Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1887
Page 4
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TO In the ntterapt to swim the Iftagarn \flurlpool Sapid* it no toot* reokleta of dangerous tlinn to triflo with ditoaoe whlah Mob Any nccures a stronger hold Afid hMtonn the oml of _life. Thin in np«ttuiHy true of rheurnafltisni, neurnlgln, sciatica, and narvoug headache, which though porhnpn (light ot first arc extremely dangerous, and steadily secure a firmer grip until at last the agony i* unondurable »nu sudden death brine* relief. These (llseancd can be cured by the use of AthlophoroB which, iti connection with Athloplioros Pills, never fails when properly used. Jiwul the following from those who hare touted it. J. A. Kllnar, of J. A. anil W. L. Kilnor, drn^giats. Mattoon, 111,, gaye: ''My rhou- raatism au'ected me all ovor. ICvery nerve, nuncio and joint was full of pain. I could not move hand or foot, not oven bear the woight of a sheet over me, One night my father came jh the house and said, ' Why don't you try Athlophoroa?' I had already tried about everything I could think of, without K° ll i n S an y relief whatever. That night about ten o'clock I took the first doae of Alhlophoros. The next day at noon I was out of the house. It did il« work the quickest of anything I ever heard of. I consider it a very valuable remedy, and could I not get another I would not take one thousand ($1,000) for a bottle of it. Since my cure t have recommended it to many, both for rheumatism and neuralgia, and it haa always proven the same. One extreme rase of neuralgia, \rhenj tlio lady had suffered over a year and tha J!H, USBC resisted tho strongest medicine anil the treatmentof oneof the best physicians, was completely cured with two and a hall bottles of Athiophoros. Every druggist should keep Athiophoros and Athiophoros Pills, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist the Atiilo- phoroH Co., 112 Wull St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athiophoros and COc. for Pills. For liver and kidney dtoeftscn, UvnpcpulB, )n- dlgertlon, wesknefw, nervous debility, diseases or women, constipation, Itcndnclio, impure blood, &c., Athlophoroi Mils are uncquaictl. o Aiaow TELEGRAPH. DOIL been (mioycd by cltlnonn of everr town nnd city In tlio U.S. Marvelous Curefl hnvu boon witnessed by thousands of iiooiilo, who ran testify to THE WONllKltrlllj 1IEAMNCI I'OWEll OK Hamlin's Wizard Oil Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Soro Throat, Lame Back, Slid Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Soros, Chilblains, Frost Bllos, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, nro quickly rnllnvofl by thJH innulcnl rfimocly. Try H unco nnd you will novur ho wlthmit It. Km- sole by ilruKKlRts, Prlco, /*O«. fjurHoNO BOOK True to nil, Addrdss WIZARD OIL COBIPAMY. CHjCAGO REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- t gRudersnausen & Sountag. For Sale. A oonvonlont and pleasant Homo nt n ron- sounule figure, being a two-slory frame house an KIgUtti fltvoot, noitr llonry. , For Sale. A choice [arm o! 320 acres, with (trot cluae inprovoraonts, situated i!4 milag oast of Brunswick. Ohariton CO., Mo. For Hale. A one-story Iramo dwelling house lu good condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap Tho residence ol Oapt. W. P. oblo; two stories and mansard roofi 12 room , 4 lialla, closets, collars, etc.: 8 acres of groan Most Ueslrablo property in tUo city. Far Bale. 160 acres ol land near city limits, Stiuo .., two story brick and Irame dwo! nt, notiao, both sltuatod on the eou> < o .iinto street between «th and 7th > a cots- BO tho brick block of storbs on 800011 rftroot, between Ilerav and liidec street nowu as Hunter's row. For Sale. A uniall frame fl vilng house within n no Dloeks of the 0 it (or $376. 