Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1887
Page 2
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Dim TELBGSAPH. nt w. T, NOBTON, Our, Third and Plnin Street*, Alton, 111. THURSDAY EVE., APRIL 14. WOMAN'S MISSIONARY TIOH. COHYEN. The sessions of the Presbyloriol Missionary mooting have boon full of Ufa and Interest. As wo listen to the earnest addresses and papers of these consecrated Christian women we wonder bow the women of the Presbyterian church could have been so long kept in the back ground. After devotional exercises ycslcrdny afternoon an able paper on ' 'The Froedmen" was read by Miss Mary Holmes, of Rockford. She showed the necessity of the Christianizing of the vast colored population of the Southern States, tho efforts to win them to Roman Catholicism, the earnest efforts needed to lift them up from the degradation of sensualism and ignorance, ttnd specially dwelt on the need and work of girls' boarding schools, where young girls may be thoroughly educated and trained for Christian womanhood. An interesting paper on Alaska was read by Miss Mary Klhs, of Carrollton, and also one from Mrs. Johnston, of East St. Louis, on the work among the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico, was •rea i by Missliurd. Miss Carrie Nutting, of Car-, linvillo, gave a lively ^account o some of her experience as a Gentile' 1 teacher among the Mormons at Hiram, Utah. She is very hopeful f«r the success of Christian work in Utah, especially since the l«aders of the Mormon church are beginning to go behind iron bars or into hiding. One bright Mormon boy, to whom she lately sent a. present of a New Testament, .wished to show his appreciation of his former teacher and also to return the compliment, so sent her p highly ^decofated valentine. Mrs. C. H. Taylor read an excellent paper on "Tho Indians." She reviewed the progress of the work of Christianizing and civilizing tho Indian, and rejoiced that there i% now hope of permanent success, as the Indian may now have a home and become a citizen. Mrs. Taylor always does her work well Miss Nichols, of Carlyle, recited, in fine style, a beautiful poem, "Mary Campbell's Pen." Mrs. Cunningham, St. Louis, sang two solos. She is a magnificent vocalist and oaptived the audience. A large audience was present last evening and listened with interest to a crowded and varied program. Miss Hewitt, of Upper Alton, sang a fine solo. Mrs. Butler's class of sixteen young girls gave an interesting missionary exorcise. _' Miss Ethe) Butler, little Miss Short, of Hiilsboro, Matters Charley Smith and Miles Stratum gave excellent pieces as recitations. Miss Inveon, a returned Missionary, gave a most interesting talk on worku among the Chinese women. She vividly described the lives and customs of Chinese womun. She stated that when a marriage take.« place the bride always goes alone to her future husband's home, whore the ceremony la performed. It made plain to the audience Grover Cleveland's plan of getting married. Tho bridu goes to her husband to tret married. In the Mission boarding schools Chinese girls are usually converted to Christ and trained to take their places in Christian homos. Bible.-w6men are eflloient helpers in Missionary work. The choir furnished excellent music. The exeroiscH closed with an address by Rev. A. T. Wolff, pastor of tho church in this city, which was delivered in an able and eloquent manner and was full of encouragement to tho ladies and bristling with tolling points. He warmly congratulated the ladies of his denomination upon tho grand success won by them in tho oauso of Missions. He stated they raised $240,000 during the year just closed. Tho ladies wero.on time this morning full of enthusiasm with Mrs. Taylor in tho ohair. Tho report of Mrs. lieo. Davis, the Treasurer, showed the total contributions for tho year for foreign work to bo *G61.80. Tho most of the forenoon was taken up In tenth anniversary exorcises of tho society. Mrs. Whipplo road an interesting review of tho ton years' work. Letters wore road from Mrs. MoCul- louh, of Hllisboro,. and other absent members. Tho ladles are much encouraged and thanking; God for tho past blessings, 1 ook forward to greater tiolilovcuionts in the future. 