Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 13, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TELEGRAPH. BV W. T. NORTON, lint, third and I'lrMB Strait** Altnn, 111, WEDNESDAY KVK., APKlh IS. DKATU8. BORN. Mm. Msns Horn, a widow with no amily, died at 12 o'clock Monday night, aged 61 years, 4 months and 6 days. The funeral took placo at one o'clock this afternoon from tho Evangelical church, Rev. J. Gneislo officiating. On' tho casket was a silver plate inscribed "Host in Peace." The bearers wore Messrs. W. Strubel, C. Soibold, S. VVyss, B. Schlageter, C. Unterbnnk, J. Einale. JONES. Mr. Wilson Jones died yesterday aftnrnoon at tho age of nbout 60 years. Ho left a wife and two children. The remains wore buried today at the MonU gotnery cemetery, Wood River. AURK1AUE LICENSES. has Deputy Olork Rudershiinnon issued a marriage license to: John B. Bates to Margretta Blair; both of Alton. James Wilaon, ot Jer* fa? county, to Sarah Piloher, of Godfrey, Madison county. RIVKK NEWS. ' This evening's packets arc tho Spread Eagle, for Graftonj Bald Eagle, for Clarkavillo; Pittsburg, for Wabasha; Calhoun for Peoria. BETI1ALTO. BETUALTO. 111., April 11, '87. 1'rof. Wilson, ot Paris, 111., will give a splendid musical entertainment (it the 0. 1'. cliuroll this village on Filday evening of this weak. Admission only ton cents. Tbo Professor hasspent considerable time with Ills class horo, and all are very much pleased and tho public generally should loin ln| giving him a full house, as he surely Is very doscrrlnir, Hov. Uhurlos VIrdon, pastor of tho If. K. church, dellrorod usplondld Easter sermon ut tbo Baptist church last Sabbath. Kov. Win. Freoso will 1111 his regular up- polnlmont at tlio.O. P. clmrcli next Sunday at 11 n. m. and at night. It Is not dollnltoly known yotjwho will build the Catholic church at this plnce. Klflur Phillips, ol Lltchllold, la clown to- dav In the interest of tho now Mothodtat church that Is to bo orootod In this village. I'BitsoNAL—Miss Oarrlo Uzzell is nt homo; hor echool In Foster olosod last Friday. Mr, Prod. Baugort, of Wann, spent J£ustor with tho "old folks at home." Mr. Joel Williams, loader ol tho B, 0. band, is Htlll absout at Hot Springs, but writes that his health Is much Improved. This being tho case wo may expect htm homo very soon. Uttis Nellie Flah, ot your city, Is ttia guest of bar frloud, Miss Katie Bangort, Prof. John Uzzoll's sobool will close next Thursday. The term of tho Linhim school olosod last wook and tho teacher, Miss Llzilo Long, Is at home, HlCK-Mrs. Kills visited Mrs. U. E. Montgomory to-day and reports hor some bettor. Two children ot Mr. and Mrs. Peter Groon- wood are ulok. Dr. E. A, Smith U In attendance. Mr. John Lafetont received a telegram from Alton this morning stating that Ma brotbor, Wilson, was In a dying condition, Wo regret to learn tbat tho boys who recently lolt Moro and vicinity, for Colorado, uro exporlonclnic a groat amount of sickness among tbnlr horses,. A'farowoll hop won given at the residence of Mr. M. O'Laughlln last avaulni*. This family will soon move to your city, whore Mr. O'Laughlln has u position us miller In Gov. K U. Btttuavd's Mills. 1 Miss Minnie Greenwood was given a splendid birthday party at hor father's residence on Wood river last Saturday. Refreshments woro served to tho little folks and Miss Mlu- nlo received many presents from hor companions as u token of their friendship. iMPiiovBMMNXB—The dam at tho new mil] pond Is being repaired and the pipes load'ug there to aro.bolng overhauled. Mr. 0.11. Flick Is having his farm residence piiluted. Mr, O, F. Baugert Is bossing the jofc, Mr, Goo, ll/./.oll In adding another room to Vila dwelling on Mill street. Mossru, Iloruuy nud Smith are tb« builders. Mr. John Falkeubur^ will soon commence the nreotlon ot a aploudtd now roidonoo, on his property In tho north part of the village. Others are contemplating building. Thus tho old town Is coming to life In fine shape. A Httlo exertion on tho purt