Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1887
Page 1
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Ira ALTON, ILL* To Regulate - j u '.' ' * ; * r *^"^ \' f/T' .-* > - '.• -.j .• : .•'''" fj tfAVCpJifijTOME BEMfiDT? IL I PI CrantoOf not to contain n tingle ixirticlo oJ Mercury or anV'ltijurionii subBtanoo, bid ia' purely vegetable. , DJ8V.A8K9 1IY DEIIANOKMKNT OF TII« ; ;.;• !', KlUNBVg AM) STOMACH. . ' ? " If ybtii-Lavur w out of order, tlion ', ypur.whplo system ia deratiBocl, Tlio blood Is Impure, the broiitli offfensIVo j : ' yon have lioadaohe, feel languid, dispirited-and nervous. To prevent u, .: more Borlous condition, take at onoo ' , jSnamonB "•.;••;•;..-. .•••.•.-.• -.-•;•••• ; .,••' HEQUI-ATOB. If yon load ft Bod- fe, or suffer '.wltli Kidney Affootlons, avoid stimulants and 'take Simmons Uvoi> Ilegulutor. Sure to reatoro. : If yoil huvoeatoH (mythlng hurd of digestion,, or fool heavy after meals or flluoplosB at nlglit. take B dose and you win fool relieved ana sleep ploaa- nntlyv> " '••'" '" ' '..--.•'-...•. If you are a Miserable sufferer with Onnttljmtlon, Uygpepnlu, and Bll- iuuiiie*), seek relief at onoo in Blm- uioutl Liver Regulator. It does not • require continual dosing, and costs but a'trifle, "It will cure you. If you wake up In the morning with abl^teiybadtastolnsour-moutn, ; *f • Ml* Siuimoiis li ver Regulator. It opr I flfllj roots the bilious Btowaon, sweetens the breath; and cleanses the Furred Tongue. Children often need sotna sale cathartic and -Tonic to avert approaching siolrauBB. Simmons I4ver Regulator will relieve Oollo, HcadiKrtiG.Siokstonmoh, Indigestion, Dysentery, and Complaints Incident to Childhood. At 1 any tlnle you fool your system ;. needs ;oleanBiafr, toning, reRulattng > without Vloionfpurgfng."6r aftmulut" ivfjtho' "•- •-' Ing without intoxicating, take Regulator J. H. FBEPARED BY ; Co., Pliila., _Pa. PUTCE, $1. - " 4-niwf wiky BO i y ANNUAL -AT- AJ.TON. Of the male pupils in all the Rooms giving monthly reports of , the Alton Public Schools, one from each room, • that can show a record for the best Deportment, Scholarship, &c., corti- fled to by the Teacher and endorsed by the Supprintendent, from the first of the present month to the end of present term, shall receive from W. A. HJOJJEBJIAND a $2 ,Hat or a 82 pair of Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, .., 10. por cent off (§1.80), optional ': i^Vitilj the party, ^ One prize to each of the following schools : The Brother's School, the German Catholic and the Lutheran. The Teachers' certificate will suffice. ' • And the one male pupil of the Public Schools of Alton that can show the best record, (oerti- ' fled to and endorsed as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c,, from September last to the end of the present term in • June next shall have as a grand prize a $10 Suit, or its equivalent (10 percent} off, }9) in cash. of prizes will bo inado on presentation of the proper cortitt- cato'any time b'oforo July 2d next, altey Wliioh date thjls promise stands void. .' •"" . . ...... '.•' [Signed,] W . A. HILDEBRAND Lucas Pfeiflenberger ARCHITECT, • Y • GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT ANB HECJUNICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, OHlco onThlrd 8t.,ono door went of Piftflfy tUlrd floor, '!' Boochor's Ijoutlier Note. , It a itmrtalm- prqinisspry noto made 'upo'n a'piocd of lefttlior is found among ttlio :Wsbts '.6f> tlie ilato Hoary Ward BjOpchor, it wiJU, bo f dated ' 'Saratoga,'' nfad It Will contaih 1 /the signature of a Saratoglan wfio'cxpootcd to reap" ii;'rlbh Mryost by having tho distingnishcd divino .Icctitro. in ,thq, Town Hall „ one i oVcnjng bavferal winters ago.Y/lfnfor- ' tuna'toly; thb Wbrtthcr thatiiight *asof tho blisissnrd"pattern, and tho attend- antao was a numorioal disappointraont to the. individual .maiiagpment. Tlie ; lecturer was to,havo begun at 8 o'clock, but lie did riot ascend the platform till 8:16. It subsequently; leaked out that the person who .had engaged Mr. Beecher was... u'lianclally heart-broken at the result, arid was able to hand him only a portion of the $260 agreed upon. "I Will give you my noto for tho balance," said the Saratogian. "That is a good idea," said Mr. Beeehor, -but allow mo to suggest that you make it out on leather, in order that I can tho bettor preserve it." Whether the leather note relic is found or not, the incident illustrated tlie eminent pulpit orator's keen appreciation of the ludicrous and grotesque. .."', : California lias 4,000, wine-growers, and at least 100,000 awes are planted" in vines. This lepresents ;m investment of $00,000,000,' and gives em- ployiur-nt or support to 160,000 persons. Absolutely Pure. , 1*8 A f <»' '" ' ' <•'* i I ' ' Thb powder .never varies. A marvel ol purity,- strength -wholesomoneBB. More economical- than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo :w>Ul In competition with the multitude ol low test, short weight, amm j>hosphatei_ppw- dersl BOED;QHLV-IN OiNs; BOY^tt, BAJCINQ POWDBEOO.,100WaUst.,N.Y. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -AT— C. A. Schlueter's Agency. For Sole, cheap, eor. ot 7th and Alton sts.; frame dwelling, 1 rooms ana cellar, rents for $10 per month. . < For Sale or Bxehnngoe—100 acres, 85 In cultivation, 2K miles northeast of Fostorburg, at a bargain. i For sale—F.lve-room brtok house, story and a half, corner Mlghtli and Moolianlo siroot. Can be had at a bargain. Good jproperty to rent. ^,•".-.- <•"•«" ••,-,.'. _ » One 0-room now house, with collar, cistern and cool house. Lot SO by 110 on 9th'and Market stg. • , For sale—oilo 8-room house andjono 8-room house, Qth.and 'Market .sts. lot 60 by'HO; good olatern and ooal house, at a bargain. For sale—16 acres In North Alton with good orohard, barn and plenty of water; T For Bale—BOO acres finpreveil {arm wltli apod house and stables In Woodson county, Kaunas, It.U. runs across from Fort Scott to Wichita, 5 miles from county seat, ! ' Forsule—75 acres partly bottom land, Improved farm, near Oorsey, with plenty ol good buildings on same. " . . f •' ° P' 80 . 0 ',°/ valuable property foe little cottage , . ________ -f ground, stable and good water on premises. <; i For salo or exchange— Two sections of R.R. timber land In Se. Missouri, ISO miles from St. Louis 'ori tho Iron Mountain B. B., at a T bur- gain.--: - •.•-••:• •-. / '." .->• -;\, j For sale or exchange, 3 acres of ground) on Main St., adjoining uayortOopplugor's on the oast. ,.' i ..... i • '. For sale or exchange— -6 sections of prairie loud in Orookot county, Texas. Wul > sell cheap. Suitable for any funning purposes. Throe acres adjoining Dr.Eobiirts on north. Five lots oh Dry St., adlulningiThomas Biggins' residence on tho oast. One and n, halt lots in llawloy's addition. One and n half lots in Shelly'a addltlou.. Any of tho above property can bo bought at a bargain. I also represent the .Buffalo German Fire Jif$ur^nce Co., BuffaloiW. T., one of i»e best companies in the U. S- And other gooa Companies in C. A. SCHLUETER, Office] in my ^ew Building, oh Second street, • inohHdw JO81SPJ1 JAKKflTT'8 LXVERY STABLE) FEONT 8TBHBT, BKTWKKN AIJiyANl>ttA8TON, AX.TOX • • a • H.UMOI James Russell Lowell has sailed lor'Europe. German emigration decreased last year 