Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 9, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1887
Page 2
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ALTQH PAILI BT W. T. NOBTON, Our, Third and Pliun Street*, Alton, 111. SATURDAY JiVK., APlKLJO. Madison County Crop Froipecu. The following Interesting data cons earning the condition and (prospects ol the crops, etc., in Madison county, has boon furnished tbo Illinois Department of Agriculture by the regular correspondent residing'; ia this county. Winter wheat is growing finely and is nearly an average in condition. Mono winter killed worth naming and but a very small percent, drowned out. More care was exercised last fall than usual in the preparation of tho ground to be seeded in wheat. There is not much wintor'ryo grown in this county, except for oarly Spring pasture. Cattle are free from disease and in fine condition. Losses from exposure very small, not over 2 per cent, lost from all causes. Horses are in good condition and have been healthy, with the exception of slight colds or distemper. Sheep have come through tho winter in good condition and health. Lambs are largo and healthy. Cholera prevailed in many localities during the early part of the winter, but at presontjhogs are healthy and in (air condition. Oats were sown nearly a month car> her than in 1880. The soil is in fino condition for plowing, tfarm work is being pushed as fast as the weather will permit, DPPEB ALTON. CITIKENS' MEETING—Pursuant to a call which was circulated "Wednesday morning, a voters' meeting Was held in the Council room last evening. Prof. Clarke was called tolhe'ohairand Prof. L. M. Castle chosen Secretary. The object was tho discussion of tho project of surrender of our special Town charter and incorporation as a city under the general law. Addresses were .made by 11. E. Mills, I. H. Streeper, J. Burton and several others. Committees on several matters were appointed and the meeting adjourned till 8p.m. Saturday. The subject is one that vitally ^fleets the prosperity of our town, and it is the duly of each citizen to inform himself as to the merits or dements of the change, and vote, on Monday next, in accordance with his enlightened judgment. The attendance last eve. ning was good, betdg about a hundred men, but on Saturday evening we hope to soe a still fuller turn out of voters. No one should permit himself to vote ignorantly on such a question, and no one should neglect lo vote, one waj or the other. PERSONAL—While drawing tho cap from a loaded ahell, Mr. \V . II. Adams received a painful injury from tho explosion of the shell, fragments of which entered his hand. Linder careful nursing, the wounds are doing well. Mr. and .Mrs. L. K. Hull, of Rood- bouse, visited Mrs, John Leverett a few days ago. , Mr. L. J. Clawson is improving his property by a now line of fence. Mr, Dennis Boy.d, formerly with Pitts & Hnraill, has moved into the building Jately vacated by Henry F. Wiost, and is fitting up a tin shop. Prof. K. Marsh has nearly recovered from injuries received by a full during the snow storm of last week. BUILDING ASSOCIATION—The-April meeting of the Dirnotors of tho Building Association marked the end of the first six months; a dividend of 60 cents per share was declared. Tho money to loan was secured by Frank Sorgont who gets §1,800 at 25 1-2 per cent, premium, with which ho will build a handsome IIOUHU on his lot west of Mrs. Frank Hewit'a EASTER SERVICES. Astonishing Success. • It is the duty of every person who has used Bosohoe's German Syrup to let its wonderful ([ualitios be known to thoir friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in (not nil lltrunt and lung diseases. INO person can use it wllliout immediate relief. Three doses will relieve