Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 18, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1887
Page 4
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fcflwft&a CteT«laha'« Sthjorlty Cleveland'" majority whet, elected QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Qn»He» from the Veopl* on AJl'Sort* of tjiaiti to -Urlfle,? with diwaje which each day «ecur« a rtwugw hold nmKhMteiM the end.of: Ufe. Thij4» specially true of rlieumastlum, neuralgia, sciatica, nnd nenrou* headache, which though perhap* «llght at first are extreme- MONDAY fiVE., APKIL 18. YOUNG 'FOLKS' COLUMN, cured by the ui« of AthlophoroWHichV lii connection with Athlophoros Pills, never fail» when properly nged. Read the following from those who have tested it. J., A, Kilnw, .of J. A. and-.W* L.Kilner, droggigfejMftlWoibj 111., saysJ "My rheumatism affected .me all over. Every nerve, munclti and joint was full of pain. I could not move hand or foot, not even boar the weight of a sheet over me. One night my father came in the homo and said,' Why don't y«u try A tWophoros ?,' I had already tried about everything I could think of, without' Betting any relief whatever. Tliat night about ton o'clock I look the first dose of Athlophoros. The at noon I was out of the house. It* • work the quickest of anything I ever heard , of. , I.conslder it a very valuableTcmcdy, • l aWd. could I no>get another I would'not tike one thousand ($1,000) for abotile'of it. Since my cure I have recommended it ilo m»py,;both ft* rhduftialism abdineurnl- gla, and U lift* 'always proven the same. One extreme case of neuralgia, where the lady had suffered over a year and tho ditf ease resisted the strongest medicine_aml the treatmentof one of the best phynicians, ' wan completely cured with t,we;and a hull bottled of Athlophoro*. and Athlophoros Pillu, but wliere they cannot IKS bought of the druggiat the Athlo- phoros Co.; 112 Wall St., New York, will sendicither (carriage.-paid) on receipt i.f regularii price, wliioH is $1.00: per bottle for Athlophoros and 60c. for Pills. For liver and kidney. dldeiucK, ilyspopsla, Indication, > flrealmcSr, norvOlM: debility, alM.'nsci! or womon, constipation,headache, Impure blood, Ac., Athtopboroi Pills are uncqualcd. a SCOTT'S EASTER GAMES, A3 PRACTICED HOME AND ABROAD. AT Kite* Unecl by rhllosopher* <rt Electrical ami Locomotive Experiments - The Iloy'lt Illto for 1'im—How the letter M»y J«o mmlo In J>nnoy r»ttorn». Tlio kite, so nnmcd because originally made In tho shape of a bird called tho kite, Is not only a favorite toy with young folks, but It lias occasionally been applied to useful and curious i«irjKM«» by philosophers. By means of a kite formed of a silk handkerchief strotclitd over a. wooden framb, Dr. Franklin draw down lightning; from the clouds imd demonstrated its 'identity with electricity. Many yuura ago Mr. 1'ocock, of Dristol, is reported to have travelled on the road between Bath and London In a carriage drawn by two paper kite) supported at a moderate elevation and Impelled by the Wind. ' Wo do not, however,'"expect our renders to pe r f° rni nn y electrical or locomotive experiments with their kites, but wo are sure tlioy will derive groat airiiisoniont from'their-little nerial mnchinra, cspedixlly it they manufacture thorn with their own hands. •'•','- - -••- ' " A OF PURE GOD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of (!OD WVKB OIJi. «i»t. cm bo taken Trundled toloratod for a long thuo AMAKMIA, _ CT»lriUlj5]THI»?TIIIMIAT Ay.- all WASTIX1 \lv,»m»ttt<mn,nm, ' Pnwcrlbed and endowed by tlio boal rayllolani In tbo oountrlc» of tlio world. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, - -air-- -.• ' • . ' Rudersiiausen & Sountag. Vor Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a roa- BonaMe figure, being a two-Btory frame house on Eighth struct, near Henry. . For Sale. ; • A oholoo farm of 320 ooroa. with first ol ass mprovements, situated arf ?aUes east of Brunswick. Ohoriton oo., Mo. • >•' •-. For Sale. A ono-»tory frame dwelling house In good condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. V ': t ; IPor Sole Cheap The resldenee ol Oapt. W. 1'- oble: tjro .stortcs and mansard roofi U pom I halls. . closet*, oellarg, eta.: 8 acres of groun proportv in the otty. a. Holt QosiraWe proportv F«r Male. 160 acres of land near city limits, 3 WVQ ., two story brlolt and Jrame dwo!