Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 20, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1887
Page 4
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ALTON DAttf (Kn««r«d O, nt AUon ( WEDNESDAY EVE.. AHlUl JO. UcdUrno For Birds and Bnblei. "ToKt't ;indn;st: 1 »'po«e Int* J«"t tako off Am [>m nil aluue. out In the Iain, whfii IhobUjdOKB mt> - l1oar ' ho gennlno h« above trade mark and SyASJl, Qv n -wrapper. Take no other. bjp'VJuiihi'oit Bwny.tbwi «n<l tarVnou* Cnr*» l>«»a'!>o*n "It; !?. Hamlin's W lard Oil. , Niurilgia, Toothache, Hoadacho, Earache, Catarrh, Croup. Sore Throat, To l, t h-lKl-l<.'»«'.1, Imrk." I Bt.iy now, for 1 bear the church "Hlic wouldn't xoto imrtte.. thnt .mother-bird, Nor lo-chureliolthor, If sho heard Tho boil: she ilon't onro for nny of tuose iDjiisi ilnyrt Oiore nnU Plug*, and ulng*. Hud BlriK'9." "If 1 could lay my head riulit-on my mamma's l,lko ImCy-blrctiH ftll dose together In their And "Immma'd stay beside me, ana let me I'd go rljfht l etri"l»nt to boa as (rood n» : any la Dare, In Pood Honsefceoplng. soul shining thttugh hor «$<#,; Ind lior straight into his homt nnd love foi evor. , , . Roto and her mother, corning homa from a drive, were met by tho astounding news, and h'astehod to Mr. Mer- rilT's room to learn the truth of th? niuttor. They lound him lying on his lounge with u happy look on his wrinkled old face that quite transfigured It, while, besido him snt Griieo, cnlm, sweat, nnd peaceful, tho dark bright eves shining like twin stm-s. ' "This la mv dear granddaughter Grace," lie said. ".She has I'ome to share our home and love. Aro you not glad,' " Gl'adt Already they looked on hel as an interloper, and determined, il pos.Hil)le, to drive her back to the pov- Sufferlng shonmcn. Ppople engaged in the theatrical business in St. Lpttt» t signed ft petition yesterday to the .interstate coni- uieroe commission requesting .* suspension for ninety days ol the, olftUf-o ,pro* hibitin* special rates, fthd giving tbo railroad companies power to, innKo speoml rates tor theatrical companies. Aniomz the afRunmnts set forth in tun petition ave that 600 orjHUilzod .combinations ore constantly trayo'lng »J tho Unltad StMea and inuploy upwards of 10 000 adults. Thorn are '.1,500 places .of amusement, Riving; emplovmmit to 40,000 persons. These local amusement places could not exist, nor make any return for the invested, but for the co-operation of tho travelling companies. Including printer*, cos- turners, bill posters, etc.. there are a Sprains, Brinies,' Burns. Fever Sores, P Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost ,, Caked Jar.ca5ls. and and Pains, REAL ESTATE ^_ FOB SALE OB BENT, -BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. . ; 4. ; , " . . r»r Sale. ,. ' AooaT8nlontaBrtplea»anthome at a rea- •on«bI»flgur«,bolnitBttfO-8lory transe houw on Eighth street, near ngnT' . A cholfte farm ot XM aero*, with first claw iii)ro™n«n«*,.»ltiinfed « mUes east ol Bruruiwlek. Oharlton oo., Mo. For 8*1*. Jk on*-«tt»y tt«mo AwttlllivE houso tn Rooa oondWon, In Topping's addition to Alton. ForS»l« Oh»«p „, Tho twldonoe ol Oapfc W. 1'. Wo: «*o rtorloeand mansard roof4 1» room t halls. olOMtt, dollars, etc, ; S acres ol groan Most todrable property In the oltr. r«t Hal*. l«l aerosol land near city limits, S.i.o ., twottory brtok and frame dwc! UK ooase, • t both situated on the e«si • o .iwvto •treot between eth and lib «ncew to the brtok ttlock of store* on Seoon dirwt, botwoen Unni'i and Bid go street .town asllunter't A iiniall Iruue •• .