Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 18, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1887
Page 2
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AMOK PAILT TBLBSBAPH. B* W. T. KOBTOM, Cor. Third and P!M» HtTMtn, Alton, III. MONDAY EVE., APKIL 18. I'EKSOIUL. Mr. Elinor' Uutledgo has fcturnod from Wichita, Kan. .,. Mr. Walter Klnkald, of St. Losls, spent Ipndtiy here, the guest of Cant Hamilton. Lieut. Doty left lost evening for Sun Antonio, Texas, on .account ot tbo re- caption of the sad news of the death ol his brother, Dr. Edaiond Doty. Mr. Homer Stanford, whdfafuw days ago, returned from a tourthrough Kan saa reports that Although real estate is booming In many cities of that State the farming prospects are gloomy. He says ho wouldn't exchange one acre of Illinois land for eight acres in Kansas. Who Shall Ucforin (ho Unllromln? The American railroad, us an institution, Is notnmninoiilute. HH goneral dfficcfl arc no more insured against entrance of designing and wickeilly- mliided men than is the pulpit, the Sunday school, or tho strawberry festival. Granted, however, that, like most human concerns, the American railroad needs reformation, tho very considerable question arises, whero shall we look for the reformer? Jt 1ms not yet come, perhaps, to be a principty in economies that the safest and most expert administrator of a specialty is the oiNMvho has had tho least practical experience thereof. But tliiux- nevertheless appears to bo, if not an exact enunciation of such a principle, a by no means unusual tendency to such a practice. A great transatlantic steamship, en rotilc from shore to .shore, or a limited express train, with its costly freightage of packed Pullman, express and baggage carriages, easily represents millions in money value, besides its human .freightage. The captain, the conductor, the engineers, the crow are picked men, raised to thuir several responsibilities through .every lower grade of drill and experience, adapted each to his part by long tisuetude; who have been entrusted with all this precious burden by those who must answer with their fortunes, their liberty even, for the waste of its loss. Let the great steamship founder, tho limited crush through a trestle—living or dead, those men will be found at their posts, lint there will never fail of gifted gentlemen, eminent conversationalists, ready writers'to tho newspapers, who happened to bo in their downy bods while these men were perishing, but who, nevertheless, will tell us nxuotly what this company and their picked em- ployes should have done, and how tlio catastrophe might have boon avoided. Tho design of this paper Is to call attention to a recent capital instance of this tendency— Applcton Morgan, in Fopuhir Science Mont/fly. ViiHtour'n Secret Ulval. M. Pasteur may well look to his laurels if tho story of the wonderful remedy against hydrophobia is true which a Dutch family ixt Poi/.o, in -Holland, is said to have in its possession. [Jfov over a century the secret of tin) drug has btmn ; kept, and tho Nieuwe Rotterdnmm-ha (.'onranl bits' Only hoard of 'it through tho garrulity of nn old man from the neighborhood of Poize, who alllnns that for seventy years he has novcv known ot a. single case of death from hydrophobia. Besides a largo number of human beings, an army of dogs, cuts, sheep and cattle havo been cured by tho mysterious roijpi'ly, about which nothing more Is known than that it lias a calming Inlluonco on raving lunatics of any kind,and thut ills harmless to such nde- gree that in a case whuro a double dose had boon administered to a man bitten by n mad dog tho patient full into a profound sleep, and on awaking uvcry symptom of the disease, hud disappeared foruvor. t A wickud hoy, who promised to give an ongnvMiig of Washington to aid in the decoration of it school-room in a Massachusetts town