The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY/ DECEMBER 3..-.3080/ JH.YTHBVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLARIFIED ADS Two cents a woro^ for'first insertion -' cent a < word tor each subsequent. 'Insertion. 'No advertisement "i taken for', less than 50c. Count the, words and send . the cash.. .-.- ' . Phone 30(5 .. F9R SALE FOK SALE—Cafe worth' J3CO.OO, $75.00 Cash- \£'lll buy, owner 'BO'; Ing to Elo 'Grand ValleJ', Texa.s 1 , 407 West Ash : S'trcel v ''_ .•'. -'••••'"•• FOR SALE—'Two .WalkEr. .hounds; l«so and flye 'years''. o!d.- On', trained en deer,'" other, par.cly' (falni ed. Both for, '$?&." W. Mi: ;T*;yl6r Keiser, Ark. ;£•'..: ; - W.- FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished rcoiris for light housekeeping, 700 Walnut Also unfurnished flat, 1013 \yalnut 24C-K8 HOOMS—Rent one, moult);, free 014 Hearn. : . -••'..'•' : • '-.. 28C-K5 FOB HENT-T-Purn!shed .apartment garafic!'' 305 'Doujjim:' • P-K- FOR R!JNT — Six' room ivfodr/rn stucco residence. Dr. J. A. Salibft Phone 410. " '' : ' ' FOR RENT—200 acres of land .a Ekron .ta~ party-, who. can jfii ntsh himself. Address "'II"," 1 Courier News. ' ' 28C-T FOR RENT—Two rocnis, furnishe for light housekeeping. 625 Wai nut St., Phone 521.' Mrs. : S. Cavendar.' IC-T: FOR. RENT—Nice bedroom, .steal heated, garage. 1100 West Mail Phone 114. . 2C-K FURNISHED .APARTMENT to . rent—E.. Davis. Ave. Nice litt apartment' at $40.00 month. Thoma Land Co. MGEON* HIE AVENGING PMtfOT* "MURDER BACKSTAIRS' IOIJAV iviirn. SIM-:CIAI, i \vr.sTn;.vn> u IH'Nin:^ •)• niiruniunrd Co Ikr . linn'ir nt-Jt'AMTA sr.I.IM. niur- llrrfrfl ril'q lirldcc |mrtj-. ho unli'r* (tor Run.!*- fi'giik* ihc plnrfu 1li?r - KcM during-' fhr Vfitnylnc nr the *"jirplb,':*Hb'rt.'? "ivliVh'f vVltn linn ' iiMpSII. In MII.F.1 tny» lh»' '-fi« In <*' 'lav.-ilnry. lull .Jlilmtrp 'lirl'ilKi. dllr im'illr llnnr ' 1* r '((i lir dr«p>Tf.rVd, nnd fnlnl*. •• l ' -J)lirnlfr. -ftlrdlne sij? CMYK' ii. .oi.-ifhini ,%Tl(K' lx'flnurcfi *nMfrM>' :i!*nk In .hls'LhOJifp >crrnm» on fc<i It' .KAijrV ililK In'lo Bcautiful residence out east, all conveniences. One of prettiest homes in county. S35.00 rent: Thomas'Land'Co. ' -3C-K8 LOST AND FOUND STIA.EN'—Light., bay .horse,, .one eye, white hind legs, weight about 900, smooth mouth.- Reasonable 'reward,. Phone IL B. .Mullen, Cooter,. Mo..'; '...-. ... ... 3P-K6 "WANTED-— : Family-•• Washings.- Washed ; and • Ironed- by- compe- tent'white woman.;- >Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake- St. •.17CK-TF WANTED—To WANTED—Two ;men or-ladies- to- work "*;ij) e'sli'tblljhed.' 