Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1887
Page 3
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THE TBLEGHArU has tho largest circulation ot any papor in Alton, and Is the host medium for advertisers. OOBNKB THIRD AND PIA.SA. STREETS. TKI.K- I'HONH No. 38. ANNOUNCEMENTS. , CITV ELECTION, TUESDAY, At'JUI, 10. MA. YOU. Wo are authorized to announce FUEDE- BIOK W. JOKSTING an aoandldate(orMayor 01TT ATTOKNBY. \Vo are autliorlzod to announce that L. D. YAUKK la a caudldato lor election, to the ofllco of olty Attorney, at the ensuing o Ity election, April IDCh, 1887. WE are authorized to announce II. 8. BAKER, JH., tut ft candidate lot tho oulco of Olty Attorney. 01TY CLERK. Wo are authorized to announce ALBERT K. BASSETT as candidate for Olty Clorte. We are authorized to announce QEOUGE GRAY as u candidate (or Olty Clerk. WH are anthorlzod to announce PATRICK WAHD as a candidate for City Clerk. THKASUBBR. Wo aro authorized to announce PHILIP MOOK as a candidate for Treasurer. Wo are authorized to announce A, 'K. Mo- KINNfiy as a candidate for Olty Treasurer, ALDERMEN. FOCHTH WARD. We are authorized to announce JOHN S. RUPER as a candidate (or Alderman ol th Fourth ward. Wo areauthorlzedtoannounooB.NATHAN as a candidate tor Alderman of the Fourth ward. 76o Buys a Lady's fine Opera Slipper.—Star Shoe Store Big 102. It WITH M'Pike for Mayor and a prom- ineut, progressive business man for Alderman in every ward, the boom ticket will sweep the city. Call at O. M. Crandall's Crockery Storo, for the largest and finest assortment of Decorated Chamber Sets, 15 different decorations. 12 dw 2t «OB THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S TJKW COB. BUMUOING, HKNBY ST., AT • MBS. J>. BJEITHLAMtf'S, All kinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- en?t goods. Hoods.Tobaggans and Mils. Men's Bean's and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing and Btampfag Done. Come and give us a call. Don't lorget the place. 'docedwly —CALL AT— C.M. CrandalTs Crockery Store FOR THE LOWEST PBLGES; Good Cups and Saucers, 30c per sot. Good 8-inch Plates, 30c per set. Meat Dishes, 5o to 50c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 6c to 50o each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c par set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Saucers, lOo per set. Fruit Dishes, 5o to 75c each. Beautiful Decorated English Dm- aer Sets, 815. Handsome Decorated Chamber •Sets, 10 pieces, only $2.75 per set. Beat quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50nersot. Triple Plated Forks, 81^50 per sot Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf INDICATIONS for Illinois; Fair weather in southern part of the State; light rains in northwest portion; cooler by Thursday morning. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. MR. Schweppe's acceptance ot the call to become a candidate for Alderman of the Third ward gives another impetus to the boom. THE road grader, with ten horses attached, is at work on the Coal Branch road, north of the C. & A. bridge. The road in that vicinity needs repairs badly. $1.99 welt worth $2.25, Ladies' Kid and Goat Button. —Star Shoe Store Big 102. . It THE announcement of Mr. Geo. Gray as a candidate for City Clerk appears today. Mr. Gray has held official posl tions in the city to the satisfaction of the public, and has many friends who will him an cordial, energetic support. A complete line of Spring and Sum« mer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by H. 0. G. Moritz, Third street mohl7 tf THE MAYORALTY. It should be remembered that tho call for the convention which nominated Mr. M'Pike was a broad and liberal one. t road s "The Republicans of the several wards of the oily of Alton, and all voters desiring to cooperate with them n scouring a belter, more efficient and more progressive administration of olty affairs, are requested to meet," etc. This all took in every citizen who wished o co-operate with Republicans "In ecuring a better, more efficient and more progressive administration of oily ffairs." Tha call was for a «p«oiflo bject. It did not ask citizens to co- perale for the spread of Republican* sm, or for partisan objects but for ecuring a better city government. Mr. M'Piko's letter of acceptance meets the spirit of tho oall. The convention nominated him because ho opresents the spirit of progress and eform, of advancement and improves ment. The present city administration has been a blight on the prosper, ty of the city; U has been a loadweight on progress and an incubus n improvement. It is time for a change. Every "beoru" is founded on confidence. The election of Mr. M'Pike will give the confidence our people need in he future of Alton, and a new era of wosperity will dawn on our city. Meat him and we will run along in the old ruts. The young men will pack up and go elsewhere and only those will tay who can't get away. We will show on Thursday and Friday, only, beautiful silk and beaded wraps.—Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. SUPPLIES. Oils, Needles, and Parts of all all Machines. We have now the B, & G. Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Rug Patterns and Machines E. H. GOULDINO. THE announcement of Mr. Phillip Mook as a candidate for City Treasurer appears to-day. Ho is the nominee o the Republican.convention and is fully qualified by training and experience to till the position creditably. One majority is as good an a thousand But see that Nathan is elected Alderman of the Fourth ward, with a respectable majority on the 19th. A taxpayer for oyer 22 years. mwf INSURANCE ADJUSTMENT—Tho Jad- juatmont of the loss caused by the uro at the Box Factory was finished yesterday and the total amount of insurance $18,000 has boon paid. This amoun is but a small proportion of the losi sustained, Uu. John 6. Koper has consented to accept the nomination of Alderman fo the Fourth ward. Mr, Uoper is a thoroueh-golnK business man, wide await* to all that pertains to the city's interests and is just the kind o" a representative needed by tho Fourth as well as every other ward m the city Spring Goods Now goods m all shades nnd i/olors which will bo made up in suita a reasonable prices. All goods out and miulo by the Now York Fashion Review Wo guarantee a flue Bruoggoman th Tailor's. 16 dwlm Mlouoy to loan on improved fnrm property. \ dlt Olty Court Fire Department •• •• Public ttulldtngg Jail and Calaboose Police Expenses tor collecting olty taxes Insurance Gag City Parks Sidewalks Incidental expenses Water Works Sewers .Levee.. Salaries •• Streets and Alleys Schools CITI m'KOMUATlONS. A quiet,business-Hko meeting of the Council was held yesterday and the annual appropriation bills were passed. The salaries of the city oflicials were ixed as follows: , Mayor, $800; Corporatioa Counsel,or, $600: Clerk, $900; Attorney, $300; Engineer, $900; Marshal, $760; AndN tor, $100; Janitor City, Hall, $200; ihief Engineer Fire Dept., $600; Asst. 'hief, $600, Capt. Night Police, $660; Priyate police $600 each; Aldermen, $B each meeting. The Council, at its meeting yesterday, fixed the following items in the annual appropriation bill: *,ioo 4,61)0 EDO 400 6,500 £00 260 4.800 1,100 800 £00 0,1.00 1,500 100 4,400 15,008 10,080 Probably the best all round musieal combination ever appearing m Montreal is thatowned by Wilson &Kankin now holding tho boards at the Academy of Musio. Everything in the show ib good, and in fact a better array of talent has seldom been seen together. Tho audience was large, as the combination deserved. The first part was good, and the jokes were new and well got off, the principal end men, George Wilson and Carl Kankin, being im- mensB. The best feature of the show was undoubtedly the "Pavenelas," five artists, whose act was marvelous. From what seemed ordinary paring implements tney drew sweet ruusio, and obtained five encores. Tho act is new, original and enjoyable. "The Bridal Trip," a farce, which closes the enter tainment, eave Carl Kankin another chance to air bis abilities, and ends an entertainment which no one should miss seeing.— Montreal ^Gazette. At the Opera House, Saturday evening April 16th. WANTED.—A good girl for general house work. Apply at Empire House. Third street. 3t IF blossoms give any certain indication there will be quite a large crop of peaches in this city this year. A literary and musical sociable will take place at tho C. P. church Friday evening Our hand turned Ladies' Shoes are all leaders and hummers.—Star Shoe Store Big 102_. THE Weekly TELEGRAPH to morrow will bo a ten page paper. It will con tarn a G column account of the battle of Shiloh, the full text of the Inter State Commerce bill, and other inter esting matter. DANCING PAUTT —The Hunterstown Social Club gave a party last evening at Woodbine llall with an attendance of 20 couples. A 1 first class supper was served at tho restaurant connected with the hall. The music by Miller's orchestra was very ploasmg and tho affair was a social success. POLIOK COUUT—Yesterday two men, Morris and Hendricks, joined issue according to tho Mark-us of Blaokaii- blueborry rules, on State street, and were run in therefor. They wore Oned $3 and costs each, by Justice Handle. In Morns' case judgment was suspended during good behavior; tho other man was committed John Borgen and T. Wnalen were lined $10 each today for disturbance of tho puace, and, In default of payment, committed. PEK30HAL. Mr. Hotiry Watson lifts returned from Chicago. Mr. W. N. Danvors has gone to Hot Springs for the benefit of his health. Mrs. P. Hawkins returned last evening 'after a pleasant visit to St. Louis. Mrs. J. F. Roberto, who has been ill for the last two weeks, is gaining strength slowly. Messrs Samuel Mathers, Jr. and C. M. Belk of Liberty Prairie are In town today with a drove of cattle. We will show on Thursday and Fn« day, only, beautiful silk and beaded wraps.