ot tho cltl/.ona and u boom would bo tho result. GIMLET. MISSLVG LINKS. An Ost.i-ioli farm for Suit Rivor Tftl- ley.'Ari/Aiua tuvi'ilory, is UUUwl of. Culls • ac.knowk'ilgiuf; invitations to dlniiur nro now rufurrud to us "visiles do digustion." A willow of a Pennsylvania railroad man Inus built for herself a rosidonuo of llfty-two rooms, ouo for naoh week in thi! year. Tlio nugrous of Savannah, On., up- licnr to bo doiiif; funiarkably well. Ovor oiiii Ihoii.siiml fiuuilit's of tbat nice own thuir homus. About $10,000 has b«ou subscriboil to the fund for a niomnmmt to llm ini.'inory of tho dislln<;iii.slii>d Dr. J. Marion Sims in Now York city. Sonic one returneil to Ibe Portland, Oro., free library sv borrowed book with tho following inscription: "Whoever thinks this is a good book is a who- nler." Tbo play-room.of tlu< childron's play Uoiirio Hliui-lly to be built in Suu Francisco, and fo'r which Senator Sharon left flfO.OOO, will bo thirteen hundred feet square. In China a son is i-cupoasihli) for tho dubts ot hi« duller, und thlH nwponal- billty ooniinnes to tholhlnl geiiurution. This nimblus a man to borrow money ,ou tho strength ul having a MUH. A writer in The ftcientifto American sivye thf.t in cCTporirruvvJ In und Utah ho never saw an Indian with a cold. He concluded that it is our hot rooms which gives us colds. One of tho richest women in Georgia is n colored woman of Konm named Mrs. Amanda Kiiljunks, who pays taxes on f 100,000 worth of properly. She Inherited the estate from her white father. Jay Gould, Russell Hiioy, and Cyrus \V. Field do not use tobaeco in any form.. Any jmokcr \vlio will leave oil' Ilia habit m/iy aspire to Lie as good its tliey arc, liiough possilily not as Wealthy. In New York thorn are 8,0:M saloonkeepers. Of these 2,fJ81 linvo been inmates of the county prison. 1,70-1 havo been conlined'iii police stations, and 1,010 havo been tried for eriniOH and acquitted, A young woman at Burslom, En- laud, who has been married for . only J!vo months, lias applied for a judicial separation because her husband will not cut his toentiils, which are of abnormal length, and site complains that "she is scarred, from head to foot" by them. Wall street men havo a hobby for $1,000 watches. They havo ono dial for tho lime of day, and four small dials which indicate the day of the week, the day of tho month, the month of tho year, and tho quarter of tho moon. A tiny gong sounds the hours and half-hours. Professor Sir William Tumor, of tho University of Ktlinlnir#, has figured out thai; a whale eighty feet long, weighing seventy-four tons, and possessing a tail eighteen to twenty foot in extreme width, r'/evelops a propelling force of 1'15-honjo power in acquiring a speed of twelve miles an hour. A bill wns introduced in the forty- nitil.h Congress providing for the appropriation of $-1,000,000 for tho purpose, of .sinking it 8,000-foot hole in every stale and territory in the union, but no lU'.tion was taken upon it. Its object was securing useful knowledge of the minerals found in the earth. It has been demonstrated that platinum wire may bo drawn so lino us to be invisible to tlits vuikwl «yv, '.vUluvngh , its presence : iipon ti perfectly white card can bu detected by tho touch, and can bo soon by tho aid of a small mag- n'lying glass when tlio card is hold in such a position that the wire casts u shadow. Tho Now York Society of Decorative Art has dooidod to retire from that line of effort and tuko up art and manual training. Tho society is financially sound, and has during the past nine years paid to contributors in salaries und wages over$250,000. The change will lie a sot-ions detriment to this class of bcnoliciarios. The Crc'iuatorial association of Philadelphia, is )>ro|>aring to build the The importance ot purifying the blood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's Sarsaparlll.i. It strengthens an( i builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while it eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of