22,000. < < E-lovon Baltl Knobbers were indicted yesterday at' Ozark.' They are killing cattle again in Chicag9 t for pleura-pneumonia. Lieut. Danenhower's Vernal ns have been shipped from Annapolis to Washington. Commissioner Sparks has ordered a ^resurvey of the Las Vegas land gttiht In New Mevico. Col. More, Consul General to the City of Mexico,'leaves 'for his post of duty on Monday. : . The gold brick swindle has just been successfully worked on a weathy gentleman of New York'. ' 'GJo'v. Marraaduke ia at St. Joseph trying to make sslections for, tho police coministeionerships; ' ; A servant girl, Jennie Bowman, was beaten to death'in her employer's residence at Louisville, Ky., by unknown men, . ; Indications accumulate that there will be nb extra'session of Congress and that the President will i visit St. Louis in the aii'ttimu. l J Maj. John E.'Blame; paymaster in the United States .army and a brother of Jas. G. Bhriiic, died yesterday, at Hot Springsf'Ark. . The Jesaits'injjQanaela are preparing to contend stubbornly' for the restitution of "their confiscated estates'."' ' ••'• ••' '" ; '" ;i '' •'; . The ,new, epclesiastical bill was debatedfin the Reichstag yesterday and;,Prince Bismarck ,tpok an anibia- ted part in the discussion. '• ". 'The United'', States authorities are af ter T. I. Gardner, of Chicago and Cincinnati, fbr'sending bogus publications through the mails. Congressman.Cram, of Texas, is still in Washington and is putting in hard work: "trying to secure the fast mail the Iron. Mountain road. George;Miller,'of New i'ork, determined on suicide,'' cut his wrists open," stabbed himself in the breast, and jumped down two stories finally killing himself. ' ' ' Representatives of the transcontinental lines; the sugar refiners, San Francisco .board of Trade 1 arid other interests''- were heard'by tho Inter- State Commerce Commission yesterday. ' •'••' The Pacific railroad commission have adjourned for a week or two after addressing letters of inquiry to the departments at ^astiington? cov- jering the subject of .their, proposed Unquiry. ' Benj. Zimmerman strayed away from home in "Reading, Pa., seventeen years ago. "Yesterday^ he returned and found his wife, who believed him dead, Hymg with a second husband. It is said he will find Mrs. Zimmerman willing to be reclaimed, f '''•• •••••'•'• A French official has been decoyed into German territory and arrested by German police; charged with membership in the French Patriotic league. Great excitement is reported to exist in Alsace-Lorraine over tho affair. It has also created a profound sensation in Paris: Interstate OoniinUsion. , WASIUNGTON,. April 21.-WThe following telegram has .been received by, the interatatecommerce commission: , SAN JOSE,' New Almaden is. the largest quicksilver-producing mine in the United States. its ! priliici]pal'^orl£8 are ip New York, where its produot conies into competition with 'Spanish" quicksilver, shipped at low rates'of freight from London. The present tfa'nscontinen- tal rates shut' us ouf-bf- the New York market entirely and will have, consequently,'a disastrous effect on this industry. ' , [Signed] I. B. RANDOL, Man'r. Several telegrams have been received from the Pacific cost fruit interests, sotting forth the disasters threatened by the new transcontinental rates. G. M. Wicker telegraphs on behalf of the Board of Trade and merch'ants Of Chicago announcing a wisp to bo hoard, upon the transcontinental question, and asking that t lie- decision of tho commission be withheld until arguments can be subinittud. DON'T give your old stove away just yot. Tho stove founders aro all on a strike and thore may pot be now ones onougti to go round next Winter. A perfectly sound body and a mind unimpaired aro possible, only wi|/h puro blood. Loading medioal authorities indorse Ayer'a Sarsaparilla us tho best blood pm'ifymg mediqiuo in qxhitonoe. It vastly moroases the working and productive powers of both hund and braiu. dwlw EVENING, APRIL 22, ,1887. .'