180 acres f good lamma land, and another tract of SOOaoroB, both unimproved. Situate In Moil co., Kansas, at $10 nna $16 -per acre lospeotlvoly—ono-thlrd cash,balance on time, For Sale. A Inrm ol 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, in this county. A eooit two-story trauie dwelling houae on It I'rloo $8,800 Tor Sale. A choice farm of 120 aoroa, situate 1 mile south ol Shlpuiuu, Macoupln county, 111,, at a low figure. A farm, consisting of HO acres of good land Hltimtu within 2 relics of Upper Altou, sultn bio tor dairy purposes, Ohtmp, A. J. HOWELL, —DEALEUJ. IN— FURNITURE! i A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND, JTOH AU. OKDKP UPHOLSTERING Neatly ami promptly axoouteU. Hollo Ht., bot. Tlilrd and Fourth. —AL8O— UNDERTAKER. UKSIUENOKCOU. STATtt * SES'KNTlt 8T8 8OO BAGS FUREKH FINE SALT, For Dairy and Table UNO, lu'14 ,.. Ib. Unou sacks and 80 lb. : Hooks, for Bale by J. A. (Ent«r«(l M Seoond-ola«« Mnttor at the P. O. »t A\lton, 111.) _____ TUEvSDAY EVE., APUIL 12, YOUNG FOLKS' COLUMN. HOW ANIMALS DEFEND THEMSELVES IN TIME OF DANGER. A Popiilnr Out Door flame for Active lads—Tho Mnnlier In Wlilcli Diffflront IllrilH Selnct SlitturlnM and Confitruot Nfi«t» for Tlieir Young. Tho construction nntl selected sifcuftUons of the ncsUi o£ birds ni-o its remarkable as tho variety of inntcriab finpjoynd in thorn. Tho saino "forms, jilaces iiiitl articles aro rarely, porlmps novcr, found united by tho difloront ipocies, which ono would sujiposo similar necessities would dh-cct to a uniform provision. WHBN AKD NEST, Birds that build early in the spring require warmth nnd shelter for their young, and the blackbird and tho thrush line their nests -with a plaster of loatn, perfectly excluding tbe teen, icy gales of tbo season. Tho house sparrow commonly builds under the eaves of louses, and collects a great mnss of straw and lay and a profusion of feathers. Tho wood >igeon and the joy construct their nest so rlightly that their eggs may bo almost seen .hrough tbo loosely collected materials; but tho goldllnch forms its crndlo of fine mosses and lichens, lined with the down of the thistle, and is a inodoi for beautiful construction. The golden crested wren builds its nest with iho utmost attention to warmth, while tho whitetbront nnd blackcap do not attend to this particular, Tho greenfinch places its rudo nest in tbe hedge with little regard to concealment, while the challincli, just above it in tho elm, hides its neat nest with tho most cautious care. One bird must havo a hole in the ground; to another a crevice in a wall or a chink in a tree is indispensable. The bull- Inch requires fine roots for its nest; the gray lycntchor will have cobwebs for tho outworks ot its shed. AH tho parus tribe except ihe individuals above mentioned select eome low in a tree or cranny in a wull. End- ess examples might indeed bo found of the dissimilarity of requirements in these constructions among tho several associates of our ;rovos, our hedges and our houses. An equally diversified variety exists In the eggs that are laid in these nests and in tho manner tho mother birds treat, their young, all of which may be told about nt some future time in this column. Animals and Tholr Woupons. One of tho most interesting phases of animal life, Bays Golden Days, is that relating to the methods of defense with which all animals are provided by nature. Tho larger animals in general are provided with weapons moro or less effective. The carnivores have sharp teeth, with which ,they rond tlieir prey, and tbo tootliJess ant eaters havo enormous claws, capable ot killing a man. Many reptiles use their tails to strike down their game, while a largo number of animals are supplied with pungont