Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1887
Page 2
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. V ' Aiww TKLBGBAPE Olf W. T, NOIITON, Var. Third and I'limtt StreoU, AJtun, ill FRIDAY EVE., APRIL 15. WOMAN'S MISSIONARY '1105. THUEBDAY AFTERNOON. After devotional exercises, reports were beard from tho Auxiliary societies. Some looletioi, notably Alton, tfpartn, CarrolHon and Carllnvillo, reported increased oontribntions and avowing interest. Some reported a decline, oaiued by deaths of officers and members, or removals, Thu outlook was reported on tho whole as very promising. | ' Mrs. Eldrod, of Carrollton, recited in an Impressive manner a poem, "Restless Without Thee." Mrs. D. K. Campbell, of Lltchflold, read a stirring paper urging the groat duty of "Fidelity. 11 The Corresponding Secretary, Miss Wallace, read her report, showing the encouragements and disappointments of tho work.and blending variety, raciness and point. She dwelt largely on the necessity of Christian steadfaitnoss in the work. The officers of tho Foreign Missionary for tho year Juat ctesed wore as follows: President, Mrs. C. H. Taylor, Alton. Vice Presidents, Mrs. R. Nutting, Car- Hnville; Mrs. R.A. Halbort, lielloville; Mrs. G. W. Davis, Carrollton; Mrs. I. Tyson, Jorseyvlllo. Roc. Sec., Mrs. P. B. Whipplo, Alton. Oor. See., Miss MaryD. Wallace, Litohfiold. Officers for the Home Mission Society v for the same time were: Presidont.Mrs. R. Nutting, Carlinvillo; Vice Presidents, Mrs. Hurci, Carlinvllle; Mrs. Hood, Sparta; Cor. and Rec. Sec.,Mrs. Garngns, Trenton. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as , follows: President, Mrs. C. H. Taylor, of.'Alton; Vice Presidents, Mrs. Nutting, Carlinvillo; Mrs. IlaN bert, Belleville; Mrs. Davis, Uarrollton, Mrs. Tvson, Jorsoyvillo. Roc. Secretary, Mrs. Whipple, Alton; Treasurer, Mrs. G. W. Davis, Carrollton. Sparta was chosen as tho next place of meeting. Mrs. Halbert of,Belleville, road a paper on "Priviso Meetings." The v appeal of an army officer's wife on behalf of tho wretched Indian women was tho start ol our Missionary Societies. The medical women in India and Turkey can go where under no othor circumstances would thpy be admitted. Wo praise God for the open doors for Woman's : work ,for women. In Metnoriam exercises wore held for Mrs. McNeil, of Alton, Mrs. Lucy Dryer, ot Alton, Mrs. Pernn.and Mrs. Eldred of Oarrollton. "The workers dlo, but tho work goes on." Miss Edwards read a paper on "Child Widows of India". No pen can describe tho horrors of woman's life In India. As a wife shoisaslavo; when hor husband dies sho Is robbed of her ornaments and subjected to ovory i ,' Indignity. To become a, widow Is to be ^ accursed. la India are 21,000,000 , widows; nearly 100,000 under ton years of ago. Miss Edward's papor was very finely written. Mrs. Nulling read tho story ol "A Little Purse." Miss Myra King, a hum- bio member of the Presbyterlal Society, deaf, blind and lame, dlod a little ovor a year ago, leaving a little old fashioned purso containing threo dimes, which she requested be given to tho Society. At East St. Louis a year ago It was decided to pass tho purse around tho Societies for .additions; it has gone the rounds part.way, and the three dimes have grown to nearly $69.00. When tho purse has gone round the Presbytery, Its contents will bo consecrated to ft special purpose. Miss Nichols rooltod a beautiful little poem founded on the Incident of an agod Brahmin who said to tho Missionary, who told him of Jesus: "My hair has grown whlto waiting those tidings." Mrs. C. H. Taylor was appointed delegate tn the mooting of the North Western Board, at Davenport, lo. Tho following resolutions wore adopted: Resolved, 1, That tho ladies of Alton Presbytonal Society return our warmest thanks to the ladios of Alton Preaby. terlau church for their