- n», aouso, bothsltMatodont-eeaBi • '• o' diate streot between Ota and 7th ftmots- so the brlok block of stores on Seoon rttreo*,- between and Uldgo street nown, as Hun tor's '• " . . . .Jnk house within n ne olooksolthed -itfor$37fi. 160 aoi > es:',"f good larmlnfc land, and Another troctol SOO.ioroB, both unimproved. BlVuttte In Mori oo., KansaB, at flo and |io.. por Mre lispootivoly— ono-thlra oash.balaiioo on time. • ' -;,'-;:' ITotfiid^:': ' B ' FANOY KITES. To make n kite, select for tho upright a good straight lath, M A, B, in the plain kite Bhovvn in tho cut. N<Htt procure bait of a thin hoop or cano for tlie bow C, D, and then tie tho hoop to tho upright at A, and take caro to have as much on ono sido of the upright as on tho other, otherwise your kite will bo sure to fall on one sido when flying. Notch the two ends of tho bow C, T), and tie a long piece of string to D, pass it round tho upright at Band then fasten it at C; next carry tho string to A, pass It down to D, nnd tie it there; from thonco it Is to be continued to B, passed round a notch thoro, and carried up again to C, then down tho upright at F and up to D, whore it is to bo finally fastened off. Tho skeleton being thus finished tho next tiling to be done Is to paste, several shoots of paper so as to form a surface largo enough to cover the kite and allow of a little turn over to fasten the outer edges; after? you have pasted tho paper on to tbo skeleton you must make two holes in-the uprights as,at G, G.-through which th6 bellybaud Is to bo passed, knotting tho two ends of tho string to keep it from slipping through the holes.- Tho wings arc to be made of several sheets of paper cub-Into slips, rolled close up so as to bear some resemblance to a tassel, and tied to tlio sides of tho kite at'C, D. Tbo tail, which should be about lit teen times tbo length of the kite, is made by folding n number of pieces of pui>or so as to bo about an inch in breadth and four inches In length, and afterword tying them on a string atlntervals of three inches, and IB finished by affixing to tho end of the string a large tassol madoin tho samo manner as*the •wings. Tio tho string with which you intend to fly tho kite to tho bollyband, and your kite IB complete and ready for service. Ingenious boys can readily make fancy kites. A very funny effect may bo produced by 'painting'a kite liko a sailor, nnd attaching movable arms, Instead of tho ordinary tnssel wings, to tho shoulders. Wo present our readers with two suggestive forms which are quite novel. All fancy kites should bo painted with the most glaring colors, and the figures on thorn drawn as coarsely as possible, us they aro intended to be'seen at a great distance,- •%; Hunter tiamcs nud Customs. The exact origin of tho pretty custom of offering, fancy eggs at Eastor is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but tho custom contin- lios just the same, for .all that In this country children who live in or near largo cities ore favored with Easter eggs made of rich confuctionory, or of china filled with sweet moats. In country towns tho young people depend more for thoir cpgs on colored ones prepared at home. In far away llussia boys and. girls, on Easter. Monday,' play at the curious Easter gamo depicted in tho umioxed engraving,, which was originally designed for American Agriculturist. Plcaso clvo nioftfuli explanation Of what » «hlr« towrt Is, also a bofoiigli Uiwn. What f* the difference between a ahhti .aud any oth*r town? I'ubllsliers omitnn contf ibutora to write only on ouanlJeofthopapwv Whyt Suppose I use common commercial note; am I to Write on one aide of the sheet? (on I he nr»t and last pages) or on ono side of each leaf, on^he flmt ftnithlw pajfes. 