Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1887
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VOLUME 26. ILL., MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 11, 1887. KTJKBBR 268. BILIOUSNESS IS >AN OP VUE LlVttK, • ANB CAN BE THOROUGHLY OUBKD BY THE j GllAND RHUULATOK OF THE LIVBH •'• AND CUBANS, Toall suffering from Slok Headache and Bll- l loueneas: * "Have boon n victim to the above tor years ana, after trying various remedies, my only snooess was lu the use of SIMMONS LIVKB REQDLATOB, which nirnr Called to relieve me In twelve hours; and I can assure thoao auifetiug from tbo above that they would bo itrcatW relieved by its HBO. I speak not myself, but my whole family. Tours respectfully, J. M. FIUiUAN, Selma, Ala." u- *• "\ye have tostod Its virtues. nerBonally,and know that for Dyspepsia, Bfllousnesss and Throbbing Headache, it lathe bostmo-'iolno ; tho world over saw. Wo have tried forty othea remedies botorn Simmons Liver Beautor, but none of them gave n» more than temporary relict; but the UoRulator not only relieved, bnt cured uaS-Ed. Tolegrapti w»d UosBcngor, Maoon, Ga. Itl BiliouTcolic. !>' SIMMONS' LIVEn BEQULATOB cured mo from cnso ot long standing Bilious colic after other medicines failed. I think It ono of the , best family medicines I over used. [it "T. J. LAN1BB, Peteraburg, Vn. ' ONLY GBNCTINB ' Manufactured by J. H. Zeilln, & Co., Plilla., Pa. i, • S—my28eod.*whly 1 utown 011 ANNUAL Said a fascinating girl of the period to ft Tclogmm reporter • last night;:; "Isn't it just too awful that young, nietv of tho present day drop onto so much slang in their talk p 1 suppose it is bo- cause they are built that way; but then if they only knew what an old chestnut slang in -.all its varieties really is, they would lot up onto use. Why, although. my acquaintance is only with young men thai, are way up, don't chcr know, I catch on to some now bang ,up slang phrase every day. And you can gamble your boots that I am always fly enough to let them know I am on to their racket, too. I don't know what makes tho young dudes, sling in so much slang in their chin music unless they think that it creates tho impression that they are flip. If they reckon that, though, they're way off, I should smile. "Ah, there! — excuse the expression." She went on with a smile: "I think all tho girls ought to carry chestnut bells, and whenever a young man used slang they could ring him off and yoll •rats!' in his ear. That would bo sitting down on. him with a vengeance. I twitter it would. If the girls would tumble- to this kind of a racket, adopt the plan and let 'er go, Gallagher, tho young man would soon bo able to give us his song without using.a single slang phrase." Just then the dear creature's car came along and, as she .stepped on the platform, she said: "So long.- See you later. Ta, ta!" --Cincinnati Telegram. NEWS., T Absolutely Pure. Thi» powder never varies.-A marvel ol purity,' strength wliolespraeness. More oeo- nomioal than the ordinary kinds, and Cannot bo Bold in competition with tho multitude ol low test,short weight, Bjnm-phosphate powders. SOLD OH&r IK OAHS.__EQYAIi -BAKING TOWDBE CO., 100 Wall St., N. Y. ALTON. Of the male pupils in all tho Rooms giving monthly reports of the Alton Public Schools, one from each room, that can show a record for the best Deportment, Scholarship, &c., certified to by the Teacher and endorsed by the Superintendent, from the first of the present month to the end of present term, shall lanfldwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD I..IST OF BARGAINS —AT— C. A, Schlueter's Agency, receive from W. A. HiLDEBUANDa 82 Hat or a $2 pair of Shoes, or their equivalent in cash, 10 per cent off ($1.80), optional with the party. One prize to each of the. following schools: The Brother's School, the* German Catholic and the Lutheran. Tho Teachers' certificate will suffice. ['. And the one male pupil of the Public Schools, of Alton that can show the .best record, (certi: fled to and endorsed as above) for Deportment, Scholarship, &c., from September last to the end of the present term in June next shall have as a grand prize a $10 Suit, or its equivalent (10 percent, off ,$9) in cash. B®.Awards of prizes will bo made on presentation of the proper certificate any time before July 2d next, after which date this promise stands void, ! [Signed,] W. A. HILDEBRAND. Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, For Sale, cheap, cor. o£ 7th and Alton sts.; frame dwelling,!rooms and cellar, rents {or $10 por month. For Sale or Bicchangoo—100 acres, 85 in cultivation, 2« mllos northeast of Foatorburg, at a bargain. For sale—Five-room brick house, story and a half, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. Can bo had at a bargain. Good (property to Ono 0-room now house, with collar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by 110 on OtU and Market stg. For sale—one 8-room house andjonc 3-room house, Oth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good cistern and cool house, at a bargain. For sale—16 acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For salo-MO acres improved (arm with good house and stablos In Woodson county, Kansafa. R. R. runs across from Fort Scott to Wichita,6 miles from county seat, For sale—75 aorns partly bottom land, improved farm, near Uorsoy, with plenty of good buildings on same, For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, in this city. For