«tng_houso within n ne clocks ol thert ,t tor $375. HO »«re» f good turmxnjt land, and another Irnot ol 500 Acres, both unlmprovod. Situate In MOP co., Kansas, at $10 and {16 per acre iMpectivolv—one-third OAsh.balance on Unje. For 8M*. Atarmol 140 acr« on bottom land, all In cultivation, near MadUon. tn thU county. A roort two-itory frame dwelling houao on it. Price »,000 for 8me. A choice farm •( ISO' acres, situate l mile toutb ot fthljnnnn, Macouptn county, 1U., at a low figure. A farm, comUtlng of UO aero* ol good land tltMfcta vfttliln^iaftHeft ot upper Alton, aultA . bio lor dairy purposes. Cheap. KLUNK DSDEETAKEB, AHfi Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes HIS GKANDUAUGSHTER. Old Mr, Merrill was lying wearily back on his couch, ; when ,Kose, his pretty granddaughter, fluttered in, all lace and ribbons and dainty npnarol; and dancing up to his side, dropped him a fantastic little curtsy, saying as sho held out an embroidered .purse: ••See, grandpa dear,my poor parse h empty, and there is such a lovely costume at Madame Blanc'n. 1 must have it- You'll give mo the money, won't you?" and she looked down at him with a winsome beseeching smile, thnt had never failed of its purpose. "Surely, dear," said Mr. Merrill, stroking the soft little hand held out to him, for he was fond of the merry girl who came like a ray of sunshine into the dullness of his sick room— surely you shall have tho money. And now"y°" wil1 mul to 1HO " wuilcP 1 am so lonely .hero,-now that my old- servant is gone." -Oh, I cannot, grandpa!" exclaimed Rose with a little cry of dismay. "It is so horrid, reading those tiresome old papersi" .••Well, then, sing for me. Do, dear,' ho entreated. "Don't tease, grandpa," pouted Rose. "You know I must keep my voice fresh for tonight. I've promised to sing nt Mrs. Gray's musicale." "Where is your mother?" Mr. Merrill asked with a patient sigh. "Mamma has gone to the meeting of the -Esthetic Culture Society. You know that takes all her time. Why don't vou got a companion, grandpa? Mamma and I have so many society duties, you surely cannot oxpeot us to spend our time in a sick-room." And Rose gracefully pocketed the money he gave her, and kissing her hand to him with an airy charming laugh, turned away—to meet young )r. Lysle, who was just coming in to wake his daily visit to her graud- ather. "Oh, Horace! forgive me!" she exclaimed, and darted back to her grandfather, begging his forgiveness, too. Dr. Lyslo was glad to believe that she hud* not meant her heartless words, and to give her the kiss her pouting, tempting lips begged so irresistibly, not feivring Mr. Merrill's kindly eyes."result of Rose's suggestion was that in the next morning's papers appeared an advertisement for a "Companion to an Invalid," which advertisement led to a second and far more important rx-sult. Mr, Men-ill was just, about deciding that no one wanted the position, when the servant Ushered in :» vomu: girl in a soft 'grey dress—» girl with bright dtt'vk eye.*, :uul svvovl peaceful face—a very :ti!!^'l of the sick-iv-im sho looked to tiia lonely invalid. "1 fear 1 have made some mistake," •he said, advancing hesitatingly into the room; "but I came in response to an advertisement in this morning's for a 'companion to an invalid.' " "Quite right. I am tlvv invalid," smiled Mr. Merrill. "You came on be erty from which she had been rescued, (this servants hud been ijulck to tell of the humble homo from which the new comer's few possessions hud been brought). But with feigned kindliness they welcomed her, fearing lest perhaps tho wealth and ease they so much prized should bo taken from them instead. Grace did not toll her grandfather o! the slights and provocations, and the