Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1887
Page 2
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AUOR DAILT TELB3BAPH. By W. T. NORTON, Cor, Third and Fliun Street*, Altou, ««=y?—.'.. . . —T —-r-^.—.—.-...--.--.-. MONDAY EVE,, AP1RL 11. in. EASIER SERVICES. KnlgUti Templar Sorrlccs—Address by Bishop Seymour-Evomnir Union Meeting:. St. Paul's church.was crowded to ow er flpwins; at 2;30 o'clock yesterday st the special Easier services in honor of tho KrilKht8]Tomplar, Bolvidoro com- mandory bomg present In force, in full uniform under thn direction of E. 0., F. H. Ferguson, the Ueotor, Archdeacon Taylor, acting as Prelate. Tho audience room wns beautifully, profusely and artistically ^decorated with flowers and pot plants in groat ranety. Tho introductory services were very interesting and impressive, splendid music being rendered by a sextette choir, J. W. Gratmn at the organ. Bishop Seymour's address was a masterly effort, profound, logical and of enthralling interest. Pie first gave a historical sketch of tho Knights Tom* plar, an order founded,directly on the religion of Christ, the members of which first gamed world-wide fame by battling against the Moslems in order to recover the,Holy Land from the posses* flion of tho Infidel Paymm. Now the Knights draw their swords as' a ceremony but the time • might soon come when those men of stalwart form and noble brow would be obliged to draw their shining blades to save tho flag, for the protection of their homes, their wives, their children, nil that they cherish and hold dear on earth. In the wilds of Poland, in Russia, in Germany and France, even in England men are teaching doctrines that tend to the overthrow of law, order, the church, the state, the rule of tho Almighty and to establish instead nihilism and anarchy. Hordes of Nihilists, Anarchists, Coat- munists are pouring into this country whore they have peculiar privileges-ol which they take advantage to propagate the teaching that will, if allowed, unre>- stricted .sway, overthrow our fret- institutions and inaugurate a system of pillage, outrage, incendiarism, robbery, murder, with social and political chaos. The Bishop's arraignment of these enemies of law and order, was scaths ing, In words of burning eloquence that electrified the immense audience. Ho closed by saying that should the unfortunate emergency over arise when force would be resorted to by these miscreants, whose hand was against every man, that the Knights Templar would load tho van, as in centuries long gone, in the battle for Christianity and right. The meeting closed with the singing of a hymn by tbo choir, the Doxology by choir and congregation and the oenediotion by Bishop Seymour. The Knights then marched out of the edifice led as far as the door by the Rector, in full clerical habiliments, acting as Prelate . , The bearing of the Sir Knights, their soldierly appearance, the beauty an* appropriateness of their uniforms, and the porteotion of their movements attracted universal admiration. UNION MEETING. The mass meeting at the Presbyterian church last evening, pursuant to call, "in tho interest of the Sabbath," was attended by a congregation that crowded the church to its fullest capacity. Tho mooting was under the charge of the Pastor, Hev. Dr. A. T. Wolff. After opening devotional exercises, brief addresses on the subject under consideration were made by Rev. R. H. Manier, Rev. A. L. Barr, llov. II. 8. Mills and Dr. Wolff. Rev. A. L. Barr road a series of resolutions protesting against the desecration of the Sabbath day, also embodying a petition to the city authorities for the better enforcement of the laws on tho subject. A committee was appointed to circulate the paper and procure signatures. Tho members of the oommittoo arc as follows-, Messrs. U. 8. Stowell, H. C. Priest, D. it. Whitney, J. M. Logan, II. M. Carr, H. F. Lohno. Good music by the choir and congregation added to the interest of tho services. Archdeacon F. M. S. Taylor, Ructor Eighteen ehildren)tooJc their first com- tnunion after the services at the Evangelical church, whore there was a very large congregation. Thirty-one persons wore confirmed yesterday andlast