sale or exchange—A aloe little cottage In BothuHo, with plenty of ground, stable and irood water on promisee. Forsalo or exchange—Two sections of R.R. tlmbor land In So. Missouri, 150 miles from St. IxiuU on the Iron Mountain R. R., at a bargain. For sale or exchange, 8 acres of ground on Main »t., adjoining Mnj'or.Ooppingor's on the oust. For sale or exchange— 6 sections of prairie land IP Crocket county, Texas. Wul sell cheap. Suitable for any farming purposes. Throottoi'os adjoining Dr.Roberts on north. Five lots on Dry fit,, adjolnlngjTuomas Diggins' roBldenob on the| oast, Ono and a Hall lots In U.awloy'8 addition. One and a half lots In Sholly's addition. Any of tho above property can bo bought at a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N- Y., one of the .best companies in the U. 8« And other good Companies in addition- The Cherokee Female ; seminary at Takiequah, Was yesterday destroyed by fire. Senator Vest confidently predicts that Mr. Cleveland will succeed himself as President. Capt. Billy Field, of the United States Indian police, was shot and killed atEtifauhi. The drought in Texas is assuming such phases as to- create general alarm throughsut the State. The President has appointed Eugene Seinple, of "Washington territory to be Governor of tho territory. • . ' The number of hogs slaughtered by Chicago packers since March 1 to date is 261.000 against 278,000 for the corresponding .period last year. The new test oath is a bitter pill for the polygamous Mormons, but Uncle Sara means they, shall take the medicine.even if he has to hold their noses. The Princess of Wales is reported to be in a precarious condition of health, through anxiety over the mental and other troubles of her three sisters. ' . The election of Tuesday show that not all cities; are; Democratic by any means. Chicago, Cincinnati, Toledo and Denver will all have Republican Mayors this year,' v It is said the President will save $120,000 out of his salary this term, and he would like to have the chance of saving as much'in the four years following. So would several other, men. Commissioner Colman has written letters to severaliGoyernors of States favoring legislation to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious^ and contagious diseases among cattle. The Illinois House and Senate Labor committees have decided to report unfavorably on the Eight-hour bills and Senator Streeter's act for the appointment of a labor arbitration committee. United States Senator Reagan, of Texas, is out in a letter in which he declares strongly in favor cf prohibition. Mr. Reagan's change of front causes great surprise among his Democratic friends. The Illinois Central Railroad Co. now owns the entire line of road between Dubuque and Sioux City, heretofore leased by it extending through Northern Iowa, from the Mississippi to the Missouri river. The President has appointed, as Commissioners to investigate the affairs of the Pacific railroads, under the act passed by the last Congress, Robert Pattison, of Pennsylvania, E. Ellery Anderson, of .New York, and David Littler, of Illinois. William Kissane has evidently forgotten the number of the outstanding indictments against him, and that they were loaded. Two or three documents of that kind on which he was never tried have turned up in Arkansas. Now that the Pennsylvania company has found that it is easy enough to heat ears by steam, and has announced that the deadly car stove has served its last season on that road, the other through lines may be expected to profit by the discovery. SUNATE. , III., April 0.—The Senate convened at 9 o'clock. The bfll providing for an additional judge at the Spring elections was taken up and advanced to its third reading. Efforts were made to have the rules suspended for the purpose of taking up certain bills. There being only twenty-nine Senators present it was impossible to secure the two thirds vote necessary. The quorum was b'roken on several motions, which was followed by a call of tho Seriate, which showed a quorum. The following bills, on second reading, were advanced: To ena- blePark Commissioners to condemn lands in certain cases for the purpose of making streets selected and taken for boulevards; to organize fanners' county mutual live stock insurance companies ; to amend the law in relation to County Fire Insurance Companies; requiring officers having in their custody public funds to prepare and publish an annual statement of the receipts and. disbursements of of such funds. Several other unimportant bills were advanced, when the Senate adjourned to 5 o'clock Monday evening. HOUSE. The House was industriously engaged this morning in considering bills on the order of second reading, a large number being disposed of on this order. The following were among the bills advanced: Exempting honorably discharged soldiers over 40 years of age from payment of poll tax; to prevent procuring of females-...for'- purposes of prostitution; Merritt's Insurance bill, requiring insurance companies to pay proportionate amounts on paid-up policies on the application of the insured; providing for the election of aldermen as follows; In cities not exceeding 3,000,inhabitants, six aldermen ; exceeding 3,000 but not exceeding 6,000, eight aldermen; exceeding 5,000 and not exceeding 10,000, ten aldermen, exceeding 10,000 and not exceeding 20,000, fourteen aldermen, and two additional aldermen for every 20,000 inhabitants over 30,000 