Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ILL., THURSDAY EVENHSTG, 21r 1887. MAKES thafeaitandi»fe«tWftah. ing Oomponnd known. itprodttoeirhettatreinlta 'With * great^lavirig'of . i - i Time mfl Lahnf : In Winning and Hon»o- cleaning, than anything w*«ih yonrDl»he»,Gl»M- ware,w"lndow8, Onrtalnn, Jewelry, 1 Bllvor, In fact everything, with it. Try It In the Bath) and note Ui Superiority over Soap IJcware of Imitations. Tlio Genuine alway« bean tho Above 9/mbol and namo of 1 :•': JAlttES 1'YIE Now York, ANNUAL Contest -AT- ALTON. Of the male pupils in all tho Rooms giving monthly reports of the ' Alton PubUc Schools,' one from each room, : that can show a record ; for the best Deportment, Scholarship, &c., certified to by the Teacher and endorsed by the Superintendent, from the first of the present month to the end 'of present term, shall receive from W. A. HH.DEBHAND a, $2 Hat or a $2 pah? of Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, 10 per cent off ($1.80), optional with the party. Ono prize to each of the following schools: The Brother's School, the German Catholic and the Lutheran. The Teachers' certificate will suffice. And the one male pupil of the Public Schools of Alton that can show the best record, (certi- and endorsed as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c., from September last to the end of the present term in June next shall have as a grand prijse a $10 Suit, or its equivalent (10 percent. off,$9)incash. BSSuAwards of prizes will bo made on. presentation of the proper certificate any time before July 2d next, after which date this promise stands void. [Signed,] W. A. HILDEBRAND Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND jttECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office oHTlard Bt.,one door west ^>f Pfowa, third floor. 20<? BAGS HIGGIN8' , FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table Use, ln*14 Ib, linen sackfl and 80 Ib. sacks, for Bale by J. A.RYRIE. TAKK ADVANTAGE OP THE JBOOM, I'artipB intondlnr; to buy Itoul Kstuto in tlio oltyol Altpuor Tloinity will flna It to tholr Interest to call ut the onifoofltuaerslmuiion & Bonntug unU exumlue tlielr Hut of proportion tor sulg ua only n purt tliovoof la odver- tlvod, i Tlio Arthur Memorial Moetla ALBANT, N. Y., April 20—Tho exercises in honor of the; memory o Ihe late 1'rosldent Arthur,:'were hole in tho Assembly Chamber! this eve ning, a distinguished audience being present. The members' desks line been" removed "from the ispacioue chamber and substituted. Most, o the members of tho Senate ! and AB sembly,' many with .their \yives, wor present. Among the relatives of th exJPresident present were Chester A Arthur, Jr., Miss Nellie Arthur,,Jas JL Hasten, of Cohoesj Arthur H Hasten, Mi-, and Mrs. John J&.Mp Elroy, Misses May and Jessie and Mrs. Wm. H. :McElroy. The phi., decorations were American! flag' draped behind: the Speaker's desk 'and a portrait of Mr. Arthur. The speakers were ex-U. S. District ;At torney Benj. H. Brewsterj of Phila delphia, and Hon. C. M. Depew, of New York. Congressman Parson's Views WASHINGTON, April 20—Congressman Payson. in an interview here, says the first thing Congress., should do is to pass a bill repealing thai section of the Inter-State Commerce bill which gives the Commissioners power to suspend the law. He. says the railroads appear to have capturec the CommiBBiou, the same! as , they capture everything. ' ' Absolutely Pure. Thl» powder never varies. A marvel ot purity, strongtli:wholosoinonoBs. More ooo- upmloal than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude ol -' JaiiSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR (SALE. READ LIST OF BARGAINS —AT— C. A. Schlueter's Agency. For Sale, olaonp, cor. of 7th and Alton sts.; 'ramo awelllng, 1 rooms and oollar.'ronts for 510 per month. For Sale or ffixohaugoo—100 aovoa, 85 In onl- tlyatlon, 2K miles northeast ot Fostorbiirg, at n bargain. For solo—Flvo-roombrlok house, story and a half, corner Eighth nnd Mechanic street. 