Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1887
Page 2
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AMOK m w. T. Oor, Third and PIMM Str««U, Alton, 111 THURSDAY BVB., APUILll. PETBAMEO. fi*THAi/ro, 111.* April M, '87. The famlaal entertainment given at the 0. P. church on Friday ove. last by Prof. Wilson • wM a grand fneoeM both In point ol number - present And as a flne entertainment. Twenty-seven memberi ol ilothalto Lodge, No. TO, I. O, O. F. Attended the InatallaUon •eryloei of Charter Oak Lodge.of Bunker Hill lft»t Friday evening. ». O. M. Howard, of Paris. 111., publicly Installed tbo onicer» at Buber'i Hall, utter which tUo members with tbetr Invited gnetts repaired to the Oottogo Hotel, where they enjoyed one ol the finest suppers Imaginable The Bunkor Hill band furnished muslo tor the occasion. Tlio Bo- th&lto delegation were muoli ploaiod at the rery hospitable treatment they received at the hands of the Banker IItil brethren. PERSONAL—Mrn. A. H. Oox U still absent at Plalnvlew, 111. Mrs. wm, Dlddlo.ol Kansas/ 111,, 1* the guest of her mother, Mrs. M. A. Albro. ., Mr. Hutchison, a promlnont druggist of Olliesplo, spent Tuesday with Mr. W. f. ' ''' ' Bin. A. Winter, of Nebraska, Is the welcome guMte other parents, Mr, and Mrs.J.KaufT- man, •"''•' : ••'';•.;•. '.' Messrs. Ohos, Greaves nnd Caas, Burns, of East St, Louie, were visitors to our town this week. . Bey. Blair, traveling agent of tho American Bible 8o«i«ty, held the annual services at the Baptist church last Sunday. Mr. J. V. lllohordi wa* elected to succeed himself for School Director last Saturday. Mrs. Battles received this week some very pretty «oer«uokcr coats and vostg for men and boys. Al«o a beautiful line of dry goods, hats and notions. : Mr. OHM. Tftchnell, of Foster, has tho "boss" ben. She layseggsthat average four ounces each; not gold, however. Mr. Wm. Ohloy boa made a decided improvement In hl« property recently In the way of painting, papering and otherwise; ulio a new (once adorns tho front on Third - ..street, .. ..-.• .• • ,1' '' Mr. L.F. Kehne congratulates hluiseff on ., the advent Into his family of another "Beoky Ann." Good luck, V. G. BBOKKHAKM—Mr. Fred. Stolze fell from a wagon last Saturday and had tils loft arm broken by the wheel passing over It. . Mr.Qoo. Simpson, the eOlclent millwright at 'the President'Mills, U engaged putting in some new patent bolting machines, which •will double the capacity of the mill when she again starts; an Indiana man Is the patentee . , < of the machine and If it doe a the work ho ' claims, ho will never want toe broad. MDKioirJLiy—Theelectlon for vtllage offlo8i;8' yesterday resulted in the choice of, John Hlokarson, John Dippold and Hmonnel Yonngwirth, for Trustees for long term and ( Mr. Levl Klmball, for short term, to fill vacancy. Mr. J. V. lUchards was reflected •,clerk without opposition.' ' OJIITI/ABT—The death of Mrs. Wright occurred atthe roBlderioo of.Supervisor Oulp last Saturday at eight o'clock p. m. She was ahaUslster to Mrs. Oulp and has been at death's door tot man; weeks. Tho funeral ,. 'took place on Monday.- ' t Th6 funeral of Mrs, Susan Wood, mother of Mrs. A. U. Oox, pt this Tillage, took place today at Woodborn. lira. Wood Uvedito a ripe ; old ago but had a fall about a ynar ago. from • ; the effects ol which shemover recovered. Her death occurred at the residence of her daugh tor, Mrs. Baird, of Plalnvlew. She was wall , known and much respected In this vicinity, having made her home hero with her daugh- '' to* tor several yearn. Her grandson, "Mr. J. " 7. Oox, of 8t. Louis, passed through'tnlsvil'' logo this morning on his way to attend the funeral. ' " Mrs. U. B. Montgomery died at her country borne two miles south of this place on Friday afternoon last, after a long and lingering ill- nuis.That