Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1887
Page 2
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AUQH DAILY TELEGRAPH. BT W. T. NOBTON, Oar. Third and Flana Streets, Altuu, 111 TUESDAY EVE., AP1RL 12. UPPER ALTON. Hnnlclpnl Election Yesterday— A City. K The elcotiou (or Counoilmon as follows : President— Charles Falrman. " Members— B. O. Gngeisby, 11. Mills, M. Malaon, E. C. Jamna. T. U. Murphy was elected i'olic Magistrate. The confidence of the people In Dr Falrman is shown by their persisted re-election of n man who has never sought the position, but nevertheless fills it ably and faithfully. The now Council Is composed of representative men from whose reputation as progres* sive citizens wo expect much in the carrying forward of the plans conceived and laid out by the late efliciont incumbents. To the surprise of nearly every one the proposition to surrender the special charter under which the town of Upper Alton has worked for twenty years past and organize as a city under the general law, was carried by a vote of 113 to 103. Minority ropreieutation in the now Council was voted in, receiving 11C votes to 85 against. The total number of ballots cast was 230, wuicu is about 80 per cent of the entire number of voters in the town. TEACHERS' EXAMINATION— It appears that there is a conflict of authority between a committee appointed last year by County Supt. Squire to arrange for the 1887 session of the County Normal Institute, and a committee appointed recently by Supt. Suppiger for the same purpose. At the mooting of the new committee, on Saturday, the old committee appeared ou the scene and pro>posed to (ix the location for the next session, and make other appointments. Thore being no constitution to govern the case it was finally decided to discharge both committees and refer the settlement of the matter to a meeting of teachers to be held in conneciion with the examination at Upper Alton, on Saturday, the ICth inst. At this meeting the location of the Normal for 1887, will, doubtless, be made, either by a direct vote of the teachers present or by a committee to be appointed by them. A constitution Will, probably, be adopted which shall prevent any such trouble hereafter. The Upper Alton Board of Education have invited the authorities in charge of the County Institute to appoint its next mooting here. A moment's thought will suggest to any one at all acquainted here, many reasons why this invitation should be accepted. The pleasant surroundings, accessibility, geographical location, and woll known hospitality of the town, together with the proffered use of Shurtleff College Hall, Library and Cabinet, form some of the attractions of Upper Alton. If the teachers of this part of the county wish to gather at Upper Alton next summer, lot them attend Saturday's mooting and express thoir wishes, otherwise they must not complain if Edwarusville "scoops" us again. Political Police. That the Russian political police never forgives is pretty well known. Hero is iin illustration. In the year 1880 Stanislaus, the son of a Polish country gentlemen, was appointed from one of the military schools atSt.Petorsburg to a commission in the guard's regiment, and had leave to visit hishomo before joining. While he was still with his family the Polish insurrection broku out, and the lad was (»derod by his father to join the iiiNrguenta. He did so, much against his own will (as ho told mo), his Kussmn military education having sommvbat blunted his patriotism; but as his father threatened him with the paternal curso incase of disobodianuo, ho threw his lot with the patriots. When in the following year the insurrection was ex tiiiguishod, young JabUmowHld was fortunate enough to escape through Wallaohia to Tin-key, where ho entered thu regiment of Gossmiks of the guards (then chiefly composed of Christians of all nationalities, olHcorod by Poles, the commniulur being Oen. Czaykowski Pasha.) In this regiment ho rose gradually to the rank of adjutant major, and loft, tho service, in linn and broken in health, about 1876, obtaining a small berth of £S or £-1 a month as assistant surveyor of roads in tho district of Silvou. Hero ho vegetated quietly till 1877, and, unfortunately for himself, elootod to stay in tho town of Silvon until the entry of tho llusslans, never dreaming that ho would be punished for having fought against thu Russians forty-seven years previously, Hut tho police sot-lion of the army which occupied Silvon brought with it sovo'u photographs of persona who wore "wanted," ami among them was a portrait of Jnblonowski, tu'keu six years previously at Adrinnopio. Although arrested, ho was at llrst treated very lonioutly, and invltod daily to dlu- Jior by olHoors who know his story; but n few weeks afterward orders wero ro- colvod to convey him to tho Danube headquarters, and he was Hunt under usoortwith a oommissuriat transport curavan. At HI-HI he wus allowed U) sit on the hnggagofvagon, from which, after an hour or so, lie was forced to alight and walk. For some distance ho managed to make his way through the snow nnd mud, then fell, was Hogged with the national whip (nahika) till ho stumbled up and proceeded ft fow more paces; then he fell a second time,- and, flogging proving useless, was shot through the head, and his corpse left lying by tho roadside.— St, James Qazctlc. XotlonH. A traveler in the north of Scotland has much to say about the .superstitions prevalent among the inhabitants. The gudo wife, for instance, busy at her churn or other household work, hastily puts away her goods at tho approach of any dubious stranger because she believes that there are certain people whose presence will prevent tho buttoi from coming or the cako from baking, To cftunt a woman's chickens would bo taken for as good as cursing them, while if you were to bo cruel enough to count a crow of fishermen as they were getting into their boat they would probably refuse to go to sea that night, after so evil an omen. Another quaint old opinion, which may have sprung from Scriptural tradition, or perhaps may own a more remote origin, is that curious reluctance to enter a house "empty, swept, and garnished," which exists in several oJ our northern counties. The outgoing tenant whose officious care should extend to cleaning the llooi would bo held guilty of a most tin- nclghborly act to tho newcomer. The more dirt and Mtter he loaves about the better pleased is his successor. On one occasion, wlien a" tidy housekeeper at "the big house" had caused a cottage close by to bo scrubbed before tho arrival of tho new tenant, the look of dismay which camo upon tho face of the woman who WHS to occupy tho house, on glancing around, rather astonished her. "O." said tho woman, "I would rather havofound the dirtiest house in .lie country than this clean floor!" Shortly afterward a house in the same district was changing hands; the old housekeeper was. most anxious to mvo everything in perfect order for its new master, but, nothing would induce to have tho floors cleaned till he should have taken, possession. Furthet nquiry showed tho same superstition ;o bo a matter of general acceptance throughout the neighboring country.— Youth's Companion. A. Hebrew Thoroughfare. The most striking evidence of He- jrew progress may be witnessed on Broadway, which within the past fif- .eon years has undergone a complete. .ransforination by tho transfer of the •etail trade to the up-town thorough- 'ares and the invasion of Hebrew irms. Of the four hundred buildings on Broadway from Canal street to Jnion square tho occupants of almos* ill arc Hebenvs, over one thousand vholesale linns out of a total of twelv Kindred being of that persuasion. On ho day of atonement, when nearly all of these establishments are closed, the street for the length of nearly two niles presents a holiday appearance. The signs of Hebrew firms also pre- lonmmle in tho streets contiguous to iroadway within the territory named, vhich is almost wholly devoted to tho naiiufuuturo of clothing, cloaks, hats and caps, laces, embroideries, millinery roods, furs, undergarments, flowers ind feathers, shirts, dry goods, and 'anoy goods, and kindred branches