on tho anniversary of the birth of the Father of his Country, gravely handed his teacher on tho day of tho celebration an envelope with a 2-uont stamp on it. This was of no use to tho schoolmarm, who hud loft a largo space in the evergreen trimmings upon tlm wall to roouivo tho promised picture. Epernay, In'Vrmico, js a subterranean city of champagne. For miles and mllos thero aro streets hcwu out of tho .solid chalk, llankcd with piles of bottles with clmmpnguo of all blends and qualities. There Is no light In this labyrinth of streets, crossings, and turnings, except what tho k spluttering candles allbrd. All Is dark, dank, and damp, with the tempcraluto away down nbout noro. Tho largest champagne manufacturers in Kpuruay have underground collars which cover forty-tivo acres and contain live million bottles of wlno. There is a whole stroctln Kpor- nay lined witlrfluochattmux, all owuud by champagne men. Alwa/B Keep tbo Upper /land ot Disease. Changes of temperature are apt to cause dangerous sickness; In tho full- blooded apoplexy is to bo feared. Whan von have a pain in tho head, fool dizzy, feverish, rheumatic or sick take at ouco throe to ton of Brandroth's Pills. Such slight affections Are only the harbingers of disease or sudden prostration, andthu thing to do Is to tnastor tho trouble at 01100. Never lot » little sickness got the better of you. Drive it out of doors immediately. Lot thoro bo no oomp/o inlso, always havo with you a bok of Braudreib'8 Pills, and you are prepared to fight tho worst form ot siokuuss Iu\it8 inoipluncy. wit A STUD YOPJf OSES. Senator elect Hlscock, of Now York, has a fine none. The outline from tho eye down is perfectly straight, not a dellcction. It broadens and rounds at the end. It is cut In sucili bold lines that it gives tho impression of having been hewn rather than moulded. It is the nose of essentially ti good-lomper- ed, self-composed man who bides his time, but gets there all the same. It is ' the opposite of a busy, fussy nose. The senator-elect from Virginia, Daniel, has one <>f the most remarkable of the national noses. It is one- third the length of liis face. -The line from the forehead to tho end of the nose Is uninterrupted, indicating a very high order of mind. Tho prollle is aristocratic. Large, delicately-curved nostrils .lands out from the face. Less powerful than that of Kvarts, but not less iiloqunnt. Prominent as tho nose 'is, iu tip and the base of tho chin are in line. This nose should be carefully studied. Wade Hnnipton has a prejudiced and irritable nose. It started on its career as an aquiline, but half way changed and became a nasal appendage of the modified bottle type. It docs not indicate tho brain expressed by his* well rounded head. His bristling, military mustache, which blends into his side- whiskers, gives him an air of fierceness. Beck's nose seems to emit a Scotch accent. It is of the Keynard type of nose. A wary nose. Not refined, but strong, indicating great energy. It is an irrepressible nose. * t Senator Vance 1ms very nearly a plump nose; short, in keeping with his round, plump physiognomy. Button on end—certainl/ not a nose of a thinker. Senator Sawyor has a business nose. It is the nose of a man who deliberately plans his lino of action and curries it out in strict accordance with his just conceptions. Here we. have a congenial, cheerful, business nose. Senator Stanford's nose is a trifle melancholy, and droops more than Sawyer's. Senator Frye has a Virgo nose. It is the first thing yon notice about his face. It is a sharp, shrewd, direct nose. It might bo said of it that, like his speech, his nose is well emphasized. It stands out well from his face. It is a nose of facts and common sense rather than of fancies and line-spun theories. It is a nose capable of judging a good dinner. There is a touch of rugged New England honesty about Fryo's nose, and it has a "inuan-whaU-H.'iy" air about it. Poets and tusthclos rarely have noses of this kind. ' Senator Allinon boasts a sensible, kindly, intelligent nose. It is not long, but has a high bridge, and woll-slmped nostrils denoting taste and culture. 