tbo vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparlll.i pecul- lar ciiratlvu powers. No other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you havo mado up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not bo Induced to take any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. IInoil's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar OOAP Wo do not maiiufacturo Lard, Candles, Buttorlno, or any kindred truck; wo do not first squeeze tlio fat and oil out of our stock, and than convert tho refuse Into a worthless soap. Wo are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no dlsoaued or dead animals or refuse material. BILVKK 8OA1* la ITindQ of PUUK TAI,. tow, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danger of having tho skin diseased or poisoned! ASK TOUR UltOOEK X'OU IT. EMPIRE SOAP OO. ST. LOUi8. MO- largest ixnd boatUost crematoty chnpel in the world, It will hnve a front of GO fuot, a di-ptli of 106 foot; th« dis- Inne'o will ho 90 feet to (lie top of tho damp, Iho material will bo grnnito, |iri!ssott rctl brli'k, and turni ootln, mid thn,cost will bo $10,000. "Howling" schools uro common In rho mountainous regions of Kentucky, The nnino is nit appropriate ono, as it is tho custom for tho pupils to study their lessons aloud. Tho Idea prevails I Imt chililivn can only study aloud. The Bnine custom prevails in China. There, whenever a pupil stops "howling," his tenclmr Hogs him because he hus ceased to study. Sarah Uornlmrdt thus disposes of tho horsewhipping incident in Kio Janeiro: "An unhappy, cra/y woman, Mine. Nolvmonl, at that tSmo a moniber of my company, insulted me, and I afterward horsewhipped hor for so doing; that's all. Of course; in filet, why not?" Mine. Bornhardt discovered she had 1 eight cousins in Chili. She says she hates Chili, but is fond of her cousins. James B. Randall, tho southern poet who wrote the stirring war lyric, Maryland, My Maryland," turns ont to have been inspired by Cupid no less than Mars, lie loved one of tho beau- tics for whom Baltimore is famous, while a student at the Georgetown Col- cge, just before tho war, and sho iiwakcned the enthusiasm that made tim write his immortal poem a few months later. Cleansed, Puriiiod and Beauti- liod by tbo Cutlcura Itemedies. For cleansing tho Skin and Scale of DlstlK- luring flumors, for allaying Itchlni;, burning ind Inflammation, for ctiriiifr tho first symp' oms of Ecxoma.l'aorlasls, Milk Crust, Scaly lead. Scrofula, and otbnr Inherited Skin and Blood Diseases, Outleura, tho great Skin )uro, and Outicura Soap, |an exquisite Skin Joautlflor, OJternally, an'l Cutlcura Koeolv- out, tlie now Blood 1'urlflor, Internally, are ufalliblo. A COMl'liETE CUBE. 1 huvo suffered nil my lite with skin diseases of different kinds, and havo never found lerraanent rol'.of, until, by tho advice of a ady friend, I used your valuably Outicura icmcdlcs. 1 gavo thmn a thorough trial, aslng six bottles of the Outleura Kosolvout. two boxes Outleura am'Jseven cukes of Outl- eura Soap, and the result was Justwhut 1 hail boon tola It would bo—a complete cure. BELLE WADb, Ulohrnoud, Va. Reference, G. W. Lattlmer, Druggist, Richmond. Vn. SALT KHEUHI ;CURED. 1 was troubled with Salt iUioutn for a number of years, so that tbo skin entirely came off ono of mv haud« from the linger tips to tho wrist. I tried remedies and doctors's irescrlptlonB to no purpose until I com- iionced taking Cutioiira floniedles, and now I am entirely cured K. T. PAItlCKU, 379 Northampton St., Boston. 