'territory',; Write Mr. Rogers," No."2 Stur'devarit Bank Bldg., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 2p-k8 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner,, in compliance with the terms ; of a decree rendered ; by the, Chancery Court for the Chickasawba 1 District of Mississippi County. Arkah'siis, on the 23 day of September, 1930, wherein East ' Arkansas Lumber Company was -Plaintiff, and Eliza No. 4768 " vs. Bryant, et al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction to llie highest and best bidder, for .cas'i, on a credit of three' months/ 'at the front door' of (he, Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the pity, of -Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 18Ui tiay of December, 1930, 'the. -foil owing real estate, to-wit: Lot Ten ( 10 L Block Four W- ' Sunnysidc Addition to ,tlic .qity of Blytheville. ' Mississippi'' County, Arkansas. SAID sale will te had to satisfy said decree in the sum of $53o_.53, with 10 per cent '!htereil : from Sep 1 - tember 23rd, 1830. . THE purchaser at ¥al _ ' sale •' will PAVING TAX -:•< Time to pay P.ivinu Taxes i 1 ; Celling short. The penalty is ,'iro high for anyone to ncslcct ;aylnj before llie books Close- Better Pay Now— t. J.-EVRAKU. , THK KKST .. HOT 1>IG, CHIT,! AND COFFEE ; ' RUSTIC INN GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE Paving and Sewer Taxes Wsli-ict No. 1. Now Due fi. G. CAUDILL, Collector. Upstairs in Farmers Bank Bldg. Why Pay More Than Half 1'rice For Auto Paris? JACKSON AUTO PARTS OIp"ij).., . ._; ^hirnc 'KG ' UrMiiti! rrfnifH to reply-, hut llnnild-, ».iys Up know* lli« nti- \tnv- no'nx WITH THE STOUV ..'CHAPTER XIII •"t'.TpHKN-.wliy a=k;mc?-" Hammcail ; ••'•'' shrugged, but his - red-lirotvn •eyes Ilk-kcreil toward Polly Heale. ' "1 ttiou?ht r'erhaps you could 'Klvc nie'a little additional information," Dundee sooltied liim. . "Voii sce.'it li.ippcns that I sa\v you. Miss Bnale anil another young man coaie ni.lo llie Sluarf House'dining roorf auoul half-prist one today, just when 1 was tlilnklns of lunch lor my self." "'','' . "T'-.e n;v;!crious 'oilier youti r:=an' .was Olive's brother, Rntpl Hamraoml," , Folly Heals" cut In brusnuely. "Your decision to''lunch''will .yo.ur.,Bancec_ n_ml ni3_ lirolher quile a sudden one?" Dundee asked .courteously. 1 '".rust 'when 'did yo clmnse your."mind .abou.t' Mrs ScHm's- 'iuneheon : parly at -Break Tlie tall sirl tliro'w'-jp'heir mail nislily _ ui'poil .cjie'stnat h '•There" t='' : nortilfe'«rJ rfc's!!' siniite I was on my way to the luncheoi ..ivlicu. I de.cidcd past, Ni( hou^e. ^9.11 .the. chance ri:at; sb ae to drivo'lier-oter." lillin'a, perhaps?" Dundee prodded. "Not at a"! "ut tliat would not ;ep me Cr&iJi iluhig my KosteBs a niftesy. . •;.. It \vas about s quar- r to oue when I got here, 1 lould say. Nlla wasn't'here, nor as her maid, I;::: saw "nipli'a i r parked In front of tho house—" "Ualph , llamuioud'-i car?". « ODUUI squealed, but Dundee, let oily continue. "I rung and he answered the oor. EalO lio was nlouo -In tho ouse, gotng over Hie prcmlaea at udge Marshall's request," 1'oUy aid ovcnly. rpHAT'S. rlelit-ftliat'* rhjtt!" •*• Jinlgo itarshalj'Vigroc Nlla—Mrs-.'Eellm— nlshed