little refinements of cruelty which some women can practice with such smiling faces, which wero her portion as the days went by. But there was one who needed no telling, who had sharper eyes than the invalid. Love did not blind Dr. Lysle so but that ho could see much of what Grace hud to bear, and his car was quick to detect the taunting ring in Rose's voice when she addressed her cousin. The old song says: It Is pxxl to bo oir with the old love Hi-fort: you be <"• with the new. Perhaps because only the. outer citadel of lus heart luul boe.u captured, it was easy for :i new. sweeter, deeper love Ui 'steal into bis life. And how he fought against that l«'Vt;'. t>>r bt>. was an honorable man) till one day, no Blatter how, fate, showed him Grace's heart, and his image hidden there. She loved him! What should he do? What could he do? After all, it was Rose who solved the question. He bud been away for. a few days, and on bis return Grace mot him with a pitying look on her sweet face an angel might havo worn. Laying her hand on bis arm. she said: "Are you brave enough to boar snd news?" He took her hand, and her lingers, warm and linn, clasped bis. The touch thrilled him as no other touch had ever done. "J am brave now," he s.tid. smiling down into her upturned face. "Tell me all." "Rose is married," she said softly, nnd bowed her head; for she could not bear to see the pain that must come to his face! It hurt her to tell him, and vet she loved him so she would not let another deal the death-blow to his hopes. He was silent so long that she looked up startled, fearing she knew uot what. Was this pain in his eyes—this glorious light she saw there? No; for he opened'his arms and took her to his heart. - „ , "Love!" he said. That was all; bnt Graco knew. Bv-and-bv LUUICla, UUI JJMOVVJ,..!, .^- —>T . , . quarter of a; million people dependent ,!n ih« ««ahnw business." There are tin the "show business." There are $5.000,000 invested m the travelling companies, and' the 3,600 theatres represent at least $150,000,000. All this capital and this army of pe-jplo are alleged to bo jeopardi/.ed by tho inter state commerce law. The petition was freely signed. Trouble-' , 3 "For twelve yeors " . , After trying ill the doctors and clnesl couhlW of, 1 nsed two ta ' 'l am'pMfectly cured. 1 k<*t> R^neetfuliyV'B. P. BOOTH, May 4V 1881. .__ Jt ha* cured me of ;«»«»'nervousness, sickness at the, «.. "roubles, «to. I have not seen a> ilnce 1 took Hop Blttore. All rt thorn. M " 8> MOST PERFECT MADE I hi\re hoon very elck overtwOT oitve mo up ns p»»t cute. Ittloi fill pliyslclnn«. Int they d d not. iVart. Tho lungs and. heart. Vfoi night nnd dimroai me, nnd my ln.- I told my children I should novwf. I had tried Hop Blttors. When Imttlus they helped mo very much t had taken two more bottles IW wilalotof sick folks hero whb , MASfll,««. 16,1880. Excitement in Texas. Oreat excitement has been caused m tho vicinity of Pans, Tex. by the remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E- Corley. who was so helpless ho could not turn in bod, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery was sent him. Finding relief, ho bought a largo bottle and a box of Dr. Kind's New Life Pills; by the time be had"taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in. flesh thirty-six Bounds. Trial Bottles of this Great Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Largo Bottles 81. Ap 1 d wlm The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Drusgi&l, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville 1 Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have aver handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." ThousanUs of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BncKien'8 Arnica salre. The Best Safce m the world for cnla, bruises, sores.u.sers, salt rhenm, fe^er sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to sive perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ce»ts per box. F«r sale bv E. Marsh, Alton. 