gonorous hospitality and thoughtful kindness und euro for our comfort, tho memory of which will jjo with ua to eur homos to help and ohcur us for tho coming year. Bcaolvcil, 2, That thanks bo given w tho ladios who have taken part m tho exercises, tho sweet singers and to all from slater onurolaes who brought us words of encouragement, and assistance in making those aurvicos so Interesting and prolltablo. Beaolved, 3, That wo, as members of the Presbyional'Socloty, heartily sym- pathise with Mrs. Alary Clomunt Lcavitt in hor arduous labors, as round the world Missionary for tho W. • 0, T. U., and recommend hor work to our representatives la nil lands. After » Question Dux exercise, the Society arijournod. All tho ladies pro- nounoo this one of tho very best meotK ings thoy havo ovor hold. Our Alton people ware delighted with thnir visitors, and when tho Sooloty wauU to oomo bctok, It will bo warmly welcomed o Alton.] Qt,n SBTTLBM — Major Franklin Moore and Mr. Zophoniah Lowo have lately been making a list of the names and postofflco address of all those persons who became residents oi Upper Alton and vicinity, before the "winter of the deep snow," 1831-2, and are still living hereabouts. All who came hero subsequently to the above year tho Major calls "carpet baggers." The list, as It stands, is aa follows: Upper Alton—Zephanlah Lowe, Mrs, E. M. Miller, Mrs. P. Wells, Jesso Wright, Wm. 11, Wright, James H. MoKeynolds, John McRoynolds, M. A. Lowo, R. E. Lowo, W. C. Lowo, D. W. Collett, D. B. Gillham, Mrs. Mary LaMothn, Franklin Moore, Mrs. Lydia Williams, Perry Short, Mrs. Nancy Deck, Mrs. P. Garrett, Mrs. Eliza Tini dall, Wm. Hill, Mrs, Sally Woods, Mrs. Dr. Stanton. Alton-Thomas Stanlon, L. B. Sidway, Wm. Austin. Fostcrburg—O. P. Foster. Dorsey Station—Jacob Pccuitt, James Preuitt. Bothalto—Wiley Preuitt. MUNICIPAL—There appears to bo a doubt in the minds of some of the outgoing Council whether they should declare tho city organization vote favorable or adverse to the change of municipal government. Tho case is this: The vote on city organization, under tho general law, was 118 for, and 103 against, a majority of the votes cast upon this subject being favorable to the change. But there were fourteen persons who voted for Councilman, or othor candidates, who did not votu on city organization. The question is whether it requires a majority of all tho voters, whether they chooso to vote on tho matter or not, or simply a majority of tho ballots cast upon this proposition to decide the matter at issue. IMPROVEMENTS — Prof. E. Wyman has begun some extensive improvements upon the property opposite his Institute grounds. The intention is to grade the street and tho lots, making a park out of what is now an uneven stretch of land, two blocks in length and about half a block in depth. Tho labor required will be considerable but Prof. Wyman will see his plans carried out. Having both disposition and ability to beautify his grounds ho is not deterred by natural obstacles. Mr, H. C. Swift has charge of the work. Those who have known Mr. Swift only siuco ha lm 3 been in business hero, may not be awars that he is an experienced oivil engineer. After a rest of a few years, he contemplates a return to his profession and has received several flattering offers from former associates m railroad and bridge work. He will not abandon his business, howovor,but has employed a clerk, a young man from St. Louis. PEHSONAL—Mr. Harry Hooper, of Pennsylvania, is visiting Miss Lizzie Boyle. Mrs. Capt. Weeks is enjoying a visit from hor cousin, Mrs. Noyes, of Car-, linvillo. Mrs. B. F. Draper, of Malvorn, Ark"., has boon visiting his motlior nnd daughter. Mr. and Mrs. U. P. Rodgors, of Maria"nna,Ark., s^ent several days with Mrs. S. A. Badloy and other relatives hero. Misses Lily Gillham and Maud Powell went to Edwardsv/flo