evening at St. Paul's church and Trinity, chapel, by Bishop Seymour. The day wasja perfect one,with bright sun and balmy bruu/.ea, tending to tho vernal resurrection of bads, blossoms and verdure. Heal Estate Sales of Record. Transfers of real estate filed for record In Recorder's oflloo of Madison county, 111,, for week on-Jinif Aprils, 188T: • Jos. Jfurctt and wlfo to W. W. J.owo, w d' lot 3 blk 5 Mnxoy's add, Upper Alton, JIM. Kstlior McNeil to Suruh Duncan, q o d, lot 1 blk»», Altou, $1,000. Louisa Motzlorto Ferdinand Volbrucbt, q e d.undvtflot 13 blk 16, Russell's add, Alton, |J«0. Math U. 1'oarco to Wrn. C. Lowry, w d, noX nw>f BOC 3, 6,«, andisx acres In a}( so.V «eo 34,0,6, $1,300. John Bpplng, 8r., to Gerhard Kpplng, lait will, bequeathing all voal estate, personal property, etc., $—. Mary E. Gllleaplo to T. J. NowBlinui, w d, pt no.'i soM BOO 10,4,», ?MO. Isaac 1'rlekott. uy adm'x., to L. F. Vulllet.d, undv % OK B0>i so>£ doc 23, 4, 6, $190.50. Ellen F. Snow to Julio Goldlng, w d, lots 93 and 2i blk 1, Newport, $40. E.Hollby master to Henry Ilraokraan, d, a tract of land In claim 1833 Survey 021,3, 9 and J,10 aud partly in St. Olalf county, $3,604.25. Olios. Utiody und wile to Maria Fisohor, w d, lots 5, 0,7 and 3 blk 1 Alliumbra, (formerly in Groencastle) $J5e. Julia B. Jiuaff to TT. L. Uuatr, w d, nw.'f and . nwX uo>4 see 1, 8,9, $4,000. U. W. Benrcy and wi/o to Martha E. Taylor, wd, lot 2 blk 8 n. Haor's add, St. Jacob, $69.6*. J. Jolmstono to Jeremiah Still, w d, lots 30, 33 and M blk 38, Hunter's N Lib add, Alton, ?«0. H. L. Wlckllffo to Joseph Paola, w d, pt swKno.'vtBooM, 8,8, (except coal &o.) 31.050 H. L, Wlokllffe to John Baima, swA» ne,' 4 ' see 34,3,8, (except coal Ao.,) $350. Angelina Myrlok to Edward Feut*, w d, lot 10 blk 10, Highland, $250. Rolnhurd Schmidt and wife to Daniel Schmidt, w (1, n,f no;( sw,'i and wW ie!t uw.'i and sK n>i no« so« aoo Si and s>i nK nwAf sw,'» sec 35 all In 6-8, $1. O. Freiberg heirs, by master, to Fred Vor wald, d, pt wX BOH BOO 7,3,9, $1,029. T. V. Whltesldo and wife to A. P. Barnott, w d, two tructs of laud In s)i nw# see 5,4, 7, $488.70. Ohas. Gabriel and wlfo to Fritz Duls, w d, pt w side nwV ne;i see 8,8,8, $100. /-. B. Job and wife to John W. Koch, w d, a tract of land in sw, v i BOO 10,6,», $10. Anna \V. Hatcher to Mary E. Hatolier, w d. pt nwj< se,'f sec 82, 6,8, $160. County Ulerk to Olty of Alton, tax d. tracts 1 and 8 Uambrill's sub diT ne # »oo 10, and nwAf sec 11, In City of Alton, $—. Olty of Alton to /. B. Job, w d, same lund as above, $300. John Fruit and wlfo to Jefferson Fruit, w d a w ne X sec 34, 5, 7, and right of way over strip adjoining, $3,100. Jefferson Frultt und wife to T. V. \Vhitesido, w d, aw.Xi nwi; seo Si and strip of laud lu ne noc 33,5,7, and right of vray over lands adjoining, $3,000. * Alfred P. 1'aruott and wife to T. J. Judy w d, pt sew nw,'f sec 6,4, 7, $825.85. Ellse Kohbock to Fred. Emit, w d, lot « H. Look's 2dudd, Oollinsvlllo, $176. J. T. Brighton and wlfo, bytrustoe, to Win. Clayton, d, a tract of land survey 85S, claim 699 and 800,V, $3,260. 0. Freiburg heirs, by Master, to John Plop- er, d, pt wK.seM see 7,3,0, $j,«8fl 40. John H. Mitchell to John Bahruth, q c d OK soJf e « no.!«- seo 17,5,7, $tOO. whiskers and inuatnche. Col. Coppinger, in n chatty, off hand way, gave the information asked for, Fall he wns able to give. He then led the way to tho office of the post surgeon and introduced the two doctors already iiamcd. • The housuMn which Mr. Blaiue is ill, is n large stone building, situated in the centre of a cluster of stone houses, inside the fcrt proper. These buildings were built during and just after the war and on n high point of ground, just north of town and overlooking the beautiful Grand river. A Slight Inuuiubraiico. She had gone up to visit a lady friend, with whom her acquaintance was slight, and she wanted to let her know something that is usually considered among ladies rather important. "You know I am engaged to bo married." "Indeed! IIu's a nico fellow, of coursoP" "Yes, charming; a delightful gentleman." "And when is tho ceremony to take placoP" "Well, I don't quite know." "There needn't be any delay about suuh it thing ns that. He's wealthy, is heP" "Yes, he's very well oil'. But you see—well, there's a slight iucum- branco." "A slight incumbranceP" "I mean—well—he's not divoroed yet."