1U. uichTdwlm CIKCINNATI Enquirer: The Inter- State 'commerce bill is iust about as popular with theatrical and circas people as civil service reform is with the average Democrat. WHIPPLE &SMIIBY, INSURANCE, Tr REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, imoitykllU. Jh tUe woroo ill tip evory TBS very bad, lb peace till id taken two jcd. When 'oil. Thcro seen how was a o o ec U,e * " ur ed me, Dnd tbey '". o a.*9«M7«M °»»« nnif feel »8 tlmnkfiil as I do that Htefe Is so valu- nni ee , bto . meow™ nmde. RKUKKSKNTING THB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North. America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, ol Phllftdelyhla; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, IVondon; Lancashire, Manchester, Bng. 1 . Continental; Qirard; Glena Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fond, Western Assurance Co. Baby Saved* ' We nrc eo thankful to Bfty that kt iraretag huby was pennanently cured of a da»geroU*aiid pro- tracled consUpnllou and IrregnUgttof the bowel. bvt ho uso of Hop Bitters by its 'JWrsing mother. wli eh at "the some time rcstorta hot To pertcci health "nd Btrcn£tb.-Tho Parcat«|Bocheater,N. Y. aa-nnhcnlHiy or Inactive kfaaeyB-canBe gravet, ••Brfeht's disease, rheumBtlBm and a horde of other serious and fatal diseases. whKfccan bo prevented 'with Hop Bitters," If taken in tl^ie. . "Lndalngton, Mlch.,Fob. Hop Bitters for ten years, an . Iliava BOia ere" Is no modi- $20,000,000. WB ABSO BKPKKSENT THE Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Hat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. for Sale. Five bnliaing lots on Alby and Market HOD Hitters jor iuu jyuio, *»»>« .M^,O »o uw,. cine that equals thom for billon* attocks,,kidney complaint*, and all discuses totldent to this os- larlifi clImBlc. «»^' AJ.MAMDEB. "Monroe, lllch.. Sept. i!5th. 1886. Sms:-I have been taking Hop Bitters for Inflammation '-of kidneys and bladder. It has done.for me 'Hvhat four physicinns failed to do-cured me. The effect of the Bitters eecraud like ma^to me. . . •>&#-;- .' •-,;•' ' ' ClEvre 1 —Tom Uop BtUet»?Mave been of great »alue' lo inc. I was laid tip wttfr typhoid favor for o?er two months, and wnlfl; relief nntll 1 tried your Hop Bitters. To jthose snflerlng t'torn oeblllty, or any one in feeble'.heaUh.!cordially recommend them. «• J. 0. STOETZEL. 038 FiUton street., Chicago,;Ill. Can Tow Answer This? Is there a person living vrfro ever snwacaseof acne, biliousness, nervousness or neuralgia, or any disease of tho Btomaoli, llver.Or kidneys that Hop Bitters will not cure? uif "My Mother says Hop flitters Is the only tiling thnt will keep her from sovsro attacks of paralysis and headache.— Ed. Onefgo Bun. "My little elckly, pnny'bi'by, was changed Into a Teat bouncing boy. and' I was rnliwd from a oicL bed by using Hop Bitters a short time." What a Well Known Restaurant Keep*. er Says: 4S2 Broadway. New York, March 12, 1SS5—Some weeks ago I took a serere cold, which settled on my lungs. I suffered great pain, considerable fever, 1J ,- t ,u U - u , she told him how, one j Hnd( worst of all, found myself with a morning, Rose's absence was discover-1 rac fciog coneh. In the evening I went ed aud Mrs. Merrill had come to her in j lo mv box of Allcock's Porous Plasters, «reat