any oaso, and wo consider it the duty .of all druggists to recommend it to tlio poor, dying consumptive, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 do/on bottles wore sold last year, and no ono case whore it fiulud was reported. Such a mndiolue as tho German Syrup cannot bo -too widely known. Ask your druggist about It. Sample bottles to try, aold in 10 cunts. Hogulur si/.e, 75 cents. Sold by nil druggists and donlors, in the United States and Canada. j«8 dwoow ly AN Absurd Propasition : Lily (Secretary of tho Cooking Class)—"Now, girls, we've learned nino cakes, two kinds of augol food and seven plus. WUfttnoxt?" susio (,enga{{ed)~"Diok'» father says I must learn to make bread,' Indignant. Chorus—"Broadf Abtmvd! What are bnkuro forP"— Ex. £[irlnir Moods. Now goods in all shades and color* which will \)ii mitdu up in suits nt ruiiHotmblu prices, All goods out and (uado-by tho Now York Fashion Review, Wo guarantee a lino iH.nt Uruoggoman, Tailor's. \f> (Ivvliu ST. PAUL'S Celebration of the Holy Communion, 7 a, m. ; morning prayer and S. 8. festival, !) a. m.; continuation and sermon by tbo Rt. Rev. Goo. V. Seymour, S. T. D., LL. D., and second celebration at 10:30 a. m. All are cordially invited to attend. Ushers nt tho door. At 2;30p. m. tho Knights Templar aervlco will bo held, to be attended by Belvidere Commandnry and visiting Sir Knights in full uniform; the Rector acting as Prolate, The address will be delivered by Bishop Seymour. Tho middle aisle will bo reserved for tho Sir Knights and pcwholdors. All are feor- dially invited to occupy tho other pews, and by coining early can obtain tho choice of them . Tho church will bo beautifully decorated for all those services. In tho evening at 7 :30 o'clock Bishop Seymour will preach and conlirro. again ttJTrmity Chapel on State street. The Chapel also will bo beautifully trimmed and all are cordially invited to attend. The tnusio m the afternoon and morning will bo of unusual excellence. The programme will include Anthem, Te Deutu, and Cantata Domino, by Dudley Buck, Gloria in Ercelsis, etc., with solos by the Misses Hewitt, Cary and Mrs. Crowo, Messrs. Beta and Soliwep- pe. Both quartette and slirpliced choirs will appear. Dr. Bull'will put in on upper or lowea sot of teeth for $8. Office closed Wed-. nesdays. d s wtf Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHJPPLE & SMILfiY. Seasonable Luxuries. Lemons, bananas, oranges, figs, grapes and other tine fruits; delicious ice cream: also home made and fancy candies and beautiful Ens tor eggs, at 7 3 LEYSEU'S. PKKSUNAL. Mr. and Mrs. L. Biokel returned this morning from Lo Claire, Iowa, where they went to attend the funeral of Jos. Gable, a bnAbor-in-law of Mrs. B. Mr. Fred. Hayden returned from his fruit (urm at Villa Ridge, last evening. He reports plenty of peaches in that part of the State.. Col. and Mrs. J. T. Cooper arrived in town last evening, and will remain a few days visiting friends. Quite unexpectedly this afternoon Dr. Abbott has been called to preach for Dr. Kendnck in Springfield, 111., and Dr. Kondrick .will presoh for Dr. Abbott tomorrow. Mr. C.M. Belk, of Liberty .Prairie, is in the city today. Mr. Sftbram Cor, a venerable colored gentleman ot Uberlin, Ohio, who was a resident of Alton at the time of the pro- slavery riots, is in town visiting friends Mr. Chas. Wilkinson, formerly Night Operator at Edwardsville Crossing, has been promoted to the I. &St. L.agonoy at that oilicc. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the presorption of one of tho best fornaie nurses and physicians in the United Slates, and lias boon used for forty yean with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During tho process of teething its value is incalculable. It relievos the child from pain, cures' dysentery and dmrrhoaa, griping in the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to tho child it rests the mother Price 26o a bottle. ia 15 m w swlijt<Jj LTCJJUM.