Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1887
Page 4
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.BROWN'S r - IRON BITTERS WILL CURE HEADACHE INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS *>YSPEPStA NfiRVOtJS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS' . {HRED FEELING 'GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine hu Trade-Mirk and cr*ued Red Jjace oa wrapper. , TAKrJ NO OTHER. ^COTT'S EMULSION Almost as Palatable as Milk. The only preparation of COD I.IVKB OH. th»t cut he taken re»dU)%Dd tolerated for ft long time bj delicate »tom»f hi. A1TO A8 A nEMEDT FOB SCltOKllLOtB 'AFFKCTIONS, AKAEHU, <3E>'r KBAIi DEnitJTT, COWH'gA>'f> THROAT "AT- . FECT10.N8, «!td-«ll WAST1NH DISORDERS OP SST] KN I CHILDREN It If mMTeUom In ll« Prescribed and omlorsetl by tho beet tliyslcluio to tho countries ot tho worti Pan «»Lr RV .••..* «BU«GISTS. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, — B»- ' Rudersnausen & Sonntag. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two -alary frame house oa Eighth street, near Henry. . ' For Sue. A oboloe farm of 820 acres, with first class mprovements, Bltuntod 2X miles east of Brunswick. Oharlton CO.,. Ho. For Sale. A one -story frame dwelling house In good condition, in Topping's addition to Allon. JFor Sale Cheap Tho residence of Oapt. W. V. oble; two ktorlos and mansard roof i 12 room i halls, closets, cellars, eta. : 8 acres of groan Most desirable property in the city. F»r Sale. . 160 acres of land near city limits. Siu^o .., two story buck and frame dwe! u.-. nonse, both situated on the eas> •'• o ota to street between 6th and 7th meats' BO the brick block of stores on Secon .street, between Henii and Ridge street oown as Hunter 1 ; row, ••' -.v•'••-. For Sale. • Ainiollframe'* -Jug nonse within nne olooksofthed nlorjrfts. 160 acres • f good farming land, and another tract ot iOO.icrefvboth unimproved. Situate In Moit co., Kansas, at f 10 and |16 per acre lasTMjctively— one-third cas Imbalance on timo, • ;< : '• :. For 'Bale. • A larm of 110 acres on bottom laud, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this oonaty. A good two^siory frame dwelling house on U. Price J3,«« , ,. .~-f:ot Sale. ':. t A, choice" farm of 120' acres, situate 1 mile ' south of SUpmonj Macoupln county. 111., at a low figure. ; i, ••', •• • , A* farm, consisting of 140 acres of good land •situate within 2 idles of Upper Alton, suitable lor dairy purposes. Cheap, WILL. KLUNK ~~ : : • -:* f '.' -• '- '• /• ' UNDERTAKER, AND DBALBB Ready-Made Coffins, Metalip Gases, Gaskets Andl< Burial Robes Foe Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street Orer« arts Livery Stable. Will attend to Job Workond Bepalllnir rnrnltttra. '• (a5 A. J.HOWELL, -DBALEB.7 IN- FURNITURE! Bit Pull and ComSlete" CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OHDE» I- UPHOLSTERING Koatly and promptly executed. Belle Ht., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- ONDERT AITOH DAILY TELEGBAFH. (Entered M Roooad-oiMt Mutter at the F. O, at Alton, 111.) THUKSDAY BVK.,.APKIL 21. HK3IDBNOK OOU. 8TATK ft 8KVKNTU STS Tlifi Cyclone. 80 lone 1 stood the very tiros seemed drawn In conference with themselves—Intonsc— Intense Boomed everything-—the "tinimcr splendor on The «lght—mnKnlfio(;ticcl A babe's llfpralffht no IlKhtor foil and die Than fftllvd the- stinllglil. Though the hour was tHHMi TMP palm i'f inlilnlKht mlfrht not lighter Ho Upon tho hrow of June. With cj-os unrnlsoil I paw thp nmlprvrlngs Of sw allows— ffuno the Instant afterward— U'hlli? i ront fhe clan there cumc stranifo lvr\t> torinirs 81111 scarce ere they were heard. Tho river seemed to shiver; and far down ltd darkened Iniiffth I saw the sycamores Lenn Inwnrd closer under the vast frown That weighed above the fihorcs. There was a roar. lx>rn of dome awful burst— And one lay, shrieking, chattering', In my path— Kliinir—ho or I—out of Rome space nccurst As ot Jehovah's wrath. Nor barely had he wreaked his latest prayer, Kre back the noon Hashed o'er the ruin done, Anil o'er uprooted fore»ts, tousled there, Tho birds snug In tho sun. —James Whltcotnb Illlcy. A