odors or secretions that are equally potent us a defense. In certain groups we find enormous horns and tusks that are intended entirely for purposes of protection. In some coses they nro upou tha top of the head, as in our cows or oxen. Again, us in the elephant or some cetaceans, they are highly developed teeth. Our common horned animals depend upon their head weapons for defense. They ore of two distinct kinds, and subject to a marvelous variation in the different families. One group, represented by the common cow, is called tha hollow horned ruminants, because tho weapons are hollow and persistent—that is, thoy aro never shed except in ono instance, the prong-homed antelope. Some birds havo equally strange appendages. Thus, the spur wing and the yacana have strong hooka like- spurs or horns upon then* wings, in a position that a terribly lacerating blow can bo struck, calling to mind tho surgeon fish, that has a lance con- coaled in tho side of tho tail that can be thrown out at tho slightest warning, and by a side motion of the tail cause considerable- damage to an enemy. A PUmgant Outdoor Qatno. "Follow my lender" is tbo name of ft game much played by English boys and popular in somo sections of the United States. A quick, active lad is selected as "leader" and tbe other players Jinvo to follow him wher- over ho goes, to take any leap ho chooses, to climb any steep place ho hns climbed; in a word, they must not desert him, but be tho embodiment of tho faithful servant lit HLalieBpeure's play, who snys: Master, U>nil on nnu I will follow thee, K'uu lo thu death, with truth and loyalty. FOLLOW MY USADKH. Tho gamo may lie made very amusing if the leader linvo wit enough to set hla followers such tasks us I hey ran just manage to accomplish by dint of great exertion. Kor Instance, wo linvo hunixi of a loader who niftdo sonio of his followers, thoy being somewhat of the fat tyjKi of boys, crawl tUrough tho very narrow windows of im outhouse, nt the imminent risk of sticking in tUe middle lu tluilr zwil to stick to their loader. Tlio sailors on board ship often pluy nt this game when thuy ni-o "turned up," on n fliio nfUn'iioon, to "skylark" or enjoy themselves; and Cnpt. Miu-ryat tells a tain of an impudent fallow of a wiiKir U'mlcT, who, utter Wading Ul» follower* a wild goose t')ja»o nil ovor tlio t>hlp, run oil' to tho gulloy tiro and blacked his fuco with tho soot. All tho nion Imd to do tho same thing; and as thoy followed their leader, touting and. laughing, ho led them t* tho end of tho main yard, nnd dropped off into tho sea. Of course It was ft point of honor to follow him, and Dallors nro not tha men U> hang back in such a case; but somo of them, who could not gfvitn, w^ro nearly drowned. Tho sailor was called before tho captain to be reprimanded; anrt touching his hat very respectfully, excused himself on tho ground that the men wove all so dirty, lio thought a littlo washing would do them good—whereupon the captain laughed, and said no more about tbe matter, QUESTIONS"AND'" ANSWERS. ItApllc* to Qnnrlo* Made by Many Vpnpln. * Will you pilose toll im>, who was* l^iura tlrldgn- inouV 1 Imvf freipii'iitly hoard t he names spoken liy oldiT people. A. U K. Laura iiridgomau Iteciune known n half a century ago In connection with tlio llrstefforla in the country to educate tho ilonf nnd dumb. Illness nt 3 years of ago deprived hor of sight anil hearing (consequently of speech) and of smell, while hor sensd ot taste was partially affected. At 4 years of ago her health wns restored, hut not her missing senses, and she began to explore tho outside world by means of tho sense of touch, tho only available moans left hor for tho purpose. When sho was 8 years old Dr. Howe, tho fnnious oiUt- cator of lira btimt, took her into tho Forking