yesterday. Soiurs-Tho College Corner, band serenaded tho now Council tho night of election day. If city organiKiitiou wore voted upon again it would receive a much larger vote than last Monday. Teachers' examination, April 10. Tho contest between tho Literary Societies of the College is set for tho evening of tho 29th lost. Mr. Cbiw. II. Nichols, of Trinidad, Col., is in town visiting relatives. Dr. JlRskell and Mr. 0. H. Hapgood arc expected homo from Cuba tomorrow. Miis Trenchery spent Sunday with Miss Balrnor of St. Louia, and attended Easter services at Christ's church, Mr. J. E. Haynor nnd Mr. W. H. Mitchell, of Chicago, returned this morning from a trip to Qulncy. Mr. Mitchell left for homo today. Mr. Goo. Booth, of Chicago, is in the city. Ho is expecting friends from Nevada with tho body of his brother, Mr. John Booth, whose exhumed remains will be, re-interred at Upper Alton. ff BROWN'S In buying a Suit remember the Globe. They Carried off the Dirt. Charles Dudley Warner, speaking ot the famous sis mile cut through the mountains into the valley of Mexico, says: "This cut was first made by tht Indians as a drain for tho valley. People have wondered what thoy did with tho excavated earth. Acquaintance with the Indians auggosts'that they kept most of it on their persons. They are no longer attached to the soil but tho soil is attached to them."— Ex. BITTERS Combining IRON with FUKK VEGETABLE TONICS, quickly and complctttj CMtAKSES ind ESIill'UKS TUB BLOOD. OnlckOM tlio action of the liter and Kldneji. Clears the complexion, nuke* tho «kln Hmooth. HdOM not Injure the teeth, CUM benilacho, or produce con. •llpatlon-ALL OTUEIt IRON MEDICINES DO. Physicians and Druggista OTetrtvhere recommend It. Bn. K B..nooouu, oTitnlon, Mara., payi! "1 recomnionil Brcmn'j Iron BltUirn u a valnable tonlo f or nnrlctif tig tho blood, ami removing all df spoptlo njrnptoms. It does not hurt tho toeth." DB. B. M. DELZELt, Reynold*, Ind., fun 4 .'"I »d Brown's Iron Bitten in omw of hnvo 'pTGACTibedIB anrolttlA and blOOd UIOUOOOT, atou H I1UU I neodod, and Ifrhaa proved thoroughly sa Hi»u uiunuriueu JJIUwn B Arun Xllirani m OHMS OI .nrcmln and blood discuses, also whim iv tonlo nag .„_.,,... ...... ,.,. ,. .L "--Htatactory. 1 ' Jin. WM. Brnmaest. Mary St., IfowOrloans, La., BajB: "Brown's Iron Blttera rollnvod mo in » oano ot MoodpotBonlnit, nncl_I heartily commend It to .Hn. W. W. MoSiHAs, TuMmmbla, Ala., oat: " I have boon troubled from childhood with Impure Blood and emptlon on my faco— two bottloa of Brown'e Iron Blttera effaoKxl a rsrfoct cure. I cannot ipoak too highly of this valuable medicluo." Oonuino has aboro Trade Mark and crossed rod llnea on wrapper. Take no ntbcr. Hade BUOYYN CUKJ11CAL, CO.. BALTIMORE. Ml* W Closing* Out, CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. Everything to be sold by 1st of May. Bargains in Watches and a general line of 1st 5 class Jewelry. JNow is your time for f,» Bargains at i F I Rale's JGielry aid Isic Corner Third and Piasa streets 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four styles. Two and Three Burners, With Tin and Bussla Ovens. ' The Importance of purifying the blood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this aenson nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich tho Wood, and wo ask you to try Hood's Da rill! a r Sarsaparllla. It strengthens rc^uiicil -ma Dul i(i s up tho system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while it eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, nnd preparation of the vegetable remedies used givo to Hood's Sarsuparllla pecul- ri--. |*e A |C lar curative powers. No ' O IIS6IT other niedlclnohassucli a record of wonderful cures. If you havo made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be induced to take any other instead. It la a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. ,; IQO Doses One Dollar tlOHN BAUER, DEAiEn IN AND MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, °PP. City Hall, ALTON, ILL All kinds of flne and common farnltur coiutantly on hand. Also •undertaker, etc. apMdwlw KASKINE (THE etTE\V QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. C uro9 quickly IPleasant,'r g^giji—^jt^gsgggg^y A POWERFUL TONIC, that tho most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, •• and nil Germ Diseases FOR COLDS KASKINB HAS BEENFOUND TO BE ..ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. BellevueHospital, N. Y.: "Universally successful." „. _ , ("fivery paMenttreated St. Francis HosJT. T. ] with Kaskine has been (discharged cured." Hev, Jas. L. Hall.Ohaplatn Albany r-enlten- tiary.wrltos th at Kaskfno has cured his wile, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write Wm lor particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y..- "It's use Is considered indispensable. It acts porlectly." I'roi. W. F. Holcombe, SI.D , 54 East25th St., ?;7' P, ato Prof - in N - Y « MoU - College) writes: "Kaaklno is superior to quinine In its specific power, and never produces tho slightest in- Jury to the hearing or constitution. .Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kino hug oured.tliem niter all otheor medi cine had failed. Write for book of testimonials. ICaaklne can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 p«a bottle. Sold by or sont by jnatl on receipt of pi-ice. KASKINE CO., 61 Warren St., New York Jo dwlm t ' AirPressuro.withouttlie elevated tank. Pressure is obtained wltli a •weight, n U ™ Absolu ai»fx.\nL iiiri-reusiii-o.wHnouitiieeievatea tnnic. Pressure is obtainea wth a • T Tr-^Sio*' 11 ?.!! 1 P U ™P- /tBOlntcly the fatc?t; siirplo with no Intilcnle parts, /J^'y'H 1 carl)l ', rettcd nf-lnftend rf oil IB n crip cup. Gnsollnn and Air Tankd aro all of 3K inch fnnnilesabiasfi tnbinp tnnill coiiiiucuim pipes of licnvy nnreolce ' nnipn ccupjings. One "* -A ~* *— % - *- -• -^- -- -•* -- • ••• •- • 1 while Ininihic on uiuoa mujntf riiiiui ciinni.'cunf;pipes oi jicnvy nnreaJfd bratft wltll be lllltd while'bnrriinp Ol tn " 3c ' S °' Bl " 9 ' rt;01vl "« 1«"nlltv of oil in SIITIIP. Cannot The rci'ulnr line of JICWHL STOVES -AKD BAKGES nro IniproveO inechnnlcoll> and ai'tls- tlcnlly Laroe double OVBD for tin co biiinerBfljigc-Hj Hind pipes increased in sixe to OI1O InCll. ^ Hll IniUC SH^nlV VllWf! m^M iTllVk 111 l^l.fco k\\ f.1*. .ID n*-n n ...iln ,1 »,!„ Jl — ~,....j . .uu.^u wvitujv v»tlj 0110 inch, with Iniye snpyily id tnip uv bhfcii. >.)) ovois nroniadG double or* lino PITTS & EAMILL. - - - - Sole Agents DB.O. a. KOHUAND, 13 THIKD STEKET, ALTON, ILL. Offlce Hours~8 a. m. to 12 m.; 1 to 4 p. m fnbdwly TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties intending to buy Ron! Bstiito in tho city oi Alton or vicinity win fl n d it to their interest to ciyi at the ofllce of Kudershnueon & Sonutag and examine their list of properties for sale us only a part thereof is adver- tlsed.apSdwtf LOOKOUT HBittE! THE OEI/EBUATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! G. A. McMILLEN, Dentist, OVBIl IWUBGGEMANN'3 'OIGAE STORE ' 1e->3 d«f DB. B. GtTEJUOH, Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE las-dwly In buyiiiR a Hat remember tho Globe. __ _ 15 2 FOUOK COUNT.