57 UBUOGISTS KNDOHSK THEM. avo'BOld a ijuantity of yourOuticura Uoui- cdles. One ol my customers, Mrs. Henry Kmtz, who had totter on hor lumds to sxioh mi oxtiMit as to cause tho skin to peel off, and or eight years she suffered greatly, was com- ilotoly cured by tbo use of your' medicines. O. N. NYE, Druggist, Canton, Ohio. ITCHING, BCALY, PIMPLY. For thojast year I havo had a species of itching, scaly and pimply humors on my fuce to which I have applied a great many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily and entirely cured fay Cutlcurar' Mns. ISAAC PHBLl'S, Jfavenna, O. Wo have nold your Outloura Remedies for tho last six voars, and no medicines on our shelves give botter satisfaction.. C. F. ATliEllTON, Druggist, Albany, N.Y. CimcuuA REMEDIES are sold everywhere. I'rlce: Cutloura, GO cents ;llesolvont$l; Soap, 2S ets. Prepared by tbo Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass, send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." DTTTOQ Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and XL UJDQ.BiUjy Humors, cured by Uuti- oura Soap. Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh In its destructive force stands next to and undoubtedly loads on to consumption. It Is therefore singular that those mulcted with tbls fearful disease should not make If. tho object of their lives to rid themselves o Deceptive remedies concocted by ignorant pretenders to medical knowledge have weakened tho confidence of tho groat ma- ority In all advertised remedies. They become resigned to a life of misery rather than torture themselves with doubtful palliatives. lint tills will never do. Catarrh must bo mot at every stage and combatted with all our might. In many cases tho disease bus assumed dangerous symptoms. Tho bones nd cartilage of tbo nose, tho organs of hear- .ng, of seeing and of tasting so affected as to bo useless, tho uvula so olonef>tod,thothroat so Inflamed and Irritated as to produce a constant une distressing cough. Sanford's lladiCBl Ouro meets every phase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to tho most lontbHome and destructive stages. It 18 local and constitutional. Instant fu relieving, permanent In 'curing, safe, economical and novur falling. Each package contains one bottle ot tho Radical Cure, one box of the Oatarrhul Solvent, and an Improved Inhaler with treatise; price $1. Totter Drug and Chemical Co., lioston. KIDNEY PAINS And that weary, lifeless all-goon "Dnsution over present with those of Iniliinioil kidneys, weak back and loliis, aching hips and sides overworked or wornout by disease, doblllty or dissipation, are relieved in one rninuto and pooully cured by tho Uutiauru Anti Pain Master, a now, orlglnul.ologtiiit and infallible anrldoto to pain and inflammation, At all drugKtsts. SBo; live for $1; or of Potter Drug Co., lioston. JOHN BAUER, DEALEU IN AND MANtrPAOTUIJER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, IUL All kinds of lino and common farnltur constantly on hand. Also undcrtAkor, oto. apMdwlw UJSMTlSTttk. DK. U. At. KOLTLAND, Dentist, 18 THIBD 8TWKKT. ALTON, ILL. Office Hours-8 a. in. to 12 m.; 1 to 4 p. u. fiihijwl v G. A. MoMILLBN, Doutlst, OVKU ItllUHGOKMANN'S OIQAU STOUE SECOND 8T, AND su HOKUM » DK. K, Physician and Burgeon, D IIKB1DKNOE, COU. AND UHNlvY STS. W. A. liAMKJKJjli, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, omaic-flKooND ST., ALTON, ILL. Office hours—» a. in.l 13 to 1, and«p.m TIRED OUT! • w»Bon nonrly evmr on ' ilo. IRON ont«rotiv oiwrlpMon tat thoeo wl At thin foason iwrtoHonle, II. Holsn'n prawrlpMi ono needs to nw cnrao tnUi umo«t. o»«ri phy- who noed bntmlim tip. 90 M P/ISEK -ZSi I It linrlchcH tho Illnoili InviKorntna the Hyotuni) llvHtorcR Ainictltc, Aids VlncHtlun It does not blacken or Injure the teoUi, ounee head- aohe ot produce oouatlpntlon— olbir Iron metlMnet da DK. O. H. IJLNKLKt, a loading ph;«loian of Spring- Hold, Ohio. »nj»: ... ., „ " Brown's Inm Bitten la a tllormiRlily good medicine. 