'It is the Tight sort of noso to tie to and Eollow. It is likowiso u fnUlif ul nose. A truly nice uoso, one naturally exclaims when contemp'4ti"ig the well- shaped proboscis of Senator Blair. It is iv nose that all successful Sunday school teachers ought to have. It has an upward rather than a downward turn, indicating lofty aspirations, faith in his capacity to bonulit his follow- nian. It is a truthful nose. Blair has a good eye and finely-shaped forehead. There is a dash of pugnacity in this nose, visible ^ji spito of the delicate and refined outlines. Senator Citllom has a high-shouldered nose. It is long, but not out of proportion with his face. Tho possessor of tills noso must be described as a long-headed man. His face is of the Lincoln typo—sincere, calm, truthful, and with much rugged ability. Probably the largest uoso, Evarts' exceptod, In tho senate is that of Senator Saulsbury. Salisbury's forehead and noso would havo dono a good doul for him if they had not been defeated by his chin. Largo as his nose is, it does not carry tho imprint of strength of character. It is the noso of a orochoty man. Senator Platt has tho noso of a philosopher. It is a thoughtful noso, long and prominent, broad at tho nostrils, indicating a kind disposition and even temper. The uoso of Senator Vest, if you look at it long enough, seems to issue a goneral invitation "to come on—all of you—I'll light you," It is short, almost stumpy, broad at end, not intellectual, and has very coarse nostrils. Yet Vest, in certain directions, is a man of ability, though by no niomis a great man. Tho junior member from Wisconsin, Mr. Spoonor, has ono of tho most pronounced noses in the senate chamber, It has a lofty, broad bridge, and bulow a decided arch. It is tho uoso of uu individual thinker. It plainly says: ''1 am not to bo led, but will tnlco the load." Open nostrils, expressive of action and enthusiasm. It Is a modified form of tho Roman noso. Three short, decided, perpendicular lines above tho bridge add expression to his nasal frontispiece.—for. I'/iilatlelphia Times. WM.L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, AND UJCALBK ID Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Gaskets And Burial Robes rot LadioB, Uontlouien and Ohlldrou. Office and Simp on State street Ov«rtl»r> i Llvory Stffbio, WtU attend to JoV U«p«Uuu.riunttiw«. , (AS Mrs. Jolih Booth leaves to-morrow with Mr. and Mrs. Vale and Miss Edith Vnle for the EaaU The remains of tho late John Booth Were exhumed 'today nnd taken from the (rrnve yard to Clifton to bo transported to Alton, 111. It la tlie request of the near relatives that the bo:ly be burled in the family lot in Alton, as tho flnul resting place anil Mrs. Booth decided to accompany the body and sno to the arrangements her, self. The deceased will be buried In the family burial lot In tho graveyard at Alton besides the graves of his father mid mother. Mrs. Booth will live with Mrs. Alfred Browne, the sister of the deceased, while staying at Alton and also George Booth will moot her at tho station. She has many friends still living In the place and returns after an absence of 30 yearn, and it will be iv very pleasant visit »nd a pleasure to resume tho friendship of former years. —jRei-ctltc, Austin, Kev. HATUI times cannot crush the boautN ful now hats, though ho who pays tho bills umy sit clown on them. • * WHISKY has secured so firm a hold in Jerseyville thut an attempt to hold a people's convention there tho other ove- ning.was frustrated by a lot of drunken rowdies.