GALLANT CAVALIER. "I think him the very embodiment of chivalry and gallantry," said Ethel Hunt, enthusiastically, She was a dark-cheeked, diamond- eyed girl of eighteen, with braids of blue-black hair coiled around tho back of her small, Greek-shaped head, and a color as rich and velvety as the side of a July peach. "Humph!" said Aunt Sara, "I've hoard girls talk so before. And it generally ended in one thing." ' "For shame! Aunt Sara," cried Ethel, coloring tip to her eyelashes. I only mean, of course, that ho is a very agreeable companion." Now this Aunt Sara of our little Ethel was no spectacled spinster of an uncertain age, nor portly, pillow shaped widow, with the photograph of her dear departed husband worn, locket-shaped, upon her bosom—but a pretty young woman of four or five d twenty, with bright blue eyes and tiair all streaked with golden gleams, who was engaged in the congenial occupation of making up her wedding clothes. "An agreeable companion — of course," said Aunt Sara. "Look, Ethel, do you think white Maltese iace or French blonde, with a heading of Roman pearls, would bo prettiest for this berthey' Aunt Sara knew when to drop a subject and when to hold on to it! But while Ethel was stitching the quilting of French blonde on to the White silk dress her young aunt's mind was busy upon the topic she had apparently abandoned. "The disagreeable fellow," thought Aunt Sara. "He has somehow heard that F.thel has money, and he is determined to win it If she could only see him in his true light: but I know what a perverse thing a woman's heart is. Just as sure as I attempt to tell her -what he really is, she'll make up her mind that he's the finest and least appreciated personage on the tace of the earth. And 1 do so -want lier to keep her heart whole until Everard Grafton comes to be Charles' groomsman. Everard Grafton is worthy of a princess!"' And Miss Sara Marteli sat ai;d sewed away in absorbed silence, without speaking a word for the unprecedented period of iifteen minutes. "They say he is perfectly intolerable at home," she said to herself. "Clara .Waters was there once, and beard him rating his sisters fearfully because the beefsteak for his late breakfast was a .little overdone. If only I could manage it that Ethel should see him in his true light." She sat and thought a while longer— and suddenly the color bloomed into her cheek, the dimples into her chin. She started up. "Ethel," she said, "I'm sure you must be tired of sitting over that everlasting stitching. I've got to go over to Susy Morand's to borrow a pattern; it will be just a pleasant walk for us." •; "To Miss Morand's?" Ethel was vexed with herself, but she could not help the tell-tale blood that surged into her checks. "Isn't it 'rather early? Only 9 oVlock!" "Early? Not a bit; Susy and I are »o intimate wo don't mind curl papera and calico wrappers. Get your hat and come along, quick!" But in spite of her exhortations to speed, Sara Martell smiled to herscU to perceive that Ethel Hunt lingered King enough in her own room to change her black luce breast-knot for n becoming little butterfly bow ol rose-colored ribbon, and to rearrange the dainty tendrils of silky black hair that drooped so carelessly over her low, broad forehead. '•'She thinks we shall see Julian Moraud," she thought to herself. "Well, perhaps we shall. I am putting myself entirely into tho hands oi luck and chance." Uut when thoy reached tho Mortuid mansion, instead of ringing formally at tho front door, Miss Martell won't around to the back porch, a pretty little entrance all shaded with honeysuckle and trumpet vlnus. "I always go in hero," said she. nonchalantly, in reply to Ethel's remonstrating glance, "Suo Morn ml and I.iiro just like sisters." Suo Moraud, u blooming girl ol eighteen, wafc iu the kitchen making apple ]iii',s. "Tho pattern? Of course you shall have it," she cried. "Just wait n minute until I get it" "I'll go with you," said Sara. "Kthol, you'll not mlml waiting for us Imro?" "Not in the least," said Klla-1. And she But down by the window, \vhoru ivies trained in bottles of water were creeping like green jewels across the crystal panes of glass. "Sue! Sne!" She started as the voice of her preux chevalier of the evening before came roaring down the back stairs. "Confound you nil down there, why aren't my boots blacked P Sue! Nell! Mother! 