—The Young reopJe's Lyceum met lost evening at Mr. C. H. Kico'B with a good attendance. After prayer by Rev. R. H. Manier tho following entertaining programme was excellently rendered : Recitation; Miss Sarah Stevong ; vocal solo, "Sweet Heather Bells, 1 ' Miss Addle Hamilton; piano. solo' Mabel Rice; instrumental trio, "aiock- ing Bird," "uitar, Miss Lillie Kriranilz, mandolin, John Hancock, harp, Willie Krimnitx; reading, Miss Jennio Brown* ing: piano duet, Misses Alma Miner and Bessie Ilubbell; piano solo, Lutio Boals: vocal duet, Misses Surah and Emma Stevens; recitation, Miss Uortha Ferguson; quartette, "Corno whore my Lovu lies Dreaming," Misses Hamilton, Messrs. J. (I. Qmglcy and Win. Hub- bull. the teatandmfiiatWftsli- ing Compound known, TJieil Aa it prod noes batter rmnUa MAKES Shorter Honrs For Women, with a greater »avlug of Tjnia anil Lqlinr In Wmhlng and Homo Jowolry, Bllvor, la fagt eitrjUiiug, \»iVh it. Try it lu tli»Batli,»nd note ItiBupariority ov»r Boap llownreufluilcmluni. 'I'ho Uoiiuliio nlwuyi licnri Ilio •ligvg Sjrwlwl »nJ imnio or EARL1NED1DIT Nuw Vurk, CHICKAMAUOA. lion a 1'rirnte Remembers It. Onnorttl Fullerton, In the April mimbur of tho Uentnrii tnngnzlno (SIninoranda on thn' clrll war) gives the tnovinnonts of the no- servo Corps At Ohlckamatiga in a manner that recalls most vividly tho 18th, Itth ant). ZOthibf September, 1863. With one of thoiis raw troops "who did not knew rtny better than charge up that hill," there still lingers, however, u fnlnt linprofljlon tlmt it was uot altogether a matter of choice. Tho thoroughly drilled soldier knows only enough to obey orders and ut command of Granger and Stoeiluinn, In both of whom the man had implicit confidence, wo should probably liavo charged oven hotter places than this famous horseshoe wliei-o tho battle ended Sunday night. Again it required little, if any, more norro to advance than remain ftt rest, as roforonco to tho map will show tho Union troops exposed to a cross fire that loft us In tho position of tho darkey'? quail: "How did you shoot it Jim, on tho wing?" "Jiress you, Mar's, I shoot him on tho wing, shoot htm on tho head, shoot him on tall, I shoot htm all over." 1 saw bettor won thau myself that had more than one wound received from behind. BOH, Granger's remark was A compliment his men ean appreciate us those cannot who dldnotknoiv Jilmso well. I was with Stood- man, Whlttaker's brigade, and wo made tho most of that four miles on the double quick. Tho dust was In such clouds wo could stavcely see each other. Halting once to drive bnok Homo rebol skirmishers, we again siartod to the assistance of that part of Thomas' corps opposed by^Ilndman. 1'asslng through a little valley wo were struck with such a blast of shells, grape and inuskot bulls that Gran- aer, who with hist staff was lust then passing my company at full gallop, yelled, "Down with them colors." Tlie -rtas ami pcnnaius made ratlfcr too good a target for tho rebel artillery. We all ducked heads and lost no time In trying to get out ot range. General Fullorton makes an error here. Ho says, "Steedman, with a regimental Hue, led the way." My Oolonel, Jesse II. Moore, than whom no braver man lived, occupied his proper position in rear of the battalion; to nyoid somewhat tho rain of bullets ho had dismounted and given his horse In charge of his hostler. Wo were Just then starting up thij hill when General Stoedmon, riding down the rear of the lino said loud enough for all to hear, "Whore is your horse, Ool. Moore? Mount sit, your place is on your horse I" No; It was tho private soldiers and lino ofllcors