Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1887
Page 2
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AMMT DAILY TKLE6RAPH. BE W. T. MORTON, Cut, Third nnd Pinna Street*, Alton, 111, 8ATUUDAY EVE., APKtL 10. THE Democrats baring made no nomination for Mayor the members of tliat organization aro loll tree to voto for whom thoy please without impair* tng their parly allegiance. RK-INTKBBEU.—The remains of Mr. John Booth were brought hare from Nevada on the train this morning, and Ivero re«intorred, "about It o'clock, ot the Upper Alton cemetery. Tho bear- era were; Messrs, Geo. D. JIayden, C. W. Milnor, II. C. G. Moritz, D. It. Sparks, P. L. Butts, II. It. Phlnney, members of the Masonic ortler.lp which deceased belonged. —.———~—— f » "*A STIHKE--The employes at the Stone Crusher, to the number of 48, Struck yesterday for an advance of 26 cents a day each. The quarry men have - been getting $1.60 per day, the laborers $1.26. The company refuse to pay tho advance demanded, consequently operations have ceased for ihe present. It is surmised that the most of the men are willing to return to work but are influenced otherwise by a few ringleaders. MR, John Robinson, of East Gloucester , Mass,, formerly of Alton, celebrated tho 81st anniversary of his birth on the 4th inst., by inviting a party of old friends and neighbors to a gathering at his borne. There were present 19 persons whoso average age was 81 years and 8 months. The company was very pleasantly entertained by the host and bis family. Mr. Kobinson'a old friends in Alton will also bo glad to hear of bis good health and prosperity. ____^__ i GEORGE WM. CURTIS thinks that the Democrats will have to renominate Cleveland, but that ho will get beaten at the election because of Democratic disaffection. The eminent mugwump also expresses Uio opinion that (Maine will be beaten if nominated. This looks a little inconsistent, but a mug- wump never bothers about logic. But If Cleveland and Blame aro nominated, and both are defeated, as Mr. Curtis says will be tho result of such a contest, perhaps he will bo good enough to tell us who will be elected. THK Democrat. wants particulars as to who compose tho "dark lantern cau» ous" who are pushing! Joesting for Mayor. Well, tho Democrat can toll, 11 It wishes, and it is a sad thing for an honest man, like Mr. Jousting, that he has fallen into such hands. With tho best intentions in the world what ' could he accomplish for the city if put into office by such supporters? The progressive business Democrats look at tho matter in this light and aro supporting Mr.M'L'ike for Mayor. Looking at the situation as regards its own business interests the Democrat should fall into hue and support M'PiKe also. Tim friends .of certain enterprises are expressing tho fear that Mr. M'Jflko, if elected, ' will organize a war against such enterprises,or take advantage of his position to manifest hostility to them. Mr. M'Piko isn't that sort of a man. He will be Mayor of the whole city. He will, of course, see that laws and contracts are.oxeou'.od as ho finds them, but there won't be any trouble to any one in getting along with him so long as the laws are complied with.' He didn't' bring himaolf forward in this movement and has no enemies to punish. X Base Ball Clmmplonihlp. In the contest for "the championship ot tho world" between the Chicago baseball olub and tho St. Louis Browns, tho former have thus far beftten tho latter four times out of six. Three more games remain to bo played next Ooto- bor. Should tho Chioagos win one of those throe, they will secure tho ahum* ship honor. Tho Browns will have to win tho throe games to secure the championship. Repeal the Law. It is every day becoming more evident that the now Inter-Stato Com- moruo law is a very grave mistake. It is a sevoro embarrassment to many of tho mercantile and other business interests^of tho country by increasing tho cost of transportation and by its con• fusing effects on eonoriU trade. The railroads tiro not tho chief sufferers; the commercial and industrial trades /have to bear the brunt of tho unfortunate • ' now order of things.