Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1887
Page 3
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Needles, and Farts of all all Machines. We have i now the B. & 0. Howe ' Shuttles. Also Turki ish Rug Patterns 1 and Machines E.'BL< MOULDING. ALTON DAILY TELEGIUPH. FRIDAY EVE., APmt,;i6. NOTICE TO AUVRRTI8EB9,] JF6r the year 1887 we shall charge the foi lowing rates for transient notice* In our local columns: ( • ... , PerlAnt. Single Insertion . , . jo cents. Three to flve Insertions, \ . 7 " Sir to twelve insertions, . . • B " IIATES OF ADVERTISING: TtUNSiENT.— PrFTY cents per Inch tlrst Insertion, and TWBNTr-FIVK cents p»r Inch for each subsequent insertion. $8 per Inch first .month, $1.30 .per inch .each month thereafter. LEGAL ADVERTISING; $1 per inch for the first insertion, and 00 centa per inch for each subsequent Insertion. tar Above rates will be atiietly adhered to. THE DAILY TELKQHAPH la delivered by carriers to all pUrts of the city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ton cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $5.20 per year. TIIE TELEGRAPH has the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and is the best medium for advertisers. : OOBMBB THIRD AND PUSA STREETS. TEJ.K • PHONENO.88. • ' ANNOUNCEMENTS. CITY ELECTION, TOE8DAV, .Vl'HII, 19, _. - " MAYOR, We arc authorized to announce FREDERICK W. JOESTING as acaudldate lor Mayor CITY ATTOIINEY. • Wo arq authorized to announce that L. D. YAUKB ia a candidate lor election, to tho oUlco of Olty Attorney, at tho ensuing city election, April Iflth, 1887. W-E are authorized to announce H. 8. BAKER, JR., as a candidate for the office of City Attorney. We are authorized td announce ALB.VRT E. BA88ETT as candidate for City Olork. Wo arc authorized to announce GEORGE GRAY as u candidate forOlty Cleric, WK aro authorized to announce PATRICK WARD, as a candidate for City Cleric. TltBASUltEH. We are authorized to announce PHILIP MOOKas a candidate for Treasurer. We aro authorized to announce A. R. MO- KINNKY as a candidate for City Treasurer, ALDERMEN.. •-.-.•• FIRST, WABD. Wo are authorized to announce WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, as a candidate for Alderman for the First ward. TODBTH WABD. Wo are authorized to announce JOHN S. ROPER as a candidate for AMerman o£ th Fourth ward. " We are authorized to announce B. NATH AN as a candidate tor Alderman of the Fourth ward. . SIXTH WABD. We are authorized to announce THEO, FRIES as a candidate for Aldeimanof the Sixth ward. . . You should feel proud * To have suoh a Minstrel Co. * * Visit your city; see them. * * Only one night—only'one night. * See the parade, by all means, * * Ot Wilson & Rankin'B Minstrels. * ADDITIONAL local matter on second A universal remark by every, smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. INDICATIONS for Illinois; Slightly cooler, fair weather; variable winds, generally northwesterly. Full assortment new Kid Glove just opened.— Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. . ; It A PLEASING programme, including vocal music, violin, mandolin and guitar renditions will be given at the C. P. church literary this evening. Prices are always right at the Globe. . 16 2 Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudersh'ausen & Sonutag. Third street. dtf MR. Thco. Fries announces himself today as a candidate for Alderman of the 'Sixth ward. He is an old citizen and a large tax payer. ' • Call at C. M. Crandall's Crockery Store for tho celebrated Thin Vitreous China. 15 dw 2t.~ No misrepresentations at the Globe. 163 MR. A. E. Bassett ia making many friends in his canvass for city clerk. He is a first class book kaeper and would make an excellent officer. SOCIAL TEH.— The. Social Ten Jclub gave a hop at Armory Hall last evening with an attendance of belles and beaux who tripped the hours away to the dulcet strains of Miller's orchestra. GQ to Connor's for seeds and Bulks. It A child is served same as an adult and can buy just as cheap at the Globe. 15 2 A complete lino of Spring and Sum* mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. C, G. Moritis, Third street. tf WAKTED.—A good girl for general house work. Apply at Empire House Third, street. 8t Money to loan on improved fnrm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLE& SMILEY. Hummer Boarders Wanted. Mrs. Bruner will be pleased to ao- oommodato a limited number of first class boarders, with or without rooms. Location .unsurpassed. 14 G One majority is as good an a thousand. But see that Nathan Is elected Alderman of tho Fourth ward, with a respectable majority on the 19th. A taxpayer for over 22 years. mwf TIIK Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet tomorrow afternoon, at two o'clock, at the room* of tho W. C. T. U. on Second street, TODB ATTENTION. "•Tho Wilson & Rankin, 'formerly the Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West, is the finest minstrel company that ever visited Alton, numbering 30 people with an expense of $800 per day. The Pavanellas, five in number, receive for their musical act $560 per week. See Pav- anellas, the musical pavers of Paris. Poluski Bros the great England Novelty team, tho sensation of London thejlast two seasons,are with the Wilson & Rankin Minstrels. «©~See the Parade. No candidate for Alderman yet in the Seventh ward. In buying a Dross remember the Globe. 