3au be had at a bargain. Good (property to Ono 0-room new house, with collar, cistern and.coal house. Lot 50 by 110 on' Oth mid For salo-Kino 8-room liouso andlonc 8-room house, Oth aud Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good cistern and coal house, at a bin gain. For sale— 15 acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. ' For Bale- 6(10 acres Impreved (avm with rood house and stables In Woodson county, tansab. R. n. runs across from Fort Scott to Wichita, 6 miles from county seat, : > For sale— 75 aorns partly bottom land, Improved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of jood buildings on same. For sale— 10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In this city. For sale or cxoiiango— A aloe little cottage n Bethalto, with plenty of ground, stable and a;oo,d water On premises. For salo or oxohanae— Two sections of R.R. .Imbor land In So. Missouri, 160 rallosTfrom St. Louis on tlxe Iron Mountain It. n., at a bar- gain. • 'I:.'' For sale or exchange, 8 acres of ground' on lain at., adjoining Mayor.Oopplngorfs on the tftfitfi . ^ For sale or exchange— 8 sections of prairie and In Crocket county, Tosoa. Vful soil ohoup. S.ultablo for any fanning purposes. Throe acres adjoining Dr.Koberts on north. Five lots on Dry st., adjoining/Thomas nig. gins' residence on the oust. One and a half lots In Hawloy's addition. Ono and a half lots In Sholly's addition. Any of tho above property can bo bouulit at a bargain. also repreBput .tjxe BuflTalo Gorman Fii'e Insurance Co., Buffalp, N. Y., one of the best companies in the TJ., S. And other good Companies in addition. _ C- A. SCHXUETER, Offloel in ray New Building, 'on Second street, __ ; _ moliHdw JAMWETT'8 LIVERY STABLE^ PEONT STK1CET, BKTWICJtN AUJY Mil) KASTON, AI.TOF . . •, ILT.IMO1 mrldlv • NEWS. The Queen of,the Hawaiian kingdom has arrived ai San Francisco. A case of. leprosy is reported at Louisville, Ky., being imported from Honolulu. Hon.'John C. Nevy says that the Republicans'.of .Indiana will „present the na'tao of Senator; W. H. Harrison for the Republican nomination for President. "'•.' A dispatch,, which is .looked upon, at.AVashington,.. as ,a; "feeler," has been, sent by Lord Salisbury to the Ain'erican government concerning Canadian fisheries. The local bicyclists yesterday completed their arrangements for the eighth annual meeting of the League of American Wheelmen to be held iu St. Louis next month. • Hon. John C. New. publisher of the Indianapolis Journal, says Indi-, ana can be counted in the Republican cglumn next year, .and that the Republicans can elect a President without the aid of New York. _ Now that Buffalo Bill's wild Indians anti. cowboys have reached England .the British dr^am of American civilization will be realized at last. -'*'; : ., ' ,'•• f : Chicago,capitalists yesterday completed the purchase \of the property on the southeast corner., of Sixth and OHye streets,! St. Louis., and will immediately proceed to erect there an Heuiiy F. Merritt, of Illinois, has been appointed United States Consul at Chemnitz, .Germany, He is a brother of Thomas E. ftlerritt, the well-known Democratic legislator at Springfield. . . Six;of the Nihilists arrested, for the recent attempt to assassinate the Czar of Russia have been .sentenced to death, and others have been sentenced to, life imprisonment. Historian Bancroft carries his 87 years as lightly over, the country as many a man of 50 would ' glad to do. Mr. Bancroft might give some valuable pointers on the art of, working hard and keeping young. Congressman Randall is a good fighter, but his gout is getting the best of him; He has ; e;iven up the country- place near Philadelphia, which he hired for several years,and will go where he can take ] mineral baths. In a landslide on the New. York Central railroad yesterday Engineer Ed ; . Canarr was killed. -His dying words were, "Boys.flag the trains." Engineer Canarr was made of the same kind of metal as :Major .Lawrence, of Revolutionary'fame. " It is reported