institute in Boston, of which ho was director. He commenced to instruct her by placing objects in her hands, at tho nanio timo giving hor their names in raised letters till she learned tho relation between tho letters and tho object. Prom this ha taught her to form lottors into tho names of objects herself, and to construct words. She was furnished with raised typo, and whon objects known to hor were given her sho would arrange the typo to spell thoin. In tUh way sho passed from ono step to another, learning mus/c, needio work and other accomplishments. Sho is now 58 years old. Klnpn mill QuunliH.' I wish you would publish some Hues giving tho kings and qui'ciH of England by name In tho order of their sucwssioii. I once know them, but have forgotten tticm and don't know where to find them. AONES D. You probably refer to those: First William the Norman, Then William, his son; Henry, Stephen and Henry, Then Rlclmrd and John. .Y Nis:t Henry the Third; ' Edwards, one, two and three; ^ \V And again after Kichard .,-• • . ! Thfyo Henri's we see. -., '",'. Two Edwards, third Richard, '. Y .If rightly 1 guess; '• ' Two Henrys, sixth Edward, AV Queen Mary, Queen Bess; i'V Then Jamie, the Scotchman, I;* 1 Then Charles whom they slow, -y~ Yet received after Cromwell - 1 ''/ ,' ' Another Charles two. ;&'*' ; Next Jamio tho Second *'*•'£'' . . Ascended the tliroue; ._K •//"• Then good William and Mary 1 ? Together came on; ;"Then Atme, Georges four And fourth William all passed, ' And Victoria came-— May she long be the last. •'• I The I.Qtiton SeaHOn. What is the origin of Lent? D. Roman Catholics and many Protestant theologians maintaiu that it is of apostolic origin, but tho greater mtmber of Protestants regard itof ecclesiastical institution. It is commonly supposed to have been established as a preparation for tho great anniversaries of Christ's crucifixion, and resurrection, and in remembrance of His fast of forty days. From HOY. John Mathews, Pastor Mi E. Chnrch, South, at Montgomery, Ala. "Darby's Prophylatio Fluid is the only medicine kept in my family. We can use for almost everything, burns, bruises, cuts, stings, ear'ache, tooth ache, sour stomach, etc., etc. My children, when hurt or bruised, always call at once for^Darbys Fluid. We cannot get along well without it. It is so valuable for its prompt relief of pain from all kinds of injuries, and also is a powerful Antiseptic and Disinfectant." tu th s w APRII. 14 will ba the twenty^-second anniversary of the day that Abraham Lincoln received his death wound at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. Two great enemies — Hood's Sarsaparilla and impure blood. Thelatteris utterly defeated by the peculiar medi oine. l . IT is a great mistake to say a woman's crowning glory is hor hair. At this season of the year it is her new spring bonnet. The newest, easiest, lightest, cheap ost, strongest, moat surprising carriage spring ever made is the Rice Coil Carriage Spring, and don't fail to remember it. Ask your wagon builder to put a set on your phicton, buggy or surrey; dwlw If you have a cold, cough, bronchitis or any form of throat or lung disease, do not neglect it. Ayer's Cherry 'Pectoral, if promptly taken, will speedily relieve and euro all ailments of this character. dwlw THE women clerks at Washington are gradually disappearing from tbe departments. The chiefs protest that they do not discriminate against them but the fact is that there are so many o* the "boys" who voted for Cleveland who want places that tbe Administration does not know how it 'can afford to squander clerkships on non^voters.