distress, with a letter from the intending to nse them on my throat, - rc .... Ch e5t and bsck. Unfortunately my wife had given all the Plasters away, and the consequence ;was> that 1 spent ft Mcepless msht. The next day I applied an Allcock's Porous Plaster to my throat,one to my chest, and one between my shoulder blades. By 12 o'clock my breathing was much easier, congh almost stopped, while a gentle perspiration indicated that the fever was almost gone. In two days 1 was entirely Eor Sale. SLlme kiln, in good running order, with quarry and 12 acres of land, tnore or less, known a^the shelly tracu For Bent. A two story brick dwelling known as the Platt homestead j KAILWAX TABtK. CHICAGO AHli ALTON. On and after Sunday, 5fOv. l«h,lK6, tralni on the Chicago ana Alton railroad, will leavt the Uulou D«pot, Alton, Btiiudard time, ai followa: ' ' 8:uua.m Qentloaion and Children. Office and Shop on Stale street OTCTBttHUrerj'Btible, Will attend to Job Workanii RapatiW rartxU***. Ca» A.J.HQWELL, ; -DSALKS1IX- FURNITURE! B A Full and Complete v Stock COX8TANTJA' OS HAND. ALL OKI>KJ» I . ITPHQL8TEEING KeMb 1 and prompUT «<xooutod. Bolle at., l»et. Third »nd Fourth. IINDEB^AKEB, KKSIDSMOX COR. STATK 4 SKViXTH 8T« half of your brother—or father, perhaps?" and ho looked up at her in- qulringlr. "Xo, 1 oanw on my own Ix-half," tho girl replieil, blushiti|i deeply. "I thought it was a lady who advertised." "ll'ml I see!' inusetl the old gentleman, taking up a paper which lay near him. "I see! You looked in tho wrong column." Without a .word the girl turned away, but uot bofow Mr. Merrill had markAl the hopeless look which came over hei face, and tht> tears which dimniMd tho lustra of tho dark bright eyes. "Stay," ho said. "wh:it do you know alxnu sick people and their want*?" "My mother was an invalid far years, and 1 was her only nurse," she answered, a new lu,>i>e springing to her faoo. "Poor ouiM'." s;\id Mr. Merrill ingly. "What is your name?" "tjraee Merrill "Ross," the girl answered. ••Graft* Merrill! 1 ' he almost shriokotl. ••Child! child! your mother- •" "Vo*, it was my mother's namo. She said that some day, perhaps, my grandfather might find me by Ui.-u tiamo, and love m« and forgive her for my fsVo. And if that lime ever came, sha laid I was to tell him, with her dying breath, that she repcnUHl her di*t>lHsH- *BOC. and lH x ggVH\ his fovgi\ene>s." "Grace, loos at me!" the old man cried in Uvmulouf tones. "1 am y»mi grandfather. Can you forgive me?" It wa* iiuletvl true. The IVovidoiKV which w«so wtvngly call ••chAtu'v" had led l^rai-e to her grandfather":* door, and her ntolhor's name, her mother's wilful girl saying she was tired of her humdrum life, and was going to marry a young French gentleman, M. Allaire, who had pronustHl to take her to share the delights of his Parisian home; how she knew that she had never really loved Dr. Lysle; raid she hoped he would find so'meone to console him for her loss. Her conduct had bitterly grieved her a , mosl ^ grandfather and mother, but they j cure d.__j. found she was really married, and they ' could do nothing. When Grace whispered her happy confession to her grandfather, he exclaimed piteously: "Do not leave me, dear! I cannot give up my companion!" "Nor need you H " said Dr. Lysle, laughing. -Only say -yes,* and you shall keep your companion, and have a resident physician as well." So one day there was a quiet wedding at the "invalid's bedside/ Mrs. Merrill had gone to join Rose in her new home, so there were ' no guests. Hut Grace did not miss them; she had all that her heart longed for. j Mr. Merrill's children, aa he loves to j OVER call