bait ot tlio gabled top .ory finished up. Wanted-a mold's com and hath,.and n guest robra ud bath aililcd to tua-llvinB quar. era already completeil. I garo tlie pnunlsslon, for an estimate, at east, to ilic Hammoml firm, oi ourEe, siiico they had built.tlie onso originally for Grain—Penny's atlier." X I see," Dundeo agreeil. "Ant •ou seiit your, brotUerr, M r - Ham noiid?".. ' "lie'Vas tlfo natural one to senJ,' ^livo Hammond retorted. "Smal qb. All'ho'lmd to do was to "gei dgctber'an estimate-on additlona urnace lines and radiators, electric viring,' plumbing, "plastering, etc." •f!t< - Miss Bcalo,'' 1 ' Dandeo dl reeled. '• '\ • .-'•• •.--:•. Thanks!"'There was sarcasm I icr brusque ' voice. ' "lliit tbat's really about all 1 bavo to^tell Ralph complaiucd that Lo was him ry antl eharccfl nie with giving ilm too litlle of iny lime—the .lilng. 1 'picked : ii'p Nila's pnone called Clivc and made !be date to :he'three'of U3. Then I'calle Breakaway Inn,' cauceled ', th luuclieoa .part.'of 'the 'bridge' part wllti : 'Nila, and f!a|pb. an4 1' drov back td Hamilton." ^ '' '"' ]' Dujidce' Etudie'iJ ,', hcr_, clever, almost plal.n^face .fpr'a'.'ion minute. Certainly Polly-Be^le di not look 'li'ke' : 6''lla'f—liu' '''''"' ' ' hayo taken Ilia oath/fhe wiis lyln now.''Or 'rather n'<5£-'rev«itlrig' th raal truth behind the"actual r fac: ot her movements th'at daj-.' / 'Fb instance, couid a simple plea" her'future'brother-in-law" make be do. E^'discourteous a'th^ri'g as brealc a" luncheon "appointment,' . (laltf wli^a'such d' courEo woul not "oill^'di!iapp'oiirt 1 her''!!o.Eless a'ri her'- 'frlt'hcls',' 'Vut dtEarrango her seating plan oC a rather th forma . ruoriiiug .ancl-fo..fnlce..her -to-'.lie- Inn?" Dundee -Tislccd, with bis greatest casualness. "No!. I .didn't hear ,o) Hie ,ar ; rangemonV'Tollyfaiiiy^red decid- ,edlr. -'•" •••- ~ : '--'' '-• " ••' •'• -''i "You were a clnje frleud of MM. Of courso tlio explanation wa her - for liavjng - ao- .involve Ralph- 'IIammond,--Tvhen taciUy ; known lo "helong" to Penc Cr^In-^one o£ tho sacred crow Falling tlial. she had foi:nd Ralp liimseif.* and had not expected Hud him; bad talked with hi wut Nlla, had quarreled n n)t tli lilin. perhaps,- over his beha- or. And tlie crisis had becomo ta ulo tl\st Polly had arbitrarily lied upon CHvo HumniQud aiid en lifd forced H»lph to -om- tuy her, ... "Do you know, MJBs.Beale, why ilph Hammond did not keep M* igagcmeut with Mrs. Bcllru this 'tornopn?'Or rather, his promise i appear for cocktalla and-t6 be IBB Grain's partner "for the rest t the oveulng—dinner »hd dance th« Country Club!" •' ' "I do not!" Polly said crisply., "Hammond?" : - ; . P.Veltaer . do I," flammond' re- ort»d angrily. i.^ "Tien it was pot to discuss .Ralph amrnpnd aad'-. hlg—affairs, .'"that ou beckoned Mlw IBealo to'feet ou In th'o iolariuiu upon yoV ar, Kair " '-...