1 Some exercises were given by t| U i Young Ladies' Society. Miss Anna Nisbott road a description of 1'orsuin marriage customs.' Twelve young girls rendered in lino 'stylo "Tho HciUhun's Request." Miss Baker roaa-'Tho King's Florence Whipple read "Patchwork," and Misses McClure and Kisbettsang a duett. Miss Sadie Rutherford road a livaly •election "The other girl's work." Littlo Blanche Short gave a recitat tlon, and tho meeting adjourned for dinner. The ladies of Alton church served nn elegant dinner each day in the Sabbath soliooj room. Report of afternoon meeting will appear tomorrow. Tolerance of tlio Turks. M. Kinilo ilulliard, in an article in the Cosmopolitan, says that the Turks are not intolerant, us they are often represented to be: Yet tho Turks—if they arc not high oflloials and have not lived in Paris, from which they take homo its vices only—tin; Turks, I say, are neither malicious, nor jealous, nor disloyal. They arc not intolerant, even, at least if no outside cause comes to wound their pride, which is all the more touchy as it has no justification. But tho Turks are haughty—very unconscious of it, however—and arc ignorant to a degree that they do not even suspect. Their fanaticism is never lired by the sight of an alien creed, by public processions, by Christian festivals; as far as they are concerned, all this has no existence. They puss to one side; they see it, but do' not look at it. Their fanaticism, which in reality asks for nothing more than to be allowed to slumber as they do themselves, is awakened only by a wound to the Mus- sulmanic pride, by a palpable and visible insult given tb their belief. Christian priests can traverse streets with their insignia and their sacerdotal costumes, preceded and followed by their devotees', carrying banners, wax candles, and crosses, and singing with all their might. Tho Turks would not get angry at this any more than they would at a procession of children with their dolls. But let a Christian take it into his head to enter one of their mosques without their authority and without submitting to all tho ceremonial of Mussiilmanic humility, and they will drive him out in a brutal man nor. This is not intolerance; it is obedience to the principle that every man is master of his house; and we may be certain that whan tho so-coJloil Turkish fanaticism has inflicted severe punishment upon European scottbrs, or upon persons that are too inquisitive, it is riot always the Turk that began the quarrel between tho disciple of Christ and tho follower of Mohammed. A Bostonoso Imagination. In one of the pleasantest and most progressive of our northern suburbs there is a public-school teacher who believes in talking to her pupils as if they were friends in her own parlor and carrying their intelligence along with hers, instead of attempting to drum an education into their heads by the usual mechanical process. She endeavors to toach them to think rather than memorize, and produces excellent results. On one occasion tho teacher wag seek!.. • to call up "mental pictures" in the children's minds, and had asked the whole to imagine a lion creeping along in sight. She had suggested the appearance of tho animal very cleverly, aud described him as ho crouched along on his cushioned feet, his claws hidden in tho soft masses of tho paws. Why could ho not bo heard as he walked alongP "I know why you can't hear him," said a small boy. "Why is it, thenP" "Well, there are two reasons. Tho first reason is that tho lion has cushions on his foot, and the second is that there is not any lion here!" The business, of