them, make his life very happy, j Dr. I.ysle says that his wife's loving . = cure is curing his patient; but Grace says proudly, it is her husband's skill. It "U both, i'think, with God's blessing. Fine Residence for Sale. The late R. DeBow homestead, now owned by M. a. Underwood, situated on line of horse railway, in Upner Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and sood one buildings, two acres of ground, will be sold at a bar- inun. Possession riven on completion ol- giun. ri>»B=* b wmpFLiE & SMILEV . For Bent. Two-story house anil good stable on Com- & SM1LgY . mon.treet. . Jones. Ayer's Cathartic Pills are suited to every'age. They are mild and pleasant in action, thorough and searching in effect, and, being sugar coated, are easv lo take. These pills never fail to give satisfaction. dwlw UKKTISTKm. DK. C. B. KOHLASTD, Dentist, 15 THIRD STREET, ALTOS, ILL. Office Hoars—S a. m, to 12m.; 1 tp»p. irlT ID For Sale or ivent. A desirable tenement on Blufl street, owned WHlPl-LE A S > tILET. For bivl. The late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, on Mill St., two of ttui best pieces o! residence property In Alton. The property known as •'The Pars, east of above; H lots on Mill and Summit streets, an! a number ol Ota In Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or ail ol above ^^fg , For Chicago and the Btjati Oliicago Mail*... ...?>^ ____ Ohlcago Accommodiftlon* ........ ' LlirhtnlngErpress«...virl. ........... .9:10p.m Peoria and Bock Ista&diFast Lln«t.9:00 a. m For JnoksonrtUe, Kepkuh, Qulnoy, Kan. teas City .and **U point* -went. , "Kansas City Mall* ,.,;*-. ........ 9 :00 a. m. Kansas Citj' ExpreasS'... ........... Ji 0 ' 1 '™ Denver Kxpies8t...fg.' ........... •' : SfP' m - Jaoksouville Accommodation.!.. . /:05 p. m. For tit. Lonla > * ,,,«.„ LlghtnlaK Expres9».ii.. ... ........ • 6:« a. m Ohluago Aocommotlotlon* ......... 9 :SO a. m Alton Special! ..... ;«:. ...... .....12:85 p. m 1760a.m. :Vft IS 2S P * ' i50p. m. W *7 65p.m. (8 15 a. m-OTndaysonJy). •Dally rK«^SwidAy. "')•«?, O* lj. ILjciJ!*V A, Snjp't. St. Louis iMvialon -O.O.NOBaU,™- 1 -*^*—* OHIOAGO, Trains leave (oUows: Going Nortlii Express (except For Sale. • A 7-room btlc^dwelling and ont buildings for Kent. Good 9-room brick honso with about 4 acres ol ground.lncludlng Upper Alton. Former residence ot G. A. Dentist, BEUEGGF.MAN"-N M S OIQAB STORE SECOND ST. leffS dtf PHTSIC1AJ<8 AND SUHQKOK" DK. £. Physician OFFICE and Surgeon, pity- 4KB RESIDENCE, COR. ASD BEITkY STS. (aJ-dwly W. A. HASKELI., af.D., Pbysiciaii and durgeou, OFFICE—SECOND ST., ALTOX. Hi- Office h ours—? a. m. i 13 to 1, and 6 p.m. Astonishing Success. It is the dutv of every person who his used Boschee's German Syrup to lot its wonderful t}ushties be tnown to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Conehs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all thrust and lone diseases. No person can use il without immediate relief. Three doses will relieve any ease, and we consider it the doty of all drnsguis to recommend « to the poor, dying consumptive, at least to trv one bottle, as 80,000 dozen bottle* were sold last vear, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such . « medicine as the German Syrup cannot: be too widely known. Ask yonr , druggist about U. Sample bottles to try, I _ __ ._^ ,__ -_ W^^TI* -f* sold Si 10 cents. Resular siie. 75 cents. | |V i] K. N I Til R K. Sold by all druggists ana dealers, in the ! *- U **> -^ A •*- *-* ** **• UoiUMl Slates and Canada. jaSdweow ly For Real. Late reaidence ol M. J. Soonan on State itrect, knovn aa the A. Platt place. Good 9 ,-oom brick