— Milwaukee Sentinel. Enjoy Mfe. What a truly beautiful world wo live in I Nature givos us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We can dostro no bettor whon m perfect health; but how often do tho majority of people foe Jiko giving it up disheartened, dis couragod and worn out with disease whon thoro is no occasion for this fool 1 - ing, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's Angus Flower, will make them free fron disease, as whon born. Dyspepsia am Liver Complaint aro tho diraot causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, SI ok Iload- aoho, Costivoness, Nervous Prostration Dtoinoss of the Head, Palpitation of tl« Heart, and other distressing symptoms Throe doses of August Flower wil prove its wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents, Try it. 1a!i dwoow lv JOSEPH JAJtilKTT'S LIVERY STABLED JTBONT 8TB.KBT, BHTWBKN ALBY AND HASTON, luyldlv The Oldoat'Churnh. What 1,1 tho oldest Christian church edifice In tue world orlgipally built for a churclif M. 0. The Church of the Nativity, at Bethlehem, built A. D. SB?, by tho Em'preet Helena, mother of Constantino the Groat. An altar in it is said to mark tlie gravo of 80,000 children jiinssdcred by Hertxl There is also a low vault called the Chapel of tho Nativity, with on inscription which sayst "Here Christ was born of the Virgin Jlary." Tlio church is noiv used by nil spots alike. How to I'rommnuo n Nnme, What In thu pl'ommdntlou of Uoetho's character Faust; • L. Frmunwco it as If (t wotii spelled Fowst. OI<1 Illobory. Why was President JudtHou calli-d "Old Hickory?" 1.1,. At tho outbreak of hostilities with the Creek Indian!) in 181!) Don. Jackson raised a volunteer force of several thousand men. Whon there was nothing to cut in camp tho general sot an example of cndurancft by eat- hickory irata Tho sobriquet of "Old Hickory" was applied to him from this incident. Tho Jlomiy IMlio DliiD Fluff. Please nay who wrote "The JJouny Blue Flag?" Where can 1 Ihul the words? SOUTH. 1. Tho song wns written by Henry Mac- Arthy, of Texas, author of "Missouri; or, n Voicu from tho South," "Tho Volunteer," oto. 3. In "Allan's Lono Star Ballads," Gnlvoston, Tex., 1ST4. ; A lEogard Itlng. 1. I would, lilco to know what a regard ring Is. T-an yon Inform me? ' S, Please give tho alphabet of Jewels. KIJ.A. A regard ring is ono sot with stones, tho in- tiul letters of which, when placed in a certain order, spell the word regard. They are as follows: 1. Kuby. a. Emerald. 8. Garlet. 4. Amethyst. 5. Ruby. 0. Diamond. Transparent, Opaque. Amethyst, Agate, Joryl, Basalt, j'soboryl, Civcholong, diamond, Diaspora, linerald, Egyptian pebble,. '.,.\ felspar, . Kiro Btoue, Gamut, Granite, ' -tyaclntb, • Heliotrope, „ : docmse, Jasper, .£' Kynnlte, Krokidollto, p jj-nx sapphire, Lapis lazuli, V iltlkopnl, Malachite, (:.' s'atrollte, , Nephrite, ' 1 j[ Opnl, . ' Onyx, • , : 'yrope, Porphyry, \ ^ .' jjimrlz, Quartz agate, •"; £• . Juby, •' KOSB quartz, ., .'• ; > 5ap]ihire, • Sardonyx, v.'. ;• az, Turquoise, '•" ', Jnanlte, Ultramarine, • *. ^esuvianlte, Vercl ant/quo, '.' Water sapphire, Wood opal, ' Xanthite, Xylotile, : . ~, Zircon. 2urlite. Excitement In Texas. Great excitement has been caused in ,he vicinity of Pans, Tex. by tho remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E. Corley. who was so helpless ho could not turn n bed, or raise his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discov-, jry was sent him. Finding relief, he )ought a large bottle and a box of Dr. ling's New Life Pills; by tho time he lad taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption free at 3. Marsh's. Large Bottles $1. Ap 1 d wlm Tho Verdict Unanimous. W-D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rbeum&tism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville' Ohio, affirms:. "The best selling medicine I have ever handled tn my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. • apl dwlm