16 2 THE MINSTRELS- -Not only ore Wil son & Ran kin's the best troupe traveling including many of the stars In their line, with attractive features possessed. by no other company, but they have a splendid brass band and orchestra. At the Opera House tomorrow In buying a Bonnot remember the Globe. 16 2 ACCEPTANCE. To J. J. Hartmann, Andy Maley, T. Nolan, F. Volbracht, H. Schenck, H. Hoy maun, and other. GENTLEMEN: I feel highly honored by the character and expression of the call yon hav"e made upon me to become your candidate for Alderman of the Sixth ward. It is made the more gratifying by the interest you express in the future prosperity of our city. Having always felt the same interest mysetl inour municipal progress l-have decided to respond affirmatively to your request, and will become your candidate for Alderman, pledg* ing my best efforts to represent your interests efficiently and to labor for the common good. I remain, gentlemen, most respectfully your obedient servant, GEO. R. HEWITT. New colors of surah silks, also extra quality black surah received today.— —Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. It In- buying "what not" remember the Globe. * 16 2 Attention, Candidates. The candidates for city [[offices are requested to meet at the Clerk's office tomorrow fet 10 o'clock a. m. SUNDAY OK SABlUTB. (From tho Alton Banner of April 14th, '87.) There was meeting held in tbe Press bytorian church on last Sunday, which, instead of tbe Sunday observance as we have knowh it in Europe in all times, and as it has at least partly maintained itself in Alton, sought to make for us a genuine Jewish Sabbath, as the Phar. Isees in the Old Testament understood it, but whieh Christ never would understand. The young temperance ladies of our city are likewise drawn into this agitation and hold meeting after meet*, ing in this interest. We do not go amiss when we assume that our next city election had something to do in bringing this agitation into life again. We can give nothing definite touching this matter, as the German newspaper eople do not belong to tho confiding abbatanan, prohibition, temperanoe- arians. Despite this, however, we could not fail to direct the attention of the friends of a freer contemplation of life to these conventicles, m which, no doubt, with reference to the next election, things will be hatched that cannot please a genuine German any more than they can please native Americans, who put Christ and his teachings higher than tho teachings of reanimated pbariseeism In free America, so distasteful to free-, bhinkiug people in general. And with this hint wo call upon all voters who regard modern pbariseeism with disfavor to be on their guard on next election day, so that they may not oast their votes for a man who in this respect is m the lea^t suspected. We are no friends of party nominations m local elections, as our readers know, and do not concern ourselves whether the next Mayor of the city of Alton be a Democrat or Reputw llcau, but no glistening pharisee, us Harrow hearted hypocrite (Mucker) should be the man to be placed at the bead of the administration of Alton,who during the next two years has for no Altonlans virtually the easting vote upon tho Sunday question. We hope tho voters will examine the different candidates for Mayor from this paint before choosing between them. This article is simply a plea in favor of open saloons on Sunday and is, in effect, an incitement to violate tho State law and tho ordinances of tho city. The union meeting which is hero so contemptuously misrepresented was simply an expression in favor of the laws of the city and State against Sabbath desecration. The Banner, in another artiale,oomos «ut strongly in favor of the election of Joesting for Mayor. In buying Shoes remember tho Globe. 16 2 first Excursion of tho Honioul Tho Spread Eagle will, on Sunday, April 17th, make an excursion to St. Louis and return! Leaving Alton at 9 o'clock In the morning, and on return trip, will leave St. Louis for Alton at U o'clock p. m. Affording excursionists an opportunity to visit the Parks ami witness &u Interesting game of base ball. dlt TAB QUESTION OF TBE HOUR. Tho TELEGRAPH does not claim that the election of Mr. M'Pike as Mayor of Alton would secure prosperity lor the city merely of or through his person allty. Neither would it claim tuattuuoh for any other man, no matter how great his wealth, influence or ability might be. But it does claim that the situation here today Is such that the 'election of Mr. M'Pike would show that a majority of our citizens were in favor of a pro>i gressive administration of city affairs; were in favor of throwing overboard the old fogylsm, inossuackism and, more than all, tho fatal indifference to the