1. Tho difference cornea from thb early division of England (by •Alfred or chi-lier), into shirca-or .counties,-and the, joining of houses Jn a neigliborhood, tor the purposes of protection in former rude thriies, and callud the borough. Eaoh has distinct politu-al privileges, which •. extend -to.tho.towiw. they comprise. Thus, in England, there aro what are rolled "municipal and parllaiiientary Jjorotiglw, the former l»ing ft towii (Liverpool, for liisUiuoo) : having a municipal government, and the. lattci' n town or district (sometimes Including several • mnnlmpal' boroughs), that sends u member or members to parliament. ii Tlio object in writing only on ono sido of tho paper is that tho manuscript can bo cut Into parts, and each part, given to a different printer. Tho ijuestloner will readily see that this would"bo impossible when letters overlay each other on two sides of a sheet Quorle*. ricane givo the origin of I'Aprll fool," and why used on (lie first day of April? Also, tho conceded causo of e«u(noctial kales and storms. • " 11. A. 9. 1. The custom of sending -people on empty errands exists all over the world. Oriental scholars say it was derived from tho hull feast among tho Hindoos, where tboro is'a similar custom. Others say it coihes from a celebration of Christ's being sent about between Herod, Pilato and Caiiiphus. 2. It 1ms been supposed that" there is some connection between storms lliiblo to occur at tho equinoctial periods (81st of March and September),'and tbo fnct that the ecliptic (or apparent track of the sun as the earth revolves about-it. vibrating naltdocanorth and south of the equator about 23 dogs.,) crosses it at these dates. If there is any foundation for the supposition it has never been demonstrated. Origin or tlio Iiidlun. Please be »o Mart no to answer the following question:'- When Columbus came to America tho country w<« Inhabited by Indians. Howcatne they here? amTiB H. Home say they came from Asia; others, from the PhumfcJan and Corthngenian colonies. Some Biblical scholar have agreed that they descended from tho lost tribes of Israel.: Ono who has been inuchnmoug them- says that tradition, as well as what meager hisitory we have in the premises, tend to show that they came from northeastern Asia, and are on offshoot frpm the Marntchoo Tartars. In tho coso^t tho Nayajoes and Apaches it is so olcarly proved that they are known as Ath- abascans. The Shoshone race, from which come tho present Shqshoues, Arrapahoos and Conmnches, ,came down from ,., British America so recently that the source of thoir emigration is clearly proved. After them came. tho Cheyennes and kindred races. Next, tbo Sioux, expelled so recently from British Amorica that 3,000 still remain there. Tlien tho Chippownb and Crees, who drove out tho Sioiix. All these point to tho Atha- bascan basin as tho place of their origin. The Hmmis, who wore our aborigiues on the Wabash river, wore Oust found by the French In northern Iowa, and tbo Shawuces, who onco lived in Florida, can bo traced to :tha shores of Lake Erie. Races nearer tho gulf are of a different origin. • , roiaiR. The voto«tood!,C)evelftiid. (Dem.), 685,818; Folgcr (UPp.),»4'J,^l; Hopkins (Pro.), 85,788. Clevolnud'9 plui'«rltj» oveMTOlg«r was 1B3,- SM. • __ .: __ ^, A Half Forijiittpi fuller. A subscriber him wiit imu'Opyof certain uttoruuces uttriliutMl t» Ncai )3"W, of Maine, asking if .Kettl'Uo'w. ever wrote them. 1 hey have been reWrrfd to their alleged- author. who cays that.' lie did, not , write them, but adds thnt he did write something somewhat similar. It wan years ngoj tho matter has been in n measure fui gotti-u. Air. Bow sflema quite nmtlovis that it chull not bo revived. . Whltllor Xlven.i Aro Hall* Waldo Emtunoii, .John 0. AVhlttler and Wlllliim Culled Bryant all living? 'J». Emerson and Bryant are drtad. Whlttler is living. ______ Tho -Propliello- tiuodolmne. i Cttn you glvo me tho marka on tho gooscboae which Indlcato the temperature of sensons* J. Among many people tho Indications of the goosebono are implicitly believed. Tho pro-. photic bone, it Is wild; can only bo obtained from a gc*oso that was hatched In tho spring and not killed till tho .Indian. summer, has passed away. A breastbone taken from a goose, whoso time of birth and death- fulfills these conditions .!» said to have a row. of dots around ihb keel, indicating the temperature. The marks dividing the boiio aro said to indicate tho three winter months, and tho darker spots in tho row mentioned the colder weather that may bo expected. It is not every one .who knows bow. to consult tho bone and extract its secrets. " How Macaroni In Made. Macaroni is a'disli of which most children aro very, fond, but how many, I wohd-r, really know what it; is and hqw it is made. Chancing to overhear n, conversation between n small boy and bis 'sister'on tho subject of, tho origin of their favorite dish, I discovered thoy.