Bucnien'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salve m the world for cnts, bruises, sores.u.oers, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis faction, or-money refunded. Price 26 ceats per box. F"r sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mohTdwlm J. SUITER & SON, FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Al ways OB Hand. > DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUU FUIttUTFJRK ROOMS ARK ON State Street,' opp. Third ALTON, ILi., apSdwlv Wffl.L. SLUNK UNpEKTAKER, DBAI.EH IK Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes for Lidice, Oontlemen and OhUOreu, Office and Shop on State street Bt&ie*; WlU ntWna to Job « (oft WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, •.-•'! I. .-,,'... .,-( ...'•-. KKRBKSKNTINd TIIK KOJ-LOW1NG First-Class Ins. Co.'s: us. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoonlx, Franklin, of Plilladelyhia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; "r Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eug.: Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amorcaii teutral; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Go. AMD OTHERS: AfOASH. CAPITA] IN THIS AdGHEGATE OF $20,000,000. WM AJ6SO KKPHB8ENT TUB Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. MOST PERFECT MADE I'roharofl with strict regard to Purity, Strength, and UoultlifulnesB. Dr. 1'rlco'allaklng Powder contains no Ammonla.Llmo.Alum or PJiosiilmtes. Dr.l'rlco's Uxtracte, Vanilla, LOUIOQ, otc,, aavor aoliclouely. Jfor Sale. Five building lots on Alby anil Market itrccty, between Tenth and I'wuUlh streets. WHIPI'LK & aJULEY. Sor Bale. ?Limo kiln, tn good running ardor, with quarry and 12 acres o£ land, more or less, Known as the Shelly tract. W RIPPLE & SMILEY. Ifor Bent. A two story brick dwelling known as tho flatt liomostaad: lately put In good ropalr. WHIPPLE & SMILEY Flue Beslrtouco for Sale. The late 11, DoBow bomestead, now owned >y M. U. Underwood, situated on Hue of loree railway, in Upper Alton; 11 rooms, Jiith room, furnace, and good out buildings, two aoros-ol ground, will bo sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion of sale. WUIPPLIfi &BMILEY. For Rent. Two-story house and good stable on. Common street. Good fruit. WHIPPMS & SM1LWY. For Bale or nent. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutio. WHIPPLB 4SMILEY. for bol» Tbe late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, on. Mill at., two at tt,<t boat pieces of residence property In Altou. The property known as "The Park, east of above; K lots on Mill and Summit streets, an d a. number of otg in Miller ft Mitchell's addition to Alton, a groat bargain. ' "TIPPLE & SMHJBY. Jfor Sale. A 7-room brisk dwelling and out buildings on a'hlid street, between Cherry and Vine. W1UPPLE & SM BY. jeor Kaut. Good 9-room brick house with about 4 acres of ground.lnoludlng oronurd, In Upper Alton. Foraior resldenco of Dr. Humbert, •. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. for Benc,' Late residence ot M. J. Noouan on State street, known as tho A. Platt place, Good 9 room brick liouso, In first olos8 repair. WUIPI'LE & SMILEY. JBor oaie. : The Morrlman property on State stree in Miller & Idlcholl's add., to Alton, IX story bouse, 8rooms and out-buildings; all in per Joe t order. Can bo had at a bargain. WHIPI'LK & SMILEY. 