house. lnflr|tclasgrepgVr. LEY The Appetite for ooio. The Marriman property on State stree In Miller i Mlchelf* add., to Altou. IX story house, S rooms and out- buildings; all In per- Desirable Residence! for S»le. A two storj' brick dwelling on State street known ai A. Platt homestead, lately put In good repair. A two story tramo dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story btick dwelling on Seventh street, all for sale J, SUITER & SON, 3EAMCK8 D< FIXE ANP COWraiON for 8al«. A convenient iann of 190 acres, most all lo ecitivarton; elt.iated en tba Bethalto road, mile* <rom Alton. May be incre strengthened, by taking Aye purely vegetal They contain, other dangero with perfect I iras a prea and Constipj' and was ccms ache and Di,. family doctor,>w various tuncs r 1 than temporary, menccd ta time iny di IM ie Digestive organs le bowels regulated, lls. These Pills are their composition, ier caloniel nor any jg, and may be taken r by persons of all ages. irer from Dyspepsia I had no appetite, afflicted with Head- 8. I consulted our l'p prescribed for me, at fthout affording more relief. • I finally conifer's Fills. In a short i and appetite tROVED For Sale. A IS' story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and ill tli streets. W1UPPLK 4 SMILKV MOXOTOXY in St. LouU has evidently b*en painted too black. Tho Sfj^litan of that otty says: "It would Tary the monotony nf bu« no the St. l<oui« gaU lo«r» to hang ai white murderer ocu»- siona'ly," A Fall and Complete Stock AJ on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. far Sale or Kent. The 2-story triune dwelling with 9 rooms, Including ; lota; good barn aud flue tiulu known as tbe Mcliols homestead, situated . LEY. nown as e cios mse, s on Utbot., In a dejtraulo uol^Uboihood. ___ Wml'f LEA SMIL my bowels w«roiregulat«d, ftnd,bytho time I flniahed.lwo boxes of these,Puls my tendency to 1 headaches had dwap- peared, and X.hocamo strong and weu,— Darius M. L«rAiiF\VttminEton. Del.' I was „_ Loss of Apf I commence before finish cine, i stored Ayer's known to and for all dii Stomach ani three years i andConstip was weak I ror Sale. Seven '.ou wltb good brick dvrellUuf and outbuildings. In zo->d repair. In Upper Alton. Beatd«»e«ol C. E. collln*, and k«ovrn aa tbo . . , JJemll urotierty. WHlfPLE A SMILKY, U. Vv. Collet, Uppar Alton. tou. or Those who rule touch in a miggT, and " yB ruH»TOK» ROOMS AUE ox value comfort, and would prolong tbeir ClafQ ^tfOOt 1m swam a spring that hw the ewy glCnC OUCCl, ridiog qoalitki* ot the Rice Coil Car- ' ALTON Spring. dwlw i *»~uiv»i jror salo. , Tbo Woolroot r'"P<'-ty. A S story tramtj hous<' <>l t nrenns, 011 Huh and Alton strevu, a « rvwiu truvue Ituii2« ou FttlU «r.'f t. WMH'IM.E.* *Xtn.KY. Sow wh«a Ihe buJjbcjto to >t»w. 1U lime (or yoo&f aad old lo know .Thai /Vtvn,£awili«i<and &u Tbe Ull «t J*H?atio»t With «r»rf trouble, ach« * three same time pletely c now ia health.— I, for over a year, with and General Debility. ; Ayer's Pills, and, ^. a box of this medl- and strength were re:k, D anbury, Conn, no the best medidne regulating tho bowels, is caused by a disordered er. I suffered for over Headache, IndlEesooD, _a, Ibodno8ppeate,and .nervous most ol tto »»>«• "USING [ikyei's Pills, and at tb» Ing myself, I was coin- •ly digestive organs W9 . vrood, Topeka, Kan). vp bcneat«d mewonder. *Hba I »waete4 v <ro>n to* t«1wlaol»o,'ir5is|te»Ues» at bad taat« in iny montB Aftor taWng one bo* all these uouhles din- jod diR^Uid well, anil tefrcsElnE.— Henrr V, port, Maas. not only wUaT »rdor, but give id re«tored mrheiuwi John, N.B. Pills,

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