-thought it was some sort of product which grows out of the ground. Now, in point of fact, macaroni Is simply n mixture of flour and water, with a little. extract to givo it flavor and n. little saffron to impart'a pale yellow hue. The paste is mixed in a huge .wooden-bowl, in which revolves u heavy whuel that stirs up tha moss. ' When the posto has been sufficiently stirred it is turned into a great metal'bowl or vessel, above which is u stamp .working by steam power. As: this stamp comes down on Uie paste it is pressed through the bottom of the bowl, which is a copper clip punctured with holes tho size and Blwpe of the macaroni. These strands :aro otteii several yards long, and nro stretched out on tables or shelves: to dry after, .they have been cut up into suitable lengths to place in the boxes for sale. •• .' uoAm Kxtriictei WHIFFLE &SMILBI f , I w«d twp,lx»tfe,, of Hop intt I ark i'* And I am perfectly cured. >Ik««M > ' *. BOMB, AennunsniH, MASS,, Jan, IB, 1880. , I hnvo boon very sick over two »«^ •^•l'*{> r avo mo up as past euro. I tf leu tiio.mOBt BKHI* >artF li Tho hums ana heart would fill ftivowy fell t and dlBtWBi inb, imd «y throht WAS vo>y h jif. i toldiny children I iho'uldnovordlelnpenco till huu'trtod Hop BiUora, ^cnlhaatak<mlw. botUoB thoy iielpedmo very much ind«sil. J licit £SrirfTffi»i?ft^*5i fflffi^^ttf^^f*?®' $3,000 Lost, A tour toiBurope that cost mo93,MO, done lc»» oSo holtle of Hop Bittern! they nlw '" burn, N.Y. and dyspapsla."- Baby Saved* tlEKEBSKNTINQ TJTK IOU.OW1NG First-class Ins. Co/s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, '•'...Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; ; German American; JSTorth BrittBli and Mercantile, London; • Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bng. 1 , Continental; Girard; Glens Fails, Amercan .Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Afisurance Co. Wo nro so thnnkf nl to say that our wnB permanently cnrciVot n dangerouB and protracted conitlpatlon nnd Irregularity qf the'bowels by tho use of Hop Bitters by its nursing mother, which-at the Batno tlmo .restored her to perfect hS Sd«tronEtb.-The Parents, Rochester,!!. Y. j»-UnlicnlHiy or inactive kidneys.canse, gravel, "ffight'e <ll«eaeo, rheumatism and a horde of other flcrloiifl and fntal diseases, which can bo prevented with' Hop BittorB," if taken In tlmo. "Liiudlngton, Mich,, Fob, S, 1885.. I bave sola Hon Bitters for ten years, and there" la no medicine ttmt equals them for bilious attacks,-kidney ?°mpl»l?ts,Vd all dieeaBes incident to this,no- pl laV larla climate. H. T. , Alarm ol 140 oorea on bottom land, all In onlMvatlon.-near Madison, in this county. A good two-atory frame dwelling houuo on It. I'l'loo $3,000 *or 8910. A oholoo farm of 120' uorou, situate 1 mile south of Shlpman, Maoouplu county, III., ut a low figure. '"'.'"" Aftvrm, oonsisttnK of 110 acres of good land situate within ii miles ol -Upper Alton, suito- bio for dairy purposes. Olionp. A. J, HOWEJLL, -DHAMB7.JN- FURNJTUREI g A Full and Complete Stock ON ALL OllDEP : UPHOLSTERING Neatly and prompUy oxooutod. Bollo 8t., bet. Third aud Fourth. Rupture Cured. CLIMTON, Clinton connty, 10., March 26,1886 • About nine years ago I was attacked with a severe cutting pain in my left side. I screamed at times with agony. No remedies availed uniil I placed an Allcock's Plaster over the seat of pain. I wore th'e Plaster ten days, the pain decreasing every day until I was cured. My daughter was ruptured just above the navel when only three months old: She suffered little until she began to walk. The treatment of physicians appeared only to aggravate her case. I procured Allcock's Porous Plaster and cut it in three pieces. One I applied, over the rupture. It acted perfectly At the end ol ten days I washed the place. I used afterwards two more pieces, and after forty days the child was entirely,: well. 1 have never found any Plasters equal to Allcock's.