she was a lady of wonderful vitality was evinced by her long siege of suKorlng.Sho Visited Colorado twice in hopes of benefiting ' her health, Imt without avail. ! She was the' Victim of i dropsy or kidney', trpubloV, Her 5 ago Was fifty-four years and she leaves two : •: daughters, Miss tfannio, who Is at hpfric, and ; • Mri. Augustine 'Head, and thred sons, the oldest, Uarryi resides In, JUetfver.Oolo., P. H., bettor jknown a* "LHWe Hamp'" resides near Waun,- find 'Will; Is at tho old: homestead. Mrs. M. STUB a consistent member of tho 0. P. ohuroh here, ', Bhe;wa» a lady possessed of noble and generous qualities, which were appreciated by those who knew her host, over ready with kind and willing hand's In time of need. The funeral took place from her lato residence, Sunduv ruornlng and was conducted ;': by Bevo; Wm. iyroese, pastor of the 0. P. ' ' ohuroh. notwithstanding the extreme bad weather the funeral prooesslen was a large one. The remains wore interred at the family grave yard two miles duo south of this village. O1MLKT. BootUers nnd Crooks not Good Ciulio. lies. . foople are remarking .everywhere, and they are not all oncmios.that nearly all the men who are being tried for , , ballot stufflog and kindred crimes la .'"•> > different parts of the country are Irish Catholics, orjbear Irish Catholic names. ••In this olty every man BO Vned bus belonged to that class, In Chicago and .New York nearly all the boodlers are Irish Calhohus. It Is shameful,-but what are we going to do about itP Wo must put in a mild disclaimer right here. These ballot slutting and boodliag Irish UutUolios nover go to ohuroti. The ballot buvRlara in St. Louis are our parish^ hoodlums. They never go to church, and their (Sundays aro spent In saloons or driving their bloated Molls along. the frequented thoroughfares. Tho ballot burglars are a more cowardly and dirtier race ol penitentiary birds; nothing more. The priests do not speak of tho crime of ballot stuffing; any more than they do burglary, for tho very good reason that , the ballot Bluffers, like tho burglars, never, come within oar shot of the pul* pit.— 81. Louis Watchman, Ualholic. AdTlco to Hotuer.8. Mr». Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, Is tho presorptton of ono of tho best female nurses and physicians m tho United Slates, and bag boon used for forty years with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children, During tho process of toothing its valuo is Incalculable. It relievos the child from pain, euros dysentery and diarrhoea, griping In tho bowels, and wlud-oollo, Uy giving health to tho ohild it rests the mother Price 96o a bottlo. Ja 14 in w ewk HOU8E CLEANING. Shall we have thorough house clean* ing in the spring and fall, or only at one of these seasonsP If j,&t only one, •which is, the most advisable, Wm e p The; first question 1 answer ih tho negative, deciding promptly from my own experience, and from the Same standpoint I give the verdict in favor of spring as the best season for thorough work in this direction. Nature In her orderly work sets us an ox- amplo In this,.'us in many other of her arrangements. The March winds, although so chilly and penetrating, blow off tho old leaves from tho trees, and the loose, light rubbish Into hollows and ditches. Then come the April showers to soften and wash off what the wind has not removed, and by its gentle disintegrating force, to prepare the soil that the tender seedlings and roots may be able to find their Way to warmth arid light. Many animals and insects have this regular spring cleaning. Tho bees clean their hives as • completely as any N ow England housekeeper. In spring we feel, stirring, through all our veins, the same impulse to bo at work which we see manifested in all the operations of outdoor life. We should BOW open all