of Whtttakor's brigade that led that charge. Had Gen. Stcedumn boon In front he would not have lived flvo minutes. I believe every man in my regimfint made conspicuous by his uniform was struck. All honor to Steedman! The flag spoken of was that of my regiment and theelrcumstanco.worethese: We left the vicinity of MoAlfee's church at about 11 a. m. and had traversed the tour miles, taken position and made the charge at one o'clock. Bv four p. m. wo had used nearly all our cartridges. Our color boaror and every member of the guard had been killed or wound- od. Wide gaps wero in every company. Some were searching th« dead for more cartridges. Those whoso positions wore near trees took advantage ot tuelr shelter cleansed, Purified and Beautified by the Cuticuva Remedies. Par cleansing the Skin and Scalp of Disfiguring flumors, lor allaying itching, burning and Inflammation, for curing tho firs* symp tomsof Eczema, Psoriasis, Slllk Crust, Scaly Head, Sorotnlu, and oth»r inherited Skin and Blood Diseases, Cutlcura, thogroat Skin Cure, and Outleura Soap, ian exquisite Skin Boautifler.oAtornally, and Outioura llesolv- ont, tho new Blood Purifier, internally, arc Infallible. - , A OOMl'IiETB COKE. Ihave sulfored all my life with skin diseases of different kinds, and have never found permanent relief, until, by the advice of 'a lady friend, I used your valuable Cuticura Komodles. I gave thorn a thorough trial, using six bottles of the Outioura Hosolvont. two boxes Outleura nut'lsoven cakes of Outl- cnra Soap, ana tho result was just what 1 had been told it would bo— a coinpiete cure. BELLK WADfc, llichmond, Va. Koferoiiob. G. W, Luttimer, Druggist, filch- inondiWa. - SA1.T KHKOM ;CURED. I was troubled with Salt Kheum for a number of years, so that the skin entirely came off one of inv hande from the linger tips to tho wrist. I tried remedies and dootors's prescriptions to no purpose until I commenced taking Outleura Remedies, and now 1 am entirely cured K. T. PAEKEU. 371) Northampton St., Boston. THEM. Have sold a quantity of your Outfcura Remedies. One ot my customers, Mrs. Henry Kintz. who had tetter on hor hands to such nn extent as tp cause tho skin to peel oft, and lor eight years she sulforcil greatly, was completely cured by the use of your medicines. 0. N. NYE, Druggist. Canton, Ohio. ITCHING, BCAXY, PIMPLY. For the last year I have had a species of itching, scaly and pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a groat many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily and entirely cured by Outleura. Mlis. ISAAC WlELl'S, Ravenna, 0- Wo have sold your Outleura Remedies for tho lost six voars, and no modiclncs on our shelves give better satisfaction. 0. F. ATHERTON, Druggist, Albany, N.Y. OUTICUBA REMEDIES are sold everywhere. Price: Outioura', 60 cents ; Ilesol vent f 1 ; Soap. 25 eta. Prepared by tho I'otter Drug and Chemical Co... Boston, Mass, bond for "How to Uuro Skin Diseases." iTDTfDC! Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and UTXlUJODtUnby Humors, cured by Outl- onrn Soap. ^ __ Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh in Its [instructive force stands next to and undoubtedly loads on to consumption, It is therefore singular that those anllctod with this fearful disease should not make U. the object of their lives to rid themselves o It. Deceptive remedies concocted by ignorant pretenders to medical knowledge have weakened tho confidence) of the grout majority lu all advertised remedies. They l*u- come resigned to a life of misery rather than torture themselves with doubtful palliatlvus, But llils will never do. Catarrh must be mot at uverv stage and combattod with all our might. In many cases tho disease has assumed dangerous symptoms. Tljo bones and citrtHugo of thenosu, tho organs of hearing, ol seeing und of tasting so ulfectod as to bo usuluus, tho uvula so oloiiKCtoa, the throat so iiitlamed and irritated us to produce u constant ano distressing couuh. Snnford's Hmllcnl Onro moots uvory phnfo of Catarrh, from u slmpKi head cnld to the most louthsome and destructive Btugos, It is local and constitutional. Instant In relieving, permanent lu 'curing, safe, economical mill novur lulling, Kucli pnekugo contnins OIHI bottle ot the Radical Ouvo, ouo.boxof tho Outurrhul Solv- out, Biid un Improved Inhaler with trmulno; prlco $1. 