—R. W. Mead. WHITE some poetry for the Sunday Tribune. You will never know how easy it is to beat Tennyson until iyou Excitement in Texas. Great excitement has been caused! in •the vicinity of Paris,'Tex. by the remarkable recovery of•MrvJ.-Ei'Corleyv who was so helpless he could .not turn in bed, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Dlscov* ery was sent him. 'Finding relief, he bought a large bottle and a box otDr: King's New Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the. Discovery, ho was well and had gamed in flesh thirty-six Bounds. . Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at E. Marsh's. Large Bottles $1. Ap 1 d wlm Tho Tordiot Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years? standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville' Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled m my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters ; do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BncKien's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for outs, bruises, sores,u.iors, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, 'and' positively cures, piles, or no, fpay required. It is guaranteed to give, perfect,satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 oemts per box. For sale' by' E. Marsh, Alton. 111.- mch7dwlm $20,000,000. . WB AfcSO BBP^BKNT TKK Mutual Benefit Lile, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Infl.Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State ute. ; For Sale. Five building lots on. Alby and Market street., between For Sale. BLlmo Win, in good running order, with qiiarry and 12 • acres of land, more or loss, known ad the Shelly tract. ;„,,,•.; WHIPPLB & SMILEY. For Bent. A two story briok dwolllns known as the Plaet homestead; l "Can't eat a thing." Hood's Sar» saparilla is a wonderful medicine i for creating an appetite, regulating digestion, and giving strength. 7 Fine Roslrteuce for Sale. The lato B. DeBow homestead, now owned by M. u. Underwood, situated on line ol horse railway, In>Upper Alton; U rooms, bath room, furnace, and'aood out buildings, two acres of ground, will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion of sale. WHIl'PLE & "Monroe, Mich., Sept. 25th, 1885. BiMI— I bavo been taking Hop BltterB for inflammation "of kidneys and bfadder. .-' It has done for mo ''jvhat four nhyslclnnB failed to do-cured mo. The effect of tho Blttora Beomcd liko magio to m^. GKKTs:-Yonr Hop Bitters havo been of great value to mo. I was mid up with typhoid fever 'for over two months, and could get no roltof until I tried your Hop Bitten. To thdBo Buffering from debility, or any ono in feeble health, I cordially recommend them. J. 0. STOZTzBt. 033 Fulton streot, Chicago, HI. Can YouAnsiver This? Is tlicro a person living who ever saw a case of ague, biliousness, nervousness or neiiralglBf or an/ disease of tho stomach, liver or kidneys that Hop Bitters will not curcJ ; "My Mother Bays Hop Bitters is the only thing that will keep her from severe attacks of paralysis and headache.— Ed. Oiwego Sun. "My little sickly, pnnyfcaby, was changed into a crcat bouncing ooy, and I was raletd from a slofe bed by using Hop Blttcre a short time." * A YOUHO MoTmsn. KAJI.'WA'y TIMB TABLE. OBIOAGO AND AL.TON. On and alter Sunday. Nov. «th, 1888, trains on the Ohlopgo ana Alton rallrond. wUl leavj the Union Depot, Alton, standard Hme, ai follows: For Chicago and the Eauti OhicagoMail*... •P : 5? a ' Jn Ohioaao Accomraodattou* 6:00 p. in Lirhtnlng Express* ..9:lop.m Peorla and Boot Island FastIjlnet,B:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Keoknk, Qnl&oy, Kan- uos Olty.ncd all uointa west. Kansas Olty Mail* 9:00 a,m. Kansas Olty Express* 9:10 p. m Denver Bxpressf Jacksonville Accommodation!..; I'M p. m. For Ht. lidnls t Lightning Express* 6:46 a.m Chicago Accommodation* 9:80 ft. m Alton Speoialt..'. 