- , ' •: "It—icaj not!" ; •' • * • ,\ SHADE too much anger and .emphasis, Dundco'decided. And o wished, heartily that. Strawn's letcctlrcs would not delay nmcb oneer 1n ; bringing th» ( missing oung man Into; tills •. already !D< olred ciamlnatiou. ' ' " t . "You say that you both-'were In lie solarium from the time of jour rrivBl. Itarhtiibnd, untll.-Mrs. Mar hall Ecre'ame'ii," Dun'dee continued 'Just .what did you see and heur?' Dundeo watched--'their 'f»ces icenly, but agaiu they were wall ircd. t-ipWE'BlohlMBi'-Itiwas Polly 3ealo wlio answered: "Natural!; |iero was not a deathless silence hut 1 am afraid wo were not listen ng. Wo we're rathtr'engrossed In our conversation. W.e were seated —near no', windows-Hand I lor om aio notlflng. as well as heard notli 'ng thatTeari recall." "Hammond? 1 ' .'-^^ . • "That goes for me, too—also lutclyi" 'Abruptly abandoning the. eng'n'gci couple,' Dundee turned to Miles 'You were the secpprl arr(tai tlien?, r - ,, . '';.:',".'.. : ' "Yes., i'pnrked my caV'along til curb Iri'-front ot llie house," Trace; answ'crwl % 'readily.' "And I cam right oh'Iri, and Xlla jumped up— "Yes. "We've had all that NIc before," Dundee Interrupted'cruell; "Now, Judge MarsBall—" "Ono. pE :| my .friends gave' mo lift town," Judge 'Marsbafl vo untcerqd pompously.. "Chap, name Sampson,- You may have heard o lihn'irrflna,.fellow, .a good ; lawye We;played Ijjjlianls together "Atliletic .Club, and when I' 'about tj> ; call 'a tnxi—my wife ing] liererr.he offered t'o,,dfb mb-hero on his way to the Coiintr -.Q^ub. ,.-•;. ..-N-jio, I don't remembi the eiact time, did not consult.pi /watch,"' ' . - -,-. ; .. - -"Vou'came directly from th? roa into the house, Judge Marshall!" "Certainly, sir!" • "Did yo'u—cr, see anyone?" "Yoii mean, sir, 'did. anyo'no-s met" Judeti-Masbdll demanded »'i ui.l'ouj liiillenallon. "No, no out '![ It my \vord Is not good enougl r you, you cm think vrhrit you nnicd pleise!" "1 tlilnit wo firo nil selling a Hi) loo tired, Mr. Dundee." I'cnny 'atn suggested, almost humble lii r wearlncBs. "I'm truly Eorry,",iho young rtc- ecllvo apologized.-' ''•tint 1 can't ave ihlngs like Hits, . , . Mr. riike. you have said you walked er trom llm',Couiilry Club, . You iist. iiavo appronclieil llie lio:!so om.jlhe- Jflvoway side, 1 ' the stu'c -Vio' nou^e which contains. His. illui'a ,> Ixtdrqp'm. ''. . . It lliat ' ••'• IflV lets, except, uhat 1 /s!tlrl«il- llio- IIOUCT tuilur ' yniii arrived from' lUd'roinl, ^Piling "lion Iho front p^rch/'niul f PAGE SEVEN OUR HOAKDING HOUSE a';il By Ah illrcclly iulo tho-hall, no ono outsldo nr nftir ilie ousc when I arrlvcil," Driilio ati- verril, with less ihau bb usuiil aslhiess. : 'Ainl saw no one running nwiiy oi:i luo mciidoivuf rcsbcil. •-. ,.V "No oily ",1t aU,"^f)ral(i wtkli-to God-1 .could ,^... suy Dial J-siw a^cutirhan. .»H]S! a liislN. anil u amoklnj; r'cTplTcr, I..,IM... tlirougli. tho ^•" J *-' 1 ' i —' pniEiic'a nervously iwllclilnK ace reJilcnc'd • darkly. ,"I—I' took Inifl. I harc'no'Cflr ot.m;' own. gol o/( the 1ms on Slicrlilan Itond. t tlio ciitrauce to Primrose Mendi\VS." • ' ' .' •'"Ijsce. Anrl yon walked the nuar- . er'of n inllo lo th|s house!" - ,-' Spiagno'a hand fumbled uJtu-hla' :VIH - ;LI. "I—of courap i did!"" .':" '•!