— Whitehall Republican. MR. Lewis Randolph, of Delhi, was up to the city on Tuesday. Ho had a horse stolen on tho Saturday before and was taking steps to capture tho thieves if possible.— Jcrscyvtllc Rep.-Ex, Tho Importance of purifying the blood cannot bo overestimated, tor without pure blood yon cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and we ask you to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. It strengthens Wl <i builds up tho system, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, while it eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of tlio vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsuparllla pccul- "]~ rt l+colf lar curative powers. No I U Hoc 11 other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hoofs. SarsaparlHa Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANCFAOTUEEH OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, JIJL All kinds o! flno and common furnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. apMdwlw UKNT1BTKH. DR. O. a. KOJUX.AND, Dentist, 13 THIRD STKBKT, ALTON, ILL. Office Hoars—8 a. m. to 12 m.: 1 to < p. in ' tabdwlv G. A. MoMLLLEN, . Dentist, OVEH BKUEGGKMANN'S OIQAU ' STORK 8EOON1J ST. 1e"J dtf PHYSICIANS AND DU. E. CiUEJLUJU, Physician ana Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, OOR.FOUHTB AND HBNliY 8TS. laS-dwly W. A. HA8KJSI/L,, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE-SECOND ST., ALTON, ILL. Office li ours—9 a. m.; 12 to 1, and C p.m. auirt-Jwt TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. I'artios intending to buy Heal Estate In tho city ol Alton or vicinity will find It to tholr Interest to call at tho oillco of liudorshauscn & Sonntug and examine tholr list of properties for sale as only a part thereof Is advertised. npSdwtf J. SUITER & SON, DKABtfRS IN FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete' Stock Always on Hand. • DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. i J'JK FUBNITUIU8 BOOMS AUK ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, •p8dwlv Thin paper U kvpt ou flic at tUa otBce ut YER^SOH OVERUSING GENTS ij* PHILADELPHIA. FREE MANUAL A QUESTTON ABOUT Browns Iron Bitters ANSWERED. Tb» q«(*ittfjd hifljnroliftbljr br-Mi Aabwl IhoniwindB nUlme*,"IIowonn Bro*o'fi Iron .Hitters curoevery- thf njr 1" WplI, it dootm't Bat It ilovt euro any diwAM for whtah a.««p«uhU pbysicUn would proscribe HtOS Physicians rpcofintxn Iron, fta tlio boat wrtorntlve ntfimt known to tlio pnifrasion, find Inquiry of any twilling ohaniltint firm nil) fiubtttnnUnto the assertion thnt there nra mnre pntpfirntiotifl of iron than of miy nthnr mitwtnnco ukoa in medicine. This riiowa con* rlusiroly tlmt Irtm is Ackiimrjeiifrod to be tlio inoM fmporUnt factor in successful medical prnctieo It if. o nra mnre pntpArntiotifl of -itanco ukoa in niedlclno. tlmt Irtm is Ackiimrjeiifrw -t factor In sticcctffifulniodii... ...„ , howovor. ft remnrkftble fact, that Prior in thu diitcor- oiy of IIttOWN'H 1KoMlITTJillH ho perfectly Mtnifnctory iron combination bndoTor boon found. BROWN'S IRON BITTERSfeKSfcSSS liniulncho, orprodnra cnnflip>tlnti~nll *lii-r Irim mndlolitcH itn. UHOWN'W 1UONIHTTKUH nircn Inillgciitloii, lllllnunnenn,Wciiknc»», l).T»|icp»lii, jllulnrln, OlilllH nnd KnvcrH, Tired Feollntdneni-rn.l DrMlltj-.rnlli InUio Milt-, Hank or l.liiiliH.llcniln^liondNcilrnl- Blit— for all UIMO olhucintH Iron is nrmorilxid dnll.r. BROWN'S IRON BinEfiS.SsraslK nitnuto, Titko Ml othor thorough himllcintm, U nets (Jdffly. AVhon tflkon by nifn tho flrsl nvmptom (if l>t? no fit IB n>n» i wo(lj9n(irKy. Tho muscles then become Hrmor, tho distent Inn improTOB, tho IHJWO]H Arc nctko. In trtunen theolTttCt is nmially more rapid nnd ninrkod. Thooyesbefrln at once to briRhton; tlin nkin cl«nrs iu>: hoaltiiy color comen to tho cliooka; nervotimionB ili<<Ati[Kmni; functional durnngonipnts noconiu n>cM- l.'ir, nnd If a nurxini? motbor, nbnndnnt stifltcn.iuco i' ! winpltfid