12:»p. m KaasaaOltyMaU* 5:40 p. nj ChicagoMallt ,0:80p. m B ST. LOUIS UNION DBPO1 FOE ALTON. n 50a.m. f8 00p.m. »4Mp,m. »7 55p.m. (8 45 a. m. Sundays only). Fur Bent. ' Two-story UOUBO and good stable on Common .treet.. Good *»•*_ & For Sale or none. A desirable tenement on BluS street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. For baj. _ The late residences of J. i. and W. H. Uitohell, on Mill st., two oi'-Ki.n best pieces ol residence property in Alton. The property known as "The Porte, east of above; If: lots on Mi» and Summit streets, on i a number of ot» in Miller A Mitchell's addition to -Alton, Anv or all of above «^ _ J ' ftEEVB, Sup't. St. LOAjiSBlvtelon O. a. KOBBM, Ticket Agant. OHIOAGO, BtJBliLNQTOJ! AND QUINOY. Trains leave the'Union >Depot, Alton follows:. Going Nortbi Kxpross • (except Sunday) . 8:20 a. m .. 7:06p.m . W. ARNOLD. Agent KASTEH GAME IN IIC8S1A. One of tbo group, usually tho oldest, Htarto an ttgg down an inclined board, her object bohig to strike and scatter tUoso of the expectant playmates that Ho on 'tlio ground. Each ono in turn sends an egg down the inclined f plane. The ona who hits or scatter* the largest uumbor of eggs of course wins the gamo, which, if ono may judge by tho earnest faces of tlio children as soon In tho picture, must bo u'veryJutaroBtlug ono. To Itonder W»t«r Luminous. Young students of 'chemistry will bo interested to learn how to render tho surface of water phosphorescent. Wet a lump of fino sugar with phaipliorizoil other, aud throw it into a basin of water; tho surface of the water will Income lumlnout), and show beautifully In tho dark; by gontly blowing upon it, phos- phorit&ont uudulutloiiK will bo formed, which will illumine tho air above the Uuld for n con- ddorablo spaca. lu winter tho water must be raudorod blood warm. THB world was made in six days.and the seventh was a day of rest, but; it's hard to make a man who has started out to build a house believe it.— Ex. A perfectly-sound, body and: u mind unimpaired are possible only with pure blood. Leading medical: authorities indorse Ayor's darsaparilla as the best blood purifying medicine in existence. It vastly increases the working and productive powers of both hand and brain. ' dwlw KK81UUNOK OOH. STATE 4 8KVKNTII ST8 200 BA.Q8 HIGGINS' :FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Ta!>lo Upe, InJJ,4 Ib. lluou sacks aacl BO Ib. Hnoka, for sale by Hluvplo l-'. "Knucklo down" In u very goal feat, It cousinlH in planing the toten aguliut a linu chalked on tho door, kneeling down anil getting up again, without using tho hands, or moving the lent from tlio liiiu. "1'rostruto aud iwrpondluular" la another nhuplu exei> ClSO! Cross your arms on your body, Ho down ou your buck, and thou got up again, without Wring cither yinirollxnvs or hands In doing so. Those who ride tnuoh in a buggy, and value comfort, and would prolong thoir lives, want a spring that has the oasy riding qualities of tho Itioo Coll Carnage Spring. dwlw true Bostomans regard the revolt ot vho Inmates of the Massachusetts State prison against beans as placing tho theory of total depravity beyond dispute.— Ex. INDUSTKIO us oleomargarine manufacturers are laying in large quantities of tho in ice of onions and fcurlio to meet the demand for fresh spring .butter.— Ex. Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every person who bos used Bosoheo's German Syrup to lot its wonderful qualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma-, Pneumonia, and in f not all throat, nnd Inns: diseases. Mo person can use It without immediate relief. Throe doses will relieve any case, and we consider, it tbo duty of nil druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumptive,' at least to try oue bottle, as 80,000 dozen bottles wore sold last year, and no ono case whore it failed was reported, guoli a mndioluo as tho German Syrup cannot bo too widely known, Ask your druggist about It. Sample bottles to try, sold at 10 cents. Regular size, 76 cents. Sold by all druggUlR ana dealers, m the United Slates and Canada. Ja8 dw cow ly for Sole. A 7-room brlok dwelling and out buildings OB Tblid street, between Cherry and Vine. >Vlimru«i A Ml £.!