— (Jhicai/o Journal. When Senator Cuiloui introduced tuU bill ho was flahlng for popularity and the Pro-Money. Uo has missed tho lirat and will miss thu second. He will, likewise, miss reflection to tho Senate. WHISKY has secured so llrui a hold in Jorsoyvlllc that an attempt to hold a people's convention there tho other evening,was frustrated by a lot of drunken rowdies.— Whitehall Republican. MR. Lewis Randolph, of Delhi, wns up to the olty on Tuesday. Ho had ft horse stolen ou tho Saturday before and was taking steps to capture tho thieves if possible.—JewywHe Rep.>Ex. A. JfOTED HonsE-Mr. J. Y. Sftwy<r, dJ Godfrey, has received word of the death Rt Marietta, Ohio,'*of ft Morgan horse, "Old Jack," once n noted steed in this locality. "Old Jack" was aired by Barnard Morgan, owned by Mr, Sawyer, and was foaled in I860, making him 31 years old. Ho was the property of Judge Hugging ot Bunker Hill.who sold him abwut 1802 to Lawyer Rico of this city, who, after tho war, sold him to Mr. A. N. Hill, of Marietta, Ohio, then post sutler at Alton. Mr. Hill took him to Ohio, where he took many premiums at fiura. When Mr. Hill left Marietta he gave the horse to hisbrother.inslftw, Mr. Hlldreth. At his death "Old Jack" bad attained the venerable ago of 31 years, but hud not outlived his usefulness. LITBIURT—There was a largo atton dance at tho C. I', chuch last evening on tho occasion of a literary and musicivl|8ociablo, Aftor an anthem, and prayer by Rev. A. L. BariY.tho following lino programe was rendered. Reading, Miss Mae Hawkins; vocal solo "I'm a Merry Xmgari" Miss Pearl Hewitt; reading, Rev. W. C. Logan; guitar and mandolin duel, Miss Lilhe Krimnitz, Mr. John Hancock; reading, Miss C. Burton; combmette trio, Messrs J. M, and F. E. Logan, Ben Harris; Literary Budget, Mr. T. H. Porrin; guitar solo, Prof. vV. E. Kelly. MANJTOU A contract was awarded today, in this city, to the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Jennoy Electric Light Co. to put a 20 light plant at Manitou Springs for tho purpose of illuminating tho whole Manitou valley. The company, composed of Alton men, will put in their own water works'at the Springs and make various other important improvements immediately. Mr. H. Watson, one of tho company, says that tho Springs arc experiencing a boom and lots are being sold rapidly, AUKKIAUE LICENSES. has Deputy Clerk Rudershanscn issued a marriage license to: Mr. Edwin T. Kookeler and Miss Belle Morris; both of Louisville, 111. The happy couple were married today at the residence of the officiating minister, Archdeacon F. M. S. Taylor. A GALL. To the Hon. Chat. A. Herb : DEAR SIR:—We, the undersigned, residents and voters of the Seventh ward of the city of Alton, hereby request you to become bur candidate for Alderman of said ward and in c;i8C you will accede to our request wo pledge you our earnest support: Win. Feldwlscfc, Hen Flecllbucll, W KlokRBUor, B Schlollo, IJlury Hclllollo. E Moll, 0 HoDofiok. H Miller, T Koefe, AUK Wutzlor, J Girth. K Tlirodo, W Qosuiorau, G Gosmornn. O W Baker, J MoFctrldge, Sr., W Snider, M.Bnlclor. E. Heifer, J Overath, I'lilllp Dolti. J.llonze, J. Monday. TMcAulltla, P Brumm, N McGrnth, Aug Euye. Potor J'Hul, Wm. \V8ber, K II Koberson, H KnolOB, J Bmltb, K, Gulbally, J E Grotto