'What's become of my breakfast? Yon must think a man has nothing to do but to lio here and wait for you lazy folks to stir around!" There was no reply as he paused, evidently expecting one. "Mother" was down in the garden tinder a big green sun bonnet, gathering scarlet- cheeked tomatoes for dinner. "Nell" was in the front yard picking red- voined autumn leaves out of tho gold and russet drifts that lay like treasures of precious stones upon the grass. Sue was shut up among the mysteries of "patterns" innumerable with Miss Sara Marlell. Ethel Hunt »sat coloring stud half frightened, the solo auditress of Mr. Morand's objur- gations. "I know there's some one down there!" he shouted. "I. can hear you breathe and your 1 dress rustle. Just like your ugliness not to answer a fellow! Do 3-011 hear, Sue? Black my boots, quick! I'm waiting for them!' And "bang! bang!" came tho useful articles of wear in question down the winding stairway that led into the kitchen. Poor little Ethel! She half rose up, then sat down again, piteously undecided what to do—and even while she hesitated, with color varying like the red and white of the American flag in a high wind, the door at the foot of the stairs flow .open and in stalked Julian Morand, sallow and dishevelled, with itnkempt hair and beard, fretfully curved mouth and a most unbecoming costume of a soiled Turkish dressing-gown, faded pearl-colored nether garments, and stocking-feet thrust into dirty red morocco slippers. "I say, you!" he snarled; "you, why don't you " And then, perceiving to whom he was actually addressing himself, he started back, turning fiery red. " . "Miss Hunt!" And, With a downward glance at his toilet, he fairly turned and fled, tiie skirts of liis Turkish dressing-gown floating like red and orange meteors behind him. And, mortified and terrified though, she was, Ethel Hunt could not resist the temptation to break into a peal of hearty laughter. This, then, was her ideal among men, her gallant cavalier, her "Sit Laancelot" of fancied perfection, snarling at his mother and sisters like an ill-conditioned bear, Hinging old boots down the stairs at them, tumbling out of bed at 9 o'clock in the morning, while his mother split kind- lings and picked tomatoes in. the vegetable garden! Like some Chinese idol, so fell Julian Morand off his high pedestal in the estimation of Miss Ethel Hunt, She told it all to Sara Martell when they were safe at home. "Aunt Sara," said she, "I am thoroughly disenchanted!" Miss Martell shrugged her shoulders and thanked her lucky stars. "I could have told you as much before," said she. "These Adonises are like cheap calico—they will neithei wash nor wear. Wait till Everard Grafton comes." "And who is Everard Grafton?" '•The nicest young fellow in the world—after my betrothed husband." When Mr. Groftoa came he so fai justified Aunt Sara's encomiums tha' Ethel really did like him. And Aunt Sara was willing to leave the rest to Fate. Chrome Looseness of the Bowels. Results from imperfect digestion. The cause lies in the torpidity ol the liver. A regular habit ol body can be secured by taking Simmons Liver Regulator to aid digstion, to stimulate the dull and sluggish liver, and rid the system of excessive and, poisonous bile. The Regulator corrects acidity of the stomach, cures dyspepsia and insures regularity of the bowels alike free from laxity or costiveness. tu th s wk "Shocking, unprincipled lot, those 'bus conductors! Une of them passed a bad sixpence on me a fortnight ago.and I've not been able to get rid of it yet!" — Punch. Good News for the Brttliheri Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every person who has used Boscheo'g German Syrup to let its wonderful qualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all throat and lung diseases. Mo person can use it without immediate relief. Three doses will relieve any case, and we consider it the duty of all druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumptive, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 do/on bottles were sold last year, and no one case whore it failed was reported. Such a medicine as the German Syrup cannot bo too widely known. Ask your druggist about it. Sample bottles to try, sold at 10 cents. Regular size, 76 cents. Sold by all druggists and dealers, in the United States and Canada. ja3 dw eow ly The alleged fae-simile of a Parnell letter published in the London Times has created an immense sensation. The editor of the Times is to be brought before the house of coni- 1110us and its authorship demanded. Those who ride much in a buggy, and value comfort, and would prolong their lives, want a spring that has tho easy riding qualities of tho Rico Coil Car> natjo'Spring. dwlw Ayer'a Cathartic Pills are suited to overy ago. They are uiild and pleasant in action, thorough and searching in effect, nnd, being sugar coated, are oasy lo take. These pills never fail to give satisfaction. dwlw Two young men left Chicago a few weeks since to go into business in London, England. They Intend starting in the world's metropolis an American hmchery like those o) the Kohlsants and others In Chicago— places where the lunchers sit on nigh 1 stools in front of big counters nnd eal sandwiches, hot cakes, pics, pastry, povk and beans, ctf,., all clean, wholesome and cheap, quickly served and presenting the attractiveness .of an almost endless variety. The young meu intend making their London lunchery as thoroughly American as jwssiblo, with nilnco pies, cider, pumpkin pie, pork and beans, buckwheat cakes oyster pies, and other dishes ills-' tinctively Yankcoish. , They have n capital of only $2,500 between them, but expect to reap a rich harvest from their efforts to show the Londoners n few tricks in the lunching lino. Chicago, by the way, was the pioneer in this model form of lunchery, and to this day carries on the business in n state of perfection reached by none ol tho imitators in other cities. Th« Kohlsnats, one of whom is a son-ill- law of Nelson Blake, have made small fortunes out of their lunchrooms. In one of these places nearlj four thousand people are fed euch day—Chicago Herald, * Excitement in Texas. Orent excitement f bas been caused in tho vicinity of Pans, Tex. by the remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E. Oorley. who was so helpless he could not turn in bed, or raise uis head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discov~ ery was sent him. Finding relief, he bought a large bottle and a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and- had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. . . Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Large Bottles $1. 'Ap'l'd wlm The Verdict Unanimous. 'W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville' Ohio, aflirtm: "The. best selling medicine I have ever handled m my 20 years' experience, , is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store, apldwlm Buciuen'B Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruises, sores.u.aers, salt, rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, it is guaranteed to sjive perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ceats per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mchTdwlm- JOHN BATJER, DEALER IN AND MANCFAOTUBEB OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, 1XX All kinds of nne and common larnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. apMdwlw EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Estate of ileuriette M. Born, deceased. The undersigned, having been Tip- pointed Executor of the lost will and »os- tament ot Henrletto M. Born', late of the county of Madison and State of lUUiots.deceased, hereby (rives notice that he will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court house, in > dwordsvllle, attne June term, on the third Monday In June nust, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the game adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to mako Immediate payment to tho undersigned. Dated this Hth day of April. AJD. 1887. WILLIAM SON STAG, !ld4w Executor. STATEMENT. By tho Treasurer ol Township No. 6, Range No. 9 Madison co. III. RECEIPTS. On hand April 6,1830 .....52,120.91 Township fund 180.00 Interest 123 13 State fund 617.70 Taxes 1,029.01, Tnltou 12.00 Fines 9.00 Rents 15.00 EXPENDITURES. Township food (loaned) 180.00 Treasurer's Salary 50.00 Teachers 2,057.18 Repairs and Improvements (17.85 furniture 25.50 Incidentals 229.32 Tuition o.SU Publishing last statotmeut..... 