— Two transient citizens wnro arraigned today before Jus. tloo Riuullo for drunkeniioas. They paid $4.16 for tho privilege of leaving the city. tfSE -r UOUPUEY GODl'ltuv, April 13, 1887. Mlaa JcnklnBon, ol Fostorburg, was last Bnbbnth the g\ioat of hor friend, Ml»a Jessie Wagoner. ' Hev. Ohas Vlrdou ami family, of Wanda visited relatives here last week. Mr. and Mr». John Krug, Jlr. Thomas und MIsB Ltllle Dillon, of ITostcrhurKj Miss Uod- gers, Misses Lly.zlo and l.ucy Young.of Brighton, spent tho Hubbuth at Mr. Win. Young's. Mrs. Nowborry and Hairy and Orucu Uut- ton, ol Jcrseyvlllo, visited at Mr. F. W. Virdon's thla week. Mr. Walter Morrlumn and »on, Laroy, went to Joruoyvillo, Tuesday. Miss Abhle 1'iorco returned homo from Qrafton last week, whuro she hud boon visit- 1»K tor BOIIIU tluui, Itov. OhUB. VlrUon prauchud at the lluthanv phuroh VVodnoHday evening to an annroalu- Uvo nudloiioo. «MIM ' «i'i«ouia- Tho outortalninont «t the Godfrey church Friday ovo. was tiulyailno uitulr" far • liSpof'uf. OII)eotllt ' 01 " 1 won o'f'tlw TUo Godfrey ohurah wu» nuwl elimoT. ""' Quarterly mooting at the Dctlmn 'S a* 7 :80 intliB ^B»^t ' _JL ALCOHOLIANTIDOTE NON-ALCOHOLIC STIMULANT- V. FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS. An Immediate relief for prostration caused by ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when token with Boda, Viohy, Apolllnaris, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will supply the Craving for Strong Drink, without its disastrous results, leaving S^i?^ em r « fr ° 8lled ^d invigorated. Prepared as a HEAVY SYRUP, most agreeable to take. ' Being non-alcoholic, It commends Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergy- • men, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. V. CHICAGO-ILL. ?OOR$ 10.69 PERDoz. FOU ALE AT A «_nw ,/i.uu XIX J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDWARE Undertaker's Supplies KAGLK PAOKJST COMPANY. SPBING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer W. Jj\ ENSINGER, U. LEYHE, Master, i On and : I E. Uoss POWBH , (ED. BLOCK,Olorir 8 Feb. 11, the Sproa ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND AfcBY 8TS. vnn i W ,V 01 "i'. 0 , Qk *? llo i n " t8 >»oiUy looking SOAP We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truokj wo do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert tho refuse Into a worthless Eoap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. niLVEii SOAP is made of PUKE TAI.. tow, by a clean process, and can bo usod freely without danger of having tho skin diseased or poisoned, ASK Toun ohocun FOB IT BMPIKE SOAP CO, ST. LOU I*. MO Patents. wishlnR to obtain letter Inventions, Improvoraonw o , I wU) exooute drawings and snoolfl ,^ 0 W 10 "" 0 "* ° , lu pervon Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the .^^ Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. nKnmi A0 nVL r , OIIa ! )1 P, 1JIO USE.pAINTma and OKOOIIATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. (oblldsm FOR ST. LOUIS neto Portage, Jersey Landing. Orattou" and wa' points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «S,Tlie \Vhistle will be nounded flftee minutes before starting lor St. Louts. To ST. IlODNDTmi> TWHNTT UIDBS' . , g W. HILL. Agnnr. Fast Freight & Passenger Line iV AND OENTllAL ILLINOIS Jl. U, CO'8 l'AI,ACU SI'KAOIKR ApJIINISTUATOK'S NOTICK. KSTATK of Klonnor I*. Guild, doooiuod. MM»^WT{£ M &^3®S£™ i ul °^ \t\w county of Aludtson* noticei tint 1 IIIll i 1 i? i8 ' ^^^'wo^i horoby gives g^wS ^ f S!Sr!ii : i£ third Monday In' May iioxtTatwliloh tlniuun KVIII'.?.."^'"? "'I'lins UKUlnst mild Katoto PW!{ Mre't^'Ke^ S$ 'ss^^^y&sss^ff^ > ^ —. Tllllr8ll »y.* 1 ol>. '7th. will leave CJommenoliiK Slondav, April 4th utoainnr Iludspu will loBvusi. Uiuii tor Alton Tort 1'i'uohon uro not all WUKE ANON, Injuries, ana also is Uo antl UUinteotnat tu ih a w all north ami Plain and Decorative Paser Mm OBFICK AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR ALTON. . . . Tlieso AV'nilibonrda ato mndo with a Bo«< vWood rim. The Strong, ost boarjfl nnd best wiuhors in ilia world. For aalo by all doultrs. Tnko no otlior. SACJIIVAW M'F'G CO., Bairlnaw, Mlohlguii. 0'-lf 7 FORD'3TJ i r\.-V1-l»»-.*^ BXOBL8IOR JROOFINCr 1ATE PAINT . For ,«)«- TAasignee's Sole. oi i tv Sii tn nr ' iiS ou ? tv ", ourt of Madtsou A . A. ^

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