n, W Oiurtium, D Dole, D It nil (Ol, * Tlicw lluwklas, 0 Volz, n n Starr, Smith Hunter, J I.ooli. U KnoloB, A lluth, J HesBonauor, J Fullon, J Shuler. Lulco Itronnan, Martin Koef, H HeaBonauor, O Oorblg, B B .locating, John \Vompoa, II Ulldorbook, L, Stutz, A Uottowltz, K Oonly, Jas Holland, I* Hurtraann, H Girth, R Blldorbeok, J W Derrick, J FMnrtln, A Htnterthlr, W lllntertulr, B Hotter, Jog. 1'Ieflor, S. Bnuor, VV Motzliumor, J Hondo, J W Merle, 8 Tomltnaon, *r, K L,ovl». Jr., 1) Tomlluson, 0 Brook, E Fretz, S Duffy, J Hulinur, « Tomlliison, Jr., Jacob Schmidt, OJMoLlenry, 8 Bnrkhnrdt. Peter Dwmuli, G A Burkburdt, J Burkhurdt, L Ilrubtiok, J Ix)Gk, J W Konnay, O FratK, F JuHumycr, O M Brown, G GerblB, Jr., W Fallen,L. Blsfllnaer, THE really groat leader is tbo partner who leads trumps opportunely. PUETTT School Teacher—"Thomas, state some of tho beauties ofeducaUon," Thomas (oldest boy in tho class)— "School nia'ama." Tlio Sou of his Father. Mr. Stephen A. Douglas, son of tho "tittle Giant," who ia a candidate for the office of Corporation Counsel or of Chicago under tho incoming administration, usod to bo a decidedly careless liver. Kor a year or more past, however, he has been a total abstainer from all strong drinks, and has oven made some temperance speeches at Mr. Murphy's meetings, A perfectly sound body and a mind unimpaired arc possible only with pure blood. Loading medical authorities indorse Ayor's Sarsapanlla as tho best blood purifying medicine In existence. It vastly increases the working and productive powers of both band and brain. dwlw IALL Now mid Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for tho Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small Largest to At tlio old voHuUlu llOUSK-l'MN'i'lNU and D1COOHATINC. establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. the Inland lafeatWitth- ing Oomponnd known, Pied An Dlftotod It prodooca better t»»nlt» with A greater taring of Time and Labor In Wa«hlng and Honto- ole&nlng, than anything yet limntca, Wash yon w»re, Windows, Ourtalna, Jewolryi Silver, In fact •terythlng, with It, Try It In the Bath, and note Its Superiority over Soap llewareoflmltattnna. llio Genuine fttwnyi bcart the Above Bytnbol arirl namo of JABLES VTCLTS. Mow York, P Kit SON A U Mr. Ueo. Howard loft yeatorclay for Minneapolis. Mr. A. A. Supplier, County Super* Intomlcnt of Schools, Is In town. ArchdoKcon Taylor returned from Kookuk this morning;. Mr. H. S. Mfcthews returned Irom Kansas this morning. Dr. W". A. riaakell and Mr. C. II. Hapgood arrived home this morning from their trip to the island of Cuba. They report a pleasant ocean voyage. The Doctor's friends will be glad to learn that, his health is better. Mr. J. B. Shiftlet, of Petersburg, is expected here this evening to spend Sunday. Wilson & Kan kin's minstrels, thirty strong, are registered at the Hotel Madison and will appear at the Opera House tonight. Mr. W. N. jDanvers returned from Eureka Springs, this noon, improved in health. CHUJtUH NOTICES. Te secure insertion, notices under this haul mvil be handed in bejore 11 a. m.) 0. P. OUUHC».—The Bubjeot for the morning sorvioo: "The Negatives of Religion." The iiubjoot for tlio evening la "Ttie Positives of IHollglon." Allure .cordially invited to attend. ST. I'AUL's Ulicnan.—Holy Communion 8 a. m.; Morning Service, and Sermon 10:30 a. m.; S, S. V:30a. m. Evening service and sermon at Trlnltv chapel at 3:3* p. m. Even, song nnd readings from BonUur in the church 7:30 p. m. All invited to attend. Snrplloed and other choirs. Ushers at the door. BAI'TIBT OFIUHCH.