our doors and windows, and let Into our rooms the purifying influence of air and sunshine, removing by brush, and the solvent powers of alkalies and water, the dust which furnaces and stoves, in spite of our weekly cleaning, have sifted into crevices and corners. Mattresses and bed-, clothing, which the cold and storm of winter would not allow us to fully expose to the Sun and nir, should now be put, on a sunny day, entirely outside, that these purifying ageuts may penetrate through them. Tho fresh and sweet smell which they will thus receive and give out will amply reward us for the extra work. No '. corner, from the cellar to the attic, should escape the sharp eyes of tho good housekeeper. How .shall all this necessary work be accomplished- without overtaxing the rnental and physical strength? No housekeeper should, if she can possibly avoid it, let her labors, even in this important business of honse- cleanirig, uso up her store of vital force., ;No amount of cleanliness will atone for, this loss. She shpuhl'always bear in mind that there should bo no conflict of duties, that good housekeeping requires'that she should keep her health unimpaired, and bo able to preside over hqr hoino with cheerful equanimity. She should never undertake to accomplish more in one day, than can bo done with ease and pleasure. •- 'I "hove,no sympathy with that foolish rivalry of trying to see which, in a neighborhood, shall first finish bouse cleaning. I have heard some women boast that on the first week in March their houses were all in order, woman should indulge the thought that what she is doing is drudgery, but that, like her great exampler—Na- ture, she is performing a refining and elevating process. The sun, the air, the budding trees, the gentle rain, the sweet wild flowers aro nil teaching us lessons in obedience, not to one alone, but to all laws— that violation of physical decrees, even" la. necessary work, will certainly be Followed by the pem-Ity nttixed. The jlad summer shquld find us strong in body and mind to enjoy all the rich feasts of the charms of nature which arc spread so lavishly before us. A young friend said torne, while the white mantle of winter slall covered the ground, "Oh, ^ .begin, as spring approacho-vta, wOi'ry about my house Chjauuig!"' This,'-I answered, is ifaong; in this you should try to practice the art'of forgetting. Enjoy and make good use of your present opportunities that, when the proper time comes, you will have tho strength to lake up this work with pleasure, i It is a groat mistake to upset many or all the rooms of a house at once. It is this which has caused the men of ;ho homes in which this is tho practice to regard cleaning house as a dreadful visitation. Only what work can be finished in the forenoon should bo attempted. For tho remainder of the day lot the subject bo tabooed, and tho power, according to ono of our great authors, "tho grandest of which nature is capable," bo exorcised of putting it aside, and reserving a fund of strength for the emergencies of the coining day. Everyone should have an interest in something' entirely away from tho line of the morning's work.which will prove a quiet and interesting retreat of rest— reading, culture of flowers, topics of jonoral interest, anything which will oad tho thoughts into an entirely different channel. Without such refuge ono will always bo in danger of becoming a more housekeeper, and notl(- ng else. Such a. woman will lose all 'rushi)ess and vitality, and will soon )0 known as » tiresome woman, never .alklng of aught olso but her work, dtclum and servant. Wo should guard against becoming bores in anything.— Mrs. It. 