.A, P., 1887. PEllLKY H. WII11TLB, 2d4w Administrator. ILL New and Beautiful Dotdgns Just arrived and Arriving for the aiv Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At tho old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING, and DEOOHATINU ostubllshmunt of NEFF & dBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. fob 11 (Will SPRING ARRANGEMENT. : The Steamer W. JbV ENSIKGERT* ••i..-. ; .:.. - / -I':'''I ,Ji .•.' ':.' i .' (E.llOSSl'OWBW, |ED. I)LOOIf,0101'K8 1 On and after Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Eagle will run an follows, vizi ; LEAVING ALTOH FOE ST, LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p.m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Qralton, and waj points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «B-The Whistle will be sounded fifteen minatos before starting for St. Louis. : ' ' jFAKKl .. , . '..:•- I ( TO BT. LOOTS, ... .' .• , 'BO KO0ND TBIP ..•-.- •. ,- : 18 TWBNTIT BIDB8 1 . • , - - B 00 O W. MILL, Ai/ntir. Fast Freight & Passenger Liiie TUE ST. LOUIS AND OBNTItAL ILLINOIS n. 11. OO'S I* ALACK SI'ISAM Kit J. F. ELLISON, Commander, ' Ei>. ANSHUTZ, j O i 0 . kll Tau» POIJOB, (Vr. >'• On and after Thursday ,Fob. 17th, will loavu Alton dally Oommtmolng Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will lunvu St.* Louis lor Alton, i'ort- ago, Jersey, Urafton and all point s on 8t. L. & 0. 1. H. K.,dallj', except Sunday, at 8:30 u. in.j arriving ut Alton at 11 a. in. lUiturnlng will leave Alton for -St. Louis nt fl;i5>p. in. arriving at St, Louis at 7 :80 in amplo time for parties to attend theatres, 'etc. ravtle's pur- ohuslng round trip tickets will be furnished state rooms without extra cost, Kound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eagle or Hudson wlli;iie honored by either buut for return coniiuiitlni: with f nstozprosa nn St. Louis and Uoiitral Illinois Hatlroad for Jvrneyvilin, Wu- vorly, BpilugfloldttUd nil pointu north and east. FAUK. To HT. l,oiJiB,sln«lo trii ..... DOc. " " round trip ..... 76a, " " twenty rliui ticket, . . ?D.UO HENUV 0. TATUdl, (lull. Agt. Alton. II. A. FISH Kit, den'l Maiiagiir, fnlUltf 'MI" WORK PROMPTLY ATtKNOEID TO AT i ... ., •• LOWKST,TEBM9.f;,,.., ..:; OFFICE AND SHOP OK SECOND ST., AI^TON. WILSON WASHBOARDS. These 'ft'ftshboards aro rondo with a iien< ,'Wood rim, The Strongest boar.'a and best wanbors in tb« world. Sot Bftlo by all doalnrt. Toko no other. SAG1IVAW M'F'G CO., U'-IPFORD'S LXOLLSlOR BINT mitUmpf Hhliialo and n»^'pr>w i J>', 1 F« >r )) ar car load, For prlciv. umfrowiO, 01!'li;, A ()O., Uent-riil AttcilU, 4011 WfitVWl Hi.i Chlcutfu, urJUIuhlyuti Lumber vo> • ASSIGNEE'S ;SAL.B. Public notices U horoby given that lu pursuance of an ordor of tho County court of Mud- .son county, Illinois, the nudumlgnod auslff- lieu <>( ilia U, it. Spark* Milling couipany.wlil on frlduy tlio slxfl) dav;of ;&li>y, 'At D , 1887, sell ut public atictton' to tho hlgliost bidder (or 1'iiHli at tho hour of one o'clock ]>. i», of said day on tho promises tho following do; Hcriboil property, to-wlt. Ix)ts numborod t\velvn(IJ),.t)iinoon.(la),ioiU'teon (11) Uiteon (15),8lxtuon ClU) mid (luventoon [17), lu John Halmiy's Socond addition to tho city of Oar- roll ton In tho county of Uroone undHtatoof Illinois, t.DROtliur with tho grain ulovator lliuruon knowu aa the "Oiu'rolltou Elevator." Tlu> above ualo will ba subject to any. and all liifumbrttncou on sulcl property. A deed, or d««ds, will uo uiiulo to the purchaser upon approval of thu report ot sale by tho Oouuty Court oC Madison county. WUNJMt. MILNOlt, AMnltfnoo of tlm 1), 11. Sparks Milling Uo, Ai,roN,Iu.., April 14th, 1W. wU

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