— Piorson & Carr Dry Goods Co. dlt Acceptance. Messrs. Walter, Fisher, WaUon and others: Allow mo lo present my thanks for and to accede to your petition to become your candidate as Alderman for tho Third ward, Yours truly, H. M. SCHWEPPE. We will show on Thursday and Fri« day, only, beautiful silk and beaded wraps.—Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. WOMAN'S MISSIONARY COMTEK* TIOS. The Tenth Anniversary of the Wo-, man's Home and Foreign Missionary Society of Alton Presbytery met this morning in tho Presbyterian church. The following delegates aro in atten-, dance: Alton, Mrs. Duncan; Bethel, Mrs. McCord; Carlyle, Mrs. Vedder, Mrs. Davis, Misses Swindt, Nichols, Ellis; Sparta, Mrs. Fleming: Carlinville, Mrs. Nutting, Mrs. Hillis, Mrs. Noyes,Misses Carrie Nutting, Halhe Hurd; Sugar Creek, Mrs. Wilson; Walnut Grove, Mrs. Wilson; Jerseyville, Mrs. Tyson, Mrs. Cross: Carrollton, Mrs. Davis; Trenton, Mrs. Garrigus. Other delegates will come this'eve- ning and tomorrow morning. Visitors are Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Knight of St. Louis. Mrs. Cunningham sang a beautiful solo, "The Ninety and Nine." She is a superb singer and will add much to the interest ot the convention. A cordial and appropriate address of welcome was made by Mrs. Dr. Arm trong, which was appropriately responded to by Mrs. Davis, of Carrollton. A very earnest and beautiful address on Homo Mission work' was delivered by Mrs. Dr. Nutting, of Carlinville The Secretary read a report showing increased interest and activity throughs out the bounds of the Presbytery and an addition of six Home Missionary Societies since last annual meeting. Most societies, aro organized for both Homo and Foreign work. The Treasurer, Mrs. Cross, reported the total contributions of the year for Home Missions, $336.73. The convention will close tomorrow afternoon. Reports of the other sessions will appear later. An interesting program will be rendered this evening. PROGRAMME FOREIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. WEDNESDAY EVENING. 7:SO--Soripturo and Prayer — Dr. Wolff. Music. Exercise—Mrs. Butler's S. S. Class Recitation—Charley Smith. Music. Recitation—Miss Ethel Butler. Missionary Life in China—Miss In* veen. Music. Poem—Mrs. Roseborough, Reno. Solo—Miss Hewitt. Recitation—Miss Bartlett, Hlllsboro. Address—Master Miles Stratton. Remarks by Dr. Wolff. Smgmg by Congregi'tion. Benedic tion by the Pastor. THUaSDAT HORNING. 9:80—Devotional Exorcises. Minutes of Last Mooting. Treasurer's Report. Appointing Committees. Reports from Other Societies. Tenth Anniversary Exercises. Items—Mrs. Wright. Praise Meeting—Mrs. Halbert, Belle ville. "In Meraonam." Young Ladies' hour. TUUKSDAr AKTEUNOOM. 2:00—Devotional Exercises. Paper from Hillsboro, Society—Aliss Jenkins. Corresponding Secretary's Report. Report of Committees. "Little Purse"—Mrs. Nutting, Car- linvilla. Essay—Mrs. Campbell, Litohileld. Question Box. Recitation—Mrs Eldrod, Carrollton "Uhlld-widows" of India—Miss Ed wards. Closing Exercises. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children toothing, Is tho presorption o one of tho best female nurses and phy sioians in tho United States, and has been used for forty yoari with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of toothing its value is incalculable. It relievos tlio child from pain, cures dysentery and dmrrlmm, griping In the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to tho child it rests the mother Price 26o a bottlo. ia 16 m w THK Anarchists oppose hanging for murder bociuuo it is "capital" punish ment. It almost takes one's breath awny to boar an Englishman speak of Jiateei Uadred hand Haty«flato.— K%, Dress AT We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds, NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Piersonl Can 1G, Co, , At Marsh's Drug Store YOU MAY FIND Fouiitaiu Rubber Syringes. __ Rubber Bulb Syringes, with metal "or hard rubber pipes. Syringes, all styles and prices. Hard Rubber and Glass Syringes. MARSH'S DRUG STORE. • ii JL v I JUPJ* The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and Soft Goal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON . The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. Tlioy Uuvuno equal. Also HOOFING and GUTTERING and JOBBING done at reasonable rates. Oall and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. 532 East Second st h ,5thdoor west of Henry A T . J . GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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