— San t'ranoisco Uhronicle. Bishop Taylor's Congo steamer will bo lighted "by electricity, and will carry a saw mill on board, Hose to squirt hot water on obstreperous natives is to bo coiled conveniently on deck. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS WILL CURE HEADACHE ' INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALS BY ALL DRUGGISTS The Genuine has Trade-Mark and erased Red Lines on wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. of St. 1'aul's, could uot be present ut the moating because 11 was necessary for him to attend the continuation eorvioca, by Bishop Seymour, at Trinity Chapel lout evening, but lie wishes us to suite that ho \a in thorough accord with the movement and will Rive his host efforts to its advancement., Till! CATIltlntAI,. At the Cathedral Solemn High Mass was celebrated with the usual Easier services and uingnilioent music by the choir, Prof. 1). H. Wortnmu at tho orijau. At St. Mary's and St. Palnok'H tho regular nervloua for tho day took place. OTiiKlt Oil DUO IIUS. At the most ot tho Protestant churches the day was observed, some of tho audleuoo rooms being beautifully ornamented with; floral deoeraUons. AJL11AA1BKA. ALHASIIiRA, Ills., April 3, 'S7. Gardening la all tho rage. Fanners preparing corn ground. The election passed off quietly and satisfactorily with tbo exception of tho violation of tho Jaw on the part of u saloon keeper, however, ho po Id tho penalty a day or two latei. Most of the masculine portion ot our inhabitants are in tho "hub" courting, either pro or eon lu a case concerning some of our prominent townsmen. Tho boom is atlll booming and there's a chance for our village becoming n otntor (or manufacturing and mining interests. Every thing Is in Its favor, oil, natural gas and coal, near tho surface, being easily obtainable. Our country is as flue nu agricultural district as can bo found any where, grain, fruit and stock can bo raised with much profit to tho farmer. The funeral of Miss Emma Wood took place Ht tho family comotory near Kauffman Station on tho 8th Inat., being largely attended by relatives and friend* who deeply sytnpo- thizod with tho afllictod family. J. 13. Peorco & Co. have oponod out In line stylo and now have on hand a full and complete lino of hardware, farm machinery, &C at prices that defy competition. Our end of the town Is on tho bnoin and offers splendid opportunities to people who would lllco good healthy locutions for residence or business property. x. The importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and we ask you to try Hood's n o .||i:_» Sarsaparilla. It strengthens r CUUIIClI aud bunds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsuparilla pecul- T*» l+eolf iar curative powers. No ' v I1SGIT other medicine has such a record of wonderful cures. If you have made np your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by-C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar . C. JS. HOUDL,A.NI>, Dentist, 13 THIRD STREET, ALTON, ILL. Office Uonrs-s n. ui. to 13 m.; 1 to 1 p. fobrtwlv G. A. MoMELLEN, Dentist, OVKtt-BRUEGGEMANN'S OIGAR STORE SECOND ST. 1e°.3 dtf PHYSICIANS AMP SUHOKON» DB. E. Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE. OOR. FOURTH AND HHNliY STB. _ ______ _ _ 1aS-dwly MB. BLAINB'S CONDITION. Ho is Besting Tlasy and no Alarm is Felt at Fort Gibson. W. A. HASKBIjL, M.J>., Physician and Surgeon, OFFIOB-SEOOND ST., ALTON, ILL. ' Office h ours—9 a. m. j 12 to 1, and 6 p.m auidJ-dwt FORT GUSSON, I. ,T., April 10—It lias just been learned here from Col. 11. C. Kerens that Mr. Blaine rested well lust night and was much refreshed to-day. Tho following is the 'report of the attending physicians, Dr. Mudci, of St. Louis and Dr. Burns, tho post surgeon, made »t8 u, mil'ulao 7G, soft and easy, temperature normal. The patient was clear of fever during tho night. Tho bronchitis was bcttor.but hoarseness had uot subsided. At the interview with the attending physicians last night they seemed loth to give any particulars of