• jroriteut. Good 9-room brlok house with about! acres of ground.lncludlng oroaard, In Upper Alton. Former residence ol "- "•—'— for Bent. Late residence ot M. J. Noonan on State street, known as the A. PlftW place. Good 8 room brick house, in flrs^class ropa for ooie. The Merrlman property on State stree In Miller & MlebolPa add., to Alton, IX story bouae, Brooms and out-butldluijs ; all lumper- We do not manufacture ' Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck) we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. BILVKU SOAP 19 made Of PCBE TAI- tow, by a clean process, and can bo used freely withoutdangerof having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOUR GROCER FOR IT. EMPIRE SQAF CO, ST. LOUlB. MO. JAWKBTT'8 LIYERY STABLE^ 8THKET, BKTWBBN AIJiyANDKAflTON, Ueslrable BosldeuooB for Sale. A two story brlok dwelling on State atreet known as A. I'latt homestead, lately nut. In good repair. A two story Irame dwemnii ouMaln street, nearly now. A two story brlok dwelling on geventb street, all (or sale at a MorUoe. owner Jfor Sale. A convenient farm of 120 acres, most all U> cultivation i sltaated entbeBethaltoro&d, mlli'8:rrom Alton. •For Sale. A 1« story frame dwelling, corner Pearl nd Fifth streets. WJIU>pLK & BMUJJV For Sale or Kent. Tho 2-Btory frame dwelling with 0 rooms. Including 7 lots: good barn and fine fiults known as tho NlolioU homestead, situated on 12th et,, in a doalraole nolghborliood; WUIFPLI! & SMXUilf. For Hale. Sovon lots with good briok dwollhifir and outbuildings, in good ropair, in Upper Alton. Itosldouoeof O. u. Colling, and known as tbo Merilll property. VfUieeLs & BUlLlcy, Alton, or D. W. Oollet, Upper Alton. Kor Bate. The Woodroof property. A 2 story framu house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a i room frame house on Fifth street. Nowwl 10 BUOW, 'Tli time for young anil old to kiiow That ffeiwn, Xawlludtaiid The I1U ot, /ndfyttttoni .trouble, aoho iwilntbeIH((i>w LhJerWof.nlfM 1 The Appetite May bo increased, the Digestive organs strengthened, and the bowels regulated, by takiiig Ayer^s PillB. These* Pills ore purely vegetable In their composition. They contain, .neither calomel nor any other dangerous drug, and may be taken with perfect safety, by persons of all ages. I was a great sufferer from 1 Dyspepsia and Constipation. I had'no appetite, and was constantly, afflicted •with'Head- aohe and.: Dizziness. I consulted our; family doctor, who proscribed fox me, at various times, without affording.more than temporarys relief. I finally commenced taking Ayor's Pills. In a short timo my'digestion and appetite IMPROVED my bowels .were TeirnlaAeAi and, by tne time I finished two boxes of these Pills my tendency to headaches'hod disappeared, and I became strong and well.— Darius Mi Logan, Wlbtyn'gton; Dal. I was 'troubled,'for over-a year, with Loss of Appetite, and Gunpral Debility. I commenced taking 'Ayer's* Pills, and, before finishing halt a box of this medicine, my appetite and strength were ro- . stored. —0. O. Clark, DaubUry, Conn. Ayer's Pills are tbo best' medicine known to me for regulating the bowels, and for all diseases caused by a disordered Stomach and Liver. I Buffered! for over throe years with Headache, Indigestion, and Constipation. I had no ap pen to, and •was weak and nervous moat.oltho time, BY USING three boxes of Ayer's'Pills, and at tho same - time; dieting, myself, I was corn* pletply cured.. My digestive orgam oto now in good order, and T am' Inlperfeot health. — P. Lockwood, Topeka, Kaus, Ayor's Pills have benefited tpo \vopder- fully. For months I tmlleiedjhpmlnot; geation and Headache,-wad rustless at night, and had a bad taste In'wy moutn every morning. After taking oile M» of Ayer's PllQ. all \tho«e troubles dls- appeared, my food digested well, ami my sleep was refreshing,—Henry U. ' Homineuway, Eookport, MoflB. I was cured of the Piles by. the use otj Ayer's Pills. '_Ueywt'only»U«vedmo! of that painful disorder, but, give Biein- creased vigor, and restored ajy newtn,— John Laiarua, fit, John; N. B, • Ayer's Pills, Pr«p»r»dbyDr.J.O.Ay«fcCo.,Ix>well,MMi. , ll i\&Cmt,i<

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