1'ottor Drug and Ohcuilcnl Do,, lloston. KIDNEY PAINS And that weary, lifeless IIII-KOIIK sniiaiulon nvor prusnnt with thoue of inliiunuil kidneys, wouk ouok anil . lolux, uuhlng hllis and side** overworked or wornnnc by ulsaaso, do'ulllty or dlHslpatlon, are relliiviid In ana inliiutu and iMiiHllly cured by the Uiitluura Antl I'uiii I'liiHtor, H now, orltfliial.oliifiiiiiC and Infallible tmtldotu to pixtn and intlummutlou, At all dniKKl»ts.J5o; UveforSl: or of 1'ottor Druir Co., boston. and oonscquontly the lino was broken and looked very different from dress uaradd. My musket barrel had boon out through by a shell, and I was using a rebol rifle df Rich' mond make. It had become very foul and I had ft ball half \vay downwhonlt stuck fast. 1 \ttts driving the raimnor against a tree to forcti It down. Staodman thought he saw evidence ot a break and rnshltiit to tho front took mir colors sayinit: "Go baok DOJ-S if tou will, but your flaK win not." It Ig enough to say that'tbo boys stayed there until ordered back when night closed thobattle j that many of them remain there still; that tho General, after the battle, called ours his banner ro«l- m«nt and wo wore profanely named "tough isunses and hard to handle," Tho General mlifhthavo boon a little''premature, but I think it waa a neat thing for him to do and that Is how ho led tho »Uarso. . •• j, r. KING. RITEH NEWS. This evening's packets arc Gem City, for Kcokuk; Bald Eagle, for Clarks. villo; Sidney, for Warsaw; Calhoun, for Peoria; Spread Bugle, for Gwvlton. -THE g BEST TONIC. "3 This 'medicine, combining Iron with pure vegetable tonics, quickly and completely Cures Dy»pep«la, Indigestion, weakness, Impuro llloocl, Malaria, C'llUls mid Fevers, null Neuralgia. It is an unfailing remedy far Diseases of tho Kidney ami I,lvcr. H is ill-valuable far Diseases peculiar to Women, and all who lead sedentary lives. Itdocsnot injure tbi'ootb,causeheadacho,or produce fionstlpfttloi V-olfccr Itm medicines .do; It onrlcnea and purifies tho blood, stimulates the appetite, aids tlio assimilation of food, relieves Heartburn and Belching, and strengthens the muscles and nerves. For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of Energy, etc., it has no equal. tsr Tho genuine has above trodo mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no oilier. Hwlo onlj 67 mcOWS 011W1ICAL CO. HALTIHOBK, BO KASKINE QUIST1NE.) No bad effect No'headache No nausea. wo ringing ears._ C"™ 8 quickly A POWJiKFUlL TONIC, that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPJBCIFIOFOB MALARTA, RHEUBIATISM, NEBVOUS PBOSTBATION, and all Germ Diseases FOU COLDS KASKINE HAS BEBNFOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPE01FIO. Superior to Quinine. BollGvuo Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally successful." (•"Every patlentcroatod St. Francis Hos.N. T. < with Kaskine has been (disclmrgea cured." Rev.! Jtts. L. HaU.Ohaplatn Albany JFonlton- tlary, writes that Kaskino has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. AV rite him tor particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y..- "It's use fs considered indispensable, It acts perfectly." 