from London that Premier Salisbury has in. effect offered to renew the grant of American fishing rights,^! [in Canadian waters " /aS .they existed under the late treaty,;; without an additional indemnity. It will be remembered that the Upited -States Government paid to Great Britain, under the Halifax .award, $5,500,000 "or the fishing rights which the late iroaty guaranteed.:' • • '> The Long and Short Haul. WASHINGTON, April 20—The ternr )orary suspension of the fourth sec- ion of the Inter-State Commerce law made by the commission yesterday upon freight to and beyond El Paso, Tex., is another step towards the •ealization of the general prediction. The grounds upon which the suspen- sion.of the fourth section onifrpight o and through El Paso is askqd make t so plain that, there is hardly, any point, in the; country at which tho sffect of water competition will not )e felt that the commission must in ime recognize the fact, that one such iuspension will inevitably mean the )ractical nullification of the entire ection. A. G,.I)u.gge.i' is back from Wichita, Kan., for a few, days. " Mrs, A. A. JPerloy, of Taylorvilie, •was,vi«iting irlcnds in:this city last week.; . Miss Flora Regal, of Sulphur Springs, Mo., is the guest of Miss Sadie Coventry. • . Mrs. j; • W." Terry entertai nod the Sewing Society of the Presbyterian church last Wednesday afternoon: The.Sewing Sboiety of the 'M. E. church met at Mrs. R. B. Evans' last Thursday.afternoon. , . ' S. Ed., Morrison,, lato with the Crowder Milling Co., of this 1 city, left for St. Louis last week. .He .will embark in the jewelry business with Mr. AVm. J. Gill, an old Edwardsville boy, who has been clerking in a jewelry store in St. Louis for the past ten years. The new firm will'' open their doors next Monday- at No;. 718 Olive street. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Manley biro'. in St. Louis for ; a week's visit.' Miss Laura bchwarz is. ,the guest of friends : at South Bentoh', 'a. suburb, of St. Louis, Mo. "''.'. Mrs. Jos. G. Robinson, after a visit of-several days here, ^ returned to her home in St. Louis, last Saturday. ,j • ' '•''•• Judge OyrusL.,Cook was holding court in Belleville last week.' Mrs. Jas. Whitbread entertained the Ladies' Guild this afternoon. The members of the society 'will "be the quests of Mrs. Sarah A. ''Littleton on Tuesday afternoon : of.!next week. • '..' Dr. C. C. • Corbett was elected Treasurer of the Southern Illinois Dental Association, at DuQuoin, where the meeting was held last week. Miss Lucia Whitbread was hostess to the Reading Circle last Friday evening. Miss Anna Kern will entertain the circle on the evening ; p;f the 29th hist. I&VAHIOUS—The treasurer; of , the township of Edwardsville .gives the following in his report for the fiscal year ending April 1st. Receipts) all sources, $20,571, Expenditures: teachers' salaries, §7,890.21; new school, $4,349.65; on hand,- $10,490.60; tha other expenditures consist of.soveraiother different items. L.j C. Kcewn is the Township Treas- Weiis and the funds couldi not be" in. the hands of a better man,' ,' "' .(. • Work on the erection • of; the Edwardsville Creamery will' 'commence to-morrow, and the institution,ought, in working order by ' the first of Juty. Our farmers scemi >to - be well pleased with the enterprise. It is rumored that the daughter of a prominent farmer on the St. Louis road will bo married to a young man in this city early next mouth. After this when the members of the County Board get drunk, during sessions, they will be "bounced." ADAM. UKKiHTON. I Cloths^Engs irifllats, Has arrfred. 'Also aver# Clioice Slock of"« ^ >^mA:^'(k I am offering these g^ooda at the very lowest . • • prices to'•£$$&''ttuyers;::- 11 A3^ alrW'lfowtto " to caU and see the beaiiUml. iaew ALTON, ILL TUKUBUSBKATKp, Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Enr' gines;\Mpl^e;,=]?ipw - ! Go's Blows and Cultivatdrs ,khd v i "Pulverizing ^ flne EMPIRE TWINl^BINDERS.'DROPPBRS'AND'HOWlSRS.