public weal which have caused this city of superior advantages to fall behind less favored places m the march of progress. It is not for tho sake of Mi-.' M'Pike, personally, that wo advo cute his election, but for'the sake of the new public spirit of enterprise of which be has bocn put forward as the representative. The city could survive Mr M'Plke'ts personal defeat, and jog along at the same old pace, safe, slow and conservative, but we claim, in all earn estness, that our citizens cannot afford to defeat this new spirit of enterprise which Mr. M'Pike and snob aldermamc candidates as Armstrong, Schwoppe, Roper, Holden and Hewitt represent. That is not a question of individual preferment except as means to an end. We do not support such men from a desire to see them obtain an office, but because they represent progressive ideas and believe this city has a bril liant future in store for it if our advantages and opportunities are improved as they should be. By accepting the can didacy for these several positions they have expressed a willingness to take the laboring oar and pull together for the shore of prosperity. Not one of these" gentlemen has sought the position for which he is a candidate, but being, m the field, they want every vote they can get, and the larger the majority they receive the more encouraged they will be to go forward. They will feel that they have the people at their back, and with the united, hearty support of their fellow citizens they can accomplish wonders. Not one of the gentlemen named needs an office for tbe sake of its honors or emoluments.'They are gentlemen whom prosperity cannot elate nor adversity destroy. If they should be defeated, (which they will not be) they would lose no more than any other property holder or bnsienss man. The TELEGRAPH said, the other day, that "if Mr. M'Pike was defeated our young men would pack up and leave and only those would remain who could not getaway." By "Mr. M.|Pike," in the connection in which the words occurred, we meant the new movement which he represents. The Democrat criticises the sentiment., But we aflirm and reiterate it. How many young men has the TELEGRAPH heard make remarks like this: "I was born in Alton, I Jove the old place, 1 want to stay here, but I see no chance here of bettering my condi* tion." How many middle-aged men has the TELEGRAPH heard say: "I don't want to .leave Alton. My homo is here, my property is here, but 1 have a family, of boys growing up. 1 must go to some place where there are more openings for young men, where I can keep my family together: to some place not run by the saloons and where tbe monied men 'take more interest in city affairs." These expressions, and others similar thereto are heard on every hand. AD our readers have hearu them. Now we want to keep these young men here. They are the hope and promise of the future. We want their energy, their enterprise, their means expended right hero at homo. We want them to help in the upbuilding of the city. And they want to stay. Bat they aro ambitious; they want to make the most of themselves and it is a duty thoy owo to themselves to locate whore they can do tbe best. If suitable opportunities are offered them here if thoy can be Inspired with confidence in tho future, they will stay at homo Our upbuilding must come from within and when .wo show K> the world that we intend to establish a great city hero outsiders will cocao in by tho thousand to help along in the good work. There is wealth hero, there are resources and advantages second to none. All wo- nood is conlicloDoe. Elect a progressive Mayor and a progressive .Council and this confidence m the future which we now lack will bo established. That is why we urge the election of suoh men as wo have named to take charge of our civic affairs. This coming election, wo verily bu- Hove, is to settle the question, for good or ill, of tlio future destiny of our oily. Is it to go forward or retrograde H Tuo voters have It in their power to decide. St. Louis ExcnrBloiit Tho C. & A.' U. R. will sell excursion tickets Alton to East St. Louis and return at 70 cents and to St. Louis and re. turn $1,«0, uvory Saturday evening and Sunday morning, good for return until Monday morning following. 16 2 Press Goods f| AT We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds, NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at PiersoB &Carr D. 1 Co, At Marsh's Drug Store YOU MAY FIND /•'-•• • - . Fountain Rubber Syringes. __ Rubber Bulb Syringes, with metal or hard rubber pipes. Syringes, all styles and prices. Hard Rubber and Glass Syringes. MARSH'S DRUG STORE. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and Soft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON . The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also ROOFING and GUTTKEING and JOBBING done at reasonable riueB. Call and examine my stock before puroUaalug elsewhere. 533 East Second st* ndoor west of Henry A T , J . GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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