2 On hand, April 4,1837 2,299.53 Totals J 1,807.44 fl,907.U Tho above statement u correct. O. O. BROWX, Township Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this ttth day oi April, 1S87. N. M. DUVALL, J. P. ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE. Estate of Wm. Buckles, deceased. The undersigned, having been' appointed Administrates of the estate of William Buckles, late ot tho county of MadUou and SUte of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that she will appear belore the County Court of Mudlson county, at the court house In Kdwardevllle, at the Juno torm. on the third Monday in Juno next, at which time all persona having claims against said entato avo notified and vequooted to attend for tho purpose of having the some ad- Justed. All persons indebted to suld estate are requested to m.ike Immediate payment to Datod this 13th duy of April. A.IX, 1837. UABItlKTO. ItUCKLES. glw3t» Administratrix. Notice of Flual Sotilomont. To tho devlsoos mia legatees of Tliaddcus 11. Hiirlbut, deceased, and all whom it ruuy concern. Notice la lioruliy given that 1 Imvo lllod In tlio County Court of MadUon county Illinois, my flual report as Kxocutrlz of tho last will and testament of Thatideu* II. Hurl • but, deceased, and III in I will uppoar luioro said Court on Mondny.tlio lath diiy of j|«y A D. It87, nnd auk that »uld report b* approved and that 1 bo discharged us such Executrix r'UANOKBB A. H. HVANB, fcxecutrlx ol tup last win and totuument o | Tlmddtiia B. Huribiit, deceased, u wu MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Purity', Strength, and Jlpalttifnlncss. Dr. Price's Dnkluji Powder contains no Aminenla,Llme,Alum or Phosphates. Dr.l'rlco B Kxtracto, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flavor dellcloualy. WHIPPLB & SMILEY, ..... u -, ,. :i in I ..:•-' INSURANCE, REALESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, i! KKHRESlSNTlNa THE FOLLOWING Flrsir-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix,. Franklin, of Phlladelyhia; German American; Nortli British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union,'London; Lancashire, Manchester, Engv. Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AJTD OTHERS: A CASH OAP1TA1 IN THE AUGBEQATE OF $20,000,000. WE AfcSO RKPEJE815NT THE Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Inn. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. .For Sale. Five building lota on Alby nnd Market streets, between Tenth ami Twelfth streets. WHIFFLE &SMILEV. for Sale. SLIme Mln, In good running order, with quarry and 12 acres of land, more or leas, Known ad tho Shelly tract. WHIFFLE & SMILE Y. For Rent. A two story brick dwelling known as the Platt homestead: lately put in Rood repair. WHIPPLE i SMILEY Fine Residence for Sale. The late R. DeBow homestead, now owned by M. u. Underwood, situated on line of horee railway, in-Upper Alton; u rooms, bath room, furnace, and good out buildings, two acres of ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion ol sale. WHIPPLE * BMILEYV S'or Rent. Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good fruit. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. For Sale or nent. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Dutro. ^^ WHIFFLE ASMILET. For bal> The late residences of 1. S. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill at., two o/ti.d best pieces of residence property In Alton. The property known as "The Park, east of above; H lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a. number of ota in Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above at a exeat bargain. WTUPFLB A SMILEY. For Sole. ' A 7-room briek dwelling and out buildings on Thud street, between Cherry and Vine. WHIl'PLB.ABM EY. for Kant. Good 9-room brick house with about t acres of ground,Including orenard, In Dpper Alton. Former residence of Dr. Humbert. WHJU'PLE & SMILEY. For Rent. Late residence ot M. J. Koonan OB State Jtrcet, kno-ru as tho A. Platt place. Good 8 room brick liousfl, In Urst class repair. ^____ WHIFFLE 4 SMILEY. trot Bale. The Merrlman property on State Btree in Miller & Mlchell's add., to Alton, ijf story house, Brooms and out-buildings; all In perfect order. Can be had at a bargain. WHIPPLE * SMILEY. Uenlrable Residences for Sale, A two story brick dwelling on State street known tut A. Flatt homestead, lately pul In good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Mttiii street, nearly now, A two story brick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sale at u sacrifice, owner having decided to «r vp»t WHIPPLE ^ For Bale. A convenient Jam ol 120 aorea, most all IP cultivation; sltaated on the Bechalto road, mllep.'rom Alton. For Sale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and Filth streets* WUIPFLE & SMILKV For Sale or Kent. ' The 2-story frame dwelling with 9 rooms. Including 7 lots: good barn and flue f lulls known us tho Mchola bomestoad, situated on 12th st,, Iu a dealraole neighborhood. WHU'PLE A SMiUSr. If or Sate. ' s ? ve .? J ; ots ?''" K° od l)rtnk dwelling and good repair, in Upper Alton, Residence of 0. E. Collins, and known as the Merrill property. WHIFPL.K & SM1LKY, Alton, or l>. W. Collet, Uppar Alton. For bale. The Woodroof property, A is story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets , a i room frame house on Fifth strnot. WHIFFLE 4 8M1LKY. Now when the budibrrta to ihow, TUi ttoe for young aad old to know IIU ot ItuHgeilloni «rerr trouble, Story of a fostat CtwA, with kidney ma n . 1 W&8 ftnectfiu TrottbW— . "Fortwehr*»f*™l" After trying all eonloVn After trying ail t&« aoctort «nd patent mia. I clo«« 1 conldTie»r of, I Died two bottle» of Bop* § Ana I am perfectly cured. I keep It '* "All the time I"' • . .i,.».,", .* .*. Heipoctfutly, I). F. BOOTH, Baulabiirv. May 4,1883. , , , It lias cured trut of teveral dlsenieg, i Uc h i. nmouaeii, . tlekn«M at tho. stomach/ month* trouble*, etc. I have not «cei; '» sick d»y In «£? slnco I look Hop Bltter».ijMl my, neighbor, tu3 11B8. FAMNUJ GBSW, tbcm. , MASS., Jim, I have boon very sick over two years. The > envome nu us part enro. 1 tried tho mo«t lYJu 1 fill uhyslclaiiB, but they ilia not reach tha won, part. Tho lunge nnd heart would fill tin e*er! night nnd dlBtremine, nnd my throat wnm cry),,/ 1 (old my children 1 should never die In ncntniiii , 1 tad ttlod Hop BlttorB. When I hud taken C Iwttles they helped mo very much Indeed. When I had taken two more bottles I was well. Thuin wnialotof tick folks bore who tidvo econhoS I hoy cured me, nnd they u»e<J them and woro cured nnd f col as thnnkf ill as I do Uiflt there la no 7«] n , ublo n incrtlclno imule. Voura truly, Hits JDUA'G.Cmniiro," $3)000, Lost. burn, N. Y. Haby Saved, We arc ao thankful to aay that onr nnrelng bnln wns permanently- 1 cured 1 of a dangerous and wo. trncted constipation nnd Irregularity of the boweli by tho UBeof Hop Blttcra by Ita nursing mother. which at the eamo tlmo restored her to perfect health andelreugth;— The Parents, Hochcater,N,Y. or Inactive kldnoye caneo graver "1) right's disease, rlicuiiiatleni and a bordc of other acrlona and fntal dlecnnca, which can bu prevcnlwl with Hop Hitlers," If taken In time. "Lnrldlngton, Mich., Fob. 8, 1885. I have sold Hop Bitters for ten years, and there" In no medl. clno that equals them for blltoun attacks, kidney complaints, and all diseases Incident to 'this malarial climate. U. T. A Yonaa MoTnua. CHICAGO AHD Al/TOH. On and after Sun,day. Nov. Uth, 1886, tralni on the CUlcngo ivnd Alton rallroma, will le&Ti the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, u j follows: V'or Chicago nnd the Eanti Chicago Jlall*... ..... . ............. ! Chicago Accommodation*....... .6:00p. 10 Llrhtnlng Express*. . . ................ 