^aeadquar •tori for EUPION and; CARMINE, OILS; ENGSitifi; ;0tLMER and SIGNAL OILS : STOqK ti VfiElX;'and, SjSTEM^T line of COCaqNG'STQFES ; the PANiGLER'andPEREE ', TiON,GASoi?)tjrij; STOVES. See our 810 BUGGY HARNESS. ' i NI? W> HOME SEWING-MAGHINES,' 0.; , We ,keejp: ; the' 'BEST 'GASOLINE" and " ' BURNING lf/S ; on ; tap and /delivered; ; ; ^ v ' ' ' * KlWAltOSVILLK. KuWAllDgVILI.1t, Afll'll «,'87. The city election brought out a arge crowd. There are a largo number of happy young men in town o-night, and they ought to bo, for •no of their number has been elected layor. Mr. Charles Boeschenstcin van elected Mayor . over Mr. Moses }. Sherman by a majority of seventy. The other successful candidates are a« follows: ' City Clerk, Win. II. Hall; Trtna- irer, A. S. lleisol; Attorney, A. 1). VIotcalfo; Police Magistrate, George iarruclnugh. Aldermen, First ward, V. Klingel, two niaj.; Second ward, os. Love, three maj. j • Third ward, i. P. Wolf, no opposition. PKKSONAL—Mr. T. C. Ilulluiuu, lie gentlemanly superintendent of he coal mines of P. Woudorly & Co., as left for the north. Whilu absent m will sull sonic real estate ho owns D Dakota ! John ; S. Trai'oa is up and around. To dlsllkfiH being on the sick list. , • V April, 21. :: A telegram was received this nionir ing, ,from Roodhouse, announcing the deatU of,Conductor S. C. : )Mooro, t pf the C.. & A. Mr. Moore lived and was brought, up here and his ,death is a sorrowful blow to all. our citizens. He, wn's,run over by a switch engine and:killed last nighc. ;; He was about 50-yfi'ars old. • LasJ night,, at iU'.SOj Mr. Fred Drew; died' at his residence, one mile west of Brighton,' after a short illness. Have not heard particulars. V. -• STDAUT'S UAUHOLIO ACID TKOOUES certain'cure for sprp; throat, coughs, colds and hoarseness. Wait one : hour after eating before taking "one of tho troches for. dyspepsia, STUAUT'S AiiNiOA'SAi,vB, surest euro for outs and burns. BURKS' LINIMENT cures all pains. Pearly teeth.HUd a swent brcjath can be had only by using .Crossler's Wild Roae Tooth Powder, COUUD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Qo., CJjuincy, 1)1.:—. When in your store I was so bourse I could not, spunk aloud. Tho first doso of your White Pine holiied. mo, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely relieved. Twine since 11mvo lost my voice, but taking the Pino Balaam a few time* has given relief. Nothing over bonefitted nio like this has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. 11.Williams, 444 N. Oth., Quiuoy, 111. CORE FOR SICK HKADACHK. Of the many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot Pills, nonu has yielded quicker than nervous and sick headache. Nino oases out of every ton of hoadacho lire caused by sluggish and inactive liver. Shot through the throat by Burks' White Pine Balaam and killed a aovord oold in three days. If you don't believe it lust try it. Price 60o at druggists. For salu HI Altun by E. Marsh. qpl dwlw A perfectly sound body and a mind unimpaired are poiulblo only, with pure blood. Loading modioal authorities indorse Ayer'a riursapimllu as thu best blood purifying modioino in existence, It vastly increases Hie w.oiking and productive powers of both hand; and brain. dwlw EK. Cor. SdandSta THE, BEST ON EARTH I SUBSCEIBE FOB TH;E ALTOI EfE. ILEfill Me lr By mail or delivered, Only'^epiiblica'n Daily ia Madison county J, SUITER & SON, FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full and Conjploto Stock Al- wtvya OQ Haud. DO NOT FAIL TO -GIVE US A CALL BBKOBB PURCHASING. ouii riraNiTi/ua ROOMS AUB ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi. •psuwiv , DB, C. li. KOUJLAND, Dentist, 18 THIRD 8TBHKT, ALTON, ILL. OiHoe Uonr«~8 a. m. to U in. | 1 to 1 p. in fendwly G. A. DoutlHt, OVKK JlimKOGlCMANN'B OIOAH HTOUK 8UOONU ST. lotl dtt FJUV8IOIAM8 AND Dli. E. I'hysioiuii and Miirgeon, las-dwly w. A. HANKEI.L, M.D., Pliyaloiun and Surgeon, OmCIK-8KOOKD ST-iALTOIf, ILL. Ortloo houra-Oa, tn.i 13 to 1, abb fl p.m.

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