calling up "mental pictures" was put to rout for the day. — Hasten Transcript. HYMENEAL. BATES—BLAIH. (Uommnnlotttod.) Last oronins; nt 7:30 o'clock, at tho residence of tho bride's mother, Miss Magg,e J., daughter of Mrs. Kachel Blair.ancl Mr. J. B. Bates wero married, Kev. J. P. Johnson officiating, Atjust7:30 the wedding march, by Miss Tassie Thomas, announced the approach of the contracting party. In the center of the elegantly furnished parlor the bridal pair took tho vows which made them husband and wife. After tho customary congratulations and good wishes tho guests wero invited to the dining room, where a long table, burdened with all that culinary skill could devise, stood an inviting tempation to those who wore present. Tho bndo was tho recipient of many useful and valuable presents. Mr. and Mrs. Bates departed over the C. B. & Q, road for a short trip through the northern part of tho State, after which they will return to this oily. Mr. Bates recently graduated at our city high school and afterwards attended college at Oberlm, O., where his wife was a class mate. Mr. Bates is at present principal of the East Carondelet school. OH! MY BACK Error (train or cold attacki tJut weak back *nd nearly protirato* JOB THE » _ BEST TONIC ? Strengthens tho Muscles, Steadies tlio Nerves, KnrleuoH the niood, Glvca New Vigor. DB. J. L. MrKnfl.Falrflold, Iowa, ravi: . " Brawn's Iron Bitters In tho bo«t Iron modicino I hne known In my 80yours' practice. I have found It BpocUU7 bononclftl in nurnms or pbysioal exhaustion, and in ill debllitatlnK allmontil ilmt bear so heavily on tho system. UBO it frouly in my own family." nays:' "I troubled Bitters e Genuine has above Trade Mark and crossed red llncf on wrapper. Take uo other. Made only by BBOWN VIIEM1VAL CO.. BAI/HMOKE, MU, ulcnnsed, Purified and Beautified by the Cuticuva Remedies. For cleansing tho Skin and Scalp of Dlsflir- ill-Ing Humors, for allaying itching, burning aud Inflammation, for curing tho first symp. tomsof Eczema, Psoriasis, Milk Crust, Scaly Head, Scrofula, and othnr inherited Skin and Blood Diseases, Cutlcura, the great Skin Cure, arid Outloura Soap. k an exquisite Skin Uouutlfler, externally, and Outieura Rosolv- cut, the now Blood Purifier, internally, are infallible, A COMPJL.ETJE CURE. I have suffered all nay life with skin diseases of different kinds, uud have never found permanent relief, until, by the advice of a lady friend, I used your valuable Outieura Ilemodies. I gave thorn a thorough trial, using six bottles of the Cuticura Resolvent, two boxes Outieura anOJseven cukos of Outl- oura Soap, and tho result was just what 1 had been told it would be—a complete euro. BKLLK WADfc, Hlohmond, Va. Reference, G. W. Lattlmer, Druggist, Richmond, Va. SALT RHEUM JCURKD. I was troubled with Salt lUicuin for a number of years, so that the-skin entirely name oif one of mv hands from the linger tips to tho wrist. I tried remedies and doetors's prescriptions to no purpose until I commenced taking Cutieura Remedies, and now I am entirely cured. K. T. PARKER, 37!) Northampton St., Boston. 1XIS URUOGISTS KNDORSE THEM. Have sold a quantity of your Cuticura Remedies. One ot my customers, Mis. Henry Kmtz. who had tetter on her hands to suoh an extent as to cause'the skin to peel off, and KASKINE (THE tfEVV QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears, C ure \quickly (Pleasant,!" A joker told an old colored man of Raleigh that the North Carolina Legislature was about to puss a law making it right for a man to sell his wife. The old man doubted, and asked another citizen, who, to see thoell'ect, intimated that tho report was true. The old darkey looked down a moment, scratched his head and then said: "Well, sir, of tint gits to bo er law, my wife—she go on de block, sho." It is probable that the artesian well now being bored at I'osth will be tho deepest of the kind in the world, having indeed already