9 : 10 p. m Feorla and Rock Island Fast Line t,9:00 For JncknouvlUe, Keokuk, Qnlnoy, K |«as City.and all potots went. Kans'asOlty Mall* ..,._.. ,.< ...... 9:00o.n, , Kansas City Express* ............ ,. 9:10 n.n Deliver Exprcssf..... ....... ;.•.:... 7:05 p.m. Jacksonville Accommodation?... 7:05 p.m. For St. Z.onls : . . . Chicago Accommodation*. . . . . . . . .9 :30 a/ m Alton Special) ..................... 12:95 p. m Kansas Olty Moll* ................. ..5:40n.m Chicago Mallt •',... ............ .. ;.. 6:30n.m TRAINS LEAVE ST. U)UI8 TOIQN DEPOT '•''•' FOli ALTON. ttW&.m. (600p.m. •4 60p.m. *T6Sp.m. (8 K a. m. Sundays only). *Dally rEicopt Sunday. " S. D. .REEVE, Bup't. St. Louie Division O. 8. NOBRIB, Ticket Agent. CinOAGO, BtmL,iNGTOJ« AND QUINOY. Trains leave the Union Depot. Alton follows: ' >v.. ...'. :' , -:..';, Ooliig North: Esprass (except Sunday)... . 8:25 a. ro i NlghCExpruSti .......; 7:05p.m yr.W. ARNOLD. Ai?ent. The Appetite May be Increased, the Digestive organ* strengthened, and the bowels regulated, by taking Ayer's Pilto. ' These Pills are , purely vegetable In their composition. They contain neither calomel nor any other dangerous drug, and may bo taken •with perfect safety by persons of all ages. I was ft great sufferor from Dyspepsia and Constipation. I had no appetite, and was constantly afflicted with Headache and Dizziness. I consulted onr family doctor, who prescribed for me, at various times, >yithout affording more than temporary relief. I-finally commenced taking Ayer'a Pills. In a short time my digestion and appetite IMPROVED my bowels were reculated, and, by the time I finished two boxes of these Pills my tendency to headaches had disappeared, and I became strong and well.— Darius M. Logan, Wilmington, Del. I was troubled, for over a year, with Loss-of Appetite, and General Debility. I commenced taking Ayor's Pills, and, before finishing 1ml fa box of this medicine, my appetite and strength were restored.—C. 0. Clark, Daubury, Conn. Ayor's Pills are the best medicine known to me for regulating the boweU, and for all diseases paused by a disordered Stomach and Liver. I suffered for over three years with Headache, Indigestion, ana Constipation.- ,1 hail no appetite, ana was weak and nervous most of the time. BY USING three boxes of Ayer's Pills, and at tha same time dieting myself, I was completely cured. My digestive organs aio now iu good ordor, and I ain in perfect health. — P. Lockwooii, Topoka, Kan*. • Ayer's Pills havo benefited tnewonder- fully. For months J. Buffered from Inul* gestion and Headacha, yrsa ijostless »J night, and had a bad taste In my moutu every morning. After taking one bo* or Ayer's Pijfi, all these trouble* disappeared, my food digested well, w" my Bleep was refreshing.—Hoar? v. Hemmunvi-ay, Bockport, Mass. •• I was cured of tho Piles by the wo ol Ayer's Pills. They not only relieved me< of that painful disorder, but give me increased vigor, and restored my health.— John LaiatUB, St. John, N. B. ' "Monroe, Mich., Sept. 25th, 1888. Smsi-Itee '. been taking Hop Bitters for Inflammation "of kidneys and bmddcr. It has done for mo "what four i physicians failed to do—cured me. The elect of tho Bitters Bccmod like magic to me. . .;; .' , W. L. CARTEB. GKNTS:—Yonr Hop Blttcra have been of g t e«t! mlue to mo. 1 wa» tola up with'typhoid foTerfot over two months, and could get no teller until 1 I tried your Hop Bitters. To those Buffering from debility, :or any one In feeble health, I cordially recommend them. J. C. STOETZEL 038 Fulton street,, Chicago, 111'. '...' ; >Can You Answer This? Is there a person living whomever «* w a case of i ague, biliouBiiees, nervousness or neuralgia, or an; | dlseoBB of the stomach, Hvor or kidneys that lion { Bitters will not caret • , . ' "My Mother enys Hop Bitters is the only tltlnjl that will keep her from Bevero attacks of pnrol}-B sle and headache.— Ed. Otwego Sun. "My little sickly, pnny babjr, was changed Into a (treat bouncing boy.and I, was raista fronni sick bed by using Hop Bitters a short time." m 's Pills, Prepared bjr Dr. J, O. Aytr ft Co., Lowell, Bold by »U prufiUU Md.&Ml«n ia jK«41«ln*<

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