ol Li-ado. — New York Cor. Ulica Observer. Threa different waiters nt a Southern lotel asked n little, pi'im, precise larvard professor at dinner, in quick uccossion, if ho would have soup. A ittlo annoyed, ho said to tho last v'aitor who asked: ^'Is it compulsoryP" 'No, sah," answered our friend and jrorhor, "no, sah, I think it am mock -urtlo. J '— Hotel Jleportcr. ;he bent and «afe»tWaab. ng Compound known, U»nd An Dlrnntnrt t produces batter reaulta MAKES Shorter Hours For Women, with a greater tavlng ef Time and n Wmhlng and Homo- ilcanlng, than anything ret Invented. With yoorDlslies, Glass- OiWiudows, Onrtnlus, fowelry, Silver, in fact iverythlng, with It. Try t In the Bath, and note ti Superiority over Soap Icwnrcoriinlliitlimt. The Jeiiuliii- nlwuys bt'itri the Above Hyiabol mid naiuu uf JAJIL1C8 i'VLK PEARLINEDIDIT ffi Now VorU. DKJHT18TU1. DIt. C. li. K01ILAND, Dentist, 18 THIRD STREET, ALTON, ILL. OUloe Houi-s-S a, ra. to 1! m. j 1 to i p. ro fnhdwly G. A. MoMULLEN, Dentist, OVER URUBGUKMANN'S CIGAR STORE 8KCONU ST. 1o"J dtf PUV8IO1AMS AND (JUMQKON» Dlt. B. OUKL.1UU, 1'hyslolau and burgeon, OFFICE iNl) UESIDENOE. COll.FOURTH AND 1IKNUV BTS. " laj-dwlv W. A. UAHKJJULL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, ST., ALTON, ILU OlUce li ourg-HI a. ui. j 13 to 1, and 8 p.m •ugV-dwt A Vv'nshtogton pnpor snys tho Presi dent has not nltercrt utiy in bis tnannei since his mnrrlngu; that wliuti ho is introduced lo nny one ho simply shakos hands, hows, smiles, npoaks a fow words, and pusses on. Thtsro wns n rumor going nround that he twistet his friend s arm, throw a back sotner- set, and yelled dcflivntly.— Life. At a hotel table yesterday this romnrk attracted attention: "Saypard, gim'me soiiio wat." It was addressed to the waiter by a Hooflier, who gave his order in this stylo: "Gi'me some sal' trout, corn 1 beef and cab 1 , some turk, ant'lop', some frigy-ca-seed uhluk and potat." As tho waiter moved oil' ho called out, "Here pard, bring me some 'but'. What strange things wo hearinahotol, anyway.— liujj'ulo Courier. A manufacturer of bronze ornaments sent n drummer to Texas, where ho managed to get olio small order. A few weeks afterwards tho following correspondence took place: "Please send your agent down this way again ns soon as possible." Heply—"II would very much incommode mo to do so at present. How largo an order do you wish to make?" Keply—"I did not intend to order more goods. ] have incited.llio last your agent'sold me into bullets to shoot him with."— New flavcn'ffew.1. JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL All kinds of fine and common furnitur constantly on hand. Also undertaker, etc. apfflidwlw Supervisor's Report. STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) MADISON COUNTY, SsS. TOWN Of ALTON. J The following Is a full statement of the llnan- clnl affairs of the said town of Alton, prepared by Jonathan Quurlon, Supervisor of said Town, lor the the your ending the 28lh duy of March, Amount of balance received from predecessor In oltlce, ou hand at close of last preceding year $62388 Ainuunt received from other sources as follows: Amount received from B. H. Hlto, County Collector on taxes for 1885 200 34 Amount received from Gco. Brenner's so- curllles '.. 207 IB The amount of tax levied the preceding year for payment of town indebtedness nnd charges, Is 80000 The amount collected und pald.oycrtothe present supervisor by the town collector, Is 950 00 Total amount... 2790 37 Deduct amount of tax levied preceed- ingyoarasnforesuld..... •... 