• .see. . . . Now, ,MlsS dtay- . uoncl," Dundeo pounced iinoxpecl-. iilly, EO lliat ,tho red-haired .girl •went very white bcn.eath her recklcs, ''you,observed Mr, Spfaguo QlJ|ng down."tli6 rut,ty road, hot aaJI veary, but.roniQnilc"jn the sunset?'- Mre. Drflko'')et ou'f.a'ncrvoiis gl?- gle, then clapped her. hand over lici' ' iioiilh. ,. ' . " . "1—1 wasn't looking that way." ta'i-t ijaymond sUmine'red,.. "I—I mst went oi^t on tlio porch for t, al!) ot-frcsli air—" . ' . Aiid you were, completely sur-' pnaed wnen Mr. Sprague. came walking up Lhc fingslone path?" D|i'riilee persisted,-for-he kne.w slia - \yiij.lying,,kueWi.lliat she.iiad. st»'. fed'iberself thoro to watch for Sjprague; -• -• - . .. : .''[I—'yc's; I \vasl Ho stopped an-P. talk?!)'for awhile, before wo came laianjl. joined Tr.ic'cy 'arid' Lois 'In " tlia d'hlng room, whcfo Tracey was • mixing 'cocktails. 1 . . . But." she llarc<] suddenly, "I don't see 'why •yon-h'ava' to b'adgcr'all.of us, whcr. Itfiniist have been I.yilia. the maW, wlio' klllei! Nitai because—" - S'Oh,, J«nct! Shamp oa foaP Pcnhy,.erled furlo'iis'ly.. ' .' (TC, jtn Continued) oue j-i] r(OOPt.B * KJMMV- FlREPLUd TOR MOUEV BORROW HQOPLE PRIMCIPLE; UM- /U - -THERE Mas -r" BE- 5QME M£AUS OR MAMMER -TriA-f I CAfJ COME IWTO-THE Possession Keeps SPACE- CLEAR -ffV CiRIME LBf MOUI SOME MILD FORM. OF A 'RACKET' StiCKER .•REMOV/ABt-E FIRE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin YAS 3AH! be' required to' executa bond wilh approved security,-, to ; "the •municipal election by' W. Hi Good' win rby. luorc;• than; 600 ,votes, an payment of tlie 'purchase' rndneV, official', tabulation and-a'-lieii will. b6 *ethinert:"upon i night. ] • ;,• said propei'ty as additional secur-;. ' -— of such pur-- WITNESS' iiiy hand antl • the sea! showed •/ last ' my 'of said Court, on this, the 26th day of Nov., 1030.' W. W. HOLTJPETEH, CommlFSioner" in 'Chancery. 11,20-12-3 IN THE MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA '.TRICT - ' .: •'.!.-. American. Euildinj and Loan Asso. cfation, 'and -W. i,:' Dslony,' as 1 Trustee, Plaintiffs .-. . No. ' 4S'!4 vs. ' ' J. J. Gillcos.iet al., • Dcfcnclanls. WARX1XG ORUER Tlic defendants,. International Dank of St. Louis and Proctor -k Oambil are vvarried ;o apiiear in this court within thirty days from this date and;.answer -the 'complaint of the plaintiffs, American. Bi'iitdin; aria .Loan Association.mid] W, t. Dciony, R; Trnstec. .. . I In WitucVs \Vlicrenf,-'I have here-' unto net my hand ard Ihe seal .of tlie eb^ve co'.srl this -12 dayi of N'ov.. 1930. ' -. W. W. 