Mr. Ulaino's disease- whatever, only that it was bronchial pneumonia. Dr. Mudd started for St. Louis this evening. Tho reporter met Mr. K. C. Kerens, who introduced him to Col. Coppingor, at his headquarters, where Mr. Blaine Is lying ill. Col. Coppmger is a man apparently about -15 or 50 years old, and quite gray, lie is of medium size, wears his uniform as colonel, aud burnsido We do not manufacture Lnrcl, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck] wo do not first squeeze tho fat and oil outof our stock, and thon convert tho refuse Into a worthless uoap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dowel animals or refuse material. KILVKK SOAP (a made Of TDKB TAI.. tow, by a oloan process, and can bo used freely without danger of having tho skin diseased pr poisoned. ASK YOUU OKOOEn JfOR IT. EMPIRE SOAP COST. LOU Id. MO. KASKINE <THE .JEW QUININE.)' No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears. C" ros quickly Pleasant,!" 11 TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOR GOLDS KASKINE HAS UEBNFOPND TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. BellevuoHospital,N. Y.: "Universally successful." ("Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kaaklno has been (discharged cured." Rev.lJus. L. Ilall.Chaplaln Albany Penitentiary, writes that Kaskme has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dysponsia. Write him lor particulars. " St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable, It acts perfectly." Proj. \V. F. Uolcoinbe, M.D., 64 East25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod, College) wrttoa: "Kasklno is superior to quinine in us specific power, and never produces tho slightest in jury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas kine bus cured,,them after nil otheer modi cine had failed. Write for book of testimonials. •Kaskine can he taken without any special medical advice. ?].00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KA SKINE.CO., 51 Warren St., New Vork 1« dwlm TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BOOM. Parties intending to buy Real Estate in the city ol Alton or vicinity will find it to their Interest to call at the office of Rudershausen & Sonntag and examine their list of properties for sale as only a part thereof is advertised. apSdwtf TuOKOUT. HlittE.r THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! FORS ALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDBAKE Also Outside Work n specialty. Roofing and Galvanized Ivon Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON IIAND. COR. HKOUMO AND AM»Y STS. WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i Specialty, from Small Largest Sixes. to At the old reliable llOUSE-l'AINTING and DKOOHAT1NO establishment ol "*'"" u " u NEFF & 03ERMUELLER, Fourth, eaat of Belle st. foblldam ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. BBTATB 01 Eleanor 1'. Guild, deceased. The uniltu'Hlgiiud, having been appointed AdmlnUtrucor ot tho «stuto of Eleanor X'. Uulld, lute of |thu county of Sludlson umistatoot Illinois, deceased, hereby Klvos notice that he will appear bafnru tho county court ol MnilUon county, at the court house, In Ediyurdsvlllo, ut the May term, on the third Monday in May next, at which tlmo all persons Imvliiu claims against Hiilil I'itiuu uro notified and requested to uttund lor the purpoHo of hiivlnu tUo same iidliistod. All jiemons indebted to uuld Estuto aru roauestod lo uiaku linmodtuto payment to the under- I)utod this nth duy of March. A. D., 1887, 1'JSULBY II. Svim'PLM AUmimotrutor. Glosingr Out. 1 Mwnts, Violins, CLOCKS and SILVERWARE. At and Below Cost. Everything to be sold by 1st ol May. Bargains in Watches and a general line oil 1st class Jewelry. JNiow is your time for ^Bargains at Corner Third and Piasa streets. ' 1887 THE LATEST !-—1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Made In lour styles. Two and Three Burners. With Tin and Russia Ovens. A I KM EOT Air Pressure, without the elevated tank. t-ut liOT Air Pressure, without the elevated tank. Pressure Is obtained with a woii-i.t Timr 0 ™™''? 1 , 111 ™? 