'f\ Jlfiyler, in Ouod Housekeeping. •» » •• What Cliarlos Khi«;*lc'y'« DuiiKlitors 1)1(1. Lot mo toll you how we wore taught to help those who helped us in our dear old homo at Kvorsley Keutory. Of course in u busy house, where everyone has work to do, tho servants cannot bo helped much wook days, except by thoughtfulmiss in little things. But there is tho seventh day, when the children have no lessons to do. Tills is what wo wore taught to look upon as tho "helpers' " day of rest, so far as we could make it HO. In tho morning breakfast was earlier than uHual. While wo wore breakfasting tho maids wore emptying our baths, for they wore too heavy for us children. As soon as breakfast was over we trotted oil' to our rooms, made the beds, folded up and put away all ourolothffc dusted—and'in fact'put things straight all around. Then we ran down to the dining-room and laid the table for dinner; and capital butlers we all became, I assure you. By these means the maids were ^ all feady'Sn their nice Sunday dressSf td-.go to church with ns at 11. Dinner, Sunday—no matter 'who was Svitlvufr—was at 1 o'clock instead of 7. This was the only hot meal, in the day. No cooking was done after 1 o'clock, as our supper was cold. At both dinner and supper ' the servants were sent a\vay and wo wait,6d at table. I laugh now when I think of tho faces of horror of learned men or gallant soldiers who had come down to spend Sunday in Iho dear old rectory, or ridden over from Sandhurst, or Aldorshot, to tho morning service. The agonies they went through at being waited on by the daughters "of tho housol Tho struggles they made to bo allowed to change thoir own plates! And they resigned in submission when quietly told by their host, "It is the way of the house!" That was how'we wore raado to help the faithful and devoted servants who spout their lives in helping us. It was not much.. But it gave them an almost free Sunday.— Hose Jfingslcy in Wide Aioakc. While engaged in digging in a lot in BuHalo N. Y., a few days ago a laborer struck a largo piece of iron with his pick about two feet below tho surface of tho earth. On being dug up it was found that tho obstacle was a huge iron gun, seven and one-half feet long. Although very, rusty, it was otherwise in good condition, except that ono of the arms had been knocked off and used ns'a ping. The British emblem of the crown was marked upon the gun, as were the figures which presumably showed the weight of tho weapon, 2,334 pounds. Tho removal of the plug revealed the presence of a ball live inches in diameter about four inches from tho hole. The circufcronco of tho gun itself ranges from nearly a foot ut the mimic to about one and one-half foot. Tho gun is supposed to be a relic of the war of 1812. Princess Sarah Winnomucca is still successfully running her school at Lovelock,'Nevada. Tho Phi to children arc said to be apt scholars. The school-house is on the ranch of Chief Nnchos, and the little boys arc to be taught how to cultivate the soil. The moving spirit in these educational projects is tho princess.- She has long boon steadily striving for ihe advancement of her people. Edward Scruggs, a totally blind man of Nashville, Tcim., has nmde $100,000 speculating, in veal estate there during the past v'-"ir. lie is led about by a hi^ro boy. Peculiar in medicinal merit and wonderful cures —Hood's Sarsaparilla. Sow is the time to take it, for now it will do the most good. 8 ST. LOTJIS. . ' ST. Louis, April 20. Wheat—Higher; cash 70#®8Qo, May 79#q, June 80e, July 78?,'o. Corn—Steady; cash 3Bc, May W(e, Juno 38«c, July 87MO. Oats-Quiet; cash 28Xe, May 27;»o, June 473ic, July 27K0 1 . Provisions—Pork duii and irregular at $17. Lard lower at $7. Patents. To ny persona wishing to obtain letter patent on new inventions, improvements o lootgna,! will execute drawings and spocln nations and make applications for Patents \U oouaultatlou, In person or by lutte , free UP CAS. PFEIFFENBKKG^R, *HW. III. . uleansed, Purified