f'tr Uw oWUl. Iwiuouibor Brown's Iron t'.ittrr* in thu OMA* Irtm uiodloino thnt IB not •!:ij'irioUJ», f'ttiftifitinmin'l t)r\iyf)ift« fpfntnmfHfl ft. 1?v» (^nniiitiohns Tprio M«rk nnd crossed «>d linos in vr.i|>pitr. TA1US NO OT111211. K A S K 1 N E (THE QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears. C ure " ; quickly Pleasant;r ure A POWiiilFUi; TONIC, that the most dolicato stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Gortn Diseases T?OH COLDS KASK1NE HAS BEBNKOUNU TO BK ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. Bollovuo Hospital, N. Y.: "Univeraall}' successful." ("Everv patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kaskiue lias been (discharged cured-" Kev. Jus. L. Ilnll.Ohaplaln Albany I-onlton- tlary,writes th at Knskine lius cured bis wife, after twenty yours suffering from malaria aud nervous dyspensia. Write him tor par- tlnulars. St.Joaeph's nospitnl, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable. It acts perfectly." 1'roi. «'. F. llolcombe, Al.D , 54 East 28th St., N.Y. (late Trot, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kiiskine is superior to quint no in Its apeclflc power, and never produces the slightest Injury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write tuat Kas kino Ims cured them alter all otheor inedi cine had faiioi'. Write for book of testimonials. Kaslilnu can be talien without any special uiedioal advice. ?1.00 poa bottle. Sold by or sent by mnil on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warren St., New York 10 dwlm LUOKOUT TUB CELEBKATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! Fit ALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDBAKE Also Outside Work a specialty. Roofing and Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies Closing* Out. JL ***•» »* »>••*•> %r o* • tw 3 • — •— — CLOCKS and 8IL VEllWAKE. At and Below Cost. Every thing to be sold by 1st of Miiy. Bar- ^j gains in Watches and a general line of 1st s class Jewelry. JNow is your time for Bargains at 's Jutelii Corner Third and Piasa streets. 1887 THE LATEST! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four stylos. Two.nnd Tliroo Burners, With Tin and Hussla Ovens, * i '^ A PEBl'EOT Air FreBsure.-wttiiouttlie elevated tank, rressuro is obtained with a weight, not -with n pvmp. AbsoHitcly the snlcst; simple yiltli no intricate parts, u"»»V.' tWP, LIGHTS ivltli ciiiliurtttpd air, inrti-Hil ol <ill in u tirip OHI>. Gueollno nnd -Air Tanks are all of 3K Jccli sPinnlcts Imiss tubinp tuiiill conncctir{r plpti- of lirnvy nnneulcd braBp.witli union c< upiiijys. One erO ol tinih ib oJ .^ll.^t, slici^liiy quantity ol oil in euiue. Cannot be ISlliU wliilu I.\nwnc. The regular lino of JJCAVil, STOVE." A>'D'KAKGES aieltupioved nietbnnicullj and artls- ticiilly. l.aipe double oven icrtluc-e liUinerliniiKft; Mm d pipes incrcutcd in size to one inch, witli iiiite supply valve i.iid tiup at buti;. /.ll tvuis aivuiido double or flue lined npodlin PITTS & BAMILL, Sole Agents. ALCOHOLIANTIDOTE NON-ALCIDHLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL HEHVOUS DERANQEMENTS. An immediate relief for prostration caused by AIX?OHOUO EXCESSES, A- Stimulant which, when takon with Soda, Vichy, ApaUlCLoris, Seltzer, or any Sparkling \Vater, .-will eupply the Craving for Strong Drink, without Its disastrous results, leaving tho system refreshed and invigorated. Prepared aa a HEAVY SYU.UP, most agreeable to take. ONtV BY TUB EQTTtE. Being non-alcohollo, It commends Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring norvo energy. ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND ALBY ST8. ADMINISTRATOR'S HiSTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deceased. Tlio undersigned, having boon appointed Administrator -eg tho estate of Eleanor 1'. Guild, lato of. |tho county of Madison and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that ho will appear before tho county court of Madison county, at tlio court house, lu Edwardsvlllo, at tho May torm, on the third Monday in May next, at which time all persons having claims against said Estate are notified and rcquqatod to attend for the purpose of having tlio sauio adjusted. All persons Indebted to said Estate arc requested to make Immediate payment to tlio undersigned. • bated this llth day of March, A. D., 1887. 1'EULKY 11. WHIl'I'LB, _. 2<»w Administrator. Patents. fo ny persons wishing to obtain lottoi patent on now Inventions, improvements o leslgns, I will execute drawings and spooin nations and make applications for Patents All consultation, In person or by l«tte , free U'CAS PFEIFFENBEKGllH, wi. ru. Wilt Pi Now and Bountiful Designs Just arrived und arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest Hissed. At tho old reliable JIOUBK-l'AINTINQ and DKOOHAT1NU ostabllshuiont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. foblldSm i ; i KAOL*. PACKKT COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer W. ±\ ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative 1 E. KOSS POWEDI. IED. BLOCK,oieru a. U. LEYHB, Master. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Eaglo will ran us follows, viz: LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton lor TortaKO, Jorsoy Landing. Gralton, aud was points every evening at 5:80 o'clock. «9,The Whistle will be Hounded fifteen minutes before starting tor St. Louis, To ST. Louis, UODKDTRIP . TWENTY UIDKB' . . 75 . - - 5 oo w. HILL. Aimtit. Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUB ST. l.OUIS AND OKNTRAL ILLINOIS 11. It. OO'S PALACK STKA1MI5II J. !•'. ELUSON, Commander. KB. ANSIIUTZ, /,,, , T Oloi ks. imd aJtorTlmrgdny.Vob. 17th, will leave , April Itli, steamer Hudson will louvosi. UniU lor Alton, I'ort- '.'"/!' s 111 , 1 ; 80 *'' Urufton and all points an St. L. & 0. 1. U, It., dully, except Kundiiy, at 8:30 n. '"..arrlviiiKat Alton at II u. m, UaturntiiK wll leave Alton for St. Louis at 5 :4B p. in, urrl vlnij at Ht, Louis ut 7 :M in iiinplo time for parties lo attend tlioutrss, oto. Parties pur- oliasliiK round trip tlukuu will bo fnrnishod stiito rooms without extra cost, itound trip llckiitaiil aluiiinorSproud Kuglo or Hudson wlli;bo luinoiud by either boat for return pit.isuno, yuiitiuftlnu with fastaxproHH on St. Lonln and (Jontral Illinois ilailronrt lor Jor»oyvillo, Wn- vorly, 8pi iiiKlldld and nil points . north und To BT. l.ouis.nliiglo trip, " " rnmul trip, I A I, A. 76;> folldtf Ma WORK PnOMPTLY ATTKKnKD TO AT OFX1OK AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NE4R AI.TON. . . . in, i nnd bust wiuhert) in tjjo For calo bj - ell CLIFFORD'S EXCELSIOR ROOPING LATE PAINT l!,Tu!,'? Km'l u"'i™ W'^u 1 ? ? n Mr°v'if' """"'Ol Uurt'ii Ht>i Olilenge, ui*Hluhlirunl.uiubvfd). far l If Vim Sale. I'ubllonotlcoialior'liyKlven that by virtue of an ordar of tlio county oourt of Mudlaou county, Btuto of Illinois, the undor8l«nuil, , uo o inos, te unor8«nui, iiHHlKiioo o( tho D. H. MpurU Ullllne Oompu- ny, will, an FltlDAY.tliuiDTll DAY OF Al'lUL, Al . V: 1 , 1 ? 8 '' 60 " llt uubllo iiuutlon to tho nigh- yst MUUBi 1 lor citBb, at tho hour of ton o'clock in thu forenoon of auld day lit tho north front door of tho city hull building Intuoottyof . Alton. Miidlion county, Illinois, tlio followmir duscribud ion! eBtnto, to-wlt: Luaunuuu luill UHlUtU, WWIC: IJOIf WIllfcUWM (W),in Alton AlumifuotiuiiiKOompniiy'Raddi- tion to tlio oily ol Alton, county ot MiidlBon ona Stutu ol Jillnols: a Uooa wfll Ijo V 11 " 10 w iliu pnrolmaor upon approval of (bo report of uulo Uy tliu county oourt of Uuilluou oo, 'llio luuvu proporiy uolng the uronont rc«< Uunoo of Uup(. O. K. Hnurka. 1-llANffB.MJl.NOB, Aeslguop ot thu D. U. Sliaihi MtlUnspO.

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