."'A Little Talk \Vlih the Slo'o».: It Is gingiilar wliy 1 '' p'6o'plo' wild' are usually, kind ii)id pertsiblV'^hbiild be; <iom'o angrj* jit Iioriost cliirerottcesi of 'opinion wlldti under •iuntUAl discnsslon. Euiovson oneusnid ihnt ho "never nl; lowed hlniaolf to entoi' i into4' controversy with anybody. 1 ' • But Emerson, unlike 'ordiuitry people, could >' rest {jorertely on this intentionj having ! an outlet if or his idong in his '> books, b*j- hihd which he could ftro his unortjio' dox bullets, hitting ah orthodox, unre- taliatlng world that sektoni ; came in personal contact with hiiiti ' ..-.-. • And if all' persons made Up their miuds never to argue, society would come to a standstill, - '•• •• : . In meeting with violent opposition myself, I always wisli to think pf tho moon, or ralhoi: one particular conver sation it onco : held with me, though I am sure to iforget it when excited aiwl angry, which is a sorrow oml c mortiii- cation afterward, since'it took so much trouble to,teach mo better. It, liap- pened in this way. I never know much about tjie laws of astronomy, gravitation, and attraction, but gazing idly at an unusually luminous moon, one summer evening, it 'suddenly Hashed ' a double llood of life through my consciousness, and in a most sociable, ,con- lidential but unexpected way saitl: "You see I am held here in space, in spite of myself, by opposite forces pulling both ways at once." "Is that the reason you don't fall down?" I exclaimed, in delighted astonishment. "I have often wondered why you didn't, especially in the arms of your,faithful lover, the sea.'* , ; "Yesi" reflected tho moon, "the sea possesses a mysterious attraction :for me, and yet there are higher., powers that draw me away and keep hie safely balanced between them all, where, unless some of them give way, which is improbable, 1 am likely to remain here for some time to come to make your funny little world as pleasant as I possibly can." ; i This was quite a long speech for the jnpon, and after fully recovering from its effects I timidly ventured, "I long to see your other side. I know you have another one, because I have seen just the very beginning of it through a big telescope in Washington." . "True, and I have often noticed that telescope and many others pointed .at me," she proudly laughed, mischievously adding: "They don't know me yet. I have another side and—but as if recalled to a sense of her dignity and mystery she drew a fleecy veil of; silvery cloud over her brilliant, mocking face and shut out 'all further revelations. But she ihad given me a needful lesson for which I was truly grateful. Afterward I went to somebody who knew, and ha said it was really i so; that the moon had not told mo falsely of the sublime way in which she holds her place in the heavens. -• •, It is the same with., .human beings. Their, different opinions are the world's greaii .spiritual , forces', i pulling in extreme ami opposite directions to;keep it moving', safely, balanced, and free from the .stagnation that-would end it if everybody thought alike. This is. not saying that people cau hot change their opinions..;; As that .is constantly happening•in.'os many different directions, it.keeps the balance 'even in the spiral circles of progressive thought evolution. And as the