reached a point entitling it to this pro'imnonco. It is sunk for the purpose of supplying tho baths and othor public establishments with hot water, tho temperature aimed nt, as the maximum, being 17U degrees, with a volume sulliciont for tho wants of tho whole city. Dr. Rioglor, of Pesth, Hungary, 1ms succeeded in photographing a projectile fired from a gun, during its passage through tho air at tho rule of 440 me- tors per so.cond. ITCHING, HCAf/V, PIMPLY. For the last year I have had a species of itching, scaly and pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a groat many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily and entirely cured by Outtcura. Mils. ISAAC PHKLl'S, Ravenna, O. Wo have sold your Cuticura Remedies for the last six voars, and no medicines on our shelves give better satisfaction. 0. F. AT11EIITON, Druggist, Albany, N. Yj CUTICUIU.REMEWKS are sold everywhere. Price: Cutieura, BO cents;Resolvent $1; Soap, 28 ctg. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass, send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." fl"DTTTJC Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and VJXV UUDiBaby Humors, cured by Outi- cura Soap. Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh in, its destructive force stands next to and undoubtedly leads on to consumption. It is therefore singular that those afflicted with this fearful disease should not make It. tho object of their lives to rid themselves o it. Deceptive remedies concocted by Ignorant pretenders to medical knowledge have A T*/~l W »r ft IOTTT IHP/^'VrT/^ JC\J V? M!A JA>£ UJU l,vJjjl Lxyy that tho most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, '-• and all Germ Diseases FOR COLDS KASKINE HAS IJEBN FOUND TO UK ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. UollovueHospital,N. Y.: "Universally sue eossful." ("Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. i. with Kaslciuo has been (discharged cured " Rev.'Jas. L. Hall,Chaplain Albany 1-eniton- tlary,writes tb at Kasldne has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable. It acts perfectly." Proi. Vf. F. Holcotnbe, M.D , SI East25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Sled.- College) writes: "Kaskine is superior to quini no in its vpoclflc power, and never produces tlio slightest in jury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kine h»s cured them alter all otheor modi cine had failed.' \Yrito for book of testimonials. Kaskino can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warren St., New York ID dwlm TABLE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties intending to buy Real Estate In tho city ot Alton or vicinity will find it to their Interest to call at tho office of Rudershausen & Sountag and examine their list of properties for sale as only a part thereof Is advertised. apSdwtf weakened tho confidence of tho great majority In all advertised remedies. They become resigned to a life of misery rather than torture themselves with doubtful palliatives. But thin will never do. Catai-rh must bo mot at evorv stage and combattod with all our might. In many cases tho disease has assumed dangerous symptoms. The bones and cartilage of the nose, tho organs of hearing, of seeing aud of tasting so affected as to bo useless, tho uvula so eloiiKBtod, the throat so Inflamed and Irritated as to produce a constant ane distressing cough. Sanford's Radical Cure meets every phase of Catarrh, from a simple head eold to tho most loathsome and destructive stages. It Is local aud constitutional. Instant in relieving, permanent In 'curing, safe, economical and nevar falling. Each package contains one bottle of the Radical Cure, one box of the Oatarrhal Solvent, and an Improved Inhaler with treatise; price $1. Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. JAMj|PYlP$ the be«t audsufbn t Wash. Ing Oornponnu kuown, It produom batter rennlta with a greater «avlng of Tlnio and Lnnnj In Wmhlpg and Honno- pinning, than anything jot Invented. VubyonrDUhesiQlaM- wBre,Wlndow«, Ourtatni, Jewelry, Bllrer, In fact •rery thing, with It, Try it In tb> Bath, and note Itl Superiority over Boap Iltwiin of Imltatloiu. Tlio Oeaulne nlwuyi lM!«ri tlio »liu vj Symbol «ncl imruo uf . e MAKES Shorter Hours For Women, KIDNEY PAIMS And that weary, lifeless all-gono sonsatiou over present with those of inflamed kidneys, weak back and , —^ loins, aching hips and sides overworked or wornout by disease, debility or dissipation, are relieved in one minute and poodily cured by tho uutieura Anti Pain Waster, a now, origin al.ologant and Infallible antidote to pain and inflammation, At all drtiBijIsts.SOc; five (or$1; or of Potter Drnu Co., Boston. JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL, All kinds of line and common farnltur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. UKNTlBTUk. DK. O. U. KOJtCLiAND, Dentist, 18 THIRD STREET, ALTON, ILL. Office Hours-8 a. m. to 12 m.; 1 to 4 p. m foudwlv LUOKOTJT HEtiE! THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove Closing- Out. • i •* ff • «* • k CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. , Everything to be sold by 1st of May. Bay. gain sin Watches and a general line of 1st class Jewelry. J\ow is your time for Bargains, at 'c Tpwplt'V S ufiwuliy Corner Third and Piasa, streets. 1887 - THEIiATEST! — -1887. ' JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE' RANGES, Made In four styles. Two and Tbroo Humors.. With Tin and HuSBlttOveus. A PERFECT Air Pressure, without the elevated tank. Pressure is obtained with a woieht not With a limmi. AlunllltnlV tlm ftnfntt- afrt.-nln i.-llli n/\ ivitv<nt.t A »n..,r. ««1|JUI, , , wu e . u oane w a woleht T T ltl] ll l' ul "l>. Abtohitoly the safest; staple -will) no intricate parts. .?r> LI G Ills with cm bin etli-cl iiir. instead of oil in a drip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks arc i all of ,!>i inch g eimiless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy anneoled braB» with I "' CIJCl ° £ tnuk '" Ol glhSS ' 8l '™ in « 1 ulmtit Y °* Pllta same. e 1 o«rnng. The i-cgular lino of JMMiL STOVES AND RANGES lire Improved mechanically ana artii ! tleiilly. Large double o\en lor three Burner Ranges; Stand pipes increased in size to I one inch, with large supply A alvo and trap at base. All ovens arc inado Double or C apOdta PITTS & BAMU.L, - - - - Sole Agents. HAY-FEVER ELY'S CKEAlf HALM Is not a liquid, snuff or powder. Amilietl into nostrils u quickly absorbid. It clainscs the head, Allans inflammation. Ilealt the sores. Itestore* the lenws of taste and smell. 60 canta at Druggtetii; l,j »„«,•(, rcyititrral, 80 ctnita. ELY BROTHERS. Uniggists.Owcgo.NY, FOR ALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDWARE Also Outside Work a specialty. Rooling and Galvanized Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON UAND. COB. 8KOONI) AND ALBY 8TS. ILL G. A. McMELLEN, Dciitlwt, OVER IIRUEGGKMANN'S CIGAR STORK 8KOON1) ST. . 1o°J dtf I'lIVMIClANS AND 8UKUKONW Dit. E, Physician aud AMI) RES1DKNOE. OOR. AND HBNUY ST8. , las-dwly W * 'IM » tj rf inlT ~V* fUf f\ t «.« JLKA.k9JVJ^AJl-lf ill* I^*j Physician and Surgeon, OITFIOB-8KCOND ST., AI.TON, ILL. Office liours—»a. m.i 12 to 1, and flp.m autffl-ilwt ADVERTISERS Crr: an adraitlilng tpaco ivhon In Ch:c»£o, will ( 45 1049 Randolph St., I Ann n VI UwAdn>[Utlnfi>«<insi/PlLvllll « 6 fc' Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS ! A Specialty, from Small to Largest sizes., At tho old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. -- fdblldam KAGLK PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL TesU- monlals aro boui(f received daily regarding Id j wonderful proportion. Eminent physlclani endorse it as tho greatest medical dlscovoryof [ tho day. Tlio GREAT GOLDEN SEAL 1st Nerve Food, nulldlug up tho nervous systcu and tho tlrod brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Provontatlvo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho evil effects of excessive ulcohoilo iudulgenOcs. "A Nan Alcoholic Stimulant Toning: up tho entire system. j If you aro Just recovering from sickness, M j known remedy tf ill gl vo strength and hoaltiiM | fast. Prico, f 1.00 per bottle ut oil Druggist! [ THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO., 54 LaSalle Av.. CHICAGO, ILL. H I W. ±\ ENSENGEK, H. LfiYHE, Master. I E. Ross I'OWKLI , (MD. BLOCK, Olerv B. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, tho Spread Eagle will run as follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 8 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton for rortajie, Jersey Landing, Gralton, and wu\ points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «a-Tho Whistle will be Bounded fifteen minutes before starting for 8t. Louis. ,FABBi To ST. LODIS, - - . HOUNDTBIP ... . . . 7|j TWBNTT UlDBS' . - - 6 00 G w. HILL. Aomin. Past Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. R. OO'S J'AI,ACK S'l'ISAM Bit )J UAUUIU^J Plain and Decorative KSTATK uf Eleanor I*. Guild, doooaeod. 'I ho iindnralKiiiitl, having been appointed Administrator ol tho imtato of Eleanor I', (jiilld, lutn of itho county of Madison uml'Htntuol Illinois, deceased, liurnby gives notion that he will appear uoforu thu eoiintv court of Madison county, at tliu court liouse I", Kdwardsvlllo, at tl»i May term, on the third Monday In May next, utwhlulitlmouli porsons having claims against said l&tiitu are notillod nud rviiiumtod to attend lor tho purpose of havlim tho HIUIIO adjusted. All to imiko Immediate payment to Iho undei- Vatoi thla lltli day of March. A, I)., 1887. 1'BIIMCV H. *• ••• J. V. KLL160N, Uoinmundor. l!i>. ANSHUTZ, i nl . TJIUK DODOK! 1 Oiurka a after Tlmr»dny,Fou. 17th, will leave OmnmunnliiK Monday, April 1th, utoamor Hudson wllllanvuSi. LouUlor Alton, Porti|KU, Jersey, Qrufton and all pulnts «n St. L, .t (;. 1. It. u., dully, oxcopt Sunday, at 8:uo it. in., arriving at Alton at II a. r iu. Uoturnlnii will luavu Alton for St. Louis at 8; in p. m. aiTlvltiK at 8t, Louis nt 7:80 In ample Ilimi for liartlus to attuml thmitrsH, etc, PartliiH pur- clmiiliiK round triptlcketu will be furnished stain rooms without extra cost. Round (rip tl ?, 1 " lU ,"' stwamw Spread Ktiulo or Hudson wlli;ii« honored by either boat for return piiHMiiKit. Ifoat will leave Alton for St. l.oulu at h o'clock u. in., mimlay. cnnnvi'tliiuwlcli iBBtoxpreso on 8t. Louis and <<'mitral Illinois Railroad lor Jorsoyvillo, Wu- vuriy, H|iilnnn>ldiind all points north and ' , PARK, TOST. Louis, sliiRlo trip, ;; ;; round trip, " " n A II, A. I! 1 /ILl WORK PROMPTLY ATTENDED Mil j LOWJiST TERMS. OFFIOH AMD SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIA84 ALTON. . . . HJ, TIie.o Washboards arc a Beiil .Wood rim. The Btroj out boar Ja ond boat wiwliow In BagHmw. '""' F.G ooi, WIchl»»»| SLATE PAINT I'jbllo notice islior'by given Mint by \lituj I ol an order of the county court of wauisc"! county, Stato of fllino'.s. the undomlKii«*' asslgiieo of the 1). R. Hntti'lis Milling OoiijlB' ny, will, on riUUAY.thuttOTll 1MV Ot Al'illh A. I)., HW, soil at public auction to Mio UWJ- ust hlddur for cash, at tho hour of ton o'olw • In tho forenoon ol wild day uttho northIrOOjl door of tha eity hall liulldlng in tho oltyoi I AUnn.-Mndliioii county, Illinois, thu«ollowl»l I doscrlliud roiil estate, to-wlt: (1.1) In Altai """• . 700. -V'' , Gcin'l MuuitBdr. :lon to din city of Alton, county pi md Stato of Illtnoisi a duod will bo "»'"° ^ I tho puroliasor upon approval of tliorejion of Hnlo by tho county oourt of Madlnon co. flio auovo property bolng tho proaent «*' unoo of apt. 1), . ^^ K K jjIT^NOIl. AHHlgnoool tliuD. It. Spaika Milling 00> 1 . . . . . • 7 WP* . ?7

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