1 Desirable Besidouoag for sale. A two story briok dwelling on State street known as A. Platt humestoad, lately put in good repair. A two story frame dwelling on Main street, nearly now. A two story briok dwelling on Seventh street, all for sole at a Boxirifloe, owner having decided to gc •VMt WH1PPLE & SMILEY^ For sue. A convenient farm of ISO acres, most all In aultlvatlou; sltaatod en the Be thai to road, mller from Alton. Ifor Snle. A IX story frarno dwelling, corner Pear; and Klith streota. WHIPI'LE & SMILEV For Sale or Kent. Tho 2-story frame dwelling with 0 rooms. Including 7 lots; good born and fine fiuits known as tho Nichols homestead, situated on Uth at,, In a doblraolo neighborhood. WHIPPLE * SMILEY. Jfor Hrtlo, Sovun lots with good briok dwelling and outbuildings, In good repair, In Upper Alton, Itesldeaoe of 0, E. Dolling, and known as tbe Morrill property. W1UWLB & SMILEY', Al ton, or a. W. Collet, Uppar Alton. vor Bine. Tho Woodroof property. A a story framu house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 1 room frame house on Fifth street. WIIIPl'LM * BMILKY. Tfl ATVl7"Ii' l T>TTfl'i?'DQ X \J XLAJ V JziXvl.jLCiJuJCvo For a check for KO wo will print a ton-lino Advertisement In One Million lasuoa of loud, ing American Newspapers. Thin Is at tho rate of only ono tilth ot uc.oiit a, lhiu,(ov 1,000 olreu • lutlonl Tho udvortisomont will bo placed before Ono Million BIPFBHUHT nuwupupor purohaHor»:-orFlvB MILLION UBADKIIS. Ton linos will aocommodate about 75 words. Ad. dross with «opy of adv. and chock, or send 80 ppnts for book of 176 puaos. GEO. P. VOVf EI.-L 4 CO,, 1C Spnuw «., S. Y, JttWatra ' Story of a "For twelve ysatt I" '"' "••'•' After L Hying.aU the doctors and patent aimii clues I bouunioar: of, I used two bottles oMin,. "Bittern*'* • . "»>.o v* tiup And lam port eotly cured! 1 keen it " "ttow » . A?i\ }, a 4,i )l ' r 'f, otl y e«M^ i keep it ; "All the time I" * BiuDFonn, PA., May 8,1885 U 1ms cured mo of several " _-, ,,__j t MASS,, Jfln, jjj }&}/{ I have been very sick over two years, The\«it cave mo up as past cure. I trleiHliu mint ifem Ml physicians, Ut they did not rent",tl e Wo "t pan. Tlio iingn and heart woiild nil•ii|i"vif» Highland ulBtrcssmo, and my throat was Verylm,! 1 told my children I should ii&vordleiii tldaL 111 I had tried Hop Bitters. When Iliad taken t" l0l bottles thoy helped ino very much indeed. \u\V« I had taken two more bottles I wife well ''Tli.,,!, \V»B Riot of sick folks hero who linvo scon C they cured me, and they used them and wore cured and feel us thankful a» I do that thoro is BO vnli. ablo a medicine made. • • Yotire truly, Miss JutiA G. CosniKo. $8,OOO Lost. "A tour to Europe thnt cost mo *3,000, ilono IP,. "good thauon.B bottle of Hop Bitten; they il>n "cured uiy wife of ntteon years' narvons *f AIUM "slooplnsgness and dyspoiieiii."—Jlr. H, M Au burn, N. Y. Saved. Wo aro so thankful to say that our mirslnu bnh» wns permanently cured of a dangerous and S tracted constipation and Irregularity of the bownl« by tho use of llop Bitters by its nurataginoffi which at tho same tlino restored her Jo noWwt health aiid strength.—The Parents, Rochester,!?. Y.. «rUnli(>nWiy or Inactive kidneys cause crave] "Bright s disease, rheumatism aiulajiordoofothor Berlons and fatal diHeascs, which cati be i>rcvi>ni<Yi with Hop BlttorH," If taken In time. u "Luddlngton, Mich., Feb. S, 1888. 1 have nnl,1 Hop Jiltters for ten years, and there" Is no meal, clue that equals them for bilious attacks kidney complaint)", and all diseases Incident to this mn. larlal climate, H. T. ALEXANDER, "Monroe, Mich.. Sopt. S5th, 1885. St«s:-Iliav« been taking llop Blttors for Inflammation "of kill ncya and bladder. It has done for mo "what four physicians failed to do—cured me. Tie effect ot tho Bitters euenied like magic to me. . tl \V.L.CAiir E a, GENTS:—Your Hop Bitters havo bcouof ercat value to mo. J was laid up with typhoid fovor tor over two months, and could get no.relief until I triad your Hop Bitters. To those suffering from debility, or any. ono in feeble health, I conJInlly recommend them. j. C. STOETZBL 038 Fulton street., Chicago, 111. Can YouAnsiver This? Is there a person living who over saw a caeo of ague, biliousness, nervousness or neuralgia, or «ny disease of tbe stomach, liver or klduoya that Hoi Bitters will not cnreV "My Mother says Hop Bitters Is the only tbliw that will keep her from severe attacks of naralv- Bla and headache.