800 00 Leaving total umount recelred 1090 37 The amount paid out by present supervisor, and the account on which the some was paid, ncludlng amount puld on town Indebtedness, tbe nature thereof, umount of tuch indebtedness, And amount paid, showing how mucb on principal unu how much on interest account, Is as follows: Amount puld out on acconnt of John Mntbcr Clerk of election 6 00 Amount puld out on account of George S. Russell clerk of election 6 00 Amount paid out on account of William Kutledgo clerk of election B 00 Amount paid out on account ot Louis Bctz clerk of election 000 Amount paid out on account of ChurUs Uobldou clerk of election c 00 Amount paid out on account of John Muul clerk of election 0 M Amount puld out ou account ef II. W. Hoppo clerk of election 6 00 Amount uald out on uccount of Frank IlolImeUtor clerk of election 6 00 Amount puld out on account of Thomns McGlnnis Judge of election 6 00 Amount paid out on uccount of George .Gray Judge of election 600 Amount puld out on account of R.L. King Judgcof election 6 00 Amount paid out on ucceunt of William H. Plntt, Judge of election 800 Amount puld out on account of Joseph L'ampert, judge of election 600 Amount paid out on uccount of A. G. Wolford, Judge of election 0 00 Amount paid out on uccount of David Kyun, Judge of election 600 Amount puld out on account of Fred Vol- brnoht, judge of election 600 Amount paid eut on account of Adolph Invcon, judge of election 0 00 Amount puld out on account of John Elblcjudge' of election 6 00 Amount pnld out on account of J.F, Hofr- moister, judge of election « 00 Amount paid out on account «f Mutblas Hilt, judge of election 600 Amount paid out on account of Patrick Ward, moderator 600 Amount paid out on nccountof John Kelley, for labor i 00 Amount paid up on account of Alton Telegraph, advertising. 7 80 Amount paid out on account of Alton Democrat, advertising 7 35 Amount paid out on uccount of Madison County Sentinel, advertising and blanks 980 Amount paid out on ucceunt of Alton Banner, advertising 7 85 Amount paid out on account of Scely & San, stationery Amount paid out on account of Halues township organization luws Amount puld out on account of Win. K. Jones, cutting Cunudu thistles Amount puld out on uccount of Eugon Jones, cutting Canada thistles 600 Amount puld out on account of Morris Thomas, cutting Canada thistles 7 60 Amount paid out on account of Landolln Walter, Assessor 86800 Amount paid out ou account of R. Muor- dlun, room lor clcotlou 4 00 Amount paid out on account of Alton Democrat, Pauper orders, 1885 4 75 Amount puld out ou account of Alton Banner, Piiuper orders, 1886 810 Amount puid out on uccount of Alton Telegraph, udvortlslng 210 Amount paid out on account of City of Alton, room rent 2800 Amount paid out on account at J. Quur- ton, attending Pnupors 18100 Amount paid out on account ot J. Quarton, bourd revision 450 Amount paid out on account ol William Ilullodge, services, Town Clerk 14 30 Amount paid out on uccount of Legal Adviser, election blanks mid poll books 3 go Amount pnld out on uccount of ccminU- tlcins ofSupurvlsor 3500 Amount paid cut on uccount of William Kuilcge's service as ttwn clerk 1020 Total umount puld out S«4~8e Leaving balance muiuida of Supervisor ivif, 61 I9U037 The amount und kind of all outstanding Indebtedness of tlm town, duo and unpaid, is us follows: Amount du« on STATK OV ILMN01S. JUUIION COUNTT, I, Jonuthnn Quartan Supervisor of the town of Alton, dorolnmiily iwear. tliat the foregoing ntulcmontnf thQllmtnclulumursut'suld town, Is ttjimt and true statement nf the amount received by me and tho iliQuiout amounts puld out, and Hie balance now In my hands. JONATHAN 0,1) AUTON, Supervisor. .Subscribed und sworn lo, before me this 'Jinh duy of, 1X87. 1. U, IIANW.B, Justice of tho 1'ouct, Dated tali v'lHh dnr of March, 18J7. JONATHAN QUAUTON, Biipm-vlnor. 2 05 7 60 24 40 OIS, ) , J 8 *' hYSPEPSIA IB A dangerous as well ad distrotwlnfr complaint. If neRloctod, it tonds. by Impairing nutrition, and do- preiuitnv inn tono of the ftystem, to prepare tbe v&y for Rapid **--••— tcllno. 51 *" BEST TONIC d completely rnres Dyammnln In lciirtjiiini, Ilvlchliiff, Tnatlnff t Quickly nn It* lonniL llciirtjiiini, Ilvlchliiff, Tnatlnff the l'ooil« oto. It ouriolioB nnd x>urine»thoblood,Btimn- ids tho naRimilntlon of food, nil the & ten tho gppotite, and nicln .. KV. J, T. RoflsiTKJi, the honored naetor of the First Reformed Ohurcb. Bnltimoro, Md.iBays: "Having uaod Brown'a Iron Bit tors for fiyttpepiria Mid Indisoatton I tftko uroat pleasure in rncom- menoine it highly. MHO consider it A splendid tonio and inviRorntor.and very strengthening." HON. JoBFi'ii o. SUIT, Judge of Circuit Court, Clinton Co., Ind., says; " I boar most oheorful Uwti* juonjr to the otfloncy of Brown's Iron Uittora for Dyspepsia, and as a tonio." Genuine haa above Trade At ark and crossed red linoa . on?.