1 UBO it In my prnutlce, and ftnu ita nation excels allothur fornwol iron. In wenknoiw, orivlowcon- ditlon nf tbo sjHUmi, Brown's Iron Bitten u uauoJU' a poaitivo noowwity. It i» all that In claimed for It." Dn. W. N. WAiano, 1219 Thlrty-seooud StraDt, Ooarteotown, D. O., BUJB: " Brown's Iron Ulttere la tlw Tcmlo of tho HBO. Nothing better. It orentos appetite, gives BtrouKth and Improves digestion." Genuine ban above Trade Mark and crossed rod linos. on wrapper. Take no other. Made only by liKO WN CHEMICAL CO., 1IALT1MOUK, MD. KASKINE (THE ,-TEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, ringing ears, C ure8v quiokly [Pleasant,* 11 "" A POWERFUL TONIC, that tho most dollcitto stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Blseases FORCOLHS KASK1NB HAS BEEN FOUND TO UK ALMOST A SPE01FIO. Superior to Quinine. JJellevne Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue oossful." ("Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. ] with Koskino has been (discharged cured " Rev.Mas. L. Hall.Ohaplain Albany 1-eniton- tlary,writes that Kaskino has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malariu and nervous dyspepsia. Wrltn him lor par- "inulars, St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered Indispensable, It acts perfectly." Trot. \V. F. Holcombe, M.D., 64 East 25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y', Med. College) writes: "Kusklne is superior to quinine in its specific power, and never produces tho slightest In jury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kino bus cured them nftor all otheer modi cine had fulled." Writo for book of testimonials. Kaskino can be token without any special medical advice. $1.00 pnabottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. 1CA SK1NE CO., 04 Wurren St., Jfcw York 10 dwlm TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties Intending to buy Heal Estate in tho city oi Alton or vicinity will Und it to their interest to call at tho olllco of Hudorshausen & Sonntag and examine their list of properties [or sale as only a part thereof is advertised. apSdwtf LOOKOUT HEi&E! THE OELE.GUATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove .' mm*m**mi mill n jni " ^ n i ^ I I'll ,71 Closing 8 OutT CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost Every tiling 1 to be sold by 1st of May. Bargains in Watches and a general line of 1st class Jewelry- INow is your time for Bargains at Corner Third and Piasa streets* 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In four styles. Two and Three Burners. With Tin and IlHSsla Ovens. AS PEliKECT AirProssure,-without the elevated tank, rrceearo is obtained with a weight, not with a pump. Absolutely tho EBlest; Biinpli! with no Intricate parts, LIG UTS with cmbui cited air, Instead of oil In u drip cup. Gasoline mid Air Tanks arc all ot 3)£ inch seamless brass tubing email connecting pipes of heavy annealed braB«,wlth union couplings. One end ol tank ia of glhss, showing quantity of oil in same. Cannot he llllcd while burning. ». The regular lino ol JJi'VMiL STOVES AND EAKGES arc improved mochnnlcnllj and artls- ticuUy. Largo double oven lor three Dhiner llanges; Stand pipes increased in size to one inch, -with lorfjc supply vulve and trap at base. All ovens arc made idoublo or flue lined. ap8d4m PITTS & BAMILL Sole Agents* ALCOHOLICANTID DTE FOR DYSPEPSIA/URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS. An Immediate* relief for prostration caused by AXX3OHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when taken with Soda, Vichy, ApoUtnorls, Seltzer, or any 8parkling Water, will supply tho Graving for Strong 1 Drink, without its disastrous results, leaving the system refreshed and Invigorated. Prepared as a HEAVY SYBUP, most agreeable to toko. ilnnmTTtriTiiililifilTit Being non-alcoholic, It commends itself es- • peolally to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. CHICAGO-lu. PER Dqz) FOli ALE AT J.HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers m STOVES AND HABD\VA«E Also Outside Work a specialty. Hooflug and Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies i£AQLn FAOKET COMPANY. SPRING ^ARRANGEMENT! i The Steamer H CD ?H A OQ ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND AI.I1Y 8T8. WALL P.' Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for tlie Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest bizos. At tho old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DKC'OUATliNG oatiiblisliinont ol NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. (uhlltlsin ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KSTATK of Eleanor 1'. Guild, doocaeod. Tim undorHl|{ucd, having boon appointed AduilnlHtraior ol the OBtiUo of Kleanur I*. Uulld, late of |tliu county aC Mudlson uiul Stiitu ol f Illnolu, dncouxud, liornby given notlcu that bu will appear beforu the county court ul Mmllsdn county, at tho court holme. In KdwnrduvUlu, at tlie May tunn, on the third Monday In May next, ut which Hum all portion** luwinK claims iiKHlnsl uald Butato uro notified and iTijni'stud to attend lor tbo purposu of hnvlnu tho Hi\mo ud}ii«toil. All por»onB Indobtod to Huld lOntatoiiro roquuBtoil to niako Iniinodlnto payment to tho xmdor- UatO'j this llth day ol March, A. I)., 1887, I'KKLBY II. WHU'l'l,B, '.'illw Administrator. W. Jb\ ENSINOER, Plain and Decorative -atz H. LEYHB. Master. I B. ROSS POWBM, I Eu. llcoaK, OlcrK 8. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, tho Spread Biijdo will ran as follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip atSp. in., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Oralton, und wiij points ov.ery ovanlug at 5:30 o'clock, «9_Tlie Whistle will be soanded fifteen minutes before starting for St. Louis. To ST. Louis, llomroTmp . TWBHTV BIDB8' . BO . .it, - - - 5 00 O. W. HIL,L. Aunnt. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTUAL ILMN013 11. K. OO'S 1'AI.ACK 8TKA5I1CK J. V. KU,i&ON, Oominiiuder. , TKOK DODOU, On and after TliurBday,Pob. 17th, will loavo Alton dully UoimnnncliiK Monday, April itb, stoamor Hudson will lonvoSi, t,ouU tor Alton, 1'ort ago, Jersey, Orafton and all pulntsvn Bt. L. A(J. 1. U. H.,tlnlly, except Kuiuluy, at 8:3» a. in., arriving at Alton at 11 n. in, Huturiilnii will leave Alton for ut. Loulu at 5 US p. in, arriving at Si, l.nulu ut 7 :!lu In ample ilino for parties to uttond tlniuirub, otc. I'urtlua pur- obiialnu round trip th'ltotu will be furnUbeil state rooms without extra com. Jtound trip tickets ol gteiimm' Sprmid Kii(,'l» or niiilson wlli;bo honored by oltber boat for return paBBiigo. llont will loavo Alton for Bt, l.ovili at 8 o'clock a. in,, aunduy. oonnootlnirwUb ia»toxpru«8 on St. T/onla and Uoiitraj llUnola Kullroud lor Jiu-uoy vilhi, VVa- vorly, SpiliiKlleldund all points north and east. PAKE, TOST, l.omn,Htnxlo trip, . . . We. " " round trip, , . . . 78o. " " twenty rkui iiukot, . , $8.00 1IKNIIY C. TATUAI, dan. A«t, Alton. ^ F1811KII, ften'l Munauor. fulldtt &JLI WORK PUOMPTLY ATTKKDKD TO AT LOWEST TKBMS. OXFtOB AND SHOP UN SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . WILSON These Wnnhbonrds aro made with a «BH< ,Woo«l rim. Tho Strong- out boarjs and be«t wa»ne« in tb« world. For «al8 by all dealers. ^JVSWAWWF-O CO., Naeiuuw, Mlohlgnn. SLATE PAINT furtliiM>vo«i'rvulloiior,hliigHi anil mctiil roolli. for -»luliy|jafji<luiM.'arli»ul. For prlwa, «(Wru«»C. Ollr- 1.F.HIMK, A- 0(1., Uvnvrul A K «nU, •»«» W<Mt V«« Iliirun M., Vhleuuo, orMlvhlfruii Lumber Co. ; 'Aoslgneo'B Sale. • I'ulillu notlcu Inhor'bS'Klvun Hint by virtue of an order of tho county court of Vadlaon county. State of Illinois, tUc underalitnud, iiHalKiioo of tho n. B, "parks MlllliiK Oompii- ny, will, on KltlDAY.thuaUTU UA.Y Of Al'KIL, A. I)., 18S7, anil ut Diibllo auction to the lalb'li- imt blddor for oiiHh, at the hour of tun o'clock In the foronoon of uald Uuy attho norih front iloor of the city hall bulldtuK luihooltyol Alton. Madlion county, Illinois,'.hofollowliiK dumirlbiiil real ebtuto, to-wli: Ix>tthlrtuuu (HI) In Alton ManufacturingOompuiiv'Haudi- tion to th« ultyol Alton, conntv ol Mudlnou Mini BtHto of illlnoU: u deed will bo made to tho puroliuuar upon approval of the report of Nulo by tho county court of tluillaon oo, Tho ujovo property biilnir tlio present ro»|. donee of Uapt. O, It, Hiiarka. KKANK B. M1LNOU. tlio D, K. Spuikt illllln« Oo.

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