and Beautified by the Cutlcura Remedies. For cleansing tho Skin and Uoalp of Disfiguring Humors, for allaying Itching, burning and Inflammation, for curing: tho lira* symp ;oras of Euzeinn, Psoriasis, Milk Crust, Scaly Head, Scrolula, and otlipr inherited Skin and Blood Uiaauses, Outloura, tlio grout Skin Jure, and Outloura Soap, |an exquisite Skin lioiuitillor, externally, ana Outloura Kosolv- ont, tho now Blood Purifier, intcrually, aro nfalllblo. A COMPLETE CUHE. 1 have suffered all my llfo with skin diseases of different kinds, and have never found jiermnnent relief, until, by the advice of a ady friend, I used your valuable Gutlcnrft Uoinodics. J gave thorn a thorough - trial, using six bottles of tho Outloura Hosolvont. two boxes Outlcura ani'lsevou oakos of Outl- euro Soap, and tho result was Just whiic 1 had been told it would bo—a corapipta oure. nEIXS! WAUfc. lUohmond, Va. Reforonoo, 0. W. Lattlmor, Druggist, Klch- mond, Va. SALT IlHBlTM JCUIIKD. I was troubled with Salt ithouin for a iiuui- bor ot years, BO that tho skin entirely name air one of inv hand» from tho finger tips to tho wrist. I tried remedies and doctors's prescriptions to no purpose until I oom- noncad taking Outlcura Remedies, nnd now I am entirely cured M. T. PAKKEB, 371) Northampton St., Boston. DIUlaaiSTS KNDOK8K TUEM. Have sold aquantity of yourOutloura Bom- odlen. Ono of ray customorH, Mis. Henry Kmtz, whojrad tottoron her hands to guou ui extent as to causa the skin to pool off, and or eight years she suffered greatly, was completely cured by tho use of your iiiodlcinos. 0. N. Nl'JB, Druggist. Ottuton, Ohio. ITCHING, BCAlY, PIMPLY. For tho last year I luwo hud u Bpecloa bl tolling, uouly and pimply linuioi'S on my face :o which I have applied n groat nruiiy methods of treatment without success, and which VYUS speedily antl ontlruly oured by Outicura. MIIS. I8AAO PHKLl'S, Kavoima, O. Wo have nuld your Outfoura Remodfeg for the lust six vunrs, aud no inodtolnes on our sholvoH give batter satisfaction. 0. r. ATHKRTON, Druggist, Albany, N.7. OUTIODRA I1KMJIDJHS UrO sold OVOl'.VWjjCU'O 'rice: Outloura,60bents;Kosolvont f 1; Soap. itt ota. Prepared by tho Pottor Drug and Jheniloal Co., lioutou, M ABB. »und (or "How to C'uru Bkln DUonsas." jTTDC Pimples, Skin HloinlshoB. and UUilO.liiibyiliimora,cured by gutl- oura Soap. KIDNEY PAIIXS And that weary, Hfaloss all-gono 8u " 8 atlon ever present with those of Inflamed kldnoye, weak bnok and lolnn, uobluu blPB and siup» ovur- worked or wornont by dleonse, debility or dlsalpatlon, aro rollnvod In oua mlnuto and speedily ourod by the uutlctira Autl Pain lIuHter, a new, orlglnal.ologant and Intalllblu antidote to pain mid Intlaimnutlon, At all druggists. iAa; Uvoforjli or ol Potter Drug o., IlOAton. The importance of purlfylne the blood cannot be overestimated, lor without pure lildod you cannot enjoy good health. At this BOixson nearly every ono needs ft good medicine to purify, vitalize, nnd enrich the blood, and wo nsk you to try Hood's D uUdf Barsaparllla. Itslrengthciu rcCUIIar am i bullils up the system, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, while It eradicates disease.. The peculiar combination, proportion, nnd preparation of the vegetable remedies used glyo to Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- T rt If coif Jar curative powers. No • y lloCIl other medlclnolvtisBttcu a record of wonderful cures. If you have made vip your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy'your, confidence. Hood's SarShparllln Is sold by all druggists, Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar KASKINE """(TBE L-»EW QUININE.); No bad effect No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. C ure %quiekly (Pleasant,!"" 