—Rev. L. A. Abbott, D.D,, pastor. Preaching to-morrow morning and evening by the pastor; S. 0:30 a. m.;Bnn- teretown ohapol S. S. at 2 p. m. Young people's meeting at 6:30 p. m. All Interested are cordially all lorvices. MKTUODIST KPISCOI-AI, OHUKOII.—The pastor, will proacbat 10:48 n. m. and7:30p.m. Subject in the morning: "The abiding Com fortcr of the Oburoh." Subject in the oven- ing, "Adversity as a factor in the formation of character. AH ore invited to these services. Seats free. Services commence promptly at the minute. PBESBTTEBIAN CHUHOH.—The Eov. A. T. Wolff, D. D., pastor, will preach to-morrow. Subject in the morning, "Joseph Makes Rlmsolf Known." Subject at 7:80 p. m.: "Perfect) Peace," Everybody IB cordially invited to thesoscnrlees. 8.8. at 9:10 a. m.; Young People's Meeting at 8:45 p.m. A Life Made Miserable By dyspepsia is scarcely worth the living. . A capricious appetite, heartburn, puzzling nervous symptoms, increased action of the heart after eating, sinking in the abdomen between meals, and flatulence after, are among the successive Indicia of this harrasslng complaint. Two things only are needful for its removal, A resort to Jlostettor's Stomach Bitters, and perslitonceln its use. Those remedial measures being adopted, a cure is certain. Taken Immediately before or oftermeals,this great stomachic promotes secretion of the gastric Juice, the natural solvent of the food. The nervous ahd bilious symptoms conso- quont.upon olu'onle indigestion disappear, as the complaint gradually yields to the corrective and invigorating influence of the Hitters, Appetite returns, sleep becomes more relreshing, and as a sequence, the body is efficiently nourished, muscular power increases, and the mind grows sanguine, Use the Bitters for chills and fever, ami rheumatism. Assignee's Sale. Public notice Is her 'by given thiitby virtue of an order of the couaty court of Madison county, State of Illinois, the underslgmid, assignee of the I). R, Sparks Mllllae Company, will, on FlUDAY.tlui'iOTH DAY OF APRIL, A. D., 1887, sell at public auction to the lilgh- ost bidder for cash, at the hour of ten o'clock In the forenoon of said day at the north front door of tho city hall building inthoaltyof Alton, Mudlion county, Illinois, the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lot thirteen (13) In Alton Manufaoturlng Company's addition to the city of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois: a deed will be made to tho purchaser upon approval of the report of sale by the county court of Madison oo. The ixoovo property being the present real- donee of Uant. 1). It, Sparks. 1 i'RANK II. MILNOll, Assignee of the P. R. Bputks Milling Oo. 7w8t ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deceased. Tho undersigned, luwtng been appointed Administrator ol the estate of Eleanor P. Ciulld, lute of |tlio county of Madison and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that lie will appear before the county court of Madison county, nt tho court house. In Kdwardsvllle, nt tho May term, on the third Monday in May next, at whlcli time all persons having claims against said Eetuto are notified and requested to attend lor tho purpose of having tho same adjusted. All persons indebted to said Ketnto are requested to moke Immediate payment to the under- siunod, Lntocl this llth day of March, A. n., 1887. 1'KULKY H. WHiri'1,14. 