1'rol. ff. JPY Holoombe, M.D., 64 East 25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kuskino is superior to quinine In its specific power, and never produces tho slightest Injury to tho hearing or constitution. • Thousands upon thousand write that Ivas Vine h«8 ourea.thcin alter all otlioer modi cine had failo*. Write for book of testimonials. Kaskine can be taken without any special medical advice. 51.00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKIKE CO., 64 Warren St., NewYork _ jn dwlra TAKE ADVANTAGE OP THE • BOOM. I'drMea Intending to Duy Real Estate In tlio city ol Alton or vicinity will find It to their interest to call at the ofllae of Ruderslmusen & Sonntug and examine their list of pnjpor- tios for sate as only a part thereof is adver- tlaea. apSdwtf 1887 rTBTB LATEST J—-1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES Made in four stylos. Two trod ThreoBwnots, 'With Tin and HusstaOvens. A PEM'EOT Air Pressure, without tho elevated tank. Pressure is obtained with a woleht not-with a pump. Absolutely tho safest; simple with no intricate ports, ' LIGHTS with corburottod air/ Instead ol oil In a orlp cup. QasoHne and Air Tanks are oil of 3K Inch seamless brass tubing small connecting pipes of heavy annealed braw.wltti union couplings. One oild oJ tank Is ot elww, showing.quantity of oil In same. Cannot be filled while burning. ...,.'... The regular line of JEWEL STOVES AND RANGES are Unproved meohuntcallj and artistically. Largo double Oven for throe burner Ranges! bland plpoa Increased In »)zo to one inch, with laVgo supply valvo and trap at baso. All ovona aro made double or; flue lined. ' ' , • " • upOdlm I PITTS & HAMILL, Sole Agents. . : ELY'S OHEAM HALM' Is not a lirjuid, sfluj)* w pomler. Applied into nostrila is quickly absorbed. It clean.ien theJicad. Allay a inflammation. HcaUtlie sores, ll'estorcstlie senses afttuite and smell. 50 cents at Dfiujgislx; 'by mail, ngtttartil, CO emit. ELY BROTHERS. HAGLt: PACKET COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer IK.J- . •( JSp. BtooK,Oierif a, On and after Monday, Fob.'11, tho Spread BaalB will ruuasfollovia.vlzi LEAVING ALTON FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p.m., dally. And. leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Oral ton, and waj points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. ta,The Whistle will bo sonuded fiftowi minutes before starting for St. Louis. . FAKEl TO ST. LCDIS, -•- 50 ROUND TMP ... .7|) TWBNTY KIDBS' * - 6 00 ..... G W. HILL, AffflTii:. LUOKOUT HEttE! TlIli'-OELEBRATEp QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! VOJl SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARD VVAKE Also Outside Work n specialty. UoolliiK and diilvanlzod Iron Worlt. Also Diiclertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. UOll, SECOND AN1> AI,BY STS. Patents. fo ny persons wishing to obtain lolttir iwioitt on now Inventions, 'mprovemonto o J«»lgu», l vrli) oxoouto (Irotvljitfs und niiuvta ,'n:.1oua and make applications for I'ateuU Ml congviltutlon, In puivon ox- bv lotto , lr«e Ll'CAS PJI'BIII'FJJINBBKGIJlt, A«*on. III. Fast Freight & Passenger Line TUE 'ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL .ILLINOIS K. K. OO'S 1 ' PAIACE 8TKAMKK J. F. BLLfSON, Oomuiandef. ' On and after Thursday,Fob. 17th, will leave Alton dally Oominoucing Monday, April 4tb, steamer Hudson will leave 8t. Louis for Alton, Portage, Jersey, Graf ton and all pulnta on Bt..L. & 0. 1, K. U., daily, except; Sunday, at 8:SO a. in.; arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Itoturnlnti ivi/llcave Alton for St. Louis at 0:45 p. m. arriving at 8t, Louis at 7 :30 in ample time for parties to attend theutrss, etc. Parties purchasing round trip tlvkots will be furnished state rooms without extra cost. Round trip tickets of stefimor Hpruiul Knglo or (ludsoii wlll'be honored by either boat for return passage, liput will leave Alton for St. Louis lit 8 o'clock a. in,, auuday. conneotlnirwlth laatoxprosa oi\ St. Louis and. Oonti'Ul Illinois Hnilroad for Jorsoyvillo, Wa- vflrly, Spilngllcld and all points north and oust, •-• v .FAKE. To SI. LOuiB.sliiKlu trip, ... . 