0 A POWEftFirL TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOR COLDS KASKINE HAS UEENFOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPEOUMO. Superior to Quinine. .•'•;'.;• Bollevue Hospital, K. Y.: "Universally successful." ("Every patient treated St. Francis Hoa.N. Y. < with Kaskluo has been (discharged cured." KflV.'Jas. L. HaU.Cbaplaln Albany Penitentiary .writes that Kaskfno has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Wrlto him lor particulars. . St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y./ "It's use is considered indispensable. It acts perfectly." Proi. W. F. Holoombo, M.D , 6i East25th St., N.Y. (lato Prof, in N. f. Mod. College) writes: "Kasklno is superior to quinine in its specific power, and novor produces tho slightest In Jury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kino h»s cured them after all otheer modi cine had falletf." Write for :book of toetl- montals. ICoskliio can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 64 Warren St., New Vork Id dwlm LOOKOUT THE CELEBRATED QUICK MBAL Gasoline Stove ! KOll SALE AT J.HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES ANI> HARDWARE Also Outside Work a specialty. Rooting and Galvanized Iron Work. Also l index-taker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND AIO1Y STS. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Klcanor P. Guild, doecaeod. The undersigned, huvlng boon appointed Administrator ol the estate of Eleanor r. Uulld, late of )tho county of Sladlsou mdatateol Illinois, docoudod, liorebv gives notice that ho will appear before tho county court of Madison county, at tho court house, !n Edwarasvlllo, at tho May tonn, on the third Monday in May next, at which time all parsons huvlti« claims aKulnst said uro notified and requested to attend lor tho purpose of huvliiK tho name adjusted. All lemons Indebted to said Estate aro requested to miiko Immediate pixymont to the undersigned, .bated this llth day of March. A. n., 1887. > '' If. Svilll'l'LB, ' AdiulniBtrator. Closing' Out. CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost Every thing to l>e sold by iHt ol May. Bar- traiusin Watches and a general llne«)f 1st class Jewelry. Mow is your time for Bargains at ' '' Corner Third and Plasa str^ee'i^. THE LATEST J 1887. , JEWEL PNEUMATIC or;AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four styles. Two and Throe Burners, With Tin and IlUBsla Ovens. Air Pressure,without tho elevated tank, pressure is'obtained with a weight, not-witn a purop. Abtolulely tho Bnlcsv; simple \\itli rio intilcuteparts. LIGHTS with caibuictted nil-, tiiftcad of oil in n Orlp cup. Gasoline nnd Air Tanks are all • of 3>a inch eramlcss brass tubiiip trnnll couiiectingpipes of heavy annealed brusc.,wlth . union coupifi.'fc'S. Ono eiid ol' tmik is of gli>»s, slioivinB qunntity of oil iiicnnie. Cannot be filled while burning. The regular lino of JEWELSTOVKS AUD HAKGE8 arc improved rncchanlcallj nnd urtls- tlcully. Lnrce (loublnoveu lor thico buinerllBiigcs; .Stund pipes irjcreuscd in size to ono inch,-witri liu-fcc supply valve and trap at base. Allovdiu iirn'o-ii'db dpiiblo or flue ' lined. ' -'• ..' j: 1 : ''. . - I , ! < apUU4ni PITTS &BAMIU, Sole Agents- Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GHEATGOXDEN SEAL. Testimonials uro being received dally regarding its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse it as tho greatest medical discovery of the day. Tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL Is a Food, Building up"the nervoussystoir and tho tired brain. , An ."