11 ' 1 Absolutely tho safest; simple with no intricate ports, EUt ' - LIGlias with oarburetted air, instead of oil in u urlp cup. Gasoline and Air Tanks am .it ot 3X inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy annealed?braa£tin, btewCo K b ! nrm?r nd0£ ta * kl801 g1 " 8 ' 8hOWln « •* wa >«» ^ SllInl^TaSu'oV The reKular lino of JISVVEL STOVES AJJD RANGES are improved mechanloallv and art!. 3 * „„.?,„. T ,. — cloublo ov f thrce buruor llo ^ tand pipe^ftVreosea in site to large supply valve and trap at base. All ovens are made"double or flue ft. rv Atur-r-r r - - - ' ' npomm & B AMXLL - - ticully. one in * lined Sole Agents* ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE ^ ^ NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS. w£5 JS? 1631 * 40 Kliet for Prostration caused by ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, whan token with Soda, Vichy. OKifcV BIT TUB , Being non-alcoholic, It commends itself especially to Physicians/Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following sedentary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy. GHICAGO-iU. \ U-s-A- KAQLK PAOKBI COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer W. f. ENSIJVGEK, H. LEYira, Master. j E. Ross POWEM , I Ki), Iff.ooK, Olorji a. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Lonls on return trip at 8 p. in., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Gralton, and way points every evening at 6:!!0 o'clock. «3-Tho •Whistle will bo Bounded flltOOI) minutes before starting for St. Louis. _ „ To ST. Lor/w, ROONDTlHl- . TWEBTV UIDKB- fl W.HILL. 5 B 00 Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUB ST. LOUIS AND OKNT11AL ILLINOIS R. R. OO'S PALACJ5 Sl'lCASUCK and Decorative *ffl8ffl&$S£">*P* OM oxmoa AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . . ILI, &z These Wsilibourcls are mudo with a Iteut .Wood rim. Tho BtroDg- OhtboatvUaud hett wtwlwra Intln world. For salo by all deulen. Take no othor. SAGItVAW M'P'O CO., 9IIohtgn»> CLICPORD'S KKOELSIOR J. V. J5LLISON, Oornniandor. KD. ANBIIUTX, • TIIUB UOIIOB, On and after Thursday,; Alton dully i, 0 , 0 "' 1 """/,'! 1 , 1 " Monil «y. April 1th. steamer Hudson wlllleiivuai. Louis lor Alton, Port- IBO, Jersey, Urufton and nil pulnta on St. L. t C. I.U.U., dally, oxcopt Sunday, «t 8:;iu a. n., uiTlvin« ut Alton at II u. m. K«turnlii« wllllpuve Alton for St. Louis atSils p. m. , !v,\' ."f Ht ^'' Ij ?" * "' "i!W'» ainplu tiino for ,'J. 1 .. ?. s . t ?J. ltto .". a , tl !9 ll . t ''«" i . otu. . Putties piir , . - nd ti-Iptl.ikotB will ho furnished Btnto rooniH without extra cost. Round trip lokutSDlBtciiiiiortiimiiiU Kn K \o or Hudson vllllho honored by Hltliur lxmt fov vnlurn assiiKD. lloia will leave Alton for St. Louis at 8 a'olnak u. in., ouiiday.' oonnaoltiiuwlth fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois Railroad lor Jursoyville, Wu- id all points north und KAHE. TOST. Louis.sliiKlu trip, . . , Me. ' " round trip, .... 7fl;,, " " twenty rlcio ticket, . , $6.00 «, • ! yB'lX^v'^J'l'M.Gon.'AKt. Altw?.™ il. A. FldUBll, «on'l UiuuiBOr. toliatf ROOFING LATE PAINT roofti. ire«urviitloiiof»liliiKloiiii(l . , urml or cur land. For iirlcon, iiuilni"" O. O I.IChl'IlO, A C'O., Ui.m.rul AKVNU, 40tl Viwt I.IChl'IlO, C'O., Ui.m.rul AKVNU, 40tl iw Huron 81., Oliluuio, ur JUIcliliiuu l.uDibcr Da, AHslgneo'8^ Snle. • I'ubllB iiinloo iHlior-byKtyon that by virtus of an oi'dnr of the ciounty court of Madison county, State ot Illinois, the nudorsljfiKid, iisslKime of the D. R, sparks Milling Company, will, on IMlIDAV.thWnj DAY OF Al'UIL, A. 1),, IHS7, sell at nublla auction to the hluli; , «at bldUur lor cash, ut Uio hour of ten o'olooK In the forenoon of bald day at the north front door ol thu oily hall bunding in thoultyol Alton. Mud lion county, Illinois, «,ho following il(!H«riboil foal eutiitii, to-wlt: Lot thirteen (l:i) lu Alton ManulauturliiKOompunv'naddi- tion to tho city ol Alton, oouiity ol Madlaon uudStutuof IlUnota: uuuudwillhu umdato thu inirehaHer upon approval of Iho re])ort of Halo by the county court of Madison co. Thu auovo property being tlio present ro«- donee of Unpt. J>. It. SpiiiTts. FRANK II. MILNOll, A*)»|jjnoo ol vlio D, iv, SpatJss MllU»«C>o,

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