™j.^ E ^o n« otlH^ijaoon.,- K A S K I N E (THE QULNINE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. Pleasant,!" 1 A POW*-JiirttL TONIC, that tho most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOIl OOLBS KASKINB HAS 1JEKNFOUND TO BE .ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. Bellevue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally suo- oessful." t "JSvorv patient treated St. Francis lIos.N. Y. ] with Kaskino has been (discharged cured." Itov.Uas. L. Hall.Ohapliiin Albany Penitentiary .writes that luisklne has cured his wile, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him lor par- tinulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable. It acts perfectly." Proi. W. F. Holcombe, M.D., 61 East20th St., tf.Y. (late Prof. In N. Y, Mad. College) writes: 'Kaskino is superior to quinine in its specific power, and never produces tho slightest In lury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kino bus curoa.theni utter all otlioor modi cine had failed. Write for book of testimonials. Kaskinu can bo taken without any special toedical advice. $l.oopeauottlc. Sold by or sent by innll on receipt o£ price. KA SKIN1S CO., 64 Warren St., New York 10 dwlm TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties intending to buy Heal Estate In tho city ol Alton or vicinity will find it to their interest to call at the oftlce of Rudarshausen & Sonntag and osamine their list of properties for sale as only a part thereof is advertised. apSdwtt LOOKOUT THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! FOU8 ALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers m STOVES AND HARDVTAllE Also Outside Work a specialty. Roofing and Galvanized Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AMD AI.BY STS. WALL P.' Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At the old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. _. fnhlldam ADMINISTHATOll'8 NOTICE. KSTATK of Eleanor I 1 . Guild, deceased, 'lliu undersigned, huvlnt; hoon appointed Adinjnlstruior ol tho estate of Eleanor 1>, tiulld. into of |tho county of Madison andUtutuol Illinois, docoasud, hereby glvna notion tbatlui will appear before the county court of Madison county, at the court bouse, n HdwardHvlllo, ut tbo Afay term, on the ihli-d Monday In May next, at wblcli time all persons havliiu claims aKiilnst said Estate ire notlfled nnd rt-questud to attend lot 1 tho jurposo of havlnu tbe same udjuntnd. All Mirsons indebted to »ald Estate are reiiuostud o make Immediate payment to the undor- Blunud. I>ntud this llth day of March, A. U., 1887. ,. PEHLBY 11. VllIl'l'LB, 2<l*w AdmlnlBtriUor, losing* Out CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. Everything to be sold by 1st of May. Bargain sin Watches and a general line of 1st class Jewelry. JNow is your time for Bargains at Corner Third and Piasa streets. 1887 THE LATEST ! 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made in four styles. Two and Throe Humors, With Tin and Russia Ovens, A PERFECT Air Pressure, without the elevated tank. Pressure is obtained with a weight not with a pump. Absolutely tho sulcst; simple with no Intricate parts, LIG HTS with cniburetted air, Instead of oil In u drip cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks are all ol 3>jinch BcunilesB urass tubing Email connecting pipes ol heavy annealed brass,wltli union couplings. One oiid of tunk is ol glhss, showing quantity of oil in same. Cannot bo filled while burning. • ' *» The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AKD RANGES arc Unproved meehantcallj and artin-. tlcully. Largo double oven for three burner Ranges; Stand pipes Increased la size to one inch, with large supply valvo nnd trap at base. All ovong ore mado .double or flue lined. apod4m PITTS & BAMILL, - - - - Sole Agents. HAY-FEVER EL Y'S CUE A M DA U[ In not a liquid, snuff or pouder. Applied into nostrils is quklcly absorbed. It clamses tlie Ticad. Allays injiammation. Jffeals the sores. Jlestorcs the sen.tes of taste and smell. SO cents at Druggists; ly matt, regiatcml, 00 cent>. ELY BROTHERS. Urugglsts.Oivcgo.MY. KAGLU FACKBX COMfAN V. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials tiro being received daily regarding its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse it as tho greatest medical discovery of tho day. Tho GHEAT GOLDEN SEAL Is a Nerve Food, Buildlnj? up tho nervous systou and tho tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Provontatlvo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming the ovll effects of excessive alcoholic Indulgences. A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning lip tho entire system. If you are juat recovering from sickness, no known remedy will give strength and health so 1'ast. Trice, $1.00 per bottle ut all Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO,, 64 LaSalle Av., CHICAGO, ILL. W. F. ENSBVGER, H. LEYHE, Master. < E. Ross POWKI.I, (ED. BLOOIC,Clerk a. On and alter Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Eagle will run as follows, vizi LKAVTKG ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'olock a. in., and St. Ixnils on return trip at 8 p. m., dully. And leaving Alton {or Portage, Jersey Landing, Qratton, and wa> points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. tS-The •Whistle will be sounded fifteen minutes before starting for Bt. Louis. FAUEl To ST. LOOTS, ... so ROUND TRIP ... . . n TWBNTV ItrDBlT - - B 00 1 « W. HILL. Aoont. Past Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. U. GO'S 1'AI.ACK HXHAMIS11 J. F. ELUSON, Commander. KP.AKBIIUTZ, | ni<.,.i, u TitUK UOUOH, I °' 01 kSl On and after Thursday,Fob. 17th, will leave Altondnlly Coiniwmolriff Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson wlllloHvoHi, Loiilu lor Alton, 1'ort- ngo, Jersey, Qrafton and nil pulntaon St. L. & 0.1.11. it,, dally, oieopt Sunday, at 8;l)o a. )n,. arrlyliiK'it Alton at 11 a. in. Roturnlni; wlllloavo Alton for St. Louis at (1:45 p. in. urrlvliiK ut 8t, Louis at 7;l]0 In iiuinlo tlmo for piirtloa to attend tluiatrss, nto. rartlos pur- fihiislnif round trip tli:ket» will ho furnished stato rooms without extra coat. Round trip tickets of Hteumor Spvnud Kiiulo or Hudson wllljlic honored liv wither bout for rotiirn pasmiKO. llout will leave Alton for St. Louis at 8 o'clock a. in., uiiudiiy, coimootlnuwlth fasluxproHS on St. Louis and Central Illinois Railroad lor Jersoyviilo, Wu- vorly, HpiliiKtloldund all points north and east, FAUI2. To ST. LOUIS, BliiKlu trip, . . . BOc. " " round trip, .... 78a. " " twenty rluu ticket,. , $5.00 „ . "KNnYO.TATUM,aoii.A«t. Alton II. A. F1811KH, Gun'l Manager. fnlldtf Plain and Decorative Paper Hanging ill WORK PEOMPTLY ATTKNDKD TO AT LOWEST. TERMS. OBFIOK AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . .: BUD WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tue«o Vnshbonrds ore made with a Bent .Wood rim. TheBteong- ett boar Ja ond be»t wasliers in the Jfor Bale \>1 all 4«»Ut«. CO., Mlchlgnn. OUPFORD "ROOFING BXOEL8IOR SLATE PAINT [Assignee's Sale. • I'ubllo notice Is hereby given that by virtue of an order of the county court of JHadison county, Stato of Iianota, thn undersigned, assignee of the 1). R. Hpurks MllllOK Company, will, ou FRIDAY.thu'iOTU DAY OF Al'RfL, A. 1),, 1837, sell at public auction to the hlffli- ost hlddiir for cash, at the hour of ton o'clock in tho forenoon ol uald day uttho north front door of the city hall hulldliiB in thocltyof Alton, Madlion county, Illinois, »,hofollowlnB described real ostato, to-wlt; Ix)ttlilrtoeu (la) In Alton Slanufiiotiu'lnKCompanv'saddi- tion to tho city of Alton, county of Madison and State of Illinois; a duod will be made to the purchaser upon approval of tbo report of Bale by tho oouuty court of Wndltton co. Tho nuovo property being the prosout ronl. donee of Copt. f>. n. Sparks. FRANK R. WILNOR. thuD. H.Sjmrlw UllllngOo,

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