— Ed. Oawego Sun. "MyJlttlo sickly, pnny baby, was changed Into a great bouncing Ooy.and I was raised fromj sick bed by using flop Bitters a short timo." A 1'otTHa Monizn. BAXLWAY TIME TABLE. OHJOAQO AH1> AL.TON. On ana aftor Sunday, Nov. Uth, 1880, tttlm on tbo Olilcogo nua Alton raliro«d, will loan the Union Depot, Alton, standard tlm«, M follows: For Chicago and tbe Eagti Chicago Stall* 9:00 un Chicago Accommodation* 6:00 p. ui Ucrhtulng Express*.. 9:10p.m Feoria and Book Island Fast Ltn«(,9:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Keohnk. Qninor, Kan- (sos Clty.nnd all pointa treat! KaiisagDlty Mail* ........... .„,.. 9:00a.m. j KansasOity ExpreBa»,'. 9;10p.n ' DenverExpressf riOSp.m, i JaokBonvmeiceommodfttlonf... V:0op.m For St. Louis i •,..;. Lightning Express*.*. .0:45 a. m Chicago Aoconxmoaatton*. ....... .9 ;30 a. n Alton Speolalf 18:»p,n Kansas t)ity Mail*..; ....BjMp.os Chicago Mullt 6:30n, ro IRAINSLBAVB ST. LOUIS UNION DEPOl ....•i' TOR ALTON. : . 'f6 OOp.ra. H 60 p. tn, ' *7 as p. m. (8 4fl a. m. Sundays only). *Dally jExoept Sunday. ' Snp't. 8l.'lx>iils Dlvlalon 0. 8. KfQBBig, Tlcknt Agent. CHICAGO, BUBIaWQTOK AJTD QU1NOY. Tralna> leave.the.Union,,Depot, Altos follows: , •.....",:.. doing Northt - Bxproas (except Sunday)... . 8:BS a. m Night Ezpresa 7:05 p. m ...--,,.. W.W. ARNOLD,/ The First Sign Of failing health, whether in the form ol Night Sweats and Nervousness, or la » sense ot General Weariness and Loss of Appetite, should • suggest ,.tue uso ol Ayor's Satsaparilla. .- : This. preparation is most offectlvo lot • giving tone and strength to tho enfeebled system, promoting tho digestion and ossLmllfttlon ot lood, restoring the nervous forces Ui tlieir normal condition, and for purifying, enriching, and vitalizing the blood, Failing Health. Ton years ago my health began to fall. I was troubled with a distressing Cough, Night Swoats/ Weakness, and, Nervousness. I tried various remedies prescribed by different physicians, but botdino so \voak that I <?on\d not go up stair* without stopping 'to rest. My friends recommowlea 11)0 ,to ,try Ayor's Sarsaparllld, which I did, and I nm now OH healthy and atrong as ever. — Wr». IS. I,. Williams, Aloxttudria,:M'nn. I have used Ayor's Snrsaparllla, In u; Imnlly, lor Scrolula, nnd Itnow, 1C ii is taken faithfully, that, it will thoroughly eradicate this terrible 'disease, 1 uavo also proscribed it, us a tonic, at) well as au alteratlvo, and must say that I honeitly believe it to be tho best blood medictiio over compoundod.T-W.F, fowler, M. I)., D. I). S., Greenville, Tenn, Dyspepsia Cured. It -would' be impossible for mo to do- Bcfibe what I suffered from Indignation and Boadacbo up to the time I iMKnn talcing Ayer's Sarsaparllla. I was under tlio caro of various physicians, Mid ' rlc " a great many Ulnon of uietllctnv*, but novor obtained moro than temporary re- Hof. After taking Ayor's Sarsaparilla for a short time, my headaahe disappeared, and my stomach uorforuieu 1U dutloB more porfoctly. '. .To-day my health is completely restored. — Hary Harloy, Sprlugflold, Mass. I Imvo boon greatly benefited by flie prompt «»o of Ayers SarBapartlla. It idiiuH nnd invigorates tho system, regu- latns tlio action of tho UlgOBtivu auu nsslmllatlvo orjians, and vltftlwos tne blood. It Is, without doubt, the most reliable blood purifier yot dlscovored,— H. P. JohiiBoii, m Atlantio ovwiue, Brooklyn, N..Y.J , * Ayer's Sarimparilla, " , Mm. 3, 0. Aye>r "It Co,, Frloe 91 1 »l* IJotUet,

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