2t!lw Admlnl t rut or. JOSEPH JAKltKTT'S LIVERY STABLED 8TRKET, BETWEEN ALBY AND HA8TON, A.L.TOI' H.I.INOI TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM, Parties InlnndliiK to buy lioul Estnto in tlio olty ol Alton or Ylolulty will fluct It to their Interest to Ottll at tUoolllooot Uudorutiftusou A BoniitOK ana examine their Hat ol propor- tlog (or gale as only a part thereof 1* ftdver- tliod. upSUwtf DRY GOODS COMPANY, 107 and 109 Third Street, ALTON, ILL. The rage at the present time in many of our Western cities is to create a Boom and make the most of it while it lasts; rather an unhealthy effort for substantial prosperity, when disappointment follows. We claim that our City presents many advantages of which we have every reason to be proud. ] We are decidedly in a healthy natural condition, which, in the long run, is best, for it is' lasting. • i We have many large factories, all doing a full paying business. I Our stores of various kinds are equal to any in larger cities and you will receive full value for your money without resorting to ridculous advertising, trying to make believe that goods can be sold for less than they cost, which everybody knows cannot be done. We invite the public to call and satisfy themselves that our SPRING STOCK is a complete assortment of DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. •*• » . I ALL GOODS FRESH. NO OLD STOCK. PRICES BELOW ALL COMPETITION. It will be to the Advantage of Every Lady Contemplating Purchasing something Kntirely New for Spring to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere, Note a few of Many Handsome Fabrics, now on Sale, FANCY DRESS GOODS. An elegant line of BLACK and COLORED SILKS, JET and BLUE BLACK CASHMERES, FANCY BLACK DRESS GOODS, novelties in imported COMBINATION SUITS, new shades in beautiful ALL-WOOL DRESS GOODS. A big drive in all colors and grades of CASHMERES. A very desirable new effect in MIXTURES 36 in. at 250. ' . ' ' Special Attractions for Summer Wear. The largest and most complete assortment of FRENCH and AMERICAN SATEENS—plain and figured. BATISTE DELINON in cream and white ground. Choice selections of PRINTS, GINGHAMS, CRINKLED SEERSUCKERS, all grades of LAWNS, and PENANG SHIRTING in endless variety. , 'ft , In Our White Dress Goods Stock! Bought directly from the Importer, you will find the latest novelties in LACE, PIQUES and NAINSOOKS, besides the regular standard lines of INDIAN LINEN, VICTORIA LAWN, LINEN LAWNS, Etc. We offer the largest and most complete stock of LINENS and WHITE GOODS ever brought to Alton, com prising BLEACHED, CREAM and TURKEY RED'DAMASK, in all grades. A full line of NAPKINS, to. match. TOWELS and CRASHES, CROQUET QUILTS, LACE CURTAINS, SCRIM CLOTH. A full line of MUSLINS and WIDE SHEETING. , Elegant Stock of Embroideries! Do not fail to call and examine our extensive stock of EMBROIDERIES,tin HAMBURGS, SWISS and NAINSOOKS, MATCH SUITS, and ALL OVER EMBROIDERY. ORIENTAL LACES, and all over to match. MEDICI and LINEN.LACE, SWISS EDGINGS, SPANISH and VALENCIENNE LACES, Etc. ••A A complete line of Cassimeres, Cottonades and Jeans. We make special mention of the celebrated Mississippi Mill Jeans for Spring wear. The best make of Ribbons at old prices. The latest novelties in Buttons. A full line of Kid Gloves in colored and black, always fresh. Lisle Thread and Silk Gloves and Mitts. A splendid line of Corsets, comprising the best American make and French woven. Jersey Jackets, Cashmere Shawls, colored, and black and Embroidered Scarfs. Ladies' and Children's Lisle Thread and Cotton Hose in plain and fancy colors. Men's and Boy's Half Hose, Ladies', Men's and Children's Underwear, Muslin Underwear and Children's Robes. , Also Children's Lace Caps, UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS, in elegant new designs. Zephyrs, Embroidery, Silks, Single and Double Chenille, Silk and Wool Arasine, Knitting Silk, Knitting-Cotton. M. Cord, Canvass, Felt, and many other novelties in full supply. ' Thanking yon for past favors, and soliciting a continuance ol patronage, I am, very respectfully,

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