with the provision that-in a^city of over 35,000 inhabitants there shall be elect edfortyTeight aldermen and no more, .unless additional territory is annexed to such city; in.whiph case, if the territory annexed contains 15,000 inhabitants, two additional A Idermen may be elected; also, the Collins bill to prevent the manufacture or sale of explosives .within,' the State when intended to use same for the destruction of life or property. The bill appropriating §280,000 to the State militia for ordinary expenses was advanced to third reading un am ended. fly iw SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and-Three.Plys, Stair Carpets and Matting^ Oil Cloths,Eugs and Mat^ Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of 1 I am offering-these goods at the very lowest prices to cash bu yers. Al I are invited to call and see the beautiful new goods &learii the low prices. Rev. K. C. Stone's Death. BI.OOMINGTON, 111 '., April 9.—Rev. R. C. Stone, of this city, died last night at tho home of his son-in-law, Hon. Thomas Slade, -aged 80. His remains'will be taken to Bunker Hill, Macoupiu. county, for interment. He was also the -father-in-law of Prof. Thomas ; Metcalf, of the State Normal school. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, i Office oa Third st.,<me door west of Piasftt third floor. Killed by a Stallion. RooicFoitp, 111., April 9. — John Hogan met his death in a horrible manner yesterday. He was at Westfield Corners with a stallion, and while exhibiting .the horse it struck him with its fore feet and knockod him down. While down the horse laid down on the man with its knees. Another man who was present stabbed the stallion in the neck with a knife. As the. .horse rose from Hogan's body it grabbed the prostrate man by the nape .of the neck and shook him so that he died in eight minutes. Deceased was 21 years old. Sud doi) Demise oC John I 1 . Itay« niond, tho Actor. KVANSVII.LE, Ind., April, 10. — John T. Raymond, tho celebrated actor, died here at 1 :80 o'clock this morning, from a complication of bowel and heart troubles, lie came here Friday afternoon from the South, quite ill, and and was not able to perform that night. He was not considered in a critical condition until 12 o'clock to-night, when he commenced sinking vapidly, became unconscious and died as above stated, His family livo in Now York. Members of his company are with him and did all they could to aid him in his extremity. C- A. SCHLUBTER, Office! in ray New Building, on Second street inohHUw wlion clironlo, buanmus very offensive, ll in Impossible to bo other. wiso heitlihy. anil, at tlio xauio timo, lUUluteil with ai.tarrh. This dloiiKreua- blo disease, in Ha most obntmuto and dun go rou u forms, can bo cured by llio udoof Ayor's,Sar8upurllla. ALTON, ILL. A NEERMAM.: FOR THE BEST BUGGY IN THEWORLD; AGENTS FOR THE Buggy Co's WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS. I'HB UELE ItU/Vl'ED Studebaker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers arid Engines;' Moline Plow Co's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine ' line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. Seo our §10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered . to any part of the city. HI Cor. 2d and State sts., • ALTON, ILL. Easter Church Dedication HIQIUAND, III., April 10.—Never before in church history has Easter Sunday been celebrated with more appropriate ceremonies than to-day. This afternoon Rev. James Tomp- kiiiH of Chicago, assisted by Rev. Bagnal and Vulliot, dedicated tho newly finished Congregational church This event will long be remembered, and much praise is due Rev, Bagnal for his hard labor in procuring this new place of worship. STUAKT'S OAHDOLIO ACID TROOUKS pertain cure for soro throat, coughs, colds and hoarseness. Wait, ono hour afler eating before taking one of tho troches for dyspepsia. STUAHT'S AHNIOA SALVK, surest euro for cuts and burns. BURKS' LINUIBNT cures all pains. Pearly tooth and a swoot broatli can be had only by using Crosslor's Wild Rose Tooth Powder. COULU NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Modlolne Co., Quhicy, 111. :— When in your store 1 WHS so bourse 1 could not spoak aloud. Tho first doso of your White Pino helped mo, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely relieved. Twine ainoo I have lost my voice, but taking llio I'ino Balsam a few time* has givon relief. Nothing ovor bonofilted mo like this lias.—Mrs, (Judge) J. H.Williams, 444 N. Oth., Quincy, 111. CURB FOH 8ICJ1C HEADACHK. Of the many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot Pills, nono has yielded quiokor than nervous and sick lioadaohu. Nino oasea out of cviiry ton of hoiutftohu uru caused by gluggish and Inactive liver. Bhol through tho throat by (lurks' Wliito Pino lliilaiun and killed a Hovoro cold In throo days. If you don't believe It lust try It. Price 60o at druggists. For sale in Alton by 10. Marsh. apl dwlw THE BEST ON EARTH I FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to.$50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADIM GUNS, From $16 to $30, J. H. BOOTH, THE LEADINOr JEWELER, mylBdwlv GO TO SEBLY & HEADQUARTERS FOR _ J Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the T)lace' THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. SUBSCRIBE FOR TILE 10c Per By mail or dolivored, Only Republican Daily in Iffadispn county

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