moon 'repeats every time she sheds : her light upon this partly enlightened little planet, "What is the use of getting angry at the wise and natural-law that keeps us where we all belong." — Hurt/onl Times. Allen G. Thurriian has the best assortment of chickens in the neighborhood, and takes good care of them; but, with all Ills wealth, ho keeps no horses. Mrs. ? Thurnian is afraid to ride, and her husband does not care to. \ A snake started...ta..cross Main street in Orlando, Fin., tho other day, when a butchur bird Saw him and swooped down on him. The first peck took out one eyei a few more the other eye, and the blind reptile was left writhing in the sand until n citizen killed him. STUAHT'S OAKHOLIO ACID TROCHES certain cure for sore throat, coughs, colds and hoarseness. Wait one hour after eating before taking one of the troches for dyspepsia; , .,'. STUAKT'S ARNICA SALVE, surest cure for outs and burns. . BUIIKS V LINIMENT cures all pains. Pearly teeth and a sweet breath can be had only by using Grbsslor's Wild Rose Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Co., Quincy, 111. :— When in your store I was so hoarse I could not speak aloud. Tho:ilrst doso of your White Pino holpe'd mo, and ' by 0 o'clock I mis entirely relieved. Twice slnoo I have lost ray voice, but taking tho Pino Balsam a fmv tluieo has given relief. Nothing ever benefit tod mo like this has.—Mrs. (Judgu) J. H.Williams, W N.Oth., Quinoy, III-' CUHB FQU ,SICK HEADACIIK. (Jf tho many complaints promptly relieved by LiiUe Apriqot Pills, none has yielded quicker than nervous and sick headache, Mine euaes out of ovnry ton of hoadaoho aro caused by sluggish and inaotivo liver. Shot through tho thront by Murks' White Pino Bulsatn and killed a severe' ooid In turoo days. If you don't buhevu t lust try it. Prioo OOo at druggists. For sale m Alton by 10, Marsh, apl dwlw SUCITAS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brpiels, ....'./ -..-•; "-." Two and Tfi^e Pjys; Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths, Lilies auc Has arrived. Aisoavery I am offering these goods at the prices to cash buyers. All are invited t<j>call and see the beautiful new goods Meani the low prlcesi « ALTON, ILL. AGENTS FOR THE - •"••'•» ft i. " ' ~" '-' " THE WORLD. 9 to Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators' and Pulverizing Harrows;' EMPIKIE;TWINE BINDERS, pRO ters. for EUPlON and OARMJNE'pILS";'. EN&INE, CJLfND^'R and SIGNAL OILS; ST,QCK, TfELL .and CISTERN PUI>£PSj;fee line of CpOKIN&STOyES;. the DANGLER and PERFEG* TIQN GASOLINE STOVES. See- our^lO. BUGGY HARNESS. :. NEW; POME SEWIN.G MACHINES, • ;$30. We keep; ; tlieB$ST GASOLINE and,'' ' BURNING OH.S;pn, tap, and ;;del{yi?red,' J • - • ' to any part;ol.the city.',. ,'• -.•• •''•. ' • ! -. .•> -... ; - ., THE BJET. ON EARTH.; BREECH-LOADING From $16 'to '$30, I H ROOTH THE LEADING J. O. DW I |^l f JTEWELER, ;: ;;•,; :. mylBdflv SUBSCRIBE ', IOC M By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily iu : Madison county J. SUITER & SON, ns FINIS AND COWTMON A Fall and Complete Stock Always ou Uaiid. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUlt ITITKNITUIUt BOOMS AUK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, IX.ii. UJKMX18TM1. DK.C. B. Dentist* ' 18 THIRD STSBBT, ALTON, ILL. OOToeHoars— 12m.; l to<p. to G. A. MoMELLBN, Dentist, OVEI; uiuraauKM&HN's STORB , ' 8HOOND ST. • ' . . . -., .16131dtt . DU.'E. GiJiflijicii, Pbyslolfui and Surgeon, N 2 ^^^oB. J W. A. HAHKEJjjL^ M.D,, PUysloIa,u and Surgeon, mOK-SKOOND ST.,ALTON,'ILI. OlBce lipnr»-Pa.»,j Uto 1,andeB.m, ••-••• »ug«-dwt

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