'HOLUPKTEK, (Seal) Clerk of tije above Coifrt. ; By Harvey : 'Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford,... Ally. Ad Litem.' ; ., - . -:•,'•' 12-10-2G-3 NEW ORLEANS; ; De'c. a;.tup)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close .Dec 1045 1MB 1033 1036 Jan. .!;/ i052 10?5 ' lt)39 1042 Jtorch . 1076 103.0 1065 .1067 May ' 1102 1105' 1089 1091 July 1120 1121 1105-1108 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 3, (prt.-Cot-' tori closed 1 barely.'steady. ' Open High Low Close Deb. new 1043 IMS-1030. 1031 Dtp. .old- 1031 1031 "1031 1031 Jan. new -1053 1056,.'1040 1041 Jan.. old .1057 1057 1038 1041 Mar. ..... i07.7 .1081 1065 .lOCfl May .... 1104 HOB- 1089 1090 July .... 1120 1123 110S 110G Oct. •.... 1139 1141 1123 1125 Spots closed quiet at 1040, off 20. DIS-.jOct 1133 1139 "1122 '1127 . ... .. 'Spots closed steady at'1011, off 19. U'ool.for about 1700 years" FRECKLES ANI> HIS FRIENDS. : y± Political Leader Slain ••'', -i-in Bulgarian Capital '"SOFIA, Bulgaria, Dec. 3. (UP)— ^lauril Tonialevski. a leader'of'the [ Macedonian Protogoff party, was j assassinated at his home by • t\vo I rrlen Inst night who were'believed to be members of.a rival'political organization. Tlie assassins were arrested. t:\_\_ \ 60^6 > OROPPtP NO OOEIM'f \0 -.There are at least 1500 branches Great.Britain,has.been exporting ! oj nUlted States business, concerns 'located in Canada. Rtosser - --• - oa -me FF;' To 9AFH.SO ' VVAUNiN'G OHDEK CHANCERY CQURT CHICKA-! SAWBA DISTRICT' MISSISSIP- 1 PI COUNTY, ARKAlfSAS. ; American 'Biitidhlg & ixnai A;-sa- ''• Vt r ASH TUIMiS ciation, Plainliff,- ' • i . • ... No. 4S63 ' vs. . /,-.' • .7. J. Gilless. ct al., Defendant, 'i'lie defendants, Internf.ticnal Janfc of St. Lonls and Proctor, <fc Gamble, are warned - to" appear Klthin thirty days In the court named in the caplibn hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, American -Building and Loan Association, paled Nov. 12, 1930. W. W. HOLUPETER. Clerk,By Harvey Morris, D. c - i Ivy W. Crawford. : ' , Ally. Ad Ulciri ! 12-10-26.3' irw RILE/... l DOUT " > THlUK OF '.IST6W: DO Y<X> JEA5 SO.V.eTUiv-'S 7VU7 SoOMDS .l-TliS (AM Al>3.PL^vJS TOItJX K>... SOJMO W " TrS CrKQ. T1CQS IT IS.WV ojsaTHEae....rr HAS o? riu. U. S. PAT, CFF, PKKSIDENTIAI, HOSI'ITA'I.ITV I Mayor of El Dorado Defeated in Primary rvr?ouo or we prof tssoR's M/OWW PvNP MYSTERIOUS INDENTION HhS TRAUELtD '' "" Rt\CK TO TriE WOTtL WlTrt MEMlS CK Viffi CONFEREMOE «IT>V fiEH. LOPSZ, OWE OF TV(£ TOtSlDENT'S OWIM OARS CRP*JS ALONCs SIDE. s-> STEP EeMS\CE-, ^TrtW vou USE uses MOS' HIGH PovdEft CfxR REM^^^^ t£M •"»:S^vK> t iEZ ReQUEST LONG P>S MOU • CCO^TRtE. EL- DORADO. 'Ark.. Usc.3 (UI')—~ n. Wilrnii was dc : • iatlon ' . c'i( - (lie: .'lii"'- yesterday '5 1 . .-tl«kct-. uft voo By Crane S«OT OP, ftH' OWE JHTO N£R SOUP ftM' FISH. WE'RE PIUING Vlffrt TH' PRESltEtil OBONl -WCTTA W7 VOO _-, MJUSTA MADCy

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