60o. " " round trip, . . . . 7Bp. " " twenty riuo ticket, . . $5.00 HBNHY 0. TATUM, Gon. A(ft. Alton. . H. A. FI^IIBK, C^on'l Jlanagor. folldtf UJCWTISTWi. DlC. C. JB. UOJLir.AN3>, Dentist, ISa'ElKDSTHKET, Af^ON, ILL. O/rti!rt JEIoatv-8 a. ia. to 13 m.; 1 to I p. u. G. A. McMILfcEN, l)cntint, OVKI{ IKWKQGKMAXN'a OIGAU 8TO1CK HKOOM I) ST. 1013 (Itl HHYMHJIANH AND Dlt, JED. 1'liynicliut una Hur^eon, AHO HKSIDENOK, OOll.FOURTl) A-NDHBNlvV (j'J'8. VV. A. PhysioJiut and Ourgoon, ririOB-SKCIOND ST., ALTON, ILL. omco h oars- p a, m.; 18 to l, und a p.w By taking tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials aro Doing received daily regarding ite wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse It as tho greatest medlnal dlsoqvory or tho day. Tho GREAT GOLDEN SEAL Is a Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous syston and tbo tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Provontutivo of Chills, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho evil effects of ejccesslvo aleoholio Indulgences. A ID All Toning up tho entire system. If you aro just recovering from sickness, no hnown i-eraody will give strength and health so fust. Price, 81.00 per uottlo at all Druggists. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO,, 54 LaSalle Av. r CHICAGO, ILL. W. Jb\ ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative >.,i AJJ. WOItR raoMPTLY ATTMN0ED TO 4'T LOWEST TEUMS. Ol'FlOK ANJ) SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR, PIA8A ALTON, . . . ' "Tho underBlgnod have cuened a now fmusie store at tho corner (of Third andl'iasusts ORGANS AND PIANOS'!' of the [flnost v. bi-kmanship tor sale atroa- sonablo prices. (Jail and examine our instruments before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSSj & RABE. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor F. Guild, deepened. TIiu undersigned, having boon appointed Administrator ot the estate ot Eleanor 1*. Uulld. Jato of (the county of Aladlsan and state ot Illinois, deceased, hereby glvos notiou that ho will appear before the county court ot iUudlson county, at tho court house, in Kdwardsvtllo, at tho May term, on tho third Monday In May next, ax wnlou time all persons having claims against said Estate aro notified and requested to attend lot the pin-pose of liuvldK tho same adjusted. All persons indebted to said Kstnto are requested to iimko Immediate payuiu&t to the xmder- slgnod. , . . i»ated this llth day of March, A. p., 1887. I'JfiULKY U. VVHIPPLK, - AdnUnlstrator. WILSON WASHBOARDS. T)ie«« Wailiboardi aro ninae with a Went-Wood rim. The Btronjr MlohtB«n. OUFFORD3 ROOriNG EXOEL8IOR LATE PAINT I'u Wlo nottuoinhor 'byslvun that by virtue r of an ordur of the county uonrt of Madison county, Stato of llllriole. the uiid aHai«neoof the D, It. HiwrhsMUUuK ny, will, on FJtlOAY.thoijOm DAY O . A. D., 1887, null at public utiouou to the hlitli- oat bidder forwiHli, nt tho hour of ten o'olooK in the foronoon of wild day ut tho uorHi front door of the city hall hulldlng In'houHyoI Alton. MfuUuon county, Illinois,*.horollpwinj| dtisorlbod j-onl CBtute, to-witi Lot tliirtaail (i;i) In Alton UauufuiituriuKQompuuv'ouu'li; tlon to tlio city ot Alton, county of —--.-•: undBtutpof AllnoUt u Uued wfil uu mttdo to tho puroliusor upon approval of t of mile by the county court of M KttANK It. MH.WVII. Assignee of thoj). H. Bpm-ks Milling oo.

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