•-'Anti-Periodic Or Prevontatlvo of Chills, Fovor and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote 0vorcomlng tho evil effects of excessive alcoholic Indulgences. A (ionAlcoholic Stimulant Toiuriff up tho outiro system. If you aro just recovering from sickness, no known remedy will (rl vo strength and health so fiujt. Frlco, $1.00 per bottlo ut all Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO., 54 LaSalleAv.. CHICAGO, ILL. HAY-FEVER Jy-LJA O \s-tl w^~l.JL£ J.UlJJ4Vi Is not a liquid,, anujf or jmtder: Applied into nostrils is quickly absorbed. It eleansts the Jie'ad. Allays inflammation. Heals tfa sores. Restores thcscnses of taste and smell. CO cents at Dntgijistt; ly mail, ro[i<>teral, 60 unit. ELY BROTHERS. Bruggfsts,Owego,Nrr EAOLK PACKIST COMPANY, New and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for tho Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to T -»——"* sizes. v At tho old rollable IIOUSK-I'AINTING and DKOOIIATING ostubllshmont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, fuulUlfru SPRING ARRANGEMENT Tbe Steamer Plain and Decorative 1 K. BOSS POWEtl . • I ED. BLOCK, Oler JIB. On and after Monday, Fob. 11, tho Spread Eagle will run as follows, vizi FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip tits p. in., daily. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Gralton, and waj points ovory evening at 6 180 o'clock. «9>The Whistle will be Bounded flftotn minutes before starting lor St. Louis, . • 60 . - 75 - . B 00 W. HT1J,. Atffnt. To ST. BODNDTlUP - TWBNTT HIDES' Fast Freight & Passenger Lh.e TUB ST. LOUIS AND OKNTJIAL ILLINOIS R. B. GO'S J. r. KLLlftON, Ooramonder. KD. AN8HUTX, |ni.,^t 0 TIIUIIUOIIOK! ! OIerk8 '. On and after Thursday.Foh. nth, will Uavo Alton dally OoHimcnnlnH Moiiday, April 4tli, Btoivmor Iluuaon will loiivoHi, Louis lor Alton, Port. n«o. Jersey, Urufton mid all pulnts on 8tT L. & 0.1. It. it., dally, oxeopt Sunday, ut 8:ilU u. m,, arriving at Alton at u a. in. ItaturnliiK wllllottvo Alton for St. I^uls utl:40 p. in. arriving (it St, l,ouis at 7i30 In atniilo time for parties to attend theutrsa, oto, Purtloa purchasing round trip tlokutu will bu fnrnlshoil state rooms without oxtra cost. Hound trip tickets of steamer Hproud Kiiglo or Hudson wllgbn honovod by oltlior bunt for rotitru paasago, ooniiBotlnuwltli faBtnxprnsti on St. Louis and OoiiU-ul llllnolH Uuilroad lor Jorsoy viile, Wa- vorly, SpilnKUniaitud all nolutd north uud 1'AltlC, TOST. LOWS,singletrln, , , , noc. " " round (rtp 7j 3l " twenty rlnu ilckeU . , $5 oo „ . »^HYOTATUM/aon,'ABt. Alton. 1!, A, KISllKli, i.uu'l MimuKHr. Iiilldtf AU. VVOKK PKOMPTLY ATTKHDED TO AT LOWEST TKKMS. OFWCB AND SHOP 6» SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. .'•' . . DUE, WILSON . Theio Wislibonrils are mode with u Bent Wood rim, Tho Strong- ci.t boaruJ and beet wtvuliers In Uit world. Par nalo by nil doulvn. 'i'oko no other. M'F'O CO., •LATE PAINT J'tlii'ii-oi Itui l>ii|»-04i'rviiUoni>filil»fflaaii<l molal root*, far i.vbiirrol uruurlowl. £\tr prliwa, undronsO. fill'* >'>£• *..V»'i ««»''">1 Aitcn!^ 403 WntVH SAJLJR3. , Public iiotloo l« horuby glVOn that In purBU- luiue of un order of tho County court ol Mud- BOH county, Illinois, tho uudomlgnod uaal/t; n«o of tho D. II. Sparks Milling oouipany.wlll oiil'rldiiythOBlxtliduvof May, A. I)., 1887, veil atiiublloiiuctlon to tho highest bidder foroaslittt the hour of ono o'clock p.m. of HHlildivy on tha pruuitsoB tho fallowing de; HOflhod property, to-wU. I^ots nuuibona twolvo(l!l),Vhlrtiion (1:1), fo\u town (U) ufteeu 'IB), Blxtudn (10) and so von toon 117), In John tuliioy'd situond addition to tho city of pw; rollton In tho county of Ureane and Htato of Illinois, together with tho grain elevator ihuruon known ns tho "Oarrolltoit Klevutor." The above sula will bo nubjuot to any, and nil l.icniubr'UK'OS on siild property, A deed, or deuds, will be made to the purchaser upon approval of the report o( solo by tha County Court of Miidhjan o«u nty. FIUNK 11. MILNOU, Aislgnoo of tho ]>. It. Sparks lllUlntf V°i ALTON, lw.,, April Utli, 18S7. vM 7

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